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The struggle over Java is anything but casual. Passions run unusually high in everyone from casual observers to major players in what is described as a modern-day religious war. And while the big guns are slinging mud with the government and each other, the developer community is finding its own voice through an organization called the Java Lobby. Founded earlier this year by Java programmer Rick Ross, the Java Lobby unites the developers actually using Java so that their interests aren’t lost in the media and legal frenzy. But Ross isn’t a lobbyist by trade, nor a Sun Microsystems hired gun. So how did he go from a regular-joe developer to having Scott McNealy take his calls? Let’s just say he found the activist within.

Like many of today’s big deals, the Java Lobby began with one little e-mail. Fed up with the tug-of-war surrounding Java between Sun and Microsoft, Ross wrote a lengthy, bitter post to a newsgroup about how he felt the developers were lacking representation in the struggle. But, unlike many of today’s users, Ross changed his mind before he hit the “send” button. He revised the message to take a more positive, constructive tone. “I was tired of having bigwigs decide what I do. I decided to complain, but then realized I had written just another flame.” The response was overwhelming. Ross decided to harness this passion to form a grassroots group rallied around the cause. He set up the Java Lobby Web site and invited developers worldwide to join online. They did and Ross became their spokesperson. This turn of events came as a shock, but Ross embraced the opportunity to represent the interests of his peers. “I have no idea what happened. I am just like everyone else, but now I’m in the middle of this maelstrom.” Though his credentials did not scream “activist,” Ross’s obvious emotional commitment to the issues made him a legitimate candidate for the role.

Rick Ross earned his bachelor’s degree in philosophy, and it shows. Get him talking about Java and he quickly enlarges the argument to include issues of technology, society, politics and the global economy. He is prone to sweeping statements about how these topics are intertwined, such as his belief that, “The Internet bodes well for freedom in a bigger sense. It’s not just about technology issues, it’s about us as a people.” Unlike some names that consistently make the papers, Ross’s claims are rooted in the truth of his own story, not sheer speculation. Calling the Java Lobby itself an “Internet phenomenon,” Ross has first-hand experience that anyone with a strong conviction can reach an audience and develop support online. “This is the first time in 10,000 generations we have the chance to change the way we connect with one another and defend our rights. And it’s up to us to make it happen.”

“Developers are like artists,” he says. “Michaelangelo once said that ‘inside every hunk of marble, there’s a great sculpture waiting to get out.’ You can look at silicone and electricity that way — they add beauty to the world.”

Making allowances for a bit of hyperbole, Ross’s claim that technology can change the world is certainly proving true in the area of big business. Never before has an industry of this size received such attention and scrutiny. When asked (inevitably) about Microsoft, Ross is adamant about the Java Lobby’s position as “pro-Java, not anti-Microsoft.” And though he concedes that “Microsoft is doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing, which is to raise the value of their shares,” his issue with the software giant takes on a personal tone. “Microsoft said they were going to be at the party, that they were going to support Java. They could have backed, ‘Write once, run anywhere, but run best on Windows.’ Instead, they turned on a dime and left Java developers hanging. It will be a long, long time before I believe anything they say again.”

The Java Lobby has brought together developers with this same passion for their craft. Though there is a board in place, most of the activity originates with Ross and the other volunteers who help put in motion initiatives such as the Java-ready PC plan which lobbies vendors to sell Java-enabled hardware. At the time of this interview, the number of members had reached 17,902; the Internet at work yet again. Outsiders would wonder what it is about Java that has caused such an uproar. Ross’s perspective is, not surprisingly, on a macro scale. “By the end of the 1980s, no one was interested in doing anything innovative because everyone was talking about how the technology industry had matured. Everyone was making homogenous software,” Ross recalls. “What Java did was reawaken the spirit by showing developers that, through technology, they could make the world a better place.”

Amazingly, the Java Lobby is Ross’s hobby. He also runs his own software company called Activated Intelligence, though these days you’re more likely to find him explaining Java to the Attorney General of New York than filling his corporate role. But his new-found fame is not at the heart of his motivation. “This is not about personal power, but about re-empowering a group of free-thinking developers who use technology to shape our lives. I’m just like every other developer. I don’t regard anyone as important to begin with.”

You're reading Rick Ross: Advocate For Developers

How To Be An Effective Advocate For Your Child With Autism

Stay informed and do your research

In the initial days of the diagnosis, you might find yourself clueless regarding Autism and your child’s behavioral symptoms. Sometimes you’d see your child struggling with their needs, but you might be unable to understand it. If you want to help your child and understand their wants and needs, one this is for sure- You need to make yourself an expert on Autism. Only once you know about it, you’ll be able to help them or at least be able to seek help from the right person. For this, read blogs, attend workshops, read his/her reports, and try to explore and grab as much knowledge and information as possible from a variety of credible sources.

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Be proactive

As a parent of a child with special needs, you need to be constantly on your toes. Write down the areas you think your child needs help with and discuss them with their special educator. Also, analyse and keep a note of the goals he/she has already achieved. For instance, if your child is about to attend a new class or will be going on a different bus, it is obvious that he/she might be meeting several new people. Generally, individuals diagnosed with ASD find it difficult to interact or accept a change, and so you need to proactively find out which new persons are going to take the responsibility of your child.

Fix a meeting with them and discuss your child’s requirements and understanding with them. Share your contact details, just in case they need your assistance regarding your child. For instance, if your child’s bus is going to take a new route from the next day onwards, you need to prepare your child beforehand for this change. Proactively, contact the school authority or bus fleet manager and ask them the directions. To ease out your child’s stress, you can drive him/her along the same route in the evening and tell the child, “You will go by school bus via this route tomorrow.”

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Stay prepared with the documents

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Communicate regularly

Constantly keep in touch with your child’s teacher, shadow teacher, (in case he/she has one,) therapists, clinicians, etc and enquire them about your child. You can make a short questionnaire for them to fill. For instance, when you go to pick up your child after school, you can hand out a questionnaire to his/her teacher.

“Vihaan ate by himself today. Yes/No

“He communicated when he wanted to use the restroom. Yes/No

“He waited for his turn to come while playing the swings. Yes/No

Also, try to communicate with your child and try to know if they are having any problems or issues at school or the therapy centre.

Reach out for help

At times when you find it hard to understand how to help your child, it’s best to reach out for help. Consult a therapist or a child counseling expert as he/she will be able to better guide you with the comprehensive treatment plan that works best for your child. You can simply type in your browser, “child counseling near me” or “autism counseling near me” and you will have several options to choose from. Look for a centre that has a team of Occupational therapists, Child psychologists, Speech and language therapists, Special educators, etc who can together for the best interests of your child.

Top 10 Web3 Developers Jobs To Apply For In August 2023

If you want to explore web3 developer jobs, these are the jobs to apply for in 2023.

As Web3 is currently defined, it is a vision for the public internet where data and content are registered on blockchains, tokenized, or managed and accessed on peer-to-peer distributed networks. Here are the top 10 web3 developers jobs you can apply for in August 2023.

MSTR developer at Tata Consultancy Services

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Hybrid

The candidates for this job should be working on MSTR development, and have to experience in schema objects, and public objects as MSTR architects worked on report development, and web development (dossier, dashboard, documents). They should also be MSTR certified or should be ready to do the certification. It will be better if they have experience in ETL tools.

Apply here.

GIS Developer at HCL Technologies

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Remote

The developer will be primarily working on a project to implement modules on GE Smallworld Core, PNI, LNI, NIG, GSS, and Network Viewer upon GE Smallworld 4.1/4.3 to the latest version (GE Smallworld 5). They should have good knowledge of upgrading the project; especially from GE Smallworld 4.1/4.3 to GE Smallworld 5. It is also required to have a good knowledge of GE Smallworld Magik language and Core Java or JSP. Any certification on GE Smallworld products will be preferred.

Apply here.

Conversational AI and Chatbot developer at Smarter.Codes

Location: India Remote

As a Conversational AI developer, you will join the NLP team and work on cutting-edge AI technology. You will be designing and building multiple applications across varying industries, creating conversations, and automating tasks using Conversational AI technologies and principles. You will be building proprietary NLP/NLU components, and Domain-specific or user level models-going beyond standard features are available in common APIs such as Dialogflow or IBM Watson.

Apply here.

Web 3 frontend Developer at Uplers

Location: India Remote

The candidates for the job should have an understanding of decentralization and dApps as well as a strong understanding of object-oriented concepts. They should be well familiar with Angular v13, Angular material, and also in Functional programming with RxJS.

Apply here.

Web Developer at Pixselo Global Solutions

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Pixselo is looking for smart individuals to join the team with sound knowledge of web development in PHP, WordPress, Codeigniter, and Angular JS. they should understand the project life cycle and MVC architecture. It is required for them to have the basic knowledge of Frameworks along with 3 years of experience in the WordPress framework.

Apply here.

Web Developer at FT-INDIA

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

The candidate for this job should have proven working experience in web programming with top-notch programming skills and in-depth knowledge of modern HTML/CSS. They should have a solid understanding of how web applications work including security, session management, and best development practices. It is required for them to have adequate knowledge of relational database systems, object-oriented programming, and web application development.

Apply here.

Front End Developer / Web Developer at Stemkit Education

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

To apply, your resume should list the technologies you have proven expertise in along with the tenure of experience in each technology. Candidates are required to work from the office. Candidates should not be in the employ of another company while working with us.

Apply here.

Rust Developer at Zelus India

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India On-site

The candidates for this job should have an understanding of Rust design patterns and write performant and maintainable code in the language. They should be solving development challenges and making architectural decisions by understanding the larger picture of the project’s goals. It is also their responsibility to expand their existing skill-set and pick up on various rust-dependent frameworks.

Apply here.

MEAN Developer at Algoscale

Location: India Remote

The candidates for this job should have an excellent working knowledge of chúng tôi and associated frameworks such as Express and Angular. JS. They are required to have an understanding of the nature of asynchronous programming and its quirks and workarounds. It is also their responsibility to have a basic understanding of front-end technologies, such as HTML5, and CSS3.

Apply here.

Epub3 Developer at Grasshopper Datatech

Location: Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India On-site

The candidates for this job are required to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science or a related field. They would have to be experts in Epub3 & Math ML. It is mandatory for them to have work experience of 2 to 5 years with hands-on knowledge in Epub3 and Epsilon Editor.

Apply here.

Windows 11 Build 25217 Opens Widgets To Developers

Windows 11 build 25217 brings support for third-party Widgets.

Introduces cloud suggestions in Simplified Chinese IME.

The flight also ships updates Microsoft Store and Chat experience.

Microsoft is now rolling out the Windows 11 build 25217 for computers enrolled in the Dev Channel of the Windows Insider Program. The update is a minor release but brings new features, improvements, and known issues.

Build 25217 for Windows 11, according to the official changes, opens up the Widgets feature to developers to build third-party widgets with the new WinAppSDK 1.2 preview. This flight also introduces typing cloud suggestions for popular words in Simplified Chinese faster using the touch keyboard.

Here are all the new features and improvements for the latest release of Windows 11 in the Dev Channel:


Starting with build 25271, Microsoft brings support for developers to write third-party widgets for the Widgets feature using the WinAppSDK version 1.2.

According to the company, developers with packaged Win32 apps can create and test third-party widgets locally if the machine is running in Developer Mode. For more information, check these resources, Widget Design Docs and Widget Dev Docs.

Currently, there are some limitations, including widgets can only be tested locally until the WinAppSDK 1.2 becomes generally available, at which point developers will be able to ship their widgets from the Microsoft Store.

Also, Microsoft plans to support third-party PWA widgets, but the support will be available in the future once the support comes to Microsoft Edge.

Cloud typing suggestions for Simplified Chinese IME

Microsoft also introduces search and cloud suggestions in this update to allow users to “type fresh, hot, and popular words in Simplified Chinese.”

According to the company, “cloud suggestion adds the most relevant word from Bing to the IME candidate window.” Furthermore, Windows 11  updates the logic to provide better suggestions.

As part of the search suggestions, the new integration “gives you additional suggestions similar to what you see on the Bing search page. You can either insert a suggestion as text or search it directly in Bing.”

Microsoft Teams (consumer version)

In this release, the software giant is also shipping an updated version of the video calling experience for the Chat from Microsoft Teams feature. Starting with this release, when you open the Chat, it’ll start with a preview of your own video and the different ways to contact someone.

Microsoft Store app

Windows 11 build 25217 also comes with the Microsoft Store version 22209, which clearly shows the game is available with Game Pass. In addition, the company “enhanced the library experience with simplified options and improved performance.”


Furthermore, in this release, Windows 11 gets the new Tamil Anjal keyboard for the Tamil language. Also, it disables the new touch keyboard setting available back in build 25188. However, the company plans to bring the feature back in the future after further refinement of the design.

Fixes and improvements

In addition, this flight includes various fixes for File Explorer, Taskbar, Settings, Task Manager, and more.

Taskbar for tablets

Fixed the issue causing the taskbar sometimes to collapse when it should be expanded if there are no running windows on the desktop.

Fixed an issue that would occur when using the left or right edge gestures resulting in the Widgets or Notification Center (respectively) overlapping with or looking truncated by the taskbar.

Fixed an issue causing the tablet-optimized taskbar to crash chúng tôi while switching apps.

Fixed an issue causing the tablet-optimized taskbar to crash chúng tôi if you entered the overflow flyout.


Fixed an issue where the close button for window preview thumbnails in Task View was drawing slightly outside the bounds of the thumbnail.

Fixed an issue where you might see the entire window flash black for a frame while rendering when switching between windows in recent builds.

Fixed an issue causing Miracast video quality to be very slow and stuttering on recent flights despite having a solid internet connection.

System Tray

Fixed an issue so Quick Settings items can now rearrange with touch again.


This release also has some known issues with the Tablet-optimized Taskbar, Widgets, and more. 

Install build 25217

If you want to download and install the Windows 11 build 25217, enroll your device in the Dev Channel using the “Windows Insider Program” settings from the “Windows Update” section.

Update October 10, 2023: Microsoft is now rolling out build 25217.1010 as update KB5019765. However, the update does not include anything new, this is only another test for the update mechanism service.

How Gandcrab Ransomware Made Its Developers Nine Figures

2024 was the year where malware stopped being a malicious hobby and became a real money-making venture. The rise in ransomware and cryptomining attacks is a clear sign that hackers no longer want to just cause havoc – they also want to make a pretty penny while they do so.

Up until now we’ve had no real income figures to work with; were hackers living the dream, or getting by on scraps? It was clear that hackers were trying to make money, but there was no sign on whether they were succeeding. Recently BitDefender released an estimate on the most popular ransomware of this year, and the figures were a little worrisome .

How Much Is Being Made?

We saw some fledgling ransomware attacks around the start of 2023. Things began to kick off when hackers began adopting GandCrab as their weapon of choice back in February 2023. GandCrab was offered as ransomware-as-a-service, where a developer allows others to use their malicious software for either an upfront cost or a share of the total cut. This meant that the developers of GandCrab got a slice of the pie every time someone used their software to successfully carry out an attack.

With GandCrab available for cybercriminals to launch their attacks, how much did its developers make? While BitDefender didn’t have access to the income logs of the developers, they were able to use some educated logic to make a guess-timate.

We know that 500,000 users were infected with GandCrab. We also know that the absolute minimum ransom bounty was $600. Around half of the total people infected with GandCrab give up and pay out. That already gives you a $150 million figure at the absolute least. BitDefender believes the actual figure comes to around $300 million, given how some of the higher ransom demands reached an eye-watering $700,000.

This is an absolutely stunning figure, as this was a movement that started early in 2023. With these numbers being thrown around, it’s not hard to see why ransomware is quickly become the biggest threat of 2023.

How Did this Happen?

With such rapid development in just under nine months, it begs the question: how did GandCrab manage to rake in the big bucks so quickly? While malware such as WannaCry did the rounds earlier this year, it didn’t quite have the same impact as GandCrab. This is because GandCrab does something that WannaCry could only dream of doing – target individual users.

GandCrab comes with the ability to customise the ransom message and payment amount from each victim. Gone are the days where ransomware developers carpet-bomb as many users as possible in the hopes they hit someone who’s both rich and has a strong desire to save their files. Now they can individually tweak the malware to suit their targets. They can customise the malware to suit the target’s ability to pay and ensure they’re getting the most possible out of their victims.

This method of extraction was demoed by IBM with their DeepLocker malware, which used webcams to scan the faces of users and lock down the PC of the target it was looking for. Infecting the PCs of people who can’t pay or aren’t worried about losing their files only makes the malware more visible and susceptible to a counterattack. Using the initial window of freedom to hit affluent targets ensures a nice payout until the ransomware is solved and a solution is released.

What’s Being Done?

Thankfully, security experts around the world realise how bad a ransomware epidemic can be. Reverse-engineering a ransomware attack can make it effectively powerless, and people are pushing out decrypters to fight the latest versions of GandCrab. Of course, being diligent with your Internet security also goes a good distance for avoiding being infected!

Money Grab Crab

We’ve known for a while that malware is shifting towards making profit. Despite this, we didn’t know how much hackers were actually making. With nine-digit estimates being suggested, malware is now a highly profitable venture for those who can muster it.

Do you think this is the start of a wave of malware trying to emulate GandCrab’s success? Or are we ready for the onslaught? Let us know below.

Simon Batt

Simon Batt is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for cybersecurity.

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Seo Vs. Web Developers: Who Should Lead Implementation?

The relationship between an SEO professional, the IT department, and the web developers of a site can be complicated.

Web developers and IT departments have different priorities from SEO pros; they focus on the appearance and stability of the site rather than its functionality.

Developers and IT departments also don’t typically have ample time or resources to implement changes.

These challenges can lead to conflict between the two groups.

Let’s discuss the challenges that SEO experts face when working with web developers and IT professionals, and the benefits of SEO-led implementation.

The Challenges: SEO Pros Vs. Web Developers

Web developers often require assistance comprehending the significance of SEO, which presents a significant hurdle for SEO experts.

They may also focus more on the site’s visual elements, such as the design and layout, rather than on its functionality and technical SEO aspects.

As a result, developers may refrain from making changes necessary for SEO, or they may make changes that negatively impact SEO.

Web developers may also need the technical knowledge required to implement SEO changes.

They may need to be more familiar with the latest best practices, or they may need to learn how to implement changes in a way that is effective for SEO.

These challenges can lead to frustration for both the SEO and the developer; Web developers might feel overwhelmed by the technical requirements of SEO, which can cause SEO professionals to feel undervalued for their expertise.

The Challenges: SEO Experts Vs. IT

IT professionals are often responsible for the technical aspects of a site, such as server maintenance and software updates.

While they may be aware of the importance of SEO, they may need more time or resources to implement changes promptly.

IT folks may also refrain from making changes that could impact the site’s stability or the underlying IT infrastructure.

Another challenge is that SEO changes may impact IT systems in unforeseen ways. For example, changes in site architecture or URL structure may cause caching or load-balancing issues.

This can lead to delays in implementation and additional work for the SEO and the IT teams.

The Benefits Of SEO-Led Implementation

With their specialized knowledge and expertise in SEO strategy, SEO professionals are well-equipped to lead the implementation process.

They can ensure that changes are made correctly the first time by taking the lead. Moreover, they can guide web developers and IT teams to help them understand the impact of SEO changes and how they can be implemented effectively.

SEO pros can also prioritize SEO changes and ensure implementation promptly. This is especially important for sites undergoing significant changes or updates, as delays in implementing SEO changes significantly impact search rankings and traffic.

SEO experts are typically great at translating complex technical information into usable data.

Putting the SEO pro in charge of implementing all search-related changes saves time on all fronts, especially the communication front – as long as they have a seat at the executive table.

A more significant issue arises in defining what is search related and what is not.

This unclear definition of what search constitutes is a big reason why SEO experts should both implement and define what the search engine marketing program is.

Many SEO experts have served as IT professionals or web developers before. In fact, in some cases, SEO pros take on IT and developer roles while simultaneously running search marketing programs.

There is a definite overlap in skill sets, which can be challenging; it’s hard to know where SEO begins and ends.

For example, site speed is essential for all aspects of a site, especially for SEO pros.

Web developers typically don’t have the technical knowledge to improve a site’s speed significantly. IT professionals can speed up a site, but usually with a performance sacrifice elsewhere.

Competent SEO professionals can improve a site’s speed without losing significant functionality. And, in almost all cases, they will implement site speed changes faster and more efficiently than a web developer or IT professional.

Collaboration Between Departments

Collaboration between the SEO, web developer, and IT departments is essential for larger technical SEO projects.

By working together, these teams can ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.

As the SEO pro guides and supports the two teams, the web developer ensures changes are consistent with the site’s design and user experience. The IT team, on the other hand, ensures the changes are compatible with the site’s underlying infrastructure.

The changes made by the SEO team should be checked. If the IT team or a web developer feels a change is wrong, they should speak up.

I don’t know an SEO pro who hasn’t made a mistake. I also don’t know many SEO experts who aren’t excited to talk about their work with anyone who will listen.

Both the IT department and web developers should have some veto power on the changes that will be made, but not absolute veto power.

Any issues with suggested changes are ideally resolved via discussion as long as all teams, especially the SEO team, can keep their egos in check.

Sometimes, SEO is about compromise – and some SEO pros don’t like to hear that.

But in a discussion, problems affecting SEO can have solutions that come from the IT or developer team.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who did the work as long as the results are in – but it is easier if the SEO team implements the SEO changes.


Allowing SEO pros to lead the implementation process can expedite the changes and ensure they are completed correctly the first time.

In larger technical SEO projects, it is crucial to have collaboration between SEO professionals, web developers, and IT departments. This helps ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.

By working together, these teams can achieve a visually appealing and functional site while ranking well in search results.

Ultimately, this can lead to increased traffic, improved user engagement, and a better overall experience for visitors to the site.

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