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Even though some people say that iPhones look the same year after year, I beg to differ. Now, yes, if you go from an iPhone 13 Pro to an iPhone 14 Pro, there is going to be very little change in the design and form factor. But what about when we went from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4? Or if you are someone that waits years to upgrade, and you go from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 14 Pro? Those upgrades or differences become much more drastic.

Depending on when you got your first iPhone, your choices may differ. I am lucky enough to have owned pretty much every iPhone since the very first iPhone back in 2007. Little did I know that 16 years later, I would be using the same brand.

The iPhone has gone through several design evolutions over these 16 years. I began to ask myself which iPhone was my favorite iPhone of all time: Was it the OG version, the iPhone 4/5 series, or one of the newer ones? What was your favorite iPhone?

iPhone design over the years

I do not want to get too detailed, trying to review everything single design change Apple has made with its iPhone lineup, but I do want to highlight some of the big changes they made as the iPhone lineup matured.

Original iPhone

This phone has many names: the iPhone 2G, the iPhone 1, or just the OG iPhone. But this is the one that started it all. The iPhone was released in June of 2007 with its two-tone look. It was a nice silver aluminum with the bottom fourth made of this black rubber-feeling material. It was small, had rounded edges, had that famous physical mute switch, and had the headphone jack that caused so many issues with third-party headphones because of how far the headphone input went into the phone.

iPhone 3G & 3GS

After the OG iPhone, Apple really changed the look of the iPhone 3G. It was called the 3G because the original iPhone only had EDGE data connectivity, and iPhone 3G was the first to give us better 3G data support. But the design did change. It was now made of this reflective black plastic (or white, if you remember that one). It had more of a bubbly feel to it, and I remember it used to rock on the table a lot because the back was not flat. I personally liked the white one better, but this was the first real design change Apple gave us.

iPhone 4/4s/5/5s

This was peak iPhone design time. Apple got rid of the cheap-feeling plastic casing from the iPhone 3G lineup and went to glass and metal for their entire iPhone. This is the phone that made you feel like you were using a piece of jewelry. We got front and back glass for the iPhone with a metal frame to hold it all together.

A few things to note are that the iPhone 5 was the first iPhone to give us a larger display and the first to get the lightning connector. We also had antennagate during this time, where users would complain about a dropped signal when covering the antenna band with their hands. We also got a selfie camera in these iPhones, and touchID came to the iPhone 5 lineup. Apple also gave us the iPhone 5C lineup during this time, which was a forgetful offering.

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5s

iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 Plus

This period of iPhones covers a wide range of iPhones. This was the time we had bendgate because the iPhones were just so thin. We also had the first-ever camera bump and our first dual camera setup with the iPhone 7 Plus. Lastly, we also got our first plus-sized model iPhone. These phones were ultrathin, especially when you compare them to today’s iPhones. Apple was in a state where thinness was considered a premium feature – so the thinner, the better. These phones got rid of the back glass and went all aluminum for the casing. In my opinion, these were nice, but it was a very safe design that peaked with the matte black iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone X to the iPhone 11 Pro Max

During this period, Apple went back and innovated again. This was the magical introduction of Face ID and the iPhone X. Gone was touchID and the forehead and chin bezels. This was the first iPhone that was truly bezel-less with its all-glass casing. Gone was the headphone jack; AirPods really began to take over during this time.

We also got the iPhone 11 lineup this time around, which included our first triple camera array on the 11 Pro Max. I remember thinking that this camera bump was insanely big when I first got it. The iPhone 11 lineup was also the first time Apple separated its iPhone offerings into Pro and non-Pro models. The gold 11 Pro Max was one of my favorite iPhones ever.

iPhone 12 to iPhone 14 Pro Max

We have made it to the current generation of iPhones. Apple went back to the iPhone 4/5 design by giving us flat sides, a more industrial look, a glass back, and much more. They introduced 5G with these phones and gave us MagSafe for charging, and each year these camera bumps got bigger and bigger. From a design standpoint, I actually love these models of iPhone. It brings the best of the old design and brings it to 2023 standards.

The iPhone 14 Pro lineup did give us the Dynamic Island, which is a great software and hardware marriage. But outside of that, they are very similar to the 12 and 13 lineups of iPhones

Final thoughts

My favorite generation of iPhone is probably the iPhone 5/5s. It was the first time Apple made an iPhone with a four-inch display, which at the time was wild for Apple. It was just a gorgeous design with the glass back and front and the chamfered edges. It was a pleasure to use and hold.

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The 9 Best Nes Games Of All Time

Released in 1986, the Nintendo Entertainment System—or NES, as it’s so often called today—was the best-selling video game console of its time. Although its simplistic graphics have gone from great to bad to charmingly retro over the past thirty years, one fact remains the same: there are a lot of great games on the system. 

Everything from Legend of Zelda to the original Super Mario Bros makes the NES a revolutionary platform. Whether you’re revisiting old classics or experiencing them for the first time, these are the best NES games of all time.

Table of Contents

Also, be sure to check out our YouTube video where we show you some in-game footage of the games mentioned below:

Super Mario Bros

This is the game that started it all. Counting all of its ports and re-releases over the years, the original version of Super Mario Bros has sold a staggering 40.2 million copies, making it the single best-selling Mario game of all time. 

In fact, as the flagship title of the NES, Super Mario Bros represents more than just a fantastic platformer that grew into a franchise: it represents the revival of the video game industry as a whole. It was definitely considered one of the best NES games of its time. Following the 1983 video game crash, the NES brought the floundering industry back from the brink, and Super Mario Bros helped drive sales of the system.

The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda was the first of the series to grace any console and brought with it many of the beloved enemies: Moblins, Lynels, and even Darknut. It also birthed the forever-famous line, “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.” 

If you have never experienced The Legend of Zelda, you owe it to yourself to dive in and save the kingdom from Ganon and his misuse of the Triforce of Power. As you explore Hyrule for what may be the first time, make sure to search for secrets: the game is loaded with them, an element that would go on to become a staple of the series.


Metroid introduced the first half of the two-gameplay formula that would become Metroid-vanias. It’s the classic formula of starting out weak and exploring a huge world in search of more weapons and abilities that will allow you to reach previously-unreachable areas, overcome bosses, and complete the game. 

Samus starts out with just her beam weapon and goes on to find well-known powerups like the Morph Ball and Bombs. The NES version of Metroid also introduced the recurring boss characters of Ridley and Kraid.


The second half of the winning Metroid-vania combination, Castlevania is a challenging platformer that has Simon Belmont exploring Dracula’s Castle in search of the evil vampire. While it doesn’t have all of the same elements as later titles in the series, it sets the standard for the core gameplay that would continue in every iteration to come. 

Something worth noting is that the original Castlevania is available on the NES Classic, as is Metroid. If you like Metroidvanias, try out the two games that started the genre.

Final Fantasy

The NES Final Fantasy was, like so many others on this list, the first of a massive franchise. The game was released in 1987 and spawned the series that so many people love today. 

However, the name has something of a unique story behind it. Supposedly, Square was on the verge of bankruptcy, and the launch of Final Fantasy was their make or-break game. If it didn’t work out, the company would have to shut its doors.

Clearly, that didn’t happen, and now Final Fantasy stands as one of the best NES RPG games of the era. It features turn-based combat, different roles for different characters, and many elements that were before their time. 

Kirby’s Adventure

Kirby’s Adventure isn’t the first Kirby game, but rather a sequel to the Game Boy title Kirby’s Dream Land. Kirby’s Adventure improved on many of the best features of the first and introduced Kirby’s signature move: sucking up enemies and copying their abilities. 

This was also the first game to show Kirby in color, which surprised many people; no one knew he would be pink, especially since the original Game Boy game was in black and white. Kirby’s Adventure has players fight across 41 levels in 7 different worlds.


Contra was a run-and-gun top-down shooter known for its nonstop action and brutal difficulty, but also for one other, truly classic element: the Konami Code. 

For those that aren’t familiar, the Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A) granted players an additional 30 lives to help them overcome the exceedingly high chance they would lose during a Contra run. And since Contra was played in a day before save states, ‘game over’ meant starting from scratch.

Duck Hunt

No list of the best NES games would be complete without the original duck-hunting light gun game. The premise is simple. Ducks fly across the screen and you take aim and shoot them out of the sky with the attached peripheral. The downside? If you miss, a way-too-snarky dog laughs at your failure. 

It is also multiplayer, a fact many people do not know. The second controller maneuvers the ducks! Of course, light gun technology requires a CRT television to work, so you will need to find an older TV in order to play today.

Mega Man

The Mega Man series is another long-running franchise that saw its start on the NES. The Blue Bomber faced off against Dr. Wily and his Robot Masters in level after level of platformer-meets-bullet-hell action. Each Robot Master drops a new ability, and this ability is the weakness of another boss. 

Fighting the enemies in the right order results in a much easier game, but Mega Man can be completed in any order. It’s a great way to experience many of the original gameplay elements that are still present in the Mega Man series today.

Use Mixit App To Create Covers Of Your Favorite Songs

Mixit is a must-try singing app for singer-wannabes and pros alike. This app lets you select from thousands of songs or tap the power of AI to create your own, transform the song to fit your style, and showcase your musical talent before the watching world.


Lets you change the song’s genre

User-friendly and intuitive interface


Weak voice audio

Letting your inner singer out, even just for a few minutes (or possibly for hours), can help let off steam and boost happiness. It is one of the best ways to have fun with friends! Thanks to technology, you don’t have to drop by the nearest karaoke place or plug in a device on your TV to be able to sing. Now, you can do this and so much more through your iPhone. 

Mixit is an innovative app that lets you sing and has a wide array of tools to perfect your song performance—especially if you plan to share it on TikTok!

Planning to get Mixit? Here’s a comprehensive review of the Mixit karaoke app, how it works, and all its features.

What is Mixit app?

Mixit app is a singing or karaoke app that lets you pick from and sing along to thousands of songs in its library. It enables you to record yourself while singing, add filters and effects, and instantly share your song performance on social media.

Features that can make Mixit stand out

While there are plenty of singing and karaoke apps, Mixit has several distinct features that set it apart from the rest. Here are some of them:

Change the song’s genre

Instead of going for the song’s original style, you can opt for Dream, Ukelele, the ‘80s, Ballad, Acoustic, Rock, Piano, Cinematic style, or something else that best fits your personality or mood at the moment. 

Visual filters

There’s Beautify to hide your blemishes, eye bags, and many visual filters to choose from. You can even control how much filter to apply to your video so that it still looks natural. 

Mixit also lets you choose from over 40 filters and overlays/animations that play while you sing. 

But if you’re camera conscious and don’t want others to see your face as you showcase your vocal talent, you can tap Cam Off. 

Select which part to sing

You can sing the entire song, just the chorus, or select a custom part, such as a specific verse or chorus. However, if you only have a free subscription, you can only sing the song’s chorus.

Use lyrics and vocal guides

It’s not always easy to sing along to a melody minus the vocals. The Mixit cover maker app provides rolling lyrics that highlight the lines you’re about to sing and lets you use vocal guides to help you sing in the correct pitch.

Before recording, Mixit will suggest that you plug in a headphone for a better recording experience—and I totally agree. Plugging a pair of headphones allows you to hear yourself while recording, which offers feedback to keep your pitch in check.

It also allows Mixit to capture your voice better (recordings taken without headphones tend to have louder music and weak voice recordings).

When you record without headphones, you’ll only see a Guide icon that lets you control the sound of the accompanying vocals (a great help to keep you in sync with the song). But if you record using headphones, you’ll also see a My voice option, which lets you adjust the volume of your voice.

Adjust the song’s key and speed

The Key/Speed feature lets you adjust the song to your voice by bringing the key up (up to +6) or down (up to -6) to match your key and change the song’s speed (from 70% to 150% its original speed) based on your preferred pace. Note that the free version only allows you to adjust the key from -2 to +2 and the speed from 91-109%.

Choose from numerous voice effects and filters

There are also several 3D sound effects that can make the music or your vocals move in a three-dimensional space. However, this works best when you’re using headphones.

You can also adjust the volume of your voice and the music to get a perfect balance. 

AI Song Generator

All of us know that Apple released its own karaoke feature, which instantly gained popularity. However, one feature that sets Mixit apart from other karaoke apps is its ability to generate a song for you. Just input your keywords into the text box and wait for it to generate a unique song. 

Tap Regenerate to create a new one based on your provided text. Then pick a melody from any of the songs in the library. 

Of course, generating AI-crafted songs isn’t free. You’d have to pay a certain amount for AI song credits:

$1 for 10 songs

$2 for 40 songs

$5 for 120 songs

You’ll have three free AI song credits on a free subscription.

Easily share on social media

Content creators who want to post song covers regularly will find this option extremely convenient. After creating your video, you can immediately share your creation with family and friends or post it on social media.

How to use Mixit to create your own song cover on iPhone or Android

Using Mixit to create and enhance your music cover is easy-peasy. Once you’ve downloaded Mixit on your iPhone, here’s a step-by-step process for creating your next song performance:

Select a song. 

Select a style and tap Next. A sound preview plays when you select a style.

Choose to sing the full song, only the chorus, or a custom part of the song. 

You can modify your recording experience by turning your Cam On/Off, using Beautify, or adjusting the Key or Speed of the music. You can also add a filter or Overlay animations while you’re recording.

Tap the record button to begin recording, and tap it whenever you want to pause. The recording also automatically finishes when the song or chorus is over. Tap the refresh icon to start again, and select the purple check button when you’re done.

Once done with the editing, tap Save.

Tap Share and select which social media platform you want to share your recording.

Should you get Mixit?


User interface


Features and facilities


Content Creation support


Value for money


I’ve enumerated numerous features that set this app apart from its competition. For one, the AI song generator is really cool. But it’s still a bit clunky and needs rephrasing and polishing. Moreover, the app doesn’t generate a new melody but only lets you sing the AI-generated lyrics to an existing song’s melody. But we know that AI is still in its infancy, so this feature has great potential.

Another sad thing about the app is that there’s no way to save the lyrics. This means you must copy it if you like what it made for you.

Audiophiles shouldn’t compare Mixit to sophisticated audio software, though. So, if you aren’t looking for anything pro but need an app to let you create song covers, Mixit would be a good option.

Rachel Ann Tee-Melegrito

Review Summary – Mixit app

Review Summary – Mixit app





The Mixit app is designed for fun and social media-ready content, but it isn’t for those who want pro-level content. It lacks the more nuanced audio finetuning features that may be important for other content creators. In essence, this app would be a great choice for those want to be creative and add some personality to their covers.

The Mixit app is designed for fun and social media-ready content, but it isn’t for those who want pro-level content. It lacks the more nuanced audio finetuning features that may be important for other content creators. In essence, this app would be a great choice for those want to be creative and add some personality to their covers.




Total Score

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What Is Your Aura Color?

Ever wondered what an Aura is and how its colour reflects your personality traits? You must have seen some videos on social media where people are describing their Aura and how its colour expresses their viewpoint of life. Aura is the layers of unseen energy surrounding us and each of the layers has a centre in our body.

Our personality is not just what we say or do. It’s an energy that flows from us and is not visible to the human eyes. So, is it like a fictional superpower? No. Metaphysical practitioners and believers claim that aura colours are caused by vibrations and have scientific evidence. Every atom and molecule in the universe follows a certain pattern which emanates from the body as vibrations.

Aura is very much similar to sound waves. Just as we cannot hear sound waves but they are present around us, aura colours are not visible to a majority of people.

Seven Layers of Aura

An Aura is made of seven auric layers and the middle of it is our physical body. These seven layers are as follows −

Physical plane − It’s closest to the body and skin which ensures our physical health.

Emotional plane − It can appear in different colours as per our moods as this layer is all about emotions.

Mental layer − It’s the third layer of energy outside our body and is generally linked with reason and logic.

Astral body − It’s connected to our spirit and is usually referred to as the layer of love.

Etheric body − It helps you to communicate mentally with others and can be considered a place for our psyche.

Celestial plane − This layer is related to our dreams and creativity.

Causal plane −This layer is responsible for coordinating and balancing the other layers.

Seven Chakras

Every Auric layer has a primary energy centre in the body which is called ‘Chakras’. There is a total of seven chakras in the body and when they are open, energy is released from them which defines our Aura’s colour. These seven chakras are as follows −

Root Chakra − It’s located at the spine’s base and controls confidence, strength and digestive health.

Sacral Chakra − It’s located in the lower abdomen and controls our creativity, energy and sexual desire.

Solar Chakra − It’s located in the abdomen and controls our emotions.

Heart Chakra − It’s above our heart and reflects our love for others

Throat Chakra − It’s located in the throat area and controls our communication with others

Third-eye Chakra − It’s located in the forehead between the eyes and is connected with our mind and psyche.

Crown Chakra − It’s located at the top of the head and is connected with spirituality.

Now that we have understood how our Aura is related to the chakras and layers, let us understand the different colours of Aura and their meanings.

Aura Colours

There are seven main aura colours which are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Every colour has its significance and reflects personality traits accordingly.


This colour represents the root chakra and is associated with an energetic type of personality who can be a good leader. People with red aura are fearless and can have the right place in life and work. These people emanate passion from the people around them and are ambitious and always moving. Health issues may arise due to anxiety.


This colour is associated with the sacral chakra. Such people are typically creative, energetic and emotional. They value social relationships and friendship. They like to work in a team and being alone could be bothersome for them. Health problems may arise from the kidney or reproductive organs.


This colour represents the solar chakra. These people are warm and radiant like the sun and emanate positive energy. They value self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem and support their friends. Such people can also attract people naturally to them. Health issues may be associated with the spleen.


This colour controls love, joy and inner peace as it represents the heart chakra. These people are attracted to nature and animals and love all living things. They can have a proper balance in their lives as they can give equal attention to their interests as well as the interests of those they love. Health problems related to the lungs may arise.


This colour governs how we communicate with others and express ourselves as it is connected to the throat chakra. These people are helpful, caring, spiritual and intuitive. They are usually at peace and are a freethinker. People with blue aura may experience health issues with the throat or thyroid.


This colour is connected to the third-eye chakra and deals with awareness, understanding and being deeply connected to you. These people are imaginative, curious, daydreamers and have deep inner feelings. Sometimes, they may lack self-esteem and are introverted, unassuming, calm and modest. People may experience eye-related problems


This colour is about our being authoritative, independent, idealistic and intellectual as it is connected to the crown chakra. This is the most sensitive and wisest of the aura colours and sometimes people with this aura colour have psychic power. This aura colour relates to the pineal gland and nervous system.

How Can I Find Out My Aura Color?

One of the most accurate ways to access an aura is to photograph your aura. But, if you can’t do that, you can take a personality test. These quizzes are straightforward and have mostly multiple-choice questions wherein you have to choose one answer.

These tests aim to push you to choose an option that is relatable to you. You may get the most accurate results if you don’t overthink your response and go with the options that you feel are the best suitable for you. These questions are designed to gain insight into your personality.

Some of the sample questions are as follows −

Which of the following best describes your personality?








You would describe yourself as

A loner

A risk-taker


A nature lover

A good listener

A visionary


What is your priority in life?



Having fun

Accomplishing my financial goals



What could be the most common ailment?


Body ache

Stomach problems

Short of breath

Sore throat

Eye infections


At your workplace, you

Work as a team player

Prefer a challenge

Like to work without anyone’s help

Strive to complete your tasks at any cost

Feel guilty if you have to say no to your co-workers or managers

Feel your appearance is the most important

Frequently end up in a leadership position


The aura colours wouldn’t change for those who are consistent with their choices. However, for some people who are dynamic and have different life experiences, the aura colour may change as their energy would be a bit more all over the place.

What To Do Before Selling Your Old Iphone

Let me guess… after years of use, your iPhone is starting to look a little dull. So, you’ve decided to sell it and upgrade to the newer model. But before selling your old iPhone, it’s wise to carry out a few simple procedures like backing up your data to a secure location and wiping out all existing settings and content.

This is done to ensure nothing is left on your device, and all of your personal data is secure. Follow along as I walk you through the 12 most important things you must do before selling your old iPhone.

1. Back up with iTunes/Finder

You know, iCloud backups are fine and dandy, but there’s a data cap. Also, having a real, accessible backup on your local system can go a long way in case things go wrong with an iCloud backup. That’s why I always recommend an iTunes/Finder backup.

Note: If you want to save your Health and Activity data from your iOS device and Apple Watch, make sure to encrypt your backup. To do so, check the box labeled Encrypt [device] backup and then enter a memorable password.

After the backup process is completed, you can check out the date and time under the Latest Backup section.

2. Backup to iCloud

While iTunes backups are safe, iCloud backups are helpful when you want a quick and easy way to set up your new iPhone. When you try to restore from an iTunes backup, you need to be connected to the computer with the backup files. With iCloud, you can be anywhere (with Wi-Fi connectivity, of course).

Backing up to iCloud is easy, too.

Open Settings on your device.

Now, tap on your profile icon.

Next, tap iCloud.

Next up, tap iCloud Backup.

Ensure that iCloud Backup switch is ON. Now, hit Back Up Now. Then, wait for some time until your device has been successfully backed up.

Depending on your network speed and the things you’re backing up, it can take anywhere between a few minutes to an hour to backup. The good news is that you can let it run in the background and carry on with your work.

An important thing to remember is that you can pick what data gets backed up to iCloud. This is extremely useful.

Whether you’re switching to a new iPhone or heading to the Android world, it’s always better to secure your address book. And what better way to back up all the contacts than using iCloud sync. You can also export your contacts as vCard.

Open Settings → tap on your profile → iCloud → now, ensure that the switch for Contacts is turned ON.

4. Delete Photos

I’ll repeat it. A general reset will clear all your photos, but it’s always safer to delete them individually. That way, you are clearing out traces (making it better than what a general reset will do).

Clearing out photos includes clearing out albums. Unfortunately, since the iPhone/iOS doesn’t come with an option to delete multiple photos at once, you’ll have to resort to a little trick to delete them in bulk.

In your album, pinch the screen to zoom out. Now tap Select in the top right (if you don’t see Select, you’ve zoomed out too far and need to zoom back in). Drag your finger across the rows or columns of photos you want to delete.

Tap the trash can icon and watch your photos disappear. Well, to the ‘Recently Deleted’ album.

5. Delete apps

Once you’re done deleting photos (which is some of the most personal stuff you’d have on your old iPhone), you can start clearing out the apps.

Why delete apps when a reset clears them out? Just an extra precaution. Deleting apps will delete most caches associated with these apps. It’ll also delete any traces of login/personal information that the apps might’ve stored on your iPhone. (I’m thinking of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

6. Sign out Of iCloud, iMessage, and FaceTime

Another important thing you need to do before you sell your iPhone is sign out of iCloud, iMessage, and FaceTime.

Open Settings → Your profile → Tap Sign Out → Enter your Apple ID password and hit Turn OFF in the popup.

Head over to Settings → Messages → Send & Receive → tap on your Apple ID → tap Sign Out.

Open Settings → FaceTime → hit Apple ID → tap Sign Out.

7. Sign out of iTunes/App Store

This is just a routine procedure.

Open Settings.

Scroll down and tap on iTunes & App Store.

Tap on your Apple ID.

Now tap Sign Out.

8. Disable all passcodes/Screen Time Passcode

A general reset (erase all contents and settings) usually resets everything including passcodes but just to be sure, you might want to manually disable your Screen Time Passcode if you’ve set it.

To disable it, all you need to do is head over to Settings → Screen Time → Tap Change Screen Time Passcode → Tap Turn Off Screen Time Passcode → Enter your passcode to confirm.

9. Safari, Mail, Calendars, Reminders

When you delete your iCloud account, most of the items in Safari, Reminders, Calendars, etc., are gone. Ditto for Mail accounts too. But there could be history leftovers, page caches, or reading list items that you might want to delete off of your old iPhone.

Since these are stock apps, you can’t delete them (and there’s no point in doing that either). So, delete whatever data’s leftover.

iOS offers you an easy way to get rid of all the Safari history and website data. Get it done to ensure your entire browsing data is eliminated.

10. General reset (Erase all content and settings)

By this point, your iPhone already looks like it’s been reset. But remember: you still have Wi-Fi passwords stored, possibly some APN profiles stored, personal information like the iPhone’s name, etc. We’re going to clear them out.

Open Settings.

Tap General.

Scroll to the bottom and tap Reset.

Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

Confirm and your iPhone will reset, power off and reboot.

11. Unpair your iPhone from your Apple Watch

This is really essential. I highly suggest getting it done before you trade in or give away your device.

The data of your Apple Watch is automatically backed up at the time of unpairing. So, you shouldn’t worry about it. To get it done, head over to this post.

12. Deregister iMessage

Especially when switching to a non-Apple device, you’ll need to deregister iMessage. Else, you might not get SMS/MMS messages on your device. To do so, check out this hands-on guide.

There you go! That’s everything you need to do before you sell your iPhone.

Wrapping Up…

So, these are some of the essential things you must do before giving away your device to anyone (or selling it). Of course, it’s a little time-consuming. However, it’s better to go through the grind in order to keep your precious data as safe as possible.

So, which device are you planning to switch to?

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What Is The Best Chat Gpt App For Iphone?

Are you searching for the ultimate ChatGPT app for your iPhone? Search no more! In this article, we will delve into a selection of highly acclaimed ChatGPT apps designed specifically for iPhone users. These exceptional apps leverage the remarkable capabilities of artificial intelligence to offer you an immersive and captivating chatbot encounter. Let’s delve What is the Best Chat GPT App for iPhone.

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KnowItAll AI Chatbot is the ultimate AI Chat assistant that brings convenience and efficiency right to your fingertips. With the free AI Chatbot app available for download on iPhone, you can harness the power of KnowItAll to simplify your life and save valuable time. By simply typing in your command or question into the chat, KnowItAll will handle the task for you.

App Store link: KnowItAll AppStore link download

If you’re a frequent WhatsApp user, AI Buddy is the perfect ChatGPT app for you. Powered by GPT-3, AI Buddy lets you chat with the AI bot discreetly within the WhatsApp platform. You can ask any question your heart desires, and the AI bot will provide insightful and helpful responses. This integration with WhatsApp ensures seamless communication, allowing you to conveniently interact with the AI bot.

ChatBot AI Chat is an AI-based chat app that functions similarly to ChatGPT. It enables you to have free-flowing conversations with the AI assistant straight from your iPhone. Whether you need assistance with a specific topic or want to engage in casual banter, ChatBot AI Chat has got you covered. Moreover, the AI assistant is capable of helping you with tasks such as composing essays, songs, poems, and more.

Considered as one of the best ChatGPT apps available, Chat AI Chatbot Assistant Plus brings the power of a state-of-the-art chatbot to your iPhone. This app offers an extensive range of templates for various purposes, including essays, CVs, cover letters, SEO content, and blog posts. With Chat AI Chatbot Assistant Plus, you can benefit from the versatility of a chatbot while also having access to useful templates for your writing needs.

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While there is no official ChatGPT app for iOS or Android devices, several third-party apps have been developed using ChatGPT technology. These apps utilize the power of ChatGPT and offer unique features and functionalities. While considering third-party apps, make sure to check user reviews and ratings to find the best option that suits your needs.

Q1: Are these ChatGPT apps available for Android devices?

As of now, the focus of this article is on ChatGPT apps for iPhone. However, many developers create apps for both iOS and Android platforms. You can explore the respective app stores to find ChatGPT apps compatible with your Android device.

Q2: Can I use ChatGPT apps to learn new languages?

Yes, ChatGPT apps can be a helpful tool for language learning. You can practice conversational skills, ask for translations, or receive assistance with grammar and vocabulary. ChatGPT apps provide an interactive and engaging platform to enhance your language learning journey.

Q3: Are these ChatGPT apps free to use?

Most ChatGPT apps offer free access to their basic features. However, some apps may have premium subscriptions or in-app purchases to unlock additional functionalities. It’s recommended to check the app details for any associated costs or subscription options.

Q4: Can I customize the responses of ChatGPT apps?

While some ChatGPT apps offer limited customization options, the ability to fully customize the responses might vary across different apps. You can explore the settings or preferences within each app to determine the extent of customization available.

Q5: Are ChatGPT apps safe to use?

ChatGPT apps are designed to provide a safe and enjoyable user experience. Developers implement measures to ensure user privacy and data protection. However, it’s always essential to review the app’s privacy policy and understand how your data is handled before using any ChatGPT app.

Q6: Can ChatGPT apps be used for business purposes?

Certainly! ChatGPT apps can be valuable for various business purposes, such as customer support, lead generation, or content creation. With their conversational abilities, these apps can assist in engaging with customers and providing personalized experiences.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best ChatGPT app for your iPhone, you have several fantastic options available. Genie – AI Chatbot, AI Buddy, ChatBot AI Chat, Chat AI Chatbot Assistant Plus, and AI Chat are among the highest-rated apps that bring the power of ChatGPT to your fingertips. Remember to explore the features, ratings, and reviews of each app to determine the best fit for your needs. With these ChatGPT apps, you can engage in interactive conversations, seek assistance, and even get help with your writing tasks. Embrace the power of AI chatbots and enhance your iPhone experience today!

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