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When Google Chrome thinks that your network has changed, the browser starts displaying a “Network Change Was Detected” error. Normally, the error message should go away on its own. However, if that doesn’t happen, you’ll have to try a few things to fix the issue.

There are several ways to fix Chrome’s network error and bring the browser back to normal. Give each of the following methods a try, and your problem will likely be resolved.

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Refresh the Web Page to Fix “A Network Change Was Detected”

When you see the “Network Change Was Detected” error, the first thing to try is to refresh your current web page. Doing so forces Chrome to re-establish a connection with your site, which usually fixes the issue.

You can reload your current web page in Chrome by selecting the refresh icon beside the address bar.

Your web page should open once refreshing is done.

Get Rid of “Err_Network_Changed” by Relaunching Google Chrome

You can close Chrome by selecting the X icon at the top-right corner.

Once Chrome is closed, relaunch the browser by opening the Start menu, searching for Chrome, and selecting Google Chrome from the search results.

Enter your site’s URL in the address bar, press Enter, and your site should launch without any issues.

Restart Your Windows 10 Computer

You should also try rebooting your computer to see if that fixes the “Network Change Was Detected” error. If this error results from an issue with your computer’s system, a simple reboot should fix the problem.

Make sure to save your unsaved work before restarting your computer.

Open the Start menu and select the Power option.

Choose Restart from the menu.

Reboot Your Modem

It’s always a good idea to restart your router when you experience any network issues. This is because routers often experience minor glitches, which can be resolved with a simple reboot.

You can restart most routers by pressing the Power button on the router. If your router hasn’t got that, turn off the power socket switch and then turn that switch back on after a few seconds.

Another way you can reboot certain routers is by opening your router’s settings page in your browser, selecting the Maintenance tab, and choosing the Restart The Router option.

Update Google Chrome

It’s important to keep Chrome up to date on your system so that the browser always has the latest bug fixes and new features. If you’re using an old version of Chrome, that may be why your browser displays a “Network Change Was Detected” error.

Get the browser updated on your PC, and you shouldn’t see the above error anymore.

Open Chrome, select the three dots at the top-right corner, and choose Settings.

Select About Chrome from the sidebar on the left.

Let Chrome automatically check and install new updates.

    Close and reopen Chrome, and your error should be gone.

    Flush the DNS Cache

    Your PC stores DNS cache to help your browsers quickly reach a website. Sometimes, these cache files become problematic and cause Chrome and other browsers to display various errors.

    Luckily, you can delete this cache without affecting your browser history. The system will rebuild the cache as you browse websites.

    Access the Start menu, search for Command Prompt, and select that tool in the search results.

    Type the following command in Command Prompt and press Enter: ipconfig /flushdns

      Exit out of Command Prompt, launch Chrome, and see if your sites load.

      Change the DNS Server for Your Connection

      Your PC’s DNS server plays a big role in your web browsers reaching a website. If this DNS server is experiencing an outage, that may be why Chrome displays a “Network Change Was Detected” error.

      In this case, you can switch to an alternate DNS server and see if that makes any difference. It’s recommended to use Google’s free Public DNS.

        Select Internet Protocol Version 4 in the list and choose Properties.

          Activate the Use the following DNS server addresses option.

          Select the Preferred DNS server field and enter Then, enter in the Alternate DNS server field.

            Select OK at the bottom to save your settings.

            Open Chrome and try to access your sites.

            Remove Unwanted Saved Networks

            If you’ve saved too many internet connection networks on your PC, that can confuse Chrome, and you end up seeing the “Network Change Was Detected” error. So, go ahead and remove all the networks that you don’t intend to use anymore.

            It’s always a good idea to have a clean list of networks.

              Open Chrome and try to load your sites.

              Delete the Chrome Browsing History

              If your “Network Change Was Detected” error has still not gone away, try clearing Chrome’s browsing history and see if that resolves the error. Usually, your browser’s performance gets affected if you’ve accumulated a large number of history files.

              Keep in mind that you’ll lose your past browsing data, cookies, cache, and any other items you choose to delete when you clear your history.

              Launch Chrome, select the three dots at the top-right corner, and choose Settings.

              Select Security and Privacy on the left and Clear browsing data on the right.

              Choose the items you’d like to clear. Select a few days’ data to be cleared first, and if that resolves the issue, you won’t have to remove your entire history.

                Once your items are selected, choose the Clear data button at the bottom.

                Reopen Chrome once your data is gone, and your browser should work as intended.

                Resolving Chrome’s “Network Change Was Detected” Error Is Easy

                You don’t have to worry about changing your network or making any significant changes to your PC if the Chrome browser displays a “Network Change Was Detected” error. That’s because, in most cases, you can resolve the issue by tweaking a few options here and there on your system.

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                5 Ways To Bypass Failed Virus Detected Download Error In Chrome

                5 Ways to Bypass Failed Virus Detected Download Error in Chrome Find out all you need about Download Failed Virus Detected




                The Failed virus detected error from Chrome is in fact a problem with your current antivirus.

                You can still try to bypass this issue by using a better, more reliable browser.

                A great solution is to unblock the browser and restore the quarantined files.

                Try Opera One, a browser with various functionalities already built-in!

                A flawless browser like Opera has most functions already under the hood.

                Here’s what’s included by default:

                Easy and intuitive workspace management

                Ad-blocker mode integrated to load pages faster

                WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

                Customizable Ul and AI-friendly

                ⇒ Get Opera One

                We download files frequently, but many users reported failed virus detected in Chrome when downloading certain files.

                Usually, you won’t be able to download or access a recently downloaded package if an antivirus program will detect a malicious file that might represent a security breach for your Windows 10 device.

                So, you don’t have to blame Google Chrome but your own antivirus software as it is the one showing the Failed: virus detected alert message.

                Anyway, if you know for sure that the implied file is 100% secured and that you are receiving a false positive from your antivirus, you can fix this issue in order to resume the initial download operation.

                Of course, by applying the troubleshooting steps from below you can also return and use Google Chrome without receiving further security alerts and fix the Download failed: virus detected.

                One more time, apply the guidelines below only if you know for sure that the files which will be downloaded aren’t representing any security risks for your Windows 10 system.

                This isn’t the only security issue that users reported, and we already wrote on how to secure your certificate if Chrome says it’s not valid.

                Why does my download say failed Virus detected?

                Chrome has its own malware detection system that protects users from threats. If the software determines that the file is unsafe, it will prevent the download and give you this message.

                In some instances, it’s possible that your antivirus is blocking the download, so you might have to adjust a couple of settings to fix that.

                If you’re getting Failed virus detected in Chrome, you can bypass that by using the solutions from this guide.

                How do I scan Chrome for malware?  How do I get past failed virus detection? 1. Switch to a browser with built-in security features

                Instead of trying to fix the virus alert on Google’s browser, how about trying an alternative browser that is rather similar but has far more security tools integrated.

                We’re talking about the tool recommended below which is, at the moment, one of the most secure browsers out there.

                Even though you’ll still need an antivirus for local system protection, rest assured that your browsing experience won’t be tainted by any malicious software, adware, pop-ups, or browser hijackers.

                Along with the built-in troubleshooter, this browser also brings the built-in VPN which is above the competitive solutions and a variety of privacy-focused features.

                So, if you want to keep your PC safe while browsing anonymously, check the download link below and give it a go.

                Opera One

                Enjoy safe and secure browsing with Opera One’s built-in ad-blocker and VPN with unlimited bandwidth.

                Free Visit Website

                2. Unblock Chrome and restore quarantined files

                You will most probably resolve this failed virus in Chrome issue by allowing the downloaded files from Windows Defender settings like in the example below.

                1. Open Windows Security on your computer.

                3. Locate the application that has been blocked on the list and expand it.

                Now, for making sure that this file won’t get detected as potentially malicious software, you can add a particular exclusion within Windows Defender, and that should help with the virus scan failed message in Chrome.

                Or, and we recommend you do this, you can permanently disable Windows Defender.

                Of course, afterward, you must choose to install a new security program in order to keep everything safe and secure all the time.

                But this time choose a better security solution that gets daily updates and which can properly identify the files that are dangerous for your computer.

                3. Disable Windows Defender 3.1 Disable Windows Defender using the Local Group Policy 3.2 Disable Windows Defender from System Settings

                However, keep in mind that you mustn’t use your device without using a dedicated antivirus program. So, choose wisely in order to set up a program that has an updated virus database.

                Otherwise, you can experience false-positive security alert messages, just like the Download failed: virus detected error detailed during the lines from above.

                4. Scan for PUP using a dedicated tool

                No matter how many security extensions you install on chrome, they cannot compare with a full-fledged antivirus tool.

                A PUP, as opposed to cute puppies, is a significantly hastier and a possible threat to your computer.

                Changes to your web browser’s homepage and search settings may also be made by those extras.

                But don’t worry, you can get rid of it right away using specialized software. To make your job easier, we’ve compiled a list of the easiest and most reliable PUP removal programs to ensure that the task is done properly.

                To give you a glimpse of what you will find in our list above, ESET Internet Security is one of the specialized tools.

                Before software is installed on your computer, ESET may detect potentially unwanted, harmful, and suspicious extra add-ons attached to it.

                5. Turn off Chrome Safe Browsing

                After disabling this feature, you’ll be able to circumvent A virus was detected so you can’t download this file error.

                Keep in mind that Chrome won’t protect you anymore from malicious files and harmful websites, so you should use it only if you’re positive that the file you downloading isn’t harmful. Alternatively, we recommend that you install protection extensions in Chrome to avoid viruses.

                These are just some of the methods that you can use to fix failed virus detected on Windows 10/11, so be sure to try all of our solutions.

                If you need a powerful antivirus, you can also take a look at our selection including the best antiviruses with unlimited validity to install on your PC.

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                How To Fix Chatgpt Network Error?

                ChatGPT provides human-like responses to user inquiries. However, you may encounter a ChatGPT network error if you require a lengthy response.

                Many users are experiencing such issues while generating content on ChatGPT.

                To fix the ChatGPT network error, you can give instructions to remove the blank line from the code, check your internet connectivity, clear the browser’s cache, check the server status and enable or disable VPN.

                Let us examine every potential causes of ChatGPT network errors and their fixes consecutively without further ado.

                Causes of ChatGPT Network Error

                Users frequently ask for lengthy responses, such as an intricate piece of code or any article, leading to network errors on ChatGPT.

                The Chatbot has a 60-second timeout; if it cannot reply within that timeframe, there will be a network error.

                Such issues are frustrating when you are in the middle of a conversation as you have to restart the conversation again to generate content.

                Here are some of the most common reasons you face ChatGPT network errors.

                Unstable Internet Connection

                Outdated Browsers

                IP Block

                High Traffic

                Lengthy Answers

                Server Down

                How to Fix ChatGPT Network Error? [7 Easy Methods]

                It is possible to minimize or eradicate ChatGPT network errors.

                The first step is to restart the device experiencing the error.

                Sometimes, restarting your device resolves crucial device problems, like in-app problems and connectivity issues.

                If you are still experiencing ChatGPT network problems, here are some other fixes you can try.

                1. Avoid Requesting Lengthy Responses

                To fix the issue, you must command Chatbot to break the responses into smaller chunks and display them in fragments sequentially.

                As a preliminary step, write the following in the chat section:

                E.g., Restrict your answer to 100 words; if the answer is longer, stop and inform me there is more information and type ‘Continue.’

                Now, ChatGPT can quickly generate lengthy content without running into network errors.

                ChatGPT is an AI Chatbot that can generate and debug code.

                If you instruct the Chatbot to generate code, it can be extremely long, which can cause network errors.

                Additionally, you can instruct Chatbot to remove blank lines on code.

                This method prevents network errors but makes code unclear and challenging to understand.

                3. Check Your Internet Connection

                If the internet connection is unstable, you will face a network error on ChatGPT.

                Ensure you have a stable internet connection to make ChatGPT work properly on your device.

                Moreover, you can try these methods to fix your unstable internet connection;

                You can reconnect to the internet by turning off your Wi-Fi for around 10 seconds and then turning it back on again.

                You can try to reboot your Wi-Fi for a stable connection.

                4. Check the ChatGPT’s Server Status

                ChatGPT Network error occurs due to technical issues and an overloaded server.

                Within a short period, ChatGPT has crossed millions of users. You may face network errors if too many users try to access the resources simultaneously.

                Sometimes, the Open AI servers are unavailable for a few seconds/minutes or even hours, causing ChatGPT to go down.

                There is nothing you can do to solve such problems from your side.

                However, while ChatGPT is down, you can search on Twitter for new tweets about the status of ChatGPT.

                Alternatively, you can go to Downdetector to know the status of Open AI. You can find out the status on the OpenAI status.

                In the meantime, you must wait for authorized information from the Open AI Support team.

                5. Clear the Browser’s Cache

                The ChatGPT app may experience network error issues due to a corrupt cache and cookies.

                When you clear your cache or cookies, you do not lose any important browser or system information, but your temporary files are deleted.

                A network error message indicates that you must clear the browser’s cache and cookies.

                You can clear the browser’s cache and cookies by following the steps below;

                Select All Time under the Time range and check the small box Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files.

                Refresh your browser a few times and check if the network error persists.

                You can also try accessing ChatGPT in incognito mode. Alternatively, if the problem continues, try logging in with different browsers.

                Read on to learn how to clear Microsoft Team’s Cache.

                6. Enable or Disable VPN

                If many users are using ChatGPT within your region, you might get a network error in ChatGPT.

                In such cases, an ideal solution would be to use VPN. You can also choose another region with less traffic.

                Follow the below steps to run ChatGPT with a VPN.

                First, download and install  VPN on your device.

                Then, connect to a VPN server location. You can choose a region where ChatGPT is available.

                Open a private window on your browser and visit the OpenAI ChatGPT website.

                On the other hand, if you enable VPN to use ChatGPT, you will use a shared IP address, which may result in a network error.

                Therefore, you can manually turn off the VPN and check for network errors on ChatGPT.

                If you are still experiencing a ChatGPT network error after attempting all of the above fixes, please get in touch with the OpenAI support team.

                You can directly contact Open AI ChatGPT support team for further support.

                Likewise, you can share a screenshot of the problematic page via email or message with the ChatGPT Customer Support Team.

                The Bottom Line

                Several factors contribute to ChatGPT network errors, but the fixes above can effectively resolve them.

                Read on to learn how to download ChatGPT and top ChatGPT Alternatives.

                How To Fix Slow Youtube Videos Loading In Google Chrome? – Webnots

                YouTube offers variety of entertaining videos for all of us. In fact, it is the most popular platform for watching, sharing commenting or liking videos. However, sometimes YouTube can significantly load slowly, becoming very frustrating for users. Fortunately, if you are using Google Chrome, there are various ways of fixing the slow YouTube issue.

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                6 Ways to Fix Slow YouTube

                Clear browsing data

                Change video URL

                Update Chrome

                Close open tabs

                Remove malware

                Use VPN

                Adjust video quality

                Check your network speed

                Check URL for playback error

                1. Clearing Browser Data

                Your Chrome browser saves information about every new site you visit to speed up the loading the next time you visit the web. However, with time you will have too much temporary data stored in the cache, which can slow web services such as YouTube. Deleting these temporary files will free up more RAM, enhancing your YouTube streaming speed.

                To clear browser data in Chrome:

                Deleting Data

                Refresh the YouTube page and see whether there are some improvements.

                2. Changing the YouTube URL

                A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) references a Modifying the video URL can be a solution to slow YouTube.

                Open the YouTube video page using Google Chrome, on the address bar, replace the “www” part of the URL with “ca”, and press Enter on your keyboard.

                Change YouTube URL

                In most cases, this helped to enhance the YouTube experience for many users.

                3. Updating Your Google Chrome

                Google Chrome developers keep updating the browser aimed at fixing bugs and adding more features to user experience and performance. An out of date browser can slow down YouTube and many other compatibility issues. To update the Chrome browser;

                About Chrome

                This will open a tab displaying the browser version and automatically checks for and installs new updates.

                Relaunch Chrome

                4. Close Some Open Tabs

                Opening too many tabs on Google Chrome can overwhelm your computer and negatively affect the loading speeds for YouTube service.

                Close Tabs

                5. Find and Remove Malware and other Harmful Software

                Malware introduces processes that run in the background utilizing computer resources and can result in slower internet connections. To find and remove such software in Chrome;

                Find Malware

                6. Use VPN Extensions

                A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can help you to access the internet safely and faster. Fortunately, there are many free VPN extensions for Chrome that can improve YouTube loading speed.

                7. Adjust Quality Video

                When watching a video, YouTube automatically adjusts the quality of the video depending on your internet connection speeds. However, you can manually adjust these settings. If YouTube is slower than normal:

                Adjust Quality

                Choose a lower quality. You can try all the lower options to identify the one that works best for you.

                Reduce Quality

                A lower quality reduces the bandwidth thus increasing the loading speeds.

                8. Experiencing Slow Connection

                YouTube will show a pop-up message whenever the video streaming is slower than normal speed. Most of the time you can see the video quality is bad though it continue to play. This is a clear indication that you have problem in internet connection. Check you internet connection is working fine by accessing other websites. If not, consult with your internet service provider to fix the connection.

                Though VPN apps can help to overcome the blocking issues, it can cause the speed problem. So, disconnect the VPN in case if you use VPN and check the connection is stable.

                9. YouTube Playback Error

                This is another popular error shown with black YouTube video with the message “An error occurred. Please try again later. Playback ID xxxxxx)“.

                YouTube Playback Video Error

                In order to fix this playback error, try out the solutions like clearing your browser’s cache and closing other open tabs. In addition, the spaces at the end of the URL can cause this play error. If you have embedded the YouTube video on your own site, ensure to check the URL has no additional spaces at the end.


                Watching videos on YouTube is a great online entertainment choice. However, even with a stable internet connection, you may experience slow YouTube loading speed, negatively affecting your online experience. If you are using Chrome browser, you can try one of the above solutions to enhance video streaming speeds on the service.

                How To Disable Floc In Google Chrome.

                If you are using Google Chrome but aren’t happy about the new FLoC cookie alternative that Google is planning to use moving forward. This article will show you how to disable FLoC in Google Chrome. Alternatively, you could switch to one of the other browsers that have refused to adopt Google’s new FLoC system.

                Related: How to password protect the My Activity page of your Google account.

                If you’re fairly locked into your ways and have a lot of extensions installed on Chrome, you’ll want to switch to Microsoft Edge. However, if you’re more privacy inclined and aren’t an extension junkie, Firefox is the best option.

                Download Mozilla Firefox.

                Quick steps to disable FLoC in Google Chrome:

                Open and update Google Chrome Canary to version 93.0.4528.0 or newer.

                Type or copy and paste chrome://flags/#privacy-sandbox-settings-2 into the address bar and press Enter.

                Change the drop-down menu next to Privacy Sandbox Settings 2 to Disabled.

                Restart Google Chrome and the change will take effect.

                How do you disable FLoC in Google Chrome? Don’t use FLoC in Google Chrome.

                For the time being the ability to disable FLoC is currently only available in Google Chrome Canary, so you’ll need to make sure you have version 93.0.4528.0 or newer installed on your device. Once you have the latest version, open Chrome and do the following.

                Type or copy and paste chrome://flags/#privacy-sandbox-settings-2 into the address bar and press Enter.


                Chrome Settings 101: How To Customize Google Chrome

                A browser is our gateway to the World Wide Web. We use it almost daily to access web pages, making it important to personalize the browser to our needs. Google Chrome, one of the most popular browsers, offers a variety of customization settings. Let’s explore how to customize Google Chrome to suit our needs.

                How to Access Chrome Settings

                Similarly, on Android and iPhone, tap on the three-dot icon in Chrome and go to Settings.

                Now let’s explore various customization settings.

                How to Set Chrome as the Default Browser

                To make Chrome the default browser on Android, go to the phone’s settings, then “Apps → Default apps → Browser app.” Choose Chrome from the list. Similarly, on iPhone, navigate to the phone settings, then” Chrome → Default browser app” and select Chrome. Please note that you can set Chrome as the default browser only on iPhones running iOS 14 and above.

                How to Customize the Google Chrome Homepage

                When you launch Chrome or open a new tab, you will see the Chrome homepage and be greeted by the automatically-generated most visited website shortcuts. You can customize this homepage in several ways. For instance, you can change the background of the page and add your own shortcuts.

                A pop-up window will appear. Under the Background tab, choose a background of your choice from the available list or upload your own. You can even set your own picture as the Chrome background.

                Customize the Google Chrome background with a GIF

                Yes, you can set a GIF as the homepage background in Google Chrome. For that, select the GIF file instead of the image file when selecting a background image for the homepage.

                How to Customize the Chrome Search Engine

                It’s not necessary to use Google as the default search engine in Chrome. You can use DuckDuckGo, Bing (Is it better than Google?), etc. Interestingly, you can even use multiple search engines in Chrome.

                To change the default search engine on the desktop, open Chrome Settings and scroll down to the Search engine section. Select the search engine of your choice from the drop-down next to the “Search engine used in the address bar” label.

                On mobile, go to the Chrome Settings, tap on “Search engine,” and select the new default search engine.

                How to Show or Hide the Home Button and Bookmarks Bar

                If you decide to keep the Home button active, you can either open a new tab page from it or add a custom page of your choice. Just select the required option under the “Show home button” setting.

                How to Customize What Happens When Chrome Starts Up

                When Chrome opens after it starts up, you can choose which tabs should show up. You can have the new tab page open, open all the previous tabs, or open a specific set of pages. To select the option of your choice, open Chrome Settings and go to the On startup section. Choose the desired option from the available list.

                How to Turn Off Auto Fill

                Chrome saves the addresses entered on any site so that it will auto-fill the next time. However, the same setting gets annoying when Chrome auto-fills the addresses if you accidentally tap on them. If you don’t like this behavior, you can disable the save and auto-fill address feature. For that, open Chrome Settings and go to “Addresses and more” under the Autofill section.

                Turn off the toggle next to Save and fill addresses. You can also add or remove the addresses manually on this screen. Similarly, you can disable Chrome asking you to save the password.

                On Android and iPhone, go to “Chrome Settings → Addresses and more.” Turn off the toggle for “Save and fill addresses.”

                How to Stop Certain Sites from Tracking You How to Customize Individual Site Settings in Chrome

                Chrome puts all the power in your hands by letting you customize the permission and content settings for each site individually. You can grant or revoke access to the microphone, camera, location, notifications, etc. for each site apart from the global settings.

                How to Enable Caret Browsing in Chrome

                Caret browsing is an accessibility feature that lets you navigate and select text using keyboard keys instead of your mouse. So if your mouse is throwing tantrums, you can enable Caret browsing.

                To do so, simply press the F7 key on your keyboard, and that should activate Caret browsing. Use the same key to disable it. Alternatively, open Chrome Settings and enable the toggle next to “Navigate pages with a text cursor” under the Accessibility section.

                How to Customize Live Captions How to Customize Chrome Appearance

                Scroll down in the Chrome Settings to install Chrome themes. Read on to find out the best Chrome themes and how to create your own Chrome theme.

                You can even use Chrome in dark mode. To do so on PC and iPhone, simply enable the system-wide dark mode of your device. On Android, go to “Chrome Settings → Theme” and choose “Dark.”

                How to change the language in Google Chrome How to reset the customization settings in Chrome

                You can either manually revert each setting or simply reset Chrome Settings. That will reset all of the Chrome customization settings to their default values.

                Make Chrome Your Own

                If multiple people use the same Chrome browser on your computer, each user can customize it per their needs by creating a new user profile. Apart from the above-mentioned customization settings, you can also use Chrome flags and extensions to enhance the capabilities of your browser. For instance, you can install productivity extensions, helpful tools for students, extensions to annotate text on the Web, and much more. You can even pin the most used extensions to the toolbar.

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