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Do you spend time playing games with your friends on Discord? Do you love HBO Max shows and movies? Well, now you can combine these two activities in one place and have a blast with your friends because Discord is more than just a voice chat app for gamers. We’re here to show how you can stream HBO Max on your Discord server so your entire squad can watch together.

Although Discord’s Go Live feature was designed to live-stream gameplay, you can use it to broadcast whatever you’re watching on HBO MAX to your friends. You can also stream Hulu, Netflix, and more by using Discord.

Table of Contents

Streaming on the Discord Desktop App

Also, you’ll need to download and install the Discord app if you don’t have it already. Discord for Web doesn’t allow streaming.

Follow these steps to start streaming HBO Max on Discord:

    Open the Discord desktop app.

    Launch your web browser, and log into your HBO Max account.

      Select a movie or series you’ll share on Discord.

            Now choose the server where you’ll stream HBO Max, and go to the Discord voice channel. This is a voice chat room where you can meet up and talk to others who share the server. Remember that you can create your own server and a voice chat room for watch parties.

              Select the

              Share Screen

              option above your username when you join the voice channel.

                When a pop-up window appears, select the screen or app with HBO Max opened.

                  In the next window, you can adjust the stream quality. Make sure you set the best available resolution and frame rate. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a Nitro account, you can only stream in 720p resolution and at 15 or 30fps (choose 30).

                  When everything is set, select the blue

                  Go Live

                  button at the bottom of the screen.

                  Streaming on Android or iPhone

                  If you are a mobile Discord app user, don’t worry, you can still stream HBO Max. The Discord mobile app allows screen sharing, so it doesn’t matter if you prefer Android or iOS devices. But you’ll have to open HBO Max in a browser and share it from there, just like you did with the desktop Discord app. Here’s how:

                    Open Discord on your mobile device.

                    Select the server and join the voice chat to meet your friends.


                    Join Voice

                    on your screen.

                      Now select the

                      Share Your Screen

                      icon. On an Android smartphone, swipe up from the bottom for the menu and the Screen Share option.

                        On a web browser, log into your HBO Max account.

                        Select a show or a movie to watch with your Discord friends.

                        Streaming on Discord Without a Black Screen

                        Discord sometimes displays a black screen when streaming DRM-protected content. It’s annoying because although you can share HBO Max, your Discord friends will only see a black color across their entire screen. To eliminate the black screen problem, disable hardware acceleration in your browser or the Discord app.

                        Here’s how to do it on different browsers and in Discord settings.

                        Google Chrome

                          Open Google Chrome and go to


                          from the three vertical dots.



                            on the left sidebar menu, and disable the

                            Use hardware acceleration when available


                            Mozilla Firefox

                              Launch Mozilla Firefox and go to the App Menu icon in the top-right corner of the screen.



                              from the drop-down menu.

                                Go to the


                                tab and scroll to




                                Use recommended performance,

                                and this will also uncheck the

                                Use hardware acceleration when available


                                Microsoft Edge

                                    Go to

                                    System and Performance


                                      Disable Use hardware acceleration when available.


                                        Launch the Discord app and go to

                                        User Settings


                                        In the left side menu, find

                                        Voice & Video

                                        under the

                                        App Settings


                                          Scroll down to the


                                          settings section and simply disable

                                          Video Codec

                                          . This will automatically disable the hardware acceleration video encoding if available.

                                          Use a Third-Party Browser Extension

                                          Both Discord and HBO Max consider streaming DRM-protected content illegal. So if you don’t feel like risking streaming HBO content to your friends through Discord, there’s another way to host a watch party.

                                          Unlike Amazon Prime, HBO Max doesn’t have a watch party feature. You’ll have to rely on a third-party addon, a browser plugin, to watch your favorite shows. All you need to do is install the Teleparty browser extension and start the party. Send the link to your friends and family so you can watch HBO Max together.

                                          Note that other VoIP platforms like Zoom and Twitch won’t allow you to host HBO Max streaming parties.

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                                          How To Watch Hbo Now On Ubuntu

                                          There certainly are a lot of premium video services on the market today. You have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Instant, and just recently, HBO Now. This new service from Home Box Office is pretty great. It allows you to check out all of HBO’s content without having to subscribe on cable. Brilliant. They’ve even got an Android app and an iOS app (both of which work pretty well).

                                          There is one thing that doesn’t work very well, though – Linux support. If you try to watch your favorite HBO content on your Ubuntu machine, it just plain won’t work, and HBO officially doesn’t support the platform.

                                          In order for HBO Now to work on your system, you’ll need to install a program called “Pipelight.” This program makes it possible to run Windows proprietary plugins in Linux browsers with the help of Wine.

                                          Note: this method will work on other Linux distributions besides Ubuntu as well.

                                          Installing Pipelight

                                          Install the program in Ubuntu by entering the following into your terminal:


                                          add-apt-repository ppa:pipelight



                                          After the PPA has been added, you’ll want to update your software sources to reflect the change you’ve made.


                                          apt-get update

                                          With the software sources updated, it’s time to install Pipelight.


                                          apt-get install



                                          Then, once the plugin is in your system, you’ll need to run this command to update it.




                                          Configuring Pipelight

                                          Note: Pipelight can only be used in Firefox.


                                          apt-get remove



                                          Now that the Linux Flash Player is out of the way, it’s time to enable all of the Windows plugins that are needed.













                                          After that, quickly update Pipelight to reflect the new changes.




                                          Now that Pipelight is fully configured, the only thing left to do is update Firefox.

                                          Configuring Your Browser

                                          All of the Pipelight business is taken care of. Your Ubuntu Linux machine should have no issues (in the software department) playing the locked content provided on HBO Now. However, there is one more thing that needs to be set up: a user agent switcher to be exact.

                                          Download this addon to your Firefox. Once it’s installed, use it to change your user agent in Firefox. You’ll need to select the “Windows / Firefox 29” option. If successful, Firefox will tell HBO Now that you’re using Windows and not Linux.


                                          HBO Now is a great service; it’s just a shame that it’s not possible to be used on Linux without jumping through massive hoops. I hope that one day HBO will realize that Linux support is a worthwhile endeavor. For now, it looks as if Pipelight may be the only way to enjoy the service on Linux.

                                          What do you think of HBO Now? Would you like to see official Linux support? Tell us why below!

                                          Derrik Diener

                                          Derrik Diener is a freelance technology blogger.

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                                          How To Make Reaction Roles On Discord

                                          Reaction roles are a fun feature in Discord servers. As a server owner, you must always be on the lookout to keep your members engaged.

                                          Unfortunately, Discord does not provide an easy way to set up reaction roles. With the Roles setting, you can assign roles to members. But that’s never going to be as convenient as self-assigned reaction roles.

                                          Reaction roles are self-assignable discord roles. Every Discord server has the ability to configure one or more roles. These roles can be linked to specific emoji reactions using a number of ways. When a user performs that reaction, they are automatically assigned the associated role.

                                          Reaction roles assist members in identifying themselves on the server in a unique way. If you know how to use them, they can be very engaging. Some servers make use of them to collect surveys and polls from their users. Others use it to identify admins, moderators, and other high-ranking members of the server.

                                          Reaction role bots, on the other hand, are Discord bots that are written to automate regular server features. Reaction role bots are third-party integrations that can only be added by the server owner.

                                          Reaction role bots differ in terms of how they can be configured. However, the end goal of all bots is the same. That is, create reaction roles in the simplest way possible.

                                          Note that not all features are available for free across all reaction role bots. Some limit on the number of reaction roles that you can create. Others charge you for the additional features they provide. Here is a quick list of some of the popular reaction bots available in the market.

                                          Carl bot

                                          MEE6 bot

                                          Droplet Reaction role bot





                                          These Reaction Roles on discord can also be configured directly from the Discord server settings, without the assistance of a third party. Each member of your server can have their own role. Besides this, the role at the top has the option to modify all roles below it.

                                          As a side tip, @everyone is the default role that Discord gives to all members of a server. Any role assigned thereafter supersedes settings defined in @everyone.

                                          Now you should be ready to start making reaction roles. Make sure that you use only your created roles in the next sections.

                                          One thing to note here is that, for every bot that you add, move it to the top of the list under the Roles tab. This will give the bot permission to modify roles for all members below it. If you miss this step, the reaction role that you created will not work correctly.

                                          Manual roles

                                          Alternatively, if you want to manually assign roles, follow these additional steps.

                                          Carl bot is one of the most popular server management bot. Deployed in over 4.3 million servers, it makes creating reaction roles a piece of cake.

                                          You can start Carl Bot’s command from any text channel and create reaction roles as per your preference. The creators also provide thorough documentation on command usage.

                                          Carl bot lets you create up to 250 reaction roles in the free tier. If you need additional roles or perks, they also have a paid subscription model.

                                          Used by 16 million+ servers, MEE6 is meant to simplify server management and enhance server experience.

                                          MEE6 dashboard is your one-stop for managing different plug-ins that integrate into your discord server. If you don’t want to get started with typing commands, using MEE6 bot is the right approach to creating reaction roles for you.

                                          Their free tier only lets you set up just one reaction role which is a slight disappointment. But they make up for it by providing an extremely user-friendly dashboard. Once you’ve tested it out, you can get their premium plans to set up multiple reaction roles in your server.

                                          If you are more used to command-based control, Droplet’s reaction role bot is the right choice for you. Unlike another discord bots, Droplet’s bot is dedicated to one thing only, and that is reaction role management.

                                          This bot lets you add up to 20 reaction roles to the same message. If you are deciding to implement this bot in more than one server, you should consider purchasing premium versions.

                                          Droplet does not have a dashboard yet so you will have to learn the commands to get the status of your reaction roles. Luckily, they provide a command instructions page to teach you how to use the bot commands.

                                          With its Autorole and Joinable Ranks feature, Dyno bot makes an extremely good assistant in reaction role management.

                                          It is used in over 5.9 million servers and has a easy interface for setups. Under it’s free tier, it lets you create up to three reaction roles. If you purchase the premium version, you can create infinite number of reaction roles.

                                          If you are looking for a reward-based bot, Lawliet bot is the right choice for you. The more your members are active in your server, the higher they will earn coins called ‘fish’.

                                          Among many other features, lawliet bot lets you create reaction roles in the simplest manner. Lawliet offers explanations and examples for each and every bot command. This makes the bot usage handy as well as convenient.

                                          Lawliet uses message-based interaction to configure and setup. If you are more used to creating reaction roles from the dashboard, you may find this approach slightly cumbersome.

                                          Any music loving discord user will know the importance of pancake bot. With features mostly geared towards the music community, pancake bot also allows setting up reaction roles for easy access.

                                          The premium version even includes Patron role and other music play features. Pancake makers also have a dedicated support server available to serve your requests at any time. Their documentation page isn’t well-detailed but you can access all of their syntax by typing the command itself.

                                          Zira also provides a dedicated guidebook for discord owners looking to master its command. The premium version includes an unlimited number of reaction roles among other features.

                                          Adding bots to your server is a little bit of a hassle with all the captcha codes you need to solve. Fortunately, removing bots takes less of your time than adding them. Normally there are two great ways of removing bots from your server.

                                          Kicking them out the same as any other member

                                          Banning them and then unbanning them

                                          Deleting your channels and recreating them

                                          There is no straightforward way of limiting a bot to one channel only. Some bots such as Lawliet may make use of whitelist command to limit themselves to one channel only. But a majority of bots can be accessed from any channel once added to the server.

                                          If you want to limit a bot to one channel, you need to modify permissions for all other channels. This may become tedious if you have large number of channels on your server.

                                          It is possible to use more than one bot for reaction roles. You can use the same set of discord roles and set them up with different emojis from different bots. Reacting on any one of the reaction message will land you the reaction role. But there’s a catch to using multiple bots for reaction roles.

                                          The one on the top is going to get the highest of all privileges. It means that, the bot that’s placed higher than the rest of the bots in the Roles page under Server settings will have the final say in how the reaction role will be handed.

                                          It means that, the member will be assigned reaction role by the bot at the top of the list as final.

                                          How To Use Discord On Your Xbox

                                          Don’t want to use built-in voice chat on your Xbox One or next-gen Xbox? You can use Discord voice chat instead. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use Discord on Xbox, with several ways to connect your Discord and Xbox accounts, as well as how to get started using Discord on Xbox.

                                          Enable Remote Features

                                          The first step is to enable remote features so you can use Discord on Xbox. Here’s how to do that:

                                          Table of Contents

                                          Press the

                                          Xbox button

                                          on your controller.

                                          Check the

                                          Enable Remote Features





                                          Power Options

                                          . This is extremely important, as remote play won’t work unless your Xbox power mode is set to Sleep.

                                          Your console will now test your setup.

                                          How to Link Your Xbox and Discord Accounts

                                          In order to use Discord on Xbox, you first need to link your Xbox and Discord accounts. There are a number of different ways to connect your accounts, on desktop or via mobile. Since you’ll need the Discord app later for voice chat on your console, we’ll start with how to link your accounts via mobile.

                                          First, you’ll need to download the Discord and Xbox apps from the Play Store and sign into both apps.

                                          How to Connect to Your Xbox From the Discord App

                                          Open the Discord app.

                                          Tap your

                                          profile icon

                                          at the bottom right.



                                          to see a list of your linked accounts.



                                          at the top right of your screen.

                                          Scroll down and tap the

                                          Xbox button


                                          On the “Let this app access your info?” screen, tap



                                          Note: If you’re not signed into the Xbox app, you’ll see a prompt to enter your username and password.

                                          You’ll then see a screen that says “Xbox wants to access your Discord account” — tap

                                          Authorize and continue


                                          Your accounts are now connected!

                                          How to Connect Your Discord Account Using the Xbox App

                                          Open the Xbox app.

                                          Tap your

                                          profile icon

                                          at the bottom right.



                                          , tap

                                          Linked Accounts








                                          On the “Xbox wants to access your Discord account” screen, tap



                                          Your accounts are now linked.

                                          Connecting Your Discord Account on Desktop

                                          You can use the Discord desktop app, the Xbox app for Windows, or the Xbox Game Bar to connect your account to your console on desktop.

                                          How to




                                          our Discord




                                          sing the Discord Windows



                                          Download and install the Discord app on your computer.

                                          Open the app and log in to your account with your username and password or by scanning the QR code with your phone.

                                          Next to your profile icon at the bottom left, select

                                          User Settings






                                          Add accounts to your profile

                                          , select

                                          View More

                                          and choose the

                                          Xbox icon

                                          , then follow the on-screen prompts.

                                          You’ll be prompted to sign into your Xbox account, if you’re not already signed in.

                                          When you reach the “Let this app access your info?” screen, select



                                          You can now use Discord on Xbox.

                                          Connecting Your Discord Account Using the Xbox App for Windows

                                          Download and install the Xbox app on your computer.

                                          Press the


                                          button on your PC.



                                          from the list to launch the app.

                                          Select your

                                          profile icon

                                          at the top right, then choose





                                          next to Discord.

                                          Follow the prompts to connect your account.

                                          Your accounts are now linked, so you can start using Discord on Xbox.

                                          Connecting Your Discord Account Using The Xbox Game Bar

                                          To connect your account using the Xbox Game Bar, just follow the below steps:

                                          Press the

                                          Windows button



                                          to open the Game Bar.

                                          Next to Discord, select



                                          Follow the on-screen prompts to link your account.

                                          How to connect your Discord account using your Xbox console

                                          The final way to link your Discord account to your Xbox is to do it directly from your console.

                                          Press the

                                          Xbox button

                                          on your controller.


                                          Linked social accounts




                                          under the


                                          tile and follow the on-screen instructions to link your account.

                                          How to Use Discord Voice Chat

                                          Now you’ve connected your Discord account to your Xbox using your preferred method, let’s take a look at how to use Discord voice chat on your console. There are several ways to do this, including directly from your Xbox console or from your phone.

                                          How to join a Discord voice chat channel on your phone

                                          First, open the Discord app on your phone.

                                          Tap the voice chat channel you’d like to connect to.

                                          At the bottom of the screen, tap

                                          Try voice chat on console!

                                          Tap J

                                          oin on Xbox

                                          . Make sure you don’t tap

                                          Join Voice

                                          or you’ll connect via your phone.

                                          This will open the Xbox app.


                                          Transfer voice

                                          and you’re ready to start chatting.

                                          How to join a Discord voice chat channel on your console

                                          Press the Xbox button on your controller.

                                          Select the Discord server you’d like to join from the list and press


                                          . Or you might want to make a Discord server so you can invite your friends.

                                          Choose the Discord voice channel to join from the Voice Channels List, then press


                                          to join.

                                          Note: You’ll only see servers listed that you have already joined. You can join a Discord server from the mobile or desktop app (and you’ll need an invite to do so). Getting an Invite Invalid error? Check out our guide to why your Discord invites aren’t working.

                                          Leaving a Discord Channel

                                          If you need to leave a channel for any reason, it’s easy to do so.

                                          Press the

                                          Xbox button

                                          on your controller.




                                          As you can see, it’s pretty simple to set up Discord on your Xbox, and there are a few different ways to do it. Pick the method that works best for you, whether that’s using the Discord app on your mobile device or via the Xbox Windows app, and you’ll be ready to chat in-game with your friends in no time at all.

                                          How To Stream Netflix To Your Tv

                                          Everybody I know pretty much has a Netflix account. It’s pretty ridiculous if you don’t! For a small monthly fee, you get access to tons of streaming movies/TV Shows, plus you can get all the new movies via DVD or Blu-ray.

                                          Anyway, the point is not to praise Netflix, but to teach you how to get your Netflix streams onto your HDTV. Luckily, there are tons of ways to get Netflix on your TV, some of which you may already have the equipment for and not even know it!

                                          Table of Contents

                                          In this post, I’ll try and list out all the possible ways you can watch Netflix on your TV instead of just on your computer. Netflix also has a page where they list every device that supports their service.

                                          Connect Computer to TV

                                          Probably the most straightforward and cheapest way to stream Netflix onto your TV is to use a cable and simply connect your laptop or desktop to your TV! Depending on the type of computer you have, you can use a VGA, S-Video, DVI, or HDMI connection to do this.

                                          I would highly recommend using only a DVI or HDMI connection as the other two are very old and will not look nearly as nice.

                                          Make sure to read our previous article on how to connect a laptop to a TV to get started. Using this method also allows you to watch all kinds of web videos on your HDTV rather than just on your computer.

                                          So if you watch a lot of videos from sites other than YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Instant Video, then this is a really good option.

                                          Built-in HDTV

                                          If you’re planning on buying a new HDTV or you recently bought one, it may already support Netflix streaming! This means you simply type in your Netflix account details, connect your HDTV to the Internet and you’re done!

                                          Currently, Netflix streaming on HDTV’s is supported by LG, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, Vizio, Panasonic and  many more. Just make sure there is a logo on the TV that says Instant Streaming Ready or Smart TV.

                                          In addition, this is currently the only way to watch 4K content on your 4K HDTV via Netflix. Note that you also have to upgrade your Netflix plan to support Ultra-HD in order to get the full 4K resolution on your TV.

                                          Blu-Ray Player

                                          In addition to HDTVs, there are a whole slew of Blu-ray players that support Netflix streaming. Of course, you have to either connect a LAN cable to your Blu-ray player or buy a wireless dongle if you want it to connect to your wireless network.

                                          Just about everyone supports Netflix now including Insignia, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Yamaha, and Vizio.

                                          Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku Player, TiVo

                                          If you already have a HDTV and a Blu-ray player and neither supports Netflix streaming, you can buy a streaming player. Here you have many options and the prices are much cheaper than getting a new TV or a Blu-ray player.

                                          The new Apple TV (4th generation) comes with tvOS and costs either $149 or $199. If you don’t care for all of the new features, you can still get the 3rd generation Apple TV for only $69.

                                          If that’s not for you, check out the Google Chromecast, which is $35 and works very well. Other popular devices that support Netflix include the Amazon Fire, NVidia Shield, and the Nexus Player.

                                          Another good alternative is the Roku streaming player which starts at $49 and goes up to $129. Lastly, if you have a TiVo DVR, you can stream Netflix via the DVR to your HDTV.

                                          Other not as popular devices are the Seagate Freeagent Theater, the Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer, Sony Network Media Player, and Western Digital Network media players.

                                          Microsoft Xbox 360/One, Sony PS3/PS4, Nintendo Wii(U)

                                          Of course if you’re into gaming, then you really need nothing else other than an Xbox, PlayStation, or a Wii! All three of them now support Netflix streaming.

                                          Along with the Netflix streaming, you can play a ton of games, stream music, videos and photos from your computer to your TV and lots more.

                                          How To Use Obs To Stream On Twitch, Facebook Gaming, And Youtube Gaming

                                          Do you want to know how your favorite streamers are coming up with high-quality streams using software like OBS? In this article, you’ll learn the basics of setting up your Twitch, Facebook Gaming, or YouTube Gaming live stream using Open Broadcaster Software or OBS Studio.

                                          What is OBS?

                                          OBS is an open-source video recording and live streaming software with builds for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It was a project started by Hugh Bailey. Over time, this project grew with the help of collaborators on the Internet.

                                          OBS stands on the same stage as Streamlabs, NVIDIA Shadowplay, and Xsplit Broadcaster.

                                          OBS can stream videos to platforms that support real-time messaging protocol (RTMP), such as Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming, and Instagram. But for gamers, it’s more common to stream on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube.

                                          How to Download and Install OBS

                                          OBS is an open-source tool for creators and hobbyists. You can download it by navigating to OBS Studio’s official website. If you’re on Windows 11, you shouldn’t be worried about compatibility, as OBS is fully optimized to work with it.

                                          Once you’re through downloading and installing OBS, launch it. You should be greeted by a window with a black screen and items below it.

                                          If you haven’t tried a similar software in the past, the number of selections and how straightforward OBS is could be overwhelming. Within the user interface, you can hover over the functions and get a small text box telling you what it does.

                                          Fortunately, the simple layout makes OBS easy to learn. The tabs are also fully customizable, which means all modifications will remain for your future streaming sessions.

                                          Now that you have successfully installed OBS, it’s time to prepare your broadcast.

                                          How to Broadcast a Game on OBS

                                          First things first: you need to know what content you want to stream. It doesn’t have to be a video game. With OBS, you can stream anything that’s on your screen.

                                          Technically, you can stream any game installed on your computer. But if you’re aware that the game you want to stream is hardware-demanding, you should change the in-game video and other settings to allow OBS and other programs to run smoothly – unless you have a beefy computer.

                                          Aside from hardware concerns, you should also consider the content you’ll be showing with the game you want to stream.

                                          Platforms such as Twitch have very stringent rules when it comes to content being streamed on the platform, and you could get banned permanently if you go against the rules. Pick a game that fulfills your chosen platform’s terms and stick to your hardware’s capability.

                                          1. Setting Up Your Game Broadcast

                                          Select “Display Capture” or “Game Capture.”

                                          Note: “Display Capture” will broadcast everything on your selected display. “Game Capture” will only broadcast a selected program.

                                          You should see your new source listed under “Sources.”

                                          2. Setting Up Your Microphone

                                          You’re not required to have a mic while streaming, especially if you don’t plan on talking to your viewers or don’t want to be heard. But if you want an engaging experience for people watching your content, it’s good to have a mic handy and turned on in OBS so that you can communicate with them.

                                          In the Audio Mixer tab, there should be “Desktop Audio” and “Mic/Aux.”

                                          “Desktop Audio” is the controller for your game broadcast’s audio. You can turn the volume up and down with the slider or mute your game using the speaker icon.

                                          “Mix/Aux” is where you control your mic’s settings. You can mute yourself with the speaker icon and adjust your mic’s volume using the slider.

                                          Note: while streaming, you can easily adjust the volume for your game and microphone under “Audio Mixer.”

                                          3. Setting Up Your Camera

                                          Some streamers became famous due to their viral stream clips. It could be them reacting to something mid-game, looking funny to the Internet, or many other things. Most stream with cameras showing their faces, while some prefer to point the lens at their hands to showcase movement.

                                          If streaming your game face isn’t your thing, that’s fine. You’re not required to show your face on stream. But if you want to try streaming with a face or hand cam on, the following instructions will show you how to set up your camera on OBS studio.

                                          You can use a webcam, digital camera, or smartphone camera. Make sure to install a separate software if you’re going to use your smartphone.

                                          Choose your camera from the “Device” drop-down.

                                          You can modify your camera’s resolution and FPS or follow your camera’s default settings by selecting “Device Default” or “Custom” from the “Resolution/FPS Type” drop-down.

                                          Tip: make sure to layer items under “Sources” properly. Your camera source should be on top of your video game’s layer. Putting your camera source under your game’s layer in the “Sources” list will cover your whole camera broadcast.

                                          With your game, microphone, and camera ready, it’s time to set up your live stream on your selected platform.

                                          How to Set Up Your Live Stream on Twitch Using OBS

                                          To stream on Twitch, you’ll need to sign up and connect your account to OBS on your PC or get a stream key from Twitch’s Creator Dashboard:

                                          Go back to OBS and go to “Settings” under the “Controls” tab.

                                          Go to the “Stream” tab and select Twitch from the “Service” drop-down.

                                          Note: make sure to wait a few seconds to accommodate live stream delays before you see your game and camera feed on Twitch.

                                          How to Set Up a Facebook Gaming Live Stream with OBS

                                          To stream on Facebook Gaming, you need to have a Facebook account and a Facebook page under the “Gaming Video Creator” category. This is the only page category that’ll qualify your streams for Facebook Gaming.

                                          Once you have your page set up, here’s how to set up your live stream using OBS:

                                          Log in to your Facebook account and select “Pages” from the menu on the left.

                                          After you select “Go live” from the previous screen, you’ll be taken to “Live Produce.”

                                          Select “Streaming software” under “Select a video source.”

                                          Copy the “Stream Key.”

                                          Go to “Stream” and select Facebook from the “Service” drop-down menu.

                                          Select “Use Stream Key” and paste the key from the Facebook live dashboard.

                                          How to Use OBS to Live Stream on YouTube Gaming

                                          You can also stream gaming content on YouTube. YouTube Gaming is a service dedicated to gaming content creators and their followers. Similar to Twitch and Facebook Gaming, it’s YouTube’s space for the gaming community.

                                          Note: to access YouTube Creator Studio, you need to verify your phone number and wait 24 hours before you can go live.

                                          After your account is granted full access to YouTube Creator Studio, follow these steps to set up your live stream using OBS:

                                          When you get to YouTube Studio’s “Stream” dashboard, copy the stream key under “Stream Settings.”

                                          Go back to YouTube Gaming, and the small screen should have a red “LIVE” on the top left.

                                          Frequently Asked Questions 1. What should I do if Game Capture is not available for my game?

                                          Some titles (e.g. Valorant) are known to have issues with Game Capture. The quickest fix is to switch over to Display Capture. If you don’t want to use that source, you’ll have to restart your game and your live stream.

                                          2. What should I do if my stream key stopped working?

                                          When you’re using stream keys to broadcast on Facebook, they can expire. Fortunately, you can easily get a new one when using Facebook Gaming to stream. It’s also possible to get a permanent stream key that won’t expire.

                                          3. What should I do if my video capture broadcast isn’t showing?

                                          You may have layered it below your game full-screen game capture. On the “Sources” list in OBS, make sure to put your camera broadcast on top of your display or game capture source.

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