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How to fix the Windows Daylight Saving Time issue




Microsoft reported another issue with the various versions of the Windows OS.

This problem affects users in Chile for now, and it’s related to Daylight Savings.

We have taken the liberty of bringing the official problem workaround to you.

You should definitely know the fact that Microsoft has just published a message for users running client and server versions of Windows 7-11.

Based on what the tech company had to say, users could experience issues and bugs in various parts of the operating systems due to the upcoming Daylight Saving Time (DST) time zone change.

Microsoft also clarified the fact that this is no Y2K bug, so Windows users from Chile, because that is where this problem is affecting people, should not expect anything extraordinary.

Microsoft acknowledges Daylight Savings time bug

Even though this problem was spotted in one country, security experts are wondering if this could actually spread to other places as well.

Time shown in Windows and apps will not be correct.

Apps and cloud services which use date and time for integral functions, such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook, notifications and scheduling of meetings might be 60 minutes off.

Automation using date and time, such as Scheduled tasks, might not run at the expected time.

Timestamp on transactions, files, and logs will be 60 minutes off.

Operations that rely on time-dependent protocols such as Kerberos might cause authentication failures when attempting to logon or access resources.

Windows devices and apps outside of Chile might also be affected if they are connecting to servers or devices in Chile or if they are scheduling or attending meetings taking place in Chile from another location or time zone. Windows devices outside of Chile should not use the workaround, as it would change their local time on the device.

However, as unpleasant as that might seem, the Redmond-based tech giant also provided a workaround for this issue, while it works on a more permanent solution.

How can I fix the Daylight Savings Time issue?

According to Microsoft experts, you can mitigate this issue by doing either of the following on September 4, 2023, and undoing on September 11, 2023:

1. Turn of the auto Dayilight Savings setting

Search for Date and Time and open the app.

Toggle the Adjust for daylight saving time automatically to Off.

2. Turn of the auto Daylight Savings setting in the Control Panel

That being said, follow the steps above in case you notice anything strange, in order to ensure accurate time switching with future DST transitions.

Even though Microsoft said that users from other countries should not change their Daylight Saving Time settings for the time being, keep these solutions in mind just in case.

Microsoft plans to release an update to support the new DST settings as soon as possible, but it needs more time to build, test, and ship such updates.

Furthermore, the tech giant will not make it before the change goes into effect, so users need to tweak their systems manually this year.

As far as affected platforms, we are looking at:

Client: Windows 11, version 21H2; Windows 10, version 21H2; Windows 10, version 21H1; Windows 10, version 20H2; Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2023; Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2024; Windows 10 Enterprise 2024 LTSB; Windows 8.1; Windows 7 SP1

Server: Windows Server 2023; Windows Server 2023; Windows Server 2024; Windows Server 2012 R2; Windows Server 2012; Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1; Windows Server 2008 SP2

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How To Fix “Windows 10 Touchscreen Not Working” Issue?

How to Fix “Windows 10 Touchscreen Not Working” Issue?

Yet, there are many users who are facing issues with Windows touch screen. So, if you are one of them, this blog is for you! We will share some of the amazing methods to make sure you will never witness touch screen glitch on your system.

Best Ways To Fix Windows 10 Touchscreen Issues

As far as we have researched, the issue related to Windows 10 touchscreen is because of the system driver incompatibility. So to begin with the process we will make sure your computer’s drivers are fully compatible with. There are two possible ways to solve this problem one is through manual and other is automatic method.

Start with downloading Smart Driver Care on your system.

Tap on “Smart Scan” to begin the scanning process.

Once the scanning is completed, you will get the list of outdated system drivers on screen.

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Method 1- Run Troubleshoot

We will start with the quick and easy manual method to halt such glitch on your system. Refer to the below mentioned step:

Press Win key and I together, to launch Windows settings.

On the left side pane, you will get a option of “Troubleshoot”

Once you tap on Troubleshoot, you will see the option of “Hardware and device” on the right side of the window, tap on it to proceed.

Hope this method will help you to get rid of this issue. If not, jump to the next fix.

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Method 2- Disable & Re-enable Touchscreen Option

This is another fix that helps you to get rid of such issue, follow this method with the below steps:

Press win key and X together and navigate to the Device Manager from the list.

Tap on “Disable” and now confirm the next steps to proceed further.

Once you disable it, re-enable it with the above steps!

Restart your computer and check whether you are still witnessing the issue or not.

Method 3- Manually Update The Drivers

Although Smart Driver Care will itself solve your problem but if you still want to try with manual methods you can refer to the below steps:

You will get the confirmation pop-up on the screen that will ask how you want to search for the drivers. Tap on “Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software”

This is how you can manually update the system drivers. Hopefully this method will sort this issue!

Method 4- Change Power Management Settings

Launch device manager and go back to the same procedure as you did in method 3.

Now, double tap on “HID- compliant touch screen” it will automatically open its properties.

In the new box, go to the power management tab and uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”, followed by Ok.

Restart your system and check if the touch screen issue on Windows 10 is still there?

Final Words

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Harshita Singh

11 Ways On How To Fix Windows 11 Black Screen Issue

Seeing a black or blank screen instead of your regular desktop or login screen might be daunting. However, there’s no reason to worry.

This problem mainly occurs due to Windows Explorer or driver bugs. Such issues are rather easy to solve and only need a few minutes.

In the worst-case scenario, you will need to reset your OS, which is actually not that bad.

Monitor connection issues.

Windows Explorer is not running.

Improper registry configuration.

Graphics Driver defects.

Bugs in Windows updates.

You can apply certain methods based on where you encounter the black screen. But some of them work for all cases. So go through the possible solutions below and carry them out to resolve the Black Screen error.

If your screen stays black even after powering up the PC, it’s likely because of faulty hardware connections. We recommend checking the following connections and making sure they are stable:

Monitor Cable: Make sure to check the connection between the monitor and the CPU. It’s better to reinsert it into the CPU socket properly.

GPU Cards: They are the main devices that render the display for your PC. Incorrectly inserting them will prevent your display.

RAM: Faulty RAM causes many system issues. So take them out and insert them into the RAM slots again. Make sure to clean them before reinserting them.

If you have trouble checking such connections, it’s better to get help from a hardware specialist.

Often, outdated or buggy graphics drivers are responsible for this issue. If you get a black screen after login, first, try restarting the graphics driver. You can do so by pressing the Win + Ctrl + Shift + B hotkey.

If it doesn’t work, you need to update the driver.

You can also install the latest drivers from their official website. If you already have the latest versions, try reinstalling the drivers.

If you can’t log in to your account, you need to boot in safe mode and update or uninstall the driver. To boot in safe mode:

Then, follow the steps above to update or reinstall the display drivers.

If you get this issue after logging in, it’s likely that the Windows Explorer is not running or has other problems. It is also the most probable cause if you get the black screen at random while using your PC. Start or restart the process to resolve the issue. To do so,

If you can’t run explorer.exe, it may have become corrupt or is missing. You need to repair the integrity of your system files to resolve this issue. We recommend running the SFC, DISM, and CHKDSK tools. Check out our article on How to Repair Corrupted Windows Files to find the necessary steps.

Restart your PC from the Ctrl + Alt + Del screen and check if the error resolves.

We highly recommend to make a backup of the registry before making changes to it.

This is another possible solution for the black screen if the cursor is visible. Sometimes the App Readiness service runs and gets stuck after logging in to your account. In such a scenario, if you look through the Event Viewer (Run new task as eventvwr), you’ll likely see an error such as:

“A timeout (30000 milliseconds)… transaction response from the AppReadiness service.”

You need to disable this service to fix the issue. To do so:

Restart your PC and check if the issue resolves.

Another case of the black screen occurs before getting the login screen. In such cases, the first thing you should do is to power cycle your PC. Here’s how you can do so:

Shut down the computer and remove all peripherals.

Remove the power cord and the laptop battery.

Press the Power button for 20 seconds.

Reinsert the battery or the power cord and power up your PC.

Defective RAM sticks or slots are responsible for many system issues. It’s better to run the Memory Diagnostic to check for such defects. To do so,

The troubleshooter will run after a reboot and check for any defects. Then, after another restart, it will show the results. Take your PC to a hardware expert to repair or replace the faulty RAM sticks or Slots.

We have a detailed article on How to Open and Run Windows Memory Diagnostic. Check it out for more information on the process.

If you experienced this error after a system update or upgrade, it might be an issue with the update. Report it to Microsoft and wait for further updates or patches. Make sure to install them as soon as they are available. 

In the meantime, you can roll back to the previous version. To do so,

You can also roll back to Windows 10 from 11 within 10 days of the upgrade. To do so,

Open the elevated Command Prompt.

Enter DISM /Online /Initiate-OSUninstall.

Restart your PC and check if the error resolves.

In rare cases, this issue results from malware or third-party interference. Boot up your PC in safe mode and check if the error resolves. If so, third-party apps are likely responsible. First, scan your computer and uninstall any applications you installed recently. Then, restart and boot in normal mode.

You can scan your system even if you can’t boot in safe mode. To do so,

Another possible solution for the black screen before login is to run the Startup Repair. It will check and resolve minor issues you may encounter during booting. To run this troubleshooter,

If Startup Repair couldn’t find or fix any errors, you can try it again after rebuilding the BCD.

If you don’t have an appropriate restore point, you need to factory reset your system as the last resort.

You can also clean install Windows 10 on your PC if you got the error after upgrading to 11.

In general, you need to perform the following solutions:

Check your RAM, GPU or Peripherals.

Analyze the crash minidump file.

Reset GPU or BIOS settings.

Update all your drivers.

Excel Autocorrect: A Complete Guide + Time Saving Examples

What happens when you type the word ‘Drnik’ instead of ‘Drink’ in Excel?

You would notice that Excel will autocorrect that misspelled word to Drink (as shown below).

Somehow, Excel knew that this is not the correct spelling and autocorrected it to the right one.

Now, it won’t autocorrect all the misspelled words.

Just a few!

For example, try the word ‘dirnk’.

It would not be auto-corrected.

The reason some words are autocorrected and others aren’t is because there is already a fix list of words that are prefilled in Excel to autocorrect.

Note: Autocorrect is enabled by default in Excel.

In this tutorial, I will explain what Autocorrect options are and then show you some examples where you can use it to save time. I will also cover how you can disable it (i.e., turn off autocorrect)

It also allows you to get some more control when using Excel (as we will see in the examples later in this tutorial).

But let’s first understand where are the autocorrect options and what is available by default.

This will open the Autocorrect Options dialog box.

Let me explain the different tabs in the Autocorrect dialog box and the options in these.

Autocorrect Options Tab

In the Autocorrect Options tab, there are some options that are enabled by default and take care of some common issues.

Show Autocorrect Options buttons: This one is not relevant for Excel but it is for other MS applications. When this option is enabled, you see the autocorrect options in MS Word or MS PowerPoint (as shown below).

Correct two initial capitals: This option when enabled will automatically correct the two capital initials in Excel. For example, if you type ‘HEllo’, it will automatically change it to ‘Hello’

Capitalize first letter of sentences: When enabled, this option ensures that a new sentence starts with a capital letter. For example, if you type, ‘Hello. how are you?’, it will be autocorrected to ‘Hello. How are you?’

Capitalize names of days: This will automatically change the first letter of the day name if you enter in lowercase. For example, wednesday would be changed to Wednesday.

Correct accidental use of Caps lock key: In case you have the Caps lock on and you write a sentence, it will automatically correct the text and disable the Caps lock. For example, if you enter hELLO, it will automatically change it to Hello.

Replace text as you type: This is where Excel already has some commonly misspelled words (or shortcodes for some symbols). For example, if you type (c), it automatically gets converted into the copyright symbol. That is because it has been specified in the list in this option. You can add or remove words from the list (more on this in an example below).

Autocorrect Exceptions

While these autocorrect options are amazing, sometimes you may want it to not act super smart and correct these automatically.

For example, if you have the brand name ATs (where the ‘s’ is in lower case), Excel would automatically convert it into ‘Ats’.

While you like the autocorrect happening in all other cases, if you want to exclude this particular case, you can do that.

In the Autocorrect Exceptions dialog box, you can have two types of exception:

First Letter: By default, Excel capitalizes the alphabet after the period (dot). You can provide some exceptions here (there is already a list for common exceptions).

Initial Caps: If you don’t want ATs to be converted to Ats, you can specify that here.

Autoformat As You Type Tab

This tab has three options (all of which are enabled). I find all these three options useful.

Apply as you work: This will automatically add new rows and columns in an Excel Table when you enter anything in the cell adjacent to the one in the table.

Automatically as your work: When you enter a formula in a column in an Excel Table, this option will enter the same formula (with cell references adjusted) into all the cells in the column.

Actions Tab

In Microsoft applications, you can create an action based on a specific word or text.

In Excel, there is only one type of action available – which is date action.

This could be useful if you have a list of dates and want to quickly save some in your calendar or want to schedule a meeting (using Outlook).

This option is disabled by default and you have to enable it to be able to use it in Excel.

Math Autocorrect Tab

Just like you can insert symbols in an Excel cell (such as Delta, Degree, or Checkmark), you can also insert math symbols in an equation.

This tab has some text that automatically converts into the specified math symbol. For example, if you type sigma, it will replace it with the σ symbol.

Note that this will not work in the cells in the worksheet. It only works with equations.

Wish there were some words that were a part of autocorrect?

For example, let’s say you want to add the word ‘drikn’ to autocorrect so that it corrects it to ‘drink’.

You can use the below steps to add a word to autocorrect:

In the Options dialog box, select Proofing.

In the Autocorrect dialog box, enter the following:

Replace: drikn

With: drink

Now, when you type ‘drikn’ in Excel, it will autocorrect it to ‘drink’.

Before I show you some cool examples to use this, here are a few things you need to know about Autocorrect in Excel:

Autocorrect list is case sensitive. This means that you have added the word ‘drikn’ to be replaced by ‘drink’, it would only work with the lower case word. If you enter ‘Drikn’ or ‘DRIKN’, it will not be corrected.

This change is saved in Excel and would exist even if you close the workbook and open again. If you no longer want this, you need to go and delete it manually.

The change happens only when the exact word is used. For example, if you use ‘drikns’, it will not be autocorrected. For it to work, the word must not have characters just before or after it.

When you specify an autocorrect in Excel, it automatically gets activated in other MS applications such as MS Word or MS PowerPoint.

Autocorrect was created as a way to correct common spelling errors. But you can also use it in some awesome ways to save time.

Related: Spell Check in Excel.

Below are some useful examples to use Autocorrect (other than correcting a misspelled word).

Imagine you work for a company ‘ABC Technology Corporation Limited’.

No matter how fast you type, this would feel like a waste of time.

Wouldn’t you wish there was a way where you can just enter ABC (or whatever you want), and excel replaces it with the company’s name?

This is where the awesomeness of Autocorrect can help.

You can specify an abbreviation in Autocorrect, and whenever you use that abbreviation, Excel would automatically convert that into the specified text.

For example, you can specify that whenever you type ABC, Excel should automatically replace it with ‘ABC Technology Corporation Limited’.

Something as shown below:

This happens when you add an autocorrect in Excel where ABC should be corrected to ” (as shown below in the autocorrect dialog box).

What if you want to insert ABC and not the full name?

In case you don’t want the autocorrect to change ABC to the full name, simply hit Control + Z to get back ABC.

While using Control + Z works, it’s best to choose an abbreviation which you’re unlikely to use in your work. This ensures there is no chance of you getting the full name by mistake (when all you wanted was the abbreviation text).

Below are some scenarios where this autocorrect trick can save a lot of time:

You can enter file names or folder names quickly (instead of copy-pasting it every time).

If you have a list of team members, you can use their initials to enter their names quickly.

A word of caution: Any autocorrect option you specify in Excel also get activates in other MS applications such as MS Word or MS PowerPoint. In such cases, it’s best to use abbreviations that you’re not likely to use anywhere else.

There are some symbols that are hard to insert/type in Excel as these are not already available on the keyboard (such as the degree symbol or the delta symbol or bullet points).

You either need to know the keyboard shortcut (which are often long and complicated) or need to use the Insert Symbol dialog box (which is time taking).

If there are some symbols you need to use quite often, you can use the Autocorrect feature to give these symbols a code name or abbreviation.

Now when you have to enter that symbol, you can simply use the code name and it will get autocorrected to that symbol.

Below is an example where I am using the code DEGSYM to get the degree symbol in Excel.

To do this, make the following change in the Excel Autocorrect dialog box:

This trick (which I learned from this blog) is a little far-fetched, but if you work with a lot of long formulas, this can save you some time.

Below is a formula that will combine the text of the three cells that are left to the cell in which this formula is used.:

Now if you often need to create a formula such as this, it’s better to create a simple code for it and use it in Autocorrect.

In this case, I have used the code ‘com3’ in autocorrect to get the formula.

Now, you can use the code ‘com3’ to get the entire formula in a few keystrokes (as shown below):

Note: As I mentioned, this is something most of you would never have to use, but it’s still a good trick to know (just in case). The above example is a real-life case where I am currently using this in one of my projects to save time.

While I believe autocorrect is a great feature, it may not be relevant for everyone.

And in some cases, it may actually be an irritation. For example, if you type (c) or (r) or ™, Excel autocorrect is going to change the text automatically (into © or ® or ™)

In such cases, it’s best to turn off autocorrect, or at least delete the terms that you don’t want to be autocorrected.

Below are the steps to turn off autocorrect:

In the Options dialog box, select Proofing.

In the Autocorrect dialog box, within the Autocorrect tab, uncheck the ‘Replace text as you type’ option.

Note: The above steps would completely turn off the autocomplete feature where it replaces some text with the specified text. This may also mean that those commonly misspelled words will no longer be corrected.

If you want to keep the overall ‘Replace text as you type’ feature but want some exceptions, you can find the word in the list and delete it manually (or edit it).

Below are the steps to do this:

In the Options dialog box, select Proofing.

In the Autocorrect dialog box, within the Autocorrect tab, select the word that you want to delete.

You can also replace a word in Autocorrect. For example, instead of (c) turning into the copyright symbol, you can use it to be converted into the word – copyright.

If you write something and Excel changes it because of autocorrecting, you can get back the original text by hitting Control + Z.

For example, as soon as you type (c) in a cell in Excel and press the space key, it will instantly be converted into the copyright symbol.

But if you now use Control + Z, it will go back to being (c) and would remain that way.

While Autocorrect is a feature which most of the Excel users will never have to tweak, it’s good to know some ways you can use it to save time (as shown in the examples).

I have lately started using it for some formulas that are quite huge but I use these often (as shown in example 3).

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How To Fix “Problem With Mergelist” Issue In Ubuntu

When you are running an update in Ubuntu, there are plenty of problems that could possibly occur. One of them is the “Problem with MergeList… The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.“. There can be causes for this, and one of them is probably due to too many repositories in your system.

The fix for this is very simple. Simply run the following commands in the terminal:














apt-get update

What the above commands did is to remove all the package lists in your system and re-fetch them with the system update command.

Note: Make sure all other package managers are closed before you run the above commands, or else it won’t work.


Damien Oh started writing tech articles since 2007 and has over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. He is proficient in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, and worked as a part time WordPress Developer. He is currently the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Make Tech Easier.

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How To Fix Foreign Characters Not Showing Up Issue In WordPress

If you have switched web host, or changed the database for your WordPress blog, you might encounter an issue where foreign characters are not showing up properly in your site. Instead of the foreign characters, you will see plenty of question marks (???) in its place. In this article, we will show you how to fix this problem and show proper language without losing any data.

What is character encoding?

Before going to the causes and solutions to this problem, we need to be clear about character encoding. Words and sentences in any language are made up of characters. These characters are grouped into character sets. Each character is stored in computer memory using a binary code. Using this code, computer can decode the actual character. This binary code is called character encoding.

Different languages use different codes to refer to different characters. The same code in two langauges can mean completely different characters. This is decided by which character encoding is used by the computer.

You may see some of the character sets on W3Schools that are used on the Internet. Head to Wikipedia for the complete set of characte sets.

Did you see ??? in your WordPress blog?

Second, you need to check if your theme is using the character set that is set in chúng tôi file. Look for the following line in your HTML:

Changing the character set of complete WordPress database is not an easy task and should be done with a lot of care. Here are the steps to convert a database to your character set of choice.

1. First of all, we need to check the current character set of the database. Here’s the SQL query for checking:




2. If the character set is not what you want, you should take a backup of your database before you proceed further.

3. Run the following SQL query to change the characater set of complete database:



Change “MyDB” to the name of your database.

4. Now convert the “wp-posts” table to the character encoding you want:



Change the “wp_” if you are using a different prefix.

These steps will remove the question marks or other weird characters and will show proper foreign characters instead. If you have many columns in the WordPress database that are set to custom character set, you will need to change the character set of each column one by one.

Since UTF-8 is the most commonly used character encoding, if your blog uses some other character encoding and you want to change it to UTF-8, you can use the plugin called UTF-8 DB Converter. Although it has not been updated for quite a long time, it will be able to do its task efficiently. Please note that if you have a large database, converting the character set will take a long time.

Tell us about your experience if you are having the same problem.

Usman Khurshid

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