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iOS 11 has many new features, refinements, and enhancements for iPhone and iPad, but the question everyone really wants to know is; what are the new features that actually matter?

Keeping in mind that iOS 11 is currently in beta and thus features are subject to changes, we’ve gathered what we think are the eleven most significant additions to iOS 11 to regular people. These are features that real everyday users will enjoy and appreciate, ranging from giant leaps forward in iPad multitasking and productivity, to payments, Siri changes, drag and drop support, driver safety functions, file management, improved keyboards, a better and customizable Control Center, and more.

Let’s check them out one by one…

1: iPad Multitasking Gets Serious

Arguably the biggest changes in iOS 11 come to the iPad, which adds increased multitasking capabilities and abilities that are decidedly Mac-like.

The new iPad dock behaves a lot more like the Dock in MacOS, automatically hiding when not in use, it allows for more apps for quick access, and shows recently used apps and files too.

The app switcher on iPad in iOS 11 is also redesigned and looks and behaves much more like Mission Control on the Mac, allowing you to see a tiled preview of open apps, and also even drag and drop items between apps via that app switcher.

2: Drag & Drop by Touch

Drag and drop comes to iOS and it’s optimized for touch. You can drag and select multiple apps, files (more on that in a moment), move them around together, and even drag and drop text blocks, pictures, or data from one app into another.

This is fantastic feature in iOS 11 and it works quite well. The full drag and drop capabilities are available to iPad in particular, and while it’s currently possible to use many of them on iPhone too, there are murmurs that some of the drag and drop capabilities will be removed from iPhone and be iPad exclusive. Let’s hope the best of touch based drag and drop comes to iPhone too…

3: Apple Pay Person-to-Person Payments

Apple Pay will allow you to send person-to-person payments, directly from iMessage. Need to send your friend $20 for your split of a dinner? No sweat, you can do it directly in a message.

This should work similar to how PayPal or Venmo functions, except it will be native in the Messages app and likely only limited between Apple customers.

4: Live Photos Gets Long Exposure Ability, and Looping

Live Photos also gains an ability to continuously loop a picture taken with the feature (still no GIF output option though, however, so you will need to convert live photos to gifs on your own).

5: Do Not Disturb While Driving

How often is it that a new phone feature could save lives? Do Not Disturb While Driving is potentially one of those rare features, when activated it blacks out the iPhone screen and prevents notifications from showing up while driving. There’s an auto-responder to reply to messages automatically with an “I’m driving right now” message too, so you don’t have to worry about shunning people.

Of course emergencies and special people can be exempted by allowing them onto the same kind of white list that the general Do Not Disturb ability offers.

This feature could make a big difference in driver safety and could reduce distracted driving, let’s hope all other cell phones adopt a similar feature.

6: Notes App Document Scanner

Notes app gains a document scanner feature, which lets you scan documents using the iOS device camera. The scanned documents are then stored within the Notes app, and they can be edited, referenced, modified, or just kept for later easily there.

This excellent feature behaves similar to third party apps like Scanner Pro and is really nice for so many use cases, both personal and professional.

7: Redesigned Control Center

Control Center gets redesigned and an all new appearance which is nice, but the bigger perk is that the new Control Center allows for customizations. This means you can put features you use often in Control Center while also yanking out the stuff you don’t.

8: Files for iOS

iOS 11 gains a Files app, which, just as it sounds, gives you direct access in iOS to a file system of sorts. It’s not quite like Finder on the Mac, but it does allow you to access and interact with files directly, rename files and folders, create new folders, tag files, access third party cloud services, and even drag and drop to move files and folders around too. It’s all optimized well for touch too.

For those longing for a file system and file access in iOS, and who found iCloud Drive to be insufficient, the Files app is almost certainly going to meet their needs.

9: One Handed Keyboard

iOS 11 gains a one handed keyboard option, which shifts the keys over to the left or right side of the screen when activated.

This is perfect for users of the bigger screen iPhones who have a difficult time texting or typing one-handed, as it makes the keys much easier to reach with a single hand and with less thumb stretching.

10: Siri Gets a New Voice & Text Based Interface

Siri gets two new redesigned voices, one male and one female, and they both sound really great and natural. New voices are neat and all, but perhaps even cooler is an optional new text-based interface to interact with Siri. When enabled, the text based Siri interface allows you to type a query directly to Siri when the virtual assistant is summoned.

The new Siri voices are enabled by default in iOS 11, while the text based Siri option is an Accessibility option that is clearly applicable and useful to many iPhone and iPad owners.

Oh and Siri can also do live translations for foreign languages too, how cool is that?

11: Volume Adjustments No Longer Blocks Videos

When you go to change the volume in iOS, the volume indicator appears front and center in the screen and obstructs the video…. well not anymore in iOS 11. Yes this is fairly small and seemingly insignificant, but it’s been a longstanding pet peeve for many users that is being remedied in iOS 11. Sometimes the little things are great improvements!

Note: above images are courtesy of Apple and the iOS 11 beta preview. Keep in mind that iOS 11 is currently in beta and under development, meaning some features, appearances, or other aspects may change by the time the final version is released to the general public.


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The Best New Features Of Google Adwords Editor Version 11

Google’s AdWords Editor 11 is said to be the biggest update since the tool first launched in 2006. With such an extensive update new features are going to end up getting missed if you’re not aware of them.

Larry Kim of WordStream has gone through and highlighted everything that’s new in AdWords Editor version 11. I welcome you to check out his post for full details — in this post I will recap some of the best features that Larry has pointed out.

Multiple Account Windows Side By Side

For the power users who run multiple AdWords campaigns across more than one account, this is a feature you absolutely must know about. In AdWords Editor 11 you can now manage multiple accounts side by side, with the option to drag and drop from one account to another.

New Advanced Search Features

You can now perform complex searches with AdWords’ Advanced Search which allows for the ability to combine multiple search criteria. To build complex searches with multiple sets of criteria, use the Search Builder to first search one term, then add on to that search with additional criteria.

If you build a complex search that you would like to use again at some point, you can select ‘Save current search as’ to store it for later use.

Bulk Changes and Multiple Selections

Bulk changes across multiple campaigns and ad groups is now possible with AdWords Editor 11. A new multi-select tool lets you easily view and paste items into multiple campaigns or ad groups.

In order to make bulk changes there’s a Make Multiple Changes tool that organizes your text into rows and columns. From there you can add, update or remove items in bulk.

Those are just some of the new features you’ll find in the new version of AdWords Editor. Previous versions of AdWords Editor will be supported until April 10, 2023, at which time accounts will be migrated to version 11.

What’s New In Ios 11? Hands

We’ve been playing with iOS 11 for the last 12 hours or so, and have been able to experience a plethora of the new features offered by the release. As you might expect, iOS 11 is quite buggy at this stage, but it’s a truly promising release that’s littered with so many new features that it’s hard to keep count of them all.

In this hands-on video walkthrough, we showcase over 100 of the new items and changes found in iOS 11. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, so stay tuned for more hands-on coverage in the days and weeks to come.

Some of the items covered in this video

New iPad Dock can hold 15 apps

Continuity and Proactive support on the Dock

How to invoke the new App Switcher

How to remove apps from the App Switcher

No Home screen on multitasking view

How to multitask

How to multitask with Split View

New Split View proportions

Persistent app pairings

Drag and drop URLS, photos, text, etc

Select multiple items for drag and drop

Drag and drop app icons on Home screen

iPad Pro 12.9″ Widgets now only occupy one center column

Video walkthrough

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Instant Notes

Instant Markup

Markup as PDF

Inline Drawing

Scan Documents

New passcode interface

New Lock screen fade in animation

New Unlock animation

New Home screen animation when launching apps

New bold text in Spotlight searches

New signal bars for cellular

Redesigned Now Playing on Lock screen

Tweaked battery status bar icon

Apps in Dock no longer show names

New Combined Siri & Search

Type to Siri

You can disable press for Siri and only use Hey Siri

New Siri Interface

New Siri Voice

Siri Suggestions list of permissions

Siri translation

Customizable AirPods controls

One handed keyboard mode

Smart invert color option in accessibility

New location bar when apps access location

Health Data now saved in iCloud

No longer use 32-bit apps

Hidden volume HUD

Switch between keyboards when dictating

Flac Playback support

Quick share screenshots

Easily convert and markup to PDF

New Calculator icon

New Calculator UI

New iTunes Store icon

New App Store icon

New redesigned App Store

New redesigned app pages

New purchase overlay

10 taps to refresh no longer works

New Files app

iCloud file sharing now possible

Set seconds for Timers

Messages on iCloud

New QuickReply Keyboard

New interface for iMessage apps

Two new message effects

Slightly redesigned Weather app UI

Redesigned Podcasts app to match Apple Music

New Music app sharing features

Slightly redesigned Safari app UI

New video playback control UI

Safari View Controller UI tweaks

Safari: Updated scrolling behavior

Notes: New table options

Notes: Updated Swipe option UI

Notes: Pinning

Notes: change Paper Style

Notes: New typeface

Notes: New formatter UI

Search handwritten notes

Take Live Photo while on FaceTime call

Tap on your PiP while on a FaceTime call to switch cameras

Live Photos: Adjust Key Photo

Trimming Live Photos

Live Photo effects

Photos app supports GIFs

Watch Memories in Portrait mode

Create custom watch faces

Phone app UI changes

Auto-Answer phone calls

Mail app UI changes

New Settings app heading

Background refresh options

Backing up warning message when erasing iPhone

New Shut Down option in Settings → General

New Accounts and Passwords

Prevent cross-site tracking

New Emergency SOS option

New wallpaper

New Touch ID and Passcode PIN interface

Offload Unused apps

New Phone storage settings pane

Auto-join option in Wi-Fi Settings

New persistent banner notification option

New customizable Control Center

New Cellular Data toggle

New Personal Hotspot toggle

New Screen recording feature

Control Center Apple TV Remote

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11 Best Imessage Apps That You Should Try In Ios 10

Apple’s latest iteration to their mobile OS arrived in the form of iOS 10. This update brings with it a lot of welcome changes to the iOS functionality, including the fact that Siri is now finally open to third-party developers via SiriKit. However, there are other major changes as well, and iMessage is one app that is getting some long needed upgrades. With iOS 10, Apple launched an in-app AppStore for iMessage, so developers can now make their apps work inside iMessage, allowing users to do stuff without ever having to leave the app. There are already a lot of applications that have iMessage support, and to save you from digging through them all, we have done the hard work, and are presenting to you the 11 best iMessage apps:

1. iTranslate

The aptly named iTranslate app does exactly what it sounds like it might do. It translates text from one language to another, and the translated text can then be sent to anyone on iMessage. The best part? Users just have to select the target language, and then type in their default language. Once they press the green “send” arrow, the app automatically translates the text to the target language and then, the user can simply send it, or cancel if they choose not to send the message after all. The app supports quite a lot of languages, and the translation is spot on (for the most part).

2. Do With Me – To Do Lists

Do With Me is another great app that can be used directly inside iMessage. The app allows users to create to do lists that are shared with the other participants in the iMessage chat. The to do list can be edited in real-time, and new items can be crossed off, and added by any user who is a participant in the chat. This is a great way to manage to do lists with family members, or even with friends, when trying to plan out a trip. The to-do lists look great, and the app performs very smoothly.

3. Chatterbird: Custom Voice Messages

Chatterbird is a fun little app, although it probably borders on being a novelty that users might not use a lot. However, the app itself is great, and it’s a lot of fun, exchanging voice messages with your friends. The app allows users to either send pre-recorded sounds, or else record their own message and add filters to it. Perhaps the best part about this app is that users can even send a mix of their custom voice messages, along with the pre-recorded sounds that the app comes with. It is definitely a really good app, and the sounds and filters are awesome. You should definitely try it out.

4. I’m In: Event Planning

Want to plan out an event with your friends, but constantly asking everyone on the phone doesn’t seem all that easy to do? Well, this app will definitely help you in planning out events with your friends and family. The app offers some really good features, such as choosing the possible dates for the event, and allowing every user to RSVP to the date that they are most comfortable with, and then the event creator can finalize the date. To help them out, the creator will also see the percentage of people who agree with a date, so that they can choose a date that is comfortable for the maximum number of people. I can see the app being helpful for planning out trips, parties and a lot more stuff.

5. Chatbooster

6. Time Tree: Shared Calendar

Time Tree is a shared calendar that lives inside iMessage. You can create multiple calendars, for friends, family, work etc. Then, users can share the calendar with whoever they want to, and the events created in that calendar will automatically be visible to everyone who has access to it. This will make it easier to manage events involving a large number of people.

7. Rex

Rex is an app that aims to help people offer suggestions to other users. Suggestions can be from one of the many categories that the app offers, including movies, TV shows, music, books, apps and games, podcasts, and a lot more. Users can search the category for the thing they want to recommend, and then simply send it as a suggestion to the recipient. The person on the other end of the chat can tap on this suggestion to open it in “Rex”, and from there, they are presented with a number of actions that they can take; for example, if the suggestion is about a book, they are given options to view it in iBooks, or on the Amazon store.

8. Emoji Remix

Emoji Remix is an app that does what its name implies. The app allows users to select an emoji from the list of emojis, and then perform manipulations on it to make it completely unique. Once users have edited the features of the emoji to their heart’s extent, they can simply share the remixed emoji to whoever they want. There are a lot of templates available to choose from, and users can create anything they like. The emojis can then be sent to anyone in a chat, and they are received properly, even in iOS 9.

9. Pico Photo Compressor

iMessage typically sends images as large as their original size. While that is a good feature, it does tend to eat through a lot of data if users are sending images over their cellular data plan. To reduce the amount of data that is used while sending images, Pico Photo Compressor compresses the images, thereby reducing the size of the image. The app has a lot of settings to change the size of the image, by changing the quality and resolution of the image, and it also shows the difference between the quality of the image that will be sent, and the original image.

10. Canva: Graphic Design and Photo Editing

11. Tenor GIF Keyboard

GIFs are one of the most loved things on the internet, and they definitely add a fun touch to messaging. Unless you use a keyboard such as GBoard by Google, chances are you don’t have any way of adding GIFs directly in iMessage. Fortunately, with iOS 10 bringing app support to iMessage, you can now use the Tenor GIF Keyboard to find GIFs and send them, all from inside the iMessage app. Tenor GIF Keyboard also allows users to create their very own GIFs using their iPhone camera, that they can then send on iMessage.

Bonus: Sticker Packs

With the iMessage app store, a lot of sticker packs have also cropped up on the messaging app. Stickers are a cool way of adding a fun element to your messages, so we have picked out some of the best sticker packs that are available on the iMessage app store right now:

Snoopy and Friends

Star Wars

If, like me, you are a Star Wars fan, then you will absolutely love this sticker pack. It even has the characters from Episode 7, so you can finally send all the BB-8 stickers that you want to!

Retro Emoji Stickers

Remember the days when emojis used to comprise of cleverly placed characters such that they looked like a face with some expressions? Well, that’s exactly what the Retro emoji stickers pack brings to iMessage in iOS 10. Go ahead and download the pack, it’s free!

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Apps in iMessages: Competing with Facebook Messenger and Snapchat

With these upgrades to iMessage in iOS 10, it is clear that Apple has finally realized that they need to bring something new to the messaging platform if they are to compete with the rising popularity of messengers such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. However, no matter what the motivation behind these changes was, the fact remains that the upgrades to iMessage are plenty, and good, especially the app support.

New Features Possibly Coming To Google Search Console

A number of new features are likely on the way to Google Search Console, according to code discovered in the interface.

JR Oakes uncovered some unannounced features by digging through Google Search Console’s JavaScript code.

Based on his findings, the following reports may soon be added to Search Console.

Page Speed Report

A report dedicated to page speed looks like it’s on the way to Search Console.

— JR Oakes 🍺 (@jroakes) February 14, 2023

Of course, Google offers other tools for measuring page speed, but that involves testing individual URLs one-by-one.

Perhaps this will be a report with all of a site’s URLs and their corresponding speed?

We’ll have to wait and see when the report goes live.

Oakes also discovered this information, which could be related to metrics included in the upcoming page speed report.

— JR Oakes 🍺 (@jroakes) February 14, 2023

AMP Articles

This seems pretty self-explanatory–a report dedicated to the performance of AMP articles

— JR Oakes 🍺 (@jroakes) February 14, 2023

Google Discover Performance

Site owners will soon be able to analyze how their pages are performing in Google Discover.

That’s the section that appears underneath the search box on Google’s home page on mobile devices.

According to JR Oakes, this is already live but does not contain any data yet.

— JR Oakes 🍺 (@jroakes) February 14, 2023

Child-Direct Content Report

Search Console has added a report for pages that are tagged as being geared toward children.

JR Oakes says this report is already live.

— JR Oakes 🍺 (@jroakes) February 14, 2023

Expanded Support for Structured Data/Rich Cards

According to Oakes’ findings, Search Console may soon be reporting on the following types of structured data:

— JR Oakes 🍺 (@jroakes) February 14, 2023

Opt-Out of Google Search Sections

Using Search Console, site owners will be able to remove their page from Shopping, Flights, Hotels, and Local.

— JR Oakes 🍺 (@jroakes) February 14, 2023

Those are all the features SEOs can look forward to seeing in Google Search Console.

Ios 11 Public Beta 3 Now Available

You’re wholeheartedly recommended to perform a full iCloud or iTunes backup of the device before installing any beta software. Please do not install the public beta on your daily driver due to bugs, crashes, battery drain and other issues. Apple will optimize iOS code for speed and power consumption ahead of iOS 11’s launch this fall.

To file bugs, use Apple’s included Feedback Assistant app.

Before you can install the iOS public beta, sign in with your Apple ID at chúng tôi Next, visit chúng tôi iOS Safari to download Apple’s configuration profile, which permits your device to receive over-the-air public beta software updates.

Lastly, go to Settings → General → Software Update to install the latest iOS public beta.

Here’s our overview of the changes in iOS 11 beta 4.

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Here’s the full list of changes in iOS 11 beta 4 and its corresponding public beta 3:

Notifications & Lock screen

Lock screen notifications can be swiped right to Open

Lock screen notifications can be swiped left to View or Clear

Full swipe to the left clears the notification

Tapping a Lock screen notification brings up a new Touch ID interface

App switcher

App switcher automatically closes when you force-quit all apps

App switcher won’t open if there are no recent apps

Visual tweaks

Slightly redesigned app icons for the Contacts, Reminders, Notes and Safari apps

New splash screens in the Photos and Notes apps

Updated Timer icon in Control Center

Revamped Contacts icon in the Settings app

Thicker Wi-Fi bars in the iOS status bar

Cleaner icon for cellular data in the iOS status bar

Icons for Web, App Store and Maps search options in Spotlight

“Broadcasting” for Screen Recording in Control Center renamed to “Start Recording”

Subtle Maps design changes on iPad

Tweaked photo drawer in the Messages app

New gray bar to scroll through photos in the Messages app

Vertically oriented key icon in Settings → Accounts & Passwords


New animation for Low Power Mode toggle in Control Center

New Mute animation on Control Center on iPad

Faster animations on Plus iPhone models

Screen Recording in Control Center has 3-second countdown animation


New Capacity section in Settings → General → About shows total amount of storage

Pull-to-refresh for the Updates tab on App Store

Airdrop settings are now under Settings → General

32-bit apps (unsupported by iOS 11) are now greyed out in App Store

Fewer crashes and unexpected quits

Icons can be moved around the Home screen more easily

Message sync settings now appear in iCloud preferences

Bluetooth toggle in Control Center now stops devices from connecting

Siri settings moved from the General section to its own section within Settings

New male/female Siri voices for Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Dutch and Swedish

New female Siri voices for English and Mexican Spanish

Upgraded Siri voice for both genders of Japanese and Chinese

“On my iPhone/iPad” location has been removed from the Files app

Updated settings in the Camera app on iPad

New Arabic keyboard for the Najdi dialect

Originally released as a developer-only preview at WWDC in June, iOS 11 includes all-new iPad multitasking features with the Dock and drag and drop, a customizable Control Center, a redesigned App Store, a new Files app, AirPlay 2 with multi-room audio, additional Siri capabilities, visual refinements with Apple Music-like bolder headings across stock apps, an improved Messages app with a redesigned app drawer and more.

TUTORIAL: How to switch from iOS beta to official release

iOS 11 will release this fall for the supported iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models.

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