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Stellar Repair for Exchange: A Tool against Hafnium Attacks




Microsoft recently detected multiple zero-day vulnerabilities on Exchange Server.

Given their severity, having an Exchange recovery tool is more important than ever.

In this article we will be looking over one such tool called Stellar Repair for Exchange.

We will be looking over its features, how it can help with Hafnium breaches, and more.

Exchange Servers and Exchange Databases play an important part when it comes to data security and secure reliable access to emails, and contacts in modern-day companies.

Keeping them safe, secure, and always working will greatly help a company make better revenue and manage things easily.

However, things don’t always go as planned, and unforeseen events will make you wish you had some means of recovering your data from corrupt Exchange Database files (EDB files), and that is why we would like to talk about one of the best Microsoft Exchange recovery tools called Stellar Repair for Exchange.

What is Stellar Repair for Exchange?

As the name of the product suggests, Stellar Repair for Exchange is a dedicated third-party Exchange Server data recovery tool that boasts powerful recovery of data tools and a simplistic user interface.

Not only will it recover the server data, but it will also help to Export EDB files directly to live Exchange and Office Server databases, and it doesn’t matter if it was an Exchange server crash, power failure, or vulnerability exploitation without any risk of data loss

Regarding its compatibility, you can use Stellar Repair for Exchange on Microsoft Windows Servers and Microsoft Windows even more, since it supports recovering data from EDB files of Exchange servers 2023, 2024, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, and 5.5

It also works with the latest versions of Microsoft Office as well, as it has the ability to export complete EDB files directly to live Exchange and Office 365

In fact, Stellar Repair for Exchange can be used in a wide variety of other cases, including:

Dirty shutdown errors

Exchange Server crashes

Failing to mount Exchange databases

Not just a bulk recovery tool

It does a great job not only at scanning your PC for missing or corrupt EDB files, but it also lets you customize your search in mail items as per the combination of search criteria.

You can perform this operation based on different search criteria, such as To, From, Subject, the contacts you’ve Cc-ed, Attachment Name, etc.

All Mail items that you then find can then be exported to PST, MSG, EML, HTML, RTF, or PDF format.

Manage your mailbox data to a greater degree

If recovering contact is your main concern, Stellar Repair for Exchange helps with that as well, as it helps to save the contacts of repaired mailboxes in CSV format which can later be viewed and edited in Excel or Google Sheets.

Stellar Repair for Exchange also recovers calendars, journals, and tasks with multiple formats to choose from when saving them.

More so, if the mailboxes you are trying to recover are incredibly large, holding tens of thousands of emails in a folder, then you should know that Stellar Repair for Exchange will split these folders upon recovery or repair so that managing them can be easier.

The Split is based on the number of emails in a folder. After saving a specific number of emails, the application splits the folder into smaller sub-folders, but one common practice is for the program to split your recovered data based on the date of the sent or received messages.

For example, if you have a mailbox with 100.000 emails, rather than recovering one large and hard-to-read file, you will instead get smaller subfolders based on the month of the sent or received message.

An Exchange recovery tool for all PCs

Because of the fact that Stellar repair for Exchange can even help Exchange 22003 and Exchange 2007, it was designed to run even on older PCs, since there is a high possibility that older versions of Exchange may be due to older hardware.

That being said, here are the minimum system requirements for your PC to run Stellar Repair for Excel efficiently:

Processor: Intel-compatible (x86, x64)

Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Windows Server 2024, 2012, 2008

Memory: 4 GB minimum (8 GB recommended)

Hard Disk: 250 MB of free space

3 different versions based on your particular needs

Stellar Repair for Exchange is currently available in 3 different versions:




Each subsequent version has all the features of the previous one and a few extra tools that will prove useful

Here’s a precise rundown of what each version can do:

Try it before you buy it

When it comes to recovery or repair tools, one of the biggest problems is that a lot of them lack any kind of free version, or at least a trial or demo for users to test out and assess the program’s efficiency.

However, this doesn’t seem to be the case with Stellar Repair for Exchange, since you can opt to download a free version of the product so that you can see just how good it is at recovering the mailboxes from your EDB files.


Note: The free trial version of Stellar Repair for Exchange can only scan and preview your recoverable mailboxes.

Stellar Repair for Exchange

A database recovery tool that has never been more powerful and more easy-to-use like now.

Free Trial Visit Website

A recovery tool in a world where data can be lost

In a world where security vulnerabilities are on the rise and the struggle to keep them at bay becomes harder and harder, keeping a good recovery tool at hand can always be helpful.

Such would be the case with EDB files, and the recent attacks detected by the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center where multiple zero-day vulnerabilities on on-premises versions of the Exchange server were detected.

These vulnerabilities were caused and exploited by the Hafnium group, and through them, they managed to gain remote access to Exchange servers so that they could steal critical data from a variety of organization networks.

The vulnerabilities being exploited are the following:

As a response to these attacks, Microsoft has released several Exchange Server updates, so have them installed as soon as they become available.

How can I protect Exchange Servers from Hafnium attacks? 1. Run the Microsoft On-Premises Mitigation Tool

The Exchange On-Premises Mitigation Tool (EOMT) is a tool released by Microsoft that is meant to combat common vulnerabilities exploited by the Hafnium group, and it works with MS Exchange 2023, 2024, and 2013.

The main purpose of this tool is to check whether your Exchange Server is vulnerable to CVE-2024-26855, and you can use it as follows:

Download the EOMT tool

Extract the content of the Security folder to a location of your choosing

Press Windows and open PowerShell with administrator rights

Via PowerShell, go to the extracted folder location

Run the chúng tôi script to check if your server is vulnerable : .EOMT.ps1

If you’ve run through the previous solution and noticed that your Exchange servers are indeed vulnerable, you can help prevent any possible future attacks by simply updating your Exchange servers, which is a solution that even Microsoft recommends.

Exchange 2007 and 2003

While these versions are believed to be safe from Hafnium attacks, they no longer receive any updates from Microsoft, so you need to upgrade them anyway.

Exchange 2010

This particular version of Exchange server was affected by CVE-2024-26857, so you’ll need to update it with the latest security patches, and you can also run the EOMT script mentioned above just to be sure.

Exchange 2023, 2024 & 2013

These versions of Exchange Server were the primary target of the Hafnium attacks, so if your company is using any of them, install the latest security updates and use the EOMT script as soon as possible.

3. Restore your Exchange server mailboxes data via a backup

If the preventive measures came too late and your company’s Exchange servers were already attacked, damaged, and rendered useless by Hafnium, you can use the RecoverServer switch to get all of the data back.


Note: This solution only works if the Windows Server and Exchange versions are the same as the new server or else there may be compatibility issues.

4. Use Stellar Repair for Exchange

The solution mentioned above in the 3rd point is only usable if you have a backup stored somewhere, but if you don’t your only solution is to use third-party Exchange Server recovery tools, and Stellar Repair for Exchange is one of the best on the market.

This concludes our brief overlook of Stellar Repair for Exchange, and we hope that we made it easier for you to understand why having such a tool at hand is important, especially if you hold sensitive information on your Exchange Server databases.

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Windows 10 Repair Tool: 5 Best Software To Use

Windows 10 Repair Tool: 5 Best Software to Use The tools below are the best in market for PC debugging and repair








Windows repair software are a special kind of tools that helps you to fix issues easily and quickly.

Troubleshooting issues manually might be time-consuming, but there are tools that do the job for you.

The latest Windows version also comes with some great built-in solutions for finding and fixing errors.



To fix various Windows 10 errors, we recommend Fortect:

This software will repair common computer errors, protect you from file loss, malware damage, hardware failure and optimize your PC for maximum performance. Fix PC issues and remove virus damage now in 3 easy steps:

Download and Install Fortect on your PC

Launch the tool and Start scanning to find broken files that are causing the problems

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Let us introduce you to the best Windows 10 repair software options available.

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft which has been optimized for both desktops and mobile devices. It does the job mighty well, switching from either mode seamlessly and with the least fuss.

Either way, going for a complete re-install of the OS can solve all issues though that isn’t the simplest thing to do every time.

Fortunately, there are easier options available in the form of software tools that you can use to get rid of most Windows 10 issues. Not only are they immensely effective but most Windows 10 repair tools are free.

Is there a Windows 10 repair tool?

Yes, Windows 10 has a suite of troubleshooters for the most common problems you might encounter. These troubleshooters are pretty easy to use, but in most cases (as our readers and many other users confirm), they don’t necessarily fix the issues as intended.

If you have a specific issue to solve, you can try one of these all-in-one fixers:

Pre-requisites for fixing Windows 10

Before you set about downloading the software, ensure you are running the latest version of Windows 10. That is because Microsoft routinely releases new updates to fix the most common issues.

Plus, the updates come with the latest version of antivirus software and anti-malware programs. Keeping your PC updated can be another means of ensuring you have dealt with known issues with Windows 10.

What is the best free Windows 10 repair tool?

If your PC refuses to boot, a Windows boot repair software can be a real lifesaver.

Windows 10 disk repair software

Windows 10 registry repair software (Registry cleaners, as well as DLL fixers, will work just fine on a damaged registry).

Windows 10 startup repair software

PC cleaner and optimizer tools (Tune-up utilities are amazing performance enhancers to help speed up your PC).

Memory card repair software for Windows 10

Windows update repair tools

However, there are also some who can tackle more than one issue. So, here are some programs you can consider installing on your device.

What is the best Windows 10 repair software?

The new kid in town is called Fortect, a complete system repair solution that can fix any existing issue on your PC.

You can start using this software with a system-wide scan that will diagnose your device and find risky issues that will compromise your PC over time.

The tool has multiple modules that can detect specific system issues such as registry file malfunctions, detect junk files and the storage you can save, detect PUAs and malware threats, and many more.

In addition, you can use the automatic repair feature that will clean broken registry files, fix damaged system files and also improve your online privacy.


Waste no more time on unfit tools and repair your PC with this complete software.

Free trial Download now

The program will help you find and install all the latest drivers to ensure your PC works optimally at all times.

Once you let Outbyte Driver Updater scan your PC, it will find drivers that need to be updated, provide you with links to the latest drivers, and download and install those automatically as well.

Given that outdated drivers can lead to a host of issues with your Windows 10 installation, having updated drivers will help you get rid of most of those at least, if not all.

The O&O ShutUp10 program is for those who take their online privacy rather seriously.

Though Microsoft has a slightly better record of snooping on its customer vis-a-vis the other technology majors like Facebook or Google, it still is known to gather user data.

That apart there also are issues of telemetry and tracking that have some users worried. The program offers several settings with a short description of what those stand for.

O&O ShutUp10

Get control over your privacy and decide when Windows can access it or not.

Free Download Visit Website

The program created by chúng tôi will help address almost the entire gamut of Windows 10 issues.

From Windows Firewall and Winsock and DNS cache fixes to Registry permission and such, Windows Repair will help address all of those and with surprising accuracy.

There is a cache though, developers of Windows Repair strongly recommend the Windows Repair program only in Safe Mode for best results.

Get Tweaking Windows Repair

Repair most Windows issues automatically or use the power settings to do it manually.

Free Download Visit Website

There are chances you are having issues with your Windows 10 device owing to some features that failed to install properly.

It is here that the Missed Features Installer can come in handy. So if you are craving the Classic Start Menu or 3D Pinball, the Missed Features Installer can help set things right for you.

⇒ Get Missed Features Installer

Windows 10 also comes with several built-in tools. These offer convenient options to work around many of the common issues of Windows 10. Here is a brief description of those and is worth checking out.

1. Windows 10 troubleshooter

The Troubleshooter will guide you with on-screen instructions. It will help you with a variety of problems, including those related to the keyboard, internet, BSOD errors, Windows Store app, printer, and so on.

2. Windows Software Repair Tool from Microsoft

This is a tool that Microsoft designed to help mitigate software issues on Surface devices. Though, it can be just as effective for Windows 10 installation on any other device as well.

What the Software Repair tool essentially does is restore Windows 10 to its default settings. Besides, also repairs apps and updates the same as well.

3. System Restore

This can be extremely effective if some recent changes crippled your system. Here is an excellent guide on how to use System Restore and create a restore point.

4. Reset this PC

This is another handy tool that resets your PC to the default Windows 10 settings. The feature can be effective when faced with nagging issues. You have two options here, ‘Keep my files’ and ‘Removes everything’.

Decide as per your need and make sure you back up all your files if you opt for the second choice as it deletes your entire hard disk and installs Windows 10 afresh.

5. System Files Repair Tool

The tool is of help when faced with files missing or corrupted errors. The built-in System Files Repair command-line tool is handy in such situations.

If you are looking for a Windows PC troubleshooter tool check this awesome guide and learn more on how to automize the process.

What software do computer technicians use?

The tools recommended above are the best on the market and computer technicians use them to debug and repair PCs.

So, you can pick any of the Windows 10 repair tool download above because they are verified and working for your PC.

PC repair and optimization software will also include tools for assessing systems, file recovery, driver updates, removing duplicate files, and much more.

All you need to do is open Command Prompt as admin followed by typing Sfc /scannow. Press Enter, and you will be provided with the scan progress report along with other relevant info.

So, there you have it, quite a comprehensive guide to help restore things. All of the above solutions are a great help when errors appear and you need to troubleshoot them, but if you still have issues check out this detailed guide for more fixes.

If you encounter any issue that is not addressed by the above solutions, please let us know.

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Safemoon Yet To Plan For Exchange Development, But Bitgert Made Its Exchange Beta Live

Bitgert has proven superior to Safemoon in terms of products delivery.

The battle between Safemoon and


When it comes to products delivery, very few crypto projects can beat


If you have already invested in


The Safemoon project has been having issues with the delivery of its roadmap. In fact, for almost a whole year, the project has been around, very little has been done to develop its own products, with the Safemoon wallet and the Safemoon V2 being the only products developed and launched so far. They are yet to develop and launch the exchange in the roadmap, which is making Bitgert outperform it.

The battle between Safemoon and Bitgert has been going on for months. But Bitgert has proven superior to Safemoon in terms of products delivery. Among the many areas these projects compete on is roadmap delivery, where Bitgert has been flooring Safemoon. The cryptocurrency exchanges were among the products that both Safemoon and Bitgert promised to build. Bitgert exchange BETA version is already live. But there has been little development on the Safemoon side despite being almost 5 months older than Bitgert. Read more below:When it comes to products delivery, very few crypto projects can beat Bitgert . The Bitgert has delivered so much in just seven months since the project launched. Building its own blockchain is the biggest achievement for this project. Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is still causing ripples in the industry due to its zero-cost gas fee feature and the fastest chain at 100,000 TPS. But the coming of the Bitgert exchange is going to make this project even more attractive. The Bitgert exchange is already live but in the BETA stage. The official launch is expected to be before the end of Q1. This is faster than Safemoon, which is yet to announce the start of its exchange development. The Bitgert exchange will be the first most powerful product on the Brise BRC20 chúng tôi you have already invested in Bitgert , it won’t hurt to look for the next big investment opportunity. Have you looked at the Centcex project and why it is attracting a lot of investors? Centcex is a new project, just about three months old, but it has done a lot in delivering its roadmap, and the design looks great. The major objective of the Centcex project is to build one of the largest utilities in the market. This is through the team developing an unlimited number of blockchain applications for the Centcex ecosystem. The aim is to have millions of users for massive adoption, which will grow the Centcex coin credibility and also generate colossal staking revenue. That’s why investors are buying and accumulating chúng tôi Safemoon project has been having issues with the delivery of its roadmap. In fact, for almost a whole year, the project has been around, very little has been done to develop its own products, with the Safemoon wallet and the Safemoon V2 being the only products developed and launched so far. They are yet to develop and launch the exchange in the roadmap, which is making Bitgert outperform it. Bitgert already has launched its Brise BRC20 blockchain , but Safemoon is yet to mention even the intention of building its own blockchain. That’s why Bitgert has overtaken even the Safemoon marketcap. The Safemoon team needs to do more in developing products to keep the project competitive.

Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery Review + Giveaway

Data Recovery is a second line of defense in case the hard drive crashes and the backup fails. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional is a handy software for the purpose of recovering different kinds of partitions e.g., hard drive partitions, CD/DVD ROM partitions, etc. You can also recover your deleted documents, photos, audio and video files, etc. And yes, we have a giveaway for this software.

The interface

The main interface gives you three recovery options:

Drive Recovery

CD/DVD Recovery

Photo Recovery

Quick Recovery

Deleted Recovery

Advanced Recovery

Raw Recovery

Quick Recovery will perform a quick scan of the selected volume (drive). This option is very efficient and will give you almost all the deleted data in a few moments. Quick recovery can be performed on only one drive at a time. You can recover data from existing volumes, lost volumes and even raw drives.

Deleted Recovery will list files that were deleted from the media (hard drive or CD/DVD drive). The benefit of this option is that it will only list deleted files. Everything else will be omitted.

Advanced Recovery will give you more options than Quick Recovery while essentially doing the same task. If a drive was deleted or corrupted in a different format than the current format, you may want to use the Advanced Recovery option. Supported file systems include FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS and NTFSS.

Raw Recovery makes use of file signatures in order to recover data from a raw partition. It will scan every bit of the partition and will try to identify and recover data according to the file signatures available in the software.

The CD/DVD Recovery and Photo Recovery options work very similar to the Drive Recovery option but are specialized for UDF file systems and image-only files respectively.

The Recovery Process

Since the Drive Recovery, CD/DVD Recovery and Photo Recovery work in a similar manner, we will only go through the Drive Recovery option. You can follow the same steps for other recoveries.

1. Open Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional software

2. Select the volume or partition that you want to recover

3. Select one of the recovery options

4. If you select the Quick Recovery option, it will start scanning the partition instantly and will display a tree of folders and files that are being retrieved. Please note that it may take some time (even for Quick Recovery) to complete depending upon the partition size and deleted data to be recovered.

5. After scanning is completed, you will be presented with the recovered folder structure. The interface is just like the list view of Windows Explorer

Raw Data Recovery works in a very similar fashion. You have to select Raw Recovery instead of Quick Recovery to start scanning for raw partitions.

Recovering data

When you are done with the scanning task, there are two options available for you to recover the deleted files and folders. Either select each and every file and folder of our choice to recover or create a recovery image of the scanned data so that you may be able to load the same data again instantly and recover files afterwards.

When you have completed the scanning process, select the files and folders you want to recover and press the Recover button. This will display the data saving options. You can either recover to a local drive or an FTP location. You can also compress the recovered files by zipping them to save space.

I was quite satisfied with the recovery results when I ran the software on a couple of old hard drives. Together with a USB flash drive support, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional is an all-in-one recovery tool giving you all the chances and options to recover your precious data.

Stellar Partition Recovery

Usman Khurshid

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Digital Asset Management – Worthy Tool For E

Let us say you are an online retailer selling your products over online platforms such as amazon or Flipkart.

And you need to manage everything right from finding images of your products from storage devices, downloading them, updating them on websites, sharing them with your teammates, updating the product descriptions, and much more.

Simply put, digital asset management software is a tool for storing, managing, sharing your digital assets, and connecting your library consisting of digital assets with product managing tools and much more.

Therefore, DAM is necessary for a retailer for easy work of finding content, images, product descriptions, and other things for the product to be sold.

Therefore, we shall see the importance of digital asset management in e-commerce. 

Hence, marketing teams use various digital asset management tools based on their industry, product type, and other necessities.

Therefore, it provides you with customized and need-based support.  

You need not spend your time on simple administrative processes of online business.

Therefore, digital asset management software can automate administration-related processes such as finding the appropriate file and suitable up-to-date product descriptions.

It provides a space for collaboration with your teammates and other parties. You can share, provide access and update the content.

In addition, giving feedback and assigning tasks is possible. It provides a secure space for easy collaboration.

It provides access options for assets to be managed. You can control whom to give these assets from your list of third-party members.

In addition, you can share encrypted and secured data with stakeholders. Several SSL-secured DAM software provides secured data sharing, as the interaction would always be connected with an SSL certificate.

If you talk about SSL certificate types and its brands then, few names you can consider like AlphaSSL certificate, Sectigo SSL certificate, Thawte Wildcard SSL, RapidSSL single domain certificate, Sectigo multi domain SSL, etc.

You can go with any brand and type of SSL as it fits with your requirement.

An online retailer with only one or two members in its marketing team finds it quite challenging to locate the files for product images or is sometimes unable to identify them because of the inappropriate naming of files.

What you can do is have a Digital asset management library where you can safely keep your product-related content in an organized manner.

Through DAM, you can easily do the assignment of tasks and see to it that those tasks are not assigned a second time.

In addition, this way, managers can control the wastage of time and energy of human resources.

The managers can easily observe the activities being carried out on assets by the creators. Such as viewing it, downloading, editing, or any other activity.

They can keep track of such activities as a report is generated automatically.

You can quickly analyze the data by the information caused as it provides data related to customers, such as their locations, products they view, and the time they take to find the right product.

When any fresher is newly hired, it becomes easier for them to follow the practices and patterns being followed by their seniors or colleagues with the help of Digital asset management.

It creates a standard path for fonts to be used, logos, and other things as well. It is already stored in the library of DAM software, and fresher needs to go through it.

With the help of better visuals and descriptions, customers feel better and have a wonderful experience while doing online shopping.

Therefore, it is crucial to provide a better experience for changing the customers having the potential to buy into actual buyers.

Thus, Digital asset management has become the need of online retailers or sellers to provide better experiences to online visitors.

You might have your products offered at various retail brands. Therefore, this DAM will help you to store, manage and update the data for your product at all the online platforms, which is also error-free with savings in your timings.

Let us say you are managing an educational company providing online training. You need to have a document of academic content in different languages if it is a large organization providing services to people from various diversities.

Therefore, DAM software will help you to translate an already formed document into another language and rename it differently for identification.

It saves time and effort by automatically translating digital assets into different languages.

To conclude, Digital asset management in e-commerce is nothing but a tool to create digital assets, organize them, store them, share them, and much more.

It is a convenient platform for sharing and collaboration with partners, employees, or stakeholders.

Any online retailer must take the help of such software available in different varieties as per your need to accelerate your day-to-day activities related to online sales and boost productivity.

It is or will become a necessary part of the marketing team of any business organization selling products online as it provides various benefits, which are discussed above.

Based on the nature of your business, the products you offer, or the services you provide, you need to decide the type of DAM software we will use to cater to operational and other needs.

Use such tools and have a great marketing strategy to maximize your sales and, ultimately, your profits.

The Us Is Seeking A Firefighter Helmet That Protects Against Flames And Bullets

Later this year, the Department of Homeland Security hopes to provide a new prototype helmet for firefighters, a piece of gear designed to meet modern challenges in one flexible, composite form. Firefighting is dangerous work, even when it’s narrowly focused on fires, but as first responders firefighters handle a range of crises, including ones where the immediate threat may be more from firearms than flame. To meet that need, the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology directorate is funding a new, all-purpose helmet for firefighters that will include both protection from bullets and fire.

Relying on two distinct helmets for two distinct kinds of response is not an efficient setup, and it means that if a firefighter is responding to one kind of emergency, like a shooter, but then a fire breaks out, the first helmet offers inadequate protection for the task. While dealing with shooters is and remains the primary responsibility of law enforcement, rescuing people from danger that might include a shooter is in the wheelhouse of firefighters, and so being able to do that safely despite bullets flying would improve their ability to rescue. 

Beyond survivability from both bullets and fires, Homeland Security evaluated helmets for how well they could incorporate self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) gear, fit integrated communications, and be able to either project light or, if lights are not baked into the helmet design, easily mount and use lights. The breathing apparatus required for indoor firefighting must work cleanly with the helmet, as without the outside air circulation like in wildfire fighting, firefighters are tasked to venture into smoke-filled rooms, sometimes containing smoke from hazardous materials. Communications equipment allows firefighters to stay in contact despite the sounds and obstructions of a building on fire, and lighting can cut through the smoke and blaze to help firefighters locate people in need of rescue.

The National Fire Protection Association sets standards for fire gear, and the ballistic standards chosen are from the National Institute of Justice’s Level 111A, which includes handgun bullets up to .44 Magnum but does not cover rifle ammunition. 

[Related: A new kind of Kevlar aims to stop bullets with less material]

In the 2023 evaluation, eight helmets met the standard for fire protection, while only one met the standard for ballistic protection. The fields of fire and ballistics protection have largely been bifurcated in design, which is partly what initiatives like funding through the Science and Technology Directorate are built to solve. In the same 2023 evaluation of existing models, no one existing helmet offered both ballistic protection alongside the other firefighting essentials sought in the program. These designs all ditch the wide brim and long tail traditionally found in firefighting helmets, as the protection offered by the helmet’s distinctive shape can be met through other means.

“The NextGen Firefighter Helmet will be designed with a shell that can absorb energy during impact and rapidly dissipates it without injuring the skull or brain. While the current materials used in both firefighter and military helmets are inadequate for the temperature and ballistic protection being sought, they provide a useful blueprint for future innovation,” said DHS in a release. “For example, Kevlar fiber has a melting point of 1040 °F and has proven highly effective in ballistic helmets and body armor. Similarly, polyester resins used in current firefighter headgear can have glass transition temperatures (the point at which it becomes hard and brittle) as high as 386.6°F. The idea is that thermosetting resins can be reinforced with Kevlar fiber, creating a shell that meets both the thermal and ballistic protection requirements of the NextGen Firefighter Helmet.”

Other important design features will be ensuring that the finished product doesn’t weigh too much or strain the necks of wearers too badly, as protective gear that injures wearers from repeated use is not helpful. That means a large-sized helmet that ideally weighs under 62 ounces, and in a medium size is under 57 oz. The helmet will need to be simple to put on, taking less than a minute from start until its secure in place. 

DHS expects the prototype to be ready by mid-2023, at which point it will conduct an operational field assessment. Firefighters will evaluate the helmet design and features, and see if what was devised in a lab and a workshop can meet their in-field needs. After that, should the prototype prove successful, the process will be finding commercial makers to produce the helmets at scale, creating a new and durable piece of safety gear.

Update the detailed information about Stellar Repair For Exchange: A Tool Against Hafnium Attacks on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!