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Have you ever tried to take a big family group shot with your iPhone? It usually consists of setting up your phone, putting it on a timer, and rushing back into the frame before the camera goes off. It’s not the easiest way to take a photo. If you have an Apple Watch, you can use it as a camera remote to snap a shot with your phone.

The remote and viewfinder feature of the Apple Watch (Amazon, Best Buy) is one of the most under-utilized options for iPhone photography. It’s about more than just ease of use; if you want to take a timelapse photo, the last thing you want to do is jolt your phone by tapping it or pressing a face button.

Table of Contents

How to Use Apple Watch as a Remote Viewfinder

The Apple Watch has the remote viewfinder function built right in. It’s easy to use the feature, too.

    Open the

    Camera Remote

    app on your Apple Watch. The icon looks like a watch camera app.

      Open the iPhone



      Position your phone to take the photo. There is a slight lag between moving your phone and what displays on your watch.

        You can zoom in by scrolling the digital crown on the side of your watch or adjust exposure by tapping the area on your Apple Watch.

          Tap the


          button in the bottom center of your watch face to take the shot.

          All pictures taken this way are saved to Photos on your iPhone, but you can review each image on your watch. Then, if it doesn’t turn out just how you wanted (or more likely, someone had their eyes closed in the shot), you can retake it without repositioning the phone.

          If you don’t want to tap a button, you can ask Siri to take the shot by saying, “Take a picture.”

          Review Your Shots

          After taking the picture, you can tap the thumbnail on the bottom left of the watch face. If you’ve taken more pictures recently, swipe left or right to move between them. You can check out details by zooming in with the Digital Crown but be warned: zoomed photos have less detail on your Apple Watch than they will on your iPhone due to its lower resolution.

          You can pan across a zoomed in photo by dragging your finger across it. Double-tap an image to make it fill the screen.

          Finally, you can see your shot count by tapping the screen. This will also make the Close button appear.

          Adjust Settings

          You can also adjust a wide range of settings. Tap the three dots in the lower-right corner of the Camera Remote app to bring up the options menu. From here, you can turn off the three-second countdown of the shutter timer, swap between the front and rear cameras, enable or disable flash, turn Live Photo on or off, and enable HDR.

          The remote control function isn’t limited to just photos. Swipe between modes within the camera app and then use the Apple Watch app to activate video. Vloggers have used this to great effect to check their camera image. It can also give you an easy idea of what your thumbnail will look like since that’s about the same size as the watch face.

          Things to Keep in Mind

          The remote viewfinder is an excellent tool and one of the best additions to WatchOS. However, it does have a limited range. It works over Bluetooth, so you will want to stay within about 33 feet at most – the effective Bluetooth range of the Apple Watch. A Wi-Fi connection makes no difference to this range.

          The image quality is also affected by the type of phone you have. An iPhone 13 will take a better picture than an iPhone SE, for instance. Still, whether you use it for a selfie or a family group picture, the remote viewfinder removes a lot of aggravation from mobile photography.

          The Apple Watch continues to be a fantastic wearable for iOS users. Although Samsung offers wearables like the Samsung Galaxy, it just doesn’t offer the same number of features the Apple Watch does. Between interactive notifications, the ability to track workouts, and even the ability to control the Apple TV, it’s the best option for iPhone users.

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          Forgot Apple Watch Passcode? Here’s How To Reset Your Apple Watch

          If you forgot your Apple Watch passcode, the only way to regain access to your Apple Watch is by factory resetting the device before pairing it to your iPhone again. You can reset your Apple Watch with or without your iPhone on hand. However, you will need your iPhone to initiate the pairing process and to retrieve a backup of the data from your Apple Watch, once you have reactivated it. Here is everything you need to know the next time you get locked out of your Apple Watch. 

          How to Reset Apple Watch Without iPhone

          If you are out of range of your iPhone, you can reset your Apple Watch with a few simple taps. It is required that you place your Apple Watch on its charger while you complete the following steps:

          Press and hold the side button (highlighted below on your Apple Watch) until you see the power button icon in the upper right corner of the display, then let go of the side button. If you have an Apple Watch Ultra, be sure not to press the Action Button by accident since doing so will override this workflow.

          Tap the button labeled “Reset” twice to confirm that you would like to reset your Apple Watch. After your Apple Watch restarts, you can attempt to pair it to your iPhone again. 

          Good to know: When you erase your Apple Watch a backup of its data is automatically created and stored on your iPhone. If your Apple Watch is not connecting or pairing to your iPhone, we have a number of ways to help you troubleshoot the problem.

          How to Reset Apple Watch With iPhone

          You can use your iPhone to remotely reset your Apple Watch to factory settings and unpair it from your iPhone as long as both devices are within range of each other. This is the method that you should use if you plan to pass your Apple Watch on to a different owner. Here is how to do it:

          Note: If you have a GPS + Cellular Apple Watch, you will need to follow an extra step to retain your data plan once you set up your Apple Watch again. After you agree to erase all content and settings, select the button labeled “Remove Cellular Plan”.

          With your Apple Watch placed close to or alongside your iPhone, open the Watch app on your iPhone.

          Tap the “My Watch” tab highlighted below. 

          Tap on the menu item labeled “General”. 

          Scroll all of the way down to the bottom of the list of menu items and tap on the option titled “Reset”. 

          Tap on the “Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings” button. 

          Confirm this action by selecting “Erase All Content and Settings” from the bottom of the screen. You may be asked to enter your Apple ID password to confirm this action.

          Tip: Looking to level-up your workflow by establishing seamless continuity among your Apple products? Discover how to easily unlock iPhone and Mac with an Apple Watch.

          How to Restore From a Backup on Apple Watch

          After you erase and unpair your Apple Watch, you need to pair it to your iPhone again. Here is how to get paired up again without losing the data that you had on your Apple Watch before you erased it.

          To pair, hold your iPhone close to your Apple Watch and then press “Continue” on your iPhone. 

          Image source: Apple

          After you have finished pairing your Apple Watch to your iPhone, you will reach a screen that gives you the option to set up your Apple Watch as new, or restore all of your data from a previous backup. Select “Restore from Backup”  to restore your data. On newer versions of iOS and watchOS, your Apple Watch will automatically restore from a backup.

          Tip: Heading out into the unknown with your newly-restored Apple Watch? Discover 10 ways to maximize your Apple Watch Battery on long journeys including how to enable Low Power Mode.

          Frequently Asked Questions Are there any extra steps to take if I plan to sell, give away, or trade in my Apple Watch?

          No. However, be sure to reset your Apple Watch to factory settings using your iPhone, since erasing your Apple Watch using watchOS will not unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone. Erasing and unpairing your Apple Watch from your iPhone removes Activation Lock, a feature that prevents lost or stolen Apple devices from being paired to a new owner without the original owner’s Apple ID password.

          How do I backup my Apple Watch?

          Your Apple Watch automatically backs up to your iPhone when both devices are near each other. If you choose to erase and unpair your Apple Watch, your data is automatically backed up to your iPhone before the actual restore process begins, in order to ensure that your backup includes the latest information.

          If I restore my Apple Watch from a backup, will I lose any data?

          Yes. For security reasons credit or debit cards stored in the Wallet app, bluetooth pairing data, and of course your passcode, are not included in Apple Watch backups. Conversations from the Messages app are also unretrievable unless you use iCloud and have Messages in the Cloud enabled on your iPhone. All other data, including watch faces will be available after you restore from backup.

          Image credit: Unsplash. All screenshots taken by Brahm Shank.

          Brahm Shank

          Self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur and tech enthusiast Brahm Shank is captivated by the impact of consumer tech: “It’s profoundly moving when people discover that the phone in their pocket or the tiny computer on their wrist has the power to enrich their lives in ways they never imagined.” Apple, Inc. and its unique position at the intersection of technology and the creative arts, resonates deeply with Brahm and his passion for helping people unleash their potential using technology. Over the years, Brahm has held various podcasts – including famed technologist David Pogue of The New York Times on topics such as Big Tech and digital wellness.

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          How To Clean Your Iphone’s Microphone

          Your iPhone’s microphone is an essential part of your device. If you are having sound-related problems, your microphone may be to blame. For example, if others can’t hear you during phone or FaceTime calls or Siri can’t understand what you are saying, this may mean that your microphone is not picking up your voice properly. Sometimes your videos may have poor audio; again, it is possible the microphone may not be able to absorb sound efficiently.

          A common issue that may cause microphone issues is dirt. Dirt, dust and debris can build up in the openings of your microphone port holes. Your phone will not be able to receive your voice and the sound around well if the microphone hole is blocked by dirt and other similar objects. This can cause an obstruction. If you clean your microphone, you can fix this issue.

          1. Remove your case, unplug from power source and turn off

          If your iPhone has a case, remove it. This makes performing the next steps easier. After the cleaning is completed, you can put it back on. Furthermore, if your phone is connected to a power source, disconnect it. And lastly, turn your iPhone off.

          2. Locate your iPhone’s microphones

          Yes, it is totally normal if you do not know where your iPhone’s microphones are located on the device. Your iPhone has multiple built-in microphones. It may be a little tricky to locate them. iPhone 5 and later models have three different microphones built into the device. Microphones are small round openings. Here is where they are located:

          The first one is located on the bottom of your phone. This one is used for calls.

          Bottom microphone

          The second one is located on the front side at the top of your iPhone, embedded into the earpiece, right next to the selfie camera. This one may be used for, along with others, capturing audio when recording videos. This microphone is also used to pick up voice commands.

          Front camera

          And the third one is located on the back side of the device, built into the rear camera. Again this one is used for capturing audio when recording videos.

          All microphones, bottom, front and back

          You should clean all of these microphones for the best results.

          3. What to use and not use for cleaning

          The key word here is gentle. We must be gentle because we do not want to cause damage.

          Do not use any metal objects to clean them, like a paperclip.

          Do not use water or any other sort of liquid.

          Do not dip your device into a cleaning solution.

          Do not use canned compressed air. Many may suggest this, but this is a bad idea it may push stuff inside further that you may never be able to get them out. However, you can use an air blower.

          Use a dry, clean, soft bristle brush; this can be a soft (clean) toothbrush.

          You may use a toothpick to very gently pluck out debris.

          Do not use any sharp tools.

          You may use a vacuum, again, with caution.

          4. How to clean the microphones

          Before proceeding with the microphone cleaning, I recommend cleaning your iPhone first. Get a soft, slightly damp cloth and gently wipe all of the exterior surfaces, front, back, sides, top and bottom.

          If you use the toothpick, do not insert it too far. Proceed with extreme caution.

          Only make small, gentle movements when cleaning the holes using a brush.

          You may pull debris and dirt using a vacuum with a crevice tool attached. Ensure that the vacuum suction is not too strong. You may use painter’s tape to seal the ends of the vacuum.

          Use the air blower after using the brush to sweep away anything that comes out.

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          How To Use Your Iphone As A Webcam On A Pc/Mac

          If you have an iPhone, you don’t need to buy a webcam to do video calls from your Windows and Mac machines. There are ways to turn your iOS-based device into a webcam that lets you see the contents from your iPhone’s camera on your computer’s screen.

          These apps that let you use your iPhone as a webcam are free but come with limited features. You can always upgrade to their paid pro versions and get access to all the features they have to offer.

          Table of Contents

          Use Your iPhone As a Webcam On Mac

          If you’re a Mac user, you have an app called EpocCam that allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam for your machine. The free version of the app supports video resolutions of up to 640 x 480 pixels and works over both wired and wireless (WiFi) connections.

          You’ll see the live footage of your iPhone’s camera on your screen.

          Use Your iPhone As a Webcam On Windows

          The ability to use an iPhone as a webcam isn’t limited to Macs. If you’re a Windows user, you have an app called iVCam to stream the content of your iPhone’s camera to your Windows machine.

          Like Mac, you need to install a tool on your PC and an app on your iPhone to start using your phone as a webcam with your computer.

          Open a browser on your PC, head over to the iVCam site, and download the iVCam software to your computer.

          Install the iVCam software and reboot your computer when it’s fully installed.

          Open the iOS App Store on your iPhone, search for iVCam, and install it.

          Launch the iVCam app on both your iPhone and Windows computer.

          Accept the prompt by tapping OK on your iPhone. This’ll let the app use your iPhone’s camera.

          You’ll instantly see the live footage of your iPhone’s camera on your computer.

          iVCam comes with features like the ability to take a screenshot and record your iPhone’s camera footage. You can use the icons in the app’s toolbar on your PC to access these features.

          On the iPhone app, you have features like turning the flashlight on and off, flipping your camera angle, and switching the cameras. You can tap the X icon when you want to stop streaming video to your PC.

          What To Do If Your iPhone Doesn’t Work As a Webcam

          If you can’t see your iPhone’s footage on your computer, there might be issues with the iPhone restrictions. You can verify and change these restrictions, if required, on your iPhone as follows.

          Allow Apps To Use Your iPhone’s Camera

          You need to enable an option on your iPhone, if you haven’t already, to allow the installed apps to use your camera.

          Launch the Settings app, scroll down, and tap Privacy.

          Select Camera on the following screen to change your camera settings.

          Turn the toggle for your webcam apps to the ON position. This’ll allow these apps to use your iPhone’s camera.

          Allow Apps To Use Your iPhone’s Microphone

          If you can’t hear your iPhone’s audio on your computer, make sure you’ve allowed the webcam apps to use the microphone.

          Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap Privacy.

          Tap the Microphone option to view the apps that can use your microphone.

          Enable the toggle for your webcam apps to allow them to use the iPhone’s microphone.

          How To Set Your iPhone As The Default Webcam In Various Apps

          If you want to use your iPhone as the primary webcam on your computer, you’ll want to set your phone as the default webcam in your video calling apps.

          The following shows how to set your iPhone as the default webcam in various video calling apps on Mac. The steps for this procedure should be similar for Windows.

          Setting Up Your iPhone As The Default Webcam In Skype

          Launch Skype on your computer.

          Select Audio & Video from the sidebar on your left.

          Using An iPhone As The Default Webcam In Zoom

          Launch Zoom on your computer.

          Select your webcam app from the Camera dropdown menu.

          Using An iPhone As The Default FaceTime Camera

          Open the FaceTime app on your Mac.

          How To Change Your Fitness Goals On Your Iphone And Apple Watch

          When you set up your move, stand, and exercise goals in Apple’s Fitness app for your Apple Watch (Amazon, Best Buy), you might not know the best numbers to start with. Luckily, you can change your goals to challenge yourself or make them more attainable.

          Maybe you far surpass your move goal each day, making that activity ring overlap. On the other hand, perhaps you can’t reach your exercise goal no matter how hard you try.

          Table of Contents

          Whatever the reason, we’ll show you how to change your fitness goals on iPhone and Apple Watch for activity tracking.

          How to Change Fitness Goals on iPhone

          To adjust the activity goals on your iPhone, open the Fitness app and follow these steps.

          Go to the


          tab and select your


          icon on the top right.

          On the


          screen that appears, choose

          Change Goals


          You’ll then go through each of the three goals, move, exercise, and stand. If you don’t want to change that particular goal, simply tap the button at the bottom to continue to the next one.

          You can first change your move goal. Use the




          buttons in red to increase or decrease the goal. This represents the number of active calories you burn by moving each day. Tap

          Change Move Goal

          when you finish.

          You’ll then see your daily exercise goal. Use the




          buttons in green to change the number of minutes of exercise you plan to reach each day. Tap

          Change Exercise Goal

          when you finish.

          Lastly, you’ll see your stand goal. Use the




          buttons in blue to adjust the number of minutes per day for this goal. Tap

          Change Stand Goal

          when you finish.

          You’ll then return to the Summary screen in the Fitness app and your new goals are saved automatically. You can see how close you’ve come so far for the day with your updated goals in the Activity section at the top.

          How to Change Fitness Goals on Apple Watch

          You can change your fitness goals on your Apple Watch in addition to your iPhone. The updated goals sync with the Apple Watch Activity app, so open Activity to get started.

          Make sure you’re on the main Activity screen which is the one displaying your rings at the top. If you see a different screen, swipe from left to right until you see your rings.

          Scroll to the bottom of the main screen and tap

          Change Goals


          You’ll see each of your three goals in the same order as in Fitness on iPhone. If you don’t want to adjust the goal you see, simply tap the button at the bottom to go to the next one.

          First is your daily move goal. Use the




          buttons or Digital Crown to

          increase or decrease the calories you seek to burn each day. Tap



          Next is the exercise goal. Use




          buttons or Digital Crown to select the number of minutes you want to exercise every day. Tap



          Last is the stand goal. Do the same and use the




          buttons or Digital Crown to choose the number of hours per day you want for the goal. Tap



          Note: If you don’t see the exercise and stand goals, make sure you have the latest watchOS version on an Apple Watch Series 3 or later.

          When you finish, you’ll return to the main Activity screen and your updated goals are saved. You can view how close you are to your new goals for the current day in the Activity section.

          Remember, you can also sync your Apple Watch to your fitness tracker or workout app if you use something beyond the Activity app.

          Whether you want to challenge yourself to reach higher targets or need to make your goals more realistic, it’s easy to change your fitness goals on iPhone and Apple Watch.

          For more, check out the best Apple Watch faces for health and fitness.

          How To Control Apple Tv From Your Iphone’s Lock Screen With Cidertv Widget

          CiderTV, a software-based alternative for your Apple TV Remote, includes a built-in keyboard and has the ability to control linked Smart TV volume. As of recently, the app comes with a handy widget that makes it possible to control most of the functions of your Apple TV right from the Notification Center. It will save you a lot of time, here’s how to get started with CiderTV and set up the widget.

          The widget is especially cool given I can now control my Apple TV from my iPhone’s Lock screen instead of fiddling with the Siri Remote, which has a tendency to disappear mysteriously when I need it most.

          Setting up CiderTV

          To get started with CiderTV’s widget, first download the app from the App Store.

          Then, pull down from the top of any Home screen to display the Notification Center. Now switch to the Today view, scroll all the way to the bottom and hit the Edit button.

          Now tap the green plus sign next to CiderTV and then hit Done to save the changes. The widget is now ready to be used.

          But wait, you must also pair CiderTV with your Apple TV. Fire up the app on your iOS device and it should detect any Apple TVs on your local network. To pair the app as a software remote with your Apple TV, tap the plus sign in the upper right corner.

          Now type in a four-digit code that appears on your screen in Settings → Remotes and Devices → Remote App on your Apple TV and you’re good to go.

          Using the widget

          With the widget enabled in Today view and the app paired with the Apple TV, pull down from the top of any Home or Lock screen to invoke the Notification Center.

          The widget features four directional buttons, the OK button and the Menu button. You can also expand or minimize it by hitting the up arrow in the lower right corner.

          In my brief test, I was able to move the tvOS selection cursor around, select items, run apps and more. You can even long-tap the Menu button to quickly jump to your Apple TV Home screen anywhere you happen to be, or start the screen saver.

          If you cannot use the widget on the iPhone’s Lock screen, ensure that the Today view has been enabled when the device is locked under Settings → Touch ID & Passcode.

          Note that your Apple TV and an iOS device running CiderTV must be on the same Wi-Fi network in order for you to control the set-top box with the app.

          Intuitive navigation

          Here are some basic gestures to control your Apple TV and television volume through the CiderTV app on your iOS device:

          Tap to select an item or play/pause

          Double-tap to go back

          Long-tap to go back to Home Screen

          Swipe left/right/up/down to move between the items

          Swipe left/right during media playback to rewind or fast-forward (further swipes increase rewind/fast-forward speed)

          To learn more about the app, check out my CiderTV review.

          Pricing and availability

          CiderTV requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 7.1 or later and includes a watchOS 2 component for controlling your devices from your Apple Watch.

          Grab CiderTV for free on the App Store.

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