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If you’re into programming or already a programmer, then we suspect you’ll need a trustworthy text editor with years of developer support. Most will likely choose to go with the default text editor in Windows 10, but if you want something with more features, then check out jEdit. From our experience, it beats out many of the expensive tools of similar use cases, and that’s wonderful if you want to save some cash. Not to mention, it is based on the open-source GNU General Public License platform, so you can view the source code if needed.

The program is written in Java, which means, you will need to have the Java Runtime Environment software installed on your system beforehand. Not everyone likes Java these days, but hey, its still the backbone behind many popular programs today.

jEdit Text Editor for Programmers

Not every programmer needs to use this tool, but if you’re not interested in spending or using Notepad, then jEdit is a good step in the right direction.

1] Add your text

When it comes down to adding your text to jEdit, you can either type into the open area, or paste text previously copied. Now, once everything is in, you can do a few things from the edit area. For example, users can paste deleted text, select code blocks, or even change words to upper or lower case if this is required.

2] Customize the menu

You see, if anyone wants to make changes to the Context Menu, this is where you need to go. The ability is also there to change the status bar and how editing works. Not only that, but users can make changes to the text editor section, appearance, docking, and much more.

We have to say, the entire thing is very overwhelming, so take your time to run through the choices before making decisions.

3] Search

Since this is a text editor, it wouldn’t be perfect without a search function that works as intended. This one, however, does far more than what you might expect. Here’s the thing, not only can you make simple searches, but the ability is there to search within directories.

Want to perform an incremental or hyper search? No problem just go right ahead. After searching for a word or phrase, you can replace it with ease and move along to the next one.

4] Markers

The user can add markers with ease, and the same can be said for removing them. There is even the ability to add markers with shortcuts, switch between markers, and more. A lot of options for the user to play around with.

5] Utilities

Our favorite section of jEdit, is the Utilities section. From here, folks can gain access to the Filesystem Browser, recent and current directories, along with Favorites. If you want to view the jEdit Home Directory, then no problem because that option is available here.

Additionally, if needed, the user can take a look at the Settings Directory, and the same goes for BeanShell and Action Bar. Not to mention, if one wants to repeat the last action, scroll down to the near bottom after selecting the Utilities tab.

Finally, the Utilities tab is home to Global Options, which is where folks can perform various changes to how jEdit operates. We suggest taking the time to check out the Global Options with care because the information there is quite extensive and can cause confusion.

Download jEdit from the official website.

You're reading Jedit Is One Impressive Text Editor For Computer Programmers

How To Hire Programmers For Outsourced Software Development

Outsourced software development services are becoming more popular in today’s business world. This trend is easy to understand. Today, companies in different industries and spheres may need their own software solutions. It will not be possible to build an in-house team of developers as most development projects are not planned regularly.

This is why every year, more and more companies (especially those without programmers) choose to outsource services. Many of these companies don’t know how to organize everything and how to choose the right team.

This guide will help you with all of the tasks. We hope you find the information useful and that it will help you to establish a relationship with a trustworthy software development company. This will allow you to create your solution in accordance with all your requirements.

Step 1. Clear Describe Your Goals

Before you start looking for developers, it is important to establish the goals of your project. This should include the expectations of all stakeholders including management, clients and end-users. You will need to explain all requirements clearly to ensure that third-party programmers can understand them.

Step 2. Prepare Your Project Documentation

Without a plan and other documentation, it is not a good idea to even start discussions about possible cooperation with an outsourcing agency. You will be asked questions about your budget and requirements even before you start communicating with the vendor. Be prepared.

Step 3. Choose a Tech Stack

Step 4. Find a Reliable Software Development Partner

No matter what type of cooperation you choose (e.g., dedicated development team, augmentation, or other), it is important to have a professional company on your side. The company must not only have access to a large pool of experts but also be able to manage them in a manner that is easy for clients. Before making a decision about cooperation, make sure to review the portfolio and read reviews from clients who have worked with them. You should ensure that your future outsourcing partner has the same business values you do.

Step 5. Proceed to Work, Manage The Process

Your involvement in the development process depends on the type of cooperation you have chosen with your software partner. You may have the ability to control all steps in certain cases. In other cases, your involvement can be reduced if you feel it is more comfortable. It is recommended that you at least perform a high-level oversight during development to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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Top 10 IT Skills in Demand for 2023

Tips to Choose The Best Software Development Company

It is important to find the right partner to work with. Let’s take a look at the most important points to remember:

Previous experience

Expertise in a specific business area

This agency often cooperates with certain types of companies


Tech stack

There are many talents in the pool

Cooperation models

Development costs


English proficiency (or any other language you will use to communicate)

Time zone (it’s important to be able to communicate with your developers at most for a few hours each day).

Closing Word

Outsourced software development can offer companies a lot more freedom and flexibility than traditional methods. This is why many businesses that specialize in software development sometimes use third-party service providers. This can be a result of the fact that they have special skills but don’t see the point in long-term collaboration with such people.

Outsourced software development services can help you save significant amounts of money without sacrificing the quality of your new solutions. In this instance, the most important thing is to choose a vendor and a cooperation model that works.

Dyson Zone Review: Impressive But Impractical


Well-made headphones 

Excellent audio quality 

Top-notch ANC performance

Long battery life for audio 


Bulky and heavy 

Some design flaws

Very expensive

Socially awkward

Our Verdict

While the Dyson Zone are remarkable in many ways, not all of them are positive and for the vast majority of people, they will be simply too big, costly, embarrassing and unnecessary.

Best Prices Today: Dyson Zone




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It’s taken Dyson six years of research and development, along with no less than 500 prototypes, to create its first pair of headphones.

But the Zone are not your ordinary pair of noise cancelling cans because they can purify the air around you. 

Although they possess this unique ability, Dyson is pitching them as headphones first. As such, the visor that directs the air to your face is removable so you can simply use it when you like – or never, if you feel too awkward wearing it. 

As well as that social aspect, there are also other barriers here including the heavy weight of the headphones (even without the visor) as well as a high asking price. The Dyson Zone certainly have limited appeal, particularly in Western markets where mask-wearing isn’t the norm. But if, somehow, you’ve been looking for high performance air purifying headphones then you’re in luck. 

Design & Build

Stylish but bulky 

Impressive engineering 

Plasticky visor 

As you’d expect, the Dyson Zone headphones are well made – mostly.  

The headphones themselves look and feel incredibly luxurious. The Absolute+ model I’ve tested comes in a Prussian Blue/Bright Copper colour combination whereas the cheaper option is a brighter Prussian Blue/Dark Blue combo with silver highlights. 

The cone shaped parts of the earcups are removable so you can insert/swap the air filters (they last up to a year) and the earcups fold to make the Zone more portable. The centre of each ear cup features a clear window where you can see the fan spinning round. This is also a touch sensitive area for doing things like switching between active noise cancellation (ANC) and aware mode but it’s not sensitive enough so requires forceful taps. 

The Absolute+ model comes with a large hard case that looks like it contains a pair of binoculars. 

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Mostly made from a combination of metal and plush material, I think they look pretty cool. That’s if you don’t mind wearing big headphones because these are huge, even for over-ear cans. With all the tech inside, it’s perhaps no surprise but the Zone weigh 595g without the visor attached. 

The visor only adds 75g but this means it needed to be flimsy plastic and feels like something off a kid’s superhero fancy dress outfit. It attaches magnetically, and I explain more on the visor in the air purification section below. 

The weight makes them more suited to sitting in a comfortable chair at home rather than walking around on the streets, although that’s when you’re more likely to need air purification. Even using them sat at my desk, I found them uncomfortable after a couple of hours at most. 

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

That’s because of the weight because they are comfortable in other ways, such as the luxuriously soft micro-suede ear cushions. Oddly, only the top pad of the headband is soft whereas the side ones are firm, but my head shape meant they didn’t make any contact. 

The fan button on the left earcup doesn’t just adjust the fan speed, it’s also used for power and Bluetooth pairing which is super confusing. Dyson really should have just put another button on for those. 

The visor only adds 75g but this means it needed to be flimsy plastic and feels like something off a kid’s superhero fancy dress outfit

Another design flaw, at least in my usage, is that when reaching for this button, or the joystick on the opposite earcup, I almost always brushed my finger across the mesh section with a mic hidden behind it resulting in a harsh scraping sound in my ears. 

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Air Purification 

Surprisingly pleasant 

Live monitoring but no notification 

Visor can be awkward 

Sure, the Dyson Zone are headphones with an additional feature, but the air purification is the standout feature here. In a marvel of engineering, the firm has managed to pack similar technology to its air purifying fans like the Pure Hot + Cool into some over-ear cans. 

The tiny fans draw air in through the ear cups and then feed it through the contact-free visor, with clean air being blown towards your mouth and nose. Dyson says the two-stage filtration system can remove “city fumes, viruses and 99% of ultrafine pollutants” including particles such as allergens down to a size of just 0.1 microns.

Now, I can’t test whether that’s true so I will have to trust Dyson. What I can tell you is what it’s like to use. 

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Typically, it’s easier to leave the fan on auto mode so the Zone can choose between three different speeds. You need faster speeds for more energetic activity rather than when the air is dirtier. 

It’s a strange sensation at first but I quickly got used to it and noticed the difference instantly when I took the visor off. In fact, I found it rather pleasant once the ‘new car’ type smell to the air dissipated after a couple of days. 

In a marvel of engineering, the firm has managed to pack similar technology to its air purifying fans like the Pure Hot + Cool into some over-ear cans

Although I found it quite nice to use, there are various downsides and complications to using the headphones in air purification mode. 

Firstly, do you even need the air around you to be cleaned? Well, according to the My Dyson app, the answer to that is almost always no. That’s almost certainly the case if, like me, you spend a lot of time sitting in a home office, but testing the Zone commuting to our London office showed the air quality well within the ‘Good’ green zone – even outdoors in central London. 

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

I did find it reading yellow (uh oh) while on the train travelling into London but it didn’t stay like that for long. Oddly, the headphones are monitoring the environment around you in real time but won’t send you a notification if the air quality takes a dip to say you’d be best off with the visor on. You have to keep checking manually by opening the app. 

The other big barrier here is whether you feel comfortable wearing the Zone with visor attached in public. Almost everyone I’ve asked has replied with a straight-up “No” with a capital N, and I don’t blame them. 

Mid-pandemic, these wouldn’t have looked totally out of place, but now you really are going to stand out like a sore thumb wherever you go. I’m an introvert that mostly doesn’t like being around strangers, and I felt nauseous at the idea of wearing the visor in public. 

For the sake of the review, I overcame my fear and got a range of reactions from double takes to pure bafflement. Perhaps in markets like China where mask-wearing is very common, wearing the Zone would feel more natural. 

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

The last issue is the fit as although the visor is extendable, there are various awkward elements in the way it works. The visor isn’t adjustable in height so to get it lined up with your mouth and nose properly you must move the entire pair of headphones.

For me, this meant moving the headband much further back on my head than I do when not using the visor and it’s more uncomfortable.  

The visor also flips down on hinges towards your neck so you can quickly have a conversation or take a sip of your coffee. This will also, by default, pause your music and switch ANC to its transparency mode. 

That’s fine – and you can switch that off in the settings if you wish – but if you have a longish beard like me, the problem is when you try and put the visor back up to your face. My beard gets well and truly taken along for the ride and requires awkwardly putting back where it belongs. 

Mid-pandemic, these wouldn’t have looked totally out of place, but now you really are going to stand out like a sore thumb wherever you go

Sound Quality & ANC 

Custom 40mm drivers 

ANC with two modes 

Three EQ settings 

With the slightly mad sci-fi element covered, let’s see how the Zone perform as pure headphones. They’re Bluetooth 5.0 but you can also use a headphone jack if you get the in-flight kit (included with the pricier model) as it includes a cable that plugs into the Zone’s USB-C port. 

Inside those huge ear cups are custom made 40mm neodymium drivers to deliver “a broad frequency range for absolute clarity in bass, mids and highs”, according to Dyson.

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

One thing is for sure: the Dyson Zone sound amazing and are sonically one of the best pairs of over-ear headphones I’ve tested in a long time. There are three EQ settings to choose from in the app: Enhanced, Bass Boost and Neutral. 

I flip-flopped between the first two depending on what I was listening to but the default Enhanced setting typically sounds great for most content. 

The Dyson Zone offer warm, rich bass tones but more importantly, present an incredibly detailed and clear sound across the mid and high tones. There’s a real dynamic and live presence to the audio that is very immersive and captivating. 

… the Dyson Zone sound amazing and are sonically one of the best pairs of over-ear headphones I’ve tested

There’s very little in the way of distortion if you pump the volume up high, although if you’re worried about damaging your hearing you can set an 85dB limit in the app. 

Active noise cancelling is also up there with the likes of Sony and Bose. That’s partly down to decent noise isolation from the headphones themselves along with no less than eight mics dedicated to ANC.

The Zone can easily get rid of what’s going on around you, such as traffic and speech. It’s a shame that you can’t adjust the level but you can switch to a Transparency mode to intentionally hear what’s going on around you.  

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Frustratingly, you can’t switch ANC off with the touch controls so you’ll need to do it via the My Dyson app. 

It’s worth noting you can sometimes hear the noise of the fans when you’re using the visor. The whirring is quite light and easily masked by music and ANC on the slowest speed but becomes more audible when you use the faster speeds, which can somewhat taint delicate sections of songs. 

Battery Life 

Up to 50 hours

USB-C charging

Auto-off sensors

Dyson quotes a whopping 50 hours of battery life for the Zone with ANC on. However, you won’t get anywhere near that figure when using the air purification. With the fan at the lowest speed and ANC on, the firm says you’ll get just four hours. 

Note that when the battery reaches ‘critical’ level, the air purification feature is unavailable, so you’re left with just audio and ANC. 

A full charge will take around three hours and to help save the battery running down, sensors can tell when you’ve removed the headphones in order to automatically pause music and shut the fans off.  

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Price & Availability 

The Dyson Zone headphones, as you might predict, are not cheap. They are unique and contain an impressive amount of engineering to fit air purification tech into them. 

Still, I’m not sure anyone expected them to start at $949.99/£749.99, and that’s for the regular model. If you want the nicer looking Absolute+ model (exclusive to the official store) tested here, complete with Explorer Case, soft pouch and in-flight kit, you’ll need to pay $999.99/£819.99. 

In the US you can buy the Zone headphones from Dyson or BestBuy. In the UK you can choose from the official store, Currys and John Lewis. 

The price makes even the $549/£549 Apple AirPods Max seem cheap. Then when you look at flagship Sony and Bose models, you could buy multiple pairs of the WH-1000XM5 or QC45 for the same price as one pair of Dyson Zone. 

See more options in our best noise cancelling headphones chart.


Being so unusual makes the Dyson Zone, in this particular case, difficult to sum up.

On the one hand, they are an engineering and technological marvel but on the other hand, they are a cumbersome and awkward proposition. 

As a pair of headphones, they are very good indeed. Up there with the best in terms of build, audio quality and ANC performance, with the added bonus of offering incredible battery life when used for just audio.

Add in the air purification and while unique, the visor feels cheap and the social awkwardness of wearing it in public will instantly put most people off – especially in the bashful UK. Even if you don’t mind the attention, the app’s environmental monitoring suggests it’s rarely needed anyway.

The Dyson Zone headphones are difficult to recommend in two simple areas: they’re too heavy and too expensive. Even if you can stomach the latter, you’ve really got to use the air purification to justify the cost.


200 x 210 x 240mm (with visor)

595g (no visor)

670g (with visor)

11 total microphones for ANC and telephony

ANC up to 38dB

Transparency mode

Auto Mode (with activity detection)

Air quality sensors

6Hz – 21kHz frequency response

0.08% @ 94dB 1kHz distortion

Bluetooth 5.0

SBC, AAC & LHDC codec support

40mm neodymium drivers

Filter efficiency is 99% at PM0.1

Can capture NO2, SO2 and O3 gases

Filters last up to 12 months

2,600mAh battery

50 hours of audio

Low-flow up to 4 hours

Mid-flow up to 2.5 hours

High flow up to 1.5 hours

USB-C charging

3-hour charge time

3.5mm via USB-C cable

MyDyson app support

Xbox One Is Not Working With Ethernet Cable

You can connect the Xbox One console to the internet via WiFi or via an ethernet cable. Both of these methods work fine. But for some users, the ethernet cable is not working on Xbox One console. According to them, they can connect their Xbox One console to the internet via WiFi, but when they use the ethernet cable, Xbox One does not show any internet connection. If your Xbox One console is not working with an Ethernet cable, the solutions provided in this article will help you.

Does an ethernet cable work for Xbox One?

Yes, an ethernet cable works on Xbox One. For this purpose, Xbox One consoles come with an ethernet port. Connect your ethernet cable to this port. After connecting the ethernet cable, make sure that it is not loose.

Xbox One is not working with an Ethernet cable

If you find that your Xbox One console is not working with an Ethernet cable, use the solutions provided below to resolve the issue.

Basic troubleshooting tips

Update Xbox One

Power Cycle Xbox One

Clear Alternate MAC address

Check your NAT type

Reset your Xbox One console

Take your Xbox One console to repair

Let’s see all these fixes in detail.

1] Basic troubleshooting tips

First of all, try some basic troubleshooting methods and see if the issue is fixed or not.

Your ethernet cable may be damaged. Use another ethernet cable and see if it works or connect your computer to the internet via the same ethernet cable. Also, connect the same ethernet cable to another ethernet port (if available).

Some users reported that their ethernet cable worked fine on their computers but when they connected their Xbox Consoles with the same ethernet cable, it did not work. If so, check the type of ethernet cable you have. If you are using the CAT 8 cable, replace it with CAT 7 or lower versions. This fix helped some users.

Plug out and plug in the ethernet cable. This is the simplest fix. See if it helps.

Also, check if the ethernet cable is loose in your Xbox ethernet port or not.

Some users also reported that the issue was occurring because their Xbox One console was connected to the Modem via an ethernet cable. A Modem is a Modulator and Demodulator. It is a device that connects your home network to your ISP. In simple words, a Modem is a device that connects your device to the internet.

On the other hand, a Router creates a Local Area Network. You can use a Router to transfer files wirelessly on the same LAN. If the Router is connected to the Modem, you can use the internet on your connected devices.

According to the users, their Xbox One consoles were connecting and disconnecting to the internet when they connected them to the internet via Modem through the ethernet cable. When they used a Router in between this connection, their problem was fixed.

2] Update Xbox One

Make sure that your Xbox One console is updated to the latest version. If you can connect to the internet on Xbox One via a WiFi connection, you can check for updates manually. Follow the steps written below:

Press the Xbox button to open the Guide.

Under Updates, select Update console.

If an update is available, the console will download it and install it. If an update is not available, you will see the “No console update available” message.

3] Power Cycle Xbox One

Power Cycling an Xbox console is an effective method to resolve issues on the console. It also clears the cache on the console. If you are still experiencing the same problem, we suggest you Power Cycle your console and see if it helps. The steps are as follows:

Press and hold the power button on your console to completely turn it off.

Disconnect all the cables from your console, including the power cable and the ethernet cable.

Wait for a few minutes.

Connect the power cord and turn on your console.

Now, connect the ethernet cable and see if your console connects to the internet or not.

4] Clear Alternate MAC address

Another effective way to resolve this issue is to clear the Alternate MAC address. The following steps will show you how to do that:

Open Settings.

After clearing the Alternate MAC address, restart your Xbox One console. Now, check if your console is connecting to the internet via the ethernet cable or not.

5] Check your NAT type

NAT stands for Network Address Translation. If it is closed, you will experience connection issues on your console. Also, you will not be able to play multiplayer on your console. Check your NAT type. To check the status of your NAT type, go through the following instructions:

Open Xbox Guide.

You will see the status of your NAT type under the Current network status section on the right side.

If the NAT type status is Closed or Moderate, go back to the Network Settings page and then select Advanced Settings.

Now, select Alternate Port Selection. If it is set to Automatic, change it to Manual.

Now, check the status of the NAT type. If it is not open, repeat the above steps again and select another port.

6] Reset your Xbox One console

If the problem still persists, reset your Xbox One console. This will surely fix your issue. The steps to reset your Xbox One console are provided below:

Press the Xbox button to open the Guide.

Select Reset Console.

Now, select the Reset and keep my games & apps option.

The above steps will reset your Xbox One console without deleting your game data.

7] Take your Xbox console to repair

If despite trying the above fixes, your Xbox One console is not connecting to the internet via the ethernet cable, the ethernet port on the console may be damaged. We suggest you take your console for repair.

Read: Xbox won’t power on or boot.

Why is my Ethernet not working but Wi-Fi is?

If the Ethernet connection is not working on your computer but Wi-Fi is working, the problem may be with your ethernet cable. The ethernet cable may be damaged. You can check this by connecting another computer to the internet by using the same ethernet cable. Another cause is the disabled ethernet adapter. Check this in the Control Panel.

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Fix: This Update Is Not Applicable To Your Computer Error

FIX: This update is not applicable to your computer error




If you are looking for a productivity software, visit our dedicated productivity hub.

We will be discussing the steps that need to be taken for error – This update is not applicable to your computer.

If you need a break from work and you want to keep current, check out our news section for tech articles and more.

Windows errors can be troublesome. If need help with other errors, visit our dedicated Windows 10 errors hub.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Are you getting a The update is not applicable error when you attempt to install an update on Windows 10? If so, there are a variety of potential factors and fixes.

It could be that you have an incompatible desktop or laptop, that the update is superseded, that an update prerequisite is missing or something else.

This is how you can fix Windows updates that aren’t applicable.

This update is not applicable to your computer error message can prevent you from keeping your system up to date. Speaking of this error, here are some similar issues that users reported:

This update is not applicable to your computer – This error can appear on almost any version of Windows. Although our solutions are optimized for Windows 10, most of them can be applied to older versions of Windows.

This update is not applicable to your system – This is just a variation of this error, and if you encounter it, be sure that you have all the prerequisite updates installed. In addition, be sure to check if you’re trying to install the update that matches your system architecture.

First, note that updates are built for more specific platforms. It might be the case that the update you’re trying to install isn’t compatible with Windows 10.

So double-check the update is for Windows 10 and not another platform. The Microsoft Update Catalog always includes OS details for updates in the Products column.

If the update is for Windows 10, you should also check the other system requirements for it. The updates are also published for more specific CPU architecture, which is usually stated within the title.

For example, if the update title includes x86 it’s for x86 CPU architecture and isn’t compatible with x64 Windows systems. You can check your CPU architecture as follows:

Your CPU architecture is listed as System type. So System type tells you what the CPU architecture is, and now you can check if that matches the Windows update.

If you’re interested in the differences between 32-bit and 64-bit apps, take a quick look on this article.

If you’re sure the update matches both Windows platform and architecture, check that it hasn’t already been installed. Another update might have had the same payload. You can check your update history as follows:

Enter View installed updates in the Cortana search box.

Select View installed updates listed in Cortana to open the window below.

So you can check if your update is already listed there. Another thing to check there is if a required prerequisite update for a Windows update is missing.

If that’s so, install the prerequisite update first and then add the other Windows update.

If you’re having trouble opening the Setting app, take a look at this article to solve the issue.

Disaster strikes! Your Check for updates button is missing. No worries, you’ll get it back with these simple steps!

Windows has a variety of troubleshooters, and one of those can fix Windows Update. So if an update is not applicable, running the Windows Update troubleshooter might fix it.

This is how you can fix updates with the troubleshooter:

Open Cortana and enter troubleshoot into its search box.

If the Troubleshooter stops before completing the process, fix it with the help of this complete guide.

If Windows hasn’t updated with the most recent KB update, consider installing that first. Open this web page that includes a list of most recent Windows 10 updates.

Then you can find the most recent Windows 10 KB update, which is usually included at the top of the list on that page. Note down the KB number for the update.

Open the Microsoft Update site, and input the KB number into the search box.

Windows has a couple of file scan tools that could feasibly fix update errors. They are the DISM and SFC tools you can run with the Command Prompt. This is how you can fix Windows Update with SFC and DISM:

Then enter DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:C:RepairSourceWindows /LimitAccess in Command Prompt and press Return. It might need five to 10 minutes for this scan to finish.

When DISM is done, enter sfc /scannow into the Command Prompt and press Return.

Close the Command Prompt and restart Windows when the SFC scan is done.

Expert tip:

It seems that everything is lost when DISM fails on Windows 10? Check out this quick guide and get rid of the worries.

7. Change your system locale

According to users, if you’re unable to install certain updates due to This update is not applicable to your computer message, you might want to consider changing your system locale. Sometimes certain updates can encounter issues if the system locale isn’t set to English.

However, you can always fix this issue simply by changing your locale manually. To do that, you just need to follow these simple steps:

After changing the locale to English, try to install the update again. After the update is installed, you can revert locale settings to the desired values.

You can’t open Control Panel on Windows 10? Take a look at this step-by-step guide to find a solution.

8. Use System Restore

If you can’t install an update due to This update is not applicable to your computer message, you might be able to solve the issue by using the System Restore.

In case you’re not familiar, System Restore is a useful feature that allows you to restore your PC to an earlier state. To do that, just follow these steps:

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the restoration process.

Once your system is restored, be sure to install the necessary updates and then try to install the desired update.

If you want to know how to create a restore point and what are the benefits of having one, take a look at this dedicated guide.

If System Restore isn’t working, don’t panic. Check this useful guide and set things right once again.

9. Perform an in-place upgrade

If you can’t install the desired update due to This update is not applicable to your computer error, you might be able to circumvent the issue by performing an in-place upgrade.

This method will force Windows 10 to upgrade using the Windows 10 installation media. However, all your files and registry entries should remain intact. To perform an in-place upgrade, do the following:

Download and run Media Creation Tool.

When Media Creation Tool opens, select Upgrade this PC now.

Setup will start preparing. This can take a bit so be patient.

Now you’ll be asked to download important updates. This option isn’t mandatory, but it’s recommended to perform it. If you’re in a hurry, you can always skip the updates and install them later.

The installation will now start. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

Can’t run the Windows Media Creation Tool? Don’t worry, we’ve already covered this issue in this amazing guide.

Once the upgrade process is finished, you’ll have a fresh copy of Windows 10, and all your files and applications will be preserved. Keep in mind that in some cases you won’t have Change what to keep option in Step 5.

If that happens, you won’t be able to keep your personal files and applications, and you’ll perform a clean install using this method.

So those are some potential fixes for the update is not applicable message. First, check the update’s system details beforehand; but if it’s compatible run the Windows Update troubleshooter and Command Prompt file scan tools.

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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7 Best Ai Text Generators For You In 2023

Text generators powered by artificial intelligence are proliferating at a rate that is proportional to the progress being made toward the realization of AI. In the next article, we will examine seven of the most useful AI text creators that are currently available in the year 2023. They include, amongst others, GPT-3 and OpenAI’s Generative Pretrained. Now, without further ado, let’s learn more about them in the paragraphs that follow, shall we?

1. Openai’s Generative Pretrained Transformer 3

Among the most effective artificial intelligence text generators now on the market is OpenAI’s Generative Pretrained Transformer 3. It may be used in a variety of contexts, ranging from the production of natural-sounding conversation to the writing of diagnostic essays in any language. Its algorithm was developed using a rectifier concept that was educated using a large data set. Because of this, it is able to create a language that is not just believable but also logical. Additionally, GPT-3 is capable of being fine-tuned for certain purposes, such as responding to questions or doing machine translation.

One of the benefits of GPT-3 is that it may be used without the requirement of first beginning the process of training a model. Because of this, it is significantly less difficult to begin working with text creation. In addition to this, this tool is expandable and can produce text in any language desired. GPT-3 is the perfect choice for you if you are seeking an AI text generation that is not only strong but also simple to use.

Also read:

Top 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Software

2. Jasper

3. DeepText From Facebook

DeepText is a text-generator AI that emulates human writing via the use of profound knowledge. Even though it is able to create results that are incredibly realistic, it is considered to be one of the greatest AI text producers. In addition to its lightning-fast speed, DeepText is able to produce documents in real time. In order to accomplish this objective, we developed DeepText, a text comprehension engine that is founded on pattern recognition and is capable of comprehending the textual information of hundreds of thousands of postings per second across more than 20 different languages with near-human precision. DeepText is able to do word-level and personality-based learning since it makes use of multiple different types of coevolutionary neural networks, as well as other types of deep learning model designs.

4. Google’s Neural Machine Translation System

Neural Machine Translation, often known as GNMT, is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based machine translation technology that was introduced by Google in 2023. GNMT makes use of a brain system trained through pattern recognition in order to achieve its goal of reducing the number of translation mistakes. And because of it, students don’t have to spend time on top websites for paper writing, although they can be beneficial too. The precision of the system is continually improved as a result of its learning from fresh data. GNMT is utilized by a number of Google apps, including Google Translate.

5. Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services Text Analytics

Cognitive Services hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform Text Analytics is widely regarded as every AI text generator currently available. It may assist you with a range of activities, including the identification of emotion, key expressions, and language, among other things. The solutions are also always being improved, so you can anticipate that they will become even more valuable in the years to come. This language service brings together Q&A Maker, and LUIS, in addition to offering a number of brand-new capabilities. These characteristics may take the form of:

Customizable, which implies that you may develop an AI model that particularly matches your data by making use of our many tools.

6. Amazon Comprehend

Find useful information in files, emails, social media posts, and more.

Retrieving text, keywords, subjects, emotions, and other information from papers such as compensation claims may help simplify processes that are associated with the processing of documentation.

Create a point of differentiation for your company by teaching a model to categorize texts and recognize phrases. Prior knowledge of machine learning is not necessary.

By locating and removing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from papers, you may safeguard and regulate who has exposure to the delicate material you have and where it is stored.

7. IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding


Every AI content generator tool only continues to gain in popularity and sophistication as we get further into the year 2023. These seven generating are the finest of the best and should be used if you are seeking a technique to enhance your writing more productive or if you simply desire to enjoy some pleasure playing around with machine learning. You should accept the fast development of technology and realize that it will be utilized more in many fields in the future.

Laura Fields

Laura Fields is a professional blog writer who follows trends in education and technology. Her goal is to make education more technological, and the educational process more interesting and interactive. She also actively promotes blended learning styles, which gives many results.

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