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Cloud errors on any platform can become a hindrance, as they don’t depend on you. They come from other servers, so problems are hard to resolve. Either way, we’re answering how to fix “Checking for saved data on Cloud Storage” on PS5.

Your game progress saves itself on the console’s storage or the PlayStation Cloud. The Cloud allows you to retain your progress on other consoles as long as you use your account.

Generally, it’s a stable and reliable solution for PlayStation Plus subscribers. But a time of errors may come. Luckily, the solutions are quite straightforward. The issue comes from random console bugs, slow internet connection, or low cloud storage.

The error often comes from PlayStation servers, as there’s a chance the server is down due to errors or maintenance.

Other common errors include:

You Don’t Have Enough Cloud Storage: A PlayStation Plus member has 100GB of PS5 saved data storage, plus 100GB of PS4 saved data. It’s a lot, but if you have played for a while, it could be running out.

Your Internet Is Slow or Unreliable: There’s a chance your console is failing to access the Cloud Storage due to the quality of your connection. There’s a quick way to fix the matter without changing your internet plan or provider.

Random Bugs: Other minor bugs could also affect the Cloud Storage. None should warrant resetting the console, so don’t worry about it. 

Overall, a PS5 Cloud Storage error happens when the console can’t access the online saved data. It prevents you from loading game data or saving game data online. 

Aside from the main error, you could also get: “Something went wrong” or “Couldn’t sync your save data due to a conflict.”

We’re covering a list of quick solutions to solve your PS5 Cloud Storage. You’d probably need to try various of them before solving the matter.

Let’s start by performing a power cycle. This is a form of reset that erases random bugs and clears faulty temporary data:

Press and hold the console’s power button for about 5 seconds to shut it down.

Unplug all of its cables. 

Wait for five minutes.

Plug back the cables. 

Turn the PlayStation on.

Before testing again, please perform the follow-up solution. 

A DNS (Domain Name System) translates the web’s IP addresses into domains devices can read. You’re getting a DNS from your internet provider, but it might not be the best for you.

The alternative is adding a public DNS, as various tech companies share them for free to improve worldwide connectivity.

So, a better DNS could make your console’s connection more stable, allowing you to access Cloud Storage.

Here’re some DNS settings you can use:

ServerPrimary DNSSecondary DNSCloudflare1. Quad99.9.9.9149.112.112.112OpenDNS Home208.67.222.222208.67.220.220SafeDNS195.46.39.39195.46.39.40DNS Advantage156.154.70.1156.154.71.1Dyn216.146.35.35216.146.36.36NTT129.250.35.250129.250.35.251Verisign64.64.664.6.65.6Level3209.244.0.3209.244.0.4

Nearby, there’re additional tricks you can do to fix the cloud error. Whenever you find it, you can:

Restart the router

Turn off the Wi-Fi of nearby devices if you’re using Wi-Fi on the console

Test the internet connection on the PS5’s network menu

In particular, internet testing can joggle the system correction and fix unknown network errors. 

Here’s how to do it: 

Start by turning off the router and unplugging all its cables for 1 minute.

Plug back the router and turn it on.

Wait for about 2 minutes and go to the PS5. 

Go to Settings.

Go to Network.

Select Connection Status.

Select View Connection Status.

Also, I should add: if possible, use a LAN cable connection rather than Wi-Fi. It can make a massive difference.

You can try manually syncing the data of all the games currently giving you trouble. 

On the home page, hover over to the game that’s giving you issues

Press the Options button on the controller.

Select Check Sync Status of Saved Data.

The console will try to sync the data. If need be, press Try Again.

If it doesn’t work, it means your current connection is too slow to fix. You can try adding a new DNS, using a LAN cable, or trying later. 

The problem may go away if you enable auto-sync. Additionally, there’s an easy way to check the status of the online saved storage.

There’s a chance your cloud storage is full. It would be best to manage it and see if there’s something you can delete.

Go to Settings.

Select Saved Data and Game/App Settings.

Select Saved Data (PS5).

Select Cloud Storage.

You’ll find the option to download data to the regular console storage.

If you choose Download to Console Storage, you’d only have to check the games and select Download at the bottom to confirm.

If you choose Delete, the process is the same, but with a Delete option.

Do the same for Saved Data (PS4).

In particular, downloading the data can make transferring the data from the PS5 to a PS4 easier.

Also, you should remember you can install and play PS4 games from extended storage. You can also save its data on external storage, so you don’t really need to save it to the Cloud.

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Cloud Computing Data Storage: Buying Guide

Although many enterprises are moving applications and other processes to the cloud, data backups and storage are still often local. On-site storage seem easier to control and secure, yet it’s costly to administer and leaves organizations vulnerable should a natural disaster hit.

Moreover, bottlenecks often form at the local level, especially when integrating remote applications and assets with those managed on-site.

Most organizations with a cloud presence have an eye toward using the cloud for data storage. But with a variety of cloud storage vendors to choose from, it’s important to ask the following questions to assure valuable digital assets are managed efficiently and effectively:

If your business is looking to the cloud as a primary location for file storage and backups, availability is key. For Nhan Nguyen, Chief Scientist and CTO at CIC, being able to access files quickly and at any time is the cornerstone of providing customers with the quality of service they expect.

CIC provides electronic signature solutions for the time-sensitive financial services industry. So its technologists needed to know that their cloud storage solution would maintain the same level of availability and speed as an on-site option.

Nguyen explained, “We support a very high number of concurrent users. Maintaining very high uptime and guaranteed document load performance of less than three seconds are our main goals.”

CIC needed a solution that would meet these goals and satisfy customer SLAs. After some research, they decided to deploy Gluster’s File System (GlusterFS), which complemented their existing cloud technology infrastructure.

Using GlusterFS, CIC was able to pool, aggregate, and virtualize their existing Amazon Web Services Elastic Block Storage (EBS). By utilizing both synchronous and asynchronous replication, files are retrieved quickly–even surpassing customer expectations.

For Stanley Kania, CEO of Software Link, a hosted ERP provider, looking to the cloud was a way to meet expanding storage needs.

“Using local disc storage on servers became unmanageable and unsustainable, especially as we began to virtualize our infrastructure. At the same time, we need to store more and more data,” Kania said. With over 2,000 customers and growing, Kania and his team found a solution in Coraid.

Coraid’s EtherDrive platform enabled faster performance and allowed for adding new storage as-needed, scaling to meet Software Link’s growing storage needs.

Software Link is now able to host far more applications and has seen an increase in spindle speed and high demand IL. When they need additional storage, additional EtherDrive shelves can be configured and deployed in a matter of minutes.

For both Software Link and CIC, integrating a storage solution with existing applications and infrastructures was a key requirement. Both companies were looking for complementary solutions that would accommodate existing workflows.

“The solution we were looking for had to fit with current applications,” says Kania, whose business primarily provides hosted ERP solutions from Sage and SMB solutions from QuickBooks.

For Nyguen and his staff at CIC, a streamlined transition from their preexisting storage to the cloud was a main requirement. The staff at CIC had already selected the RightScale Cloud Management Platform as the foundation for their operations, and had decided on Amazon’s EBS.

As Nyguen says, “It was crucial to select a cloud storage solution that required no change to our existing infrastructure.”

How To Fix Access Data Not Showing On Instagram

Is the access data option not showing on Instagram?

The option is originally located in the security settings.

The access data option can be found under “Data and history”.

You can use it to download a copy of your data on Instagram.

However, the option is missing as of early 2023.

Hence, many users are confused as to where it is.

In this guide, you’ll learn why is the access data option not showing on Instagram and how to find/fix it.

Why is access data not showing on Instagram?

The access data option is not showing on Instagram because Instagram has changed its location.

Previously, the option is located in the security settings under “Data and history”.

However, as of early 2023, its location has been changed to “Your activity”.

“Your activity” is a feature that allows you to manage your activity in one place.

Instagram announced the feature in one of their blog posts titled, “#SaferInternetDay”.

“Your activity” allows you to delete or archive your posts, stories, videos, reels, and other interactions.

You can also sort and filter your content or interactions by date.

Lastly, you can find your recently deleted content and download your information.

In a nutshell, the access data option has been removed and replaced with “Download your information” in “Your activity”.

How to fix access data not showing on Instagram

To fix access data not showing on Instagram, you need to navigate to its new location.

Instead of going to your security settings, you need to go to “Your activity”.

“Your activity” was implemented on Instagram as of early 2023.

It allows you to manage your activity in one place.

With the implementation of “Your activity”, many features on Instagram were shifted to it.

This includes your liked posts, links you’ve visited, and data.

The “Access data” option has been replaced by the “Download your information” option.

To access your data, you now need to tap on “Download your information”.

Here’s how to find the “Access data” feature on Instagram:

1. Tap on the menu icon and select “Your activity”

The first step is to navigate to “Your activity”.

To do so, open Instagram and tap on your profile picture on the bottom navigation bar.

After you’ve tapped on your profile picture, you’ll land on your Instagram profile.

Tap on the menu icon on the bottom navigation bar to open the menu.

Tap on “Your activity” to manage your activity on Instagram.

2. Tap on “Download your information”

After you’ve tapped on “Your activity”, you’ll be able to manage your activity on Instagram.

The page contains multiple options including “Time spent”, “Photos and videos”, “Interactions”, and more.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a “Download your information” option.

The option allows you to access your Instagram data by downloading it.

Previously, it was located in your security settings under “Data and history”.

Tap on “Download your information” to go to the “Download your data” page.

3. Request a copy of your data

After you’ve tapped on “Download your information”, you’ll land on the “Download your data” page.

Now, you’ll be able to get a copy of what you’ve shared on Instagram.

Your email address should be automatically keyed in.

If it’s not, enter it into the “Email” field.

Tap on “Request Download” to request a copy of your data.

It can take up to 48 hours for Instagram to collect the data and send it to you.

Once the file is sent to you, you can download and open it to view your data!


The “Your activity” feature on Instagram was implemented in early 2023.

A lot of people were unaware of the change because there isn’t much information about it.

Hence, they have no idea that the location of the “Access data” option has changed.

The location of features like seeing your liked posts have also been moved to “Your activity”.

From now on, if you want to manage your activity on Instagram, you need to navigate to “Your activity”.

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How To Use Google Cloud Print On Windows?

Google has updated its Cloud Print service, and now we can use it from tablets, smartphones, chromebooks, as well as PCs. How can we use Google Cloud Print on Windows? Let’s check it out.

Until now, we could connect our printer to the cloud Cloud Print, and then print from our mobile device whenever we happen to be. There was only one downside, namely the service has previously been accessible only via Chrome. What’s more, the service was limited to print files from smartphones or tablets with Android – it was impossible to print files from another PC.

Google Cloud Print service

Google Cloud Print extension for Windows comes with two add-ons. The first component is a Google Cloud Print service, which lets you easily share printers in the cloud. Once you installed it, it runs silently in the background and makes your printers accessible in the cloud. Thanks to the inclusion of this service running in the background, we do not need to use our browser every time we want to print something from another device.

For this step, we need to use Google’s website and select: Download Cloud Print service. We need to launch Chrome to download and configure the service. When this is done, Cloud Print will ask you for authorization.

From now on, our printers are available in the cloud and we can print files directly from other devices using Google Cloud Print. We no longer need to run Google Chrome on the computer sharing the printer.

Printing files from another Windows PC

The second element is Google Cloud Printer, a virtual printer driver. If you carefully followed the instructions presented above, you already know how to print from a web page. But there’s still more than we can do with Google Cloud Printer. For example we can print from our Windows computer. For this reason, the service provides virtual printer driver, so that it is displayed in the system as a normal printer. If you want to print something from a text editor or any other program, your file will be redirected to the proper printer available in the cloud Google Cloud Print. In this way, Virtual Printer acts as a relay.

The service works fine and I did not notice any problems while testing except one – the service may not be able to print files from Modern UI in Windows 8. When it comes to traditional desktop applications, it works without any issues.

Cellular Data For Apps Keeps Turning Off On Iphone, Fix

Several users have reported that they are having problems enabling cellular data for apps. Some users have said they turn on cellular data for apps but then cellular data keeps turning off itself.

Are you experiencing this problem too? Then this article is for you. This can be an important problem. To explain more, you turn on cellular data for apps but this is not respected by the iOS system. This will prevent you from using your apps because these apps will fail to connect to mobile data or access cellular data. For example, if the affected app was Apple Maps, you will not be able to use it when you need it. This is because they will stop functioning unless there is a Wi-Fi connection available.

See also: How To Reduce Your Data Usage On iPhone

Please try the steps below:


Restart your iPhone. This may fix your problem. Here is how you can do this:

iPhone X, 11 or later: Press and hold the volume (up or down) and the side buttons together until you see the power off slider. Then drag the slider. Wait one minute. Then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

Other iPhone models: Press and hold the side or top button until you see the power off slider. Then drag the slider. Wait one minute. Then press and hold the side or top button until you see the Apple logo.

Carrier settings update

There may be a carrier settings update. If there is an update, update your carrier settings. This is a small update from Apple and your carrier. This is an easy process. Here is how:

If there is an update available, you will see a popup message saying “new settings are available”.

Tap Update.

See this article if you see the “cellular update failed” message.

Force restart your iPhone

Here is how you can force restart your iPhone:

iPhone 8, X and later: Press and release the volume up button, then press and release the volume down button and then press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.

iPhone 7: Press and hold the volume down and side (sleep/wake) buttons together until you see the Apple logo.

Other iPhone models: Press and hold the side (sleep/wake) and the Home buttons together until the Apple logo appears.

Update your iPhone

There may be a bug with your current iOS software causing this cellular data problem. Updating your iPhone may resolve your problem. Here is how you update your iPhone.

There are two ways to do this:

You can also update using your computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Open Finder (if your computer is running macOS Catalina or later) or iTunes (if your computer is running an earlier version of the macOS software or if this is a Windows PC).

Then locate your device and follow the onscreen instructions.

Reset network settings

Reset your network settings. Doing so will erase your networking settings. For example, you will need to reenter your Wi-Fi passwords, etc. Here is how:

Are you still having this problem. Then you may want to contact Apple support.

How To Transfer Ps4 Games And Save Files Data To Ps5

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a Sony PlayStation 5, you might want to try out some of your favorite PlayStation 4 video games to see how they’ve been upscaled and how the performance has been improved (like the much-loved Ghost of Tsushima.) You don’t have to start over from scratch; it’s easy to transfer the saved data of your favorite PS4 games to your new PS5. 

A PS4 to PS5 data transfer can be done through PS Plus’ cloud storage. It’s as simple as uploading your saved data to the cloud from your PlayStation 4 and redownloading it on the PlayStation 5. Here’s how to get started.

Table of Contents

How to Transfer PS4 Games and Save File Data to PS5

There are several different ways you can transfer save data from one console to another:

Through PlayStation Plus cloud storage

Through a LAN connection

Through a USB storage device

The easiest method is probably with PlayStation Plus subscription. If you don’t have one, there are other ways to save your files.

How to Transfer PS4 Save Files Through Online Storage

With a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can easily upload your game data from your PS4 console to your PS5. All you have to do is select the saved data in system storage and upload it to cloud storage. 

Select the PS4 game you want to upload.

Press the Options Button on your PS4 Dualsense controller. 

Select Upload/Download Save Data.

On the next screen, select Upload All to transfer your game saves to the cloud.

If you have an original PS4, consider connecting to your network with a LAN cable. It will provide a more stable connection and higher speeds while you’re uploading all your saves. 

After you’ve uploaded your data, you need to download it from cloud storage to the PlayStation 5.

Select the PlayStation 5 installation of the game and then press the Options Button on your DualShock.

Select Upload/Download Sava Data.

Select Download beside Cloud Storage.

The data will download to console storage (and if you have any existing data saved on your PS5 for that title, you may need to overwrite it) but you’ll be able to pick up and play right where you left off on PS4. 

How to Transfer PS4 Save Data Through LAN

If you aren’t a PS Plus subscriber, there’s an easy way to transfer data to a new console. 

Select your PlayStation 4 console.

Wait until your PlayStation 5 shows the message Prepare for Data Transfer, then press and hold the power button on your PlayStation 4 until you hear the beep. (This will put your PS4 into rest mode.)

Your PlayStation 5 will detect your PS4 console. If you haven’t synced your trophy data, it might ask you to sync the data before you continue.

Select the save data you want to transfer and then select Continue.

Select the game data you want to transfer and select Continue.

The next screen will display warnings. Read over these and then select Start Transfer.

Your PlayStation 5 console will restart during this period. Once it does, you’ll have access to all of your old information.

Transferring Data Through Extended Storage

There is another method by which you can transfer data from one console to another: Extended storage. 

Extended storage is classified as any USB stick or external drive that is compatible with the PlayStation operating system. For PlayStation 4, that extended storage needs to be 250 GB or higher and USB 3.0. 

For the PS5 5 version of extended storage, it needs to support SuperSpeed USB 5 Gbps or later, with a minimum of 250 GB and a maximum of 8 TB. Once you connect one of these two devices to your console, you will need to format it.

After you format the drives, you can transfer games and save data from one console to the extended storage. You can’t play games on PlayStation 5 directly from an external drive, but it’s often faster to transfer games from the PS5 to the USB drive and back than it is to redownload them. 

Troubleshooting The Transfer Process

If you run into any trouble while trying to transfer data from the PS4 to PS5, ensure that both consoles are updated. Both your PS4 and PS5 console need to be on the latest version of the operating system before this process will work.

Next, ensure they’re on the same Wi-Fi network. The easiest method is to connect both your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 to your router through an Ethernet cable. 

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