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Packed with a ton of impressive features like the eye-catching Lock Screen customization, Lockdown Mode, and the super handy background removal tool, iOS 16 is a significant upgrade in more ways than one. That’s the reason why a large number of iPhone owners have rushed to install the iOS 16 to try out the cool features.

Unfortunately, the iOS 16 update not showing up for some iPhone owners. If you have also encountered the issue, there is no need to panic as this is where we come into play. On this very note, check out these 9 best tips to fix iOS 16 update not showing up on iPhone issue.

First off, let’s get to the route cause of the issue. Once that’s done, we will get into the troubleshooting mode.

Believe it or not, there are several reasons why the iOS 16 update does not appear on iPhone. The clogged-up storage with insufficient free space, poor Wi-Fi network, and the old iOS software beta profile could be coming in the way. Not to mention, the incompatibility thing that has come as nothing but a massive shocker to many users could also be in the play.

That’s the reason why we have discussed all the possible solutions to troubleshoot the iOS 16 software update issues. Though iOS 16 is in our focus, the following solutions also apply to iPadOS 16. Hence, if you are facing the same problem on your iPad, these tips will rescue you. That all being said, let’s jump right in!

1. Make Sure Your Device is Compatible 

The very first thing that you should do before starting to worry about why the iOS 16 software update does not show up on your iDevice is to check the compatibility list. Yes, you read that right! In what could come as as nightmare for many, iOS 16 has dumped the still very capable iPhone 7 Series. Here is the complete list of devices that have got the iOS 16 update.

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone X

iPhone XR

iPhone XS

iPhone XS Max

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro 

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 12 Pro 

iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 13 

iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 13 Pro 

iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone SE 2nd generation and 3rd generation

2. Be Sure to Allow the Website to Download Beta Profile on your iPhone

Another important thing that you should do is to allow the Apple website (or a third party site from where you are trying to get the iOS 16 beta software profile) to download the Beta profile. Agreed, this may sound very simple to many, but a number of people tend to forget to hit Allow in the popup and are left wondering what has prevented the software beta profile from showing up. Well, it has actually happened to be once. So, I know how frustrating it gets.

3. Ensure That You Have Enough Space Left to Install the iOS 16 Beta

If your iPhone is cluttered with for space or for that matter does not have sufficient space, you won’t be able to install iOS 16 update. Therefore, clean up your device to ensure redundant files and apps no longer hog the precious storage space unnecessarily.

2. If there is not much free space left on your device, get rid of all the useless screenshots, photos, apps, and files to recover the needed space.

4. Be Sure to Install the Beta Profile 

Once you have got the beta profile, you will need to go through a brief installation procedure and also agree to Apple’s terms and conditions. Make sure you have followed this essential procedure.

Bear in mind that during installation you will be prompted to bring the changes to come into effect. 

5. Restart Your iPhone 

If the issue has not yet been solved, restart your iPhone. This might be a very simple solution but it has proved to be more than a handful on numerous occasions in fixing common problems. Hence, there is no harm in giving it a chance, is it?

On iPhone with Face ID: Press and hold the volume up/down button and the side button at once. After that, slide the power off slider to shut down your iPhone. Then, hold down the side button again to turn on your device.

On iPhone with Touch ID: Press and hold the side button and then drag the power off slider to turn off your device. After that, press and hold the side button to turn on the device.

6. Reset Network Settings 

If your device is faced with network issues or your WiFi connection is poor, better fix it in the very first place. Otherwise, you would continue to face the iOS 16 software update issue.

One of the most reliable ways to fix a sluggish WiFi network is to reset the entire settings. Though it is quite radical and you have to enter your WiFi password again, it is worth giving a try, given how effective it has been.

7. Hard Reset Your iPhone 

Hard reset is like my go-to troubleshooter for fixing annoying issues that tend to crop up every now and then. Considering how loyal it has always been, I’m going to count on it to resolve the iOS 16 software update problem as well.

1. To do so, press and quickly release the volume up button.

2. Then, you need to press and release the volume down button.

3. Next, make sure to hold down the power or the side button until you see the familiar Apple logo on the screen.

After your device has rebooted, go back to the Software Update setting to check if the iOS 16 update has appeared. If it has, you have got the better of the problem. Rejoice!

8. Remove the Old Beta Profile 

If you had installed the Beta Profile of iOS 15 and have not removed it before going for iOS 16, the old beta profile may be coming in the way. So, try removing it.

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9. Factory Reset Your iPhone

When dealing with an issue that does not get sorted out through basic tips, I do not forget to try out the factory reset solution. Credit where credit’s due, it does not disappoint me on many occasions.

2. Now, you will need to enter your device passcode and hit Reset All Settings again to confirm the action.  

And that’s all there is to it! Hopefully, you have got the better of the iOS 16 software update issue. But before you set your sight on exploring the latest iteration of iOS, do not forget to share your invaluable feedback with us. Also, be sure to let us know the solution that has got your job done.

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Apps Crashing On Iphone After Ios 16 Update? Here’s The Fix!

Even though iOS 16 is touted to be a huge upgrade thanks to a ton of impressive features like Lock Screen customization, background removal tool, and the ability to lock photos with Face ID, it is faced with some annoying issues including the rapid battery drain and apps crashing.

Recently, many users have reported that apps are crashing unexpectedly on iPhone after iOS 16 update. But fret not, this is where we come into play. Read on to check out these 6 best tips and tricks to fix the app crashing issue on iPhone and iPad after the iOS 16 software update.

When you are dealing with a frustrating problem like this one, it’s better to get a good understanding of the possible reasons upfront. So, let’s get it out of the way!

The biggest reason why apps tend to crash after a software update is the lack of support for the latest version of the operating system. If apps have not yet been updated or optimized to work with the latest iteration of OS, they would face a host of problems.

Apart from incompatibility, you should also keep in mind the storage clutter. If the storage of your device has been clogged up, the device would become rather sluggish, overheat, and also eat into more battery. Not to mention, the cluttered space could also cause apps to crash.

On top of all, you should never rule out the possibility of software bugs. Without undermining the vast enhancements, the modern versions of iOS are often plagued by too many bugs.

In most cases, apps tend to crash due to the outdated version. So, if you haven’t updated the apps on your iOS device for some time, there is a good chance that the outdated version could be at the heart of the crashing issue. Hence, updating the apps could rescue you straight away.

1. Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and tap on your profile at the top right corner of the screen.

2. Scroll down to find the problematic apps and update them all.

3. If you have a stable WiFi connection, you can choose to update all the apps at once. To do so, just hit the Update All button and you are good to go!

Sticky Note:

2. Hard Reset Your Device

Whenever a common issue strikes my iPhone, I make sure to give a try to the hard reset solution. On many occasions, it helps me resolve problems without any fuss. Thus, I’m going to bank on it to get rid of this issue as well.

1. Press and quickly release the volume up button. Then, press and release the volume down button.

2. In the end, hold down the power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

3. Once your device has rebooted, open the app to check if the issue is gone. If it has, it’s time to rejoice.

3. Delete and Reinstall the Crashing Apps

If the apps continue to crash on your iPhone even after you have updated them, delete and reinstall the problematic apps. But before going for the kill, I would recommend you back up the app as the app deletion will wipe out the entire associated data.

2. Now, open the App Store and find the app you are looking for. After that, download the app as usual.

4. Declutter Your iPhone 

Ensure that the storage of your iPhone is not cluttered with too many redundant apps and useless files. The unexpected app crashing issue could be due to the cluttered space. Therefore, cleaning up the storage could get rid of the issue.

2. You should see a storage bar at the top of the screen showing both the used and available storage.

3. Besides, you should also see a long list of apps on the screen with the total amount of storage each app has consumed.

4. Having got a clear idea about the apps that have taken up more storage on your device, now go ahead with the cleanup drive and wipe out everything that’s no longer needed.

5. Reset All Settings 

Factory reset has long been like a go-to troubleshooter for me, especially when dealing with a frustrating problem that does not seem to get sorted out with basic tips. If the app crashing problem remains on your device, you should go for this reliable solution as well.

1. Navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Now, tap on General. After that, scroll down to the bottom and tap on Reset or Transfer iPhone/iPad.

2. Now, tap on Reset and hit Reset All Settings in the menu.

3. Next, you will need to enter your device passcode as well as Screen Time Passcode (if it’s turned on) and tap on Reset All Settings again in the popup menu to confirm the action.

If none of the tricks has worked in fixing the app crashing issues on your iPhone, there is a high chance that the problem could be due to a software bug. But there is no need to panic as software updates have got the knack of troubleshooting a bug. Notably, Apple has a great track record of frequently releasing software updates with a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Fixed App Crashing Problem on iPhone and iPad…!

Sd Card Not Showing Up On Windows 11: How To Fix It

SD Card Not Showing up on Windows 11: How to Fix it




Several users have reported that for them their Windows 11 PC isn’t recognizing or reading the inserted SD card.

There are several factors that could be the reason behind this issue such as the presence of viruses or malware, corrupt SD card system files, outdated SD Card drivers, etc.

You can follow this guide and apply the solutions, one by one and possibly resolve the issue on your Windows 11 PC.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

You insert the SD card into the built-in or external card reader only to find that your Windows 11 PC isn’t reading or recognizing it.

SD cards are your best companions when you want to store some important data, such as photos, videos, documents, etc. as a backup so that you have a copy of them if things on your PC go south.

While there are USBs and HDDs available, not everyone invests in them, as most modern-day devices, including smartphones and cameras, come with an SD card slot.

It can be frustrating when the SD card of your phone or camera, when inserted into the card reader of your Windows 11 PC, doesn’t show up and you are unable to transfer files from it.

There are multiple reasons why your Windows 11 PC is not reading the SD card. Well, that is exactly what we are going to discuss in this guide.

Here, we will list down some of the best solutions that will help you fix the Windows 11 not reading SD card issue. Let us get right into it.

What are the reasons my Windows 11 PC is not reading the inserted SD card?

If you are experiencing this problem, then, for better or worse, you are not alone. There are multiple user reports on official Microsoft forums indicating that many users are facing similar issues on their Windows 11 PCs.

Just like every other Windows 11 problem, your PC not reading the inserted SD card could arise due to multiple reasons, some of which are listed below:

Your external SD card reader is not properly connected to your PC.

The external SD card is damaged.

The in-built SD card reader has damaged pins.

The SD card you are using is corrupt.

The SD card is infected by a virus or malware.

You are not using an updated device driver.

Proper drivers are missing on your PC.

The drive letter is missing from the SD card.

The Write Protection switch is not disabled.

Presence of bad sectors on your PC.

The SD card that you are using is physically damaged.

The above list includes possibly all the common reasons why you are experiencing Windows 11 not reading SD cards.

The good thing about this is that there are a bunch of solutions that we have listed in this guide that will help you possibly fix the problem at hand.

How can I resolve the Windows 11 not reading SD card problem? 1. Clean SD card and re-insert

If the SD card that you have isn’t clean and contains dust or small debris, it won’t be recognized by your PC.

The reason is pretty simple, the pins of your SD card and the card reader you are using will not properly connect, thereby not establishing a proper connection.

The dust would lead to poor connection, and even if your Windows 11 PC is reading the SD card, your will experience multiple other problems.

2. Try on another PC

Windows 11 not reading SD card problem could be because of the interface or support problems. If your SD card is not recognized by your PC, chances are that your PC doesn’t support the interface of the SD card.

We would suggest you try inserting or using it with another PC, and if it detects your card, then you can carry on with your tasks. Unfortunately, if this doesn’t help then you can check out the next solution.

3. Download the latest drivers

Alternatively, you can also use a trusted third-party tool, called Outbyte Driver Updater. It is a one-stop solution for all your driver-related needs. The app interface is clean and easy to understand.

Other features of Outbyte Driver Updater include fixing errors related to faulty or broken driver files, updating old device drivers, locating missing drivers, etc.

⇒ Get Outbyte Driver Updater

4. Change the drive letter of the SD Card

After assigning the drive letter to your SD card using the Disk Management tool, you can now check whether your unrecognized SD card is showing up on File Explorer or not.

If everything worked well, then with the set drive letter, the SD card will appear in the File Explorer along with other disk drives on your Windows 11 PC.

5. Run CHKDSK to fix corrupt files

CHKDSK utility scans for any errors in the file system and automatically fixes any logical system file errors if found.

There are chances that due to a corrupt system file, the SD card isn’t recognized by your Windows 11 PC. So, to fix this, simply run the CHKDSK command and see if this fixes the issue or not.

6. Ensure your card reader supports the SD card

One of the main causes that Windows 11 is not reading SD card issues pops up is because users insert an SD card that is not supported by the card reader.

High-capacity SD cards, such as SDHC or SDXC cards, require modern SD card readers that support them. Make sure that you have an SD card reader that supports the card format that you are inserting into.

7. Format SD card

Once you format your SD card, it should be recognized by your Windows 11 PC. Formatting heals the corrupt sector of your SD card, which could have been causing issues.

8. Disable Write Protection

Write Protection switch or feature is available on SD cards to prevent deletion of the data stored or addition of new data on it.

Usually, SD cards come with a physical Write Protection switch located on their sides. If the SD card has a button, then you should slide it to the OFF position.

In case your SD card does not come with a Write Protection switch, then you can follow the above steps and disable Write Protection for your card.

9. Scan your PC for viruses or malware

You can make use of the Windows Security Defender to scan your Windows 11 PC for viruses or malware. But there are multiple third-party antivirus applications that you can install and scan your PC for viruses. 

For instance, ESET internet security is one of the best antivirus software that you can use. It comes with payment protection, firewall, parental control, anti-phishing, multilayered protection, and more.

But the above steps would give you an idea of how you can perform a scan to check for any viruses or malware present on your PC.

How can I avoid the SD card from getting corrupt or being undetected in Windows 11?

There is a good chance that if your SD card is worn out, or not used properly, then you will come across Windows 11 not reading SD card problem, now and then.

While you can always buy a new SD card and get on with your task, we have a few tips for you that you can apply to your existing SD cards and make them fit to be used for a long time.

Keep your SD card away from moisture or places where there is a chance that water might slip in.

Prevent exposing the SD card to extreme heat or freezing temperatures.

Ensure to keep the pins of the SD card protected. You can make use of a pouch, case, or plastic cap that usually comes with the SD card to store them.

After every data transfer session, ensure you take out the SD card properly from the card reader.

Avoid using your SD cards on a virus or malware-infected PC. Perform a quick scan often to detect viruses and fix them.

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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How To Put Widgets On Iphone Lock Screen In Ios 16 (2023)

Add Widgets to iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16

Since Lock Screen widgets are a little different, make sure to first understand how they work and where you can put them.

What Sort of Widgets Can You Add to Your iPhone Lock Screen? 

iOS 16 allows you to add two types of widgets on your iPhone Lock Screen. While one set of widgets is designed to let you customize the widget panel that appears below the time, the other set of Lock Screen widgets is crafted to let you design the tiny space that shows up right above the time. 

List of Widgets You Can Add Above the Time on iPhone Lock Screen:







List of Widgets You Can Show Below Time on iPhone Lock Screen:










It’s worth pointing out that the Lock Screen widgets are not directly interactive. Therefore, tapping on a widget will directly take you into the respective app.

Customize Your iPhone Lock Screen With Widgets

1. To get started, you need to unlock your device using Face ID or Touch ID. After that, long–press on the Lock Screen to access the wallpaper gallery. 

2. Now, swipe left or right in the wallpaper gallery to find the wallpaper that you would like to customize. Then, tap on the Customize button that shows below the wallpaper. 

3. Next, if you want to place widgets to the widget panel below time, tap on the frame to bring up the widgets selector. 

Once you have got access to the widgets, tap the ones you like to add them to the widget panel. Besides, you can also use the drag and drop gesture to perfectly place widgets at the desired spot. 

Widgets are available in different formats like rectangular and circle. Keep in mind that you can show only up to 4 small widgets, 2 medium widgets, 2 small, and 1 medium widget in the bottom Lock Screen space.

4. To show widgets above the time, tap on the date and calendar at the top. When the widgets selector appears, tap on a specific widget to add it. Note that the suggested widgets appear at the top. If you want to add other widgets, scroll down to find an app and tap on it. Then, choose a preferred size of the widget. 

5. Once you have perfectly customized the Lock Screen, tap on Done at the upper-right corner of the screen. 

6. Now, a popup menu will appear on the screen with two options: 

Set as Wallpaper Pair: Tap on it to set the wallpaper for both the Lock Screen and Home Screen. 

Customize Home Screen: Tap on it to customize the Home Screen separately. 

7. Now, tap on the wallpaper you have just customized to activate it. 

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Signing Off…

That’s all there is to it! You can follow the same quick steps to customize all of your favorite Lock Screen widgets on your iPhone. Though there are only a handful of widgets available right now, we will soon see a ton of widgets including the ones from third-party.

Ipad Not Showing Up In Sidecar? How To Fix It

Is your iPad not showing up in Sidecar? As per reports, the problem occurs during both wireless and wired connections. 

Though I haven’t faced any such issues on my Mac, I can spot the culprits hidden behind this issue—primarily based on previous experience. So, if you’re on the lookout to fix a broken Sidecar, you’re at the right troubleshooting guide. 

Let’s get rid of that snag right away!

8 Ways to fix iPad not showing up in Sidecar issue

1. Ensure that your devices are compatible

12.9-inch iPad Pro

11-inch iPad Pro

10.5-inch iPad Pro

9.7-inch iPad Pro

iPad Air (3rd-gen)

iPad (6th-gen or later)

5th-gen iPad mini

Macs that support Sidecar

MacBook Pro 2023 or later

MacBook Air 2023 or later

MacBook 2023 or later

Mac Pro 2023 or later

iMac Pro 2023 or later

iMac 2023 or later

Mac mini 2023 or later

Note: While there is a complex workaround to use Sidecar even on an unsupported Mac, I don’t recommend it to a normal user as it doesn’t work most of the time. So, there’s no point in bringing it into the discussion.

2. Keep two-factor authentication enabled

Apple has made two-factor authentication a must for most new features like Messages in iCloud and Approved. Sidecar is no exception to this rule. So, if you’ve turned off 2FA, make sure to enable it so you can use Sidecar.

On Your iPad: Open Settings → Profile photo (avatar) → Password & Security → Two-Factor Authentication. Now, ensure it’s enabled.

On Your Mac: Launch System Preferences → Apple ID → Password & Security → Two-Factor Authentication. Now, make sure the 2FA option is ON.

3. Turn off/on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Handoff

For Sidecar to work, both of your devices have to be on the same Wi-Fi connection. It also requires Bluetooth and Handoff be enabled on your iPad and Mac. 

If you’re facing the problem even after checking off these essential boxes, try turning off/on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Handoff. Restarting your devices could prove useful as well.

Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

On your iPad, head into Settings → Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. Now, turn them off.

Disable Handoff

On your iPad: Head over to Settings → General → Handoff, then turn on Handoff.

Now, restart both of your devices. After they reboot, turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Handoff on your Mac and iPad. 

Note: To use Sidecar wirelessly, keep your devices within 10 meters (30 feet) of each other.

4. Ensure that your iPad and Mac aren’t sharing internet

Sidecar won’t work if your iPad and Mac are set to share an internet connection. Maybe you had enabled Internet sharing on your device and forgot to turn it off. Check it out as it might well be the reason behind this issue.

On Your iPad, go to Settings → Personal Hotspot and then toggle it off.

On Your Mac, open System Preferences → Sharing. Now, uncheck the box for Internet Sharing.

5. Ensure that your iPad is set to trust your Mac

Especially when using Sidecar over USB, ensure that your iPad is set to trust your Mac. When you connect your iPad to the macOS device using a cable, a popup will appear on the tablet asking you to trust the computer. Tap Trust.

Just in case the popup to Trust the computer doesn’t appear, reset location and privacy. Launch Settings on your iPad → General → Reset. Now, tap on Reset Location & Privacy and confirm.

Connect your tablet to the computer. The Trust popup will now appear.

6. Disable Block All Incoming Connections

Have you enabled Firewall on your Mac? Buried inside the Firewall setting is an option to block all the incoming connections except those needed for basic internet services like IPSec, DHCP, Bonjour, etc. 

As it’s known to create connection problems, you might benefit from turning it off.

One thing worth mentioning is that you don’t need to turn off the Firewall to disable this feature.

7. Sign out of Apple ID and sign back in

Another requirement for Sidecar is that your devices must be signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID. So, be sure you have ticked off this requirement as well. 

If you’re facing the problem even after meeting this requirement, sign out of Apple ID on your iPad and Mac. Then, sign back in.

On iPad: Open Settings → Profile photo → Sign Out.

On Mac: Open System Preferences → Apple ID → Sign Out.

Now, sign in using the same Apple ID on both the devices.

If none of the tricks have fixed your iPad not showing in Sidecar, a software bug could be behind it. If your devices aren’t up to date, now’s the time. Most likely, you’ll be able to finally resolve the problem with a software update.

On iPad: Open Settings → General → Software Update.

Hopefully, you got the better of the problem and also found out how to deal with the common snags that tend to pop up at times.

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Marcus is a freelance tech writer/editor with a focus on succinctly explaining consumer devices and their software. His previous work has been published on MakeUseOf where he covered everything from iOS to Git and UI design.

9 Best Sentence Rephraser Tools (2023 Update)

A Sentence rephrase tool helps to rewrite sentences for fluency, expand or summarize content, improve language, avoid Plagiarism, adjust tones, etc. There are many paraphrasing tools that can fix grammar errors, improve sentence structure, enhance style, etc. Some tools support multiple languages for paraphrasing sentences as well. There are many sentence rephraser tools that significantly improves your content quality. Some of them also provides analytics and data to point out common mistakes and stats about your writing style.

Many Sentence Rephraser tools are available in the market, so selecting one is difficult. We have researched 45+ tools and following is a handpicked list of Top Sentence Rephraser Tools with their pros, cons, key statistics, and website links. The list contains open-source (free) and commercial (paid) software.

Best Sentence Rephraser Tools

Best for Making explicit and impactful content.

Writer is a paraphrasing tool that uses AI to rephrase complex sentences into more straightforward sentences. This sentence rephrasing suggestions try to limit the use of passive voice, improve grammar, remove gender bias, and create overall inclusive content. It also provides extensions, add-ons, and integrations with many apps.

From its inception in 2023, it has helped writers, editors, and marketers improve their content. Writer provides features to share feedback, collaborate, and work on multi-user projects. One of the best paraphrasing tools helps you create custom style guides to ensure consistency across all content.


Privacy features help you to keep your writing activities private

Offers snippets to allow inserting frequently used content easily

Tools to support team collaborations and share feedback

API to integrate with other apps

Terminology management, style guides, and guidelines help professional writers speed up their work.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Paraphrasing tool helps avoid Plagiarism and create unique content The initial setup process can be time consuming

It offers add-ons and extensions to integrate with Google Docs, MS word, etc.

Multiple plans available to allow easy scalability

Feature-loaded free plan is an excellent choice for beginners

Key Specs:

Automatic Suggestion: Yes

30-days Free Trial

Best For Checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, and tones of sentences.

Grammarly is one of the best paraphrasing tools. It does real-time grammar-checking while writing. This tool rephrases sentences by analyzing them and making their tone better.

Grammarly’s extensions and add-ons can be combined with many apps and services. It also ensures high spelling, sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation accuracy.

You can rephrase the writeups to look like they were written by a human and improves overall readability. This paraphrasing tool provides many features for professional writers that help them to become great writers, bloggers, and freelancers.


Save the writeups automatically

Enhances the vocabulary of content

It helps to improve the tone of sentences

Plagiarism checker can help to make unique writeups

Analytics and information about your writing style, common mistakes, and more

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Understandable interface for new users Only the English language is supported

Availability of variations in the English language

Easy integrations with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc.

Key Specs:

Automatic Suggestions: Yes

7-days Free Trial

Best sentence rephrasing tool for creating high-quality sentences for business purposes.

CopyAI is an AI tool that rephrases sentences and creates short sentences for meta descriptions, headings, etc. This tool can help you write and rephrase all types of business-related writeups.

CopyAI provides its users with more than 130+ templates. TheCopyAI’s sentence rephrase tool also provides new ideas to its user. This tool emphasizes user-friendliness for beginners, inexperienced, and novices.

Many brands use CopyAI to make their content. It is an ideal choice for freelancers, bloggers, marketers, and individuals who want to ease their work on thinking headlines, topics, etc.


Provides 90+ copywriting tools

Automatic Suggestions help to create catchy sentences

Generate high-quality content

Gives right tones and voice to sentences

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Saves time in creating short content Can’t create long-form content

It offers multi-language is supported

Create highly targeted niche-specific content

Key Specs:

Automatic Suggestion: Yes

7-days Free Trial (No credit card required)

Best For Students and scholars who are looking for rephrasing essays and thesis.

Quillbot is an online paraphrasing tool that helps rephrase and create clear sentences. It reframes, restructures, and simplifies the sentences. This sentence rephrase tool can be used as an article rewriter tool. It helps you to rephrase sentences accurately in different tones, generating plagiarism-free unique writeups.

This paraphrasing tool has a text summarizer that can help you make a summary of the content. It also provided tools to fix Plagiarism and create unique content. The best thing about this tool is that it is straightforward to use.

It changes the sentences by rephrasing them without changing the original meaning. This online paraphrase tool is around 2023, and it has become quite popular.


It provides seven unique modes for creating writeups in a variety of tones

Easily adjust the extent to which sentences are reframed

Rearrange sentence structure without changing the original meaning

Provides extensions and addons for work on many platforms

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It has a simple, easy to use, and straightforward user interface Free and premium plans both have character limits for rephrasing

You can use it from anywhere because it’s a web-based tool Sometimes, it generates meaningless sentences

Doesn’t require a login to use its free plan

Key Specs:

Automatic Suggestions: No

3-days Free Trial

Best For Improving style and strength of sentences.

ProWritingAid is a potent tool that quickly improves the style of sentences by rephrasing them in its own words. It checks and Improves the grammar, fixes spelling mistakes, and creates readable content in no time. This online paraphrase tool provides excellent reports clubbed with various suggestions to help you become a better writer.

ProWritingAid gives users new suggestions for styling and rephrasing the writeups and makes them clear and powerful. It provides users with integration with MS Word, Open Office, etc. It is one of the best paraphrasing tools that work well with social media like Facebook and Twitter.


Detects overused words in sentences

Provides analytics, reports, and other data to help you be a better writer

Variety of customizations options to match your needs

In-depth understanding with the help of data visualization

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Word explorer helps to find proper words Plagiarism checker feature has to be purchased separately

Videos, articles, and other resources to improve writing skills

Helps improve the style and strength of the writing

It is an automatic paraphrasing tool

Key Specs:

Automatic Suggestions: Yes

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7-days Free Trial

Best for Enjoying free paraphrasing in many languages.

This paraphrase tool is an ideal choice for multi-lingual paraphrasing. It is one of the free paraphrasing tools with lots of features, and you can paraphrase online. This phrasing tool can easily translate sentences to avoid getting detected by plagiarism detectors, thus beneficial for search engine optimization.

It is an ideal choice if you want to rephrase sentences in multiple languages or want to use it to rewrite articles. Individuals who do not speak English fluently can write in their native language and rewrite their content to look like it was written by a native speaker.


Supports Rephrasing in 100+ languages

Simple and straightforward User Interface

15 different modes for sentence rephrasing

Check Plagiarism in 50+ languages

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Paraphrase online without no download needed It never specifies how many languages it can rephrase.

Tools to assist non-native English speakers

Supports adjusting tones as needed

Key Specs:

Automatic Suggestions: No

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Best For changing sentence.

This Grammar checker tool checks the writeups and understands and rephrases without changing the original meaning. It helps with proofreading the sentences. It also provides English tests, Grammar tests, a Dictionary, and more to help you improve your writing skills.

This tool helps find out more information about mistakes. It allows seeing the writing statistics to point out repeated grammatical errors, etc.

It gives you the freedom to choose vocabulary and words of your choice. This rephrase tool is perfectly designed for bloggers, content writers, freelancers, and everyday individuals. This sentence reparing too has clean and straightforward interface makes it easy for new users.


Automatically checks and gives suggestions

Variety of tones to rephrase sentences according to needs

Provides 100s of templates for writeups

Analyze content with its analytics

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Affordable and high-quality sentence rephrasing tool Plagiarism detector needs an extra subscription

Provides a secret mode to check sensitive content

Supports easy team management and multi-user projects

Key Specs:

Automatic Suggestions: Yes

Best For Human-level fluency while maintaining the meaning nicely.


Plagiarism checker and text summarizer for sentence rephrasing

Keeps the quality of the paraphrased content without changing its original meaning

Creates content with human-like fluency

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Multiple languages like French, Spanish, Turkish, etc Its premium plan has a limit of paraphrasing 5000 words only.

Provides a real-time option to copy the paraphrased text

Text summarizer allows for converting extensive articles into easily understandable summaries

Key Specs:

Automatic Suggestions: Yes

9) Wordtune

Best rewording tool.

Wordtune is an AI-based tool designed to make highly impactful content for its users. Its chrome extension gives you the freedom to write on many platforms like Google Docs, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Wordtune helps you to translate your thoughts into words very accurately. This paraphrasing tool provides an editor, proofreader, translator, tone checker, and thesaurus. All these features are in one device. Non-native English speakers can easily use this sentence rephrase tool and create content without mistakes.

The automatic suggestions feature of this tool rephrases the sentences according to your needs and focuses on making perfect, high-quality, and fluent writeups.AI21 develops a Wordtune paraphrasing tool, an excellent choice for bloggers, content writers, freelancers, etc., to write their blog posts, social media posts, articles, content, etc.


Smart synonyms give better synonyms for any word

It is designed for people who are not good at English

It changes the length of the text as needed

Grammar checker for checking Plagiarism

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Integrates with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter Doesn’t offer a free trial for the premium version

Provides multilingual search engine

Supports sentence rephrasing in multiple languages

Key Specs:

Automatic Suggestions: Yes

FAQs ❓ What are Sentence Rephrasing Tools?

Sentence rephrase tools are software or online editors that can rewrite sentences, words, articles, etc. These tools are used mainly by writers, bloggers, freelancers, journalists, and more for their work.

These tools can help you create unique, plagiarism-free, and fresh content. Moreover, using sentence rephrasing tools can benefit professionals and individuals. To ensure the originality of your content, consider using one of the best plagiarism checkers available online.

👉 What are some of the Best Sentence Rephrasing Tools?

Sentence rephrase tools help improve writeups by reducing Plagiarism, increasing readability, optimizing search engines, etc.

Here are some Best Sentence Rephrasing tools:

❗ How to select the Best Sentence Rephrasing Tool?

Some of the important criteria to consider before choosing the best paraphrasing tool include:

Tone Detection: Understanding the tone of the given sentences and rephrasing it to change the style (fluent, professional, etc.) while still retaining the original meaning.

Grammar Checker: Ensuring correct spelling, punctuations, minimizing the use of passive voice, and suggestions for better synonyms to improve the writeup.

Plagiarism Checker: You should select a tool that ensures that no portion of your content is a direct copy of preexisting content on the internet.

Text Summarizer: It should shorten long paragraphs using more precise and brief words while retaining the original meaning.

Article Rewriter: Rewrite your or someone’s already written articles and makes them unique.

Automatic Suggestions: Suggest sentences based on your requirements and focuses on producing flawless, high-quality, and fluent content.

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