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Apple has released iOS 15 for iPhone users with a compatible iPhone or iPod touch.

iOS 15 includes various new features and changes for iPhone, including redesigned Safari with new tabs and tab grouping features, a revamped Do Not Disturb feature called Focus, FaceTime improvements like grid view for group chat and FaceTime Portrait mode, Safari Extensions support, Live Text which allows for selecting text within images, improvements and changes to Notifications, Maps, Music, Health, Photos, Spotlight, a redesigned Weather app, and much more. Some other features, like FaceTime screen sharing, are expected to arrive in later iOS 15 releases.

iPhone users must have an iOS 15 compatible device to be able to run iOS 15. Basically if the device can also run iOS 14, it will support iOS 15 as well.

Be sure to backup your iPhone before proceeding with installation.

Installing iOS 15 requires the iPhone to reboot.

Optionally, users can install iOS 15 using a computer (iTunes on a PC, or Finder on a Mac), which requires connecting the device to their computer using a USB cable.

Users who were previously running an iOS 15 beta release can update directly to the final version using any of these methods. Many beta users will want to be remove the beta profile from their device after installing the final release.

Another option is to install iOS 15 by using IPSW firmware files, available to download directly from Apple:

Release notes for iOS 15 cover the various new features and changes:

iOS 15 brings audio and video enhancements to FaceTime, including spatial audio and Portrait mode. Shared with You resurfaces the articles, photos, and other shared content from your Messages conversations in the corresponding app. Focus helps you reduce distractions by filtering out notifications based on what you are currently doing. Notifications have been redesigned and a new notification summary delivers a collection of notifications so you can catch up on your own time. Maps delivers a beautiful redesign with a new three-dimensional city experience and augmented reality walking directions. Live Text uses on-device intelligence to recognize text in photos across the entire system and on the web. New privacy controls in Siri, Mail, and more provide transparency and give you more control over your data.

• FaceTime links allow you to invite your friends into a FaceTime call, even friends on Android or Windows devices can join from their browser

• Over 40 Memoji outfit choices and up to three different colors to customize your Memoji stickers’s clothing and headwear

• Status appears to your contacts in Messages conversations, indicating your notifications are silenced with Focus

• Notifications can be muted from any app or messaging thread for the next hour or for the day

• Redesigned place cards make it easy to learn about and interact with places, and a new home for Guides editorially curates the best recommendations for places you’ll love

• Voice search lets you search the web using your voice

• Live Text is available from the keyboard letting you insert text directly from the camera viewfinder into any text field

• Web image search allows you to search for images of people, animals, monuments, and more

• Visual Look Up recognizes art, landmarks around the world, plants and flowers, books, and dog and cat breeds in your photos so you can learn more about them

• Lab results can now be pinned for quick access and include highlights that show how your labs have changed over time

• New animated backgrounds more accurately represent the sun position, clouds, and precipitation (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later)

• On-device personalization allows Siri speech recognition and understanding to improve privately (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later)

• Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention now also prevents known trackers from profiling you using your IP address

• Custom email domain personalizes your iCloud Mail address and allows you to invite family members to use the same domain

• Memoji options including a cochlear implant, oxygen tubes, or a soft helmet

• App Store in-app events help you discover timely events within apps and games such as a game competition, a new movie premiere, or a livestreamed experience

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Download Ios 14 Aesthetic App Icons For Iphone Home Screen

The most talked about, trending, and coveted iOS 14 feature is its customizable Home Screen. And while widgets are a great help, the neat trick of customizing app icons takes the cake.  But what other icons, and what about the overall aesthetics? Well, why fear when iGeeks is at your side… here are some specially curated, iOS 14 aesthetic app icon packs for your iPhone.

Before we showcase our hand-picked icon sets, it is wise to note two things:

How to set a custom icon: Well, it’s pretty simple, create a shortcut to open the app and add the custom image. For more details, check out our step-by-step tutorial right here.

1. Retro Aesthetic App Icons

Nostalgia is a powerful feeling, and some old-school gadgets or designs could instantly take you back to a happy childhood memory. And every time you look at them, these vintage-inspired icons will do is bring a broad smile to your face.

Plus, they will undoubtedly paint your phone with some beautifully muted and earthy colors. Whether the Clock, Mail, or Instagram icon, there is something super nostalgic about each of them.

2. Travel Aesthetic App Icons

Are you bitten by the travel bug? all you can dream or think about is your next travel? Then this icon set is perfect for you. The chirpy vectors boast a quirky sense that is sure to tickle your funny bones at least once.

While they won’t diminish your traveling blues, they will help you cope with it. And as with all icons set in this post, we have taken special care of the balance. Nothing is too bright or too dull, so you get an eye-pleasing effect whenever you look at your screen.

3. Food Aesthetic App Icons

Made for and by food nerds, this set is inspired by tempting, junk food. The ‘cartoonish’ avatars are intentional so that hunger-pangs do not distract you every time you look at your home screen. And in doing so, we have also accomplished another feat!

The colorful artworks also ensure that the element of fun is omnipresent. If you love food, cute imagery, playful colors, it’s time to wear it on your sleeve (iPhone screen) and flaunt it.

4. Thanksgiving Aesthetic App Icons

Good food, quality time with your loved ones, and gratitude, that’s what Thanksgiving is all about. And this icon set takes a quirky and fun take on the festival. From yummy turkey to spiced pie, we have compiled all the Thanksgiving elements in one pack. Just dress your iPhone Home Screen and keep your holiday spirit high.

5. Christmas Aesthetic App Icons

Christmas is the time for merry-making and to dress your device according to the festivities. From the mistletoe, Santa’s hat, snowman, to snowglobe, we have two unique holiday-themed icon sets.

To make things more jolly and appealing, don’t forget to match them with a suiting winter wallpaper.

6. Black & White Aesthetic App Icons

Don’t underestimate the power of simple, subtle, & minimalistic line drawings. This special set plays with positive & negative space to illustrate all your app icons to perfection. And while it pumps up your device’s overall interface, it’s low on distraction and high on sophistication.

Another benefit of using black & white icons is that you are free to keep vibrant wallpapers that suit your taste. No color clashes due to the different shades of icons strewn around your screen. Do check this collection out if such a scenario interests you.

That’s all for now! 

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The 15 Best Android Apps Released In 2023

The best Android apps of 2023

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Price: Free

Adobe Photoshop Camera was one of the bigger Android app releases this year. It’s a camera app mixed with a photo editor. The camera portion includes filters, real-time effects, a portrait mode with bokeh controls, and over 100 lenses with varying effects. The editor side of the app lets you control all of those filters and effects. You also get an auto-tone feature and other fun stuff. It’s relatively new so it’s a bit one-dimensional, but it definitely has a lot of potential. We hope Adobe keeps making this one better over the course of the coming year.

Joe Hindy / Android Authority


Price: Free trial / $3.99 per month

Bazaart is a new photo editor app. It originally launched on iOS eight years ago and finally made its way to Android this year. It has a decent number of tools, including various stickers, basic tools like rotation, a manual background eraser tool, and other basic amenities. The app’s big feature is its automatic background removal tool. You use it to remove a photo’s background or you can substitute it with one from the app. There is even an option to export the photo with a transparent background and add your own later. Unfortunately, the removal tool is a subscription-only feature. The app isn’t nearly as good as the iOS version yet, but as long as the developers keep at it, this should be a good photo editor in the future.

Cubasis 3

Price: Free trial / $38.99

Cubasis 3 is an audio DAW and the mobile version of Steinberg’s popular Cubase audio editor. It’s a full DAW with support for unlimited audio tracks, 550 audio loops, support for various MIDI keyboards, and cloud storage. You can likely record, mix, and export an entire music album in this app. I didn’t personally go that far because I have the music skills of a small woodland animal, but this thing has more tools and functions than most other audio editor apps on Google Play. It’s a bit pricey, but you can restart the trial over and over until you’re sure you want to buy it.

Dolby On

Price: Free

Dolby On is a surprisingly excellent (and free) audio and video recorder. You can use it for music, lectures, podcasts, meetings, or any other instance where an audio recorder is useful. This one differs from most with a noise reduction tool, de-essing, volume tweaking, an EQ, and other audio editing tools. The feature list is so much longer than most similar apps. The video recorder is a little less impressive, but it’s definitely good enough for something like Facebook or TikTok. It’s also entirely free, making it an easy recommendation. I’m just as shocked as you are that something like this made it to the list, but it’s actually that good.

Firefox’s Daylight update

Price: Free

Firefox was always a good substitute for Chrome, but it got better in 2023. It introduced its Daylight update, a major revamp to the browser and its features. It received many of the best security features from Firefox Focus (Mozilla’s privacy browser) along with Enhanced Tracking Protection to better secure your privacy. The UI was revamped for a lighter, cleaner look too. Additionally, Firefox received a light and dark mode, picture-in-picture support, better extension support, and tons of under-the-hood changes. I’ve been using Firefox as my daily driver browser ever since, and it’s been a delightful experience. It even uses less battery than Chrome. You can read more about the Daylight update here.


Price: Free

GitHub is one of the most popular open-source developer platforms on the internet. The service launched a new app earlier this year after launching the beta in 2023. The app lets you read, reply to, and react to issues and pull requests. You can also read and write code, merge pull requests, organize issues, and more. The UI is clean and there is a dark mode as well. There are some complaints that the app doesn’t have enough features, like push notifications for inbox messages. However, we expect it to improve over time so we’ll see how it turns out.

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Microsoft’s three big app releases

Price: Free

Microsoft had a pretty big year in 2023. First, it re-launched its Microsoft Edge browser with Chromium. The new browser works with the revamped versions on macOS, iOS, and Windows with features like syncing. A few months later, it re-launched its new Microsoft Launcher. It integrates Microsoft’s to-do list app, calendar, and other services under a single roof, and it works quite well if you use all of Microsoft’s tools. Finally, Microsoft launched a math solver app (linked at the button below). It lets you scan in math problems and solves them for you. The app features step-by-step instructions on solving each problem and works with most high school level and some college-level math. All three Android apps are good.


Price: Free

Olauncher is a minimalist launcher. It omits many features like icon packs and graphics in favor of a simpler approach. There are some light customization options, but otherwise, it’s basically just a list of all of your apps. Even the app drawer is just another, longer list of your apps. There is a free version right now, with a premium one coming eventually. The premium version should have some extra features as well. For now, it’s a refreshingly light take on the Android home screen, and it still looks pretty good.

Oto Music

Pokémon Home

Price: Free trial / $2.99 per month / $15.99 per year

Pokémon Home was one of the bigger app releases in 2023. Pokémon Home lets players upload their collections from various games, transfer them to other titles, and perform some additional functions. You can even trade Pokémon with other players around the world, receive Mystery Gifts, and view the National Pokedex. This is obviously only useful for people who play the core Pokémon games, but it’s still a big release nonetheless. For more on Pokemon Home check out our guide.

Socratic by Google

Price: Free

Google purchased Socratic back in 2023. It eventually pulled it from the Play Store and re-launched it as a Google AI product. The re-launch was mostly the same as the original app. The only difference is that it now gets new updates from Google. The app works like Microsoft Math Solver but with more than just math. You can also take pictures of literature, biology, chemistry, and history problems as well. We’re sure more subjects are coming eventually. This might also end up as a Google Assistant feature someday.

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Vivaldi Browser

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Third place: Plexamp

Second place: Zoom

Price: Free / $149.99-$300 per year

Zoom technically wasn’t launched in 2023, but it was arguably the most popular and influential app of the year. It had a ton of issues and we outlined all of them in our list of the most controversial apps from this year. However, Zoom ended up fixing basically all of its problems. It reigns supreme as the most popular video conferencing app in a year where social distancing became really important. It boasts a user base of over 300 million users as of a few months ago.

The app lets you have conferences of up to 100 people. It also includes a whiteboard, a screen share function, a chat, and you can choose to go with or without video. There is also end-to-end encryption as of October 2023. Most complaints revolve around connection issues but when you go from a few thousand active users to hundreds of millions in a short time, that’s gonna happen. Zoom is one of the most memorable apps of 2023 no matter who you ask.

App of the Year: The Exposure API by Google and Apple

Price: Free

The biggest innovation in Android apps in 2023 was the Exposure API from Google. Apple has a similar one for iOS as well. The API lets apps track you without actually knowing who you are. When you come into contact with someone with COVID, the app can tell you without destroying anybody’s privacy. You can also report your COVID-19 diagnosis so other people can be warned if they came into contact with you. It’s quite the innovation especially when you consider how reactionary it was to a global pandemic. Unfortunately, a lot of regions around the world don’t have an app that uses this yet. Many with it didn’t do so well either. Here’s hoping it’s more useful in the next pandemic.

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

The best Android apps of 2023: honorable mentions

Every year we identify some apps that easily could’ve made this list but the article can only be so long. Here are ten more great Android apps that we wanted to mention but didn’t have space for in the list above:


Autosync is a universal cloud sync. You choose the cloud storage service of your choice, and then pick the folders on your phone you want to be synced. The app ensures everything in the folder is uploaded to the service. It works with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, MEGA, Nextcloud, ownCloud, Yandex Disk, and many others. It’s still in beta, but it works pretty well.


Barre is a yoga app released in early 2023. It’s by the developers of Down Dog, another very popular yoga app. It blends yoga, ballet, and pilates to form a different kind of exercise routine. The app has done very well for itself and people seem to really like it.

Citra Emulator 

Citra Emulator is a Nintendo 3DS emulator and, as of the time of this writing, the first one on the Play Store. It launched to heavy fanfare in the emulator community. The developers are taking their time to fix bugs before announcing a full release. When it does, it’ll be the best in its class.

Epic Privacy Browser 

Epic Privacy Browser is a new browser with a heavy focus on privacy. It uses Chromium as a base so it works pretty well out of the box. It also has an ad-blocker, a proxy with a strict no-logging policy, and it blocks most trackers. There is also a video downloader and some customization elements. It’s definitely a good browser.

Facebook Gaming 

Facebook Gaming has an interesting history. It’s technically just a mobile app portal for Facebook’s existing live streaming platform for gamers. Facebook Gaming also swallowed up Microsoft’s Mixer community shortly after it shut down. It gave Facebook Gaming a bit of a boost in numbers.

HEY Email 

HEY Email made quite the splash this year when it launched. It focuses heavily on anti-spam and privacy. HEY has a neat feature where you can screen emails the same way you can screen calls. You can also do the usual email stuff, and the app does it rather well. It’s quite pricey so it’s only good for people who lean heavily on their email.

NVIDIA GeForce Now 

After a long beta period, NVIDIA officially launched its GeForce Now service in early 2023. It streams games online similar to Google Stadia. NVIDIA is a leader in gaming hardware, but the software is still in need of some polish. The most common complaints are the long queues and load times. It plays pretty well once you actually get into it.


TruePick’s is an Android customization app. It has a catalog of home screen set-ups for you to scroll through. It then links you to the proper wallpaper, icon pack, and KWGT widgets (when applicable) to recreate the experience on your phone. It’s had some ups and downs this year, but it seems to have hit its stride. We hope the developer continues to improve it.


Wavelet is a pretty neat equalizer app. It not only equalizes your music, but it does it in such a way that it emulates other headphones. Wavelet has an auto-EQ mode, a nine-band equalizer, and some of the usual stuff like a bass booster. Poweramp also put a good equalizer in beta, but we’ll likely talk more about that one next year when it leaves beta.


Yuka was out in Europe for a while before its launch in the US earlier this year. The app lets you scan barcodes on food products and see an analysis of the product. It shows things like additives, calories, sodium, and other basic stats. Yuka focuses a little more on accessibility than in-depth analysis. It still works really well.

15 Best Shopping Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Who doesn’t enjoy shopping? According to a Statista report, over 2 billion people shopped online in 2023, and the revenue generated surpassed $4.2 trillion US dollars. This shows the rapidly changing consumer behavior. While many brands are leveraging this trend by launching their shopping app on the App Store, don’t rush behind them.

Some apps can be a little daunting and fake as well. Here is a list of the best iPhone shopping apps for clothing, electronics, home decor and more, that I have been using over the years, claiming authenticity. Check them out, and spend your dollars wisely.

1. Amazon: Editor’s choice

One of the biggest E-Commerce businesses globally, Amazon had to be on the list of the best shopping apps. From a mere book renting/ selling app to a one-stop destination, Amazon has come a long way. 

The iOS app is smooth to use, the interface is easy to understand, and the product diversity is just mind-blowing. I like the home page of the app because it is categorized into different categories. These tiny icons can take you to your favorite department and help you make the purchase. 

My favorite part about the app is that it shows products related to my search history under the ‘related to items you’ve viewed.’ The majority of the apps end up showing similar products similar to things I have bought already. And these suggestions don’t make sense as I have already made the purchase. 

Get the prime membership for faster delivery. The membership can be availed at @12.99/month or $119/year. 


Diversity of products.

Great discounts.

Amazon Pay enabled for added security.

Faster delivery.


Low-quality products listed.

The clothing section needs to have better brands.

Price: Free


2. eBay: Best for local shopping

eBay is one of the best marketplaces to support small businesses near you. Here is a misconception about eBay; it’s not just a place to purchase used items.

With eBay, you can get yourself both new and refurbished brands and support the local businesses around you. From electronic items, kitchen appliances, books to clothing, the app has it all.

I adore the barcode scanner and dark mode after the last few updates. So the barcode scanner lets you instantly identify the item you are looking for. And yes, the app can be accessed in dark mode.

You can become a seller on eBay too. Avoid setting up garage markets with the pandemic situation; instead, list your products on eBay and sell them to a national audience.


Image search lets you find products from the image you have uploaded.

Negotiate with the seller by placing bids.

Watch later feature lets you save your favorite products to make a purchase later.


Bargaining can get out of hand for the sellers.

Price: Free


3. Nike: Best for athleisure

If sports and style excite you, then you have come to the right place. Nike is an app that lets you focus on both these things so that you can play with elan.

My membership gets me early access to all the product drops, events and keeps me updated on the latest information about launches. I suggest you get one too. 


Chat with experts in real-time.

Exclusive birthday offers and promotions.

Customize your products with Nike by you.


Price: Free


4. Wish: Best for fashion and decor

Looking for a place with high-quality products at much, much affordable rates? Your wish is their command.

Wish as a dealer connects with shoppers with manufacturers directly, removing all the middlemen hence saving up a lot of money. The website claims to have 100 million manufacturers in its database; imagine the abundance of products.

Another misconception people have about Wish is that it is just a fashion brand. That is a completer myth. Wish offers some of the best discounts on Apple, Samsonite, Fossil, Guess, and more.

Though I still prefer buying electronics from their brand stores to avoid being scammed, it is a personal choice. Do check out the clothing and home decor collection they have to offer! Trust me; you will end up going way overboard with your budget.


Affordable products.

Easy to track your orders.

Shop trending products.

High-end brands available at great discounts.


Delivery takes 6-8 weeks.

Price: Free


5. Walmart: Best for grocery

I know how much you miss going to Walmart; I do too! The pandemic has changed many events, and grocery shopping has to be done online now. Well, you can still go to Walmart from the comfort of your homes!

The Walmart app comes with tons of brownie points. The app lets you order online as well as offers store pick-up. You can also use the app to make payments at the store and get yourself the benefit of touch-free checkout. 

I crave free deliveries; I always have. And with Walmart, you get free delivery with orders above $35! That’s super amazing; sometimes, we postmate for more than this amount, don’t we? 

There are more options to avail free delivery, get a membership. Walmart+ lets you get crazy discounts, no minimum order required, and also faster delivery. You can get yourself a membership at $98 annually with a free 15-day trial. 


Express delivery.

Flexibility with product pick-up.

Automatically offers a substitute for items not in stock.

Same price as the store.


Drive-through pickup not available.

Price: Free


And there is no going back once you understand the backstory of the app. Their model involves shoppers like us helping other shoppers, adding value to the community. 

Members post whatever deals they come across to the app.

These deals undergo a voting procedure, and good deals automatically move up the ladder.

The best deals are scrutinized by deal editors and verified themselves. 

Only the best of these deals move to the front page, assuring the authenticity of the deals. 

You can find deals for almost everything, from consumer electronics and apparel to travel covering most of the leading platforms. 


Verified deals and discounts.

Covers leading brands and stores across the US.

Easy to use interface.


Sometimes push-notification alerts do not work.

Price: Free.


7. AliExpress: Best for international purchase

Of course, one of the major attractions to get to the app is cheaper products, but there are two reasons. Either you are getting it from the manufacturer, or the product is not legit.

Regardless, the app needs a fair chance because of the diversity of products and the affordability factor.

The image search works perfectly, you get free shipping for a lot of products, and you can keep yourself entertained while shopping. Yes, AliExpress has a lot of mini-games to keep you entertained. Which one have you played?


Affordable products.

Millions of products to choose from.

Personalized list to grab your favorites.

Buyer Protection for timed deliveries.


You can be conned with fake products.

Price: Free


8. SHEIN: Best for women’s clothing

Another affordable app in the line-up, SHEIN, is a women’s-only fashion app. Women love it so much that of all the shopping apps listed on the App Store, this one bags the second position with an average rating of 4.7 by a whopping 443.1K users!

The app is known for delivering the best female clothing in the online world. It follows the latest trends, makes them affordable, and sells them to us. And let’s not forget the insane discounts that the app comes with.

I love how they have kept the free-shipping barrier at $49 only. They also have a shop now, pay later option that lets you shop interest-free. I am yet to try the feature, though.

When you shop clothes from an international vendor, your major concern becomes the right fit. Well, with SHEIN, you get free returns, so order that dress without hesitation.


1000+ daily new arrivals.

Flash deals leading to an 80% discount everyday.

Risk-free payment.

Track your friend’s activity.


Takes 6-8 weeks to deliver.

Price: Free


I enjoy shopping from apps that have a narrow niche. Because they have a lot of time to focus on one range rather, perfecting it.

Footlocker is your premier destination for the world’s hottest sneakers and apparel. You have to download this app, for it is your key to sneakerland! You will find the best sneakers here, even limited editions for you to brag about later.

Footlocker specializes in Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Reebok and notifies you about every latest release. I look at the release calendar to see how much time I have to save money for those limited editions I have been eyeing.

Yes, the app comes with a release calendar that keeps you updated on the releases not to miss them. Don’t forget to sign-up for member-only events and sales.


FLX points lead to better discounts.

Special birthday gifts.

The latest collection of sneakers is updated every day.

Lots of brands to choose from.


No-sound on push notifications at times.

Price: Free


10. The Home Depot: Best for home decor

If you like shopping from the store, then the Home Depot experience will get even better. Get this; the app lets you test drive your products!

Yes, this home decor app is powered with augmented reality, which lets you virtually place objects in your house before purchasing. A little sneak won’t hurt now, eh?

The app also comes with an image search and product locator. The product locator will take you to the aisle of the product to not waste your time looking for the product.

The best part about the app is that it lets you order with precision. For instance, if you want a pipe in a certain length and put forth the instructions correctly, it will deliver the correct size.


GPS for products.

Image Search.

Track your orders.

Instant checkout for faster purchases.


Buggy search feature.

Price: Free


11. Fashion Nova: Best for retail therapy

A name that became insanely popular within a short period, Fashion Nova is an e-commerce platform you will find most of the women hanging in. One of the fastest-growing social media and online clothing stores, it is a place to keep you drooling over their collection.

Fashion Nova is a brand known for its no-nonsense no-body-shaming clothing brand. Their male section is also getting hyped up a lot over Instagram lately. It has proper attires for everyone, regardless of their shape or size.

The clothes are good quality, designed on point, excellent varieties updated every day. I have always used their app over their website, and the initial few versions were quite buggy, but they are much improved now.

I enjoy their fashion. However, the one thing that is still missing from both the app and website is no information about the model. I am tall, and I need to know the model’s height to understand the fitting of the dress on me. I wish they add that sooner. But, their cute clothes make up for it, so I am okay with it.


Fast shipping.

Keeps up with the trend.

Great filters.

Flexibility with size options.


Customer service can be improved.

Price: Free


12. Etsy: Best app for handmade goods

Etsy is the epitome of creativity, and their iPhone app matches their creativity standards. I stand corrected. An app that brings you creativity for any occasion needs to have a top stop in your list of the best shopping apps.

There is a gift for every occasion, and the majority of these gift options can be personalized. Etsy gives you the liberty to communicate with the owners directly for the adjustments. Customize them all you want!

Whenever you save an item, Etsy understands your preferences and recommends your purchases accordingly. You can also mark your favorite shop and get notified of all their new updates. I may have been utilizing this feature a little too much.

With multiple language support, a secure payment gateway, and order tracking, Etsy is as flawless as a cheesecake. Gift yourself with a handmade product, support local businesses, and promote artisans across the globe.


Augmented reality beta for the product.

Supports Apple Pay.

Authenticate vintage goods.

Similar interface across web and app.


Bugs on the seller apps.

Price: Free


13. Ulta Beauty: Best for beauty products

A one-stop destination for all your beauty needs. Ulta-beauty is the beauty hub you are looking for to glam up your life.

Book an appointment to the nearest Ultimate Beauty Salon using the app, or buy the products to pamper yourself at home; this app has all your beauty needs satisfied.

The app comes with a lot of small features to simplify your shopping experience. For instance, the voice search takes you to the product; the GLAMlab tool helps you find your foundation or lipstick shade and everyday tips to keep your skin glowing.

Ulta Beauty offers a free rewards program and a Ultimate Rewards Credit Card scheme that is highly beneficial. Don’t forget to check them out.


Clean UX.

High-end brands.

Fast shipping.

Easy payment options.

Lucrative reward schemes.


Filters can be improved.

Price: Free


14. Newegg: Best for gaming and PC parts

Newegg is the largest electronics e-retailer and electronics store online with millions of supplements to cater to your needs.

The app has an extensive collection to offer, including laptops, Graphics Card, Computer Systems, components, hard drives, etc.

With Newegg, you can scan barcodes and find your desired product. I love exploring the compare and buy feature; it lets me study the products in detail, understand the differences and then make up my mind for the right purchase.


Live chat support.

Product tracking.

Personalized homepage.

Amazing customer support.


A blank space pops up at the bottom of the app sometimes.

Price: Free


15. Best Buy: Best for discounted tech

Consider this app to be your shopping assistant, well versed with tech gadgets and discounts. Best Buy is your companion for your fast, feel-good companion to cater best-buy experiences from any corner of the world.

Flexible enough, the app lends you the opportunity to pick up from the store or get the product delivered to your car, more like a drive-through experience.

Best Buy also comes with an AR feature to place the objects virtually in your house and make the right choice.

I never fail to look at their top tech section; sometimes, you end up finding pieces that you never thought you would need. Deals just for you is a combination of your preferred products, based on your store and online purchases.


AR for virtual placements.

Drive-through pick-up available.

Discounts based on your shopping history.


The database is sometimes not updated with the store availability.

Price: Free


Make some space for the best shopping apps

Trust me; you are going to need all of these apps. Every shopping app on the list has a different purpose, amazing discounts, and an incredible shopping experience. You never know which app will find you the perfect couture or get you the right furniture. Have the best of all and happy shopping!

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Can You Disable App Library On Ios 15? What Are The Workarounds?

iOS 15 has been the talk of the town since it was released a few days ago. The new version brings along much-anticipated features like Live Text, Focus modes, and more. However, an overlooked feature seems to be the App Library. Introduced in iOS 14, the App Library has received mixed reviews from users.

Some seem to like Apple’s auto-categorization while others seem to love the old home screen way of accessing all their apps. If you have been looking for a way to disable it on iOS 15 then you are not alone. Let’s find out more.

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Can you disable the App Library in iOS 15?

No, sadly Apple has jumped the gun without including this much-requested feature. In true Apple fashion, the company seems to be sticking to the change for good. First, it was the headphone jack and now the App Library. However, new additions and customization to iOS 15 make it somewhat feasible to get the old look.

If you’re willing to compromise then you can check the workarounds mentioned below. However, if you’re looking to completely disable App Library, then sadly, you’ll have to resort to a Jailbreak. The worst part? There isn’t an iOS 15 jailbreak yet. If you’re interested in jailbreaking iOS 15 then you can keep up with the latest news in r/jailbreak. 

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Workarounds to remove app library:

There are a few workarounds to either avoid using the App Library or to get the old iOS home screen. Use either of the methods below depending on your preference. 

1. Add all your apps to the home screen

This workaround can help you get the old iOS home screen. What’s more, is that you can add widgets to customize each page for your favorite apps. Don’t be alarmed, you won’t be required to individually move each app to the home screen, you can instead use the trick below to select and move them all at once. 

Unlock your device and navigate to the home screen. Now tap and hold on to an app. Drag a bit if needed to enter the editing mode and you will be automatically taken to your home screen. Do not let go off of the app. Instead, drag your held-down finger to the right edge until you are taken back to the App Library. 

Once you’re in the App Library, use your other finger to tap and select the apps you wish to move to your home screen. Selected apps will be automatically greyed out as you start forming an app stack.

You can open folders and select the apps as well. If you’re unable to select an app then do not fret, it’s probably because you have already selected it for the stack in one of your previous folders. 

And that’s how you can add all your apps to the home screen. You might have to repeat this method a few times if you have tons of apps, but it’s still better than adding each app to your home screen individually. 

2. Use the Spotlight Search instead

If you’re looking to avoid using the App Library to find your apps then we recommend you simply use the Spotlight Search. You can access it from various locations and gestures which makes it easier to locate your apps. It’s certainly better than browsing each folder looking for an app that was miscategorized by iOS. Here’s how you can activate Spotlight Search depending on where you are in the OS. 

From the home screen: Swipe to the left or down to activate the spotlight search. 

From the App Library: Use the search bar at the top to use Spotlight search. 

In case spotlight search is disabled for you then you can enable it using the steps below. 

Open the Settings app on your device and tap on ‘Siri & Search’.

Now enable the following toggles. 

Show in Spotlight for ‘CONTENT FROM APPLE’

Show in App Library & Spotlight for ‘SUGGESTIONS FROM APPLE’.

Additionally, if an app does not show up on your home screen, then you can tap on it in the list below. Subsequently, enable the following toggles. 

Show App in Search

Suggest App

The concerned app should now show up in your spotlight search. 

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Should you jailbreak?

This is a personal choice but if you don’t know what you are doing and install tweaks from unknown sources then it could compromise your privacy and security. Moreover, there isn’t an iOS 15 jailbreak yet and no exploits have been publically revealed for a jailbreak too.

If however, you have held out on installing iOS 15 on your device then you can check out r/jailbreak. You will find more info on how to jailbreak your device in the subreddit’s FAQ section. 


How To Download Free Music On Iphone In 2023

Practically, it looks like nothing comes for free on the iPhone. And this includes good music, too. Indeed, Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, and more feature good music. But the subscription fees can be high. Plus, streaming music can consume a lot of data. The good news is you can ditch them and still download free music to your iPhone.

Besides being free, this lets you listen to music offline anytime. Keep reading as I show you the best ways to get free music on your iPhone.

Best ways to download free music on iPhone

One of the best ways to download music for free on the iPhone is through third-party apps. So, these don’t bill you like music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music that offer only premium services and prevent you from downloading songs.

1. Audiomack

Audiomack is a repository of thousands to millions of songs from various music genres and artists. Besides downloading music for free, you can upload as well. Audiomack works like YouTube in that you can follow your favorite artists and download their songs for free as they drop.

Further, some songs are available for download on a subscription basis only. This depends on the artist, though. So the app offers in-app purchases, after all. This is a shortcoming as you might not enjoy the free download offer if the target music isn’t available in the free tier.

Nonetheless, there are more songs on the app than meets the eye and are available for free download.

Any song you download on Audiomack goes to its offline directory. So, this is a way to keep users coming back to the app. Hence, you can listen to songs at will, even without an internet connection, once you download them. And this doesn’t cost a dime.

Although there’s a web app for Audiomack, you’ll need to install the mobile app to download music for free.

To start, install Audiomack (download link after the steps) and follow the below steps:

Open Audiomack on your iPhone.

Use the search icon at the bottom right to search for a song.

Select the song once you find it.

To see songs you’ve downloaded:

Swipe the player menu down to minimize it.

Tap My Library at the bottom right.

You’ll see some options at the top menu bar, swipe them to the right and tap Offline.


2. eSound Music

One notable feature of eSound is its sleep timer. Similar to Spotify’s Sleep Timer, it lets you schedule a play timer for songs, so the app automatically stops them at a set time.

Downloading a song for free on eSound is easy. Like Audiomack, downloaded songs go to the offline playlist in this one, too.

After installing eSound from the below link, follow the steps to get any song for free:

Open the eSound app.

Once you find the song, select it to go to the music player menu.

Tap the two horizontal dots to the right of the song name.

Select Cancel at the bottom.

Tap the back arrow at the top left.

Tap Library at the bottom.

Now, go to Saved songs.


3. Cloud Music player

Cloud Music Player lets you sync songs from your computer and cloud services to your iPhone without stress. It’s a cloud service itself, though, as it holds the songs you sync and lets you access them offline on your iPhone.

Although it’s not a music downloader itself. You can download songs to your computer or the cloud from websites like the Music Archive and sync them with your iPhone via the app. It does this by providing cloud and Wi-Fi upload options.

The Wi-Fi syncing gives you an IP you can visit via the browser on your computer. Here, you can upload songs downloaded to your PC, and the app syncs them automatically to the mobile app. Hence, you can play songs offline directly from the app on your iPhone.

However, you’ll need to add a cloud service that holds your music to use the cloud options. The app supports three cloud services, including Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Say you’ve downloaded songs to Google Drive previously, you can add Google Drive as a cloud source in the app. Then you’ll select your songs to sync them with Cloud Music Player.

However, use the link below to install Cloud Music Player on your iPhone to get started.

To sync songs from your computer with Cloud Music Player:

Launch the Cloud Music Player app on your computer.

Tap Sources at the bottom left → select Wi-Fi transfer.

On your computer, go to the local URL provided via your browser.

Once uploaded, tap Cancel at the top left in the mobile app to close the URL menu.

To use the cloud options:

Tap the cloud → + icon at the top left to select a cloud platform.

Next, select the cloud service you like.

Go to the folder where your songs are.

Once you see them, tap the download icon.


Use the Safari browser to download free music on iPhone

Another option is downloading music directly using Safari or any other browser. The best browser alternative I’ve found is the Free Music Archive.

Free Music Archive

Founded in 2009 and acquired by Tribe of Noise in 2023, the Free Music Archive has accepted millions of songs from various artists. It’s a browser-based free music store where you can download music based on artists and genre.

You can search for a specific song or artist and even select the music category you want to download songs from various genres randomly. Downloading songs is straightforward. Moreover, you can access the Free Music Archive website on any device.

And, of course, the download songs go to your iPhone’s local storage. The website consists of two download sections. There’s a Royalty-free music page and a Free Music Archive (FMA).

While you may download songs freely from the Royalty-free section, be careful not to use them outside your iPhone without purchasing a license from the website. Nonetheless, the songs in the FMA section are free to use and manipulate to an extent. It even has a pick for musicians and filmmakers.

To download free songs from the FMA directory:

Note: You can also filter the songs by their music genre.

To get free songs from the Royalty-free music directory:

Note: You can also filter songs by music genre. Simply tap the + icon to the right of Genre.

Visit Free Music Archive

Wrapping up

Every melodious song soothes the soul. Undoubtedly, music can be hard to get for free on the iPhone. But if you try any of the methods in this article, you’d realize before long that listening to good music on your iPhone isn’t expensive after all.

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