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Releasing a purchasing document means approving it. For this, our MM consultant can create release procedures to be used. There is a vast number of options that can be used for controlling the release of the documents.

Important information to know is that a purchasing document cannot be changed after it is released. That means that only the final version should be released. Unreleased documents (RFQ – request for quotation, PO – purchase order, scheduling agreement, contract) cannot be processed further (convert RFQ to quotation, PO to goods receipt, invoice verification). Process flow:

Release strategy

We can have a lot of different strategies for different situations. For example, you can define a release strategy that is dependent on document type, you can define a release strategy based on the purchasing organization, purchasing group, or any other crucial information for a purchasing document.

In most of the cases, one of the most used release strategy is based on the value of the purchase document.

Defining a Release Strategy

Step 1) Lets define a release strategy such that will only request a manual release for purchasing documents with value greater than 100 Eur. For example if we have a PO of the value of 50 Eur, it will be autoreleased (will not require a release to be processed further). A purchase order for more than 100 Eur would require a release.

For this, in the background, there needs to be specified a characteristic.

We can do this in CT04 transaction.

NETVALUE characteristic is defined.

It’s Value to be more than 100 Eur.

Step 2) Assigning fields to a characteristic on the additional data tab. We are assigning field CEKKO-GNETW to the characteristic, because that field is a purchase document value.

Step 3) There also needs to be specified a class that holds the characteristic.

T-code to accomplish that is CL02.

For this class, we need to set a class name, class type,

Description and Status,

Validity period,

Same classification.

Step 4) Assigning a characteristic to a class. Afterwards, we can assign NETVALUE to a class called REL_PUR.

Step 5) Following steps need to be done in customizing.

Create release groups (you assign them a class – in our case REL_PUR).

Create release codes (assigning them release groups).

Create release indicators (e.g. 1-Blocked, 2-Released).

Creating a release strategy.

Assigning a release group and release code to a release strategy.

Defining release statuses for the strategy (blocked and released).

You can also perform a release strategy simulation to see if it works correctly (optional).

Afterwards, your strategy is set and ready for live system tryout.

Step 6) We can see that our purchase order is created to a value of more than 100 Eur. If we create a PO for less than 100 Eur, it will be autoreleased.

These two statuses mean that our PO is in release (it’s subject to release process indicating that it should be approved before further processing can be possible). The other indicates the current status – Blocked means that it isn’t released yet.

Value is 24,000 Eur, which is more than 100 Eur.

Now we have a purchase order that needs to be released (approved) to be valid for further processing.

Releasing purchase order

For the actual release of the purchasing document, we can use t-code ME28.

Step 1)

Execute the transaction code.

Enter release code (mandatory) and release group (optional).

Options – keep it as default like on the below screen.

You can choose the appropriate scope of the list and purchasing document category (if we only want to see the purchase orders available for release we will choose “F“).


Step 2) On the next screen, we can see the purchase orders selected by our criteria.

Status of the purchase order has changed to released.

Step 3) You can see in the ME23N or ME22N transaction that our purchase order has altered statuses. “Release completed” and “Released” statuses are now shown in the PO header data.

Process flow is the same for all of the purchase documents (RFQ, PR, quotation etc).

Cancelling a release

Step 1) Purchasing document release has to be reversed in order for already released document to be changed.

You can do that from the same transaction ME28.

Choose the Cancel release check box and execute the transaction.

Step 2) You will see the list of purchase documents available for release cancelation.

Choose the appropriate document.

Save and you are done.

Cancelling a release isn’t possible if your release strategy doesn’t allow the release to be reversed. This is a setting maintained on the release indicator and release strategy level.

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How To Watch Star Wars Movies In Order?

How To Watch Star Wars Movies In Order? Best Order To Watch Star War Movies

Here in this article, we will enlist best order to watch Star Wars movies on Sling TV and Disney +

Why Watch Star Wars Movies in order?

To make sense of the Star Wars timeline, including spin-offs, you must watch Star Wars movies in the best order and release date. This will not only help understand the complete series but will make you watch it in the famous Machete Order.

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Best Order to Watch Star Movies – Sling TV

To watch Star Wars on Sling TV, you need to create a free Sling account.

In addition to free Star Wars movies, you can stream more than 50 live channels for free every night.

Chronological & Release Order to Watch Star Wars Movies – Disney +

The following list is based on the best order to watch Star Wars movies. Additionally, it will help know which movies you can stream in 4K and HDR on Disney +

If the above-ordered list to watch Star Wars movies confuses, you can watch them by release date. For first time watchers unfolding Star Wars movies, the way they were released is best. As it will not confuse you with the prequel trilogy to the originals, then to the sequels.

Star Wars Movies ordered by Release Date:

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983)

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999)

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002)

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2024)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2024)

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (2024)

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2024)

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (2024)

Star War Movies you can watch on Disney + Star Wars Movies

Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Episode IV: A New Hope

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Episode XI: The Rise of Skywalker (May 4, 2023)

Solo: A Star Wars Story (July 9, 2023, currently available on Netflix)

So, these are the recommended playlist for both first-time watchers and those who have seen all of Star Wars enough time. Using this Star Wars movie watch list, you will be able to experience a new world. You will be able to catch some references and connect them to the other movie that you might have missed earlier.

We hope you enjoy watching Star Wars movies. Do share your experience with us and let us which order of Star Wars movies you liked the most and why?

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Sap Bw Characteristics & Key Figures

In this tutorial you will learn about

Characteristics Settings – Display Name:

By default, when a characteristic is added to the query, it displays the description specified in SAP BW. It is possible to replace this with customized text as follows.

Select the General tab

Enter Description

Characteristics Settings – Display Properties:

Select the Display tab of the properties window of the selected characteristic.

The “Display as” option is used to display either only the Key or only Text or both Key & Text.

If a characteristic has 2 or more of Short / Medium / Long Text populated, “Text View” is used to display corresponding text.

It is possible to sort data ascending / descending either by the characteristic or any of its attributes.

The “Result Rows” option is used to show or hide sub-total for underlying characteristic.

Characteristics Settings – Display Records:

The display option is used to define what data is viewed by user during data selection (in filters) and after report execution.

Select the Advanced tab of the properties window of the selected characteristic.

Access Type for Result Values. Choose one of these values.

“Posted values” is used to show only records that have got some transactions associated with them

“Master Data” displays all master data records irrespective of whether a transaction exists for them or not. It is ineffective if used with zero suppression.

Filter Value Selection. Choose one of these values.

Only Values in InfoProvider: The system displays only values contained in the InfoProvider.

Values in Master Data Table: It is faster, but may result in zero records matching selection criteria.

Key Figure Settings – Display Name:

By default, when a Key Figure is added to the query, it displays the description specified in SAP BW. It is possible to replace this with customized text as follows.

Select the General tab

Enter Description

Key Figure Settings – Display Properties:

Select the Display tab of the properties window of the selected Key Figure.


The options “Always Show” and “Always Hide” are self explanatory.

Hide (Can be Shown) option is used to keep a key figure hidden in default output of the report. However, the user can later display this field by using filters.

Number of Decimals places can be used to restrict the decimal places displayed in report.

Scaling factor is used to show data in thousands / hundreds / etc.

The sign of key figures can be reversed if required. e.g. Sales Quantity is negative movement from Inventory perspective, but positive from sales perspective and we can reverse sign based on user.

Key Figure Settings – Currency Or Unit Conversion:

BW does not allow cumulating amount in different units e.g. one rupee to one dollar or one kilogram to one yard. When data exists in multiple currencies / unit, all records must be converted to single currency / unit using Currency Translation / Unit Conversion. The translation can be dynamic (by using selection screen variable) or static (with target currency / unit hardcoded in adjacent screens). Advantage of doing this in SAP BW is that it directly imports the conversion factors available in SAP ERP to SAP BW.

Select the Conversions tab.

For currency translation, this option can be used.

For unit conversion, this option can be used.

Key Figure Settings – Aggregation:

Query Designer gives the flexibility of calculating aggregates as average, summation, minimum,

etc. Similar calculations can also be performed on row-level data.

Select the Calculations tab.

Select from the Different options available under the drop-down of “Calculate Results As”.

Key Figures – Local Formula:

BW, allows use of formulae, on data coming from InfoProvider, to provide calculated values to user.

e.g. Subtracting Cost from Revenue to calculate Profit

Steps to create Formula:

Step 1)

Step 2)

Step 3)

Some of the common operators used in BW include:

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

NODIM is used to display key figures without their corresponding unit

NOERR is used to display zero instead of error message (e.g. zero instead of mentioning that division by zero error)

%GT is used to show the value of key figure as a percentage of total value

In the “Detail View” box, enter the formula

Use the operators from the “Operators” box.

Key Figures – Calculated Key Figure:

If same calculation is required for multiple reports, it can be mapped to the InfoProvider instead of creating it individually in each query. Such key figure is called “Calculated Key Figure” or CKF.

Steps to create a Calculated Key Figure:

Navigate to the Infoprovider section

Choose the option “New Calculated Key Figure”.

Key Figures – Restricted Key Figure:

Restricted Key Figures (RKF) can be used to selectively apply filters only to a specific KPI in the report, but not to the entire report e.g. split sales into columns like YTD (Year To Date) Sales, PYTD (Previous Year To Date) Sales, etc.

Step 1)

Navigate to the Infoprovider section

Choose the option “New Restricted Key Figure”.

Step 2)

Step 3)

In the subsequent screen, at least one key figure and one characteristic must be entered to make a meaningful RKF.

Key Figure which is to be restricted.

The characteristic may be restricted by a selection screen variable to make it “Dynamic” RKF.

It may also be restricted by a constant e.g. year = 2008. In the below screen shot, version is restricted with constant value “1”.

Like CKF, RKFs are also global to the InfoProvider and can be reused in multiple queries using the same InfoProvider.

Procedure Established By Law: Definition And Meaning

Procedure Established by Law means a law adopted by the legislature or the relevant authority is valid if it has followed the proper procedure. Article 21 of the Indian Constitution states that “no person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty unless in accordance with the procedure established by law.” That is, a person’s life or personal liberty might be taken away according to the procedure established by law. 

What is Procedure Established by Law?

Procedure Established by Law indicates that a law that has been lawfully adopted by the legislature or the related authority is legitimate if it has followed the correct procedure. Following this idea entails that a person may be deprived of his or her life or personal freedom in accordance with the legal process. The life or personal liberty of a person can therefore be taken away in accordance with the terms and processes of legislation passed by Parliament.

A law that has been legally passed is legitimate even if it contradicts notions of justice and equity. Strict adherence to legal procedure may increase the risk of endangering an individual’s life and personal liberty as a result of unjust legislation enacted by the legislative authority.

Protection of Life and Personal Liberty (Article 21)

Article 21 is established as a basic right in Part III of the Constitution. It is recognized as one of the most important and forward-thinking provisions in our country’s constitution. It can be used only when the “state,” as defined in Article 12, deprives a person of his or her life or personal liberty. As a result, a violation of the right by a private individual falls beyond the scope of Article 21.

The Indian Constitution protects two Fundamental Rights in Article 21 −

The right to life

The right to personal libert

The significance of Article 21 is that the two rights mentioned above cannot be revoked without the proper procedure. This means that the rights indicated above, notably life and personal liberty, can be removed if the legislature follows the proper procedure

The decision in Maneka Gandhi v. Union of India (1978) significantly enlarged the reach of Article 21 and realized the Preamble’s purpose of transforming our country into a welfare state.

The Court determined that the judicial process must be fair, just, and reasonable. According to the Court, the legal method for depriving someone of their right to life and personal liberty must be valid, reasonable, and fair, rather than discretionary and arbitrary.

Role of the judiciary

The Judiciary will assess whether the Legislature is competent to approve the law and if correct legislative procedure was followed, but it will not determine the bill’s objective.

When compared to “due process of law,” it has a limited reach since it does not evaluate whether the legislation contradicts principles of fairness and equity.

When deciding whether a statute is constitutional, the Supreme Court only addresses the substantive question of whether the conduct is within the authority’s powers or not.

A rigorous and inflexible commitment to legal procedure may enhance the chance that individuals’ lives and personal liberties will be jeopardized as a result of unjust laws passed by the law-making authorities.

As a result, the mechanisms established by law safeguard individuals against the executive’s arbitrary acts.

Judicial Pronouncement Maneka Gandhi vs. Union of India case (1978)

Maneka Gandhi vs. Union of India was a major Supreme Court of India case in which the Court considerably broadened the meaning of Indian Constitution Article 21. According to the court, the expression “personal liberty” should be interpreted flexibly and liberally rather than strictly and rigorously.

ADM Jabalpur vs. Shavian Shukla

The ADM Jabalpur case is a significant Supreme Court of India habeas corpus decision. During the 1975–1977 Emergency, PN. Bhagwati gave a disputed judgment in which he said that a person’s right not to be unfairly detained might be revoked.

The Court reversed its own decision when a national emergency was proclaimed in 1975. The Court upheld the sentence under the 1971 Maintenance of Internal Security Act (MISA), while dismissing Article 21 fully. The court declared that Article 21 is suspended during an emergency. As a result, the court will only evaluate the actual meaning of the Procedure Established by Law in this matter. The Court made no ruling on whether or not the government act (MISA, 1971) was just, fair, or reasonable.

A.K. Gopalan vs. State of Madras

In Gopalan v. State of Madras, the Supreme Court of India rendered a significant ruling, concluding that Article 21 of the Constitution did not require Indian courts to use a due process of law standard. The constitutional bench of six judges on the Supreme Court decided this issue by a 5:1 majority.


Although the Procedure Established by Law has a very limited reach, it is recognized as a law under the Indian Constitution. “Legislation-enforced procedure” states that a law that has been legitimately adopted is valid, even if it breaches fairness and equitable standards. Strict adherence to legal procedure may increase the likelihood that people’s lives and personal liberties will be jeopardized as a result of unjust laws issued by the legislative body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the distinction between legal procedure and due process of law?

Ans. It provides the courts with minimal authority. It puts more authority in the hands of the judges. Individuals are protected by law against the arbitrary actions of merely the executive. Individuals are protected by due process of law from both arbitrary executive and legislative action.

Q2. From which country’s constitution did the Indian Constitution borrow the feature of procedure established by law?

Ans. Article 31 of the Japanese Constitution inspired the Indian Constitution’s feature of procedures established by law.

Q3. What are the features of the procedure established by law?

Ans. The procedure established by law denotes that a law that has been lawfully adopted by the legislature or the body in issue is legal if the technique for establishing a law has been followed appropriately. The Judiciary will assess whether the Legislature is competent to approve the law and if correct legislative procedure was followed, but it will not determine the bill’s objective. When compared to “due process of law,” it has a limited reach since it does not evaluate whether the legislation contradicts principles of fairness and equity.

Q4. What do you mean by Due process of law?

Ans. Due process requires that legal concerns be dealt with in line with established norms and principles and that everyone be treated fairly. Due process applies to both civil and criminal actions.

Judge Strikes Down Uber Restraining Order In Las Vegas

The powerful cab lobby, the Nevada Taxicab Authority, and the Nevada Attorney General did not prevail against Uber in a Las Vegas District Court today, when Judge Douglas Herndon, himself a former Prosecutor, said the Nevada Attorney General’s office failed to show that Uber was causing “irreparable harm” to public safety. However, judges in Washoe County (the county that hosts Reno as its county seat) and Carson City (the state capital, which is also independent of any county) granted orders without hearings, according to reports in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

According to Uber’s attorney Donald Campbell, the rulings in northern Nevada are void because the company “had no opportunity to be heard” before the court. As for the reason that Judge Herndon allowed Uber to continue operating in Clark County, he said “competition in business is a good thing.” But he did authorize the Taxicab Authority and the Nevada Transportation Authority to enforce Nevada law. This will continue to create, then, a very sticky situation since the very application of the law remains in dispute when the practice of ride sharing in Nevada occurs. Uber connects riders with drivers, and does so in over 200 cities worldwide. In Nevada, however, officials refuse to see this as anything but accepting cab fares and operating a cab without a license.

Nevada’s taxi and limo laws are some of the strictest in the country: they protect a $400 million/year industry. Although tech-enabled ridesharing companies have faced challenges in many areas throughout the country, normally they have been able to smooth over regulatory issues by showing that they are not actually breaking the law. In Nevada, however, the cab industry is regulated by a board of officials who were appointed with significant lobby dollars.

Investigations leading up to today’s hearing in Las Vegas uncovered this somewhat dramatic and scandalous story:

According to John L Smith of the Review-Journal, one of the Uber drivers who was detained and arrested by masked undercover Taxicab Authority officials was unknowingly driving a passenger who was later identified as Jonathan P. Poteat,  the director of technology for the Whittlesea Bell cab company. To make matters worse, the driver was cited for allowing an open container in the vehicle. It seems that Poteat or his fellow passenger was “sipping from a red Solo cup the investigators believed had alcohol in it.”

In other cities, these services have found challenge and triumph as they continue to enable a technologically connected culture among citizens looking to participate in a free market. Paris is currently assessing fines to Uber for violating a rule that makes carpooling for profit illegal. The battle for ridesharing services in San Francisco is not over, as their screening processes continue to be challenged, even as both Sidecar and Lyft can now boast partnerships with SFO airport.

The sharing economy continues to be a major battleground as people decide for themselves whether they trust each other enough to share services and exchange money for such. According to WIRED magazine, a poll of 1200 Americans in October 2013 found that 41% of respondents place significant trust in the people they hire to work in their home. eBay was formed on the premise that “People are basically good,” as consumers successfully trusted each other enough to believe in product descriptions, send payment, and await shipment from person to person, not regulated business to consumer.

Best Strategy Games For Pc On Microsoft Store

If you are looking for the best Strategy games for Windows 11/10, then your search ends here. So, when we vetted the top ten strategy games for PC in Microsoft Store, we looked at the biggest decisions to make, large scale, loud and action-packed. You are set to get all the options here from fast pace to simply competitive.

Best Strategy Games for Windows 11/10 PC

We have featured all the best action-packed and also very competitive strategy games for you. So, get your seat belts on because we are about to make your free time even more exciting.

1] Cooking Fever

We are going to start this list with Cooking Fever because it one of the highest-rated strategy games available on Microsoft Store.

Cooking Fever is a game involving cooking your favorite dishes and the game rates you accordingly. You can upgrade your kitchen as you move up the levels. This amazing game involves 150 ingredients and over 400 dishes. Thus, you would probably learn a lot about cooking while playing this game.

2] chúng tôi – Online Snake Game

This is simple but an extremely addictive game. You can simply just start the game and make it the longest trail for the day.

Find it here on Microsoft Store. You can be of any age just sit around a warm fire and start making the longest snake trail for the day and break your own highest score.

3] Stickman Warriors Avengers Fight

If you are looking for a stickman design shooting strategy game which is action packed, then this is the right choice for you. These enemies are bloodthirsty, and you plan to kill them and shoot them with the right strategy.

With amazing gameplay and excellent graphics, you would love this addictive game. Get it here from the Windows Store.

4] Dragon City GO!

You can easily get it here from the Windows Store.

5] Plants vs Monsters – Zombie Craft

This is tower defense strategy games where you get to pit plants vs zombies. You can get into a world where plants combine and collect together to bring down an army of ferocious monsters.

You can easily get it here from the Windows Store.

6] Jewel Crush Bejewel Star

Match the join the quest to finish a mission with the highest score in the jewel world. This game is not just strategy based but also a game that keeps you swiping for more. Very easy to play, stunning graphics you know this is a game to stick on to pass those boring afternoons.

Get it here and download it from Microsoft Store.

7] Cake Shop Bakery Empire

When a baker meets a competitive strategy based game you know you will be baking cakes to unlock levels. Win amazing levels prizes and keep a high score you always wanted.

Bug-free software and you get an amazing gamer experience in fulfilling your culinary fever with this baking story to unlock the highest level. Challenge your friends and download now from the Microsoft Store.

8]  Redboy and Bluegirl: Temple Maze

9] Kingdom Rush – Tower Defense

From the highly rated Tower Defense franchise, you can play Kingdom Rush on 50 versatile, exciting levels. With each level, you get massive powers and building projects and play it with competitive online payers through absolute strategy and tactile.

You also get original soundtracks and amazing upgrades along the way. This is generation x role-play strategy game with top-notch graphics giving you the cutting edge gaming experience all for free.

10] Dream League Soccer

We can’t end this list without an amazing soccer game. Dream League Soccer lets you play for a football player or goalkeeper with a super realistic FREEKICKER.

With excellent level optimization and playing for your favorite team, this is one of the best strategy football games out on the Microsoft Store.

We listed you all the best games to waste your free time breaking the highest world scores. With excellent user experience and easy navigation; you know you are getting the best of storytelling, and role-play strategy games.

Happy Gaming!

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