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Since most of us have moved to video conferencing platforms, meetings have become quite an overwhelming endeavor for many. The physical office memos have been replaced with scheduled meetings, and the transition hasn’t been easier for many.

Fortunately, the leader of the video conferencing tools, Zoom, offers a boatload of easy-to-master features that make the task of meeting scheduling a lot simpler. Today, we’ll take a look at Zoom’s recurring meetings and tell you how it helps your day to day work.

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What is a Recurring Meeting?

Zoom has tried its best to replicate the essential elements of day to day office life. It allows you to start a meeting in a heartbeat, schedule one for a later date, and even make them recurring.

The last bit — Recurring Meeting — is the topic we’re concerning ourselves with today. For beginners, getting introduced to a whole new term can seem a bit daunting, but rest assured that there isn’t much you need to do to make it work. A Recurring Meeting simply means that the meeting would once again take place on a later date, for one ore more times.

Think of it as a monthly budget meeting — a place where every accountant in your company pitches in and shares their individual tallies. It could also be a quarterly planning meeting, which helps in giving a company direction for the next quarter.

When you make a meeting Recurring, Zoom simply creates many instances of the same meeting on your chosen dates. It simply copies the data from the original meeting and pastes it on other slots. You can set the duration of the meetings and set the agenda as well, making the objective of the meeting clear to all participants.

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How to set a Recurring Meeting in Zoom on PC?

Once the next screen pops up, simply make the meeting ‘Recurring’ by ticking the option.

After making the meeting recurring, you’ll get the option of choosing a calendar. Zoom here offers three choices — ‘Microsoft Outlook,’ ‘Google Calendar,’ and ‘Other Calendars.’ 

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Microsoft Outlook

Once you do, Zoom would initiate contact with the desktop application and give you the option of setting the meeting as a recurring event.

After you’re happy with your selection, hit ‘Ok.’ Finally, save the Recurring Meeting by hitting the ‘Save’ icon at the top-left corner.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an immensely popular calendar application. Unlike Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar doesn’t require a desktop version to work flawlessly, as the web version can do the task just as efficiently. To go to Google Calendar and complete the process, all you have to do is check the ‘Google Calendar’ option from the three-item list and hit ‘Schedule.’

You’ll be redirected to the Calendar webpage in an instant.

Other Calendars

If you happen to use something other than Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, you could use this option to save your appointments.

Unlike the previous two options, this doesn’t trigger an invoke action and only creates a local ICS calendar file. You can open the file in your favorite calendar app to carry out the rest of the procedure.

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How to set a Recurring Meeting in Zoom on mobile?

Desktop users generally have access to a lot of extra perks, but, fortunately, the ability to create a Recurring Meeting isn’t one of them. You can very easily create a recurring meeting both on Android and iOS. Unlike PC, here, you’re taken directly to your default calendar app.

Once you’ve logged in to the mobile app, tap on ‘Schedule.’

On the next page, hit ‘Repeat.’

Take your pick from the five options — daily, weekly, every alternate week, monthly, and yearly.

After selecting the recurrence frame, you can also tap on ‘End Repeat’ and pick the end date of the recurring meeting.

Once you’re satisfied with your choices, hit ‘Done.’

This action would take you to your default calendar app and ask for permission.

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Google Calendar

After you land on Google Calendar, tap on ‘More Options’ under the date and time settings. Tap on ‘Does not repeat’ to pick from presets — daily, weekly, monthly, and annually — or set a custom recurrence schedule. Recheck your selections and hit ‘Done.’

Microsoft Outlook

If Microsoft Outlook is your default calendar client, tap ‘Repeat’ and select recurrence options. When you’re happy with your selection, tap on the little tick icon at the top-right corner. Finally, hit ‘Save’ and exit.

How to delete a Recurring Meeting?

Changed your mind about an upcoming Recurring Meeting? Fret not, deleting a Recurring Meeting is easier than you might expect.


Finally, hit ‘Yes’ to confirm. You could also recover the meeting within 7 days of discarding it.


On mobile, first, fire up the Zoom client and log in with the required credentials. Once you’re in, go to the ‘Meetings’ tab and locate the Recurring Meeting you want to delete.

Tap to see its properties, and hit ‘Delete.’

Acknowledge the warning and hit ‘Delete Meeting.’

What are the benefits of Recurring Meetings?

Now that you know how to set a Recurring Meeting, let us give you a couple of reasons why you should start putting your routines in ‘Recurring.’

First and foremost, scheduling a Recurring Meeting is a lot more straightforward than doing the work manually over and over again. Put in a little work the first time and stop worrying about not conducting your meetings on time.

Additionally, Recurring Meetings are great for continuity. It allows the team leaders to keep in touch with the ground staff and extend a helping hand when needed. By ensuring engagement, it’s possible to improve the productivity of the entire team.


You're reading How To Create A Recurring Zoom Meeting

How To Create A Top

If you want to make your property management business prosperous, you probably need a relevant innovative mobile app. Such a tool will help you enhance communication with potential clients, investors, and business partners. In brief, property management requires regular interaction with property owners, renters, and employees to keep everyone informed, build an engaged client base, and guarantee a future increase in a popular industry. So, we believe you will like some tips we are going to share with you about property management software development services. Just keep on reading!

What is Software for Property Management?

Property Management System (PMS) is software that computerizes and facilitates vital property management business actions for property managers, owners, and agents. There are tons of necessary business operations, like communication between property sellers and clients, finance transactions, document work, and more.

The needs of the market for this kind of system are strictly tied to the real estate niche as a whole. As an alternative, the real estate management sphere does not follow the same way as the real estate market. For sure, it has its own style and perspectives. For instance, the property management business is generally more resilient to changes in the economy.

The best real estate management software manages leased properties, manages tenants, creates financial statements, and synchronizes and reconciles bank accounts for investors in leased properties and property managers.

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Top 7 Industrial Robotics Companies in the world

Types of Property Management Software

A property management app will be ideal if you manage residential complexes or multiple properties across multiple locations. Yet, the coolness of an application will be established by the application type you pick out for your business. You can communicate with a great number of renters and keep your eye on all financial transactions and important documents with the right user-friendly app.

Or in other words, the best property management software organizes rental properties, controls renters, generates financial reports, and syncs and reconciles bank accounts for rental property investors and property managers.

With property management systems, they can do the following:

reduce the time spent on maintaining the property to be completed;

personalize your online reporting;

collect rental information;

collect rent payments;

online rent increases according to the established schedule.

Offices, warehouses, logistics facilities, and industrial facilities fulfill important roles such as:

object content management;

space management;

rental management.

As well, as Inoxoft notices, property management software is used by hotels and hostels to:

book rooms;

payment of bills;

rooms to be allocated;

check-in and check-out of visitors;

check room availability.

Benefits of Property Management

The property management industry is still relatively new but has a lot of potentials. Consider the benefits of creating a property management system:

Managing multiple properties is likely one of the most forceful grounds for property owners to consider installing a PMS. Such software eases a variety of important processes. The owner portal has all the things you need. Asset management software speeds up a company’s workflow by rubbing out the need for extra solutions. This improves the whole management efficiency and much more.

You can cover every conceivable channel for the provision of rental or hotel services with a unique property management system.

You can combine your methods with chatbots or online assistants to provide superior service to your guests anytime and anywhere.

The Best Way to Organize Property Managers

Generally, property managers have an incident plan. It is like a win-win strategy that will save any situation and bring positive results. Even in times of crisis, having a strategy gives a guarantee that everything will be okay and even better. Real estate managers have a clear idea of what is best for outsourcing. They know their strengths and weaknesses and have competent employees who are always in touch. With too many printed reports and documents, a property management business can quickly become disorganized. It also takes a lot more effort to keep everything in order.

Summing It Up

Searching for a home on the Internet is more capable than counting on a real estate agent who is only interested in raising their profit and does not understand what you require from your house. With the abundance of real estate websites and apps available, it can be difficult to decide where to start.

Without a doubt, property management software development services by Inoxoft will be useful for you if you want to avoid difficulties. They know how to make a customer happy. Their goal is to reduce the hassle and hassle associated with managing one or more properties. They will accurately plan and structure the diverse scenarios that may arise in order to prevent any problems. So, make your choice!

How To Prevent Embarrassing Online Meeting Moments

The ability to have remote, online meetings at home can be very convenient. But it also introduces a whole list of opportunities for very embarrassing moments.

If you have kids, pets, babies or even a window behind you displaying the outdoors, you have all of the ingredients of a recipe for disaster.

Table of Contents

In this article we’ll cover some of the most common issues that could lead to embarrassing online meetings, and how to prevent them.

Online Meetings: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

One of the most famous examples of just such an embarrassing moment happened to Professor Robert Kelly when he was being interviewed live on television by the BBC.

One of Kelly’s toddler-aged children walked into his office, mid-interview, and so did his baby in a walker. Finally, his frantic wife races into the room to extract the children from the room.

Not only was this an embarrassing online meeting moment, but it was one that took place live and was broadcast around the world to millions of viewers.

Preventing Embarrassing Online Meeting Moments

There are ways you can set up your workspace, your computer, and the meeting itself to reduce the odds of any unfortunate events.

If you follow all of these guidelines, you can rest assured that all your online meetings will go smoothly and without any “memorable” moments.

Block Your Camera When Not In Use

There are a lot of security reasons why you should keep your webcam covered unless it’s in use. But security aside, you also don’t want to show your video at the start of an online meeting before you’re ready.

There have been stories of people caught going to the bathroom during a meeting because their webcam was pointed toward an open bathroom door. 

This can happen for multiple reasons.

The webcam turns on automatically at meeting start time

You forget that the camera is turned on during a meeting

You thought the meeting ended but the camera is still on while people are connected

The easiest way to prevent all of these scenarios is to use the slider cover on your webcam if it has one. If it doesn’t, then keep some tape handy to keep over the camera when it’s not in use.

Use Curtains On Background Windows

Windows might be great to let light into your office, but when you’re in an online meeting they can cause a lot of problems.

There are multiple scenarios that can lead to embarrassment with windows, so let’s explore the three main ones.

You Look Like a Villain

Imagine someone showing up in a meeting and they only appear like a shadow in a darkened room. What would your first impression be about that person?

Most people would be reminded of any number of movies where a villain is sitting in a dungeon lair, plotting their next evil plan.

Light flowing in through a window plays tricks with most webcams and forces them to automatically filter light, making the entire room appear much darker than it actually is.

The easiest way to fix this issue is to dress any windows behind you in curtains, and always keep the curtains or shades closed during meetings.

Pets Love Windows

Pets also love windows, and pets and online meetings rarely combine very well.

If you notice people in the meeting snickering or chuckling while you’re talking, you may want to take a look behind you.

The odds are pretty good your cat is up to no good.

If you’re ready to start an online meeting, get all of your pets out of the room so they aren’t hiding on the window sill ready to embarass you during your video conference.

Note: Shutting the office door (and locking it) can keep out unwanted pets and other uninvited guests.

The Outdoors Aren’t Always Lovely

The other problem with windows is the stuff that happens on the other side of those windows.

Do you really want your coworkers or other meeting attendees seeing your neighbor mowing the lawn outside in their pajamas? 

You never know who or what is going to pass by the window, so this is yet another reason to make sure that window behind you has curtains, and that you use them.

Crank Up The Lighting

Speaking of lighting, a well lit office makes for the best video during a web conference. The best way to accomplish perfect lighting is to position your desk so that there’s a window (with the curtains open) either behind the monitor you’re facing, or off to the side. 

Natural light from windows on the side does the opposite that a window behind you does. Instead of forcing the webcam to filter light, it sheds natural light on you for the camera to pick up.

If you don’t have a window located the right way in your office, the next best solution is to turn on as many overhead lights as you have.

Better yet, use Philips Hue lights and set them to the brightest setting.

Tidy Up Before Meetings

According to a 2023 study by the University of Michigan, psychologists found that people developed negative opinions about people just by the state of their office.

This finding isn’t surprising. However, it’s unfortunate if you’ve been working hard all week and just haven’t had time to clean up the space around you before that online video meeting.

The easy solution is to schedule at least 15 minutes in your calendar before the start of the video meeting. Spend that time picking up all of the clutter behind you. At least clean up everything that the camera can see.

It may not mean the entire room is clean, or that your desktop isn’t still cluttered, but if people attending the meeting can’t see the clutter, they won’t know any better.

Oh The Sounds We Make

Sound can be your worst enemy during a video conference. There are all kinds of ways your microphone can embarrass you. 

Just consider forgetting your microphone is turned on and doing any of the following:

Eating chips or something else crunchy and loud

Muttering something negative about a coworker under your breath that everyone can hear

Having a personal side conversation with your spouse or other family member

Making embarrassing bodily sounds

All of these scenarios could range from mildly humorous to painfully embarrassing. 

What’s the solution? Always check that you’re muted at the start of the meeting unless you need to speak, and keep a close eye on your microphone status during the meeting. 

Even better, configure your video conference software settings so that the microphone automatically stays muted when the meeting starts.

In Skype, you can find this setting in the Settings menu, under Audio & Video. Just make sure Unmute for incoming calls is turned off.

Most major video conferencing applications have a similar setting for the microphone.

Other Helpful Tips

There are a few other tips that may help with your video calls:

Sharing screens: When sharing your screen, don’t select the share button before you see the correct screen highlighted. Every major online conferencing app highlights the screen you’ve selected so you always know which screen you’re going to share. Sharing the wrong screen could lead to people seeing things you don’t want them to.

Embarrassing notifications: There’s nothing worse than a coworker sending you a personal message while you’re sharing your screen during a meeting. Disable windows notifications before every video conference.

Window placement: A common mistake people make is placing the chat window with everyone’s faces on a screen away from the webcam. Instead, place it on the same screen so it looks like you’re looking at people directly.

Virtual backgrounds – Most apps like Zoom and Skype now let you choose a virtual background. You can either pick something from the presets or you can download your own image and use it as a background. Some apps let you blur the background too, so if you’re stuck with a bad backdrop for your call, get a virtual one.

How To Create A Writing Portfolio


The writing portfolio is used in the professional world as a potential employer can evaluate the performance and analyze the determination of the writer. It is also used as a selfassessment. A writing portfolio is helped to elucidate a writer’s achievements as well as improvements. A writer, when writing an essay must remember that the point of view should represent in forth. Paragraph writing is a group of sentences where one must inform about only one topic. One needs to improve a writing portfolio through determination and skill.

What is a Writing Portfolio?

The collections of works that are written by a writer to exhibit the talents or skills are called a writing portfolio. The portfolios must be designed creatively and followed an organized template that depends on the purposes that a writer is targeting to attain. The writing portfolios are enormously conducted for various professional reasons like, for students’ portfolio writing, the lecturer can evaluate the capabilities of writing.

Purpose of a Writing Portfolio

There are various purposes for a writing portfolio. A writer who writes a portfolio is allowed to gather a writing body in one space and to write and organise the writing in an attractive format. Writing portfolio helps a student to improve his writing power through some writing processes: planning, drafting, revising, and editing. Some companies hire employees for content writing. The employees can improve their power of writing through a writing portfolio.

Contents in a writing portfolio

Some types of content need to be put in the writing portfolio. A perfect writing portfolio can be made through excellent writing skills and the power of choosing perfect words. Like to write an article one must give a short and catchy title and properly summarise the content that encouraged the reader and take an interest to read the content. A story can be improved through the improvement of the characters of the story. A summary is a part of the writing by which a reader decides about the requirement of the reading the contents or not. Notice is used generally in offices and various organisations. At the time of the writing notice, one must remember that the purposes of the notice should remain highlighted. Therefore, the contents of any type of writing portfolio must be catchy and attractive.

There are some steps of the writing portfolio. They are –

Deciding a domain Reviewing samples

The space that is set for one to write a writing portfolio, one must want to watch for pieces which can distribute as his foundation. There remains a challenge by which one can identify his best work that exists within his writing samples. The pieces which are well structured gained a professional tone.

Seeking guest opportunities

Many times there have not been so many pieces to attach to one’s portfolio. Then one should watch for opportunities that increase one’s visibility and power as an independent writer. One must improve his power of writing portfolio and produce new content.

Practising by writing for non-profit organisations

one must remember that if he wants to improve his writing skill for a writing portfolio, he must join as an independent writer’ in a non-profit organisation. One must reach out to those organisations that need for a content writer. There a new writer must achieve great experience.

Updating portfolio from time to time

One writer should remember that if he wants to improve as a writing portfolio he must update portfolio. The company that hires a content writer, not only seek his past writing samples but they want to see that he still writes actively.

Benefits of a Writing Portfolio

There are many benefits of a writing portfolio Like this helps to benefit one’s writing skill and power. One improved his imagination power when he continuously updated the power of writing. One of the benefits of a writing portfolio is that one can improve professionally.


Writing portfolio is the most important part for a writer. The creation of a writing portfolio depends on the writer who creates it and how he creates it with improvement and development. A writer should remember that when he writes a descriptive essay, need to set proper attention to using the words that remain appropriate for the essay, by which a reader read the essay with proper attention and create an image of the essay in their mind.


Q1. What is the proper format for a writing portfolio?

Ans. Generally, the portfolio is a type of online page that shows different links or images that are connected to one’s writing samples. One must show expertise in the writing portfolio.

Q2. What does a good writing portfolio consist of?

Ans. The type of writing samples’ that one wants in his work, depends on himself. At first, one must list his own writing portfolio and then shares the links.

Q3. What should not be included in a writing portfolio?

Ans. The writing that is not so good or the previous job that was not so powerful, that types of works should not be included in a writing portfolio

How To Fix Zoom Camera Glitch

Many Zoom users have complained that their camera starts going haywire while in a Zoom meeting. The camera’s image starts showing another user’s image, or the camera image starts showing some green glitch. You try to turn off the camera to see if it goes away when you turn it on. But it keeps coming back. The good news is that these are tips you can try to fix the issue and not have to deal with those video glitches. Hopefully, you can use all the options Zoom offers without worrying about the video.

Zoom Video Glitch: Tips to Fix the Issue

Your camera started giving your problems one day when you were in a Zoom meeting. Since you probably thought it was your hardware, you may have purchased another camera, but the problem continued. The good news is that it wasn’t the hardware, but the bad news is that you couldn’t use video during a meeting and that you ended up with another camera you probably didn’t need. Let’s see the tips to eliminate this video glitch issue.

Method #1 Update Zoom

The issue arrived with an update, and it can go away with an update. That’s why it’s important always to have your apps updated. Some users may always get a notice that there is an update pending for Zoom, but that may not always be the case. That only results in your having to check for Zoom updates manually.

Method #2 – Turning off Optimize Video Quality With De-Noice

There are some tech issues that can easily be fixed by disabling one option. That might also be the case with the Zoom video glitch. An option in settings called Optimize video quality with de-noise can make the issue go away if you disable it. Getting to it is easy.

Method #3 – Set Adjust Low Light to Manual Method #4 – Uninstall/Reinstall Zoom

You can also try closing any programs that need access to your camera. Maybe you forgot to turn them off, and they are interfering. I was personally experiencing this issue and applied methods one and two, and I haven’t seen the glitch since. If some of those programs are ones you rarely use, consider uninstalling them altogether.

Further Reading

Since no software is perfect, you could encounter other issues when using Zoom. For example, Zoom might not show you your upcoming meetings, but there are some tips you can try to fix it too. Another issue you can experience is that Zoom won’t let you assign a co-host. This can be unpleasant, especially when you need someone to help you with a big meeting.

Zoom can also close for no reason or refuse to convert a recording.

There are various things that can go wrong, but that doesn’t mean that there are no tips you can try to fix them. That’s why it’s important always to have Zoom updated since you never know when that pending update has the fix to the bug you’re experiencing.


For some time now, Zoom users have had issues with their cameras when they are in a meeting. Their image gets mixed up with someone else’s, or a green glitch completely hides their video. Some users have tried to turn off their video and turn it back on, but this usually doesn’t fix it. The good news is that there are various tips you can try to try and fix it.

How To Create A Dropdown List Using Javascript?

We will learn to create a dropdown list using HTML and JavaScript below. Before starting with the article, let’s understand the dropdown list and why we need to use it.

The dropdown list gives multiple choices to users and allows them to select one value from all options. However, we can do the same thing using multiple radio buttons, but what if we have hundreds of choices? Then we can use the dropdown menu.


function selectOption() {     let selectedValue = dropdown.options[dropdown.selectedIndex].text; } Example

In the example below, we have created the dropdown menu for car brands. Also, we have written the JavaScript code to get the selected value from the dropdown. The ‘onchange’ event will trigger whenever the user selects new values and invoke the selectOption() function.

Also, we have given some CSS styles to the default dropdown menu. Furthermore, we hide the dropdown menu’s arrow to improve it. In CSS, users can see how they can customize the default dropdown.

let output = document.getElementById(‘output’); function selectOption() { let dropdown = document.getElementById(‘dropdown’); let selectedIndex = dropdown.selectedIndex; let selectedValue = dropdown.options[selectedIndex].text; output.innerHTML = “The selected value is ” + selectedValue; }

We can use normal HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a dropdown menu from scratch. We can use HTML to make dropdowns, CSS to style them properly, and JavaScript to add behavior.


Users can follow the steps below to create a dropdown menu using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Step 1 − Create a div element for the dropdown title, and style it using CSS. We have created the div element with the ‘menu-dropdwon’ class.

Step 2 − Create a div element with the ‘dropdown-list’ class to add dropdown options.

Step 4 − Now, use JavaScript to add the behavior to our dropdown.

Step 6 − In the openDropdown() function, access the div element with the class name ‘dropdown-list’ and show if it’s hidden or hides it if it is visible using the display property.


.menu-dropdown { width: 10rem; height: 1.8rem; font-size: 1.5rem; background-color: aqua; color: black; border: 2px solid yellow; border-radius: 10px; padding: 2px 5px; text-align: center; justify-content: center; cursor: pointer; } .dropdown-list { display: none; z-index: 10; background-color: green; color: pink; font-size: 1.2rem; width: 10.5rem; border-radius: 10px; margin-top: 0rem; cursor: pointer; } .dropdown-list p { padding: 3px 10px; } .dropdown-list p:hover { background-color: blue; } Choose Value let output = document.getElementById(‘output’); let dropdownList = document.getElementById(“list”); = “none”; function openDropdown() { if ( != “none”) { = “none”; } else { = “block”; } } const p_elements = document.getElementsByTagName(“p”); const totalP = p_elements.length; for (let i = 0; i < totalP; i++) { const option = p_elements[i]; output.innerHTML = “The selected option is ” + option.innerHTML; = “none”; }) }

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