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Only a part of ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory was completed [FIX]






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readers this month.

The ReadProcessMemory is one of the tricky error messages. Unlike other errors, this one keeps popping out of the blues and this makes it hard to diagnose.

I have personally come across the “Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed” message quite a few times. Speaking from my experience it usually happens when my Windows machine is running a bunch of apps in the background. The error message also pops up while opening applications and installer files.

As I said earlier,it’s pretty evident that the error is closely linked to the memory issue. The error message also hints at the possibility of the operating system failing to read or write the request. As with most of the error messages, we need to troubleshoot the problem and see if it goes away.

How to fix ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory issues 1. Restart

Yes, the restart is like one drug for all the problems. Invariably most of the problems vanish with a restart and the ReadProcess Memory is no exception. Also, try restarting the Explorer and see if the error persists. On a related note try disabling your antivirus/firewall and see if it makes a difference.

2. Recheck File Permissions

The “Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed” error can also be caused when the user doesn’t have sufficient permissions. In this case, try taking ownership of the file.

3. Run Check Disk Utility

One can unearth disk errors by running the Check Disk Utility. In order to run the scan follow the steps below

Select Properties

Select check button under the Tools Tab and choose “Scan Drive” option

Please keep in mind the scan option will not be shown if the disk doesn’t has any errors

Once the disk check is done restart the computer and see if the problem persists

4. Clean Boot

Clean boot is somewhat similar to the safe mode, during the clean boot the Windows will start with a limited set of drivers and startup programs. Here’s how to perform a Clean Boot:

Once the System Configuration is open, go to the General and choose “Selective Startup.”

5. Problem with optical drive

In some cases, the “Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed” error message has been linked to an issue with the optical drive. If you are using a pen drive or a portable hardisk try copying the files to the local drive before giving it another try.

6. Bad files in the “Temporary Internet Files folder”?

A couple of users have reported that the issue was caused by a bad temporary file that required an Administration access to delete. The chances are that even if you clear the temporary files with this program the file causing the problem will not be deleted since it requires an elevated access.

In order to trace the rogue file one needs to install and run the Process Monitor, the path of the file would look something like the one mentioned below,

D:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\SQM\iesqmdata_setup0.aqm

On an ending note, the “Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory” issue should be resolved by following one or all of the above step. If nothing works (it should, ideally) try diagnosing the hard disk for error or perhaps a faulty storage connector.


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Become A Part Of Decentralized Vc With Bullperks

Venture Capital (VC) endeavors have been a boon to startups, projects, and small businesses all over the world, it presents a beneficial investment opportunity although the field itself has been niche till now.

What is BullPerks?

BullPerks is looking to build a community of individuals who are like-minded and want to leverage their power and invest in projects at the same terms as VCs. Apart from its focus on building a strong community that works as a decentralized VC, BullPerks is also a multi-chain launchpad.

The team behind BullPerks understands that getting involved in good projects as an individual investor is hard and cumbersome and therefore came up with a VC that would let the average investor get a chance to invest in top projects.

Features and services

As mentioned earlier, BullPerks is a multi-chain launchpad and therefore it will be incorporating major chains such as Ethereum, Cardano, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon (Matic), Solana, Polkadot, TRON, Kusama, and Tezos and will also be open to other chains. This would allow the community to get access to unique and high-quality deals on different chains and also help the projects on these chains to raise funds.

Since BullPerks is both a multi-chain launchpad and a decentralized VC that uses the same token based on an adaptive tier system, the number of tokens held by an investor is not the only criteria taken into consideration on the platform.

BullPerks also has time locks in place so as to allow all its investors a chance to participate in deals and invest in them.

To ensure the security pertaining to smart contracts BullPerks conducts two separate audits regularly.

Investment model and tiers

The BLP token is the utility token of the BullPerks platform, investors are assigned tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Titanium bulls) based on the amount they invest in the tokens.

Every 2 months, the number of tokens and levels are reviewed and changed based on the price increase in order to lower the barriers for investors to move between tiers and to allow new investors to become a part of the club.

Token Distribution and Buyback program

BullPerks platform has a detailed buyback program wherein 3% fees on investment will go to buybacks. 10% profit of the company investments and all profits made from sales of the NFT store would also go to the buyback program.

Upcoming IDOs

After a successful private funding round that helped the platform raise $1.8 million, BullPerks has a triple IDO (Initial DEX Offering) coming up on the 16th of June.

The IDO will be hosted on 3 platforms- BSClaunch, ZeroSwap (ZeeDO), and TrustPad. The amount to be raised in the public rounds on the three platforms is set to $75K that is 1.5M tokens on all three platforms respectively. This would increase the Private Round and allow 300 participants to take part in the IDO and lower BullPerk’s initial market cap to $369K. 

IDOs offer a great opportunity for investors and the platform alike as it is cost-effective and offers quick liquidity with very little slippage through the pools. This would allow users to invest and become a part of the BullPerks community.

Final word

BullPerks was built with the aim of providing the common investors a chance to invest in high-quality projects which usually get their private sale allocations locked very quickly and are out of reach for them.

By providing a fair platform to get allocations and an adaptive tier system, BullPerks is giving investors a chance to become a part of a one-of-its-kind decentralized VC and multi-chain launchpad.

For more information check out their website.

Symantec Seizes Part Of Massive Peer

The cybercriminals behind ZeroAccess, one of the largest botnets in existence, have lost access to more than a quarter of the infected machines they controlled because of an operation executed by security researchers from Symantec.

ZeroAccess has a peer-to-peer architecture where every infected computer can relay files, instructions and information to other computers—peers—in the botnet. This mechanism is used by its operators for command and control (C&C), making ZeroAccess more resilient to takedown attempts than botnets that depend on dedicated C&C servers.

Bot hijack

Earlier this year, security researchers from Symantec found a practical way to liberate ZeroAccess bots from the botmasters by leveraging a known design weakness in the peer-to-peer mechanism.

However, in June the botnet’s creators started distributing a new version of the malware containing modifications to address the known flaw. This led to Symantec’s decision to launch a sinkholing operation in mid-July—an operation that involves hijacking the bots in a way that would prevent attackers from regaining control of them.

“This operation quickly resulted in the detachment of over half a million bots and made a serious dent to the number of bots controlled by the botmaster,” the Symantec researchers said Monday in a blog post.

The sinkholed bots hadn’t been updated and still have the weakness, but they were isolated to the point where they now only communicate with servers run by Symantec, said Vikram Thakur, principal security response manager at Symantec. “We do not believe that there is any way for the botmasters to regain control of these bots.”

The sinkholing operation took only a few days, but Symantec has since worked to make sure that its sinkhole is stable and shared data with ISPs (Internet service providers) and computer emergency response teams (CERTs) so they can start the process of identifying and cleaning the infected computers.

“We wanted to make sure that the foundation for remediation was solid before we announced it to the public,” Thakur said.

ISPs have been provided with traffic signatures that will help identify ZeroAccess bots on their networks, so they can act to take measures even against the bots that haven’t been sinkholed, Thakur said.

The Symantec researchers performed tests in the lab in order to estimate the botnet’s energy costs to victims and how much money it generates for its owners.

Bitcoin mining

The company estimated that the Bitcoin mining activity, which uses computational power to generate Bitcoins, a type of virtual currency, would consume an additional 1.82 kWh per day for every infected computer, if that computer would be turned on all the time.

“But multiply this figure by 1.9 million for the whole botnet and we are now looking at energy usage of 3,458,000 KWh (3,458 MWh), enough to power over 111,000 homes each day,” the Symantec researchers said. “This amount of energy is considerably greater than the output of the largest power station in Moss Landing, California, which could produce 2,484 MW and would come with a corresponding electricity bill of [US]$560,887 a day.”

Assuming that all computers in the botnet would be like the ones used by Symantec for testing—which were not very powerful and had old-generation Pentium D CPUs—the botnet would generate around $2,165 worth of Bitcoins per day. That amount doesn’t justify the energy costs, but since it’s at someone else’s expense, it’s a highly attractive proposition for the botnet operators, the Symantec researchers said.

Dropbox There Was An Error Downloading Or Uploading Your File

In this guide, we will show you how you can fix There was an error downloading or uploading your file errors on Dropbox. Whenever they try to download a file or folder, this error is shown. Along with this error message, it also says that This file can’t be previewed.

Why is there an error downloading from Dropbox?

If you are facing an error while downloading files on Dropbox, it is mostly because you are not connected to an active or stable internet connection, or there is a server issue at the end of Dropbox. Browser issues can also lead to errors while downloading files on Dropbox.

Why is my Dropbox file not uploading?

Upload issues on Dropbox are caused due to internet connectivity problems, server issues, or Dropbox cache. Besides that, if the filename, size, or type is not supported by Dropbox, it can cause upload errors on Dropbox.

Fix There was an error downloading your file in Dropbox

If you are also experiencing the There was an error downloading your file error when downloading a file on Dropbox, here are fixes you can use:

Initial checklists.

Clear your browser cache and cookies.

Open Dropbox in an incognito or private tab.

Switch to a different web browser.

Use the Dropbox desktop app.

Reinstall the Dropbox app.

1] Initial checklists

Firstly, make sure your internet connection is stable and working fine. You need to be connected to an active internet connection to download files locally from Dropbox.

Besides that, check the current server status of Dropbox and make sure its services are available and running. Visit the chúng tôi page and ensure that its servers are not down.

If you are using a VPN, try disabling it and then download Dropbox files to see if the error is stopped.

2] Clear your browser cache and cookies

If you are using the web app of Dropbox, the error could be caused due to an outdated browser cookie or cache. Hence, clear the browser cache and cookies and then see if the error is fixed.

Google Chrome:

In the prompted dialog box, choose All time as the Time range.

Now, checkmark the options called Cookies and other site data and Caches images and files.

Finally, press the Clear data button to let Chrome clear the browsing data.

See if you are able to download files on Dropbox or not.

Mozilla Firefox:

Now, make sure you set the Time range to Everything and tick the Cached and Cookies boxes.

Next, tap on the OK button.

Once done, reopen Firefox and go to Dropbox to check if the error is fixed.

Microsoft Edge:

Now, select the History option and then tap on the three-dot menu button inside the History panel.

After that, set All time as the Time range for clearing the browsing data and press the Clear now button.

When done, restart Edge and check if this Dropbox error is resolved.

See: Zip file is too large error when downloading files from DropBox.

3] Open Dropbox in an incognito or private tab

See if you can download Dropbox files in an incognito or private mode. There can be certain add-ons or web extensions causing errors and issues while downloading a file. If that is the case indeed, you can open Dropbox in an incognito tab in your browser and then try to download your files.

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge let you open an incognito or InPrivate tab using the Ctrl+Shift+N hotkey. If you use Firefox, press Ctrl+Shift+P to quickly open a private tab. Once the private tab is opened, go to your Dropbox account and check if the error is fixed.

If the error has stopped in incognito mode, you can disable or remove suspicious extensions from your browser to fix the error.

4] Switch to a different web browser

Another thing you can do is try a different web browser to access your Dropbox account. There might be some temporary issue with your current web browser which is why you can’t download your files. So, change your web browser and check if the error is resolved.

5] Use the Dropbox desktop app

If the web app of Dropbox is not working properly for you, use the Dropbox desktop app. The error might be resolved in the desktop app and you will be able to download your files.

6] Reinstall the Dropbox app

If you are unable to download files using the Dropbox app, it might be the case that the app is corrupted or not installed correctly. Hence, you can uninstall the Dropbox app and reinstall its latest version on your computer.

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Fix Dropbox errors while uploading files

Some Dropbox users have also reported experiencing errors while uploading their files to this cloud storage service. Many have reported getting error messages like Something went wrong while uploading this file, etc. The upload errors on Dropbox could be caused due to one of the following reasons:

If your internet connection is weak.

In case the Dropbox servers are down.

The filename, size, or type is not supported by Dropbox.

Incorrect Dropbox settings.

Not enough available space left on your Dropbox account.

Due to large Dropbox cache files.

Outdated Dropbox version.

If you are unable to upload files to Dropbox, here are the solutions you can use:

Make sure Dropbox servers are not down and your network connection is stable.

Make sure Dropbox is up-to-date.

Check the size, name, and type of the file you are uploading to Dropbox.

Check if the file is opened in another program.

Change Dropbox’s bandwidth settings.

Disable proxy.

Clear the Dropbox cache.

Ensure that you have enough free space to upload new files.

1] Make sure Dropbox servers are not down and your network connection is stable

First and foremost, you need to ensure that the Dropbox services are running currently and not facing any server outage or issue. Besides that, you also need to make sure that your internet connection is active and there is no connectivity issue.

2] Make sure Dropbox is up-to-date

Having an up-to-date version of Dropbox is recommended to avoid issues like this. So, update your Dropbox app and check if the problem is resolved.

3] Check the size, name, and type of the file you are uploading to Dropbox

If the file you are trying to upload contains invalid characters in its filename that are not supported by Dropbox, you will not be able to upload the file. In addition to that, if you are uploading a file greater than the size supported by Dropbox or the file type is not supported by Dropbox, you will experience upload errors. Hence, check the size, name, and type of the file and make sure it is supported by Dropbox.

The next thing to check is the size of the file. The maximum file size supported by the desktop app is 2TB. Although, your file should be smaller than the storage space you own.

Dropbox supports most of the common documents, images, and other types of files. However, if you are trying to upload an uncommon file format, export it to a generic format and then upload it to Dropbox.

See: How to view Dropbox File, Activity, or Event logs?

4] Check if the file is opened in another program

If you are trying to upload a file that is already opened in some other application on your PC, you might get an error. So, close that application and then upload the file on Dropbox.

5] Change Dropbox’s bandwidth settings

The upload errors are likely to be caused due to bandwidth limitations on Dropbox. Hence, if the scenario is applicable, you can adjust your Dropbox’s bandwidth settings and see if the error is resolved. Here’s how:

Next, move to the Bandwidth tab and make sure you have selected the Don’t limit option under the Upload rate section.

6] Disable proxy

If you are using a proxy on Dropbox, it might cause this error. So, disable the proxy and then see if the error is resolved. Here’s how:

Next, go to the Proxies tab and choose the No proxy option.

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7] Clear the Dropbox cache

If there is large cached data accumulated in Dropbox, you might face errors and issues while uploading your files. Hence, you can try clearing the Dropbox cache and see if the error is fixed. Here’s how:

First, close Dropbox and make sure it is not running in the background.

Now, open the Run command box using Win+R and enter the below command in it: %HOMEPATH%Dropbox.dropbox.cache

Next, in the opened dropbox.cache folder, delete all the files present.

Once done, reopen Dropbox and see if you are able to upload your files or not.

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8] Ensure that you have enough free space to upload new files

If you are still unable to upload files to Dropbox, it is likely that you are running out of free storage space. Hence, free up some space on Dropbox by deleting non-essential files.

In case you use Dropbox online, open your account in a web browser and select the All Files tab from the left-side panel.

You can also upgrade your plan to add more storage space to your Dropbox account. After upgrading your storage space, you should be able to upload new files without any issues.

If you want to add more storage space without paying for it, there are some free ways to expand your storage. Here are those methods:

Finish Dropbox’s Get Started checklist tasks like downloading the Dropbox app, sharing a folder with colleagues, etc.

Refer Dropbox to your friends to earn free storage space on Dropbox.

Send your feedback as to why you love Dropbox and it will add extra space to your account.

You can open the chúng tôi page in your browser, select one of the available options, and follow the prompted instructions to add more storage to your Dropbox account.

I hope this helps.

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Application Support: A Necessity Or A Waste Of Money?

Until lately, both customers and developers focused only on application development. Today, the competitive situation dictates different rules.

An application cannot be left unchanged after its release. After the publication of a mobile application, work with it is just starting. 

Let’s look at three stages of the life cycle of a mobile application:

Plan. Idea, research of competitors and users, checking the viability of the idea, the first prototypes.

Design and development. The most expensive and important part.

Testing and QA. As a rule, software testing is carried out in parallel with the development stage, but some companies may put this stage in a separate task.


Support and maintain. After the release, the life of the product is just beginning.

The product must live and change with the environment, respond to threats, adapt to changes in devices and operating systems, react to user feedback about its convenience and functionality.

There is a need to add new features during the performance, change existing features, fix bugs and vulnerabilities. That is why developers and business analysts need technical support for the mobile application. 

In the sphere of mobile technologies, operating systems are updated every year, and new devices appear once in two-three months.

The main tasks to be solved after the publication of the application are:

getting feedback from the end-users and solve their problems;

improving stability and adding new functionality;

adaptation of the application for new devices and OS versions;

tracking the degree of satisfaction of the business needs of the customer company;

adjusting the product development plan.

But, remember – warranty and technical support are different things. The guarantee is set out in the main development contract. Warranty works mean bug fixes or functionality enhancements to the specification.

Support goes beyond the scope of the terms of reference and requires a separate document with prescribed tasks, conditions, response time.

In fact, technical support is an urgent solution to problems that interfere with a digital product’s quality functioning. Let’s divide these problems into three categories:

Level 1. These are force majeure situations, which are solved first of all. For example, users can not send an order, register, or login.

Level 2. For example, interface errors that do not critically affect the ability to send an order or other important action. Such problems are usually solved during the working day if there is no emergency.

Level 3. For example, minor bugs in features and screens that do not relate to any critical service functionality.

Now let’s talk about one of the most important points – testing, especially pre-release testing.  Oleh Sadykow (Co-Founder at DeviQA – leading automation testing company) says, “Before releasing an app, you need to make sure there are no bugs (at least big ones) for certain.”

Regression testing must be done first. Ideally, the development process should be designed so that there are only small features left for the test before the release, the bugs of which do not take much time to fix.

It is also important to consider that possible fixes cannot affect other parts of the product and its behavior in principle.

After all, there is simply no time to fix everything before the release. After the regression, the tester should check if there are any negative consequences from fixing bugs found with the regression test or not. And also whether the developers even fixed these bugs.

The next step is a unit test. If an application’s reaction is not the same as planned, the test is considered not successful.

But the developers understand what part of the code the bug is in and fix it. This is not the whole benefit of unit tests. They can be very helpful in striving against bugs after updates. The last step is the final testing of an app.

It involves checking all application functions against the specification or backlog that the team has agreed with the customer.

In application development, problems of this sphere, competitive features are constantly being identified, new ideas and feedback from users appear, which require a prompt response.

The right solution in such a situation is the timely organization of technical support for the professional development team’s mobile application.

Part 5) Two Heads In Place Of One

From Seeing Through the Illusion: Understanding Apple’s Mastery of the Media, a profile examining Apple’s PR strategy:

Months after announcing her departure, Katie Cotton has moved on from Apple, according to a person close to the former executive. She is no longer involved in the media strategy that she led for 18 years, and is not participating in recruiting a replacement. A source told us that “Cotton does not believe in searching for her own successor.” While Tim Cook is pondering the future of the department, Cotton left Apple PR in the hands of two longtime deputies: Steve Dowling and Natalie Kerris. The interim leaders (pictured left and top right, respectively) took over in May, and now both report directly to Cook.

Even without Cotton at the helm, Apple’s PR department continues to move forward. As an Apple employee said, “the team is still rolling and cranking; there’s still an overall strategy.” But the team is being steered by two executives with different expertise and approaches. Dowling ran the Corporate Communications team for the last decade. He joined Apple’s PR team in 2003 after serving as CNBC’s Silicon Valley Bureau Chief since 2000, and Washington Bureau Chief from 1995 to 2000.

This extends to his work within Apple’s doors. Dowling holds a weekly meeting to discuss relevant topics with the top PR members, rotating between Tuesdays and Thursdays. Apple PR employees say that they learn enough from the meetings to actually take notes. He additionally takes time to receive feedback on his reports and discuss how Apple PR could improve. People close to Dowling also say that the executive doesn’t play Cotton-like power games, but note that “he could improve his mentoring and leadership skills versus mostly focusing on just getting the work done himself.”

Some sources opined that Dowling is “smarter than Katie,” and suggested that he would be a good fit to replace her. Dowling is said to be “close” friends with Tim Cook, and Cook is said to have referred to Dowling as such during internal meetings. Cook and Dowling are often seen together, in part because of Apple’s policy of using PR staff to guard key executives. Dowling’s high place in Apple’s hierarchy has been demonstrated by his name often appearing alongside Katie Cotton’s on critical announcements such as Steve Jobs’s resignation and the firing of Scott Forstall.

Cotton’s other replacement, Natalie Kerris, has mostly led PR and Communications for flagship Apple products such as the iPhone since joining Apple in 2001. Although our sources opined that Dowling could serve as more of an actual successor to Cotton, current and former Apple journalists praised Kerris for her blunt approach; one reporter said that Kerris will skip formalities and PR jargon and formalities to cut to the chase. We were told that while Kerris is “very smart,” there is “sort of a drama element to her” that makes her like “Cotton Jr.” One source said that “it would likely be more of the same [as during Katie’s era] if Nat completely took over.” If Cook is truly seeking a refreshed approach to PR at Apple, Kerris would be less likely to get the top job.

Both Kerris and Dowling are said to be individually lobbying to take Cotton’s place, which makes recent reports about Apple’s consideration of former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney for the job all the more interesting. After the consistently-reliable Re/code first reported that Carney was “bandied” about in connection to the open Apple position, The Loop‘s Jim Dalrymple claimed that this was not true. Sources say that it was Kerris who told Dalrymple and other reporters that the claims of Carney’s consideration were false. Since Carney was exiting the world’s most important and high-profile PR job and in talks with multiple technology companies, Apple would be irresponsible to have not considered Carney in some capacity, so it’s unclear why anyone at the company would actively deny the report.

— See Part 6) Controversies: From Maps to Beats to Haunted Empires

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