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Land a career in AI with these top artificial intelligence jobs.

Artificial intelligence job prospects have grown in recent years as industry demand has expanded. The rumor that AI will generate a slew of new jobs is correct. Artificial intelligence appears to provide more opportunities than any other profession now available. We’ve compiled a list of Pepsico Artificial Intelligence Job Openings that you can apply for right now.  

Architect, AI/ML Developer

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana Responsibilities:

This role will lead technical development within Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for PBNA Advanced Analytics. This will include design, implement, and maintain digital solutions for the PBNA sector.

Set up and manage the company’s AI development and facilitate production infrastructure.

Help AI product managers and business stakeholders understand the potential and limitations of AI when planning new products.

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Architect – Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Lead Engineer

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana Responsibilities:

As an Automation Lead Engineer, you will be responsible for leading a team to the developer.

You will work closely with teams to develop, test, implement new and existing automation processes.

You will be exposed to a wide array of business applications that get tied together with the company’s robots and will create value for the organization by automating business tasks.

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Architect – Data Science

Location: India Responsibilities:

This role will lead technical development within Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for PBNA Advanced Analytics. This will include design, implement, and maintain digital solutions for the PBNA sector. The role is responsible for:

Set up and manage the company’s AI development and facilitate production infrastructure.

Help AI product managers and business stakeholders understand the potential and limitations of AI when planning new products.

Build data ingest and data transformation infrastructure.

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Architect, Scrum Master, Azure, Data Science

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana Responsibilities:

As part of AMESA/APAC Data and Digital Solutions team, the job requires driving the automation, e-commerce, and Data Science, Data Modelling, Data Ingestion agenda.

The person will deliver and lead development for EDW, Data Lake, Business Intelligence, Azure, and Advanced Analytics.

One will be playing the role of scrum master across multiple projects.

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Associate Director, SAP Cloud Infrastructure

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana Responsibilities: The Associate Director, Cloud Acceleration & Value Office will be responsible for the design, build, and deployment of infrastructure and environments required on private/public cloud for PepsiCo global SAP program – PepsiCo Global Template (PGT). This role is part of PepsiCo’s Acceleration & Cloud Office – a multi-discipline team responsible for architecting and delivering secure, robust, and innovative solutions which would enable the development teams to build and deploy new applications as well as migrate selected existing applications into the public cloud. The candidate will work alongside SAP solution architecture, Basis and Environment, Cloud Operations teams to design, build, deploy and sustain the systems and landscape. Know more

Sr. ML Engineer

Location: Plano, TX Responsibilities:

Partner with a data scientist working on discovery, prototypes, and pilot. Focus on experiment tracking

Partner with data engineers regarding data pipelines and data versioning.

Coordinate work activities with IT services and as required.

Drive the use of the Platform toolset.

Build, deploy or publish machine learning models that run efficiently in cloud pipelines.

Help drive optimization, testing, and tooling to improve quality (unit tests).

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R&D Ana Tech Director (Director, Data Science – AI & ML)

Location: Valhalla, NY Responsibilities:

Provide leadership and strategy for AI/ML platforms to support R&D innovations and internal partners.

Contribute to R&D digital strategy and be a liaison between AI/ML COE, the R&D stakeholders, IT, and vendors.

Translate business needs and requirements into technical concepts and solutions.

Work with Business as the AI/ML COE leader to understand the digital technology requirements, define the business problems and deliver solutions.

Lead, develop, and inspire a high-performing team to build and scale solutions for R&D innovations.

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ML Engineer

Location: Cornellà de Llobregat, Catalonia, Spain Responsibilities:

Partner with a data scientist working on discovery, prototypes, and pilot. Focus on experiment tracking.

Work with data engineers regarding data pipelines and data versioning.

Adopt the best MLOps standards to design and develop scalable end-to-end machine learning pipelines.

Build and deploy machine learning models that run in cloud pipelines.

Artificial intelligence job prospects have grown in recent years as industry demand has expanded. The rumor that AI will generate a slew of new jobs is correct. Artificial intelligence appears to provide more opportunities than any other profession now available. We’ve compiled a list of Pepsico Artificial Intelligence Job Openings that you can apply for right now.Hyderabad, TelanganaKnow more here Hyderabad, TelanganaKnow more here Know more here Hyderabad, TelanganaKnow more here Hyderabad, TelanganaThe Associate Director, Cloud Acceleration & Value Office will be responsible for the design, build, and deployment of infrastructure and environments required on private/public cloud for PepsiCo global SAP program – PepsiCo Global Template (PGT). This role is part of PepsiCo’s Acceleration & Cloud Office – a multi-discipline team responsible for architecting and delivering secure, robust, and innovative solutions which would enable the development teams to build and deploy new applications as well as migrate selected existing applications into the public cloud. The candidate will work alongside SAP solution architecture, Basis and Environment, Cloud Operations teams to design, build, deploy and sustain the systems and landscape. Know more here Plano, TXKnow more here Valhalla, NYKnow more here Cornellà de Llobregat, Catalonia, SpainKnow more here

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21 Best Coop Games On Steam You Can Play Right Now

The gaming world has had co-op modes since the early days of gaming. These games have always provided the group of friends and family with a satisfying thrill. Of course, it is not easy to find the ultimate game that everyone can enjoy with such a huge library of games.

Browsing Steam for an hour or two can be as boring as possible. So, here is a list of some of the best co-op games that you can find on Steam.


Terraria is one of the most popular co-op games that are out there. It was created by Re-Logic and released on 16 May 2023. The game is 2D survival with a procedurally generated random map that goes on forever. 

You will have to explore, craft, build bases, and defend yourselves from the monsters. You can craft thousands of materials, ranging from simple walls to laser blasters. The more complicated tools and weapons you build, the stronger you get.

The game is played in co-op mode with up to 8 players online and a 4-player split-screen. The more hands to build, the better defenses and crafting, and the more enjoyable the gameplay.

Portal 2

Portal 2, a product of valve released on 19 April 2011, is a puzzle-solving game built around teleportation. You are a robot in the game that has to get out of an AI-controlled facility that is hell-bent on keeping you inside.

The game’s lore is really interesting and funny, and you will have fun in the campaign mode. What makes this game more fun are the different tools you use, such as a gravity gun. Create portals, go through them, and solve puzzles to open new levels; repeat.

But that is not all; the game allows you to co-op with another player in the story mode, so go crazy with the portal gun and let the robotic love be free.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the most popular games on Steam. It has a tilted top-down view with retro-looking visuals.

You start as a farmer who inherited their grandfather’s farm in the game. You will have to explore Stardew valley’s map, talk, bond with the local inhabitants, conquer dungeons and mines to become a master farmer.

The gameplay may sound simple and easy, but you cannot conclude unless you play and explore the contents.

Need a helping hand while farming? Not to worry, the game has a co-op feature that lets you invite up to 3 other friends. So grab your shovels and pickaxes, and find out what Stardew Valley has to offer.


Factorio is another top-down visuals game that is hugely popular among survivalists. The game’s theme is building a factory on a new planet, mining ores, and making different materials to make a better running factory.

The loop continues until you have the ultimate, self-functioning factory. 

The game also lets you create servers and let other people join in to give you a hand, or you can compete with each other to see who builds a better factory and fend off the creatures.

Oh yes, the natives of the land do not like the pollution you create while industrializing. Whenever your pollution reaches their nest, they will swarm your factory to destroy everything you have built. So build defenses, walls, turrets, anything that lets you kill the violent creatures.

Left 4 Dead 2

Run through the hordes of zombies, shoot them down, and do your best not to die. Left 4 Dead 2 puts you amid the post-apocalyptic world filled with the undead. Your job is to kill anything you see and reach the safety point on the other side of the map. 

Left 4 Dead 2 is a fast-paced, 4-player co-op game that will leave you clutching your mouse in adrenaline-filled sessions. The game has many weapons and tools that will come in handy for your journey. Furthermore, the game has multiple game modes to test your strength against other players or infinite hordes of zombies.

The game has the AI Director 2.0 that customizes the difficulty to balance the gameplay. It also controls the horde crowd and the effects based on the player’s play style. So if you hit the game hard, it will only hit you harder.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (Author’s Pick)

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is designed for up to 4-player co-op gaming. In the game, you are the force of love and are fighting against the evil force called Anti-Love.

Your mission is to ride your spaceship through the universe and battle evil robots and creatures, saving the love bunnies along the way. Each person mans a particular function of the spacecraft; thrusters, shields, and weapons.

Take control of the ship, communicate and rid the galaxy of the evil Anti-Love.

It Takes Two

If you are a fan of a good storyline, this game might be the one for you. It Takes Two has a beautiful storyline that starts with the divorce of a couple and their daughter feeling down about it.

Then one day, the couple, Cody and May, magically turn into dolls. You then take over and go through the world of toys to find the source of this magic.

The game has an open-world map and is fully interactive. So if you see any toys around, chances are, it can be a mini-game hidden within. 

The game is a 2-player co-op, so you will need another person to play along as one of the characters. You have to communicate and work together to solve the puzzles of this game. Collaboration is the key.


Head’s up, everyone! GTFO has finally come out of early access, and the full game launched on 10 December 2023. The game was so popular even in its early access that it was awarded multiple titles; Gamer of the Show in E3 2023 by Gamereactors, Best Cooperative Game in E3 2023 by DualShockers, to name a few.

GTFO is a 4-player co-op game where you play as prisoners sent by the Warden to clear out an underground facility and retrieve some items. The game is unforgiving, a mistake may lead to the obliteration of the squad, and stealth is key.

You will have to work together and make sure that each step counts. The game is intended to be played by four players together, but there are bots to fill up the empty slots. However, looking at the communication level needed to survive the hordes, it’s best to have humans by your side.


Phasmophobia is one of the best horror games on Steam. Even though the game was released in September 2023, about 30,000 players are playing the game regularly.

Phasmophobia is a 4-player co-op game that puts you in the shoes of paranormal investigators. Your mission is to get to a haunted location with your gadgets, find out evidence of the existence of the entity, and get out.

You can use different gadgets like an EMF reader, parabolic mic, cameras, and more to find out the whereabouts of the entity. But you have to be careful as they can kill you. You can, however, help your friends subtly once you are dead and come back as a ghost.

Unravel Two

Unravel Two is a mesmerizing game with a captivating story surrounding the story of a tiny creature made out of yarn called Yarny. You meet up with another Yarny at the start of the game and go through the side-scrolling, puzzle-solving platformer.

Unravel Two has two characters all the time, so the story demands co-op mode and is best played with another person.

Dead by Daylight

You find yourself in a strange area; you look around only to see three other people around you just as lost and scared as you are. Suddenly something catches your eye, making its way towards you, and before you can process anything, the unknown figure sprints to take your life.

Dead by Daylight features a 4v1 multiplayer mode where one person plays as a killer while the rest as innocents trying to escape the bloodthirsty killer and leave the area. You will have to cooperate with the innocents and make sure you get out alive.

Overcooked! (The series)

The Overcooked! saga is a fun, cartoony cooking game that revolves around co-op with up to four players. The series takes place in the Onion Kingdom, where different calamities occur, and your job is to save the kingdom from those perils by cooking.

There are three games in the series, Overcooked!, Overcooked! 2, and Overcooked! All You Can Eat.

In the first game, a giant meatball attacks that land, and you work your way in different parts of the land to learn and cook new recipes to finally face the meatball. In the sequel, you strive in the same manner to save the world from the ‘Unbread.’

However, the third in the series combines both games with never-seen-before levels and chefs. But this version’s selling point is its graphics. Overcooked! All You Can Eat can be played in 4K at 60 fps.

Battleblock Theater

Battlblock Theater is a 2D puzzle-solving platformer game with draw-animation style visuals and comic-style characters. This game has its own story for single-player or co-op mode.

The game also has different arenas to invite your friends and brawl things out. It goes on a step further and provides a level editor, so you can create mayhem of obstacles simply to annoy your friends.

Dying Light

Made for those who love exploring open maps and surviving, Dying Light is an award-winning game on Steam. 

The game sets you in a fully interactive city swarmed with different zombies. You will have to explore, craft tools and equipment, and build a base to defend yourself. Things seem calm during the day, but the fun begins at night.

The zombies in the game do not like sunlight, so they hide in their nests until dusk. When the night falls, they come out in the open and start hunting for their meal.

The game also forces you to visit the horde nests as such places have better loot. Furthermore, you can parkour your way through the city’s rooftops to run from said hordes, should they ever attack you.

Dying Light is a fun and thrilling co-op game that is best played with up to four players.


Valheim takes place after you, the character, are chosen as the warrior for the Valkyries to save the world tree. The game is also open-world so that you can explore to your heart’s content.

Since the game is survival, you will have to start with nothing and craft your way up. Build defenses to protect you, hunt for food, follow the story, and kill the monsters threatening the world tree.

You can play the game with a total of 10 players in a dedicated server and co-op or race against each other for survival.

Rayman Legends

If you played games on an Atari Jaguar, you should know about the famous platformer Rayman. Now, the Rayman is on PC, continuing on the legacy.

In Rayman Legends, a run and gun platformer, you go through a series of level, fighting creatures and bosses to return to your home.

In the co-op mode, players who join you will play as the friends of Rayman. It is a 4-player co-op game with beautifully created visuals that leave you with a nostalgic experience.

Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is a fun-filled survival game where you play as dwarves mining deep inside an alien planet. You and your party of three other players’ jobs are to go down, mine different ores, and head back.

You will have to be cautious because the game throws violent alien creatures at you. Each of you will have guns and unique tools that will help you fight and survive these strange monsters,

The game also features a procedurally generated map, so you do not know where you are landing even if you have played the level before. Furthermore, the game also gives you a fully destructible environment, making the gameplay as immersive as possible.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike needs no introduction, a team versus game where you have access to different weapons required to take down the enemy team.

The most played game of Steam, with more than 408 million hours globally, has different game modes where you can get on a shootout with your friends. But that is not all. CS: GO’s highlight is team play. You can add your friends to your team and go against other players worldwide. 

If you are confident enough, you can also go on competitive mode and show the other team a better shooter. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offers various game modes and maps where you can co-op or versus with your friends.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes takes on a different approach towards co-op gaming. One player has a screen where a bomb is slowly ticking. Your job is to diffuse the bomb before the time runs out.

But things are not as simple as they seem. You have no clue about how to diffuse the bomb. Your friend (or friends) have a manual for the bomb. They have to guide you through the whole process, no matter how complicated they are.

However, you do not have access to each other’s screens. If you have the bomb, then your friends will have the manual. Communication is the key to success. You will have to be clear in your instructions and description to stop the bomb successfully.

Minecraft Dungeons

The game throws all the original Minecraft mobs at you. It also gives you the best tools to help you fight. Furthermore, the game showcases new and powerful weapons and armor that help you in your ordeal.

The game has beautiful graphics and all the good elements of the OG Minecraft. Furthermore, you can also play the game with three other friends and conquer the dark dungeons together.

Human: Fall Flat 

Human: Fall Flat is one of the funniest co-op games on Steam. It features ragdoll-physics movement that leaves your character shaky and hilarious.

The game is more fun when you play together with your friends. You can co-op with your friends and struggle to go through the puzzles in this platformer.

The game is more fun when you play together with your friends. Whether online or couch, you can co-op with your friends and struggle to go through the puzzles in this platformer.

There are many different levels that can test your controls, cooperation, and patience in the game. Furthermore, the game also features workshops where you can create your levels and skins with the help of Unity. You can even browse all the custom levels that players all around the globe have created.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Another Ragdoll-physics game that can leave you clutching your stomach. The game features you as a delivery person whose job is to grab the package, get on a vehicle, and deliver the package.

But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the tasks. The controls are so wonky that you will have difficulty maneuvering the vehicle you are using. Speaking of vehicles, they range from simple cars to spaceships. You can pick whatever you unlock as you play the game.

Since the game is a multiplayer co-op, you can have three of your friends join you on the epic delivery journey, and hit the ground like a noodle, laughing away the pain.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Another hugely popular survival game on Steam is ARK: Survival Evolved. The game is set on an island named ARK, full of wild and terrifying dinosaurs. You start with nothing near the beach and gather resources and craft materials to survive.

The game has an open-world map with a fully interactive environment, so you can do anything you want. The goal, however, of the game is to explore, tame different creatures of the island, become the apex predator, and finally escape.

ARK: Survival Evolved is a multiplayer game, so you can always invite your friends to lend you a hand with the dinosaurs. You can also play the game online with strangers. While playing with a large group, you can either co-op with everyone or go solo against everyone to see who survives the most.

Artificial Intelligence Is Everywhere Now. This Report Shows How We Got Here.

Artificial intelligence is getting cheaper, better at the tasks we assign it, and more widespread—but concerns over bias, ethics, and regulatory oversight still remain. At a time when AI is becoming accessible to everyone, the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence put together a sweeping 2023 report analyzing the ins and outs of the growing field. Here are some of the highlights.

A growing number of publications

The number of publications alone on the topic tell a story: They doubled in the last decade, from 162,444 in 2010 to 334,497 in 2023. The most popular AI categories that researchers and others published on were pattern recognition, machine learning, and algorithms. 

What’s more, the number of patent filings related to AI innovations in 2023 is 30 times greater than the filings in 2024. In 2023, the majority of filed patents were from China, but the majority of patents actually granted were from the US.

The number of users participating in open-source AI software libraries on GitHub also rose from 2024 to 2023. These libraries house collections of computer codes that are used for applications and products. One called TensorFlow remains the most popular, followed by OpenCV, Keras and PyTorch (which Meta AI uses).  

Computers that analyze images and understand speech

Specifically, out of the various tasks that AI can perform, last year, the research community was focused on applying AI to computer vision, a subfield that teaches machines to understand images and videos in order to get good at classifying images, recognizing objects, mapping the position and movement of human body joints, and detecting faces (with and without masks). 

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For image classification, the most popular database used to train AI models is called ImageNet. Some researchers pre-train their models on additional datasets before exposing them to ImageNet. But models still make mistakes, on average mis-identifying 1 out of 10 images. The model that performs the best is from the Google Brain Team. In addition to identifying images and faces, AI can also generate fake images that are nearly indistinguishable from real ones, and to combat this, researchers have been working on deepfake detection algorithms that are based on datasets like FaceForensics++.  

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Natural language processing, a subfield that has been actively explored since the 1950s, is slowly making progress in English language understanding, summarizing, inferring reasonable outcomes, identifying emotional context, speech recognition and transcription, and translation. For basic reading comprehension, AI can perform better than humans, but when language tasks get more complicated, like when interpreting context clues is necessary, humans still have an edge. On the other hand, AI ethicists are worried that bias could affect large language models that draw from a mixed bag of training data. 

Big tech and AI 

Tech companies like Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube have been improving the AI used in recommendation systems. The same is true for AI’s role in reinforcement learning, which has enabled it to react and perform well in virtual games such as chess and Go. Reinforcement learning can also be used to teach autonomous vehicles tasks like changing lanes, or help data models predict future events. 

As AI appears to have become better at doing what we want it to do, the cost to train it has come down as well, dropping by over 60 percent since 2023. Meanwhile, a system that would’ve taken 6 minutes to train in 2023 would now only take a little over 13 seconds. Accounting for hardware costs, in 2023, an image classification system would take less than $5 to train, whereas that cost would’ve been over $1,000 in 2023. 

More jobs and students 

More AI applications across industries means more demand for AI education and jobs. Across the US in 2023, California, Texas, New York, and Virginia had the highest demand for AI-related occupations. In the last decade, the most popular specialties among PhD computer science students were artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Private investment in AI is at an all-time high, totalling $93.5 billion in 2023 (double the amount from 2023). AI companies that were skilled in “data management, processing, and cloud,” according to the report, got the most funding in 2023, followed by companies dedicated to “medical and healthcare” and financial technology (fintech for short).

How is the government using it—and regulating it?

In fiscal year 2023, US government agencies spent $1.53 billion on AI research and development for non-defense purposes, which was 2.7 times the amount spent in fiscal year 2023. For defense purposes, the Department of Defense allocated $9.26 billion across 500 AI research and development  programs in 2023, which was about 6 percent more than what it spent in the year before. The top two uses of AI were for prototyping technologies and in programs countering weapons of mass destruction. 

Last, the report looked at global, federal, and state regulations related to AI (looking for keywords like artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous vehicle or algorithmic bias). The report examined 25 countries around the world, and found that they have collectively passed 55 AI-related bills to law from 2024 to 2023. Last year, Spain, the UK and the US each had three AI-related bills that became law.

Top 10 Web3 Developers Jobs To Apply For In August 2023

If you want to explore web3 developer jobs, these are the jobs to apply for in 2023.

As Web3 is currently defined, it is a vision for the public internet where data and content are registered on blockchains, tokenized, or managed and accessed on peer-to-peer distributed networks. Here are the top 10 web3 developers jobs you can apply for in August 2023.

MSTR developer at Tata Consultancy Services

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Hybrid

The candidates for this job should be working on MSTR development, and have to experience in schema objects, and public objects as MSTR architects worked on report development, and web development (dossier, dashboard, documents). They should also be MSTR certified or should be ready to do the certification. It will be better if they have experience in ETL tools.

Apply here.

GIS Developer at HCL Technologies

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Remote

The developer will be primarily working on a project to implement modules on GE Smallworld Core, PNI, LNI, NIG, GSS, and Network Viewer upon GE Smallworld 4.1/4.3 to the latest version (GE Smallworld 5). They should have good knowledge of upgrading the project; especially from GE Smallworld 4.1/4.3 to GE Smallworld 5. It is also required to have a good knowledge of GE Smallworld Magik language and Core Java or JSP. Any certification on GE Smallworld products will be preferred.

Apply here.

Conversational AI and Chatbot developer at Smarter.Codes

Location: India Remote

As a Conversational AI developer, you will join the NLP team and work on cutting-edge AI technology. You will be designing and building multiple applications across varying industries, creating conversations, and automating tasks using Conversational AI technologies and principles. You will be building proprietary NLP/NLU components, and Domain-specific or user level models-going beyond standard features are available in common APIs such as Dialogflow or IBM Watson.

Apply here.

Web 3 frontend Developer at Uplers

Location: India Remote

The candidates for the job should have an understanding of decentralization and dApps as well as a strong understanding of object-oriented concepts. They should be well familiar with Angular v13, Angular material, and also in Functional programming with RxJS.

Apply here.

Web Developer at Pixselo Global Solutions

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Pixselo is looking for smart individuals to join the team with sound knowledge of web development in PHP, WordPress, Codeigniter, and Angular JS. they should understand the project life cycle and MVC architecture. It is required for them to have the basic knowledge of Frameworks along with 3 years of experience in the WordPress framework.

Apply here.

Web Developer at FT-INDIA

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

The candidate for this job should have proven working experience in web programming with top-notch programming skills and in-depth knowledge of modern HTML/CSS. They should have a solid understanding of how web applications work including security, session management, and best development practices. It is required for them to have adequate knowledge of relational database systems, object-oriented programming, and web application development.

Apply here.

Front End Developer / Web Developer at Stemkit Education

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

To apply, your resume should list the technologies you have proven expertise in along with the tenure of experience in each technology. Candidates are required to work from the office. Candidates should not be in the employ of another company while working with us.

Apply here.

Rust Developer at Zelus India

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India On-site

The candidates for this job should have an understanding of Rust design patterns and write performant and maintainable code in the language. They should be solving development challenges and making architectural decisions by understanding the larger picture of the project’s goals. It is also their responsibility to expand their existing skill-set and pick up on various rust-dependent frameworks.

Apply here.

MEAN Developer at Algoscale

Location: India Remote

The candidates for this job should have an excellent working knowledge of chúng tôi and associated frameworks such as Express and Angular. JS. They are required to have an understanding of the nature of asynchronous programming and its quirks and workarounds. It is also their responsibility to have a basic understanding of front-end technologies, such as HTML5, and CSS3.

Apply here.

Epub3 Developer at Grasshopper Datatech

Location: Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India On-site

The candidates for this job are required to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science or a related field. They would have to be experts in Epub3 & Math ML. It is mandatory for them to have work experience of 2 to 5 years with hands-on knowledge in Epub3 and Epsilon Editor.

Apply here.

Artificial Intelligence: Digital Marketing’s Benefits

Artificial intelligence refers to the creation of intelligent machines capable of performing cognitive tasks. Their ability to think like humans will increase once they have enough data. Digital marketing is a key area where artificial intelligence, data, and analytics are important.

Any online venture must be able to extract the right insights from data in order to succeed. It is therefore logical to assume that AI will become a key component of digital marketing. This is especially true considering the huge growth in data and sources digital marketers need to understand.

Experts predict that the volume of data collected across these newer customer touchpoints will become overwhelming. As businesses grow, this will continue to happen over the next few years. Artificial intelligence (AI), which is used to analyze data and make decisions for digital marketing, is more important than ever. Here are some reasons AI tools and technology have access to huge amounts of data that is not easily accessible. AI can transform this data into useful insights that allow for immediate decisions.

AI-Driven Content Marketing

Artificial intelligence can help you determine the content that interests your clients and current customers. It can also determine the best ways to reach them.

AI can create visuals and material that it expects to be appreciated by its target audience and is increasingly capable of managing the entire content creation process. Personalization allows clients to receive material that is tailored specifically for them. AI uses data and references to help it understand what clients are looking for. Personalization is an industry buzzword.

Real-Time Tracking

Platforms that integrate AI allow users to see the effectiveness of their content and adjust their strategy in real-time. This means that digital marketers can instantly see the results and adjust their next strategy.

Dynamic Pricing

Discounts are a great way to increase sales. Some clients might still purchase with a small or no discount.

Artificial intelligence can set product prices dynamically to increase sales and profitability. This is done based on factors such as client profiles, demand, supply, client, and other criteria. The price of each product is shown in a graph. It will show how it changes according to season, consumer demand, and other factors.

A great example of dynamic pricing has been demonstrated by frequent travelers. They book a flight, then return to purchase it a few days later to find that the price had gone up by a few hundred dollars.

Better Security

Biometric authentication systems that use AI technology are among the most secure for transferring and gathering data. It has also increased the efficiency of the sharing process.

Large amounts of data can now be transmitted much more securely than they used to be. Modern data collection and dissemination have made it easier to analyze large amounts of data. This has led to faster decision-making and enhanced insights.

Chatbots for Customer Service

Customers use messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to communicate with companies. It can be costly to keep active customer service representatives on these platforms.

Chatbots are being used by some businesses to respond to customer queries frequently. Chatbots can provide immediate responses to customers, reducing workload and giving them a faster response. Chatbots can also be trained to provide pre-determined answers to commonly asked questions. Chatbots can also forward complex queries to human operators.

This means that you can reduce customer service time. You also reduce the agent burden by making it easier for them to deal with issues that require a personal response.

Chatbots are cheaper than adding more team members and can deal with customer issues faster. In some cases, they can even be more humane. Bots don’t have bad days like humans. They are friendly, approachable, and easy to like.

Top Robotics Jobs To Apply For In Big Tech Companies In March

Aspirants apply for robotics jobs including robotics engineer, operator, and developer

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Top Robotics Jobs to Apply For Microsoft Robotic Process Automation Application Developer at Accenture

Location(s): Hyderabad, Telangana Roles and Responsibilities: As a robotic process automation application developer at Accenture, the candidate should design, build, and configure applications to meet business process and application requirements. He/she should handle RPA- Blue Prism projects. They should work on the infrastructure setup and management for the Blue Prism application. The candidate should interact with BA, PM, and business to understand the processes to be automated. Qualifications:

The candidate should hold a chúng tôi or chúng tôi degree.

He/she should know Microsoft Robotics Process Automation.

They should have exposure to RPA and Blue Prism tools.

Mandatory experience throughout the entire RPA project lifecycle.


Test Developer – Robotics at NVIDIA

Location(s): Pune Roles and Responsibilities: As a member of the core NVIDIA team, the candidate will be working with highly competitive and motivated engineers. He/she should join us at forefront of this ground-breaking industry’s first robotic AI development platform with simulation, navigation, and manipulation. They will play a key role in building test strategies, well-structured test plans, and test cases based on high-level customer requirements. The candidate should actively participate in the review and provide feedback on product feature requirements, specializations, and technical design documents. They should work closely with various teams including project management and software developers, responsible for publishing statistical data reports to all partners. Qualifications:

Tech or equivalent degree in CS/CE/IT/ECE/EEE or equivalent experience is mandatory.

The candidate should have at least 4+ years of hands-on testing experience in embedded software stacks.

He/she should have experience with Linux and/or QNX is required.

Good knowledge in areas of robotics perception, navigation, manipulation, and simulation is mandatory.

They should have hands-on experience with functional safety standards, particularly in autonomous systems.


Executive- Robotics Process Automation at Firstsource Solutions Ltd

Location(s): Bengaluru Roles and Responsibilities: As a robotics process automation developer, the candidate will be focused on building end-to-end automation process solutions that meet business requirements. He/she will be responsible for supporting the senior developers in the proper assessment requirements gathering, design, development, testing, delivery, and ongoing support of automated solutions using Automation Anywhere/Blue Prism/UI Path/Win-Automation robotics platform. They should design and develop RPA process solutions. The candidate should work within project planning constraints, communicating any identified project risks and issues to the RPA manager accordingly. Qualifications:

The candidate should know Automation Anywhere/Blue Prism/Ui-Path/Win-Automation developer accreditation.

He/she should have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering.

Minimum 1 year of coding experience in any language is mandatory.

Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office packages including Word, PowerPoint, Visio, and Excel is expected.


Robotic Process Automation Developer (Blue Prism) at EY

Location(s): Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Bengaluru Qualifications:

The candidate should have hands-on experience on a minimum of 3-4 years of end-to-end RPA implementations on Blue Prism, good communication, and DB skills.

He/she should have the ability to deliver within estimated timelines.

They should stay up-to-date with the RPA technology to add value to the project.


SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation at SAP

Location(s): Bengaluru Roles and Responsibilities: As a product expert, the candidate will be part of the product management team for the SAPintelligent robotic process automation product. In this role, he/she will translate market and customer needs into a competitive and innovative process automation product offering. They will develop and own a compelling product vision based on their own understanding of the market requirements, direct interaction with potential/existing customers, and with inputs from go-to-market and similar teams. Qualifications:

The candidate should have 6+ years of relevant work experience either in software product development with a focus on external-facing product management or in a customer-facing role as pre-sales or customer implementation projects.

In-depth experience in direct customer stakeholder management, interaction with go-to-market, pre-sales, and adoption teams is a key requirement.

Understanding of enterprise automation domain is a must.

Experience in one or more RPA tools or platforms is mandatory.

He/she should have experience in automating complex enterprise business processes with software products including SAP, productivity tools, etc.

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