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YouTube users across the globe consume billions of hours of videos on the Google-owned platform each passing day and in an effort to keep up with its push into digital well-being, the search giant is making it easy for users of this video sharing platform to manage the time spent on the app.

The company’s latest and greatest OS, Android 9 Pie, has even more focus on digital well-being, something we’ve dived deeper into here. As for the YouTube app, here’s how you can easily track time spent watching videos today, yesterday, or even the entire week, among other things.

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How to track time spent on YouTube

It’s quite easy to get going, just follow these steps:

Open the YouTube app on your phone or tablet.

Tap on profile photo in the top right corner to open the Account Menu.

In the menu, tap on ‘Time watched’ to open the Stats.

Here, you can see the time you’ve spent watching YouTube videos today, yesterday, the past week and a daily average. These stats are collected from all of your signed-in YouTube products other than the YouTube Music app. Also, details of videos you’ve watched and then deleted or those watched in Incognito mode won’t be included in the Stats.

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How to set a reminder to take a break from YouTube

Besides letting you into an overview of the time you’ve spent on YouTube, you can also manage your time on the platform. And it’s quite easy to do this.

Under the ‘Tools to manage your YouTube time’ section in the Account Menu from the section above, toggle on ‘Remind me to take a break’ option.

In the Reminder frequency window, pick the duration you want and YouTube will remind you when you reach this limit.

When through, tap on ‘Done’ and that’s it.

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How to turn on scheduled digest

Another cute little addition in the YouTube app is more control over push notifications. Maybe sometimes you don’t want to check out the app, but due to a notification, you are lured into doing so. Well, with the scheduled digest feature, you can bundle all of your YouTube notifications into one single notification that is then sent out once per day at a time you prefer. Here’s how you can do this.

Under the ‘Tools to manage your YouTube time’ section in the Account Menu from the first section above, toggle on the ‘Scheduled digest’ option

To set a specific time to receive the bundled notifications, tap on Scheduled digest and pick your preferred time from the list that pops up.

How to disable sounds & vibrations

Resisting the urge to check out notifications can be quite hard and in the new YouTube app, Google is making things a little easier for you. From today, you can choose to receive all notifications without any sound or vibration from 10 PM to 8 AM, but of course, this duration can be altered to fit your own preferences. Here’s how to go about it.

Under the ‘Tools to manage your YouTube time’ section in the Account Menu from the first section above, toggle on the ‘Disable sounds & vibrations’ option, if not already

Tap on it and hit “Done” to stick to the default settings

To customize the time, tap on “Start time” and choose your preferred time from the list. Tap on “End time” and also select your preferred time.

Select “Done” and that’s all!

Google started rolling out these features to the YouTube app on August 27, so it should be a while before all platforms and devices receive the update.

You're reading How To Track Time Spent On Youtube And Control It Easily?

How Can You Control Your Video Viewing Experience On Youtube?

Users watch more than one billion hours of videos every day on YouTube, which is a popular video-sharing and social media platform. It is a vast database of knowledge, fun, and a diverse range of other material. A user needs to be familiar with YouTube settings to fully utilize these resources. YouTube improves the quality of the video depending on the viewing circumstances to provide the user with the best viewing experience.

You can adjust numerous settings on YouTube videos to suit your preferences. You may easily adjust playback quality and quality, enable closed captions, change between full screen and theatre modes, and even watch in virtual reality while you are watching a video.

The speed of the internet connection, video player, screen size, and the quality of the originally uploaded video all influence the video quality. Higher-quality videos play better on large screens. A standard-definition video will not be accessible in high definition. When you are on a computer, TV, or mobile gadget, you may also adjust the video quality manually.

Control your video viewing experience on YouTube

To control the video viewing experience, you need to open a video of your choice on YouTube.

The video will start playing on the screen.

Optimize videos for quality or performance

Almost every YouTube video’s quality may be adjusted with ease. YouTube makes a video accessible in varying resolutions depending on the speed and size of the internet connection when someone posts a high-definition video to the site. Try lowering the video quality to reduce the amount of data that needs to be downloaded if your connection or device slows down and the video, you are watching pauses to buffer. You can also try increasing the quality of the video looks grainy or blurry. You would not be able to view the video in HD if the person who created it did not post it in a high-definition format such as 1080p or better.

To change the quality, follow the steps −

Choose your preferred resolution. The higher the number of resolutions, the better the quality.

Watch in full-screen mode

On your computer, phone, or tablet, you may watch any YouTube video in full-screen, mini player, and theatre mode. the three options are available in every video.

Select according to your choice.

The video is playing in full screen. To exit the full screen, just press the Esc key.

The video will start playing in theatre mode.

You may also select the mini player mode which shrinks the screen size and minimizes the screen to the bottom right of the screen. that screen will keep on playing even if you are working on another window.

The video will start playing in a mini player.

Captions are useful whether you are deaf or trying to learn a new language, or simply watching a video without sound. This feature is very useful and most used. You can enable captioning for supported videos on mobile YouTube and the web, captions are not available for all videos.

The red line is shown under CC, it is enabled now. You can see the subtitles in the video.

Speed up or slow down the playback speed

For videos that are progressing too slowly for your liking, you may easily speed up playback. When you need more time to digest information, you may also slow down videos.

Choose a speed.

You can also select the custom speed.

I have set it at .8x.

Loop videos to watch them on repeat

Loop plays your favorite videos repeatedly. You may automatically repeat any video after it has finished.

You can see a tick is there, which means loop is enabled.

Cast videos on your TV to see them on a big screen.

You may watch YouTube on your TV easily if you own a Chromecast or Airplay-compatible television, streaming device, or gaming system.

Choose your Chromecast-enabled device.

It will appear to be a square with three curved lines at the bottom-left corner.

Autoplay videos

When you finish watching the current video, YouTube Autoplay begins playing a new one automatically. Autoplay videos help you discover additional material by linking to your viewing history.

You can see the icon in image below with small play button.

Autoplay is off now, as a pause sign is there on Autoplay icon.

Use Google Cardboard to experience virtual reality

You can watch VR180 and 360-degree videos in the mobile app if you have Google Cardboard. Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the video, pick Watch in VR or Watch in Cardboard, and follow the on-screen instructions to put your phone inside your Cardboard viewer.

But in the browser, you can see a directional arrow sign. You can drag and drop the mouse over the video, to see a three-dimensional video.


While streaming high-resolution video over a cellular network, be aware of your data restrictions. It is possible to use a large amount of bandwidth in a short time.


Hopefully, you can now watch YouTube videos in the quality that you want. Remember that you cannot watch a video in a higher resolution than the one it was uploaded in. This indicates that it is impossible to watch the video in 720p or 1080p if it was uploaded at 480p. It can be difficult to understand YouTube’s video quality options at first. You can, however, watch videos that suit your preferences if you follow the tips above. So, just open the YouTube and get ready to change your viewing preferences accordingly.

What Is Switch Control And How To Use It On Iphone And Ipad

For differently-abled people, the “Accessibility” suite in iOS devices has been no less than a boon. The ability to use the iPhone through voice-over, have the device read articles, recognize sounds, or perform certain actions with just a touch is something that truly empowers the differently-abled. Another equally important but lesser-known Accessibility feature on iPhones is called Switch Control. If you are wondering what is ‘Switch Control’ and how to use it on your iPhone and iPad, here is an in-depth guide so you can get the most out of this nifty feature.

How to Use Switch Control on iPhone and iPad

Switch Control comes with a wide range of features and offers full-on customization so that you can fine-tune all the pivotal aspects. Before getting into the customization aspect, let’s first get the basics out of the way!

What is Switch Control in iPhone and iPad?

Switch Control is designed to let you control your iPhone and iPad using a single or multiple switches. To be more precise, it changes the gestures used to control your iOS / iPadOS device.

Notably, Switch Control also supports point scanning and custom gestures. It lets you fine-tune the timing, hold duration, and customize the menu for a more personalized experience.

Using custom switches, you can perform several actions like selecting and dragging items, activating Siri, invoking the control center, and more. Long story short, Switch Control ensures limited mobility doesn’t prevent you from getting the most out of your iPhone and iPad.

How to Enable Switch Control on iPhone and iPad

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Scroll down and tap on Accessibility.

3. Next, select Switch Control.

4. Next up, turn on the switch next to Switch Control. You may get a pop-up asking you to confirm the action. Tap ‘OK’ to confirm and enable the feature.

How to Add a New Switch

Switch Control lets you add multiple types of switches that you can use to control your device. Make sure to assign one switch to the Select item action so that Switch Control can function correctly.

2. Now, tap on Switches.

4. Next up, select a switch source:

External: It lets you activate your external switch. The external switches “can be Bluetooth, MIDI, or Made for iPhone/ iPad Assistive Switch Control devices.”

Screen: It allows you to choose Full Screen, enabling you to use Switch Control by tapping anywhere on your iPhone screen. Select Full Screen and then choose a preferred switch action.

Camera: Select it to use Switch Control by moving your head to the left or right. After selecting Left / Right Head Movement, you get the option to choose the desired switch action, which could be either be scanner or system-related. 

Back Tap: With iOS 14 or later, you can perform certain actions like activating Siri, enabling Dictation, or adjusting volume by tapping twice or thrice on your iPhone’s back. What’s more, you can also use this super handy gesture to enhance Switch Control functionality. For instance, you can use this gesture to start / stop scanning and access the scanner menu.

5. Select the preferred switch action. Then, you have the option to choose Long Press to set up a long-press action.

How to Remove a Switch from Switch Control

2. Now, tap on Switches.

3. Next, swipe left on the switch you wish to remove. And then, tap on Delete.

How to Create a New Recipe

Interestingly, you can also create a new recipe, a set of complex actions, that you can temporarily assign to switches. Recipes come in handy in performing various tasks like triggering controls in games and even turning pages in the Books app. Moreover, you can also record several gestures as part of a recipe.

2. Now, tap on Recipes.

How to Change Scanning Style

Based on your convenience, you can fine-tune the scanning style which lets you tweak how you move through items on your screen. Though Auto Scanning is the default, you can go for manual scanning if you wish to have better control.

2. Tap on Scanning Style and select the one you prefer. We have explained what each scanning style does down below:

Auto Scanning: It lets you move focus automatically after a specified duration.

Manual Scanning: It requires a switch to move focus and a second switch to activate items. 

Single Switch Step Scanning: It also requires a switch to be engaged to move focus. Do note that if you take no action within a specified duration, the item with focus is triggered automatically.

How to Customize Switch Control Timing

2. Now, scroll down to the Timing section. Next, you have five options to choose from:

Auto Scanning Time: It allows you to adjust the auto-scanning time for Switch Control. In other words, it lets you change how long it takes for Switch Control to automatically scan items. Select it and then use the +/- button to adjust the timing.

Pause on First Item: It lets you adjust the duration for which time auto-scanning will wait after input is pressed. Depending on your needs, you can increase/ decrease the timing using the +/- button.

Loops: It allows you to hide the cursor after each item on the screen has been visited a certain number of times.

Move Repeat: It enables you to control the delay before the move to the next or previous item is repeated while a switch remains pressed. It also features +/- buttons to let you fine-tune the timing.

Long Press: Using the long press, you can add another action to a switch that is activated when you hold the switch for longer than the duration you have specified. You can not only choose the timing of the long-press but also pause Switch Control scanning by holding down on a long press enabled switch.

How to Customize Switch Control Tap Behavior

For a more personalized experience, you can also fine-tune the tap behavior

2. Now, select the Tap Behavior option.

3. Next, you have three options to choose from:

Default: Choose it to show the scanner menu of Switch Control. 

Auto Tap: It causes the Select action to automatically tap the screen unless it is pressed twice to show the Scanner Menu. 

Always Tap: It lets you make the ‘Select action’ immediately choose the focused item instead of displaying the Scanner Menu. 

How to Customize Focused Item After Tap

2. Now, tap on Focused Item After Tap.

3. Next, you have two options to choose from:

First Item: Select it to have Switch Control scan the first item.

Current Item: Choose it to have Switch Control scan the current item.

How to Customize Keyboard for Switch Control

2. Now, scroll down to the ‘Keyboard’ section. Then, turn on/off the toggles for ‘Scan Same Key After Tap’ and ‘Extended Predictions’ based on your preference.

How to Adjust Switch Stabilisation for Switch Control

Switch stabilization allows you to adjust both the hold duration and ignore repeat for improved accessibility control.

2. Now, scroll down to Switch Stabilisation. Next, you can choose to customize the hold duration and ignore repeat.

Hold Duration: It refers to the duration your input device must be held before a press is recognized. Bear in mind that the hold duration must be less than the Auto Tap time so that you can use the double input press. You can fine-tune the duration via the +/- buttons.

Ignore Repeat: It’s the duration in which multiple presses of input are treated as a single input. Bear in mind that the ignore repeat duration must be less than the Auto Tap time so that a double input press can be used. You can fine-tune the duration via the +/- buttons.

How to Customize Gliding Cursor for Switch Control

2. Now, scroll down to the ‘Point Scanning’ section and choose Gliding Cursor.

3. Next up, there are three options to choose from, and we have explained each one does below. You can use the +/- button to adjust the gliding cursor speed.

Single: The Single mode lets you make one vertical and one horizontal selection. It is generally faster for larger selection targets. 

Refined: Refined mode enables you to refine your targeting in each direction, with a second scan in the range of your initial selection. 

Precise: It adds a final low-speed scan for more precise targeting. 

How to Use Head Tracking

Bear in mind that you can use Head Tracking only on the iPhone/iPad with a front-facing TrueDepth camera. The TrueDepth camera is available on iPhone X and later, and 12-inch iPad Pro (3rd and 4th-gen) and 11-inch iPad Pro (1st and 2nd-gen).

2. Now, scroll down to the ‘Point Scanning‘ section and choose Head Tracking.

Fine-Tune Head Tracking Actions

Smile: It lets you choose an action to perform when you smile showing your teeth.

Open Mouth: It allows you to choose an action to perform when you open your mouth. 

Stick Out Tongue: It enables you to select an action to perform when you stick out your tongue while lips are closed. 

Raise Eyebrow: It allows you to choose an action to perform when you raise your eyebrows. 

Fine-Tune Head Tracking Mode

Using tracking mode, you can customize how the pointer moves.

With Face: Once selected, you can point your face directly at a position on the screen to move the pointer to that location.

When Facing Screen Edges: Select it to point your face towards an edge of the screen to move the pointer in that direction. Facing directly at the screen will let you keep the pointer still. 

Relative Head: Choose it to move the pointer with your head no matter where you are facing. It’s worth mentioning that moving faster makes the pointer move faster. 

How to Enable/ Disable Sound Effects

Switch Control also offers neat sound effects that you can enable or disable as per your needs.

2. Now, turn on/off the switch right next to Sound Effects.  

How to Adjust Switch Control Speech

Switch Control provides the desired flexibility to adjust speech as well. For instance, you can choose a preferred voice and even fine-tune the speaking rate.

3. Next, turn on the switch for Speech. After that, you can choose the preferred voice, adjust the speaking rate, and enable/ disable ‘Speak Item Attributes’ and ‘Pause while Speaking’ options.

How to Customize Switch Control Menu Items

Another feature worth taking note of is the ability to customize the menu items. It lets you tweak not only gestures, settings but also media controls so that you can stay in complete control while performing various actions.

2. Now, scroll down and choose Menu Items.

3. Next, there are five menu items to choose from: Top Level, Gestures, Device, Settings, and Media Controls. Select the preferred menu item and then adjust the order in which you want them to appear.

How to Enable/ Disable Group Items

2. Now, turn off/on the toggle for Group Items based on your preference.

How to Enable/ Disable Large Cursor

Though the large cursor looks better and makes navigation a bit more convenient, you can disable it if you don’t find it helpful.

2. Now, scroll down to the ‘Visual’ section and turn off the ‘Large Cursor’ toggle.

How to Customize Switch Control Cursor Color

Probably the coolest thing about Switch Control is the ability to customize the cursor color. So, if you want the cursor to look pleasing to the eyes (or if you are colorblind), choose the desired color for it.

3. Next, choose a preferred color for the cursor.

How to Create New Switch Control Gestures

Gestures make it simpler to perform specific tasks. So, never fail to create handy gestures that can let you get work done faster.

2. Now, scroll down and choose Saved Gestures. 

Enable/ Disable Side Button Confirmation

Enable and Customize Switch Control on iOS and iPadOS

That’s pretty much it! As I said above, Switch Control is a pretty handy Accessibility feature designed for folks with limited mobility. The best part about this feature is the wide range of customization options. Thus, you can tweak all the essential aspects in line with your needs. Besides, it also lets you customize the appearance of menu items and the cursor, which might come in handy for some.

Recently, we have covered quite a few Accessibility-related articles, such as how to enable and use Magnifier, Screen Curtain, Sound Recognition, and Accessibility Shortcut. Be sure to check them out if you are yet to get the most out of these equally useful features.

How To Track And Share Locations On Iphone With Wondershare Geonection

In a world that focuses on stealing your data rather than securing it, Wondershare Geonection offers real-time location sharing without invasion of privacy.


Easy-to-use UI

Shares data in encrypted form


The SOS feature isn’t available yet

Editor’s rating: 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌝 🌜

Price: 3-day free trial (Subscription starts at $4.99/month)

The planet we live on is huge, and so are the chances of getting lost. I remember my mother calling once every 10 minutes whenever I’m traveling to a new place – just to make sure I’m safe. While it’s because they care for us, it would be better if there was a way to let them know our location without phone calls.

That’s where a location tracker app comes in handy. But oftentimes, location sharing translates to chances of data leaks. And since your data is precious, you should only trust an app or service from a good brand. Here’s Wondershare Geonection, an app for locating sharing that I used, reviewed, and highly recommend!

What is a location-sharing tool, and why should you use it?

Location sharing, as the name suggests, is a tool/app that lets you share your location with friends, family, or anyone close. There are many instances where a location-sharing app like Wondershare Geonection can be useful.


Parents can set location circles at home and school to ensure their children have safely reached/left the school.

Get live updates about family members who have embarked on a long journey.

You can also use this app to ensure that family members drive safely.

You can check on senior citizens in and around your family to ensure they are safe by viewing their location history and current location data.

 You can also check if the member’s phone is active and has enough battery to contact them if you wish to.


When you are concerned about your partner/spouse if you haven’t heard from them in a while.

To know the battery state of your partner’s smartphone or to see if their device is turned off.

Locate where they currently are to make sure they are safe.

View your partner’s location history and know where they have been to ensure they are navigating through the right path.


For parties and other occasions, you can check how long your friends will take to arrive.

Check in to inform buddies that you have reached a particular place.

To ensure they have reached home safely after the party.

What makes Wondershare Geonection special?

Now that you know the use cases of a location-sharing tool, you may wonder what the best location tracker app for iPhone is. While using location-sharing apps, it is always best to go with apps from established brands. We are looking at Geonection mainly because of the brand it’s coming from, Wondershare.

Founded in 2003, Wondershare became one of the frontrunners in introducing software products that make our daily life easier and more productive. Because of their simple and easy-to-use products and amazing service, they now serve millions across more than 150 countries.

With Wondershare Geonection, the brand has ensured you will get all key features. Let’s delve deeper into each feature provided.

Salient features of Wondershare Geonection

Live location sharing: The tool can share your live location with the people within your circle. The members can view your location in real time.

 Location history record: Check members’ location history.

 Place Notification: You can add a reminder/pin at a place, and when a member leaves or enters this place, you will be notified of the same.

 Data Encryption: All the data stored and shared between the members are encrypted.

 Driving Report: The Geonection app will also give you information regarding the driving history of the members. You can get details such as driving routine, distance covered, top speed, average speed, etc.

 Compatible devices: Apart from the iPhone, Geonection is also available on Android so that you can stay close to your friends and family, regardless of the smartphone brand.

How to use Wondershare Geonection on your iPhone or Android

Once you install the app from App Store or Play Store, it’s very easy to use. Open the app and follow the instructions to log in. (Note: On your iPhone, you need to give permission for Location Services, Push Notifications, and Motion Sensors.)

Once you log in to the app, a circle is created by default. A circle is a place where the location of other information is shared. Initially, the circle will expire after 3 days, but you can make it permanent.

But now what? What are the other things possible with the app? Read on and find out.

Create a new circle

While a circle is created by default, you can still make new circles. Here’s how:

Open the Geonection app on your iPhone.

Tap the drop-down menu in the top middle.

Here, tap Create Circle.

Name the circle.

Now select between Permanent Circle or 3-day Circle.

Now you can share the invite code with the members you want to add. To share the code, tap Invite People.

Invite People to your circle 

You can invite people while creating or after creating the circle. Here’s how:

Tap the profile icon on the top left corner.

Select Circle Settings.

Select Add a new Member.

Now that we know how to create a circle and invite people, it’s time to see how to join it. Here’s how you can do that:

If you are opening the app for the first time, you can tap Join Circle and then enter the code. But if you want to join a group later, here’s what you should do.

Join Circle on Geonection

Tap the drop-down menu on the top.

Select Join Circle.

Once you enter a code, you will see a confirmation. Tap Ok to complete.

Manage Circle on Geonection

Now that we know how to create a circle and then invite/join remembers to it, let us look at how to manage these circles.

To switch between the circles, tap the drop-down menu at the center and select the circle you want to switch to. Another feature that I liked about the Wondershare Geonection is that you can disable the location sharing if you want to:

Open the profile and tap Circle Settings.

Select Location Sharing.

Besides that, the app lets the members leave the circle anytime they want, ensuring that you can only share the location with your content.

Should you consider Wondershare Geonection?

I had pretty high expectations from Wondershare since all their previous products impressed me. And with Geonection, Wondershare has continued to deliver. From installation to usage, the app is easy-to-use, has a good UI, and easily findable menu options.

With this app, you can get the precise location of the circle members and information regarding how fast they are driving their vehicles. That’s a good feature to have; it helps your dear ones warn you about speed limits. There is even an option to view the map between regular or satellite views.

Additionally, the app can only track your location if you want to. This means you can easily stop sharing your location when you want, or even better, log out and leave the circle when you want to. But keep in mind the administrator will be informed that you have left the circle. Still, I liked this approach to ensuring privacy.

The shared data will be completely encrypted so that you will know that your data is only accessed by people you want and not anyone else.

Room for improvement

While the Geonection has impressed me overall, there are still some things I want to see improved over the future updates.

Even though it has been mentioned that the SOS feature will be rolled out soon, that should have been rolled out along with the app. It would be of great help to users during emergencies. I hope that this feature is made available pretty soon.

Additionally, I would like an option to revert the permanent circle to a 3-day circle since sometimes the use case may be only for a few days. If the administrator forgets to delete the group, they may still see other members’ updates.


You can get a 3-day trial and switch to the premium plan, which starts at $4.99 monthly. For the price, Geonection provides a good value with rich features and data encryption. I would even recommend this app to those looking for a GPS location tracker.


UI and ease of use


Data security




Value for money



Wondershare Geonection Review

Wondershare Geonection Review





Wondershare Geonection is an easy-to-use app that promises location sharing while keeping your data safe. With this app, you can ensure your loved ones travel safely and track their locations.

Wondershare Geonection is an easy-to-use app that promises location sharing while keeping your data safe. With this app, you can ensure your loved ones travel safely and track their locations.




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How To Easily Batch Uninstall Apps On Android

Have you ever filled up the available space in your Android phone storage and couldn’t download an app you want to install? Of course you have. We all have. Going through and selecting the apps you want to delete to make more space for the new one can be tedious if you have to go through them one by one. It’s much faster to batch uninstall apps and remove all unwanted apps at once.

Multi App Uninstaller

There are many different apps that will do this for you. The one I prefer is called Multi App Uninstaller. It’s fast, easy to use and ad-free, so pretty much a no-brainer to use.

This app gives the user some different options for deleting unwanted apps from your phone. Some are functional, and some are there to appeal to different users’ preferences. These options are at the top of the screen, and look like the following image.


By pressing the sort icon at the bottom left of the screen, you can choose to display your apps in either descending or ascending order by name, size, or install date.

Select All

At the bottom right corner of the screen, you’ll see a square icon that lets you select every single app on your phone. Obviously be careful when doing this, because you’re just another tap from batch-uninstalling all your apps (though Multi App Uninstaller does ask to confirm the uninstallation of each individual app, at least).


Tapping the three-dot options icon at the top right lets you change the layout of the apps on your screen between a list view and a grid view.

From this menu you can also switch the app to Dark mode.

How to Use Multi App Uninstaller

Locate and download the app to your device. When you open the app, Multi App Uninstaller will read your library of apps and display them for you. The icons are large and easily visible.

To delete multiple apps:

From the main Multi App Uninstaller screen, simply tap each app you want to uninstall one by one (or, if you want to uninstall most of your apps, tap the square icon at the bottom right corner to select all, then tap each app that you want to keep).

Tap the trash can icon at the bottom of the screen.

The app will ask you to verify that you want to uninstall these apps. The app checks each request to uninstall an app individually to eliminate errors that may cause unwanted uninstalls. Press OK each time.

As soon as you you confirm one uninstall, the next app in the queue will be shown for you to verify.

Once Multi App Uninstaller has completed all of your uninstalls, the app will return you to the main screen.

Multi App Uninstaller easily and efficiently batch uninstalls all your unwanted applications to make room for new, exciting replacements. For more Android tips see our guide on finding downloaded files on any Android device, and also our nifty guide to compressing and extracing (zipping and unzipping) files on Android.

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How To Put Ads On Youtube (With Pictures)

Product and brand consideration: This goal helps influence people to consider your product or brand while researching your specific category of brand or product.

Brand awareness and reach: This goal helps you build name recognition.

Standard Awareness: This subtype is available for the “Brand awareness and reach” goal. It helps reach viewers on YouTube and across the web with compelling videos.

Outstream: This subtype is also available under “Brand awareness and reach”. It is designed to reach people on the smartphones and tablets.

Standard consideration:This subtype is available under the “Product brand and consideration:” goal. This subtype is designed to connect users to your brand through videos that drive interactivity.

Type a name for the campaign. There is a line at the top of the page labeled “Campaign name”. Use this line to type the name of your campaign.

Under “Daily”, you can also select a delivery method. “Standard” spends the same amount throughout the duration of the ad campaign. “Accelerated” spends more money at the start to drive up views quickly.

Select a network. There are two network types for YouTube. “YouTube search results” only displays the video in the search results on YouTube. This option does not display the ad before or during a YouTube video. “YouTube videos” displays the video in the search results and on other YouTube videos.

Select a language (optional). It is set to “All languages” by default. You can leave it as the default, or use the line to type the language your customers speak.

Select a bidding strategy. There are two types of bidding strategies for YouTube videos. You can select “Maximum CPV” for the maximum you are willing to pay per view. Maximum CPM sets the maximum you are willing to pay per every thousand times your ad is shown.

Set the content filter. The content filter allows you to exclude what type of content you don’t want your ad to be shown along side. You can select the standard filter, or you can select specific sensitive content you don’t want to be associated with, or select a digital content rating. You can also opt out of Embedded YouTube videos, Live streaming, or Games.

Select devices. There are two types of devices you can select. All devices displays the ad on any and all devices. “Specific targeting for mobile devices” allows you to target specific devices and operating systems.

Type the maximum bidding for your ad group. Depending on what you selected earlier in the setup process, you can select the maximum CVP or CPM.

What they are actively researching and planning: This drop-down menu includes two sub-menus. “In-market audiences” and “Life events”. The later includes three selections; “College Graduation”, “Marriage”, and “Moving”. “In-market audiences” includes categories such as; “Apparel & accessories”, “Autos & Vehicles”, “Baby & Children’s products”, “Consumer electronics”, “Education”, “Dating Services”, “Financial services”, “Home & Garden”, “Sports & Fitness”, “Software” and more.

How they interact with your business: This sub-menu currently has no selections at this time.

Topics: This drop-down menu includes a variety of checkboxes for topics. These topics include; “Arts & Entertainment”, “Books & Leisure”, “Beauty & Fitness”, “Autos & Vehicles”, “Computers & Electronics”, “Business & Industrial”, “Food & Drink”, “Games”, “Hobbies & Interests” and more.

You video ad must be uploaded to YouTube. Other video streaming formats are not allowed.


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