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Fast forward to today, and if it is not crystal clear to internet marketers that things post Panda and Penguin are very, very , different, the it really should be. Proper Company Promotion, or P.C.P, is now the only safe and effective way to gain web traffic and also improve rankings.

Is SEO Dead?

Seo hasn’t “died”, but it has certainly changed dramatically. For one instance, back links now need to be earned, rather than created. That is one of the main rules now, covering the links that come back to the websites you are promoting. Links that carried a lot of value, for example article links, are now only really useful for adding a little bit of diversity to your link profile, the same with generic press releases that do not offer anything more than 400 words of empty writing.

For a long time the SEO world (in many, rather than in all cases) lazily adding masses of links to clients sites, many of which were empty and built just for the fact they would be a back link, was THE strategy. Finally in 2012 Google played the swan song for sites optimized so (or was it a Penguin song?). Sites disappeared from page 1 of Google quicker than a bowling ball dropped in the backyard swimming pool. Tears were shed, cries of unfairness echoed around the online marketing world. Much as I may have sympathy, I can’t help feeling that we should all have seen this coming. It is not as if the search engine gods at Google hadn’t explained to us all year after year, what they expected from those practicing SEO, and how to keep on the right side of search relevance, when promoting theirs or their clients sites.


Proper Company Promotion means exactly what it suggests. Rolling up your sleeves and actually earning the links and traffic that you have been trying to gain from various link building services, and short term blasts from this or that software link creator. PCP doesn’t have to be very expensive, though it is more time consuming, it’s all about value really. What is the true cost of improper SEO, after all? Sure, those paying you may have to pay more to get the job done properly and have some “future proofing”, but in the long run the proof will be in the pudding. Here are some examples of what can be done to create “real” links and also enhance company brands and exposure with  their target clientele.

Sponsor an event, the size of which will always depend on your budget. You may supply the awards, or the cost of a kids’ football league with their equipment, for instance. Get local newspapers involved, release a press release that explains what you are doing and how it is benefiting the recipients. Make sure that any website that is involved with anyone benefiting from the sponsored event contains content about your business/website, and is linking back to your site. The press release will also generate real links that will also pass traffic, Google loves links that pass on traffic to a site. The buzz generated will help to enhance the company brand and the exposure will help generate more traffic to your website.

Guest post on blogs that are relevant  to the niche your business is in. Most blog owners are always looking for high quality and information rich content. Blog posts still carry weight at the moment, this may change as the marketing spammers out there try to abuse its ability to help sites rank. Writing between 500 – 1500 words that are useful and informative to those reading within your industry  will help gain you traffic through any links that are placed within the content you have written, and enhance the authority of your company within your business or customer community. Poor quality content is not accepted by most “authority” blogs so the content needs to be useful and therefore highly readable.

There are many other strategies that can help gain you proper, earned back links, as well as enhance the authority of your brand and get you very valuable exposure within your market place. No one tactic should be used on its own. Successful search engine optimisation entails a mixture of different strategies and making sure that company branding and information reach as many people, on as many different platforms, as possible. Making sure that you are also looking after your onsite affairs is obviously a must. There is no point driving traffic to a site that cannot give your potential clients and customers what they are looking for. Social media platforms also need to be used as much as possible, promoting offers, blog posts and any information that is seen as useful for the business community that you are in.

Lets all think about how we can earn a back link, rather than how we can create one. The long term benefits of any online marketing campaign should always trump the short term gains, and P.C.P is a long term thought process.

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Seo For WordPress 2.5 Blogs : New Ebook

Since early in my humble blogging career I have been down on three things; SEO, Google and hyped but useless web services. Down on SEO because it was and sometimes is about “gaming” the system, Google because it could be great but is resigned to being good enough and worthless sites for obvious reasons.

SEO done as it should be is a very helpful tool for developers. I recently reviewed an SEO primer in the form of an eBook that is superlatively helpful and most of all honest. Search engine optimization, at least the honest and professional version, helps not only site developers and users but the search engines themselves obviously. Though content is still king, if no one sees it, it is nothing.

SEO Book for WordPress 2.5 Blogs

This latest free eBook (in PDF) by Mihaela Lica – online PR and SEO – is particularly helpful to people just getting into the game. Bloggers in particular will benefit from this iteration as it is iterated around the popular WordPress V 2.5 platform. Everyone, even old hands like me, can benefit from a few honest tips from top professionals, and this primer is a must for new bloggers.

SEOs Are Editors

In Mihaela’s opinion professional SEO is not about gaming the system, but about editing a site to prepare it for the public. She compares the work of an SEO with that of a book editor. SEO is about structure, navigability but most importantly it is about quality. An SEO’s moral obligation is to ensure that the site adheres to these principles. Although most of the tips in this book are technical; like installing SEO plugins, optimizing permalinks, pinging and etc., many basic SEO techniques are made drop-dead-simple (they had to be or I would never figure them out).

Beyond SEO

Lastly, the book is replete with illustration to guide the “would be” Blogger/SEO through the steps described. It is also a rather extraordinary –yet simple – guide for other helpful conjunctive information like: journalistic techniques, keyword integration, and an effective blogging primer as well. Not sounding my own horn, but my site’s page rank reached level 4 in 5 months, and it wasn’t because of my “Hemmingway” writing skills or a zillion links. Put bluntly, it is there because Mihaela Lica made the site and taught me the SEO techniques in this book. Check it out, it is free and it will help.

Note : Don’t confuse this eBook with Aaron Wall’s SEObook or the Blogger’s Guide to SEO, but it makes a great compliment to the mix 🙂

Is Pypolars The New Alternative To Pandas?


Pandas is one of the prominent libraries for a data scientist when it’s about data manipulation and analysis.

Let’s see do we have pypolars as an alternative to pandas or not.


Pandas is such a favored library that even non-Python programmers and data science professionals have heard ample about it. And if you’re a seasoned Python programmer, then you’ll be closely familiar with how flexible the Pandas library is.

Pandas is one of the basic libraries every data scientist comes across. It is a super-powerful, fast, and easy to use python library used for data analysis and manipulation. From creating the data frames to reading files of a different format, be it a text file, CSV, JSON, or from slicing and dicing the data to combining multiple data sources, Pandas is a one-stop solution.

What if we get to know that there is a new library in the town, that is challenging the monopoly of pandas in data manipulation. Yes, for me it is exciting to dive into a new library called pypolars.

In this article, we are going to see how pypolars function and how it is compared pandas.

If you want to enter the exciting world of data science, I recommend you check out our Certified AI & ML BlackBelt Accelerate Program.

Table of contents

What is pypolars

how to install

Eager and lazy API

How to use pypolars

comparison with pandas

What is pypolars?

Polars is a fast library implemented in Rust. The memory model of polars is based on Apache Arrow. py-polars is the python binding to the polars, that supports a small subset of the data types and operations supported by polars. The best thing about py-polars is, it is similar to pandas which makes it easier for users to switch on the new library.

Let’s dig deeper into the pypolars and see how it works.

How to install

Installing the pypolars is simple and similar to other python libraries using pip and it’s done.

pip install py-polars Eager and Lazy API

If we talk about the APIs, Polar consists of two APIs. One is Eager and the other is Lazy. Eager API is similar to pandas i.e execution will take place immediately and the result is produced. Like performing some aggregation, joins, or groupings where you have instant results in your hand.

On the other hand, Lazy API is just like Spark. Here the query is first converted into a logical plan, then the plan is optimized and reorganized to reduce the execution time and memory usages. Once the result is requested the polars distributes the tasks on available executes and parallelize the tasks on the fly. Since all the plan is already known and optimized, it didn’t take much time to present the output.

How to use py-polars?

Now we are going to see how py-polars works and let’s go through some examples of implementing the code.

Creating Dataframe

Creating a data frame in py-polars is similar to pandas. using pl.DataFrame.

import pypolars as pl df= pl.DataFrame({'City':['A','B','C','D','E','F','G','H'], 'Temperature':[30.5,32,25,38,40,29.6,21.3,24.9], 'Rain':[103,125,90,75,130,200,155,127] })

First, let’s check the type of data frame created and the columns present.

df.dtypes df.columns

Now I want to access the top rows from the data frame. Just like pandas DataFrame object we have head() function. If no argument is passed it will show the top 5 rows.


Subsetting a DataFrame

We can also select the subset of a data frame based on the conditions as in pandas.

Concatenate the Dataframes

Many times we need to combine multiple data frames. The polars provide a function to concatenate the data frames. One is hstack for horizontal stacking and the other is vstack for vertical stacking. look at the example given below.

In the following example, I have first created a new data frame with the column Humidity initiated with random values. Later, using hstack I have combined both available data frames horizontally.

import numpy as np df1= pl.DataFrame({'Humidity':np.random.rand(8)}) df1


Now we have a new data frame consisting of data from both data frames. I found this function really interesting.

Further, we will see how can we vertically combine the two data frames. Here we need two data frames with similar columns. Before stacking I am going to create another data frame which is a copy of df using another exciting function known as a clone.

Clone creates the copy of a given series or data frame. It is supercheap to create clones in polar as the underlying memory backed by Polars is immutable. Which further increases the performance of the library.

After creating a copy of the given data frame, I used vstack to concatenate the two data frames.

df2= df.clone() df2.vstack(df)

Read a CSV file

Similar to pandas, polars provide the functions to read files in different formats. Here I am using a CSV file and putting the data in a data frame named ‘data’. ‘data’ is a pypolars data frame as we can see the type of the object.

data = pl.read_csv('california_housing_train.csv') type(data)

Check the few rows in the data frame using the tail function which gives the last rows.


Although the polar is similar to pandas and supports most of the functions when it’s about the support of the other libraries like matplotlib, it is still struggling and we need to convert the polars data frame to pandas. Polars provide a simple function to_pandas() that allows users to convert a polar data frame to pandas.

pandas_df=data.to_pandas() type(pandas_df)

Now we will a simple example, how can we convert our data frame into a lazy one for optimizing our performance.








* lazy_df=df.lazy() lazy_df

As we can see our data frame has been successfully converted into a lazy one but it’s not showing the data. Now I will subset the lazy_df using a filter and then request for the result through collect().


Why Polars?

It was a small introduction to pypolars, where I tried to help you understand the library and its functionalities. Note that the library works mostly similar to pandas when it comes to the eager API. The user need not give extra effort to learn and it’s easy to use.

Further, Polars has zero cost interaction with NumPy’s ufunc functionality. This means that if it is not supported by Polars, we can use NumPy without any overhead.

Also, Polars is a memory-efficient library, creating a clone or slice is highly economical since underlying memory backed by Polars is immutable.

The lazy API makes the polars more exciting as when it comes to the larger datasets the time and space complexity matters. Due to the optimized and lazy execution polars become an efficient and low-cost option. Here you can see the performance comparison of polars.

If you are looking for more details, I will suggest checking the documentation of the polars.

End Notes

Polars is comparatively new and does not have the support of the other libraries required by a data scientist. But on the other hand, pandas is an established player with a large community base and an efficient ecosystem. At the moment it is difficult to say that it can be an alternative to pandas. But definitely, it is an interesting option.

To summarize, Polars is an interesting option to perform data manipulation and analysis. If you have a dataset that is too large for pandas and too small for spark. Polars is an efficient solution as it utilizes all the available cores in your machine for parallel execution.


Exclusive: Ginzametrics Seo Platform Gets New Features, Content Marketing Refresh

GinzaMetrics, one of the more comprehensive Enterprise SEO dashboards out there, has undergone a a pretty large feature makeover, adding new features along with improved usability and speed.

In a another sign that the SEO industry is becoming more and more about content, digital and social media marketing, GinzaMetrics made the changes with an eye toward not only delivering recommendations for site structure improvements and the like, but for optimizing content marketing too.  This comes a week after Moz changed their name and started focusing on analytics.

“The search and content marketing landscape is evolving quickly, and a healthy mix of data and creativity are required if you want to thrive,” said Ray Grieselhuber, CEO of GinzaMetrics. “We are thrilled to be a part of this revolution by helping our customers and agency partners discover the best content to create and optimize.”

The newly designed dashboard provides faster access to SEO and content recommendations. Users can spot the keywords that their content is ranking best for, as well as the content that is performing best or worst in search. This helps users make better decisions and reach a maximum target audience. It’s kind of a “to-do” list for web optimization.

“This new release includes a number of updates based on user feedback, and it’s aimed at making the consumer experience more enjoyable with the brands they engage,” Grieselhuber said.

One new feature helps users see problems in the internal structure of their sites. “Page Indexing and Internal Links Insights” provides recommendations across large websites and builds up graphs of internal links. The tool helps users see which pages have optimized links and which sections need improvements, such as HTTP errors, improper redirects and duplicate page titles.

“The ability to crawl a new site and quickly find duplicate page titles, HTTP errors, redirects and other issues in a prioritized, logical way, has long been a missing feature in enterprise level, cloud-based SEO platforms,” said Erin Robbins O’Brien, GinzaMetrics COO. “It will reduce the need to rely on additional platforms to access this relevant information, helping users save time and money.”

GinzaMetrics is one in a competitive field of SEO and content marketing analytics companies that continue to find users and raise millions of dollars. Some of Ginza’s top rivals include Brightedge and Conductor.

GinzaMetrics also offers competitor analysis so users can see how their keywords and social signals stack up with the competition. It lets users see shifts in their rivals’ search and content strategies. GinzaMetrics is also the only platform that crawls this information daily from search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex , Baidu, Sogou, and others. Those last two were added in April. The platform lets you customize stats by date range, search engine(s), keywords and more. You can also white-label the reports and the dashboard itself.

GinzaMetrics was founded in 2010 by Grieselhuber. Shortly after the company attracted seed funding from both Y Combinator and 500 Startups, a somewhat rare occurrence. The tool provides its features in more than 120 countries and 55 languages around the world.

Windows Is Getting New Video

The two new apps are part of the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22572 for the Dev Channel, which normally means that the new changes and additions may not make their way to Windows 11 users in general. But, like many tweaks Microsoft has made recently, these have the feel of an early look of features all Windows 11 users will eventually receive.

The build also makes a significant change to the search feature within Windows 11: Search Highlights looks to be a subset of the Bing pages that are normally associated with Microsoft’s search engine. Microsoft will push new content to the search box, pepping it up but also potentially distracting you from your original search.

Microsoft Family

If you’ve followed Windows over the years, you’re aware that Microsoft reorganizes as much as it adds—transitioning from the older Control Panel to the Settings menu, for example, or by pushing subscription information from the web to within Windows 11. Microsoft Family feels like a similar type of reorganization.

Microsoft Family.


What Microsoft Family does is take the Family Safety mobile app that Microsoft launched in 2023 alongside the consumer version of Microsoft Teams and makes it a built-in Windows app. All Family Safety did was to reorganize some of the features found within the Microsoft Account (as well as the misleadingly named Find My Device) and bring them front and center. Now you can go to Microsoft Family to limit screen time for your kids, set content restrictions, and “geofence” kids by tracking them on their phones, if they agree.


In September 2023, Microsoft acquired Clipchamp, a small in-browser video-editing application that competes (and still does) with Microsoft’s own built-in Video Editor app within Windows 10 and Windows 11. Now, Clipchamp will also be a built-in Windows 11 app, at least for Insiders, initially. (If you’re not an Insider, you can still download and use Clipchamp directly from the Microsoft Store.)

The Clipchamp interface.Microsoft

Microsoft believes that Clipchamp’s selling point is its timeline—the ability to go back and forth within a video, trimming and adding to the video. But the real impact may be from what it adds: a stock library filled with more than a million royalty-free videos, audio tracks, and images that can be added to videos. There’s even an Azure-powered text-to-speech generator capable of creating voice overs in more than 70 languages, Microsoft said in a blog post.

Search Highlights

Search Highlights is a new feature that Microsoft will roll out next week, the company said, within the Windows 11 search app. You’ll see it in Windows 10, too.

Windows 11’s Search Highlights.


“Search Highlights will present notable and interesting moments—like holidays, anniversaries, and other educational moments in time both globally and in your region,” Microsoft said. “You’ll find rich, bold content in search home that highlights what’s special about today.”

It sounds like “Search” may become a miniature home page of sorts, with a word of the day, trending searches, Microsoft Rewards information, and so on. It’s part of a livelier Windows 11 that sounds more like Windows 10, but it also might duplicate some of the content that’s already in Widgets, which may prove interesting in the long run. Logging in with a Microsoft work account will generate results more specific to your workplace.

The Ultimate Guide To Seznam Seo is the second largest search engine in the Czech Republic (also known as Czechia).

Speaking with Dušan Janovský of Seznam, the search engine holds around a 25 percent market share, with Google dominating the market.

“Optimization should focus primarily on the user and on the benefit of the content.”

Your approach to optimizing for Seznam should be the same as for Google, putting the user first.

So some modern web techniques such as JavaScript need to be considered and potentially re-engineered when creating an alternate localized version of your website for the Czech Republic.

A Brief History of Seznam

Founded in 1996 by Ivo Lukačovič, Seznam started life as a catalog of some of the best Czech webpages to visit with a basic keyword search function.

By 2010, it was estimated that the entire Internet population of the Czech Republic was visiting the search engine at least once a month.

Eventually, Google gained more dominance within the market at the expense of Seznam.

Seznam has diversified its online offering with a number of other products including: (An online news portal)

Lidé.cz (A community dating website) (An online real estate portal) (A music video site) (Maps search engine)

Volnámí (An online jobs portal) (A business directory)

Most recently they have also entered the internet TV market with Zprávy.

Seznam SEO Basics

Like all search engines, Seznam weights certain variables more than others.

This means that despite its now reduced market share, it is still a sizable player in the Czech market and shouldn’t be discounted.

.cz Domains (Myth)

It’s a common misconception that, like with Yandex and Baidu, Seznam has shown a preference to the native ccTLD of the Czech Republic, .cz.

The reasons are similar as to why Seznam shows a preference, too.

The .cz ccTLD show’s strong local relevancy to the Czech market.

When searching in chúng tôi for [seo], the top 3 results I get are:

And if I repeat the same search in Seznam, I get:

This, however, has been confirmed as being a myth, and any data suggesting otherwise is correlative.


Seznam does support some JavaScript elements, however it is not wholly supported.

So it’s important that your Czech alternate version uses a lot of plain HTML for navigational and internal links.

Otherwise, the SeznamBot may have difficulties discovering all URLs on your website and crawling them frequently.

URL Structures & Illegal Characters

While Czech uses Latin characters, it is a Slavic language and uses a number of special characters not found in other Latin alphabets, such as č, š, and ž.

In a URL, č, š and ž need to be included without any accents, so they would become c, s, and z.

Header Tags

H1 tags still hold weight within Seznam rankings.

It’s important that they’re not used for styling purposes and the correct hierarchy of H1 to H6 is used appropriately.

Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

According to Seznam:

“The title is one of the most important tags in the entire page – the search engines put a lot of emphasis on it. Together with the text of the page, they are the basis from which the search engine creates a caption and a search result label.”

Seznam guidelines also place importance on these being unique to each page, not overly verbose, and not to be stuffed with keywords.

Seznam also overrides the specified page title within search results should it feel more appropriate on-page content can be used to better match user intent.

International SEO

Targeting Czechia with Czech, you would use the code:

Canonical URLs

chúng tôi

chúng tôi

chúng tôi

chúng tôi

That being said, Seznam’s guidelines warn that:

“If the robot does not appear to have pages with similar content, the canonical URL is not accepted.”

It is deemed unsuitable use if Page A and Page B aren’t similar in terms of content.

The only time I’ve really seen this is when someone has tried to use the canonical to sculpt PageRank from blog/supporting content pages to primary commercial content pages/user conversion pages.


Seznam’s guidelines clearly state:

SERP Personalization

Seznam doesn’t personalize search results pages in the same way that Google does and doesn’t take into account previous search history.

That being said, if a user is searching on chúng tôi (infer Google Maps) or chúng tôi (infer a website/business directory), Seznam can detect your location, if enabled, and shows relevant results based on your proximity. and chúng tôi snippets also appear within organic search results pages.

How Does Seznam Weight Backlinks?

Studies have shown that citation flow (number of links) outweighs the trust flow (quality of links).

That being said, you can’t simply spam your way to the top.

While quantity and quality are weighted differently, quality shouldn’t be substituted for volume.

Identifying Seznam Crawl Activity

Seznam has two user-agents, one for crawling pages and one for taking screenshots of pages. The primary user agent crawls from the IPV4 range 77.75.74 to 77.75.79 (excluding 77.75.75), and 2a02:598:a::78:x, 2a02:598:a::79:x and 2a02:598:2::x on IPV6.

In your log files, you can identify the primary SeznamBot user agent as:

Whereas the Seznam screenshot user agent can be identified as:

More International SEO Resources:

Image Credits

All screenshots taken by author, September 2023

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