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Free UI Kits For Photoshop Download

Are you a designer looking to create a mock-up visual for your website? Is your client asking you to create a mock-up or concept website, and do you have a very short deadline for this? Are you a designer who wants a concept website to attract more clients? Then these free UI kits come to you as a savior as these can save you precious time. Time is essential for you to catch up with the latest trends in the design world. It is always recommended to have a library of free UI kits at your disposal all the time. It is obvious that a designer spends long hours mocking up web pages. Collecting a set of UI kits can help you meet deadlines when you are initially designing your website.

Over the past years in web designing, the usage of glitzy illustrations, textures, and drop-down shadows are reducing, not being totally detached. This is due to the increasing influence of minimal and flat design – a user-centric web design style attracting many designers in 2023. Designers now have a motto, “Simple is awesome”.

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Microsoft, Google, and now Apple have got it ongoing using this design trend. Now, the Test is to find the Best UI Kit PSD Files and Web Templates.

The grand UI components and web design elements are like discovering a secret treasure for newbies. This is because properties like these can easily support and navigate designers in their work and help them complete their job easily, quickly, and efficiently.

These free UI kits show basic web UI elements and wireframes useful for making a prototype of the UI. The apps also provide a mock-up to the client to give them an idea of how their UI will appear after completion. This helps a designer in saving time and deliver an awesome User Interface.

‏UI designs help all to create an attractive and easy-to-use interface. But for designers, it is equally a great challenge. UI kits are here to solve the design problems that are emerging. They offer a framework and series of elements to help convey the functionality and user-based interaction. Altogether, UI kits provide resources that one can use to develop the application’s user interface, whether working in Photoshop, with developer tools for iOS or Android, or on the web. A UI kit gets its name because it brings different user interface parts, including widgets and buttons, layout and other settings, and user interactions or feedback modules.

Here we have listed the top 11 UI kits based on developing an attractive and easy-to-use website with a convenient layout. Let us check them out!

10 Free UI Kits

Get the Shit done

Doesn’t the name sound interesting? Yes, as its name suggests, it’s a funky UI kit established by Creative Tim named Get the Shit done. It is a much better customization scheme than Bootstrap and is easy to use. The navigation facility of the website itself is very easy and convenient, so the designers will find what they need in a matter of seconds. The work is clean, with great functional interfaces necessary for great-looking websites. If you haven’t tried it till now, you must try it. This UI will save you time and help you create an awesome-looking site within the deadline. It has the magic to offer in responsive design with elements that are easy to use. It has also created a trademark for its users who look for a simple, clean, and attractive interface.

    Almost Flat UI

      UI Kit

      If you have been looking for a flat Material Design inspired UI kit, you have landed in the right place. The simply-named UI kit is a featherweight modular framework developed in LESS. Among all the kits featured here, the UI kit has many handy elements like navigation bars, buttons, tooltips, and models. This feature is useful for creating a great-looking mockup site. These can also be seen on any device or screen with a few modifications. It has been built on a solid grid system supporting the layout. It consists of a series of pre-set themes with a customizer tool similar to jQuery UI’s theme editor. You can also avail of this as a Photoshop PSD file. So, don’t waste time searching for these kits; go with the UI kit and invest this saved time!


        If you are designing a website for a start-up, then Bootflat is the best free UI kit you can ever use. It is an open-source flat user interface based on Twitter’s Bootstrap framework. It is very famous among all the current UI kits stated over here. As it is a worthy extension of Bootstrap, you can get a user interface with loaded features along with some unique themes to augment the flat aesthetics. It perfectly blends beautiful and pure components with a flat design and the right mix of colors. It is a must-try UI kit for a flat design lover with a sense of aesthetic design.

          Yet another UI v2

          Are you the one looking for something other than a flat design? Do you think an anti-thesis to flat design can make you come up with a trendy website that will stand out amongst the lot? Simplicity at its best is what this “Yet Another UI v2” UI kit is all about. Developed by Hugo Darby-Brown, it comprises a convenient set of widgets, emphasizing user inputs rather than simple content display like any other UI kit. The style is vast and trendy, providing a pleasing antithesis to the current fashion for minimalist and flat designs.


            As the name suggests, Brick is strong in its features and elements. Mozilla has developed it with an exclusive range of user interface elements. Brick was designed and created for the standard lovers who create all the sites after taking modern web apps into consideration. It offers unique features along with plug-and-play in a robust cross-platform coding framework. It also helps designers use the web components identified as a W3C specification trending to define newly developed DOM elements in an HTML document. Designers! This is a strong UI kit for creating a responsive and trendy site to the core.

              INK v2

              ‏Hey Designers! Are you looking for an easy alternative to the grid layout option to reformat your website elements to fit into any user’s screen size? Then lo! You are in the correct place. Ink v2 is a UI kit that aims at designing responsive sites using unique and useful components. It helps a site fit the user’s screen size without manual involvement. As said earlier, it is an alternative approach to grid layout that helps you develop a mock-up site without any hassles. The only requirement is a good knowledge of LESS to avail of the benefits of this UI kit. Hurry up! and make the most of these possibilities with INKv2.

                Flatby UI

                  Metro-style Web UI

                  As said, “It is all in the name, so here, as the name suggests MetroStyle, is highly modern. It is a platform for designers where they can replicate the design aesthetics of Microsoft’s current Windows UI. The design is then applied to the site with simple features and functional widgets, styles, layouts, and grids. Above all if you are a designer of conservative nature, then it is the best and neat option that you can conveniently pick up.


                    ‏Do you value purity and honesty in your designs? If your answer is positive, here is a Pure UI kit for your response. Pure features contribute towards making it really pure. It offers an incredible array of styles and components in small, responsive CSS modules with little coding. It portrays a sense of stability and maturity in your designs based on Yahoo’s YUI library. The best feature of Pure is that it allows you to download a part of the work that is necessary.

                      Futurico UI HTML Edition

                      WHAT’S COMING NEXT IN 2023?

                      All we have seen above are the UI kits, which are collections of design user interface elements that have helped and will help the designers create designs quickly, easily, and hassle-free. For years, these kits have done wonders for designers and will continue to do so in the future. Technology has boosted a lot of growth in this sector also. Lastly, all you need is to spend time choosing the right UI kit for you. Moreover, you can create a site in just a short time. Now you must have decided upon the right UI kit, so Don’t wait! Just download and create your beautiful site.

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                      What To Do If Your Most Popular Pages Aren’t Converting

                      Editor’s note: “Ask an SEO” is a weekly column by technical SEO expert Jenny Halasz. Come up with your hardest SEO question and fill out our form. You might see your answer in the next #AskanSEO post! 

                      Welcome to another edition of Ask an SEO! Today, we’ve got a question from Darcy in San Francisco:

                      This is super common.

                      I have a client right now that is dealing with this. They specialize in cleaning out estate homes after the owner has passed away.

                      This client gets a ton of traffic for “What to Wear to a Wake”. (For those who aren’t sure what a wake is, it’s a sort of visitation or party for friends when a loved one dies. Similar to a funeral, but without a church service. Often a funeral is held separately for family only.)

                      Since you didn’t give me an example from your own site, I’m going to use this one, and hopefully it will apply to your situation.

                      Although my client doesn’t schedule or organize wakes, a wake is one of a series of events that a deceased person’s family members need to organize.

                      By showing up for a search like this, the client can offer the visitor other information about what to do after a loved one’s death.

                      While it is indirectly related to cleaning out the loved one’s home at all (which usually comes several weeks later), the visitor has the opportunity to download a checklist and other resources that they can keep with them until that time comes.

                      The checklist helps them through every stage of the process and isn’t a sales piece at all.

                      It is our hope that if they need help cleaning out the house, they will give the client a call since the checklist was so helpful.

                      We have no way to track this and have no idea how many people who use our checklists actually sign up for services. But by providing a useful tool, we create that opportunity.

                      Links Are Important, Too

                      By creating and offering something of great value (for the cost of an email address), we create a resource that others are likely to link to.

                      And they have.

                      That one page has obtained completely natural links from several news organizations, funeral homes, senior care centers, and senior publications.

                      While these links aren’t directly to our most important content (the pages that describe what the clean out process involves), they definitely help our credibility in search for other keywords.

                      The Bottom Line

                      Having pages that get a lot of traffic but which have a high bounce rate or don’t convert can be really frustrating.

                      Keep trying different things.

                      Can some related articles get people looking at more than just that one page?

                      Can you capture an email with a free resource download?

                      Can you siphon that traffic off to an affiliate opportunity where you can at least make some secondary revenue from it?

                      Try to make that traffic work for you.

                      Dig through Google Analytics to try and get information on user behavior.

                      Try a focus group or a survey to get information.

                      Install HotJar or a similar tracking software to see what elements people interact with most.

                      Above All, Don’t Worry

                      I’ve never heard of a situation where Google or any other search engine devalued other pages because one page was outperforming the others. It doesn’t objectively make sense that they would do that.

                      If you have one page of valuable content, it’s likely that you have more.

                      If the page is a pain in your reports, do what another client of mine did, and create a custom segment in Google Analytics that removes that traffic before reporting on the rest of your site.

                      Above all, look at it as a benefit rather than a detriment.

                      Have a question about SEO for Jenny? Fill out this form or use #AskAnSEO on social media.

                      Image Credits

                      Featured Image: Image by Paulo Bobita

                      Where To Download Cool Microsoft Teams Background Images For Free

                      Microsoft Teams has become one of the most popular team communication tools, and they’ve now made it possible to use your own custom images as virtual backgrounds. Whether you’re looking for something professional or funny, dozens of websites offer free, creative custom images for you to use.

                      In this article, we’ll cover the ten best locations for downloading your Microsoft Teams background images for free.

                      Table of Contents

                      1. Microsoft Teams Custom Background Gallery

                      The first place to check is Windows’ dedicated Microsoft Teams website. Here, they’ve laid out some ideal Microsoft Teams backgrounds to use. Even better, their selection is laid out by categories. Choose from a stack of themed images to reflect current events, or just find a funny image that looks good behind you.

                      2. Unsplash

                      Unsplash is a website that provides free, high-quality stock photography. You can either search their website for free backgrounds or head straight to their curated list. Here, you’ll find pictures of living rooms, nice clutter-free backgrounds, and photos of nice workspaces.

                      Pexels is a great source for background images to use in your next video meeting or webinar. Simply load their website and search for whatever Microsoft Teams background image you’d like to use.

                      4. Pixabay

                      Pixabay is the final stock photography website on this list. Like Pexels and Unsplash, they have a database of over 2.8 million photos waiting to be used as background images. Search for an image using their search bar and download whatever image meets your needs. Even better — it’s free.

                      5. FOX Entertainment

                      6. Marvel

                      7. Disney

                      Another popular choice — especially if you’ve got kids — is Disney. The company has curated a list of beautiful backgrounds from famous Disney and Pixar movies that will bring a smile to your face. From Toy Story to Star Wars, you’ll find something for everyone on this list.

                      8. Wallpaper Hub

                      Wallpaper Hub has a huge selection of images to choose from. These range from beautiful landscapes to screenshots from famous movies. Have a browse through their images and see if there are any that you’d like to use in your next Microsoft Teams virtual meeting.

                      9. Room for Zoom

                      Room for Zoom is a website dedicated to providing video conferencing backgrounds. These images are chosen chiefly for their humor — they line up perfectly to look like it is your background. On their website, you’ll find hundreds of photos, from top-tier memes to classic movie scenes.

                      10. BBC Empty Sets Collection

                      Our final choice is the BBC’s Empty Sets collection. They’ve provided a collection of photos of empty sets used in their TV shows over the last six decades. So take your next meeting from the Tardis or your favorite Fawlty Towers location.

                      Don’t Want An Image? Don’t Worry

                      You can use these images in your Microsoft Teams meetings to reduce distractions or just have a bit of fun. But, if you don’t want to use a background image (or need something more professional), why not use some of Teams’ built-in background effects?

                      Simply select Background filters and choose an option from the list. You can blur the background, add one of the provided images, or even add your company’s logo if you’re a subscriber.

                      Learn About The Metaverse & 5 Most Popular Metaverse Virtual Worlds!

                      The metaverse is an amazing virtual universe filled with unique worlds to explore. You’ve almost certainly heard a lot of good things about the concept of the metaverse. But the sheer immensity of the metaverse is both a strength and an issue. It can be hard to find the best metaverse content. But you’ll soon discover the five best virtual worlds.

                      Finding New Meaning in the Metaverse’s Digital Domain

                      Before you delve into the larger metaverse it’s important to consider its nature. On a technical level, the metaverse can be seen as a merger or bridge between the physical and online worlds. The metaverse arises from an interaction between these two elements. Sometimes you, as a physical being, step into the digital world through virtual reality. But the metaverse also involves digital entities entering the physical world through augmented or mixed reality.

                      The metaverse is also persistent. You can step into it, or create local instances. But the metaverse as a whole is always on and always available. The metaverse is also in continual development. Metaverse developers all have a unique metaverse meaning that influences what they bring to the digital domain.

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                      Top 7 Work Operating Systems of 2023

                      What is a Metaverse Virtual World?

                      5 Most Popular Metaverse Virtual Worlds

                      The expansive nature of the metaverse means that there’s an amazing amount of virtual worlds to explore. But as with any creative medium, some of these virtual worlds stand out from the rest. You’re not only about to discover five of the most popular virtual worlds within the metaverse. You’ll also see exactly why they’ve earned a solid reputation and enthusiastic user base.


                      Imagine a lush world with beautiful blue skies, cities brimming with life, and wilderness just waiting to be explored. Now imagine that you could truly own a part of that world. This is the premise of Decentraland – a metaverse that emphasizes land ownership. Decentraland is tied to the blockchain in a way that makes every element of it unique. And this also means that you can truly own those digital assets. The 90,801 plots of land in Decentraland can be purchased or resold for a profit. And land ownership in the Decentraland system is tied to LAND NFT tokens.


                      Roblox is a special case within the larger metaverse. It started out as a relatively simple online game creation engine. But over time the system’s collaborative nature grew in both complexity and possibility. As metaverse-related technologies became more prevalent they began to show up in Roblox. And today the Roblox system is one of the largest and most popular metaverse worlds. This is in large part because of its focus on gaming. There are an estimated 20 million games hosted within Roblox. And you have the added appeal of being able to enjoy them within the system’s larger social context.

                      Horizon Worlds



                      A Whole New Gaming Experience Within Metaverse Virtual Worlds

                      You may have noticed that many of the popular metaverse worlds have gaming elements. And it’s true, gaming and the metaverse have been tied together almost since the beginning. When people have a digital world and associated creation tools it’s natural for games to develop. Just like you’d expect to see card games pop up if people were hanging out around a deck of cards. But there are also some metaverse worlds specifically focused on online gaming systems. You can take a deeper look at metaverse gaming options in the article “Top 10 Popular Metaverse Games To Explore Right Now”.

                      Using These Virtual Worlds as a Stepping Stone

                      You’ve seen the five most popular metaverse virtual worlds. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s now up to you to jump into the metaverse and see them all firsthand. It’s time to begin your metaverse journey.

                      🎤 Gilisoft Audio Recorder Pro Free Download & Review

                      Our Review Pros Record your voice and any PC sounds, including in-game sounds and streaming music Save audio recordings in MP3 or other formats Schedule auto-recordings with intricate details Cons The free version has harsh restrictions

                      GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro can also be used to capture game sounds, including in-game chat, especially since you can start and stop the recording with one keypress. Plus, if the recording reaches a certain limit, it splits into multiple parts to not interrupt your desktop activities.

                      Before getting our final verdict for this great audio recording application, you should check out the system requirements, editions, setup procedure, interface, and set of features we described below.

                      GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro system requirements

                      The audio recording tool has low specs, making it compatible even with older PCs. Here’s what you need:

                      OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, or even older (either 32-bit or 64-bit)

                      HDD: about 60 Mb free disk space for program installation

                      Other: a microphone for voice recording

                      GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro free trial

                      Regrettably, there’s no free fully-functional edition of GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro. Although you can play with most features for free, you can’t save auto-record settings or record audio tracks longer than 30 seconds.

                      To eliminate these annoyances, you have to buy GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro. There are multiple buying options, like a 1-year subscription with 1-year free updates for 1 PC.

                      Otherwise, you can go for a one-time payment for 1 or 3 PCs, which covers lifetime free updates. The good news is that, no matter what you choose, you will also receive a 30-days money-back guarantee.

                      Meanwhile, Windows developers may contact GiliSoft to purchase the Audio Recorder Pro SDK.

                      How to install GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro

                      It doesn’t take long to get GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro up and running on your PC. You can pick the installation language, as well as read and accept the license agreement.

                      It’s also possible to specify a preferred setup folder, and place program shortcuts in the Start Menu folder, desktop, and quick launch bar. You can run the audio recorder software solution as soon as it’s unpacked.

                      GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro interface

                      The audio recording tool is wrapped in a clean and user-friendly UI. You can configure the key settings from its main window like recording source, output format, and saving folder. There are 8 interface languages.

                      More options are hidden in the Auto Record and Settings areas. The great thing about GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro is that all configuration settings are intuitive even for PC users with no previous experience in audio recorders.

                      GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro features

                      Once you get used to its GUI, here’s what you can do with the tool:

                      Audio recorder

                      Record your voice, computer sounds, or both

                      Pick any destination folder for the saved recordings

                      Test recording settings by picking the PC or microphone device

                      Save recordings in AAC, AC3, AIFF, AMR, AU, FLAC, M4A, M4B, M4R, MKA, MP2, MP3, OGG, RA, VOC, WAV, or WMA format

                      File settings

                      Change the default recording source, output format, and properties (bit rate, sample rate, channels)

                      You can also change the default output folder and naming convention

                      Voice activation system

                      Adjust the silence detection threshold (in decibels)

                      Set the silence duration before pausing, starting, and stopping the recording


                      Enable suppression mode (low, moderate, high)

                      Activate volume gain and set the percentage for increase or decrease

                      File length limitation

                      Limit the audio recording either by time (seconds) or size (kilobytes)

                      Instruct the tool to record a new file when the limit is reached to avoid interruptions

                      Stop the recording automatically, as soon as the limit is reached


                      Point out a keyboard shortcut to quickly start and stop the audio recording


                      Create multiple auto-record plans with distinct preferences to record audio without your intervention

                      Start recordings on specific days and time, or when running a particular application

                      Set pre-recording actions, like running a program or opening a URL

                      Keep the recording running until you stop it manually

                      Set the recording to auto-stop after reaching a time or size limit, or when ending a program

                      Create post-recording actions, like exit the program or shut down the PC

                      Use the default settings in normal recording, or pick the output folder and file naming pattern

                      Show, minimize, or hide the tool during auto-recording

                      What is GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro?

                      Taking everything into account, GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro has a comprehensive set of options and configuration settings for audio recording tasks. You can capture sound from any source and save it in any preferred format.

                      If you plan to leave your PC unattended, then you can turn to the auto-recorder and customize a wide range of preferences to control every aspect, as if you were manually operating GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro. And, if any options seem confusing, you can check out an online guide provided by GiliSoft.

                      The only issue we’ve noticed is that the device testing tool takes a considerable amount of time to load record settings, although there’s no spike in system resource usage. But this is a minor issue that can be overlooked.

                      FAQ: Learn more about GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro

                      How can I record sound from my computer?

                      What is the best streaming audio recorder?

                      We think that GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro is one of the best streaming audio recorders for Windows 10. If you want to check out other similar products, you can try Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder, Spotify Music Converter, and Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder.

                      Is GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro free?

                      No, GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro isn’t freeware, but you can test most of its features for free. Some options remain unlocked unless you buy a license for the full version.

                      How To Download Free Music On Iphone In 2023

                      Practically, it looks like nothing comes for free on the iPhone. And this includes good music, too. Indeed, Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, and more feature good music. But the subscription fees can be high. Plus, streaming music can consume a lot of data. The good news is you can ditch them and still download free music to your iPhone.

                      Besides being free, this lets you listen to music offline anytime. Keep reading as I show you the best ways to get free music on your iPhone.

                      Best ways to download free music on iPhone

                      One of the best ways to download music for free on the iPhone is through third-party apps. So, these don’t bill you like music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music that offer only premium services and prevent you from downloading songs.

                      1. Audiomack

                      Audiomack is a repository of thousands to millions of songs from various music genres and artists. Besides downloading music for free, you can upload as well. Audiomack works like YouTube in that you can follow your favorite artists and download their songs for free as they drop.

                      Further, some songs are available for download on a subscription basis only. This depends on the artist, though. So the app offers in-app purchases, after all. This is a shortcoming as you might not enjoy the free download offer if the target music isn’t available in the free tier.

                      Nonetheless, there are more songs on the app than meets the eye and are available for free download.

                      Any song you download on Audiomack goes to its offline directory. So, this is a way to keep users coming back to the app. Hence, you can listen to songs at will, even without an internet connection, once you download them. And this doesn’t cost a dime.

                      Although there’s a web app for Audiomack, you’ll need to install the mobile app to download music for free.

                      To start, install Audiomack (download link after the steps) and follow the below steps:

                      Open Audiomack on your iPhone.

                      Use the search icon at the bottom right to search for a song.

                      Select the song once you find it.

                      To see songs you’ve downloaded:

                      Swipe the player menu down to minimize it.

                      Tap My Library at the bottom right.

                      You’ll see some options at the top menu bar, swipe them to the right and tap Offline.


                      2. eSound Music

                      One notable feature of eSound is its sleep timer. Similar to Spotify’s Sleep Timer, it lets you schedule a play timer for songs, so the app automatically stops them at a set time.

                      Downloading a song for free on eSound is easy. Like Audiomack, downloaded songs go to the offline playlist in this one, too.

                      After installing eSound from the below link, follow the steps to get any song for free:

                      Open the eSound app.

                      Once you find the song, select it to go to the music player menu.

                      Tap the two horizontal dots to the right of the song name.

                      Select Cancel at the bottom.

                      Tap the back arrow at the top left.

                      Tap Library at the bottom.

                      Now, go to Saved songs.


                      3. Cloud Music player

                      Cloud Music Player lets you sync songs from your computer and cloud services to your iPhone without stress. It’s a cloud service itself, though, as it holds the songs you sync and lets you access them offline on your iPhone.

                      Although it’s not a music downloader itself. You can download songs to your computer or the cloud from websites like the Music Archive and sync them with your iPhone via the app. It does this by providing cloud and Wi-Fi upload options.

                      The Wi-Fi syncing gives you an IP you can visit via the browser on your computer. Here, you can upload songs downloaded to your PC, and the app syncs them automatically to the mobile app. Hence, you can play songs offline directly from the app on your iPhone.

                      However, you’ll need to add a cloud service that holds your music to use the cloud options. The app supports three cloud services, including Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Say you’ve downloaded songs to Google Drive previously, you can add Google Drive as a cloud source in the app. Then you’ll select your songs to sync them with Cloud Music Player.

                      However, use the link below to install Cloud Music Player on your iPhone to get started.

                      To sync songs from your computer with Cloud Music Player:

                      Launch the Cloud Music Player app on your computer.

                      Tap Sources at the bottom left → select Wi-Fi transfer.

                      On your computer, go to the local URL provided via your browser.

                      Once uploaded, tap Cancel at the top left in the mobile app to close the URL menu.

                      To use the cloud options:

                      Tap the cloud → + icon at the top left to select a cloud platform.

                      Next, select the cloud service you like.

                      Go to the folder where your songs are.

                      Once you see them, tap the download icon.


                      Use the Safari browser to download free music on iPhone

                      Another option is downloading music directly using Safari or any other browser. The best browser alternative I’ve found is the Free Music Archive.

                      Free Music Archive

                      Founded in 2009 and acquired by Tribe of Noise in 2023, the Free Music Archive has accepted millions of songs from various artists. It’s a browser-based free music store where you can download music based on artists and genre.

                      You can search for a specific song or artist and even select the music category you want to download songs from various genres randomly. Downloading songs is straightforward. Moreover, you can access the Free Music Archive website on any device.

                      And, of course, the download songs go to your iPhone’s local storage. The website consists of two download sections. There’s a Royalty-free music page and a Free Music Archive (FMA).

                      While you may download songs freely from the Royalty-free section, be careful not to use them outside your iPhone without purchasing a license from the website. Nonetheless, the songs in the FMA section are free to use and manipulate to an extent. It even has a pick for musicians and filmmakers.

                      To download free songs from the FMA directory:

                      Note: You can also filter the songs by their music genre.

                      To get free songs from the Royalty-free music directory:

                      Note: You can also filter songs by music genre. Simply tap the + icon to the right of Genre.

                      Visit Free Music Archive

                      Wrapping up

                      Every melodious song soothes the soul. Undoubtedly, music can be hard to get for free on the iPhone. But if you try any of the methods in this article, you’d realize before long that listening to good music on your iPhone isn’t expensive after all.

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                      Idowu is an avid tech writer and a software surfer who loves covering knowledge gaps in consumer software, including anything related to iPhones. Well, when he’s not reading and learning new things, you’ll find Idowu losing gallantly on a solid chessboard or virtually on Lichess.

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