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Having trouble generating two-factor authentication codes for your various online accounts using the Microsoft Authenticator app? Your app may have a minor glitch, causing your codes not to generate. There are a few ways to resolve this problem, and we’ll show you what those ways are.

When it comes to the causes of the issue, there are multiple. The app may have a minor problem, your phone’s system may have a bug, your internet connection may not be working, the app’s cache files may have gone corrupt, and more.

Table of Contents


Force Close and Reopen Microsoft Authenticator

Note that you can only force-close an app on Android. You’ll have to close and reopen the app as usual on an iPhone.

On Android

    Open your app drawer, find


    , and tap and hold on the app.


    App info

    in the menu open menu.


      Force stop

      on the following page.


        Force stop

        in the prompt.

        Open the app drawer and launch

        Microsoft Authenticator


        On iPhone

          Swipe up from your iPhone’s bottom and pause in the middle.

          Find and swipe up on

          Microsoft Authenticator

          to close the app.

          Relaunch the app from your phone’s home screen.


          Restart Your iPhone or Android Phone

          Your iPhone or Android (Samsung or any other) mobile device may be experiencing a minor glitch, causing Microsoft Authenticator not to generate codes. In this case, you can try to resolve your phone’s system issues by rebooting your phone.

          On Android

            Open the


            menu by pressing and holding down the





            in the menu to reboot your device.


              Microsoft Authenticator

              when the phone turns on.

              On iPhone

                Press and hold down the

                Volume Down




                Volume Up



                buttons at the same time.

                Drag the slider to power off your phone.

                  Turn on your phone by pressing and holding down the




                  Microsoft Authenticator



                  Check Your Phone’s Internet Connection

                  While Microsoft Authenticator doesn’t require an active internet connection to generate codes, you must have the connection when setting up the app. Your phone must be connected to the internet when you configure the app on your phone. An inactive connection will cause Microsoft Authenticator not to work.

                  If your site fails to load, you have an internet issue. In this case, resolve your internet problems before setting up Microsoft Authenticator. You can perform basic steps like rebooting your router and rejoining your Wi-Fi network to potentially fix your connection problem.


                  Clear Microsoft Authenticator’s App Cache

                  Like many other apps, Microsoft Authenticator stores cache files on your phone to improve your app experience. These files are prone to corruption, and this is exactly what may have happened.

                  In this case, you can clear your app’s faulty cache files, and your problem will be resolved. You won’t lose your added accounts or any other data in the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone.

                  Note that you can only clear an app’s cache on Android. You’ll have to uninstall and reinstall the app on your iPhone to remove the app’s cached data.

                    Tap and hold on

                    Microsoft Authenticator

                    in your Android device’s app drawer and select

                    App info



                    Storage usage

                    on the following screen.


                    Clear cache

                    to clear the app’s cache files.

                      Launch the app on your phone.


                      Remove and Re-Add Your Accounts in Microsoft Authenticator

                      If Microsoft Authenticator still doesn’t generate codes for your online accounts, remove and re-add your accounts in the app to fix the issue. Doing so refreshes your account sessions in the app, resolving minor issues with those accounts.

                      Note that you need to have an alternate way to sign in to your online accounts to re-add them to Microsoft Authenticator. You can use your phone number, email address, or another verification method for receiving an OTP to get into your account.

                      Step 1: Remove Accounts From Microsoft Authenticator


                        Microsoft Authenticator

                        on your iPhone or Android phone.

                        Confirm your identity using your preferred method.

                        Select the account to remove on the list.

                        Tap the gear icon at the top-right corner.


                        Remove account

                        on the following page.


                        Remove Account

                        in the prompt.

                        Step 2: Re-Add an Account in Microsoft Authenticator


                          Microsoft Authenticator

                          on your phone.

                          Select the


                          (plus) sign at the top of the screen to add an account.

                          Choose the account type to add. If you want to add a non-Microsoft account, such as Facebook or Google, tap the

                          Other Account (Google, Facebook, etc.)


                          Access your online account in your desktop’s web browser and find the QR code to add the account to your authenticator app.

                          Point your phone’s camera toward the QR code. This will add your account into the Microsoft Authenticator app.


                          Update Microsoft Authenticator

                          If your Microsoft Authenticator app still doesn’t work, you may be using an outdated app version. These versions are known to create many issues. Luckily, you can fix that by updating your app to the latest version.

                          Updating Microsoft Authenticator is quick, easy, and free on both iPhone and Android.

                          On Android


                            Google Play Store

                            on your phone.

                            Search for

                            Microsoft Authenticator

                            and select the app.



                              to update the app.

                              On iPhone


                                App Store

                                on your iPhone.



                                in the bottom bar.



                                next to

                                Microsoft Authenticator

                                on the app list.

                                Troubleshooting Microsoft Authenticator’s Issues on iPhone and Android

                                There are many reasons the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app stops working on your phone. Depending on the cause of the issue, you can follow one or more of the solutions suggested above, and your problem will be resolved.

                                You can then add as many accounts as you want to your app and generate authentication codes for all of them—without facing any problems.

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                                Chromebook Camera Not Working? 7 Best Fixes!

                                Hardware issues are rare on Chromebooks, but they do crop up occasionally. Earlier, the Wi-Fi card on my Chromebook stopped working, and I had to revert Chrome OS to an older version to fix the problem. And now, we are getting user reports that the Chromebook camera is not working for many. For some users, the Chromebook shows the “Camera not found” error, while the camera does not show a preview for many others. So if you are in the same boat, fret not, as we have compiled a detailed guide on how to fix camera issues on a Chromebook.

                                Fix Chromebook Camera Not Working (2023)

                                In this tutorial, we have included seven different ways to fix the Chromebook camera. If you are facing errors like “Camera not found”, do not worry. Expand the table below and try out all the solutions listed below.

                                Restart Your Chromebook

                                Before you do anything, go ahead and restart your Chromebook and check if the camera on your Chromebook has been fixed or not. Often, restarting Chrome OS fixes most of the hardware issues. To do so, follow the steps below.

                                Recently, due to a bug in Chrome OS 99, the camera stopped working and was displaying the “Camera not found” error. Google quickly released an update to fix the bug. So it’s always better to update your Chromebook to the latest version to steer clear of any serious bugs. Here is how to do it.

                                2. Next, move to “About ChromeOS” in the left sidebar.

                                Check Camera on Other Apps

                                1. Open the Chrome OS App Launcher from the bottom-left corner and launch the “Camera” app.

                                2. Check whether the camera app is showing any preview. If the camera app is working here, it’s likely that Google Meet or Zoom might not have the necessary permission to access the camera. In that case, move to the next section to find a solution.

                                Enable Camera Permission on Your Chromebook

                                2. After that, under the “Permissions” section, change the “Camera” permission to “Allow“. Similarly, make changes to the “Microphone” permission as well.

                                4. If you are still having issues, go ahead and open the below address in Chrome.


                                5. Here, make sure your front camera is selected in the drop-down menu. After that, ensure the “Default behavior” is set to “Sites can ask to use your camera.”

                                Check For Webcam Privacy Switch on Your Chromebook

                                Some HP Chromebooks like 14b and 14c feature a webcam privacy switch on the left edge of the Chromebook. If it’s turned off, you will see a red light indicator next to the webcam. To get the camera working on your HP Chromebook, make sure the privacy switch is disabled.

                                Reset the Chrome Browser

                                If the camera issue is limited to the Chrome browser, you can reset Chrome to the factory default settings. This should likely fix the camera issue on your Chromebook. Here are the steps to follow.


                                Powerwash Your Chromebook

                                If none of the above methods worked, you have no other option than to reset your Chromebook. This method reinstalls Chrome OS and removes all the apps, files, and settings preferences from your device. So make sure to back up your personal data before you powerwash your Chromebook. That said, here’s how you can reset your Chrome OS device:

                                Fix the Webcam on Your Chromebook Right Away

                                Graphics Card Hdmi Not Working? Try These Fixes

                                When using a dedicated graphics card, you need to plug your monitor or input directly into the HDMI port on the card. When that port isn’t working, you may be unable to use your graphics card – which is a problem if it’s the only port you need.

                                Luckily, not all problems with a GPU HDMI port mean there’s a hardware issue. Sometimes you can fix it with a bit of software troubleshooting.

                                Do I Have to Use the GPU’s HDMI Port?

                                You can use any port that connects to your graphics card. The only caveat is that you need to use one of the ports on your graphics card, not the inputs on your motherboard. Those might bypass the graphics card.

                                If you have integrated graphics, your monitor will show graphics generated using the weaker card on the motherboard. You won’t get the same performance that you would if you used the dedicated graphics card. 

                                If you have a dedicated graphics card and no integrated graphics, you probably won’t see anything if you plug your cable into the motherboard. 

                                So to make a long story short: you can use any port you want, but it needs to be one on the graphics card. Since there are a limited number of ports, fixing any problems with the HDMI is a good thing to do even if you don’t need it immediately.

                                You may need it in the future since some displays are only compatible with that port.

                                What Ports Are on a Graphics Card?

                                What ports are on your GPU varies depending on which model you own? Check the specifications for any card you might want to buy to see what options it offers before purchasing.

                                How to Fix Graphics Card’s HDMI Connection

                                Trying some compatibility and software fixes is an excellent way to start fixing your HDMI connection. You should also consider the physical cables and the port itself if it isn’t working.

                                Update Your GPU driver

                                An out-of-date GPU driver can cause all sorts of unexpected problems. It might even be the cause of the HDMI connection not working. Keeping your drivers updated regularly is an excellent way to keep all your computer components working correctly. 

                                You update the drivers differently depending on what kind of GPU you use. For example, with NVIDIA:

                                AMD uses a different program for driver updates.

                                Your monitor or display might flash as you update graphics card drivers. This is entirely normal. Don’t try to use your computer for anything but the update until it’s complete.

                                When you’re done, check to ensure your Windows copy is updated too. Finally, check whether the driver update made the HDMI port usable. 

                                Change Your Screen Resolution

                                If the computer doesn’t detect the monitor, you may have to plug it into another port to make the changes. 

                                Change the Monitor’s Source

                                Your monitor should have buttons on it that let you adjust the properties. One of these should be an input button that enables you to choose what source the monitor is displaying.

                                The display won’t always automatically connect to HDMI. Find the source button and press it to cycle between different options. Stop when you find the correct HDMI source.

                                If there are multiple HDMI ports on your monitor, look to see whether they’re labeled. That might help you figure out which to switch to. 

                                Check Your Power Placement

                                Your GPU needs the right connections to get power if you want it to work correctly. Without a stable power supply, it might seem to be working. The fans might twirl, and the GPU might seem to be working. However, the diminished power it’s receiving can affect its performance in other ways.

                                Check your cables. Some graphics cards require two separate power connections. If you only have one plugged in, plug in the other. Make sure you’re using the right cables. 

                                If you think a lack of power is creating GPU issues, you might also need to troubleshoot your PSU. 

                                Unplug Every Connection From the Motherboard

                                Try to unplug and then reconnect your GPU with the motherboard. Also, take off any devices connecting to the back of the motherboard, especially other displays. 

                                When you’re done, plug the monitor back into your GPU and restart the whole system. 

                                Turn Off Fast Startup

                                Fast startup is excellent for powering on your computer a bit faster, but it can have unintended side effects and prevent other parts from working. Try disabling it to see whether your HDMI port starts working.

                                If it still doesn’t work, you can repeat the process to turn Fast Startup back on, if you prefer. 

                                Clean Things Up

                                Sometimes cleaning up your build can help fix problems with the GPU’s HDMI connection. Users have found that a lack of response from the GPU HDMI port can be related to a variety of niche issues, including:

                                The CPU socket not being completely locked down. One user had to go through their entire build when they couldn’t get a display from the HDMI port or post, only to find it was a CPU issue. 

                                The HDMI port was dirty or had something else broken in it. If the HDMI port isn’t accessible and clean, that might prevent the connection.

                                The HDMI cable must be checked. Some users discovered that the cable wasn’t the problem after much troubleshooting and repositioning parts. Always check the more straightforward issues like this before you start taking apart your build. 

                                Reseat Your Components

                                If your computer still isn’t working, trying to reseat your components is your last, best chance to make the HDMI port operational. Having parts that aren’t installed perfectly – or ones that have shifted over time – will create issues that can affect things like ports.

                                Turn off your computer, switch off the PSU and unplug the entire thing before you start removing components. Work slowly and be safe. Remember to organize your screws and cables for easy reinstallation.

                                Even though it seems the problem is with the GPU, reseat the motherboard and CPU as well. Ensure the CPU is locked down properly and everything connected to the motherboard is in the right spot. Check the coolers for any obstructions or bad connections as well.

                                You should also reseat the RAM in the motherboard as long as you have it out.

                                Once you’re done, try to start things up again. If the HDMI port still doesn’t work, try resetting your motherboard by clearing the CMOS. If it still doesn’t work, consider contacting a licensed technician about physical repairs to the card. 

                                Copy And Paste Not Working On Windows 10? 7 Best Fixes

                                It’s always an annoying experience when some operations on your Windows computer suddenly stop working, particularly if you use them quite often. It gets worse when you don’t know the source of the problem or how to fix it.

                                Everyone knows how to copy and paste content, but not everyone knows what to do if (or when) these commands don’t yield the desired results. In this guide, we’ll show you seven troubleshooting solutions to try when copy and paste are not working on your Windows 10 computer.

                                Table of Contents

                                If your computer is unresponsive to the “Ctrl + C” or “Ctrl + V” keyboard shortcuts, check that the keyboard is working correctly. Refer to this article on fixing Windows keyboard keys for guidance. If you use an external keyboard, you can also try resetting your keyboard to factory default. Restarting your computer might also help. Should these preliminary solutions prove abortive, proceed to the troubleshooting methods below.

                                1. Restart Windows Explorer

                                You might be unable to copy and paste files or folders from one directory to another if the Windows Explorer is malfunctioning. To fix this, head to the Task Manager and restart the Windows Explorer—even if it seems to be in perfect condition. You never know; that could help resolve the problem.

                                2. Update and Restart the Application

                                In the case that this problem is specific to an application, close and reopen the application. The problem with copy and paste not working could also be due to a software bug. So check if there’s an update available for the app via the Microsoft Store or the app’s settings menu.

                                3. Clear the Windows Clipboard Cache

                                Type the command below in the Command Prompt console and press Enter.

                                Close the Command Prompt window and check the copy and paste functionality now works. If it doesn’t, restart your computer and try again.

                                4. Troubleshoot Your Keyboard

                                There are several ways to copy and paste content on Windows 10. The Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V keyboard shortcuts are the easiest, no doubt. You can achieve the same result using your PC’s mouse.

                                As mentioned earlier, there could be an issue with your keyboard if you can’t copy and paste content using keyboard shortcuts. Run the Windows keyboard troubleshooter to find and fix problems with your PC’s keyboard settings.

                                Wait for the troubleshooter to scan your computer for potential issues with your keyboard. The tool will recommend troubleshooting instructions if it finds any problem. 

                                5. Disable Third-Party Clipboard Managers

                                One drawback of these clipboard managers is that they sometimes conflict with the built-in clipboard. Hence, preventing copy and paste from working correctly on your PC. If you use any third-party clipboard app, close or disable it, and see if that resolves the problem. You can restart your computer and try again.  

                                6. Disable RAM Optimization Apps

                                When you copy content, it is temporarily saved in your PC’s Random Access Memory (RAM). In a bid to save space and make your PC run faster, some file cleaning apps and RAM optimization software may clear your clipboard data.

                                So when you copy content to the clipboard, these programs may wipe them off, leaving the clipboard empty with nothing to paste. This may cause you to assume that your PC’s copy and paste functionality isn’t working.

                                If you use a RAM booster, force quit the app or modify its settings to exclude your PC’s clipboard data from its optimization process.  

                                7. Restart the Windows Remote Desktop Clipboard

                                If you’re using a Remote Desktop setup and the copy-and-paste functionality won’t work correctly between the remote desktop and the host device, try restarting the Remote Desktop Clipboard.

                                Addendum: Enable Clipboard Mapping

                                In the rare instance that chúng tôi fails to run, head to the Windows Registry and enable the file responsible for clipboard mapping.

                                2. Paste the directory below in the Registry Editor’s search box and press Enter.

                                HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlTerminal ServerWinstationsRDP-Tcp

                                Close the Registry Editor and check if you can now copy and paste files between the devices on your Remote Desktop setup.

                                Duplicate Content Without Limitation

                                Why Is Janitor Ai Not Working? 5 Easy Fixes

                                Janitor AI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot similar to ChatGPT.

                                The Chatbot can automate tasks and improve communication in various fields. Additionally, it uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to process data.

                                However, users of Janito AI claim the Chatbot is currently not working.

                                Janitor AI may not work for various reasons such as network errors, internet issues, Cache and Cookies and Maintenance time. However, you can fix the issues quickly by checking their network, internet, or server status.

                                Continue reading to find out why Janitor Ai is not working and how you can fix it.

                                Why Is Janitor AI Not Working?

                                Janitor AI helps users with various tasks, such as Scheduling meetings and tasks, Inventory Management, Communication and many more.

                                Additionally, users can access the Janitor AI through the website “ chúng tôi .”

                                However, the website will not respond as expected sometimes. Here are a few reasons why Janitor AI is not working; 

                                Server Issues: Janitor AI may face certain server issues, therefore, the website may not respond or load properly. 

                                Maintenance And Updates: Janitor AI may be going through maintenance due to various issues or updating to add new features which may cause the Janitor AI not to work. 

                                Network Issue: Sometimes, the issue may not be on the website side but instead on the user’s side. Network issues with the ISP ( Internet Service Provider) can cause the website not to load or work properly. 

                                Browser Issue: Websites work more efficiently in updated browsers than in older versions. Janitor AI may not load due to the clash between the web browser update version and the version Janitor AI works more efficiently in. 

                                Device Issue: The issue can be with your device being unable to access the website. Users can try a different device to access the website.

                                Janitor AI Not Working – 5 Easy Fixes

                                You can quickly fix Janitor AI not working issue by following some helpful methods mentioned below;

                                1. Check Your Internet Connection

                                If you’re having problems using the Janitor AI, ensure your device is connected to the internet.

                                You must use a consistent internet connection with low latency and ping. Here are the steps to verify and troubleshoot your internet connection.

                                The Ping web tool tests the internet’s stability by sending a data packet to a server and monitoring the time it takes to receive a response.

                                Furthermore, you can contact your ISP to look into the “Why your internet cannot access the website as well.”

                                2. Check The Server Status

                                The Server Status of Janitor AI can be down when you are trying to access the website.

                                Technical issues, such as the server being down or under maintenance, can cause the Janitor AI to malfunction.

                                As a result, you must check the server’s status on DownDetector or other detecting websites.

                                Alternatively, search Google for “Is Janitor AI Down” to check its status.

                                3. Clear Browser Cache

                                Backed-up browser cache can also cause the website not to load.

                                Therefore, you must try clearing your browser cache before accessing the website to resolve the issue.

                                You can clear the cache by following these steps:

                                Go to the setting option from the drop-down menu.

                                You can clear browsing data under the privacy and security option.

                                Select the All Time option here and check the small rectangular box of Cookies, other site data, and Cached images and files.

                                Refresh the Chrome browser page and check if the issue is resolved.

                                Note: If the website does not load in Google Chrome, try using a different browser like Microsoft Edge or Firefox or Opera.

                                An outdated browser may cause the extension to not work correctly at times.

                                If you have an older version of the Chrome browser, you may need to update it to use the extension efficiently.

                                You can follow the steps below to check or update the browser version.

                                After updating, restart your device and check if the issue persists.

                                If your browser is in an older version, update your browser and try to reaccess the website. 

                                If you have been experiencing this issue for over an hour, send a screenshot of the problematic page to their Customer Support team via message or email for further assistance.

                                You can also contact Janitor AI support. The support team for the Janitor AI website can troubleshoot your issue a lot more efficiently. 

                                Note: If none of the above steps are helpful, you should wait a few minutes or even a few hours and then try reaccessing the browser.

                                The Bottom Line

                                The AI world is constantly evolving, and issues are expected when making changes.

                                Janitor AI can also have issues due to various updates or server problems.

                                Thus, users need to be patient with the service providers of Janitor AI. 

                                Hopefully, this article can answer your queries on why Janitor AI is not working and how you can try to fix the issue. 

                                Continue reading the article to discover Janitor AI API and learn how to use it efficiently.

                                Famisafe App For Iphone And Ipad

                                Though the iPhone and iPad have Screen Time feature, it is still in the nascent stage. This has led many parents to look for an alternative to Screen Time. But recently, Apple cracked down on some of the famous parental control apps, as they were misusing the MDM certificate. However, there is one reliable parental app called FamiSafe that follows the App Store policy strictly in regard to using the MDM certificate.

                                To validate their claim and also see what the app offers, we tried it for a week. Below are our findings and reviews on the FamiSafe app.

                                Review – FamiSafe App for iPhone

                                Location Tracking

                                One of the biggest fears for parents is when their kids are away from their sight. Also, no parents can always keep them in front of their eyes all the time. The only solution to this problem is to have live tracking on their device. FamiSafe offers this feature, and it works flawlessly.

                                All you need to do is to enable the tracking feature within the app, and you can see where your kid is in real-time. This is particularly helpful for parents when their kids are either playing outside or when they travel long distances for their school.

                                Location History

                                Another concern for parents is to make sure their kids don’t fall into the wrong company. In most cases, kids go on the wrong path when they hang out with the wrong people. With the location history feature of the app, you can know where your kid was at any particular time. If you find anything suspicious, you can talk with them and sort it out.


                                This is one of the most innovative features of the app. It allows parents to mark specific locations as safe. It can be your home or school. When the kid is away from the areas marked as safe, parents receive an alert. You can add multiple geofences based on the travel plans of your kids.

                                Content Filtering

                                Another concern for parents is the content available on the internet. No matter how smart Google or YouTube is, they fail at an individual level to filter content. Something okay for them, may not be suitable for parents. Thankfully, the FamiSafe app allows you to set different conditions for filtering content.

                                The app already has a massive database of websites with adult or gambling content, but you can also manually add other websites that you may find not suitable for your kids. In regard to YouTube, you can connect to your kids’ YouTube account and see what videos he/she is viewing, what channels they have subscribed to, and then act accordingly.

                                Screen Time

                                Features discussed above are more of tracking things, but you can also set restrictions to limit the usage of the smartphone. You can restrict specific apps or set a global timer for smartphone usage. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid iPhone or iPad addiction. On top of that, you can also schedule the Screen Time feature for specific hours like school time, study time, or sleeping time.


                                The app isn’t free, mainly because of the hard work invested in developing it. There are multiple subscription options available on the App Store. Depending on your requirements, you can subscribe to it.

                                One Month: $9.99

                                Three Months: $19.99

                                One Year: $59.99


                                That’s all, mate!

                                Signing off…

                                It is rightly said that modern problems need modern solutions. We cannot stick to the old parenting ways to deal with new issues. If technology is the problem, then it is technology that provides the solution. The FamiSafe app proves that philosophy perfectly. With that said, as a parent, it’s your call how you wish to keep a keen eye on your kid.

                                Author Profile


                                Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of chúng tôi who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting content on social media.

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