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Mozilla Firefox is a secure, reliable, and fast multi-process web browser that provides fast, stable performance with a minimal memory footprint. However, there are times when it could take up tons of memory and crash.

If you’re experiencing periods of sustained Firefox memory usage, this guide will show you some tips to reduce and/or improve it.

If you’re using a Windows PC, the easiest way to identify memory leaks in Firefox is by running the Windows Task Manager and checking for Mozilla Firefox under the Processes tab. If it’s beyond 2GB and keeps increasing with no sign of slowing down, you’re probably experiencing a memory leak.

Restart Firefox

If you leave Firefox open for a longer period of time, it tends to use more system resources. In order to resolve this, restart the browser periodically. Configure it to save your windows and tabs such that when you restart it, you’ll be taken back to your previous session.

Note: Session Restore may keep you logged in to sites you signed into before closing the browser. This means that anyone using your PC after you may get access to your accounts on the sites you visited. In this case, don’t configure the browser to open your previous session’s tabs or windows.

You can also disable the default Session Restore crash recovery option to prevent previous sessions from being restored when you open the browser or it opens after an unexpected crash or closure.

Update Firefox

Firefox updates automatically by default, but you can always do it manually. Ideally, the latest version may come with performance improvements, but you’ll only get these after restarting Firefox for the updates to be downloaded and take effect.

To do this:

2. Firefox will check for updates and automatically download them.

3. Once the download completes, restart to update Firefox.

Note: if the update didn’t launch, complete or something else came up, download and install the latest Firefox version from Mozilla website.

Disable themes and extensions

Resource-consuming extensions and themes can cause Firefox to use up more memory and system resources than the usual. If you want to check whether a theme or extension is causing the browser to hog resources, start it in Safe Mode and check the CPU and memory usage.

While in Safe Mode, these themes and extensions are disabled, so if you find any improvement when they’re disabled, try uninstalling or disabling them.

Two options will appear: Start in Safe Mode or Refresh Firefox. The former will start Firefox with the default theme but disables extensions and turns off some customizations and features. This is only temporary, though. When you exit Safe Mode, all your settings will be restored to the previous state.

If the issue persists, it’s probably not caused by a theme or extension, but it could be because of preference settings or plugins among other causes, as these aren’t disabled in Safe Mode. If it doesn’t happen in Safe Mode though, then it’s likely that the add-ons are the culprits.

Check Adobe Flash Player and Firefox Hardware Acceleration

Firefox hardware acceleration also eases CPU and memory usage in several cases, so you can check whether the hardware acceleration is on or off.

Delete corrupt website settings file

Your profile folder holds data in various files as stored by Firefox. If the “content-prefs-sqlite” file that holds individual website settings is corrupted, delete it to decrease CPU usage.

To do this:

You can also fix memory leaks and optimize the browser’s performance by typing about:memory in the address bar, and under Free memory, selecting GC, CC and Minimize Memory usage to curtail any leaks. You can also check out other ways to troubleshoot Firefox when it crashes.

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Fix Google Chrome High Memory Usage

Fix Google Chrome high memory usage [Easy Guide]




Worried about Chrome’s high memory usage? The browser does take a few extra seconds to start.

The delay is caused by the ImagePreReader used by the browser. However, Microsoft is working on a fix.

If waiting isn’t really your thing, then note that Chrome is far behind Opera at memory usage.

To find the latest tips and tricks to apply, take your time to visit this Chrome Troubleshooting Hub.

Try Opera One, a browser with various functionalities already built-in!

A flawless browser like Opera has most functions already under the hood.

Here’s what’s included by default:

Easy and intuitive workspace management

Ad-blocker mode integrated to load pages faster

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Customizable Ul and AI-friendly

⇒ Get Opera One

Google and Microsoft are currently working together to reduce the overall memory strain that Chrome puts on computers.

There is no doubt that Chrome is the favorite browser of many Internet users.  However, most of them don’t have any idea about the amount of processing power the browser chews up. 

Most importantly, users with low-end, old devices complain that the browser takes a few seconds to start. However, you don’t need to worry because this is about to change very soon.

How can I fix Google Chrome’s high memory usage?

Microsoft’s engineers managed to trace the cause behind the bug and suggested a fix.

The delay is triggered by the manner in which the browser uses ImagePreReader to pre-read its DLL files i.e chúng tôi and chrome_child.dll. 

Microsoft suggests that Google needs to improve the DLL prefetcher for Chrome to avoid memory management issues.

The tech giant even made some changes to overcome memory and CPU usage issues.

However, it should be noted that Microsoft is currently working on the fix. The company may take some time to release it to the general public.

Until then, it is very common to find malicious extensions and shady themes that need to be removed. 

Instead of compromising on extensions and themes, a browser known to use the least amount of PC memory can save precious time and effort.

Quick Tip:

If you don’t want to wait until Microsoft and Google solve this problem for good, you can try an alternative browser. Based on your needs, we recommend Opera this time.

Even when it comes to those media-rich sites that consume a good chunk of CPU and memory, Opera doesn’t disappoint users.


Enjoy a smooth and fast browsing experience on your Windows computer.

Free Visit website

New Chrome features coming your way

Google is working very hard to introduce some brand new features to Chrome. Some of these features are tabs groups and warnings for malicious URLs.

It is interesting to see how both companies work together to come up with enhanced browsers versions.

The Redmond giant is currently surprising users with its Chromium-based Edge version too. First made available to Windows 10 Insiders, Chromium Edge was officially released.

Also, do note that Opera is a trustworthy alternative to all those looking for ways to deal with these issues:

Google Chrome memory usage fix – Chrome crashes caused by low memory are common these days. You can forget all about them when using Opera.

Google Chrome high memory usage fix – When encountering this issue, you can enable GPU Acceleration, remove themes and malicious extensions, or start using a different browser all together.

Google Chrome memory issues – Poorly designed extensions and themes often cause the PC to become slow, freeze or even crash. Get rid of them with no hesitation or try out Opera or UR Browser instead.

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Fix Ctf Loader High Cpu, Memory Or Disk Usage

Some Windows computers became slow and unresponsive, and when the user started probing for the cause, they discovered that a process called ctfmon.exe or CTF Loader is consuming high computer resources. Usually, when this happens user tries to close the program, this process is associated with, but in this case, the victims could not fathom which app the CTF Loader is related to. In this post, we will discuss this issue and see what you need to fix CTF Loader High CPU, Memory or Disk usage.

What is CTF Loader and do I need it?

CTF (ctfmon.exe) stands for Collaborative Translation Framework. It is a core Windows process that allows some components of your computer to interact with each other. The CTF Loader is required to provide tech support for alternative user input software. This tool also enables the Language Bar feature in Microsoft Office, allowing the user to access different language options. It is not a virus and must be on your computer.

Even though sometimes the CTF Loader does end up taking a lot of your resources, such as CPU and Memory, it never continues to use them for a long period of time. So, if you notice that the process is consuming a lot of your CPU and Memory, there is something wrong with either your system files or the tool itself. Some users even encountered a virus masquerading as CTF Loader. After this, we will talk about the virus situation and other solutions that you can try to stop the CTF Loader from consuming your computer’s resources.

Fix CTF Loader High CPU, Memory or Disk usage

If Collaborative Translation Framework or CTF Loader consumes high memory, disk or CPU, go through the following suggestions, workarounds, and solutions.

Check if it is a virus

Stop some services

Disable MsCtfMonitor

Repair System Files

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

Let us talk about each of them in detail.

1] Check if it is a virus

The first thing you should do is make sure that the CTF Loader on your computer is not a virus. There is a high chance that a virus can take the name of a genuine process, such as Collaborative Translation Framework, and cause trouble for you.

There are two ways to do the same, you can either check the location or the Copyright certificate. We will talk about both of them. Follow the prescribed steps to do the same.

Launch Task Manager by Ctrl + Shift + Esc.


Now, go to the Details tab and check if the Copyright is of Microsoft Corporation.

If the CTF Loader on your computer satisfies the conditions mentioned above, there is nothing to worry about as it is not a virus. However, if you conclude that the process is a virus, scan your computer. If you already have an antivirus, scan your system using it. If you don’t have one, try the Microsoft Defender program.

Follow the prescribed steps to do the same.

Launch the Microsoft Security application from the Start Menu.

Select Microsoft Defender antivirus or Microsoft Defender Offline scan.

Let the antivirus complete its process and check if the issue persists.

2] Stop some services

Finally, restart your computer and see if the issue is resolved.

3] Disable MsCtfMonitor

MsCtfMonitor process is related to CTF Loader and if you are fed of the process taking a lot of your resources, disabling MsCtfMonitor is not a bad option. Since we are not removing the process, but instead disabling it, so, in case you need CTF Loader, the same procedure can be used to enable it again.

So, to disable MsCtfMonitor using Task Scheduler, follow the prescribed steps.

Launch the Task Scheduler app from the Start Menu.

Look for TextServicesFramework.

Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

5] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

Maybe there is a third-party app interfering with the Windows process. To find out which app it is, you should perform Clean Boot, and manually enable processes to stumble upon the culprit. Once you know which app is causing this issue, remove it from your system to resolve the problem.

4] Repair System Files

If some of the core Windows files are corrupted, there is a high chance that you may see some peculiar station such as the one we are seeing here. To repair those files, launch Command Prompt as an administrator and run the following command.

sfc /scannow

If this command doesn’t work, repair your system files from the Installation Media. Once your files are repaired, check if the issue is resolved.

Hopefully, you will be able to resolve the issue using the solutions mentioned here.

Read: CTF Loader error: CTF Loader has stopped working.

How to enable chúng tôi at startup in windows 11/10?

To enable the ctfmon.exe process at startup, you can either enable the process from the Task Scheduler or paste the Ctfmon file in the startup folder. If you want to enable the process from the Task Scheduler, follow the prescribed steps.

Open Task Scheduler.

Go to the next section to move the CTF Loader file to the Startup folder.

How to add chúng tôi in startup in windows 11/10?

If you want to paste its shortcut, just go to C:WindowsSystem32, copy the ctfmon file, go to the following location and paste the copied file there.

C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartUp

Finally, restart your computer and the process will turn on at startup.

How to remove chúng tôi from Windows 11/10?

CTF Loader or chúng tôi is a core Windows process and you can not remove it from your system. However, if it is causing any trouble for you, the best thing is to disable the  Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel service as it triggers the chúng tôi process. You should also check some other solutions mentioned here for solutions.

Can I stop CTF loader?

CTF Loader allows Windows to control alternative inputs and the Language Bar in MS Office. It is used when you want to access your computer using Speech, Pen Tablet, or when using On-Screen Keyboards for certain languages. In case, you don’t need those features, you can CTF Loader by disabling Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel service. Go to the second solution to know how to do the same.

How To Fixhigh Cpu Usage

chúng tôi is one of those mysterious processes that constantly runs in Windows and is utterly essential, yet you never know exactly what it is doing. So what is chúng tôi Identifying the actual services and programs that are running inside each chúng tôi process is a task well worth knowing, especially when the process eats up 99 or 100 percent of your CPU!

So before we dive into solutions, let’s get a deeper understanding of what this process actually does and how you can go about fixing some of the problems that might occur. Firstly, svchost stands for “Service Host” and it does exactly what as the name suggest: helps to “host” services. A service in Windows is simply a program in the operating system that does a particular job and runs in the background at all times when your computer is on, even if you are not logged in.

Table of Contents

You’ll notice that there are currently eight svchost processes running on my computer, all using up various amounts of memory and running under different user names. So let’s say one of them is running at an excessively high CPU usage of 100 percent, how can we identify the actual application running?

There are actually two ways to go about this: doing it all manually using the command prompt and Services tool or by using a third party application. I’m going to mention both here in case one does not work for you.

Check for Viruses First

Before we get into the details below, it’s worth noting that there are cases where chúng tôi is actually a virus. Since it’s a system process, malicious coders like to use the name svchost to remain hidden. If the file is located in Windows/system32, it’s more than likely not a virus, however I always recommend performing a scan just to be sure.

Identify chúng tôi Processes via Command Prompt (hard way)

2. Type in the following into the command window and press Enter

tasklist /svc /fi “imagename eq svchost.exe

You should get an output as shown below with the name, PID, and service description

You’ll now see each svchost process along with it’s unique ID number and the services it is responsible for running. However, these names are still very cryptic and are all short-hand names. In order to get some more useful information about the process, we can use the Services browser in Windows.

As you can see, the Windows Driver Foundation service is actually called wudfsvc for short!

Identify chúng tôi Processes via Process Explorer (easy way)

If you found to be too difficult, there is a much easier way! Check out the Process Explorer tool from Microsoft (originally from SysInternals). The tool is completely free and gives you detailed information for each process currently running.

Once you download it, just run the exe file as it does not have to be installed. Hover your mouse over the svchost process and you’ll get a popup showing you which services are running under that process. The nice thing about process explorer is that it gets you the friendly name for each process instead of the short name.

Windows 8 Task Manager

One last thing I wanted to mention was the fact that the Windows 8 task manager basically makes using the command line or Process Explorer totally obsolete. Open the Task Manager by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESC and scroll down on the Processes tab to where it says Windows Processes.

Fixing SVCHOST High CPU Usage

Now that you have figured out exactly which process is eating up all of your CPU, we can address how to fix it. If you have found that the process is not a Windows process, such as Windows Update or Windows Firewall, etc, then simply kill the process and uninstall the program.

However, most of the time that this problem occurs, it has something to do with a Windows process. The best solution in this case is to install all of the latest updates from Microsoft’s web site. If you’re not able to do so normally in Windows, try restarting the computer in safe mode and try it again.

Next choose Disabled from the Startup type combo box located in the middle of the dialog box:

How To Fix Memory Error 13

If you are playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare or WarZone and are getting Memory Error 13-71. This article will show you how to quickly and easily solve the problem that is somehow oddly linked to in-game Regiments. Weird right? Thankfully there are a few fixes that will solve this issue on PC and Xbox.

Related: How to fix Game Pass Error 0x00000001 Can’t install games.

Lately, there seems to be a lot of video game errors getting around. Last week it was Game Pass error 0x00000001 followed by Ubisoft .dll errors chúng tôi chúng tôi MSVCR100.dll. This week it seems to be Call of Duty Memory Error 13-71. An error message in Call of Duty that seems to be linked to in-game regiment status. Oddly enough this error message seems to only be affecting PC and Xbox consoles (that we are aware of) However there is a chance it can also be found on Playstation.

At this stage, it seems that most people who are getting COD Memory Error 13-71 are getting it whenever they are being added to a Regiment. And in very rare cases, whenever they try to load into a game. Although this issue was supposed to have been fixed in a recent patch there still seems to be a fair few instances of it occurring. Thankfully the quick fixes you can use to solve this error are as follows:

Delete the Regiment tag right away.

Remove yourself from any active regiments.

Disable crossplay when in offline mode (Only for Xbox One/Series)

How do you fix COD Memory Error 13-71. Modern Warfare & Warzone error 13-71 fix.

The quickest and easiest fix for Warzone & Modern Warfare error 13-71 is to delete your regiment tag as soon as possible. Although this isn’t ideal if you are part of a regiment or want to be part of one, it is going to solve the problem for you until Activision fixes the problem properly on their end.

For local split-screen situations, both players will have to follow these steps and remove their Regiment Tag.

Remove yourself from any active regiments to fix Memory Error 13-71.

Alternatively, you may need to do the following if you are getting Memory Error 13-71 while playing a custom or split-screen game of COD.

First, open Modern Warfare or Warzone as you normally would.

From the main menu change to the Social tab by pressing the F1 button if you’re on a Windows 10/11 computer. Or by selecting your account name and going to Social on Xbox.

Finally, navigate to the Regiment section, then go to Regiment Invitations and delete all invites that are sitting in the system.

Disable Crossplay to fix Memory Error 13-71 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare & WarZone. (Only for Xbox One/Series)

How To Restart Firefox Without Closing Tabs

If you have Firefox as your default browser, there is no doubt you are proficient in it. However, Firefox has features like restarting the browser without closing tabs that most users are unaware of.

For instance, this feature can be particularly useful when you have too many tabs open. You can use it to restart Firefox to clear some memory, and you also won’t have to go through the trouble of finding and reopening your previous tabs.

So, if you are curious about how to restart your browser without losing tabs, we have covered information on how to do so.

There are many ways you can restart your Firefox browser without closing it, and all of them utilize a specific browser feature. The methods vary in their functions a little, and some of them also do this automatically.

The easiest method to restart Firefox with your previous tabs intact is from the about profile page. It uses Firefox’s built-in feature of restarting your browser normally, which also saves your opened tabs.

Here’s how you can use this method:

Another setting in Firefox that replicates the feature of restarting Firefox without closing tabs is the open previous windows and tabs setting. When it is enabled, your previous session data will automatically get restored whenever you open Firefox.

Follow the steps below to enable this method:

Rather than an intentional feature to restart Firefox with all your session data saved, it is more of a by-product that perfectly gets the job done.

Whenever you finish a Firefox update, it will prompt you to restart your browser. When you accept the prompt, Firefox will restart with all your previous session data saved.

The great thing is that you can easily access the restart required menu. Here’s how you can do so:

Whenever you pin your tabs, they will permanently stay in your Firefox browser. No matter how often you restart your browser, it will always open up automatically.

While this isn’t useful when you have a lot of tabs, it is perfect for tabs you have to access daily for work or other stuff.

Here’s how you can pin your tabs:

Whenever your Firefox crashes, it will either directly restore your previous session or ask you if you want to restore them.

When you close your Firefox browser from the task manager, it will think the browser crashed. So, you can also use this method to restart the browser with previous session data.

Another easy method to replicate this function is by using a Firefox add-on. You can choose from various add-ons available on the official Mozilla website that include this feature.

Furthermore, add-ons include some extra features like saving multiple session data and pausing tabs until you open them.

Lastly, you can manually restore previous session data after your Firefox browser has been closed. It is especially useful when you have closed Firefox but haven’t saved your last session data.

However, the session data only gets saved for the first time you open Firefox after the last close. So, if you restart your PC or reopen the browser without restoring your previous session, you won’t be able to restore it.

Nonetheless, here’s how you can manually restore session data:

Update the detailed information about How To Reduce Firefox Memory Usage on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!