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A keyboard works when you press the keycap, which then presses the rubber nub or switch beneath it. So, if a key falls off, it’s not just because of the keycap, but there could be issues with the internal parts of your keyboard.

Yet, keys falling off are a fairly common issue, and there are different fixes for different types of keyboards. So, in this article, we will check out the step-by-step methods on fixing a fallen key from a laptop, mechanical, or membrane keyboard.

For Laptop Keyboard

If you recently dropped your laptop, chances are one, or many keys might have fallen off the keyboard. So, go through the following guide to learn how you need to fix them:

Then, check whether the rubber nub is fine or broken. If it doesn’t seem to be in its place, you can glue it, so it sticks well to the PCB.

Next, open any text editor and see if the key that fell off is now working fine. 

If your laptop keyboard doesn’t work as it used to, there’s a probability that the keycap, retainer clip, or rubber knob has issues. Interestingly, you can buy a Key Replacement Kit that comes with all these three components.

For Mechanical Keyboard

If you do not place the keycap correctly after cleaning your mechanical keyboard, you’ll notice that the keys come off automatically. Such a situation might also happen if the switch has a fault. So, here’s what you need to do to fix it:

If you encounter any problem, use a switch puller to remove the switch gently. Alternatively, you can use your keycap puller by placing it on the two ends of the switch and pulling off, applying a little pressure.

Next, replace the switch with a new one if your keyboard is hot-swappable. To place the switch, check for the right edges and push it down with a little pressure.

Now, place the keycap back on the keyboard surface. Make sure you press the key multiple times to ensure it has been correctly inserted.

Finally, open a text editor and see if your key works. If it doesn’t work, try these keyboard fixes for Windows 11.

For Membrane Keyboard

Membrane keyboards are comparatively cheaper and silent than mechanical ones. Thus, many use it for general purposes. 

Unfortunately, these keyboards have a shorter lifetime as the rubber dome can get damaged easily. Moreover, you may have to replace the entire sheet if even a single rubber knob is damaged.

So, let’s look into the possible fixes if your membrane keyboard key has fallen off:

Usually, membrane keyboards have a keycap with an elongated plastic injection that helps you connect with the rubber nub. So, check for any cracks or faults in it.

Next, check whether the rubber nub is broken or not. Well, you’ll need to get a new rubber-dome sheet if it’s broken.

Slowly remove the bottom section of the membrane keyboard.

Next, unplug the connector for safety purposes.

Then, plug in the connector again.

Close the bottom section and tighten all the screws.

Now, place the fallen keycap just above the rubber knob. While doing so, make sure you’ve aligned it the right way.

Then, press the key continuously, ensuring the keycap has been adjusted correctly.

Finally, open a text editor and check if the key is working again.

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The Best Pc Games That Demand A Mouse And Keyboard

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Written By Mike Epstein

Updated Feb 2, 2023 1:55 PM

There are games that you can (and maybe should) play on a PC, and then there are games that you need to play on a PC. Strategy games, massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), old-school isometric role-playing games (RPGs), multiplayer online battle arenas, (MOBAs)—some of the best PC games rely so heavily on the free movement of a mouse or the extended range of inputs on your keyboard that it feels like it would be impossible to play them with a controller. Whether you’re a prospective PC player looking for reasons to invest in a gaming rig, or a seasoned PC builder looking to commune with the platform’s roots. These games are at the heart of PC gaming, in part because the experience of playing them is so specifically tied to its traditional tools.

How we selected the best PC games The best PC games: Our Reviews & Recommendations

Now that we know the distinction between a “controller game” and a “mouse and keyboard game,” let’s take a quick look at some amazing games that you should absolutely always play with mouse and keyboard, regardless of whether or not you technically have other options.

Best tactics game: XCOM 2

Why it made the cut: XCOM 2 strikes a perfect balance between tactical combat, macro planning, and resource management, creating an insanely compelling strategy game.


Smart, varied squad-based tactics.

Resource management layer requires short- and long-term planning

Lots of cool enemy alien designs


It can be hard to see when you’ve already lost a game.

Still somewhat buggy, even years later

As a tactics game, XCOM 2 benefits heavily from mouse and keyboard controls. Each soldier has a fairly wide range of actions they can do each turn, which are mapped to the number keys. A mouse also allows you to quickly move your characters, scroll to look around each level, and navigate menus around your ship more efficiently than if you used a gamepad.

Best strategy game: Civilization VI


Infinitely replayable

Tons of special scenarios and content

History is fun!


Addictive gameplay may keep you up all night

Though there are console versions of Civilization VI that work surprisingly well, the text-heavy menus and wide world that you must scan each turn makes the PC, and a mouse, absolutely essential. It also features plenty of hotkeys for assigning and automating the many tasks your settlers, workers, and warriors carry out. Civilization is among the most accessible 4X games, but it’s a genre defined by complexity. The more complex the game, the more important it is to have a mouse and keyboard.

Best esport: Dota 2

Why it made the cut: Aside from being one of the most popular competitive games in the world, Dota 2 is a deeply tactical squad-based action game that grows and evolves over time to stay fresh.



Among the most popular esports in the world

Tons of characters, each with their own unique abilities and tactics to learn


May take a long time to learn

Community can make new players feel unwelcome

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, commonly referred to as “MOBAs,” are the pinnacle of competitive and “esports” popularity. These 5-on-5 third-person RPG-infused action games—including League of Legends, Dota 2, and, most recently Pokemon Unite on the Nintendo Switch—look simple on the surface: Two teams fight to level up to gain ground and ultimately destroy your opponent’s base structure. (That’s the “ancient” in Dota 2). Though it appears to be relatively simple at a glance, there is immense variety among the many characters’ abilities and specs. There is a lot to learn, but the experience can be very rewarding for players who are willing to put in the time and find a squad to play with.

Best MMORPG: Final Fantasy XIV

Why it made the cut: The ascendant MMORPG seems to capture more and more fans with its deep lore and tie-ins to the greater Final Fantasy universe and Square Enix RPGs like Nier: Automata.


Compelling story

Complex ability driven RPG combat

Huge player base and social scene


Requires a serious time investment to reach “the good stuff” in the story

Monthly subscription

Depending on what gaming publications you read, Final Fantasy XIV feels like the video game of the moment in 2023. Though it’s been around since 2013, the second MMORPG take on Final Fantasy seems to be attracting new fans all the time at a time when most MMOs, including World of Warcraft, seem to have fallen back into place as a niche RPG sub-genre.

FFXIV is a pure MMO at heart, which means fans come to it for an epic, sweeping story … and that you need a lot of hotkeys. Despite attracting a notable PlayStation community, there are many mechanics that fit better with a keyboard, from the aforementioned range of abilities to text chat, to an ungodly amount of small text that would be easier to read on a monitor that’s directly in front of your face.

Best RTS for PC: Starcraft II

Why it made the cut: The Starcraft II didn’t crave out the same cultural legacy as the original, but it’s still an epic standout among real-time strategy games.


Three games, three campaigns

First campaign and multiplayer are free-to-play

An iconic RTS experience


Deep esports roots may make it hard for new players to learn

I can’t think of a game more emblematic of real-time strategy (RTS) than Starcraft II. The sweeping, three-part successor to one of the original esports, Starcraft II still offers the best balance between classic RTS gameplay and modern visuals. After more than years since the first part, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, launched, the series shows its age. Still, after all this time, I can’t think of a better introduction to the genre. (On the other hand, after 10 years new players may have a hard time finding someone to play with who won’t destroy them).

Best Isometric RPG: Divinity: Original Sin 2

Why it made the cut Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an incredibly open role-playing game known for its great writing and an old-school isometric “CRPG” gameplay-style that’s made for mouse and keyboard.


Great writing

Feels like Dungeons & Dragons brought to life

Online co-op


Very complex, bordering on unapproachable

Very long

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the very model of modern major isometric western RPG. (Sometimes called a computer RPG or “CRPG.”) It is the largest and most nuanced attempt to transpose the wondrous experience of tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons into video game form. Universally lauded for tremendous writing and the ability to do, seemingly, whatever you want in its sprawling open world, Original Sin 2 is a testament to the fact that some older gaming traditions stand the test of time.

What to consider when picking the best PC games

Some of the best PC games feel better with a mouse and keyboard. Others feel better with a controller. That PC gives you the option to easily choose between the two is one of its great strengths. While this list focuses on games that are entrenched on the mouse and keyboard side of that line, it can sometimes be tough to see the difference.

I need more inputs!

Usually, you need a keyboard in games that have lots of commands and inputs. Both the PS5 and Xbox controller have 10 gameplay-facing inputs: For games like MOBAs and MMOs, where you have lots of actions and abilities, designers often have to design menus for you to dig through. On a keyboard, you can easily assign every input you need to a different key. Keyboards also open the door for hotkeys and “macros,” custom combos you activate with a single key. The more complicated a game gets, the more useful your keyboard becomes.

The mouse frequently feels vital because it gives you the ability to move a cursor very quickly and precisely interact with a game. In strategy games, the mouse becomes a dynamic tool that lets you highlight specific characters or buildings, move around a map freely, or interact with digital buttons on-screen. Many games attempt to simulate this with an analog stick, but it never offers the same level of control. In first-person games, moving your mouse to control your field of view allows for more situational awareness. In first-person shooters, specifically, a mouse lets you move your reticle to a very specific spot (like an enemy’s head) far quicker and with much greater accuracy than an analog stick.

Wait … so then why aren’t there any first-person shooters on this list?

Of course, like everything else on this, this is ultimately a matter of personal taste. I know there are PC players who would rather die than play Call of Duty with a controller, and they’re fine to continue doing so. No harm, no foul.

Are there games you shouldn’t play with a mouse and keyboard?

Character action games like Grand Theft Auto V or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla generally feel much better on a controller. With an analog stick, you have a means of directly controlling your character with nuanced 360-degree movement. I’ve never seen a mouse and keyboard layout that could achieve similar results. It may come down to personal preference, but I also find that platformers also work best with a controller, as they also require more nuanced movement.


As fewer and fewer games get designed for specific platforms, games that rely on a mouse and keyboard increasingly feel more and more distinctive from their less demanding cross-platform peers. Many of the best PC games on this list represent genres that are deeply connected with PC gaming’s history, dating back to when the platform used to feel completely separate from what was happening on consoles. There are lots of arguments among PC players about whether it’s better to play with a mouse and keyboard or a controller. For me, these games highlight the more important truth, that playing with a mouse and keyboard opens the door for new types of games that wouldn’t make sense without this combo’s unique capabilities.

How To Get Openai Api Key For Free: A Step

Are you interested in accessing the power of OpenAI’s GPT-3 models? In this article, we’ll walk you through the process How to Get OpenAI API Key for Free, enabling you to make API calls and leverage the capabilities of GPT-3. With an OpenAI API key, you can interact with the GPT-3 model and create innovative applications. So, let’s get started on this exciting journey!

See More : How to get Copilot X?

To obtain an OpenAI API key for free, follow these simple steps:

Go to the OpenAI website and sign up for an account using your email address or an existing Google or Microsoft account. This initial step will grant you access to the OpenAI platform.

After generating the API key, make sure to copy it and save it in a secure location. This key will be crucial when making API calls to the GPT-3 models.

While you can create an OpenAI API key for free, it’s important to be aware of the limitations. New free trial users receive $5 (USD) worth of credit, which expires after three months. Once your credit has been used up or expired, you can enter billing information to continue using the API of your choice.

If you wish to continue using the OpenAI API after the free trial, you will need to provide billing information. The pricing for the OpenAI API is $0.002 per 1000 tokens. Make sure to review OpenAI’s pricing details to understand the costs associated with continued usage.

Also Read : How to Install GPT for Sheets and Docs?

Now that you have your OpenAI API key, let’s explore how you can use it to access GPT-3 models. Follow the steps below to get started:

As mentioned earlier, you need to obtain an API key by creating an account on the OpenAI website and generating the key following the steps outlined in the previous section.

To use your API key, you’ll need to make API calls to the GPT-3 model endpoints via a server. By leveraging OpenAI’s API, you can integrate the power of GPT-3 into your applications, products, or services.

If you’re using Python to interact with the OpenAI API, you’ll need to add the API key as an environmental variable. This step ensures that your API key remains secure and protected. Additionally, you can use the openai library in Python to simplify API calls and streamline the integration process.

To find your API key, log in to your OpenAI account and navigate to the “View API Keys” section. The API key will be displayed there, ready for you to use in a secure and responsible manner.

Q1: Can I get an OpenAI API key for free?

Yes, you can obtain an OpenAI API key for free by creating an account on the OpenAI website and following the steps outlined in this article.

Q2: How much credit do free trial users receive?

New free trial users receive $5 (USD) worth of credit, which expires after three months.

Q3: What happens after my free trial credit expires?

Once your free trial credit has been used up or expired, you have the option to enter billing information to continue using the OpenAI API.

Q4: What is the cost of using the OpenAI API after the free trial?

After the free trial, the pricing for the OpenAI API is $0.002 per 1000 tokens. Make sure to review OpenAI’s pricing details for more information.

Q5: Can I use the OpenAI API with Python?

Absolutely! The OpenAI API can be used with Python. You can add the API key as an environmental variable and utilize the openai library to simplify API calls.

Q6: Where can I find my API key?

Your API key can be found in your OpenAI account under the “View API Keys” section.

Congratulations! You’ve learned how to obtain an OpenAI API key for free and access the powerful GPT-3 models. By following the step-by-step guide in this article, you can create an account, generate API keys, and make API calls using Python. Now, you can unlock the incredible potential of OpenAI’s GPT-3 and leverage its capabilities to develop innovative applications and services.

Remember, while you can get an OpenAI API key for free, it’s important to understand the limitations of the free trial and the associated costs after its expiration. Make sure to use your API key responsibly and in accordance with OpenAI’s terms and conditions.

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Magic Keyboard Comes Bundled With Apple Pencil 2 At 30% Off

All of today’s best deals are now live for Wednesday, with some iPad accessory bundles going live with Apple Pencil 2 with Magic Keyboard at 30% off. That’s alongside Apple Watch Series 6 hitting $280 and a fresh batch of Anker iPhone accessories from $11. Hit the jump for all that and more in the latest 9to5Toys Lunch Break.

Bundle Apple Pencil 2 with Magic Keyboard at 30% off

Verizon Wireless is now offering a rare chance to score some added savings by bundling two of Apple’s latest accesories together. Right now, adding the Apple Pencil 2 to your cart alongside either the 12.9-inch or 11-inch Magic Keyboard lets you save 30% – that drops the first bundle down to $335 from its usual $478 combined going rate in order to deliver a new 2023 low. As for the 11-inch Magic Keyboard package, you’ll pay $300 as opposed to its usual $428 going rate, also marking a new low. 

In either case, both of these accessories are designed to go alongside the latest iteration of M1 iPad Pro. While there’s the same features as the original models, this time around for Magic Keyboard there’s a fresh coat of paint for the white style and tweaked build to accommodate the slightly thicker tablets. You’re still looking at the signature floating hinge design and Smart Connector support, as well as the dedicated USB-C charging port and a backlit keyboard and built-in trackpad. Get a closer look in our hands-on review.

Apple Watch Series 6 falls to $280 with (PRODUCT)RED stylings

Woot is discounting the previous-generation Apple Watch Series 6 40mm GPS style to $280 in the (PRODUCT)RED colorway. Normally fetching $399, this is the first new condition price cut we’ve seen all year and now sits at within $30 of the refurbished offers we’ve been seeing as of late. This is $119 in savings regardless and a rare chance to save if you don’t mind going with the limited colorway selection. 

While this might not be the latest wearable from Apple, going with Apple Watch Series 6 doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing all too much. Aside from the main improvements of a refreshed case and larger screen, Series 6 and 7 models share the same processor alongside a matching array of blood oxygen, heart rate, and other fitness sensors. Both run watchOS 8, too! So for those who don’t need the latest and greatest, going with the Apple Watch Series 6 delivers plenty of savings. 

Anker’s latest midweek sale discounts iPhone essentials from $11

After seeing its all-new GaNPrime chargers go up for sale earlier in the week, Anker is back today with a new midweek sale covering its popular iPhone accessories. Leading the way this time around is the just-released Anker PowerCore 5K Power Bank at $25. Normally fetching $30, today’s offer is the first discount to date since debuting last week at $5 off.

Available in two colors, Anker’s latest power bank can refuel two devices at once thanks to its internal 5,200mAh battery. The PowerCore 5K packs a handheld design that delivers 12W USB-C charging on top of a USB-A slot that can simultaneously be used to power up gear while out and about. Shop additional discounts from $11 right here.

Sony’s just-released XM5 ANC Headphones see first refurbished discount to $259

Secondipity via eBay’s official refurbished storefront now offers the recently-released Sony WH-1000XM5 ANC Headphones for $259 in both black and silver. Normally fetching $398 in new condition at retailers like Amazon, this is one of the very first chances to save since debuting earlier in the spring. Today’s offer amounts to $139 in savings and is the best discount we’ve tracked so far.

Sony’s new XM5 headphones arrive as the latest addition to its series of popular cans backed by some of the best active noise cancellation on the market. This time around there’s a completely refreshed design that now arrives with 30-hour battery life to go alongside the new Integrated Processor V1 for improved playback. That new exterior is comprised of soft fit leather with a lightweight build rounding out the package alongside multipoint Bluetooth connectivity. 

Fibaro’s HomeKit Multi-Sensor tracks motion, temps, vibration, more

Amazon currently offers the Fibaro HomeKit Multi-Sensor for $37. Normally fetching $50, today’s offer is a new all-time low at 25% off. This is one of the first discounts of the year, and undercuts our previous mention from several months back by $3. Fibaro’s multi-sensor delivers a variety of stats to your setup ranging from motion detection and light intensity to temperature tracking and even vibration monitoring.

It enters as one of the smallest smart home accessories of its kind on the market and pairs with the rest of your HomeKit setup over Bluetooth. Whether you’re looking to set automations based on the stats it can monitor or just want to receive notifications when something is triggered, this is a great addition to any Siri setup. 

Best trade-in deals

9to5Mac also keeps tabs on all the best trade-in deals on iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, and more every month. Be sure to check out this month’s best trade-in deals when you decide it’s time to upgrade your device. Or simply head over to our trade-in partner directly if you want to recycle, trade, or sell your used devices for cash and support 9to5Mac along the way!

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Kerala Tet Result 2023 – Answer Key (Link Out), Ktet Cut Off Marks

The Pareeksha Bhavan is going to release the Kerala TET Result 2023 for Exam Conducted on 30,31 May 2023. As per expectations, KTET Result 2023 Category 1, 2, 3, 4 are going to be published in July 2023. After the Answer Key is uploaded on the chúng tôi you have to wait for the announcement of Kerala TET Result 2023 which will be declared in the 3rd or 4th Week of July 2023.

First of all provisional Answer Key is published and after that Final Answer Key is released after resolving the queries of applicants. There are two types of TET Exam conducted in Kerala known as Paper 1 and Paper 2 and Answer Key 2023 is released separately for each exam. Once you get the idea of your marks with the help of Answer Key, you need to pay attention to KTET Cut Off Marks 2023 Paper 1, 2 and get to know that you are clearing the exam or not.

Kerala TET Result 2023

As we know, Kerala TET Exam is compiled twice a year by Pareeksha Bhavan and this year also it is conducted on 30,31 May 2023. Now the applicants who have attempted the exam of KTET Paper 1, 2 should get ready to download the Kerala TET Answer Key 2023 in which answers for questions asked in the Paper 1, 2 are given. It is helpful for students to gather information related to their marks by matching their responses with the correct options given in the Answer Key.

Pareeksha bhavan will firstly release the Provisional Kerala TET Answer Key 2023 and then objections will be invited from the applicants. All those having queries can submit their objection by paying nominal fees through Online Banking or through Credit or Debit Card. After that, KTET Answer Key 2023 Category 1, 2, 3, 4 will be published along with announcement of Results.

KTET Cut Off Marks 2023 Paper 1, 2 TET Result 2023

As soon as the Answer Key is released, all of you should start waiting for the TET Result 2023.

According to statements from sources, Kerala TET Result 2023 will be out by the 3rd or 4th Week of July 2023.

Moreover, you will be issued a Marks Memo in which your Subject Wise or Category Wise Marks are mentioned.

You need to match your scores in the Scorecard with the Cut Off List mentioned below and then see whether you are qualifying for the exam or not.

Pareeksha Bhavan will issue you a KTET Certificate 2023 which is valid for lifetime and using it you can join the Government or Private School in State.

Kerala TET Results 2023 Category 1, 2, 3, 4

ExamKerala Teacher Eligibility Test June 2023Supervising AgencyPareeksha BhavanExam TypePaper 1 and Paper 2Exam Date30, 31 May 2023Kerala TET Answer Key 2023 Category 1,2,3,413th June 2023How to UseCheck your answers and calculate scoresObjection Raising DatesAnnouncedFinal Answer KeyAnnouncedKerala TET Result 20233rd Week of July 2023Cut Off MarksDiscussed BelowArticle CategoryAnswer KeyKTET

Applicants who have just attempted their Kerala TET Exam are on the right page because we are here with all the solutions related to your queries. As we know, all of you are trying to find the Kerala TET Results 2023 so we want to inform you that it will be out by July 2023. Till then you can rely upon the unofficial answer keys which will be available soon on this page. However, we recommend you to wait for the release of KTET Results 2023 Paper 1, 2 because every correct option and final answer is mentioned on the official answer sheet.

Cat 1 Child Development & PedagogyCorrect AnswerCAT 1 MathsCorrect AnswerCAT 1 Env ScienceCorrect AnswerCAT 1 MalayalamCorrect AnswerCAT 1 EnglishCorrect Answer1D31D61A91D121D2A32C62D92D122B3B33A63B93B123C4C34A64A94B124C5C35D65B95C125C6C36D66D96A126D7C37C67D97B127A8D38A68B98A128D9D39C69D99A129D10A40D70B100C130D11D41A71B101C131B12B42B72B102B132B13B43D73B103C133B14D44A74A104B134C15B45C75A105C135A16D46B76C106C136B17D47C77C107B137D18B48C78D108C138C19C49B79C109D139B20A50D80D110D140C21C51B81B111A141AC22A52B82A112C142B23A53A83A113A143B24D54C84A114C144A25C55A85A115B145A26C56B86C116D146A27B57B87B117A147A28A58B88C118C148C29A59A89B119B149A30B60C90D120D150B

KTET Result 2023

The Kerala TET Exam Notice was released on 23rd March 2023 and it was scheduled on 30,31 May 2023.

MCQ Type of Questions for 150 Marks from various topics were asked in the Exam.

It is to inform you that minimum marks required to qualify the exam are 45% or above marks.

Moreover, as soon as the KTET Result 2023 is declared you have to download the scorecard and then see the Category Wise Scores obtained by you.

Match these marks with Expected KTET Cut Off 2023 discussed below to check your qualification and if you get above it then Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan will issue you a Certificate.

Guidelines to Download Kerala TET Answer Key 2023

Applicants are requested to open chúng tôi from their Mobile.

Next step is to tap on the Answer Key link in the center of the screen.

Select the Shift Date and the Paper in which you have appeared.

Here you will see the Kerala TET Answer Key 2023 Category 1, 2, 3, 4.

Bring the Question Paper and then check your marks with the help of the answer key.

Download the Answer Key and check it carefully to find any errors in it.

Raise the Objection if you find the error and then wait for the final answer key.

Using these simple guidelines, each and every applicant can Download Kerala TET Answer Key 2023. Answer Key 2023 Paper 1, 2

ExamKTET Answer Key 2023 (13th June 2023)Kerala TET Answer Key 2023 (13th June 2023)Category 1View HereView HereCategory 2View HereView HereCategory 3View HereView HereCategory 4View HereView Here

Download KTET Certificate 2023

It is to inform you all that, once you qualify the Kerala TET Exam, Pareeksha Bhavan will issue you KTET Certificate 2023. Downloading the Kerala TET Pass Certificate is very easy as all of you need to visit the official website and then use your Seat Number to get the Certificate. Moreover, this certificate is valid for lifetime and clear information related to your scores and other details are mentioned on it. Make sure you use this certificate to join the Teacher Post in any State Government or Private School. We are here to intimate you once the KTET Certificate is released and after that certificate can be downloaded from the official website.

Kerala TET Result 2023 Paper 1, 2

Kerala TET Result 2023View HereKTET Answer Key 2023 Category WiseView Here

FAQs on chúng tôi Answer Key, Ques Paper 2023

How to Raise Objections in Provisional KTET Answer Key 2023?

You can raise objections within the objection dates by paying nominal fees through Online Banking @

When will the KTET Result 2023 Come?

Kerala TET Result 2023 can be published in the 4th Week of July 2023.

What will be the Kerala TET Cut Off 2023?

KTET Cut Off Marks will go around 90-100 Marks for General Category.

How To Create A Program That Gets Parents Involved

The key, says the district’s superintendent Eduardo Cancino, is to treat all parents as essential, whatever their educational or language background. “In our community, parents have a high level of respect for educators,” Cancino says. “But we work hard to convince them that we need their help. The wisdom of their lives is worth more than any degree.” Cancino offers the following pointers about creating parent partnerships:

The Hidalgo Independent School District rallies parents — many of whom are originally from Mexico and primarily speak Spanish — to help their children succeed in school and move on to college. They achieve this goal by teaching necessary skills to parents, like how to negotiate the U.S. school system and how to speak workplace English.

Have a Vision

The district maintains a three-tiered vision of parent partnership. Parent involvement includes basic volunteering, with parents coming into schools to support day-to-day activities. Another level is parent engagement, in which families become part of site-based decision-making processes. Ultimately, Cancino says, they’re working toward parent empowerment, by which parents have a real voice in how higher education, school financing, and their children’s future careers work.

Know Your Audience

“Parent engagement doesn’t come in a can,” says Cancino. “You have to know your community and what’s going to make them comfortable.” In Latino culture, he says, there’s a tradition of comadres (literally “co-mothers,” or close family friends) coming together to drink coffee, cook, and chat. Each school in the district boasts parent centers modeled after this idea, with kitchens, sewing machines, and space to talk. “It’s a place where parents can be secure,” Cancino says. “We say, ‘This is your place, this is your kitchen, this is your home away from home.'” Parent involvement in the school develops naturally when they’re connected to these centers, such as in building much-needed biliteracy by reading to students in Spanish in dual-language classes, preparing college-information bulletin boards, and working with other parents new to the district on long-term planning for their child’s college readiness.

Focus on Building Parents’ Skills

At each campus, parent liaisons not only encourage other parents to volunteer but also provide them with the know-how to navigate the often-unfamiliar landscape of U.S. schools and support their children in life and academics.

The district provides information more formally, too, by holding frequent workshops on topics such as conflict resolution, nutrition, student assessment, and financial aid for college.

Parents can also join the four-year Parental Career Pathways Academy, a partnership between the district and South Texas College. Participants take two years of English-language acquisition, and then they can continue with either occupational skills courses or GED and college-entrance exam-preparation classes, giving them a variety of opportunities for postsecondary education.

Be Practical, and Avoid Letting Logistics Get in the Way

Hidalgo focuses on working around obstacles to get things done. When principals asked if they could add stoves to parent centers, the district simply asked schools to relocate the centers to the edges of campus so that adding ventilation would be easier. When the district started the parent academy, it struggled with finding the best class times for working parents. South Texas College, which provides the instructor and the facilities, agreed to multiple sessions, in the morning and evening. And when the district ran into obstacles with transporting parents to the college, it found an empty classroom on one of the elementary campuses and offered the classes there, where parents had easier access.

Prioritize Parent Partnerships in Your Budgets

The cost of the Parent Career Pathways Academy is covered by South Texas College and a 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant, with the district providing facilities and any needed transportation. For other parent involvement programs, the district pays out of its general fund. “It’s not easy,” Cancino says, “but it’s an investment we make.”

Lisa Morehouse, a former teacher, is now a public-radio journalist and an education consultant.

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