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The 2-D puzzle games in Enigmo have been fan favorites since Pangea Software presented them in 2003. The original title launched a sequel in 2009 that feature not just 3-D graphics, but the puzzles themselves are 3-D.

The 2-D puzzle games in Enigmo have been fan favorites since Pangea Software presented them in 2003. The original title launched a sequel in 2009 that feature not just 3-D graphics, but the puzzles themselves are 3-D.

Pangea handed off the series to another game company, Team Chaos, who recently launched the third title in the series on iOS in the form of Enigmo: Explore…

Like the title sounds, this game features a physics-based puzzle system that is customized to fit your design. Instead of adhering to one specific chain of events, use the items in your toolbox to make the solution as complex as you want.

Similar to the first two titles, Enigmo: Explore’s basic goal is to get the dripping liquid into the container. Players have a toolkit that includes bouncing platforms, liquid-shooting cannons, and more. It is up to you whether you want to use one or more tool and what order and placement you want to put them in. You are only limited by what you have in your toolkit.

Similar to the first two titles, Enigmo: Explore’s basic goal is to get the dripping liquid into the container. Players have a toolkit that includes bouncing platforms, liquid-shooting cannons, and more. It is up to you whether you want to use one or more tool and what order and placement you want to put them in. You are only limited by what you have in your toolkit.

Levels start with a contraption that features one or more pipe that is dripping liquid. Players must redistribute water into color-coordinated canisters by deflecting the drops off of the tools they use, as well as surrounding objects. Drag items from the toolbox at the bottom of the screen to place them on the contraption. If you don’t like the results of a placement, tap the tool to put it back into the toolbox.

You can rotate tools to change the direction that the drips flow. This can help fill the container or deflect the water in a different angle so that it will find its way to the tank.

You can rotate tools to change the direction that the drips flow. This can help fill the container or deflect the water in a different angle so that it will find its way to the tank.

This game is timed. Players must fill the containers within a certain time frame in order to progress. The quicker you get the tanks filled, the more stars you will earn.

The graphics are 3-D in this new game, but the puzzles are 2-D. Players can zoom in on the action to determine what they want to do. The backgrounds can be changed to a variety of different locations to help maintain the illusion of Zen-like peace.

Enigmo: Explore is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for $0.99. Download it in the App Store today.

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Solve Common Hyperterminal Issues With These Easy Steps

Solve common HyperTerminal issues with these easy steps






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

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readers this month.

HyperTerminal is a popular Windows terminal emulation program. It allows the users to connect through TCP/IP Networks, Dial-Up Modems, and COM ports.

That said, when using HyperTerminal, you may encounter some issues. Some of the most common HyperTerminal issues are:

HyperTerminal not opening

HyperTerminal does not show text

HyperTerminal does not show com port

HyperTerminal not sending commands

HyperTerminal not receiving data

HyperTerminal not responding

HyperTerminal not taking keyboard input

In this article, we take a look at a couple of troubleshooting tips to help you resolve the common HyperTerminal issues in Windows.

How do I fix common HyperTerminal issues? 1. HyperTerminal is not opening

1.1 Check your antivirus

Open your antivirus app and disable it temporarily.

You can also disable Antivirus from the taskbar.

Once disabled, try launching HyperTerminal.

If the issue is resolved, open your Antivirus and make sure you add the program to whitelist.

If you are running an Enterprise version of Windows, you may need to contact your IT administrator to disable the antivirus or add an exception.

Looking to Install Windows Terminal on Windows 10? Check out this article for detailed steps

2. HyperTerminal does not show text

Open HyperTerminal.

Open the Settings tab.

3. HyperTerminal does not show com port

Download this registry file to your computer.


Launch HyperTerminal and check if the com port is visible again.

If the issue persists, open Registry Editor to make sure the correct values are added to the registry.

Press Windows Key + R.

In the Registry Editor, navigate to the following path:

ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlTerminal Server

Make sure the following values exist:


If the values exist, close the Registry Editor and try again.

If you can’t edit your Windows 10’s registry, read this handy guide and find the quickest solutions to the issue.

Can’t access the Registry Editor? Things aren’t as scary as they seem. Check out this guide and solve the issue quickly.

4. HyperTerminal not sending commands

Create a new text file anywhere on your desktop.

Open the newly created text file and write the ASCII command of your choice and save it.

Next, open HyperTerminal.

Name the HyperTerminal session and set the following:

BAUD rate 9600

Parity to ODD 

8 data-bits

1 stop-bit

No Flow Control (when the COM Port setup pops up).

In ASCII Setup, check the Echo Typed Characters Locally option.

Go back to the main HyperTerminal window.

In the HyperTerminal window, go to Transfer and select Send Text File.

Select the text file you saved on desktop.

You should see the command and the response in the interactive portion of HyperTerminal.

5. HyperTerminal not receiving data

Make sure you have configured the flow control in HyperTerminal correctly.

If the issue persists, run the tool in debug mode and check if the print functions are working correctly.

6. HyperTerminal not taking keyboard input

HyperTerminal by default has disabled Echo Typed Characters Locally feature.

If HyperTerminal is not taking keyboard input, check if the feature is disabled.

Open the Settings tab.

In this article, we have covered some of the common HyperTerminal issues and troubleshooting tips to fix the issues. Closely following each of the above-mentioned steps will surely help you solve your issue.

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Ancient Wisdom For Teaching In Challenging Times

Confession: I haven’t read any books about instructional practice this year because my brain cannot learn one more thing. I’ve been back in the classroom since August, and each period I teach a full class of students face-to-face as well as a handful online. To rejuvenate, I spend my reading time with books that feed my soul and that are most relevant to the lessons in patience, kindness, and understanding that have framed this past year.

I’ve been diving back into some old favorites that remind me how to be a good human; number one on my list is The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz. In this book, Ruiz distills ancient Toltec wisdom into lessons readers can apply to their lives to limit suffering and increase joy. The message is timeless, but it feels as if it had been written for this year when our patience with ourselves and each other is wearing thin. As I’ve read it in the context of the pandemic and reacquainted myself with each of the four agreements below, they’ve shifted how I relate to other people in my school and made me more positive.

Be Impeccable With Your Word

Words are powerful; they can build up or they can destroy. I work with students who, for the most part, have struggled in school all their lives. They are already down on themselves and don’t need me to reinforce the cycle of negative thinking in which they often become stuck.

So instead of reprimanding them when they forget to turn in work or score poorly on an assessment (which seems to happen more often this year), I speak words of affirmation. I remind my students that they are more than their GPA or their latest test score and that they have what it takes to succeed. I celebrate successes outside the classroom with them, like getting their first job or passing their driving test. If you want to foster hope and healthy self-beliefs in your students too, UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center offers these suggestions.

Don’t Take Anything Personally

Occasional conflict is inevitable, a by-product of being human. But I always have a choice about the degree to which I am willing to participate in conflict. If a student snaps at me, I can react or I can pause and remember that their behavior reflects who they are—or, more accurately, the challenges they’re enduring, of which I might be unaware. Nothing that others say or do is about me. It’s a liberating idea.

I strive to lead with compassion and acceptance in my classroom, two keys to cultivating positive relationships with students. But when kids get angry, which happens sometimes despite my best efforts, I try not to get down on myself or take offense. Rebecca Alber, an instructor at UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, has some helpful suggestions for how to defuse difficult situations rather than taking them personally.

Don’t Make Assumptions

Assumptions can lead to misunderstanding because they are not always based on truth. As Ruiz writes, “We make the assumption that everyone sees life the way we do.” Assumptions aren’t just short-sighted—they can be dangerous.

I remind myself that I cannot make assumptions about my students’ lives outside my classroom. I cannot assume that they share my passion for my subject, that they have the same kind of support at home that I did, or even that they got enough food or sleep last night. Once I release all assumptions about my students, something magical happens: I make space to hear each student’s story and truly understand their individual strengths, hopes, and challenges. There’s only one safe assumption I can make this year—that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. If they knew better or had more support, perhaps they would do better. Kindness and grace, for ourselves, our students, and their families, goes a long way.

Always Do Your Best

According to Ruiz, the quality of your best will change depending on your life circumstances. While it’s true that this year is especially tough as we navigate teaching in a pandemic, let’s be honest: Conditions have never been easy for teachers. We routinely spend weekends grading and creating lessons, and even in a normal year our work cannot physically be done in 40 hours a week. Yet we are our own worst critics, trying to do all of the things and please all people—and beating ourselves up when we fail to do so.

This year I’m being more gentle with myself. Instead of attempting to be a rock star in every respect, I’m focusing on just two: excellent planning, so that my students’ time in class is engaging and productive, and building relationships. If there’s one thing the challenges and loss of this pandemic have taught me, it’s that relationships are all that really matter—not only relationships with my students but relationships with family and friends. I make time for the people I love, even if it means not getting everything done every day. And when I lay my head down at night, I feel a sense of peace, knowing I’m doing my best.

For today, that is enough. I am enough.

Explore The Steps To Install .Net Using Visual Studio

What is .NET?

Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

Pre-requisite to install Visual Studio for .Net

The following steps should be taken care of before installing Visual Studio

Disable any anti-virus or anti-spyware software which is present on the system.

All the software that is running should be closed.

Make sure your system has a minimum of 1 GB RAM.

Make sure your system has 3GB of hard disk space available.

Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment from Microsoft which helps in developing programs for Microsoft Windows. It is considered to be the best application for applications that are built chúng tôi platforms. The developer can develop, debug and run different applications using Visual Studio.

Steps to Install Visual Studio for .Net

Below are the steps to install Visual Studio on your system.

To download Visual Studio, go to the below link.

Here you can download either the community version of Visual Studio, which can be used by students, open-source developers, or individual developers. The second option that you will see for download is the Visual Studio Professional 2023 version which can be used by professional developer tools, services, and subscription benefits of small teams. Let us look for the steps for installing Professional Edition.

Visual Studio will start downloading the initialization files. This downloading speed can vary as per your internet connection.

Visual Studio will now download all relevant files, which will be based on your selection on Step 6.

This will install all the packages, and then you will be asked to reboot the PC.

Once the reboot is complete, when the system restarts, then you will see Visual Studio IDE is available, and you can open it easily.

In Visual Studio, you can navigate to the File menu to create new .Net applications and start using them as per your needs and requirements.

Add the .net product feed.

2) After this, let’s install .Net Core SDK as below.

sudo dnf update

sudo dnf install libunwind libicu compat-openssl10

sudo dnf install .Net-sdk-2.0.0

3) Creating .Net Console app Once you install .Net, you can create your own console application before learning anything about .Net Core. A new console can be created by using the following commands:

.net run

The ‘.Net new console’ helps in creating the new console Hello World. The project name should match the directory name, and the code is built using a template. The ‘.Net run’ command builds the code, and whenever the developer invokes .net run then, you can check if the *.csproj file has been altered and run the .net restore command. It also checks the source code for any alterations and then runs the build command. The developer can now run the executable.

Go to the browser and download Visual Studio for MAC from this link

Once this is done, there may appear a screen asking about feature updates, and also it is recommended to have these updates on the system.

The installation on MAC OS can be customized. You can select the packages of your choice, like Android + Xamarin.Forms, .NET Core + chúng tôi Core, macOS, etc. The .NET Core + chúng tôi Core enables console app development and web application and service development with chúng tôi Core.


.NET being one of the oldest frameworks, is still being used. It has many added features, and unlike before, we can now install .Net on all operating systems. Being open-source, it is still one of the most sought out technology. Developers can hence make use of it for creating various applications and web applications and use it on Windows, Linux, or MAC OS easily.

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This has been a guide on How To Install .Net. Here we have discussed the basic concept and various steps to Install .Net. You may also look at the following articles to learn more –

Inside The Rolex 2023 Collection: Puzzles, Bubbles, Colours And The New Perpetual 1908

Rolex has pulled out all the creative stops in its 2023 collection, which it introduced two weeks ago at the Watches and Wonders trade fair in Geneva. The 1908, its first new collection in decades, is a new dress line, replacing the Cellini, launched in 1986, but discontinued as of now.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Celebration


Rolex has pulled out all the creative stops in its 2023 collection, which it introduced two weeks ago at the Watches and Wonders trade fair in Geneva. The 1908, its first new collection in decades, is a new dress line, replacing the Cellini, launched in 1986, but discontinued as of now. Like the Cellini, the Perpetual 1908 is a collection with gold cases and elegant dials – distinctly different from the sports watches that dominate the rest of the Rolex catalog.

Rolex Perpetual 1908 in white gold


Named for the year founder Hans Wilsdorf created the Rolex brand, the 1908 measures in at a wearable size, at 39xx wide x 9.5mm thick, and comes in either white or yellow gold, with white or black dials. The bezel is part domed and part finely fluted, with fluting on the back as well. It contains a new movement, the automatic 7140, which can be seen through the transparent caseback – an open caseback is a rare sight in the Rolex collection. The Cellini Prince, introduced in 2005, was previously the only other Rolex to have a sapphire crystal caseback.

Rolex Perpetual 1908 in yellow gold


In another burst of creativity and a surprising departure from its traditionally sporty oeuvre, Rolex introduced the joyful Oyster Perpetual Celebration. The dials are lacquered with 51 bubbles in bright colors: turquoise blue, candy pink, yellow, coral, red and green. It’s a complicated dial process: each color is applied and fired separately, followed by the application of black lacquer borders on each bubble and then a final clear layer. Sizes begin small, at 31mm, and there are also 36mm and 41mm sizes. All cases are steel, and movements are automatic.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Celebration


There’s more color! The new Day-Date Puzzle a puzzling, yet equally joyful introduction, has a champlevé enamel dial designed as a puzzle, representing the theory that life is a puzzle. Instead of showing day-of—the-week in its usual window on the upper dial, it shows one of seven words of inspiration every 24 hours at midnight: hope, eternity, peace, love, happy, faith and gratitude. And instead of the date in the window at 3 o’clock, it shows one of 31 emojis – hearts, smiley faces, etc. – magnified under the model’s signature cyclops lens. Hours are marked by 10 baguette-cut sapphires in six different hues set according to the main colour of the dial, either turquoise blue or orange. Cases are yellow or everose gold (Rolex’s proprietary rose gold alloy). There are no steel cases in the Day-Date range.

Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 with Carnelian dial


Also new in the Day-Date collection is a special trio of watches with one of three stone dials: carnelian in a yellow gold case; green aventurine in everose; or turquoise in everose. The colors are meant to evoke the Mediterranean coast, and the dials are slightly glammed up with diamond-set markers and numerals. These pieces are “off-catalog” – not in the regular collection and very limited.

The caseback of the new platinum Rolex Daytona is open, a rarity for Rolex


The rest of the 2023 introductions fall more in line with Rolex’s traditional tweaks to existing models. The Daytona got a dial refresh, with slight design tweaks including- slimmer hour markers and a new counterweight on the seconds hand. A new platinum Daytona has a sapphire caseback, a rarity for Rolex. Through it you can see the new movement, the 4131 (an evolution of caliber 4130).

The all-titanium Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 42


The Rolex Sky-Dweller with a blue-green dial



How To Check Kodi Log And Solve Common Errors

Streaming or playing media with an application like Kodi affords you great freedom that cable or satellite TV can only dream of. However, if something goes wrong, it is up to you to act as your own technician. This means knowing how to find and check Kodi log when you encounter any errors.   

But you are not alone. In this guide, we will explore how to locate the Kodi log on your computer and solve a few common errors. Bookmark it and use it as a reference whenever you have issues with Kodi.

Kodi is an open-source multi-platform application. You can install Kodi on an Amazon Firestick, PC, mobile phone, smart TV, etc. As such, there are different versions for each operating system (OS). Each OS stores the Kodi log in a unique location. Here is how to locate your Kodi log:

In Windows, Kodi stores its log in the AppData folder. To find it, do the following:

Open the Windows run dialog (press Winkey + R on your keyboard)

Type %appdata% into the run dialog text field and hit Enter

AppData run dialog

Look for the Kodi folder in the list and open it

You should find a list of files and subfolders in the Kodi folder. Depending on when you last ran the Kodi application, there should be two text files labeled ‘ chúng tôi ’ and ‘ chúng tôi ’. 

Kodi log files

You can peruse through each one to find the exact error that may have caused the Kodi application to malfunction.

To locate the Kodi log on a Mac OS X-based PC, open the finder or a folder explorer of your choice and navigate to this address: chúng tôi .

You can find the Kodi Log on Linux by using a terminal or a file explorer. Then simply goto this address: $HOME/.kodi/temp/kodi.log

If you are running Kodi on Android and you want to access the log, I suggest you download an application like Total Commander (if you haven’t already). The Kodi folder is hidden on most Android devices. You will need to configure your file explorer to reveal hidden files and folders before you can access the Kodi log.

On Total Commander, you can do this by selecting configure from the three-dot menu and then ticking the option labeled ‘Show hidden files/folder’.    

Once you have completed the above instructions, you can locate the Kodi log in this directory: chúng tôi

Kodi has a built-in event viewer. However, without additional add-ons, it is nigh useless. If you want to expand its functionality and gain an easier way to view error logs on Kodi, you can do the following:

Once you have installed the Kodi Error viewer, you can access it from the Add-ons category. It should be under the Program add-ons subcategory. You can use it to display current and old error logs. 

Log Viewer for Kodi

Now that you know where and how to find Kodi’s log files, you can begin to track and trace your errors. Here are some common error messages with their fixes:

If you have been a long-time user of the internet, you may come across a Forbidden 403-error code at least once in your life. Your browser refers you to this error page when you try to access a server, website, or webpage that has limited access.

The reason for this may be that only certain users from certain locations are allowed to access that site. If Kodi stops working and you encounter this error while reading the stack trace in the log, you may be trying to access a hidden file or an online resource that is no longer available.

If you get this error while trying to play media that is on your computer, make sure that the files are not in a hidden folder.

However, if you are trying to stream TV, videos, or movies online, first check that you are connected to the internet. If the error occurs while you are trying to stream from a paid subscription service like Netflix, you need to ensure that your subscription is still active.

For those of you streaming from an FTP server, you need to check that you still have access to it. Copy the FTP link and paste it into your browser. If you are streaming remotely from a local media server or computer, make sure that it is not turned off, locked, or asleep. Additionally, you need to ensure that you are streaming from a shared folder.

A 192-error code usually occurs when you’re trying to download or stream media online. This code means that there may be an issue with Kodi’s cache. The best way to solve this error is by clearing the current cache.

To clear the Kodi cache: 

Navigate to the Kodi AppData folder where the logs are stored

Open the Cache folder

Open the temp folder

Select everything (Ctrl + A) and delete it

The above steps should also fix any stuttering or buffering issues.

A Kodi error code 503 usually occurs when you’re trying to stream media from a server or service that is inaccessible. In most cases, the server may be down due to maintenance. If you’re using a URL, you can try using a proxy site instead. 

However, the best course of action, in this case, is to do nothing and be patient. Whoever is responsible for the server will most likely fix the issue.   

Allow hardware acceleration in Kodi

Uninstall and reinstall Kodi

Check your firewall and antivirus settings

Ensure that your system’s date and time is correct

Search for safe alternate Kodi addons online and install them

Make sure that you are using the latest version of Kodi

Sometimes you may run into an error that you simply cannot solve on your own. In a case like this, you can send your error logs to the Kodi forum manually or by using the Kodi Logfile Uploader. Kodi has a very active community that is always willing to help.

Kodi tends to run into cache-based issues that you can solve by clearing its temporary files. However, you do not have to do it manually every time.  You can use a simple addon like EZ Maintenance+. It will allow you to automatically clear your cache, packages and manage your settings. 

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