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KB4056892 bugs: Install fails, browser crashes, PC freezes, and more




Microsoft recently pushed KB4056892 to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update users in order to patch the Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities.

The Redmond giant confirmed that the update also brings issues of its own — three of them to be more precise. However, recent user reports confirmed that KB4056892 causes more problems than initially acknowledged by Microsoft.

So, the question is: will you still install KB4056892 and patch those CPU security vulnerabilities knowing that the update may break your PC?

If you haven’t installed the latest Windows 10 updates yet, continue reading this article to learn what are the most common KB4056892 issues reported by users. If you already installed the update, well, reading this article may make you fell a bit better knowing that you’re not the only experiencing these problems.

KB4056892 reported bugs 1. KB4056892 won’t install

Many users can’t install the update because the install process gets stuck, fails with error 0x800f0845 or the computer suddenly uninstalls the update.

Okay, been trying this on my Toshiba laptop for the past few days, keeps getting to 30%, restarts, locks at the blue Window icon, I have to force a restart, and then after forcing a second restart, it then diagnoses the problem, uninstalls the update, and then does nothing. Error code is 0x800f0845. […]  I have downloaded the manual install file, but it doesn’t appear to work either.

If you can’t install KB4056892 on your Windows 10 computer, the following troubleshooting guides may help you fix the problem:

ALSO READ: How to block KB4056892 from installing on your Windows 10 PC

2. Browsers crash

Some users reported that the latest Windows 10 version 1709 update breaks browsers. More specifically, the browser window become white, it freezes for a few seconds and then the browser crashes completely returning to desktop.

After update KB4056892, this Chrome is crashed and auto quit, Firefox and Geforce Experience too, but gaming PUBG, BF1 and Overwatch are normal. How to fix it???

Expert tip:

3. Certain apps and programs fail to work

Windows 10 users also reported that certain programs stopped running after they installed KB4056892. These include: SlimWare DriverUpdate, ASUS AI Suite 3, EPLAN, etc.

These updates cause SlimWare DriverUpdate program to stop running. With the updates installed a BugSplat error report is generated and the program will no longer run. I uninstalled the updates and the program ran perfectly until the updates got reinstalled by windows automatic update process.

Select the “Unblock” check box and hit OK. Unzip the zip file and run chúng tôi as Administrator. Keep in mind that your need to unblock the ZIP first before you extract the files. Reboot your computer and the AI Suite 3 should work smoothly now.

4. KB4056892 bricks or locks up computers

According to user reports, this update sometimes freezes computers. When users boot up or restart their machines, the Windows logo just sits on the screen and the boot up process stops.

With KB4056892 is Awaiting restart I did another restart and had the same problem. At the end I was staring at a Windows logo that just sat there. Again I triggered a repair and the system is now usable.

5. The app list is unavailable

If the list of apps is nowhere to be found in the Start menu, you’re not the only one experiencing this issue.

Just got the January 3, 2023 KB4056892 update, and now my start button will not show app list in start menu any longer. I’ve already checked Settings, Personalization, Start and set & reset the option to “Show app list in start menu” with no luck. How do I fix this?

For more information on how to troubleshoot this problem, go to Microsoft’s support page.


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Windows 10 Kb3194496 Fails To Install, Causes Proxy Problems And More

Windows 10 KB3194496 fails to install, causes proxy problems and more




Microsoft recently released a new cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1607. KB3194496 is just a regular update that brings some system improvements and bug fixes, but no new features.

However, cumulative update KB3194496 is also bringing issues of its own. In this article, we’re going to list all the KB3194496 issues reported by Windows 10 users, and we’ll try to find a way to solve at least some of them.

Windows 10 KB3194496 reported issues

The most widespread problem, and the issue most users are reporting, concerns, of course, installation problems. Microsoft Community forums are currently flooded with complaints, as many users are reporting various problems that prevent them from installing the update.

Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x800F0922: Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x-6-based Systems (KB3194496)

This surely is a very annoying problem, as it can completely block Windows Update, leaving users unable to download the cumulative update normally. However, there are a few actions that users can perform to install KB3194496 on their computers.

Users can manually reset Windows Update, use a third-party program to download updates, but perhaps the best solution in this case is to manually download and install the update.

Another issue when installing cumulative update KB3194496 concerns keyboard functionality. Namely, the problem occurs on the first boot after the update is installed. Windows 10 asks users to choose a keyboard layout, but the keyboard remains unresponsive.

So I have a friend who just finished installing the KB3194496 cumulative update for windows 10 a few hours ago. Window’s did it’s typical “Installing X%” and rebooted, but when it rebooted it was trying to do an automatic system repair. It then cuts immediately to a blue screen telling him to choose a keyboard layout, but he can’t use the mouse and the keyboard buttons don’t respond.

Expert tip:

And finally, another user reported Chrome and Firefox proxy authentication issues that, according to him, have been affecting the last three cumulative updates, including KB3194496:

Other people on the forum remained silent when it came to solving the problem, but one user actually explained what’s causing it:

I’m experiencing the same issue with a company proxy McAfee Web Gateway and a Windows 10 client, after the abovementioned update. I’ve traced the connection and discovered that the problem is related to Google Chrome not completing the 3-way handshake of NTLM authentication (in particular, step 3)

The issue is very weird considering that, from a comparison between MS Edge and Chrome, step 1 and 2 are the same. Then Edge completes the procedure with the authentication message (step 3) and Chrome stops the sequence returning to the user ERR_INVALID_AUTH_CREDENTIALS. It looks like there is something in the KB code that breaks the NTLM authentication.

Windows 10 users also report that KB3194496 kills the Ethernet connection. The OS usually displays the error message “Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration”, and none of the workarounds available on the almighty Internet really work. Thank you, Selatious for the tip.

KB3194496 killed my Ethernet connection. The odd thin when it first happened I had outlook and working but no browsers. Did a Win diagnostic fix and lost complete connectivity. Was running off the router so connected directly to the modem with no luck. Win informed me that ‘Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration’ I worked on every possible solution for a solid day with no luck. […]

Using a friend’s wireless laptop, I hunted for solutions online, none of which solved the my Ethernet connection. None worked. As a last resort before I went out a purchased a WiFi card or dongle, I did a system restore to before the KB3194496 cumulative update.

That’s all for our article about the KB3194496 issues in Windows 10. This update is far less troublesome than the latest Windows 10 build, but that’s normal, since cumulative updates are stable releases, or at least they should be.


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Can’t Install Lockdown Browser

When you can’t install LockDown browser or get the message ‘The installation failed’, there is always a panic, especially during the exam period. Respondus LockDown Browser is a great tool that institutions use to manage assessments and exams. However, like any other tech tool, it’s prone to technical problems. One example is being unable to install or update the browser on your devices, such as a Windows PC, Mac, or iPad.

Most people who have taken online exams have used this browser. LockDown is used to improve assessment integrity by preventing digital cheating during exams. Institutions that embrace this browser issue special codes, mostly a 9-digit code, to log in with. What can you do if you can’t install the LockDown browser on your PC? Read on to learn how to fix this problem within a few minutes and go back to your examination dashboard.

Can’t install LockDown browser

There are several reasons why you can’t install the LockDown browser. For example, some third-party antiviruses might affect how the browser functions. Another major reason is your current browser. It can be blocking LockDown due to a corrupted cache or browser cookies. Consider performing the following steps to fix the issue.

Temporarily turn off antivirus software

Try another browser

Reinstall Lockdown as an administrator

Let us now dig deeper into the steps above.

1] Temporarily turn off antivirus software

Disabling your Windows security software may resolve a failed LockDown installation hitch. Some security software or antiviruses may change the .EXE file, and the file cannot be run unless it’s renamed back to the .exe file. This means that you need to switch off your antivirus security feature before you start the installation process and reinstate it once you are done. In many cases, real-time PC protection turns on automatically after some time. Here is how to disable your security software on Windows:

Toggle the Real-time protection button off

Go ahead and install your LockDown browser on your PC.

If you use a third-party antivirus software, you will have to disable that one first.

2] Try another browser

Using another different browser like Chrome, Firefox, or the latest versions of Edge can greatly fix the issue of failed LockDown installation. Some browsers can block Respondus LockDown due to corrupted caches or other technical issues.

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3] Reinstall Lockdown as an administrator

If the above steps didn’t work, you could log in to your Windows PC, with full rights, as an admin. With these rights, you can now run the LockDown browser installer. Remember not to use Remote Desktop or Switch User options. Here is how to reinstall the Respondus LockDown browser as an admin:

Log into your computer using the Administrator account

Next, disable your antivirus and any other security software when the PC is on again.

Download the new LockDown browser installer aimed at your academic institution.

The final step is to enable the security software or antivirus that you disabled in the previous steps above.

We hope the solutions helped you successfully install the LockDown browser.

What laptops are compatible with LockDown Browser?

Read: LockDown Browser is not working

Why is LockDown Browser closing?

Your LockDown browser might be closing because your internet service provider, your computer, or your network is blocking Respondus servers. You can fix this by temporarily turning off your antivirus, firewall, or any security software on your PC and trying to use the browser again. It’s good to know that the blocking can happen in the router and you can bypass this by plugging your PC directly into the modem. This may help. Also, there are reports that the LockDown browser may not work properly for international locations, for example, students in China.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Vr Bugs: Random Restarts, Audio Issues And More

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR bugs: random restarts, audio issues and more




If you love VR  gaming, then ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR‘ is definitely a title you should add to your chúng tôi VR version of Skyrim VR offers a completely different fantasy masterpiece that will amaze you. The game brings unparalleled sense of scale, depth, and immersion and supports all the official add-ons.

So far, so good but not all is perfect. As it happens with every newly released game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is affected by a few bugs that sometimes may even cause crashes and freezes.

In this article, we’re going to list the most common bugs encountered by players as well as the corresponding workarounds — if available.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR issues

1. Slow walking

Many gamers reported that sometimes they experienced slow walking out of the blue as it they were actually crawling.

I’ll be walking along and for no discernable reason I’ll slow to a crawl. It seems to happen randomly, although it almost always seems to happen in fights. I can jump normally, so I have to frog hop my way towards enemy archers.

This problem is not related to stamina but for some players it might be related to the shield angle. If you hold it upright, it will put you in a block stance. Tilt your controller a bit more and check if this solved the problem.

2. Blurry field of view

Objects located a few feet away appear blurry for many players.

Everything looks fine up front, but when I look outwards into trees, mountains or other people who aren’t right next to me everything looks blurry. Is there something I can do to fix this?

If you’re experiencing the same issue, try turning TSAA off and make sure dynamic resolution is turned off as well in the VR Performance options. Other players also suggested that deleting Skyrim preferences in documents could also fix this problem.

RELATED: HP’s futuristic VR backpack PC is now on sale

3. PC restarts by itself

Many players who own pretty good computers complained about random reboots.

I have a pretty decent pc and a 1070 card but with skyrim if i MAX supersampling in game my pc reboots randomly. do you think i just need a new power supply? im not really sure what its runnning on but have never had crashes before until skyrim…

Expert tip:

4. Keyboard doesn’t work

Using Rift controllers, cant get the in-game keyboard to accept anything, including backspaces to remove the default name “prisoner”. Any ideas?

This is actually a known issue. As Bethesda explains, keyboard functionality is not supported although it does work for certain inputs. The quickest way to access all the keyboards features is to use a SteamVR keyboard.

5. Audio issues

Even though I have everything on max(both ingame and on SteamVR) sound ingame is very quiet. Anyone else has the same problem?

If audio is unavailable or just some audio fails to trigger, close the game. Then launch it again but this time make sure to plug in a sound device. It appears this is an issue prevalent for Windows Mixed Reality, so audio issues should not be present on other VR platforms.

Also, make sure that the Mixed Reality Portal is running before launching the game otherwise audio output won’t be available.

6. The Steam home menu randomly pop-ups

Many players reported that the Steam menu opens as soon as they open the Journal menu or the wait menu. Fortunately, you can quickly fix this problem by disabling Steam Overlay.

Well, these are the most frequent bugs affecting the game. Apart from those random PC restarts, there are no other severe issues affecting this title.

We’re sure that Bethesda will soon patch many of the bugs reported by gamers and the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR will become even more enjoyable and stable in the future.


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Windows File Explorer Crashes On Right








One quick way to eliminate the W

indows Explorer crashes is to restart the process from Task Manager.



Easily get rid of Windows errors

Fortect is a system repair tool that can scan your complete system for damaged or missing OS files and replace them with working versions from its repository automatically. Boost your PC performance in three easy steps:

Download and Install Fortect on your PC.

Launch the tool and Start scanning


readers have already downloaded Fortect so far this month

File Explorer is the built-in file management tool, an essential component of your Windows system. So, let’s list some of the main reasons for its crashes and malfunctioning:

Corrupted system files – As we already mentioned above, the tool is a system component, so if some files in the system get corrupted, File Explorer crashes in Windows.

Incomplete or problematic Windows update – Let’s face it, sometimes, the Windows Update fails, or a new patch can fix many other problems while breaking File Explorer.

Before getting into the software troubleshooting, let’s take some preliminary steps:

Restart your computer. This is a method that can sometimes fix any problem almost magically. That’s because, for some reason, the system didn’t load properly or there were some software conflicts.

Close all the programs you’re using right now after saving your progress.

Install all the latest Windows updates. If your machine can’t connect to the Windows Update servers, this guide will help you.

If you’ve gone through these simple tasks, let’s try to fix the problem by using the solutions below.

1. Restart Windows Explorer

You can restart the Windows Explorer service in order to potentially fix crashes  and run File Explorer without problems. The short guide below will support you.

2. Run the Search and Indexing troubleshooter 3. Perform an SFC scan

Press the Windows key, type cmd, and select Run as administrator under the result on the right side.

Type or copy-paste the following command and press Enter: sfc /scannow

Besides performing an SFC scan manually, you can let third-party software help you do that automatically.

You can use Fortect because it is a complex Windows system repair solution that scans your PC for various issues and fixes all critical system files and registry errors, as well as the damage left by viruses (not antivirus software).

This is the ideal all-in-one tool for fixing Windows errors, PC crashes, or registry issues. It can boost the performance of your device and make it more secure within a few minutes.

⇒ Get Fortect

5. Perform a clean boot


Before performing a clean boot, you must log in to your computer as an administrator.

Clean Boot could be a solution for many problems, and it may fix ours as well. It starts Windows with a minimal number of drivers and software.

Be aware that your computer may lose some functionality after you perform a Clean Boot. But right after you start your PC, typically, the functionality will return, so there’s no need to worry about that.

6. Use a third-party file manager

If a clean boot didn’t help, then your problem is caused by a bad context menu handler. And below, you’ll find the best and fastest way to handle your files.

This tool can view and manage all of your installed software and files. So not only will this app help you would drastically, but it is also straightforward to use and doesn’t require any previous experience.

The interface is self-explanatory and simplistic, giving you a minimalist look while helping you find your files quickly. Finding relevant data has never been easier with this excellent app.

⇒ Get Copernic

You might also be interested in our guide on what to do if File Explorer is slow on Windows because there might also be some helpful solutions there.

Still experiencing issues?

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Bugs, Hares, And Other Unexpected Animals That Control Wild Fires

We’re used to hearing about how humans have changed the way landscapes burn, but in recent years biologists and ecologists have increasingly come to realize how much influence animals have on blazes. In California, for instance, cities are now investing in goat herds to mow down hillsides covered in weedy, dry vegetation that serves as tinder during the state’s fire season.

But the relationships between animals and fire are far more varied and complex than just herbivores cutting down on wildfire fuel, a new review in Trends in Ecology & Evolution reveals. Grazers don’t always reduce wildfires, and large animals aren’t the only organisms modifying fuels—small mammals, birds, and insects also play important roles. “I think when it comes to thinking about what animals might influence fire, there’s been an emphasis on large animals,” says Claire Foster, an author of the review and a terrestrial ecologist at Australian National University. “We found a huge variety of animals that can influence fire.”

Thus far, the way large grazers affect the amount of fuel (flammable plant material) has been the main focus for fire ecologists studying animals. But there are a lot of other factors beyond simply the volume of fuel in a landscape that influence the size and intensity of a fire. It also matters how that fuel is distributed, what plants it consists of, and how compact it is. Foster says that in her research she’d already seen how wallabies can change the vegetation structure of their habitat, which could affect fire spread. She was curious what other interactions we were missing by only looking at big herbivores. “I decided to take a global approach,” she says. “My colleagues and I got together and tried to find all the examples we could.”

Their findings reveal just how much influence even tiny creatures can have on an ecosystem, and could help us understand fiery landscapes much better.

Grazers can go both ways

In grasslands, large grazers like cows, rhinos, and buffalos eat lots of so-called “fine fuels,” highly flammable plants (like grass) that spread fires, which can reduce the size of fires and the area burnt. In dry landscapes, these animals can play an important role in managing wildfire. But that interaction doesn’t work the same in all ecosystems.

In some places, the plants most tasty to grazers are also the least flammable, and the herbivores’ selective appetite can leave behind the hottest-burning vegetation. In mixed deciduous-conifer forests in the United States, studies have found that cattle prefer eating deciduous plant seedlings—such as aspen, cottonwood, and willow—and leave behind conifers. Those young pine and fir trees can then act as “ladder fuels” during a wildfire, creating a vertical bridge from the forest floor to canopies, which can start crown fires.

In northern Patagonia, researchers observed that when cattle and invasive European hares graze a subalpine forest after a fire, they prevent tree seedlings from taking root. In turn, the area shifts to a shrub-dominated ecosystem—one that’s more flammable.

Don’t forget about the bugs

“One of the things I really started to appreciate in this review was insects and other invertebrates,” says Foster. “There are means by which they could have an important effect [on fire].” Researchers already knew about bark beetles in the American West, whose attacks can weaken and kill trees, reducing their moisture content and thus making them readily ignite in a fire.

But there are some more obscure things bugs do. When lace bugs eat bur oak leaves, their chemical composition changes. Leaf litter from trees attacked by lace bugs is higher in lignin, a type of fiber that decomposes very slowly. One study found that the leaves decompose 25 percent slower if the tree was attacked by the bugs. This also means more leaves can build up on the ground, creating a thick litter layer that’s excellent fuel for fires.

The little rollie pollies and other invertebrates living in leaf litter also influence fire, Foster points out her review. Those bugs chow down on dead leaves and twigs, breaking them into smaller pieces and making it easier for microbes to feast. In recent studies of the eucalyptus forest in Australia, decomposition of leaf litter slowed down by over a third when researchers excluded invertebrates.

It’s not just the amount of fuel that matters

Small animals do their part, too. The Malleefowl bird in Australia uses its feet to rake up a big pile of leaves and then lays its eggs in the pile (the composting leaves then create heat and keeps the eggs warm!). This activity removes some of the litter layer around the trees in its woodland habitat. So, while the birds don’t necessarily change the total amount of fuel, they make it more patchy across the landscape. Foster says that this kind of fuel spotiness can influence burn rates. Without a continuous blanket of dead leaves to feed on, a fire might slow down when it hits the “raked” parts of the landscape.

Learning more about animal-fire relationships

Moving forward, Foster says we need to pay more attention to the smaller animals that are helping shape their environment and how it burns. “Insects are ubiquitous, but we know very little about their role,” she says. “I think that’s something that should be looked at further.”

Further research into some of these finer-scale interactions can help us better understand wildfires. Finding out where animals are creating patchiness in fuels in their ecosystem could help with modeling how fires behave, for example. “But the fire models that we have don’t necessarily let us simulate how those patches might affect the fire in the landscape,” says Foster. “I think it could be really useful to work with firefighters to create some models, or adapt some of the existing models, so that we can look at these things at finer scales.”

And there’s still a lot more to know about animal-fire interactions. “My take home message is there’s potentially some really ecologically or management-useful interactions happening that we don’t yet know about,” Foster says. “It could be fruitful to explore some of those.”

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