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Lost Ark leveling guide & tips for early grinding

Need a Lost Ark Leveling guide? Here are some handy tips to use while leveling your first character.

Lost Ark is now live and the grinding is now underway. When you make your character, you will find that there are two different XP bars you can get your hands on, the roster XP and the combat XP bar. Both are bars you are going to want to grind and level up. Below you will find a Lost Ark leveling guide, along with some useful tips to help manage your journey to the end game.

Lost Ark leveling guide

There are a few must-know features you need to know about leveling in Lost Ark, Below we will list the best Lost Ark leveling tips that have worked for us and others in the game. We also recommend changing your mouse and keyboard control scheme, as the two default options are not particularly intuitive. At least in our opinion, anyway.

Best Lost Ark Leveling tips

Maybe if I used a movement speed consumable I would be paralyzed in mid-air.

The first tip we will give you in the Lost Ark leveling guide is to do side quests. Unlike most other MMORPGs, you really do not have to go far to actually complete the side quests. For example, the plaguelands zone side quests at the first main story hub as side quests where your main quest takes you. We recommend doing this for the silver boosts, combat XP and the roster XP. 

Buy gear from the vendors. Some of the vendor gear, while you are leveling, tends toward having 20 more gear score than the gear that you wear by the time you arrive. The only time you replace the gear is via the dungeons, regardless of single-player or public matchmaking. It is therefore worth it if you are interested in cashing in your silver for that increased speed.

Use the battle gear you get. When you play through the main story, you will get your hands on loot to use. These can include movement speed consumables, grenades for extra AOE damage and party movement buffs. Zooming helps a lot with speeding up the process, and less time on annoying packs also make you get through the levelling process quicker.

Do the sudden quests. Around the world, you will find quests randomly appearing around you within a limited time. It is similar to the fate system in FFXIV or the public quests in Guild Wars 2. Get yourself some bonus XP, along with potential gear, silver and other items.

Keep an eye on chat channels. The reason why is because the server’s general chat is filled with players mentioning the presence of world bosses. If you are at the point you can encounter world bosses, then we recommend keeping an eye on that. That way you can join the appropriate channel, and the server layer and fight the world boss for that sweet loot, xo and more.

Do public dungeons on hard more. While you are leaving you will find no short supply of public matchmaking dungeons you can select the difficulty of. As part of the Lost Ark leveling guide, we highly recommend doing these dungeons on hard. They take slightly longer, but you do get epic quality leveling gear, which is a great boat for the following main story missions and hubs.

Lost Ark Combat XP vs Roster XP

The other thing you need to consider is the Lost Ark combat and roster XP. All the difference is that your combat XP is your character’s XP bar. You will eventually make your way to character level 50, which is the end game. You can then level to 60, with each level in between granting a shad load of skill points so you can upgrade your skills further.

On the other hand, roster XP is an account level on the server. Whenever you do anything on a character, you will get some roster XP. The roster XP can grind up to level 350, with the roster XP levels granting different buffs. It makes it so you can get additional perks and bonuses for your characters, along with offering extra cath up mechanics to any new alternative characters you are making.

We figured it was worth mentioning in this Lost Ark leveling guide, since there is some confusion between the two XP bars. Not to mention that it is something you can farm passively by following the above Lost Ark leveling tips.

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Lost Ark Fast Leveling Guide: Quick Way To Get To Level 50

Lost Ark is proving to be a well-made game for MMO players. With a vast world, great graphics, battle mechanics, and different contents, Lost Ark is gaining many players.

But like every MMO, grinding can be very hard and time-consuming in Lost Ark. You have to invest lots of your time leveling up your character and getting the right items. 

You will be busy doing main storyline quests and side quests in early games. But after the end-game, your daily routine in the game will be grinding end-game content.

But to play every end-game content, you have to be Level 50. Investing too much time in the early game with quests and side quests is a waste of time in Lost Ark. The real fun is in end-game content like Dungeons, Raids, etc. 

So, this guide will help you make the right decisions and get to Level 50 quickly.

How to Level Up Quickly to Level 50?

There are many ways in Lost Ark from which you can Level up to 50 quickly. First, in Lost Ark, you have to play the prologue, which will level you up to Level 10. So, you can say that you start from Level 10.

Currently, the end-game starts at Level 50, which is said the Soft Cap in Lost Ark. The hard cap or the Level of end-game you have to grind aggressively is Level 60.

Some of the ways are:

Skip the Prologue

As mentioned, you will be at Level 10 after the prologue. But you can easily skip the prologue. Skipping the prologue in Lost Ark will save you around 20-25 minutes of game time. 

The only drawback is that you will not get Arthetinean Engineer’s Goggles Chest a Headpiece Skin.

But don’t worry, you can acquire this skin from another character. But keep in mind, you cannot share these goggles in cross-gender characters. And also, only one character can get the goggles.

Completing Main Story Quests and Sudden Quests Only

This is the quickest method to reach Level 50. In Lost Ark, there are many quests that you can do. These quests give you rewards like currencies, items, skins, etc. 

There are Side Quests, Main Quests, Island Quests, NPC Rapport Quests, etc., to keep you busy in the game. While they are worth doing for the rewards and currencies they provide, they also take time.

If you only follow the main quests, you will get every information and content for the end-game you need. You will not get good items and many golds and silver. But to get to Level 50 and end-game fast, you have to skip all side quests. 

You can always play your Alt Character again and transfer the good items whenever you like. Other quests you can do are Sudden Quests. These quests are shown by a red exclamation icon.

Sudden Quests are available along the way on your main quests. These quests don’t take too much time but give you an experience boost. But don’t go looking for them. Only do them when you encounter them on your way.

Use Fast Travel 

The world of Lost Ark is very big, and the main storyline is spread throughout the map. So, you may be thinking trying to complete the main quest will also be time-consuming.

This is where Fast Travel in Lost Ark comes in. Fast Travel enables you to teleport from one location to another in a continent. You cannot fast travel to another continent. 

First, you have to unlock Fast Travel from Prideholme. Along with the main quests in Prideholme, you will get a quest to activate Triport Stone. Activating this stone enables you to travel fast. 

This is how you can access Fast Travel:

You can also use Ocean Liner in the game. This enables you to teleport from one port to another. So, you can use this to teleport to another continent too.

First, you need to go to the nearest dock in the game.

Then, you have to interact with NPC named Riff, denoted in the map by Pen and Paper icon.

Then, you can choose your location and teleport.

Play Contents in Normal Mode

Many players like a challenge that keeps them busy in a game. An easy match can repel players from getting them invested.

But we are talking about the speeding leveling process here. So, we must prioritize speed over difficulty here. The contents like Dungeons allow you to change the difficulty level.

Difficult dungeons provide you with better rewards. But, to level up quickly, you have to compromise that. The experience you get from any difficulty in dungeons is the same. So, play in normal mode.

Use Powerpass and Knowledge Transfer

If you already have a character at the endgame and are trying to make another character Level 50 quick, then it’s too easy for you. There are two features in Lost Ark, i.e., Powerpass and Knowledge Transfer.

These features/mechanics enable you to instantly get your other character to Level 50. Along with the main quests, you will get a quest that will grant you Powerpass, which can be used to Level your character to Level 50 if any of your characters is in Level 50.

Knowledge Transfer is the same. But the process is a little different. To get more details about these, check out our Powerpass guide.

Ignore Trade/Life Skills

Life skills in Lost Ark are the best way to farm for materials for crafting. You can craft items, upgrade materials, etc., to make your game better.

But life skills (Fishing, Mining, Lumbering, and other) is a waste of time if you want to level fast. They will not help you in any way to give your experience points. They are very important in the game but not for the leveling purpose.

Ignore the Urge to Collect the Collectibles

There are lots of collectibles or shining things in the world of Lost Ark. They are not that important in the game. But sometimes collectibles can be traded for better equipment.

Some collectibles can also be traded for gold. One of the best ways to farm gold is to get collectibles. But you will not gain any experience points. So, every time you see a collectible, don’t start collecting it. It will only slow your leveling process.

Change Channels to Less Crowded Area

Many players do not realize that they can change channels in Lost Ark. You will be in the same area with the same NPCs and world, but the players will be different. 

This can be very useful when your main objective/quest is not available on the map at the time. Waiting for your objective to refresh again can take time. Even if they refresh, other players can get them first.

So, changing the channel will ensure you can do your quest easily and without interference.

Create or Join a Guild

Creating or joining a guild will help you get experience points. Doing daily and weekly guild quests will boost your experience points, and you can level quickly.

Also, it is one of the ways to farm gold and party with guild members to complete the quests. Partying with your friends and guild members will shorten your time to complete a quest, and you can get to Level 50 quickly.

Skip Cutscenes in Lost Ark

There are lots of cutscenes in Lost Ark. For many quests you want to start; you have to go through a cutscene. These cutscenes are important to understand the world of Lost Ark and the story.

But if you are not interested in the story and want to get to the end-game fast, you can skip the cutscenes. Cutscenes can consume lots of time. So, skipping them can make the leveling process faster. 

Kill Monsters/Enemies Efficiently and Only When Important

As the world of Lost Ark is vast, the number of enemies or monsters in the game is naturally high. In every map and continent, you will find monsters, and obviously, any player will be tempted to attack them.

But for Leveling Process is an utter waste of time. Killing these monsters provides little to no experience for you. Unless a quest requires you to kill them, don’t engage.

Also, using your skills for a single enemy and waiting for its cooldown can waste time. If possible, use AOE attacks for faster monster killing. 

While fighting, you will have potions with you and other battle items. Some things are easily acquired, but some should be crafted or bought from a vendor. This will also consume your time.

So, use potions and other battle items, easily acquired until and unless you need to use rare items. 

Dismantle Useless Items and Gears

This method is not that useful. But it will save you little time, so it made it to the list. The inventory in Lost Ark is limited. But the items are many in the game that you can acquire. After you get better things, previous items are rendered useless.

These items can be sold for in-game currencies and traded. This will be the first thing to do in any player’s mind. But to save time, dismantle the items you don’t need. You don’t have to search for vendors and auction houses to trade, and you can focus on Leveling.

This is all this in this article/guide. We are sure these methods will help you reach Level 50 fast and grind for your character in the end-game content. 

Lost Ark Alteisen Island Guide: Mokokos, Quests & Island Token

Lost Ark Alteisen Island Guide: Mokokos, Quests & Island Token

We take a look at the Lost Ark Alteisen Island, guiding you through the Mokoko Seeds, quest chain and island token.

Lost Ark has plenty of Islands in the game that grants you extra ways to get gear and resources. One of those island players are going to want to visit is the Alteisen Island, offering plenty of sideways and vertical progression opportunities. In this article, we will guide you through the Lost Ark Alteisen island, guiding you to its hidden Mokokos, along with the Island Token, amongst other content.

Lost Ark Alteisen Island Guide

This island is filled with some goodies for those looking for extra content. You can do a purple quest on the island that helps you with choosing uncommon quality battle engravings for your sideways progressions. Meanwhile, there are four Mokoko seeds on the Alteisen island that you can get.

X is the entrance to the secret room on the island

Lost Ark Alteisen Mokoko Seed Locations

There are four Mokoko Seeds you can get on Alteisen island. Two of them are located on the outside of the island, while there are two in one of those off-map secret buildings found in the top left of the island.

There is one in the far left corner of the island, tucked away by a metal shed. Then, there is another on the south wall of the island that is in the wider area where Sol Grande spawns. You can find the second one hidden in front of five metal cubes on the cliff edge, with the metal fence panels and a pipe coming out of the largest run down cube.

The other two is in the top left corner of the map. They are both inside a hidden house, which you can walk through if you walk towards what appears to be an insert heading away from the main mass of the island. 

There are two Mokokos in this secret room.

Alteisen Island Token

When the Sol Grande boss has spawned, you can head read up on our Sol Grande Worlld Boss guide here, offering tactics and tips into the fight so you can beat it safe and sound. Keep in mind you will likely need to fight this boss several times before the island token drops from the boss, as it has a fairly low chance.

Alteisen Quest Chain

A tale of two robots.

You can get nice rewards from this island for those looking for extra progression opportunities. A quest chain involves a robot at the start of the island, which you need to repair. Accept the quest, get some screws from the scrap iron piles and then hand in the quest. When you repair the robot, you’ll escort the NPC to some more Scrap Iron Nodes three times when the robot is repaired. You will then head over to another robot that you need to repair. Completing this quest chain grants you seven uncommon engraving books. 

After that part of the quest, you need to head to Arthertine’s main city and speak to an engineer. He will snd you on a few more quests that will help to build a translator for the two robots on the island. When it is done you can return to the island and get some extra goodies. like a +5 stat potion and some sea coins.

This concludes this Lost Ark Alteisen Island Guide. If you enjoyed this guide, why not check out WePC’s Lost Ark hub, filled with guides for the game?

Lost Ark Hall Of The Twisted Warlord Abyss Dungeon Guide

Lost Ark Hall of the Twisted Warlord Abyss Dungeon guide

Need a hand with the Lost Ark Hall of the Twisted Warlord Abyss dungeon? We have the tactics and tips covered.

So, you have completed the Demon Beast Canyon and Necromancer’s Origin Abyss Dungeon and want to try your hand at the next challenge on offer? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Lost Ark’s Hall of the Twisted Warlord, Abyss dungeon, which is the third dungeon you unlock.

Be aware, to enter this dungeon you need to have a party of four players with 460+ item level, who have all completed the previous two Abyss Dungeons to enter. Keep this in mind if you’re forming your own party, as may need to use matchmaking if you don’t have the right squad ready.

Lost Ark Hall of the Twisted Warlord Abyss Dungeon Mechanics and Tactics

The first thing you need to know is this dungeon uses the typical two boss setup. Also, each of the bosses in the Hall of the Twisted Warlord Abyss Dungeon contains wipe mechanics. Keep in mind we will explain these tactics, and recommend tips you need to overcome what could be a disaster.

Rook and Bishop tactics, tips, and mechanics

The first boss encounter in this dungeon will test your teamwork and strategy. There are two bosses in this encounter that you are going to want to make sure you kill at the same time, to avoid one of them going berserk.

The major mechanic to understand for this fight is the Phantom power team wipe ability that happens twice throughout the fight. A message will pop up to let you know this is about to happen, at which point Rook – the large boss – will move to the outside of the arena and begin targeting a random player. You will know if you are being targeted as a red target icon will appear above your head.

If you are targeted, you need to move to the opposite side of Bishop (who will be standing in the middle of the arena) from Rook. Rook will then fire a blast of energy towards you and stun Bishop who would have wiped the team. If you are not targeted, you will be surrounded by a purple knockback aura, you need to avoid bumping your teammates as well as Rook’s blast during this time.

Here is an example of the blast with the structure spawns.

In phase 2, the targeted player needs to do the same again, stand behind Bishop and wait for Rook’s stun blast. If you are not targeted this time around, you will need to destroy the structures that spawn in a circle around Bishop to prevent them from blocking the stun blast.

Other than that, there are several other minor skills you can watch out for. Each of the bosses has its own skillset, so we have listed the Rook and Bishop mechanics below.

Rook abilities

Double punch – Punches first with the right hand directly in front of himself. Then punches with the left and swipes in an arc to his left side.

Bellyflop – After a short delay, bellyflops to a targeted cross-marked location.

Bishop abilities

Shadow Orbs – Four shadow orbs are pulled in a cross pattern from the sides of the arena towards Bishop, she then fires them back out rotated forty-five degrees. The Orbs will also appear as AOE zones on the floor, exploding after a few seconds.

Cross Lasers – Target markers appear on the floor in a cross pattern from Bishop. After a few seconds lasers fire in these areas. The target markers then rotate forty-five degrees and the lasers fire again.

Single Lasers – Similar to the last ability, except this time the lasers are fired one by one and in quick succession rather than simultaneously.

Dark Lines – Long, straight lines of damage. These attacks are not particularly telegraphed but do quite low damage.

Phantom Legion King tactics, tips and mechanics

The second team wipe mechanic is one that seems to trigger randomly throughout the fight. The boss will again summon a shield and will do damage in cones around himself. If the boss remains in this state for too long, he will charge up and eventually wipe the party. Hit him with everything you have in this stage, prioritising those stagger abilities.

Legion King mechanics

Sword Swipes – The boss attacks a target in front of him with two sword swipes.

Sword Wave – The boss will change stance, his sword will begin to glow and after a short time will release a wave of energy if he is over 50% health, or three waves in a triangle if he is below 50%.

Dash and Dive – A rapid dash attack dealing damage in a line. He then teleports above the map and slams down in an AOE below him.

Sword Portal – Periodically, a purple portal will appear and begin raining swords down. Where every sword will land is shown by a purple ring on the ground.

Spinning Swords – On occasion, the boss will fill the arena with spinning swords that slowly move towards him. There is usually a gap somewhere that players can dash through to avoid being hit.

Dive/Dash and Cone – The Legion King will dive towards the nearest target twice in a row dealing damage, and then release a large cone of damage in the direction he is facing. Later in the fight, he begins to dash in a line rather than dive towards the target.

This concludes the Lost Ark Hall of the Twisted Warlord Abyss Dungeon Guide. When you are done with this dungeon, you can now progress onto the Hildebrandt Palace. If you found this guide useful, why not check out our Lost Ark hub?

How Movable Type Lost With Open Source

There’s little in this world that’ more saddening than telling a friend, “You blew it.” But that’s how I feel about Six Apart and their blogging / CMS system Movable Type.

They had a chance to use open source to make something really remarkable with their product, and all but squandered it.

I say this as a Movable Type user, which is why it pains me to say these things. I’d hate to think my loyalty was misplaced, because in the time I’ve used it I watched as one fellow user after another defected to competing products — mainly Automattic and WordPress.

So what went wrong? For starters, it wasn’t that Movable Type switched to an open source model. It was how they went about doing it.

Movable Type wasn’t originally open source, but it was licensed liberally enough that it almost didn’t matter. Many people could use it without paying for it, and for most people that was enough. But the licensing for version 3.0, released in 2004, placed far more emphasis on the user paying a licensing fee. It was still possible to get a free license, but on terms that didn’t allow redistribution of the product.

Many of the “little” folks who had been using Movable Type up to that point started to get worried they would suddenly have to start paying licensing fees. It wasn’t even the cost of the product that bugged them, but the principle of the thing: it felt like a bait-and-switch. Who’s to say they wouldn’t be given equally cavalier treatment in the future?

Faced with this, and with the rise of the unambiguously-licensed WordPress (GPLv2), a lot of Movable Type folks decamped and switched to that product, which began to thrive thanks to their input and usage. It wasn’t until Movable Type version 3.3 released two years later that a free version for personal users was released.

In late 2007 Six Apart created an explicitly open source version of Movable Type, based on version 4 of the product, and licensed under the GPL. The main differences between the commercial and open source editions were features designed specifically for enterprise users, like commercially-developed SEO add-ons.

It was a step in the right direction, and was welcomed by those who had been asking for such a thing, me included. But, again, it was too late to woo back the people who had already defected. For them, Movable Type was scorched earth.

And by that time, WordPress had already built a culture of open engagement with customers. There was a broad and growing palette of plugins, templates and other add-ons, created by people who had been in bed with the product for a good long time. (The gallery of templates for WordPress is something that’s cited regularly as a reason why it’s a superior product.)

Six Apart did go to some length to document their templating language and make it easier to convert WordPress templates to something Movable Type could use. But they waited too long to start doing those things on a scale that mattered, and by that time some really creative and inspiring template designs were coming out of the WordPress crowd.

WordPress also got something right early on that remains a point of trouble for Movable Type: make it easy for people to get on board with the software and stay on board. A WordPress installation can upgrade itself from a browser-based control panel with the push of a button. By contrast, Movable Type still has to be manually upgraded. It’s too easy to get the process wrong, and so whenever a new point release came out I resigned myself to setting aside a day to upgrade and test.

That such manual work is still necessary is another sign of how most of what drove Movable Type’s general direction seemed to focus on appealing to commercial customers, not the base of “in-the-trenches” users who were actually grappling with the product on a daily basis. Hence the add-ons for SEO and such, which most individual bloggers (me included) turned off the minute they installed the product.

When a company “does” open source, a lot of how they are perceived to approach it will shape things. Oracle’s commitment to open source is perceived very differently from Red Hat’s. Not just because of the size of one company vs. the other or their intended markets, but because Red Hat puts more of their money where their mouth is, while Oracle is inspiring more dissention than loyalty among open source folks.

How To Find A Stolen Or Lost Airpods Case

Can’t find your AirPods charging case in your room? Did you lose it on the bus or think it was stolen? You can track the case, but only if you use the AirPods Pro (2nd generation) or newer models.

The charging case of the 2nd generation AirPods Pro has a special chipset that allows you to locate the case. Its built-in speaker also makes it easier to find the case in small rooms. We’ll show you how to find your AirPods charging case if empty or separated from your AirPods.

Table of Contents

Why Only the AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)?

Only the AirPods Pro (2nd generation) charging case has a built-in U1 chipset. The chip uses the Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology to facilitate quicker AirDrop connection, Handoff transfers, and precise location tracking.

AirTags, Apple Watch (Series 6 and newer), HomePod mini, iPhone 11 and newer models have the U1 chipset. If your AirPods case has the U1 chip, you can track its location using other U1-equipped devices.

If your AirPods case isn’t U1-equipped, you can only track the earbuds in the Find My app. If there’s at least one AirPods in the charging case, you could track and locate the case. Otherwise, tracking an empty charging case isn’t possible if you have the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation AirPods.

Locate Your AirPods Case in the Find My App

To track the charging case of U1-equipped AirPods, you need a U1-equipped iOS device—iPhone 11 or newer models—running at least iOS 16. For the best result, ensure the iOS device has an internet connection.

Open the

Find My

app on your iPhone and head to the



Select your AirPods charging case from the list of devices. Learn what to do if your AirPods or AirPods case doesn’t appear in Find My.

You should see the last known location of your AirPods case. Tap


to get directions to the current location of your AirPods charging case. If the case is close-by, tap

Play Sound

to get the case to play a sound.

If you use an iPad or Mac computer, you’ll be able to find and track U1-equipped AirPods case when Apple releases iPad OS 16 and macOS Ventura.

NOTE: Apple’s Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology is unavailable on Apple devices in select countries or regions. If you can’t locate your AirPods case despite having U1-equipped devices, the UWB technology is likely unsupported in your region. Contact Apple Support if Find My doesn’t show your AirPods or AirPods charging case’s location.

Turn On Find My Network

If you still have your AirPods or AirPods case, we recommend putting them on the “Find My network” immediately. Doing so increases the chances of finding your AirPods or AirPods case—even if your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch has no internet connection.

Connect your AirPods to your iPhone or iPad and open the Settings app. Tap your AirPods name, scroll down the page, and toggle on Find My network.

Buy Replacement AirPods Case

The AirPods warranty and the AppleCare+ for Headphones do not cover lost or stolen AirPods. If you can’t find an AirPod or your charging case, you can replace them for a fee. The Wireless Charging Case for AirPods (1st and 2nd generation) is available on Apple’s website for $79.

For other AirPods models, use Apple’s “Get an Estimate” tool to review how much it’ll cost to buy a new case.

Head to the AirPods Service and Repair web page and scroll to the “How much will it cost?” section.


Lost item

in the “Service type” drop-down option.


AirPods Accessories

in the “Product or accessory” drop-down option.

Finally, select your

AirPods model/generatio

n in the “Model” drop-down option.


Get estimate

to review how much it’ll cost to get a new AirPods case. Note that the estimate is subject to additional fees like taxes, shipping fees, etc.


Get service

to proceed.

Get Help from Apple Support

Visit an Apple Store or contact Apple Support for a replacement AirPods charging case. You may need to provide your AirPods serial number. Connect the AirPods to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and follow the steps below.

Find or Replace Lost AirPods Case

We’re confident that future AirPods models will have built-in U1 chipsets in their charging case. So, you’ll be able to accurately pinpoint the exact location of your AirPods charging case when lost or stolen.

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