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Have you ever missed an important email because your inbox was full of previous, unanswered messages? Most people have experienced this and almost everyone knows the distraction of fifty unread emails that demand your attention as soon as you open your inbox in the morning. 

According to studies, workers spend as much as 28 percent of their week reading and answering emails. That’s more than a quarter of your entire time at work. How much more could you accomplish if you didn’t have to handle a constant barrage of emails? 

Table of Contents

What Is Inbox Zero?

Inbox Zero is a concept developed by Merlin Mann, an expert on productivity. Although most people interpret the “zero” in the name to refer to the number of emails a person has, it originally referenced how much time people spend thinking about email. If you have zero emails, you spend almost zero time thinking about them.

This article will walk you through how to keep the number of unread emails in your inbox to an absolute minimum using tools available to you within Gmail, as well as practices you can apply to your workday that will help you tame the swarm of emails you receive throughout the day. 

Email Management Basics

The first step to improving your email productivity is to close your inbox. It might sound counterintuitive, but it is better to give yourself set periods of time to read and respond to emails than to address them as they arrive. Research has shown that deadlines, self-imposed or not, improve efficiency and reduce the time spent on a project.

Set aside five minutes at the start of each hour, or maybe twenty minutes at the start and end of the day, to answer emails. Delete any emails that are clearly spam. If an email requires two minutes or less to answer, respond to it first. 

If an email will require more time to answer, move it to a specially-designated folder.

Using Gmail to Reach Inbox Zero Use Special Stars Set Up Multiple Inboxes and Filters

A new section appears called Multiple inbox sections. You can name up to five custom sections to view alongside your main inbox, although two are filled in by default. One section is for Starred emails, while the other is for drafts. These sections are designated by their search queries, so you will need to learn what each of the special stars is called in order to set aside sections for them.

These are the names of each star:







Yellow-bang (exclamation mark)



Orange-guillemet (fast forward symbol)


Blue-info (lower-case i)

The search query field recognizes different operators, so you can use OR/AND commands to include multiple stars within the same section. Beside the Search query field is the Section name field. Enter the specific name you want the field to be called here.

To achieve Inbox Zero, it’s best to set up a few specific sections:

Needs Action/Reply

Needs Urgent Reply

Awaiting Reply


You can choose to set up a fifth section according to your needs, but these four will handle the most basic tasks. 

Reaching Inbox Zero

Now that you have changed your Gmail settings, it’s time to put everything into action. First, set your filters. Enter the following:

Search querySection namehas: yellow-starNeeds Action/Replyhas: red-starNeeds Urgent Replyhas: blue-infoAwaiting Replyhas: green-checkDelegated

When you receive an email, the first thing you should do is decide whether it requires a response or if you should delete it. If the email is spam or just doesn’t warrant a response, immediately delete it or archive it. 

Choose when you want to respond to your email and focus on working only within those times. By giving yourself deadlines and set periods to handle email, you reduce the amount of time you spend in your inbox so that you can focus on more important tasks. If you choose to deal with it at the start of the hour, focus on responding to any urgent emails first, then handle the rest from there. 

By putting these methods into practice, you can soon attain total control of your inbox. If it is already a mess, set aside half an hour a day to sort through the emails that you already have and determine whether they are important or not. Respond to those that need it, delete those that don’t. 

It might take a bit of time, but filters, designated inboxes, and other tools will help you reach Inbox Zero–and you’ll find what techniques best help you stay there. 

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How To Get Netherite In Minecraft

How to get Netherite in Minecraft

Find out just how to find that rare Minecraft material, Netherite

Netherite was a material added to Miencraft in The Nether Update of 2023, adding a new rarity and strength tier above Diamond. Now, while you’ll still need to cover yourself in Diamonds for the most part, the ultimate survival experience involves eventually upgrading those items to Netherite – if you can find it.

What are Ancient Debris and Netherite?

As mentioned, Netherite is a material in-line with the likes of Diamond and Iron, in that you can craft your tools, weapons and armor out of it. In the durability contest, Netherite sits proudly at the top, knocking Diamond off its pedestal, so for the ultimate kit, you’ll want your full armor and entire arsenal upgraded to Netherite.

Image via Minecraft wiki

However, despite the material being similar to Iron, Gold, and Diamond, it works slightly differently, and the process to obtaining Netherite is threefold. Firstly, you’ll never find Netherite Ore in the wild. In fact, what you’ll be looking for is called Ancient Debris, and is only found in The Nether. Ancient Debris, in turn, is then smelted into Netherite Scrap. Finally, four Netherite Scrap can be crafted into one Netherite Ingot.

Yep, you read that right. You need to find four Ancient Debris for every one Netherite Ingot. Ancient Debris is one of the rarest ores in Minecraft, as well. And, as it only drops itself, it is unaffected by Fortune. In other words, you’ve really got your work cut out for you if you’re seeking full Netherite armor.

Where and how to find Ancient Debris in The Nether

So, we know Ancient Debris only generates in the Nether, but it’s so rare, you’ll still want to know the best places and ways to mine it.

Firstly, it’s worth bearing in mind that Ancient Debris can generate anywhere between Y-levels 8 and 119 in The Nether, so keep an eye out for it wherever you are. However, it’s far less likely higher up, so don’t go actively looking for it at higher levels. Instead, the best level to go actively mining for it is Y=15. However, for an idea of how rare it is, according to the Minecraft Wiki at the time of writing, there is an average of 1.65 Ancient Debris per 16×16 chunk, up to a maximum of five. That’s top to bottom.

Of course, this is The Nether, so even once you’re at the right level, you’ll need to be wary of lava. Take a few Fire Resistance potions with you in case you come into contact with the fiery, orange stuff, which you can get from trading with Piglins if you don’t have a brewing setup.

How to mine Ancient Debris

There are a few tried-and-tested methods for mining Ancient Debris in Minecraft. The most popular is using explosives. With an inventory bursting with either TNT or beds (remember, they blow up in the Nether) you can blow up larger areas in a shorter time, hopefully revealing some Ancient Debris in the process. You’ll just need to be aware of both the blast radius and ensuing lava falls.

Mining at Y=15, you’ll want to place beds to either side of you, once per chunk. To protect yourself from the blast, simply mine a tunnel out to the side of you at eye level, and place the bed at the end.

The position of the bed before explosion. The resultant cave area, with exposed Ancient Debris.

You can use a similar technique with TNT if you have plenty of sand and gunpowder, but the other, (slightly) safer but slower method is to simply branch mine at Y=15, ensuring that you still have plenty of Fire Resistance Potions handy.

The last thing to bear in mind when mining for Ancient Debris is that it can only be mined successfully with Diamond or Netherite pickaxes – dig it up with anything else and you’ll lose it!

If you do manage to find enough Ancient Debris to start upgrading your tools and armor, there is another change to the usual method. Thankfully, this one makes the process cheaper, almost reversing the costly method of needing four Ancient Debris to one Ingot.

Instead of placing your Netherite Ingots in a Crafting Table in the usual fashion, you’ll instead need a Smithing Table. You’ll also need existing Diamond items, as it is – quite literally – an upgrade. For this example, we’ll use a Pickaxe, but no matter which item you’re wanting to upgrade, it will only even cost you one Netherite Ingot.

Place your Diamond Pickaxe into the first space on the Smithing Table, with your Netherite Ingot in the second. You’ll then see you’ll be able to remove your new, Netherite item from the right hand side of the interface.

Then, you can even repair your item with just one more Netherite Ingot when it’s low on durability. Just pop your Netherite item in an Anvil this time, along with one Netherite Ingot, and repair 25% of the item’s original durability.

Uses for Minecraft Netherite

Aside from tools and armor, there are a few other uses for Netherite, as well – if you find enough of it.

Netherite Block

If you’re rich enough (or in Creative mode), Netherite Blocks can be a great decorative item. And a huge flex.


Fully-functional Beacons are made with the Beacon item atop a pyramid of Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald or Netherite blocks. As such, for an even bigger flex, you could build your beacon pyramid from 164 Blocks of Netherite. However, this is a bit of a waste, since a beacon pyramid constructed from 164 blocks of Iron would have the same strength.


The Lodestone was introduced in the 2023 Nether Update, and is an item that can be used as an anchor to a specific location. Place a Lodestone in a location you want to remember and use a Compass on it, that compass will now direct you to the Lodestone instead of spawn. It is made out of eight Chiseled Stone Bricks and one Netherite Ingot, but can also be found in Bastion Bridge loot chests.


In Java Edition, upgrading an already meme-worthy Diamond Hoe to a Netherite Hoe will earn you the Serious Dedication Achievement, because that is a serious dedication to farming.

Repairing items

Repairing your tools as they wither is much more efficient than crafting new ones, especially when it comes to Netherite. While you can also use the Mending enchantment to keep your tools going strong, it doesn’t hurt to give them a quick fix using an Ingot in an Anvil.

So there you have it. You know now everything there is to know about the mighty Minecraft mineral of Netherite.

With your fresh knowledge on the subject, there will be no stopping you on your quest to become the best Minecraft player you can possibly be. It’s a long road, there’s no question about it. But once you take the plunge into the Nether to fetch your own stash of Netherite, the quest will become a whole lot easier as you’ll be able to fight off monsters, build better equipment, and reign supreme over your fellow players (well, that’s the idea anyway).

More Minecraft farming guides

And head over to our Minecraft hub for even more news, guides and how-tos!

How To Get Bees In Minecraft

If you have met them before, you might agree that bees are one of the cutest mobs to ever exist in Minecraft. Well, at least until you make them angry. And for the ones doubting their importance, Minecraft received a whole major update named the “Buzzy Bees update.” With such cuteness and reputation comes the apparent need to find bees in Minecraft and learn what they do. We will cover everything you need to know how to get bees in Minecraft. We will go over their habits, biomes, and more to quickly discover bees in Minecraft.

Find and Capture Bees in Minecraft (2023)

We are covering the behavior and spawning of bees in separate sections. But do keep in mind that their spawning is slightly different in Minecraft Java vs Bedrock editions. Though, more on that later. For now, let’s figure out how to find bees in Minecraft. You can use the table below to explore each of them as per your interest.

Where Do Bees Spawn in Minecraft

Like most wildlife mobs in the game, bees only spawn in the overworld dimension of Minecraft. In terms of biomes, the bees have a 100% chance of spawning in the meadow biome. It is one of the many mountain biomes introduced in the recent Minecraft 1.18 update.

You can also find bees in plains, sunflower plains, flower forests, forests, and birch forests biomes. However, the spawn rate is significantly lower in these biomes. The second highest chances of bees’ spawning are in plains and sunflower plains biome. But that too only at 5%.

How to Find Bees in Minecraft Beehives or Bee Nests

The most common item you can relate to bees in Minecraft is the beehive, or as Minecraft calls it, the bee nest. As you might know, it’s the resting place of bees and the location where they store honey. In Minecraft, a bee nest can accommodate up to 3 bees simultaneously. If a bee is homeless, it will wander around until it finds an empty bee nest.

So, an easy way to locate bees in the game is by looking for bee nests. Unlike bees, they remain stationary at one spot. Then, you can wait for the bees to come back to the bee nest. Usually, bees return to their homes at night or when it’s raining. When they are back, bees stay inside the bee nest for around two minutes before leaving.


As you can expect, the bee nests spawn connected to the trees in Minecraft. But not on every tree. Bee nests can only be found on oak or birch trees in the game. So, if you are looking for beehives, keep an eye on these two types of trees. Additionally, at times, even oak or birch trees growing from saplings can spawn a bee nest. That is, as long as there are flowers nearby.

However, the chances of a bee nest naturally spawning from a sapling are below 5%. But if nothing works out, it’s worth a try.

How to Capture Bees in Minecraft Silk Touch Pickaxe

The easiest way to transport bees is by carrying them inside their own home. But attacking or mining a bee nest causes bees to attack and kill the player. So, you need to use a pickaxe with silk touch enchantment applied instead. Silk touch allows you to mine the block in its current position and carry it in your inventory. You can use our Minecraft enchantments guide to understand how it works.

That means if you mine a bee nest with bees in it, the silk touch enchantment will protect the bees and their home from any damage. They will stay inside the bee nest without causing any harm. Then, you can place the bee nest on birch or oak trees at any other location, and the bees will start coming out once again. But do keep in mind that bees get damaged by water in the Java edition. So, placing the nests near water might not be the best idea.

Move Bees using Lead

As for how to craft a lead in Minecraft, you can do so using a slime ball and four strings. Once you have these items, you need to make a crafting table and use the recipe shown in the screenshot above.

Lure Bees with Flowers Get and Keep Bees in Minecraft Today

How To Delete A Gmail Account Permanently

You can be very attached to your Gmail account, especially if you’ve had it for years, so it’s potentially a big move to delete your Gmail account. But sometimes you just need to move on. For instance, you may hate Google’s privacy policies or suddenly realize that you’ve outgrown that cheeky email address you created at age 12. Here’s our guide on how to delete your Gmail account permanently as well as how to recover it.

The Difference Between a Gmail Account and a Google Account

Before we dive into how to delete your Gmail account, it is important to distinguish between a Gmail account and a Google Account so that you understand what you’re deleting.

Your Google Account is essentially a username and password that gives you access to all of Google’s range of products and services, such as Gmail. There are different types of Google Accounts, including Personal, Workspace (formerly G-Suite), Cloud Identity, and Managed Google Play Account. You don’t need a Gmail account to create a personal Google Account, as you can create one with a third-party email address.

If you delete your Google Account, you’ll lose access to all Google services, including Gmail. On the other hand, if you delete your Gmail account, you can still access other Google services using a third-party email address that is attached to your account.

Things to Do Before Deleting Your Gmail Account

There are two key things to do before you delete your Gmail account.

1. Replace Your Gmail Address With Another Email Address

If you use your Gmail email address for online banking, online shopping, or other online accounts/activities, replace it with a new contact email address before deleting it.

This way you won’t miss important emails, updates, or even two-step verification codes delivered via email if you have enabled that option for some of your online accounts.

2. Download Your Gmail Data

You will also want to download your Gmail data. If you don’t, you’ll lose access to all your Gmail data once you delete your Gmail account. To download your data, follow the below steps:

Your export will now begin. Note that this process may take hours or days, depending on the size of your data, and can also be done on your mobile phone following the same process. You’ll receive an email when it’s completed.

How to Delete Your Gmail Account on Desktop

5. Enter an email address when prompted so that your other Google accounts – Drive, Docs, and so on – can remain active. Your alternative email address can’t be another Gmail address.

How to Delete Your Gmail Account on Android/iOS

You can also delete your Gmail account on your Android or iOS device by following the same basic process.

1. Open the Gmail app, tap on your profile picture, then tap “Manage your Google Account.”

2. On the next screen, tap “Data and privacy.”

4. Sign in to your account and tap the bin icon beside Gmail.

5. Tap the “Please select” drop-down to select how you’ll sign in to Google after you delete your Gmail, then tap “NEXT.”

6. Enter an alternate email address and tap “SEND VERIFICATION MAIL,” review the information in the dialog, then tap “GOT IT.”

7. Open the “Gmail Deletion Confirmation” message in your alternate email address and tap on the link.

8. Review the warning message and tick the confirmation checkbox at the end, then tap “DELETE GMAIL.”

That’s it! You’ll no longer have access to your Gmail inbox.

What Happens After You Delete Your Gmail Account?

After you delete your email account, your email and mail settings will be deleted, and you’ll no longer have access to the deleted Gmail account. Your Google Account will still be intact, as will your account activity and purchases you made on Google Play.

Most importantly, you can recover your deleted Gmail account should you decide to.

How to Recover a Deleted Gmail Account

For a limited time – two to three weeks after deletion – Google will allow you to recover your Gmail account in its entirety. Thereafter, although you’ll still be able to restore your Gmail address with your former username, all the emails will be gone.

1. To recover your deleted Gmail account, go to chúng tôi and sign in with your alternate email address as the username but use the defunct Gmail account password.

2. You’ll be prompted to add the deleted Gmail account back to your Google Account.

Frequently Asked Questions 1. Can I create a new Gmail account with my previous username?

As explained above, you can recover and reuse your previous Gmail username even after deleting your Gmail account within the grace period. After the grace period, your emails would not be recoverable, so it would more or less be considered a new Gmail account.

2. What happens when someone sends an email to my defunct address Gmail address?

When someone sends an email to your deleted Gmail address, the message will not be delivered because the address does not exist anymore. The sender will receive a failed delivery notification to that effect.

3. Can someone else reuse my old Gmail address?

No, Google does not allow others to reuse any username from a deleted account, as the former owner may return and recover it. Google will suggest other close alternatives to that username.

Wrapping Up

It’s almost strange how simple it is to delete your Gmail account considering how significant the implications are. Thankfully, you can also recover a deleted Gmail account if you act fast. Just ensure that you back up everything crucial from your Gmail and that you set an alternative email address to work with your other Google accounts. If you decide to keep your Gmail address, learn the best tips to protect your Gmail account security and how to manage multiple email accounts while checking email in one place.

Joy Okumoko

Joy derives joy from learning, exploring, and teaching the latest tech tips and trends. When not writing, you can find her knitting, crocheting, or creating other amazing handcrafts.

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How To Create A Signature In Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, And More

By setting up an email signature, you don’t have to type your name, contact information, or website at the bottom of every email you send. Instead, you can create an email signature and automatically insert it or choose to add it to individual emails.

We’ll show you how to create a signature in Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, and iCloud Mail. Whether you include your name and job title or add a closing like “Thank you,” setting up an email signature upfront saves you time from manually typing it later. Think of it as a template that you can reuse again and again.

Table of Contents

How to Create a Signature in Gmail

You can create an email signature easily if you have a Gmail account. Plus, you can set up multiple signatures using Gmail on the web. This allows you to use a professional email signature for business and a personal email signature for casual emails.

In the Gmail Mobile App

You can set up a signature in just minutes when you’re using the Gmail mobile app on Android or iPhone.

Open the Gmail app and tap the


icon (three lines) on the top left.

Move down to and pick


in the menu.


Signature settings

in the Compose and Reply section.

Turn on the toggle at the top to enable a

Mobile Signature


Select the box beneath and type the signature you want to use.

When you finish, tap



If you have multiple Gmail accounts, you can create signatures in the mobile app for those as well. First, on the main Gmail screen, tap your profile icon on the top right and select the account. Then, follow the above steps to create the email signature.

Currently, you can only set up one signature per account in the Gmail mobile app, and the signature is added automatically to all outgoing emails.

On the Gmail Website

Visit Gmail on the web and sign in. Then, follow these steps to create your email signature.

Select the


icon on the top right and choose

See all settings

in the displayed sidebar.

Go to the


tab and move down to the




Create new


Give your signature a name and pick



If you’d like to set the new signature as the default for new emails and/or replies and forwards, select it in the drop-down boxes below

Signature defaults


Optionally, check the box for inserting the signature before quoted text in replies.

When you finish, select

Save Changes

at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to set up other signatures for different types of emails, simply follow the same steps as above. Just note, you can only choose one signature as the default for new emails or replies and forwards.

Select a Signature on the Gmail Website

If you decide not to set a default or want to choose a different signature for your email, this is easy to do.

In the toolbar at the bottom of the email Compose window, select the Insert signature icon (pen). Then, pick the signature you want to insert in the pop-out menu.

How to Create a Signature in Outlook and Hotmail

Whether you have an chúng tôi or chúng tôi email address, you can create your signature in the Outlook mobile app or on the Microsoft Outlook website.

In the Outlook Mobile App

Open the Outlook app on Android or iPhone and tap the


icon on the top left.

Select the


icon on the bottom left to open the Settings screen.



in the Mail section.

If you want to create a separate signature for each account, turn on the toggle for

Per Account Signature

. If you don’t enable this feature, the same signature will be used for all accounts.

Select a box(es) below the toggle and then enter your signature in the editor that appears. Tap the


on the top right when you finish.

Tap the back arrow on the top left to exit and the X to close the Settings. Your changes are saved automatically.

On the Outlook Website

Visit Outlook on the web and sign in. Then, follow these steps to create your email signature.

Select the


icon on the top right and choose

View all Outlook settings

in the sidebar that displays.

In the pop-up window, pick


on the far left and then

Compose and reply

to the right.

At the top, you’ll see the

Email signature


Give your signature a name and enter the text in the box beneath. Like Gmail, you can format the signature using the toolbar in the editor. Apply bold or underline to a phone number, add an image or company logo, or insert social media links.



on the bottom right.

If you’d like to set the new signature as the default for new emails and/or replies and forwards, select its name in the drop-down boxes below

Select default signatures

. Be sure to


the signature first, otherwise it won’t display as an option.

When you finish, select


on the bottom right and then the


to close the window.

To set up additional signatures, follow Steps 1 through 3 above. Then, select New signature and follow the remaining steps.

If you also use Outlook on Windows or Mac, take a look at how to add a signature to Outlook on those platforms.

Select a Signature on the Outlook Website

If you don’t select a default signature in Outlook or want to pick a different one for the current email, this is simple.

In the toolbar at the bottom of the New mail window, select the three dots on the far right. Move to Insert signature and pick the signature in the pop-out menu.

How to Create a Signature in Yahoo Mail

Are you still using Yahoo for your email? If so, you can create a signature in the mobile app or on the website just like the other email services listed here.

In the Yahoo Mail Mobile App

Open the Yahoo Mail app on Android or iPhone and tap your


icon on the top left.

Move down to and pick


in the menu.



in the General section.

Turn on the toggle at the top for



Enter the text for your signature in the box beneath.

Tap the back arrow on the top left to exit and the X to close these Settings. Your changes are saved automatically.

On the Yahoo Mail Website

Visit Yahoo Mail on the web and sign in. Then, follow these steps to create your email signature.



on the right side and then

More Settings

in the sidebar that displays.


Writing email

on the left.

To the right, turn on the toggle below


, next to your email address.

Enter the signature details in the box beneath and format them using the toolbar below the editor. As you create and format your signature, you’ll see a preview of it on the right.

When you finish, you can use the Back to Inbox link on the top left. Your signature is saved and automatically added to your outgoing emails.

How to Create a Signature in iCloud Mail

If you use iCloud Mail as your preferred email service, you can create a signature there on the web or on your iPhone or iPad just as easily as the others above.

In the Apple Mail Mobile App

Open the


app on your iPhone or iPad and select





in the Composing section.

You can then create a single signature for all accounts or each individual account.

Turn on the toggle for

All Accounts

to use the same signature for every connected account. Then, enter the signature in the box beneath.

Turn on the toggle for

Per Account

to use a different signature for each connected account. Then, enter the signature in each account’s box.

Tap the back arrow on the top left to exit. Your signature(s) will be automatically added to your outgoing emails.

On the iCloud Website

Visit iCloud Mail on the web and sign in. Then, follow these steps to create your email signature.

Select the


icon at the top of the left-hand sidebar and pick





on the left side of the pop-up window.

Move to the bottom on the right side and check the box for

Add a signature


Enter your signature in the box beneath.

When you finish, select


on the top right.

Your new signature is automatically added to all emails you send from iCloud Mail on the web.

Save Time With a Signature

An email signature gives you a quick and easy way to provide your contact details, social media links, or even a disclaimer if your company requires it. Without manually typing this information each time, simply create a signature and you’re set.

For more, look at how to use HTML email signatures for your messages.

How To Login To Multiple Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter And Facebook Accounts In Firefox

If you use multiple accounts for Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter or Facebook, chances are you have to log out of one account before you can log in to another. There are many workarounds for this problem, and the simplest one is to use two different browsers. This method is great if you don’t mind working with separate browsers like Chrome and Firefox. However, if you want to use Firefox exclusively and still be able to switch between user accounts, here are two ways you can login to multiple accounts of a website simultaneously on Firefox.

1. Firefox Multi-Account Containers

Firefox Multi-Account Containers is an addon that allows you to keep parts of your online life separated into color-coded tabs that preserve your privacy. Cookies are separated by container, allowing you to use the web with multiple identities or accounts simultaneously.

Firefox Containers requires no restart after installation, so you can use it right away. Upon installing the addon, you will notice its icon on the top right corner of the browser.

You can now login to another account on the same website, like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Here are more details and benefits on using Firefox containers.

2. Private Window

If you don’t mind dealing with another application window, you can open a Private window in Firefox and login to another account of the same website.


Firefox Containers is great for multitasking and managing multiple accounts in the most straightforward way possible. It also protects your privacy as each container is shielded from your standard session. It may take some getting used to at first, but the functionality you get is worth the effort. If you want a fast way to see all your accounts in one go, this add-on will do the job.

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