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Don’t want to use built-in voice chat on your Xbox One or next-gen Xbox? You can use Discord voice chat instead. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use Discord on Xbox, with several ways to connect your Discord and Xbox accounts, as well as how to get started using Discord on Xbox.

Enable Remote Features

The first step is to enable remote features so you can use Discord on Xbox. Here’s how to do that:

Table of Contents

    Press the

    Xbox button

    on your controller.

    Check the

    Enable Remote Features





    Power Options

    . This is extremely important, as remote play won’t work unless your Xbox power mode is set to Sleep.

    Your console will now test your setup.

    How to Link Your Xbox and Discord Accounts

    In order to use Discord on Xbox, you first need to link your Xbox and Discord accounts. There are a number of different ways to connect your accounts, on desktop or via mobile. Since you’ll need the Discord app later for voice chat on your console, we’ll start with how to link your accounts via mobile.

    First, you’ll need to download the Discord and Xbox apps from the Play Store and sign into both apps.

    How to Connect to Your Xbox From the Discord App

      Open the Discord app.

      Tap your

      profile icon

      at the bottom right.



        to see a list of your linked accounts.



          at the top right of your screen.

          Scroll down and tap the

          Xbox button


              On the “Let this app access your info?” screen, tap



              Note: If you’re not signed into the Xbox app, you’ll see a prompt to enter your username and password.

              You’ll then see a screen that says “Xbox wants to access your Discord account” — tap

              Authorize and continue


                Your accounts are now connected!

                How to Connect Your Discord Account Using the Xbox App

                  Open the Xbox app.

                  Tap your

                  profile icon

                  at the bottom right.



                      , tap

                      Linked Accounts








                          On the “Xbox wants to access your Discord account” screen, tap



                            Your accounts are now linked.

                            Connecting Your Discord Account on Desktop

                            You can use the Discord desktop app, the Xbox app for Windows, or the Xbox Game Bar to connect your account to your console on desktop.

                            How to




                            our Discord




                            sing the Discord Windows



                              Download and install the Discord app on your computer.

                              Open the app and log in to your account with your username and password or by scanning the QR code with your phone.

                              Next to your profile icon at the bottom left, select

                              User Settings






                                  Add accounts to your profile

                                  , select

                                  View More

                                  and choose the

                                  Xbox icon

                                  , then follow the on-screen prompts.

                                    You’ll be prompted to sign into your Xbox account, if you’re not already signed in.

                                      When you reach the “Let this app access your info?” screen, select



                                      You can now use Discord on Xbox.

                                      Connecting Your Discord Account Using the Xbox App for Windows

                                        Download and install the Xbox app on your computer.

                                        Press the


                                        button on your PC.



                                        from the list to launch the app.

                                        Select your

                                        profile icon

                                        at the top right, then choose





                                          next to Discord.

                                            Follow the prompts to connect your account.

                                            Your accounts are now linked, so you can start using Discord on Xbox.

                                            Connecting Your Discord Account Using The Xbox Game Bar

                                            To connect your account using the Xbox Game Bar, just follow the below steps:

                                              Press the

                                              Windows button



                                              to open the Game Bar.

                                                Next to Discord, select



                                                Follow the on-screen prompts to link your account.

                                                How to connect your Discord account using your Xbox console

                                                The final way to link your Discord account to your Xbox is to do it directly from your console.

                                                  Press the

                                                  Xbox button

                                                  on your controller.


                                                  Linked social accounts




                                                  under the


                                                  tile and follow the on-screen instructions to link your account.

                                                  How to Use Discord Voice Chat

                                                  Now you’ve connected your Discord account to your Xbox using your preferred method, let’s take a look at how to use Discord voice chat on your console. There are several ways to do this, including directly from your Xbox console or from your phone.

                                                  How to join a Discord voice chat channel on your phone

                                                    First, open the Discord app on your phone.

                                                    Tap the voice chat channel you’d like to connect to.

                                                      At the bottom of the screen, tap

                                                      Try voice chat on console!

                                                        Tap J

                                                        oin on Xbox

                                                        . Make sure you don’t tap

                                                        Join Voice

                                                        or you’ll connect via your phone.

                                                          This will open the Xbox app.


                                                          Transfer voice

                                                          and you’re ready to start chatting.

                                                          How to join a Discord voice chat channel on your console

                                                            Press the Xbox button on your controller.

                                                            Select the Discord server you’d like to join from the list and press


                                                            . Or you might want to make a Discord server so you can invite your friends.

                                                            Choose the Discord voice channel to join from the Voice Channels List, then press


                                                            to join.

                                                            Note: You’ll only see servers listed that you have already joined. You can join a Discord server from the mobile or desktop app (and you’ll need an invite to do so). Getting an Invite Invalid error? Check out our guide to why your Discord invites aren’t working.

                                                            Leaving a Discord Channel

                                                            If you need to leave a channel for any reason, it’s easy to do so.

                                                              Press the

                                                              Xbox button

                                                              on your controller.




                                                              As you can see, it’s pretty simple to set up Discord on your Xbox, and there are a few different ways to do it. Pick the method that works best for you, whether that’s using the Discord app on your mobile device or via the Xbox Windows app, and you’ll be ready to chat in-game with your friends in no time at all.

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                                                              How To Make Reaction Roles On Discord

                                                              Reaction roles are a fun feature in Discord servers. As a server owner, you must always be on the lookout to keep your members engaged.

                                                              Unfortunately, Discord does not provide an easy way to set up reaction roles. With the Roles setting, you can assign roles to members. But that’s never going to be as convenient as self-assigned reaction roles.

                                                              Reaction roles are self-assignable discord roles. Every Discord server has the ability to configure one or more roles. These roles can be linked to specific emoji reactions using a number of ways. When a user performs that reaction, they are automatically assigned the associated role.

                                                              Reaction roles assist members in identifying themselves on the server in a unique way. If you know how to use them, they can be very engaging. Some servers make use of them to collect surveys and polls from their users. Others use it to identify admins, moderators, and other high-ranking members of the server.

                                                              Reaction role bots, on the other hand, are Discord bots that are written to automate regular server features. Reaction role bots are third-party integrations that can only be added by the server owner.

                                                              Reaction role bots differ in terms of how they can be configured. However, the end goal of all bots is the same. That is, create reaction roles in the simplest way possible.

                                                              Note that not all features are available for free across all reaction role bots. Some limit on the number of reaction roles that you can create. Others charge you for the additional features they provide. Here is a quick list of some of the popular reaction bots available in the market.

                                                              Carl bot

                                                              MEE6 bot

                                                              Droplet Reaction role bot





                                                              These Reaction Roles on discord can also be configured directly from the Discord server settings, without the assistance of a third party. Each member of your server can have their own role. Besides this, the role at the top has the option to modify all roles below it.

                                                              As a side tip, @everyone is the default role that Discord gives to all members of a server. Any role assigned thereafter supersedes settings defined in @everyone.

                                                              Now you should be ready to start making reaction roles. Make sure that you use only your created roles in the next sections.

                                                              One thing to note here is that, for every bot that you add, move it to the top of the list under the Roles tab. This will give the bot permission to modify roles for all members below it. If you miss this step, the reaction role that you created will not work correctly.

                                                              Manual roles

                                                              Alternatively, if you want to manually assign roles, follow these additional steps.

                                                              Carl bot is one of the most popular server management bot. Deployed in over 4.3 million servers, it makes creating reaction roles a piece of cake.

                                                              You can start Carl Bot’s command from any text channel and create reaction roles as per your preference. The creators also provide thorough documentation on command usage.

                                                              Carl bot lets you create up to 250 reaction roles in the free tier. If you need additional roles or perks, they also have a paid subscription model.

                                                              Used by 16 million+ servers, MEE6 is meant to simplify server management and enhance server experience.

                                                              MEE6 dashboard is your one-stop for managing different plug-ins that integrate into your discord server. If you don’t want to get started with typing commands, using MEE6 bot is the right approach to creating reaction roles for you.

                                                              Their free tier only lets you set up just one reaction role which is a slight disappointment. But they make up for it by providing an extremely user-friendly dashboard. Once you’ve tested it out, you can get their premium plans to set up multiple reaction roles in your server.

                                                              If you are more used to command-based control, Droplet’s reaction role bot is the right choice for you. Unlike another discord bots, Droplet’s bot is dedicated to one thing only, and that is reaction role management.

                                                              This bot lets you add up to 20 reaction roles to the same message. If you are deciding to implement this bot in more than one server, you should consider purchasing premium versions.

                                                              Droplet does not have a dashboard yet so you will have to learn the commands to get the status of your reaction roles. Luckily, they provide a command instructions page to teach you how to use the bot commands.

                                                              With its Autorole and Joinable Ranks feature, Dyno bot makes an extremely good assistant in reaction role management.

                                                              It is used in over 5.9 million servers and has a easy interface for setups. Under it’s free tier, it lets you create up to three reaction roles. If you purchase the premium version, you can create infinite number of reaction roles.

                                                              If you are looking for a reward-based bot, Lawliet bot is the right choice for you. The more your members are active in your server, the higher they will earn coins called ‘fish’.

                                                              Among many other features, lawliet bot lets you create reaction roles in the simplest manner. Lawliet offers explanations and examples for each and every bot command. This makes the bot usage handy as well as convenient.

                                                              Lawliet uses message-based interaction to configure and setup. If you are more used to creating reaction roles from the dashboard, you may find this approach slightly cumbersome.

                                                              Any music loving discord user will know the importance of pancake bot. With features mostly geared towards the music community, pancake bot also allows setting up reaction roles for easy access.

                                                              The premium version even includes Patron role and other music play features. Pancake makers also have a dedicated support server available to serve your requests at any time. Their documentation page isn’t well-detailed but you can access all of their syntax by typing the command itself.

                                                              Zira also provides a dedicated guidebook for discord owners looking to master its command. The premium version includes an unlimited number of reaction roles among other features.

                                                              Adding bots to your server is a little bit of a hassle with all the captcha codes you need to solve. Fortunately, removing bots takes less of your time than adding them. Normally there are two great ways of removing bots from your server.

                                                              Kicking them out the same as any other member

                                                              Banning them and then unbanning them

                                                              Deleting your channels and recreating them

                                                              There is no straightforward way of limiting a bot to one channel only. Some bots such as Lawliet may make use of whitelist command to limit themselves to one channel only. But a majority of bots can be accessed from any channel once added to the server.

                                                              If you want to limit a bot to one channel, you need to modify permissions for all other channels. This may become tedious if you have large number of channels on your server.

                                                              It is possible to use more than one bot for reaction roles. You can use the same set of discord roles and set them up with different emojis from different bots. Reacting on any one of the reaction message will land you the reaction role. But there’s a catch to using multiple bots for reaction roles.

                                                              The one on the top is going to get the highest of all privileges. It means that, the bot that’s placed higher than the rest of the bots in the Roles page under Server settings will have the final say in how the reaction role will be handed.

                                                              It means that, the member will be assigned reaction role by the bot at the top of the list as final.

                                                              How To Stream Hbo Max On Discord

                                                              Do you spend time playing games with your friends on Discord? Do you love HBO Max shows and movies? Well, now you can combine these two activities in one place and have a blast with your friends because Discord is more than just a voice chat app for gamers. We’re here to show how you can stream HBO Max on your Discord server so your entire squad can watch together.

                                                              Although Discord’s Go Live feature was designed to live-stream gameplay, you can use it to broadcast whatever you’re watching on HBO MAX to your friends. You can also stream Hulu, Netflix, and more by using Discord.

                                                              Table of Contents

                                                              Streaming on the Discord Desktop App

                                                              Also, you’ll need to download and install the Discord app if you don’t have it already. Discord for Web doesn’t allow streaming.

                                                              Follow these steps to start streaming HBO Max on Discord:

                                                              Open the Discord desktop app.

                                                              Launch your web browser, and log into your HBO Max account.

                                                              Select a movie or series you’ll share on Discord.

                                                              Now choose the server where you’ll stream HBO Max, and go to the Discord voice channel. This is a voice chat room where you can meet up and talk to others who share the server. Remember that you can create your own server and a voice chat room for watch parties.

                                                              Select the

                                                              Share Screen

                                                              option above your username when you join the voice channel.

                                                              When a pop-up window appears, select the screen or app with HBO Max opened.

                                                              In the next window, you can adjust the stream quality. Make sure you set the best available resolution and frame rate. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a Nitro account, you can only stream in 720p resolution and at 15 or 30fps (choose 30).

                                                              When everything is set, select the blue

                                                              Go Live

                                                              button at the bottom of the screen.

                                                              Streaming on Android or iPhone

                                                              If you are a mobile Discord app user, don’t worry, you can still stream HBO Max. The Discord mobile app allows screen sharing, so it doesn’t matter if you prefer Android or iOS devices. But you’ll have to open HBO Max in a browser and share it from there, just like you did with the desktop Discord app. Here’s how:

                                                              Open Discord on your mobile device.

                                                              Select the server and join the voice chat to meet your friends.


                                                              Join Voice

                                                              on your screen.

                                                              Now select the

                                                              Share Your Screen

                                                              icon. On an Android smartphone, swipe up from the bottom for the menu and the Screen Share option.

                                                              On a web browser, log into your HBO Max account.

                                                              Select a show or a movie to watch with your Discord friends.

                                                              Streaming on Discord Without a Black Screen

                                                              Discord sometimes displays a black screen when streaming DRM-protected content. It’s annoying because although you can share HBO Max, your Discord friends will only see a black color across their entire screen. To eliminate the black screen problem, disable hardware acceleration in your browser or the Discord app.

                                                              Here’s how to do it on different browsers and in Discord settings.

                                                              Google Chrome

                                                              Open Google Chrome and go to


                                                              from the three vertical dots.



                                                              on the left sidebar menu, and disable the

                                                              Use hardware acceleration when available


                                                              Mozilla Firefox

                                                              Launch Mozilla Firefox and go to the App Menu icon in the top-right corner of the screen.



                                                              from the drop-down menu.

                                                              Go to the


                                                              tab and scroll to




                                                              Use recommended performance,

                                                              and this will also uncheck the

                                                              Use hardware acceleration when available


                                                              Microsoft Edge

                                                              Go to

                                                              System and Performance


                                                              Disable Use hardware acceleration when available.


                                                              Launch the Discord app and go to

                                                              User Settings


                                                              In the left side menu, find

                                                              Voice & Video

                                                              under the

                                                              App Settings


                                                              Scroll down to the


                                                              settings section and simply disable

                                                              Video Codec

                                                              . This will automatically disable the hardware acceleration video encoding if available.

                                                              Use a Third-Party Browser Extension

                                                              Both Discord and HBO Max consider streaming DRM-protected content illegal. So if you don’t feel like risking streaming HBO content to your friends through Discord, there’s another way to host a watch party.

                                                              Unlike Amazon Prime, HBO Max doesn’t have a watch party feature. You’ll have to rely on a third-party addon, a browser plugin, to watch your favorite shows. All you need to do is install the Teleparty browser extension and start the party. Send the link to your friends and family so you can watch HBO Max together.

                                                              Note that other VoIP platforms like Zoom and Twitch won’t allow you to host HBO Max streaming parties.

                                                              How To Play Xbox On Iphone

                                                              The new Xbox app for iOS and iPadOS devices is here and it now allows you to stream games on the same network directly from your console. This has been a much-requested feature since game streaming was announced by Microsoft back in 2023. After numerous beta tests and negotiations with Apple, the company has finally managed to release the app for all iOS devices.

                                                              This new Xbox app is not to be confused with Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service that uses dedicated servers instead of your local Xbox console to stream games. xCloud is still very much in production, and if reports are to be believed, then Apple’s restrictions will force Microsoft to put out dedicated apps for each game that they wish to introduce with xCloud. This will end up not only being cumbersome for Microsoft but also for users that you wish to use xCloud on iOS and iPadOS devices.

                                                              For now, you can make full use of the new Xbox app and stream your entire game library from the cloud in your entire home. Let’s take a look at how you can do this.

                                                              1. Things you will need

                                                              An iOS or iPadOS device running iOS 14 or later

                                                              The latest Xbox app — Download Link

                                                              An Xbox Series X, an Xbox Series S, an Xbox One, an Xbox One X, or the Xbox One S

                                                              The same Bluetooth Xbox controller paired to your console and iOS/iPadOS device

                                                              2. Enable Remote features on your Xbox

                                                              Power on your Xbox and press the Xbox button when you are on the home screen.

                                                              Now use the shoulder buttons to navigate to the ‘Profile’ tab.

                                                              Select ‘Settings’ to access your console settings.

                                                              Select ‘Remote features’ in the right tab.

                                                              Now check the box for ‘Enable Remote features’ at the bottom of your screen.

                                                              Select ‘Test Remote Play’.

                                                              Xbox will now test your network and show you a report after the test is complete. This will help you determine if your Xbox is ready for the remote play functionality.

                                                              If there are any issues faced during the test or if you are using a 2.4GHz network then we recommend you make the necessary changes before proceeding with the next guide.

                                                              Once your Xbox is tested and ready for remote play, simply follow the guide below to set up your device.

                                                              3. How to play Xbox on your iOS device

                                                              Start by downloading and installing the new Xbox app on your iOS or iPadOS device using the link above.

                                                              Once installed, launch the app and tap on ‘Sign in’.

                                                              Now sign in to the app using your Xbox account credentials.

                                                              When you are signed in, you will be taken back to the welcome screen. Now tap on ‘Set Up Console’ at the bottom of your screen.

                                                              Make sure the device is connected to the same network as your Xbox (this is not necessary but recommended for an easy pairing process for the first time). Once you tap ‘Set Up Console’ your TV should display a 6 or 12 digit code.

                                                              Note: If your console does not power on and display the code automatically, power it on manually and try the steps again. You should be able to get a code by manually turning on your console. Additionally, if your Xbox can link with your account in the cloud then it might skip this step for you.

                                                              Once you enter the code, your Xbox will be connected to the Xbox app on your iOS device and you will be taken to the home screen where you should be able to view your entire game library currently stored on your console. When you are on the home screen, tap on the ‘My Library’ icon as shown below.

                                                              Your console should show up here under the Consoles tab. It will also display your console’s storage space as well as its current state. If your console does not appear in this section then you might want to try the pairing process again by tapping on ‘Set up console’ again. Additionally, if everything has been set up correctly then you should recheck if remote play features have been enabled for your Xbox and then restart the console.

                                                              In the My Library tab under the Consoles section tap on your console.

                                                              This will bring up a sub-menu at the bottom of your screen. Tap on ‘Remote play on this device’.

                                                              The device will now switch to landscape mode and display a spaceship animation. This is meant to signify the connection process.

                                                              You will now get a pop up saying ‘Xbox would like to find and connect to devices on your local network’. Tap on ‘Ok’ to proceed to the next step.

                                                              Now if you have already connected a controller then you will be good to go right away. But if you have not connected the controller to your iOS device, then the Xbox app will prompt you to do so.

                                                              You can refer to this comprehensive guide by us to help you pair your controller to an iOS or iPadOS device easily.

                                                              And that’s it! Your console home screen should now be visible to you as is. If your console was powered off, then it should turn on automatically and display the home screen to you. You can then use your controller to navigate the home screen and launch any game that you would like to play on your iOS or iPadOS device.

                                                              Can I remote play only on WiFi?

                                                              No, Mircosoft has made it pretty clear that you do not need to be on the same network to use the remote play functionality. You can access your Xbox directly from the app and stream games even on a cellular network. Your cellular network will have to be a minimum 4G and this will use up a lot of data.

                                                              So if you are on a metered data plan then you should use this functionality wisely. Additionally, the app will also let you know if the current cellular network is not suitable for streaming games.

                                                              Can’t pair my Xbox controller to my iPhone or iPad?

                                                              If you are unable to pair your controller then it is likely that it is running an older firmware. This might come as a surprise to many but Microsoft does indeed release firmware updates for its Xbox controllers to fix bugs and introduce performance improvements.

                                                              Compatibility with iOS devices was added much later on which is why it requires a firmware update. Additionally, the controller does not update to the latest firmware automatically and needs to be manually updated from your console which is why this feature tends to go unnoticed by most users. You can refer to this guide by us to easily update the firmware of your Xbox controller.

                                                              Once the firmware has been updated to the latest version, you should have no trouble using it with your iOS or iPadOS device. If you still end up facing issues during the pairing process, then you should consider updating to the latest iOS or iPadOS released by Apple.

                                                              Apple introduced support for controllers in 2023 and only managed to get them working properly after iOS 13.2 and later on. If you are running an older version of iOS then it is likely the cause of all your pairing problems. You can easily solve this by updating to the latest version of iOS 14 available for your device.

                                                              Screengrabs Via: YouTube/Dusty Porter

                                                              How To Use Do Not Disturb Mode And Scheduled Themes On Xbox One

                                                              In a recent update to Xbox One, Microsoft has rolled out two new features for all. While the first allows you to get your “own time” using a Do Not Disturb mode, the second lets you have a scheduled light and dark theme.

                                                              While Xbox One remains a gaming platform, with so many features which let you use it as Media Hub and get on Party chat with your friends, it makes it a need of the day to have something which lets you have peace when you do not want to get disturbed, especially when watching movies through streaming services like Netflix.

                                                              What happens if you put your Xbox on Do Not Disturb?

                                                              If you put your Xbox on Do Not Disturb, you will not be able to receive any game invitations or party chat messages. This can be useful if you want to avoid being interrupted while playing a game or using another app.

                                                              How do I appear offline on Xbox one without offline?

                                                              There is no way to do that, but if you do not want to get interrupted, you can enable DND mode in Xbox. Once you do that, your status will be shown as “Do Not Disturb” to other Xbox users. So even though you are not offline, any message or notification sent on your Xbox will not appear until you go out of DND mode.

                                                              Enable Do Not Disturb on Xbox One

                                                              When you enable this DND feature, Xbox will stop sending you notifications from Games, new messages, party invites, and so on. However, Xbox makes sure that you don’t miss out on the important ones, so any System-level notifications will still be seen, especially when it’s time to update your console.

                                                              Just like how quickly you can enable DND on your phone, the Xbox team has made sure you don’t have to go through many steps to enable it. This option is available exactly where you had enabled “Appear Offline”. You got it right. It’s under your Profile.

                                                              Hit the Guide or the Xbox One Button on your controller.

                                                              Next, navigate to the leftmost section, which houses your profile. You will have to use the Left Bumper for this.

                                                              Select your profile, and scroll down to find the status option, which could be either “Appear Online” or anything else you mostly use.

                                                              Press A to expand the drop-down and select Do Not Disturb.

                                                              Once you select DND mode, you will also see the same on your profile. However, your friends will see the states as “Busy”. However, if you restart your console, the stats return to Appear Online. IMO, this is intentional else. You will never look at your notifications.

                                                              Even though most Xbox One Gamers prefer a Dark theme, it offers both dark and light themes. However, when you play in a dark environment, the light theme doesn’t go well with your eyes. Keeping this in mind, Xbox One now allows you to switch from light to dark or vice versa based on your time.

                                                              So if you love a Light theme in the daytime and dark at night, it is possible to schedule it. To enable this, follow the steps as below:

                                                              Press the Guide or the Xbox Button on your controller.

                                                              Navigate to complete right-end and open settings.

                                                              Navigate to the Personalization tab, and select Theme & Motion.

                                                              You should see a System Theme drop-down.

                                                              Select Scheduled from it, then set Start and End time for the theme.

                                                              This will make sure you get the right theme for those times. At this time, there is no way to map it with your region’s Sunset and Sunrise timing, but that would be lovely. That said, this feature seems to be missing in some users and is likely to appear in a minor update.

                                                              How To Change Your Xbox Gamertag Via Pc Xbox App, Online, Or Gaming Console

                                                              There are multiple ways via which Xbox users can change their Xbox Gamertag. The feature is not just limited to so the console, even users who do not own a console can change Xbox gamertag without Xbox. The most preferred way to do so is to simply use a web browser on a Windows PC.

                                                              Gamertags, if you are not aware is your alter ego in the Xbox world. It’s made from an alias, optional avatar or picture (called a Gamerpic), and a bit of info to represent you when you’re playing games and sharing with other people in the Xbox community.

                                                              Can you change your Xbox gamertag for free?

                                                              Often, we like changing gamertag to suit our mood but what restrains our urge from doing so is the fear of losing our Gamerscore, Achievements, or even Friends list. Not anymore!

                                                              If your gamertag was created for you when you initially signed up for Xbox (Not the one selected by you), you can change it one time for free. Additional Xbox gamertag changes cost extra.

                                                              Let us see the method of changing the gamertag via Xbox app on Windows 10.

                                                              How can you change your Xbox gamertag?

                                                              Xbox Gamertag is your alter ego in the Xbox world. It’s made from an alias, optional avatar, or picture (called a Gamerpic). Basically, it represents the info you choose to show or share with other people in the Xbox community while playing games. There are multiple ways you can use to change the Gamertag. These include,

                                                              Xbox app on a Windows PC.

                                                              Changing Gamertag online.

                                                              Using Xbox Series X/S gaming console.

                                                              Using Xbox 360 gaming console.

                                                              Converting your offline profile into a gamertag.

                                                              All your Gamerscore, Achievements, and Friends list are kept intact. So, there’s no fear of losing them.

                                                              How to change Xbox Gamertag using Xbox app on Windows PC

                                                              Launch the Xbox app in Windows 10

                                                              Sign in using the Microsoft account email address and password associated with your gamertag.

                                                              In the upper-left corner of the app’s home screen, find your gamerpic and select it.

                                                              Next, In the banner at the top of the profile screen, chose Customize option

                                                              Thereafter, hit the ‘Change gamertag’ tag.

                                                              Enter text for your preferred gamertag, and then select Check availability.

                                                              If available, select the desired gamertag and hit the Change gamertag button to claim it.

                                                              Once done and confirmed, the change will be reflected across Xbox and it will also be visible to your friends. No need to inform them about this.

                                                              2] Change Xbox Gamertag online

                                                              Go to the Xbox social webpage, and sign in with the Microsoft account email address and password associated with your gamertag.

                                                              Enter the new gamertag you want in the text box and select Check availability. Note, the selected name can be up to 12 characters long, including spaces. It shouldn’t start with a number.

                                                              If you get a ‘That name isn’t available. Try a different one’ message, it means you’ll need to choose a different name.

                                                              Then, on the next page, review how the gamertag will look across Xbox services.

                                                              If the selected gamertag is already being used, you can still use a version of it with a suffix that includes the # symbol and a unique set of numbers. Microsoft allows this to enable gaming enthusiasts to use their desired gamertag while still having a unique identifier.

                                                              3] Change Xbox Gamertag using Xbox Series X/S gaming console

                                                              Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.

                                                              Choose Profile & system tab and then select your gamertag.

                                                              Under Choose your new gamertag title, enter the new gamertag you want in the available text box and select Check availability option.

                                                              On the next page, review how the gamertag will look across Xbox services.

                                                              If you’re satisfied with your new gamertag, select Change gamertag.

                                                              4] Change Xbox Gamertag using Xbox 360 gaming console

                                                              On your Xbox 360 console, go to Social, and then select Sign In or Sign Out.

                                                              Next, choose your profile to sign in.

                                                              Then, scroll right to Settings and choose the Profile tab.

                                                              Choose a new gamertag and then hit the Done button to save the changes. If the gamertag you entered is already taken, you’ll be prompted to try another gamertag.

                                                              After you enter or select a new gamertag, hit the Yes, use this gamertag link.

                                                              5] Change Xbox Gamertag by converting your offline profile into a gamertag

                                                              Before you proceed with this method, make sure you have a Microsoft account available that’s not currently associated with another gamertag. Also, when you follow the steps in this method, the gamerscore from your offline profile transfers to your Xbox profile.

                                                              Now, to convert your offline profile into a gamertag, sign in to the profile that you want to convert from an offline profile to a gamertag.

                                                              Press the Guide button on your controller to bring up the mini-guide.

                                                              Then, head to Settings and choose Profile.

                                                              Here, select Join Xbox Live.

                                                              Enter your first name, alongside your Microsoft account details (email ID and Password)

                                                              Verify the information and current privacy settings.

                                                              Review the Microsoft Services Agreement, and then, hit the I accept button.

                                                              Can you have a 3 letter Xbox gamertag?

                                                              Although you can have any 3 letter gamertag you want, you will get # and numbers against it, if it is already taken.

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