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Why It’s Important for Your Child to Code

Computers have a somewhat negative reputation among older generations. There are plenty of reasons for this, as, arguably, the public perception of computers has historically been low.

Many of those not born into “Generation Z” have had to learn that computers teach valuable skills for life and work. In contrast, the image of computers has been that they simply help children kill time after school.

However, this is discounting the work poured into developing more “serious” software – and the rise and domination of Internet tech. Now, schools teach so-called Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects as an ongoing concern.

What’s more, workplaces that want tech-savvy employees are increasing. Of course, many businesses are fully online, especially during the current global COVID-19 pandemic.

As such, starting your own children on STEM topics such as coding is a foundation that will give them a head start over their peers.

How to Help Your Child Learn Coding Skills (Rather than Simply Playing Games)

Of course, we don’t recommend sitting a child in front of the Nintendo Switch and leaving them be (although more on this later). In order to help them, you’ll need to employ “focused learning” techniques. Here are the fundamentals:

Schedule a block of time every day to work on some coding skills or projects.

Make sure that both you and your child keep to the schedule without fail.

Have an itinerary or roadmap for what you want to achieve on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Next, look to split the time you spend coding into dedicated blocks relating to giving feedback, deliberate practice, and teaching learned skills to others. These are important aspects of focused learning, and each has proven benefits toward information retention – especially teaching others.

In a practical sense, you’ll want to make sure your child has a trustworthy and knowledgeable source of feedback for their work. Much of your time will go toward coding (as it should be).

To teach the skills to others, there’s no better way than creating a blog. Having a parent-child online blog to distil learned topics into straight-forward language, has a bigger effect on retention in long-term memory. What’s more, it’s a great bonding tool for both of you, especially when you both bring different skills to the table.

How to Teach Your Children to Code During Lockdown

Of course, if teaching your children to code feels like school, it won’t necessarily be engaging. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to learn the fundamentals of coding, and more.

In fact, there are lots of great platforms that feel like computer games but are actually solid coding trainers. For young children (think three- and four-years old), Thinkrolls Play & Code is one of the best games for learning the thought patterns of code rather than writing it:

Swift Playgrounds is Apple’s way of teaching the Swift programming language. It’s great for older children who already use smart devices.

Swift is becoming popular with iOS and macOS developers, so grasping this will be important in the future.

To tie everything together, consider a platform such as Scratch.

This is a modular, practically code-free way of creating computer games, and the results can be surprisingly complex. It’s a great platform for applying learned skills to a real-world project that gives instant feedback.

Finally, if your child is practically glued to the Switch, consider Nintendo Labo.

This is a Virtual Reality (VR) platform that enables children to create and control various builds such as a robot or car direct from the Switch console.

In Summary

In a nutshell, coding is not the domain of introverted teens in their parent’s basement; it’s the future of the workplace and will become an essential skill for the next generation.

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How To Be An Effective Advocate For Your Child With Autism

Stay informed and do your research

In the initial days of the diagnosis, you might find yourself clueless regarding Autism and your child’s behavioral symptoms. Sometimes you’d see your child struggling with their needs, but you might be unable to understand it. If you want to help your child and understand their wants and needs, one this is for sure- You need to make yourself an expert on Autism. Only once you know about it, you’ll be able to help them or at least be able to seek help from the right person. For this, read blogs, attend workshops, read his/her reports, and try to explore and grab as much knowledge and information as possible from a variety of credible sources.

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Be proactive

As a parent of a child with special needs, you need to be constantly on your toes. Write down the areas you think your child needs help with and discuss them with their special educator. Also, analyse and keep a note of the goals he/she has already achieved. For instance, if your child is about to attend a new class or will be going on a different bus, it is obvious that he/she might be meeting several new people. Generally, individuals diagnosed with ASD find it difficult to interact or accept a change, and so you need to proactively find out which new persons are going to take the responsibility of your child.

Fix a meeting with them and discuss your child’s requirements and understanding with them. Share your contact details, just in case they need your assistance regarding your child. For instance, if your child’s bus is going to take a new route from the next day onwards, you need to prepare your child beforehand for this change. Proactively, contact the school authority or bus fleet manager and ask them the directions. To ease out your child’s stress, you can drive him/her along the same route in the evening and tell the child, “You will go by school bus via this route tomorrow.”

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Stay prepared with the documents

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Communicate regularly

Constantly keep in touch with your child’s teacher, shadow teacher, (in case he/she has one,) therapists, clinicians, etc and enquire them about your child. You can make a short questionnaire for them to fill. For instance, when you go to pick up your child after school, you can hand out a questionnaire to his/her teacher.

“Vihaan ate by himself today. Yes/No

“He communicated when he wanted to use the restroom. Yes/No

“He waited for his turn to come while playing the swings. Yes/No

Also, try to communicate with your child and try to know if they are having any problems or issues at school or the therapy centre.

Reach out for help

At times when you find it hard to understand how to help your child, it’s best to reach out for help. Consult a therapist or a child counseling expert as he/she will be able to better guide you with the comprehensive treatment plan that works best for your child. You can simply type in your browser, “child counseling near me” or “autism counseling near me” and you will have several options to choose from. Look for a centre that has a team of Occupational therapists, Child psychologists, Speech and language therapists, Special educators, etc who can together for the best interests of your child.

How To Support Employees During Crisis

Introduction to Crisis

There are many forms of crises that are indiscriminate and could occur to any company, large or small, irrespective of geography. These can be accidental, legal, or financial. Therefore, a sound managerial or organizational need is required with superb communication skills to tackle internal and external stakeholders.

Start Your Free Human Resource (HR) Course

Human resource processes, human resources management & others

For a long time, businesses have focused on developing tailored techniques for communicating with external partners in times of crisis. But at the same time, there is a growing need to handle the employee, which so many organizations have not done perfectly; some gaps exist in communicating with them in the event of crises. Therefore, before discussing the utmost requirements to work on internal communication,, we must first understand crises in detail.

Before the crisis strikes, the business must have a proper organizational structure and process to tackle employee communication when crises happen effectively. And all these calls for building well-planned routines to allocate responsibilities, coach employees, and set up instruments that can effortlessly facilitate vertical (bottom-up and top-down) and horizontal employee communication. Also, a company-wide internal communication program for crises must be held to tap some benefits of regular planning, execution, and assessment. The exemplary implementation of the communication plan will help protect and even increase the company’s image and competitiveness. Furthermore, internal and external stakeholders should be properly communicated to combat corporate gossip, false information, and untracked accusation. Those who ignore employee communication will surely suffer from noted economic harm because of a lack of faith, low self-esteem, and the consequent failure of precious assets, expert, and committed employees.

Internal communication managers must increase the frequency of employee communications as employees have a keen need to get updated and must, in turn, respond with honest feedback. These should reach the senior management that would need to interact and sometimes praise the employees for their support on the management in times of contingency. These employees would support the management objectives actively and readily represent the company outside. It should not be such that some negative crisis-linked external news that was not known earlier would come to the employees, for the employees would feel confused, leading to deter the good crisis reaction and revival. Therefore, internal communication must first be communicated to the employees before any external communication.

So, the below-mentioned questions should be considered when a crisis happens:

When would the communication happen? (i.e., moment)

The rest of the two questions must be taken care of in times of crisis and as part of the post-crisis assessment and crisis vigilance planning.

How can we perform well? (i.e., effectiveness)

How to Support Employees during Crisis

In crises, all the company sites, corporate hierarchies, business levels, and departments are engaged in step-by-step development, performance, and assessment. In addition, there must be proper integration of external and internal communication to tackle the crisis, and the issue management system has to be executed. All these crisis-management systems need resources of which a comparatively tiny yet significantly important fraction should be used to ensure the proper employee communication is conveyed. And you cannot be certain that there would be no crisis since it is part of the company’s life cycle. It can occur to any organization even if the company is well prepared. Therefore, any organization’s existence depends on the right amount of crisis preparedness. Given crisis preparedness, the following checklists to tackle any situation should be taken into consideration:

As per your company protocols, use the flash drives.

Communication Messages on How to Support Employees during Crisis

Some communication messages are built to attend depending on the above questionnaire on how to Support Employees during Crisis.

Proper Crisis Management

Proper Crisis Management

When a crisis occurs, all the employees should be communicated immediately. In addition, several things must be required in times of crisis. So, proper crisis management is always good for yielding effective results.

Some next moves should be indicated.

Think about the Future Actions and Guide Employees

William Bridges, of Managing Transitions in 2003, says some companies fail in times of crisis as they too much concentrate on the essential organizational change management rather than working on inculcating belief and confidence in employees and mentally preparing them to accept the transition. As a crisis happens and people are not properly led to adjust to the transition, the chairs are reorganized, he thinks. In times of crisis, companies often zero on keeping employees engaged in doing things in a new way, but in reality, they should prevent the employees from doing as per the old ways. To him, commencing relies on endings. But the issue is people don’t accept endings.

The Start – When people have finally adopted the new ways

Online global employee surveys to know the employees’ take of the whole incident soon after the formal communication is made is very effective.

Some more tips are required to accustom the employees to welcome the beginning: (How to Support Employees during Crisis)

Give a chance to each person to contribute, so all can have some inward satisfaction on saving their company.

The Target Audience

The senior management should consider the target audience, e.g., forefront employees, line managers, or senior managers. Does it require separate information for each group of people? For example, suppose the lead employees are not online; where would they find the information? What kind of channels will you use to convey your message? On the other hand, if you depend on the vanguard employees, are you sending everything they would require? What additional information would they need?

Communication Channels

Employees and other internal stakeholders must easily find the communication. For that, one has to think about the right communication channels. Below are some channels that act as the conduit of messages in times of crisis. But, first, take a few channels depending on the accessibility.

Employee-driven Channels

Guarantee Message Reliability and Real-time Communication

A well-planned internal and external communication in times of crisis rests on the consistency of the message transmitted. The company aims to release consistent messages to its employees based on the ‘One Shout Policy.’ All the competent employees are interconnected with the senior management and other internal partners and get updated with the recent developments on the crisis events. Based on these, they can well be the company spokespersons. ‘One-Shout-Policy’ is very authentic in that everyone will be on the same page regarding information. There is a usual inclination among the employees to talk about hectic, work-related facts with members of family, friends, and colleagues, and they might pass judgment on the company’s policy to tackle the crisis. And sometimes, dissatisfied with the scarcity of good information and growing alarms about job security, an employee might disclose the internal facts to the news media. An analytical journalist in this time might hook such disgruntled employees and create amusing and marketable news. Therefore, the onus of senior management is to ensure the employee concerns must be aptly taken care of on time.

Employee Response by Way of Two-way Communication Process on How to Support Employees during Crisis

Specific Operational Issues and Proper Employee and Manager Communication

Below is an operational area that is severely affected because of the crisis. Corresponding to each case, some desired communications are released for employees and their managers.

Keep an Eye on Conversations

This is always a good way to keep track of what employees exchange on internal and external social media platforms. If the employees ask repeated questions, assure yourself that something must be missing in the communication messages. Fix this soon.


If there is no positive news, send the real news for transparency. There has to be honesty in the the workforce. Then only all of them work towards a common goal, but without trust, this can never be possible. Trust brings accuracy to the business relationship.

Reviewing (How to Support Employees during Crisis) Conclusion – How to Support Employees during Crisis

In this article, we have seen how to support employees during crisis. In cases where management does not have enough theoretical and practical experience and crisis management knowledge, it should hire a crisis management expert with sound expertise to handle the crisis in companies and liaise with the employees for their on-time engagement. His crisis readiness should be able to recover the organization soon. Since the focus is employee communication and connecting other stakeholder dots outside, we must ensure the internal crisis communication should be performed sans any gap in between. No employee should suffer from inadequate information and fear of losing the job. Otherwise, this could be news that might amuse others but could deteriorate the company’s image.

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This is a guide to How to Support Employees during Crisis. Here we discuss the introduction and learned on how to support employees during crisis. You may also look at the following articles to learn more –

Learn How To Code: Step

blog / Coding Top 10 Inexpensive Ways to Learn How to Code

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Why it is Important to Learn Coding

It helps increase problem-solving ability

It inculcates resilience in the coder by offering challenges

It helps in understanding how to think

It helps develop creativity

Coding is an essential skill for the future

It aids in critical thinking

It develops logic

Benefits of Learning How to Code

Coding has multiple benefits, which you will understand at a deeper level when you learn how to code. Some of these benefits are given below:

Coding Can be Used for Data Visualization

One of the best ways to gain data analysis and visualization experience is by working with coding languages like Python and SQL. These abilities are useful for creating intricate data dashboards and reports, which are essential for improving data accessibility and comprehension.

Coding Can Support Creative Expression

You can find numerous jobs in more creative industries like graphic design, web development, or app development if you learn how to code. As an alternative, coding may be useful for non-tech positions too. For example, if you’re a writer and you need to update the design of a blog, or compose an email or newsletter, you can do so by using HTML or CSS.

Coding is a Universal Language

Code is a global language, much like mathematics; it is the same everywhere and does not require translation. Linguistic limitations can occasionally cause problems when changing jobs or migrating to another country. However, since coding languages are universal, you can take this talent wherever you go. Learning to code can increase your employability and offer you the flexibility to succeed anywhere.

Career Opportunities Can be Improved Through Coding Top 10 Reasons to Learn How to Code

Here are the 10 reasons why you need to learn how to code:

1. Jobs are Drifting Toward Automation

Many routine jobs have been mechanized thanks to programming. We need additional programmers to understand cookie-cutter jobs and then create a framework for automation. There are numerous tasks that can be automated like this.

2. Coding is a Lucrative Profession

In the past decade, the industry has witnessed a proliferation of startups and IT products. Companies continue to adopt newer technology stacks, even in programming. Every business cycle sees a brand-new stack enter the market, increasing the demand for programmers. Technology businesses often pay significantly better as the requirements increase.

3. The IT Community is Always Willing to Assist

Despite the fact that programming and technology-related occupations are in high demand, the tech community is less competitive than other sectors. Communities assist newcomers and mentor them as they learn new skills. Members of tech communities work at top firms and are quite helpful. They assist you to acquire a better job by including networking in the session.

4. Coding Jobs are Flexible (Remote/Hybrid)

Because coding makes use of cloud-based source-control technologies, you do not need to work from a traditional office. The developer can complete an issue and send the code to the team for approval. Everything is done remotely. This helps coding professions to be more empowering and flexible.

5. You Can Start a Pet Project

Many of today’s unsolvable challenges need a technological approach. It is challenging to find the correct individual to collaborate with in order to build a solution. Programmers are not cheap. As a developer, you may readily pick up side projects and provide engaging creative solutions. Without any dependencies, the solutions may serve a bigger market.

6. You Become Self-Reliant

Web-based apps are not the only ones that consume code. Programming is required for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, drones, and semiconductors. Hardware devices too need programming. All of this can get challenging if you do not learn how to code. Additionally, coding allows you to create new things.

7. Coding is Basic Literacy in the Digital Age

Human interactions with websites, programs, and software, constitute the major money online. These are created and designed by programmers. Learning to code not only simplifies their development but also allows you to customize them. Companies employ a lot of technical languages because tech-based products are becoming more popular. Coding comes in handy even to request and discuss technical features.

8. Coding is User-Friendly

Application programming is a fundamental skill. The grammar and syntax of machine languages are built on human language. As a result, the learning curve is shorter. There is no minimum or maximum age to learn to code, as there can be for any other talent or interest. Coding, contrary to common assumptions, is not rocket science. Anyone of any age can learn how to code.

9. The Leisure of Online Classes 10. Coding Develops Logic and Creative Thinking

An algorithm is a primary tool used in coding. Algorithms divide an issue and its solution into smaller stages. Such algorithmic thinking has become more popular in recent times. Coding, therefore, broadens creative thinking and aids decision-making. It helps you to break down any difficulty into smaller steps, and then pursue one action at a time.

10 Steps to Learn How to Code

Figure out why you want to learn to code

Choose which coding language you want to learn first

Take online courses

Watch video tutorials

Read books and e-books

Use tools that make learning to code easier

Check out how other people code

Complete coding projects

Find a mentor and community

Consider enrolling in a coding bootcamp

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Can You Learn Coding at Home?

It is feasible and not unusual to learn to program from the comfort of your own home. Emeritus provides instructional courses that are valuable to both rookie and expert coders wishing to learn a few new professional tactics.

Learning to code has a great impact on all aspects of your life and provides you with a renewed feeling of motivation to accomplish your life objectives. If you’re new to coding and want to see if it’s for you, check out Emeritus’ online coding courses to gain a head start in this field.

By Siddhesh Shinde

Can’t Install Lockdown Browser

When you can’t install LockDown browser or get the message ‘The installation failed’, there is always a panic, especially during the exam period. Respondus LockDown Browser is a great tool that institutions use to manage assessments and exams. However, like any other tech tool, it’s prone to technical problems. One example is being unable to install or update the browser on your devices, such as a Windows PC, Mac, or iPad.

Most people who have taken online exams have used this browser. LockDown is used to improve assessment integrity by preventing digital cheating during exams. Institutions that embrace this browser issue special codes, mostly a 9-digit code, to log in with. What can you do if you can’t install the LockDown browser on your PC? Read on to learn how to fix this problem within a few minutes and go back to your examination dashboard.

Can’t install LockDown browser

There are several reasons why you can’t install the LockDown browser. For example, some third-party antiviruses might affect how the browser functions. Another major reason is your current browser. It can be blocking LockDown due to a corrupted cache or browser cookies. Consider performing the following steps to fix the issue.

Temporarily turn off antivirus software

Try another browser

Reinstall Lockdown as an administrator

Let us now dig deeper into the steps above.

1] Temporarily turn off antivirus software

Disabling your Windows security software may resolve a failed LockDown installation hitch. Some security software or antiviruses may change the .EXE file, and the file cannot be run unless it’s renamed back to the .exe file. This means that you need to switch off your antivirus security feature before you start the installation process and reinstate it once you are done. In many cases, real-time PC protection turns on automatically after some time. Here is how to disable your security software on Windows:

Toggle the Real-time protection button off

Go ahead and install your LockDown browser on your PC.

If you use a third-party antivirus software, you will have to disable that one first.

2] Try another browser

Using another different browser like Chrome, Firefox, or the latest versions of Edge can greatly fix the issue of failed LockDown installation. Some browsers can block Respondus LockDown due to corrupted caches or other technical issues.

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3] Reinstall Lockdown as an administrator

If the above steps didn’t work, you could log in to your Windows PC, with full rights, as an admin. With these rights, you can now run the LockDown browser installer. Remember not to use Remote Desktop or Switch User options. Here is how to reinstall the Respondus LockDown browser as an admin:

Log into your computer using the Administrator account

Next, disable your antivirus and any other security software when the PC is on again.

Download the new LockDown browser installer aimed at your academic institution.

The final step is to enable the security software or antivirus that you disabled in the previous steps above.

We hope the solutions helped you successfully install the LockDown browser.

What laptops are compatible with LockDown Browser?

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Why is LockDown Browser closing?

Your LockDown browser might be closing because your internet service provider, your computer, or your network is blocking Respondus servers. You can fix this by temporarily turning off your antivirus, firewall, or any security software on your PC and trying to use the browser again. It’s good to know that the blocking can happen in the router and you can bypass this by plugging your PC directly into the modem. This may help. Also, there are reports that the LockDown browser may not work properly for international locations, for example, students in China.

How To Fix Hulu Error Code 2(

Are you experiencing the error code 2(-998) on Hulu? Hulu is a popular streaming service to enjoy your favorite movies, web series, TV shows, and other entertainment content. It is a great service, but users keep running into different error codes that ruin their streaming experience. One such error code is 2(-998). Here is the error message that accompanies this error code:

Error code: 2(-998)

Now, if you are one of the users who is facing the same error, this post will interest you. In this post, we will mention all the possible fixes that will help you fix error code 2(-998) on Hulu on your PC or Xbox One.

What causes Hulu Error Code 2(-998)?

Here are the potential causes of the error code 2(-998) on Hulu:

If the Hulu servers are down at the moment, you might face the error at hand.

It could be caused due to an internet connectivity issue.

An outdated or corrupted app can be another reason for the same.

Another reason can be a corrupted app cache.

How to fix Fix Hulu Error Code 2(-998) on PC or Xbox One

Here are the troubleshooting methods you can use to fix the error code 2(-998) on Hulu on your PC or Xbox One:

Use basic troubleshooting methods.

Check the server status of Hulu.

Test your internet connection.

Power cycle your PC and router.

Update your Hulu app.

Flush the DNS cache.

Clear Hulu / web browser cache.

Uninstall, then reinstall Hulu.

Contact the Hulu support team.

1] Use basic troubleshooting methods

First, we would recommend you try some generic troubleshooting methods to fix the error code 2(-998) on Hulu. The error could be due to a temporary glitch. Hence, try reloading the video with which you are experiencing the error at hand and see if the error is gone.

Another thing you can do is restart the Hulu app on your PC by closing the app completely using Task Manager and then launching it again. If the error is fixed, great. However, if it doesn’t resolve the error, restart your PC and then open Hulu to check if the error is fixed or not.

In case you are using Hulu in a web browser, close the web browser and then reopen it to check if the error is gone or not.

Also, do check your subscription plan and make sure it is not expired. If it is, you will have to renew your subscription to continue streaming videos on Hulu.

If the error still keeps popping up, you can move on to the next potential fix to get rid of the error.

2] Check the server status of Hulu

The error could also be triggered if there is an ongoing server issue at the end of Hulu. It is possible that Hulu servers are currently dealing with technical difficulties which is why you are getting the error code 2(-998) on Hulu. There might be a server outage or servers might be under maintenance. So, check the current status of Hulu servers and make sure the services are available.

There are a lot of free server-status detector tools that can tell you the exact server status of Hulu. Use services like chúng tôi chúng tôi chúng tôi etc., and find out Hulu servers’ status. In case there is a server issue at the Hulu site, there is nothing you can do to fix the error. All you can do is wait for some time to let the Hulu team fix the error. You can keep trying to reload the video meanwhile.

In case you find out that there is no server issue at the end of Hulu, there must be some other reason causing the error code 2(-998) on Hulu. So, you can move on to the next potential fix to resolve the error.

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3] Test your internet connection

You need an active and stable internet connection to stream and watch videos on Hulu. If there is a connectivity issue, you are likely to experience video playback error codes like 2(-998) on Hulu. It is essential to have a reliable internet connection to stream your favorite videos on Hulu smoothly. So, make sure you are connected to an active network connection.

You can check the speed of your internet using a free online Internet Speed Test tool or a free internet speed test app for Windows 11/10. Consider upgrading your internet plan if the speed is quite slow for streaming videos. There could also be some internet connectivity issues, so troubleshoot WiFi issues and then see if the error is fixed or not. Besides that,  update your network driver and check if the error is gone.

If your internet connection is working fine, move on to the next potential fix to resolve the error code 2(-998) on Hulu.

See: Fix Error Codes 3, 5, 16, 400, 500, 50003 on Hulu.

4] Power cycle your PC and router

For some affected users, performing a power cycle on their PC and networking device i.e., router has helped them fix the error at hand. So, you can also try doing the same and see if Hulu error 2(-998) is fixed or not. Here’s how you can do that:

Firstly, shut down your PC or the streaming device you are using like Xbox One.

Now, simply unplug your PC from the power socket.

Next, turn off your router and other networking devices and unplug them.

After that, leave the devices unplugged for at least 2 minutes.

Then, connect the power cord of your networking devices one by one and let them load completely.

Now, plug-in your computer and restart it.

Finally, open Hulu and check if the error is fixed or not.

If you continue to face the same error on Hulu, move on to the next potential fix.

5] Update your Hulu app

You are likely to run into playback and other errors on Hulu including 2(-998) if your Hulu app is outdated. It is necessary to keep updating your app, or else it might not perform well and you will also miss out on some amazing new features. Hence, it is recommended to update the Hulu app to have a smooth streaming experience.

Users who have installed the app on their Windows 11/10 PC, can use Microsoft Store to update the Hulu app to its latest version. Here are the steps to do so:

First, open Microsoft Store from the Start menu and go to Library.

It will then install updates for your apps.

Once the app is updated, launch it and check if the error is fixed.

In case you are using a web browser for Hulu, make sure your web browser is up-to-date. Just update Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc., and then open the Hulu web app to see if the error is fixed or not.

If the error code 2(-998) still pops up while watching a video on Hulu, move on to the next solution to fix it.

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6] Flush the DNS cache

The playback error code 2(-998) on Hulu could be caused due to outdated or corrupted DNS cache. Hence, if the scenario is applicable, you can delete the DNS cache to fix the error. Here is how you can flush the DNS cache on Windows 11/10 PC:

Firstly, you can use the taskbar search option to open the Command Prompt with administrator rights.

Now, write the following command in the CMD window: ipconfig /flushdns

After that, press the Enter button to execute the above command.

Once you see a “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache” message, reboot your PC and then open Hulu to check if the error is fixed.

If you still receive the same error, move on to the next potential fix to resolve it.

See: Fix Hulu Errors 3, 5, 16, 400, 500, 50003.

7] Clear Hulu / web browser cache

You might be dealing with the corrupted cache associated with the Hulu app which is triggering the error at hand. Hence, if the scenario is applicable, delete the Hulu app cache and see if the error is fixed or not.

If you are using Hulu on Xbox One, use the below steps:

Highlight the Hulu app and press the Menu button on your Xbox controller.

For people who use Hulu’s web app version in their web browser, clear your web browser cache and see if the error is fixed. You can use the below steps to clear the browser cache in Google Chrome:

Now, set the Time range to All time and tick the Cached images and files checkbox.

Next, press the Clear data button and once the cache is cleared, restart Chrome.

Finally, open Hulu and check if the error still persists.

Below are the steps to remove the cache in Microsoft Edge:

After that, move to the Privacy and services section.

Now, choose the Time range as All time and enable the Cached images and files checkbox.

Finally, press the Clear now button and when done, reopen Edge to check if the error is fixed or not.

If you use Mozilla Firefox to stream Hulu, try the below steps clear the cache:

First, open your Mozilla Firefox browser and press the three-bar menu button.

Next, choose Everything as the Time range and checkmark the Cache option.

Now, press the OK button and it will delete the browser cache.

Finally, relaunch Firefox and check if the error code 2(-998) on Hulu is fixed or not.

Similarly, you can clear the Opera cache and see if the error is fixed or not.

8] Uninstall, then reinstall Hulu

This error might be caused due to a faulty installation of the Hulu app. Hence, the last resort to fix the error is to uninstall the app and then reinstall it.

9] Contact the Hulu support team

If all the above solutions fail, you can contact the official support team of Hulu and submit your complaint, They will reach out to you with possible fixes.

How do I fix error 2 on Hulu?

To fix runtime error code 2 on Hulu, make sure your streaming device is up-to-date and also make sure that your device fulfills the minimum Hulu system requirements. Apart from that, update the Hulu app, delete the app cache, check your internet connection, power cycle your devices, or reinstall the Hulu app.

How do I fix Hulu error P DEV320?

You can fix Hulu error code P-DEV320 by updating your Hulu app. Also, test your internet connection and make sure you are connected to an active and stable internet connection. Apart from that, delete the app cache, perform a power cycle on your streaming and networking devices, or contact the support team of Hulu.

Hope this helps.

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