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Instagram Reels are a powerful tool for reaching and engaging with your target audience. But how long should your Reels be?

Forget about square-shaped photos. These days, Instagram is a hub for video content, and Reels is leading the shift. Since the Instagram Reels length runs from 15 to 90 seconds, these short videos are a chance to quickly grab users’ attention.

Unlike Instagram Stories, Reels won’t disappear after 24 hours and tend to be much shorter than the standard Instagram Live video.

But how long should an Instagram Reel actually be? Are long-form videos better for engagement and reach, or are you better off sticking to shorter Reel lengths? Here’s why video length matters and how to find the best Instagram Reels length for your audience.

Bonus: Download the free 10-Day Reels Challenge, a daily workbook of creative prompts that will help you get started with Instagram Reels, track your growth, and see results across your entire Instagram profile.

Why does Instagram Reel length matter?

The Instagram Reels algorithm favors Reels that:

Use original audio you create or find on Reels or music from the Instagram music library.

Are full-screen vertical videos. Make sure you stick to that 9:16 aspect ratio!

Use creative tools like text, filter or camera effects.

Reels that are too long might cause your audience to disengage and drop off. This tells the algorithm that your content isn’t interesting enough. Shorter Reels that people rewatch tell the algorithm that your content is valuable and can result in it being shown to new users.

But shorter isn’t always better. If your product demo Reel lasts seven seconds, it might be hard to provide any value to your audience. People won’t rewatch and they’ll skip to another Reel. The algorithm will take this as a sign that your content isn’t engaging.

So what is the best Reels length? You guessed it — it depends.

It boils down to finding the right Reel length for your content and audience. When you nail that, you’ll have a better chance of appearing in new Instagram feeds and increasing your engagement.

How long are Instagram Reels in 2023?

Officially, Instagram Reels can be from 15 to 90 seconds long — that’s if you’re recording your Reel using Instagram’s camera.

However, if you’re uploading Reels through a third-party scheduling tool like Hootsuite, your Reel can be anywhere from 3 seconds to 15 minutes long.

How to set up the length of your Reels

Changing the length of your Reels is simple. The default time limit is 30 seconds, but you can adjust it to 15, 60 or 90 seconds, depending on your preferences.

Here’s how to set up the length of your Reels:

1. Open Instagram and tap the Reels icon at the bottom of the screen.

2. Select the camera icon at the top of the screen to reach your Instagram camera.

3. On the left of the screen, tap the icon with 30 inside.

4. You can then choose between 15, 30, and 60 seconds.

5. Once you’ve selected your time limit, you’re ready to start recording and editing your Reel.

How to schedule a Reel with Hootsuite

Using Hootsuite, you can schedule your Reels to be auto-published at any time in the future. Convenient, right?

To create and schedule a Reel using Hootsuite, follow these steps:

Record your video and edit it (adding sounds and effects) in the Instagram app. 

Save the Reel to your device.

In Hootsuite, tap the


icon on the very top of the left-hand menu to open the Composer. 

Select the Instagram Business account you want to publish your Reel to. 

Upload the Reel you saved to your device. Videos must be between 5 seconds and 90 seconds long and have an aspect ratio of 9:16.

Add a caption. You can include emojis and hashtags, and tag other accounts in your caption.

And that’s it! Your Reel will show up in the Planner, alongside all of your other scheduled social media posts. From there, you can edit, delete or duplicate your Reel, or move it to drafts.

Once your Reel is published, it will appear in both your feed and the Reels tab on your account.

Note: You can currently only create and schedule Reels on desktop (but you will be able to see your scheduled Reels in the Planner in the Hootsuite mobile app).

Start your free 30-day trial. You can cancel anytime.

What’s the best Instagram Reel length for reach and engagement?

Although Instagram is secretive about the ideal Reel length, Adam Mosseri has been clear that Reels themselves are key. Engaging video Reels are now central to the Instagram app experience.

And really, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The best length for Instagram Reels will depend on the type of content you’re posting and your audience’s preferences.

No matter the length of your Reel, the key moment with Reels happens within the first couple of seconds. Here users will decide if they want to keep watching or not — so hook your viewers in from the beginning!

As Mireia Boronat, Senior Content Marketing Executive at The Social Shepherd says, content is key for higher engagement. It’s all about providing the most value to your audience in the shortest time frame possible.

“A good Reel is based on the content itself and not the length. If the content is not engaging and relatable enough, it won’t perform.”

Remember that short Reels also loop more frequently, pushing up your view count and helping more users discover your Reel.

“As a general rule, it’s good to stick to 7 to 15 seconds, as short Reels tend to loop and will count as multiple views. Then, the algorithm picks up that your video is getting many views and pushes it to more users.”

– Mireia Boronat

When in doubt, leave your audience wanting more. They’ll be more likely to keep watching and engaging with your other Reels, sending the algorithm positive signals about your content.

How to find the best Instagram Reel length for your audience

Like most things in social media marketing, it will take trial and error before finding the best Instagram Reel length for your audience. Don’t just post a video for the sake of posting — take time to analyze its performance. You’ll identify your ideal Reel length more quickly

Use these five tips to help you find the best Instagram Reel length for your target audience.

Check what’s working for your competitors

Doing some competitor analysis can help you figure out what’s likely to work for your content too. Look at the type of Reels they’re regularly posting and which ones tend to perform best.

To find any account’s Reels, tap on the Reels icon found on the profile:

Once you’re in the Reels area of the account, you can look at how many views each Reel has:

Now you can get an idea of which of the account’s Reels tend to perform the best. Are they short and relatable Reels? Are they minute-long how-to videos? Take note of the length of those top-performing Reel types.

In the example above, Hootsuite’s most-watched Reel is a short relatable Reel on texts that give social media managers a heart attack.

Source: Instagram

Repeat this process with a few competitors. Soon, you’ll be able to draw some conclusions about which Reel lengths have the best engagement in your industry.

Once you’ve gathered some insights, start building your Reels strategy. Make sure to be original, though — these insights are only inspiration. Then go out there and create something better!

Test different Reel lengths

You can’t identify the best Reel length without experimenting a little. While short Reels might be the safer option, long Reels can also drive engagement and reach. It all depends on the quality of your content and how your audience responds.

Try focusing on short and sweet Reels when you’re just getting started. To date, the most viewed Reel has racked up 289 million views and over 12 million likes — and is just nine seconds long.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Khaby Lame (@khaby00)

If you’ve got a well-defined niche, you can likely get away with publishing longer Reels. Just make sure you’re intentional when choosing which Reels should last 30 seconds plus and which are better off being just 15 seconds.

French pastry chef Pierre-Jean Quino clearly has a highly engaged audience. He regularly publishes longer behind-the-scenes Reels shot in his kitchen.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Pierre-Jean Quino (@pierrejean_quinonero)

Social media mentor and trainer Shannon McKinstrie encourages testing wherever possible.

“I have tested and tested and tested, and I would encourage every Instagram user to do the same. Every account is different. And while my longer Reels (45-60 seconds) still do very well, they don’t typically get as many views as my Reels that are under 10 seconds.

But what I have found overall is what it really comes down to is the quality of the content you’re sharing and if it resonates with your audience or not. No matter how long your Reel is, if it’s good content, people will continue to watch (and you’ll see your views go up & up).”

– Shannon McKinstrie

Analyze your past performance

Once you have a few Reels under your belt, review their performance. Which Reel lengths have been most successful for your audience?

Tracking the performance of your Reels can help you understand your wins, learn from what didn’t go so well, and create more of what your audience loves.

When you’re using Insights to evaluate the best Reels length, keep an eye on these metrics:

Accounts reached. The number of Instagram users who saw your Reel at least once.

Plays. The total number of times your Reel has been played. Plays will be higher than accounts reached if users watch your Reel more than once.

Likes. How many users liked your Reel.

Shares. The number of times users shared your Reel to their Story or sent it to another user.

How to view Reels Insights

To view Instagram Insights, go to your profile and tap the Insights tab below your bio:

Remember, Insights are only available for Business or Creator accounts. It’s easy to switch account types in your settings –– there’s no follower count requirement, and any account can switch.

Tap Accounts Reached in the Overview area.

The Reach breakdown is for your account as a whole, including Reels. This shows how Reels contribute to your overall reach and engagement.

You can also see your top-performing Reels for the last seven days. It’s helpful for quickly seeing which recent Reels were most successful.

Source: Instagram

To see insights exclusive to Reels, scroll down to Reels in the Insights overview screen and tap the right arrow next to your number of Reels. Now you can see all of your Reels performance metrics in one place.

You can see the performance of individual Reels by opening the Reel from your profile. Just tap the three-dot icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap Insights.

As you try different Reels lengths, make it a habit to check your Reels Insights in the hours, days and weeks after posting. These metrics will tell you what your audience responds best to.

Source: Instagram

Analyze with Hootsuite

You can also check your performance with Hootsuite, which makes it easy to compare engagement statistics across multiple accounts. To see how your Reels are performing, head to Analytics in the Hootsuite dashboard. There, you’ll find detailed performance stats, including:







Engagement rate

Engagement reports for all your connected Instagram accounts now factor in Reels data!

Follow trends for inspiration

Trending Reels are a great indication of what Instagram users want to see while they’re scrolling. Plus, trends are usually tied to a particular sound, which will determine the length of your Reel for you.

Instagram user and podcaster Christoph Trappe posts Reels with his daughter. They often create their Reels around trending audio clips:

“We use trending sounds and see if we can use them to tell a story. Most of our Reels are probably 30 seconds or less.”

– Christoph Trappe, director of strategy at Voxpopme.

Here’s a short Reel (just eight seconds) the duo created based on a TikTok video trend making fun of older generations:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Christoph Trappe (@christophtrappe)

Extra tip: According to Instagram, only 60% of people listen to Instagram Stories with the sound on. That means 40% of users watch without sound! Always add on-screen text and subtitles to help you reach more users.

By following trends, you can see which Reel lengths tend to be best for engagement. Are trending Reels under ten seconds or are they usually over 15 seconds? Experiment with trends to see what content resonates best with your audience and how long these Reels usually are.

Remember, only use trends that are relevant to your brand and audience –– not all trends will be the right fit!

Need help staying on top of trends? Try a social listening tool like Hootsuite Insights. You can set up streams to monitor what people are saying about your brand and identify what’s hot in your niche.

Experiment with different content types

Different types of content will require shorter or longer Reels. Short Reel types may tend to perform best, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. Short Reels may not best for your content type and audience preferences.

Creator SandyMakesSense posts longer travel Reels, usually around 20-40 seconds long. To keep people hooked until the end, she features eye-catching photography and valuable tips, and she speeds up the audio to make it sound faster:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Sandy ☀️ Travel & London (@sandymakessense)

Beauty brand Sephora often publishes tutorial Reels that promote their latest products. These Reels are often on the longer side, like this one that’s 45 seconds, nd integrate with their Instagram Shop:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Sephora (@sephora)

No matter the Reel length you choose, aim to publish content that entertains, inspires, educates, or motivates your audience. Be sure to review your analytics to see what’s working for you!

Easily schedule and manage Reels alongside all your other content from Hootsuite’s super simple dashboard. Schedule Reels to go live while you’re OOO, post at the best possible time (even if you’re fast asleep), and monitor your reach, likes, shares, and more.

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Come Programmare I Reel Di Instagram In 10 Facili Passaggi

Creare, pianificare e programmare i Reel di Instagram in anticipo è il segreto per avere un calendario editoriale sui social vincente nel 2023

I Reel di Instagram sono diventati la funzionalità in più rapida crescita sull’app di Instagram. Infatti, l’utente medio di Instagram passa 30 minuti al giorno guardando i Reel.

Anche se i Reel sono un ottimo modo per condividere aggiornamenti video veloci con chi ti segue, può essere difficile registrare e modificare un nuovo video ogni giorno.

Se cerchi un modo per programmare i tuoi Reel così da pubblicare nuovi contenuti senza sentirti incatenato al tuo cellulare, abbiamo buone notizie per te!

Puoi usare Hootsuite per pubblicare automaticamente e analizzare i Reel di Instagram e tutti gli altri contenuti dei tuoi social media.

In questo blog, ti faremo conoscere i migliori modi per programmare i Reel di Instagram utilizzando Hootsuite, inoltre ti daremo suggerimenti e trucchi per ottenere il massimo dalla tua strategia per i contenuti dei Reel.

C’è un’app per programmare i Reel di Instagram?

Sì! Puoi usare delle app di gestione dei social media come ad es. Hootsuite per programmare i tuoi Reel di Instagram automaticamente.

Continua a leggere per scoprire come pianificare i tuoi Reel attraverso il tuo dashboard Hootsuite oppure guarda il video che segue:

Come programmare i Reel di Instagram usando Hootsuite

Puoi usare Hootsuite per programmare i tuoi Reel perché siano pubblicati automaticamente in un qualsiasi momento futuro.

Per creare e programmare un Reel usando Hootsuite, segui questi passaggi:

Registra il tuo video e modificalo (aggiungendo suoni ed effetti) nella App di Instagram.

Salva il Reel sul tuo dispositivo.

Su Hootsuite, tocca l’icona


sul menu in alto a sinistra per aprire il Compositore.

Seleziona l’account Business di Instagram sul quale vuoi pubblicare il tuo Reel.

Nella sezione Contenuto

, seleziona



Carica il Reel che hai salvato sul tuo dispositivo. I video devono durare fra i 5 e i 90 secondi ed essere di una dimensione 9:16.

Aggiungi una didascalia. Nella tua didascalia, puoi includere emoji, hashtag e taggare altri account.

Visualizza l’anteprima del tuo Reel e clicca

Pubblica Ora

per pubblicarlo immediatamente oppure…

…clicca Programma per dopo

per pubblicare il tuo Reel in un momento successivo. Puoi selezionare una data di pubblicazione manualmente o scegliere fra tre

tempi migliori personalizzati consigliati per ottenere il massimo coinvolgimento


Ed è tutto! Il tuo Reel apparirà nel Calendario insieme a tutti gli altri tuoi post di social media programmati. Da qui, puoi modificare, cancellare o duplicare il tuo Reel, oppure spostarlo nelle bozze.

Una volta che il tuo Reel è stato pubblicato, apparirà sia nel tuo feed che nella sezione Reel del tuo account.

Nota: al momento puoi solo creare e programmare i tuoi Reel sul desktop (ma potrai vedere i tuoi Reel programmati sul Calendario dell’app mobile di Hootsuite).

Prova Hootsuite gratuitamente per 30 giorni

Come programmare i Reel di Instagram usando Creator Studio

E’ possibile programmare sia i Reel di Facebook che di Instagram usando Creator Studio — uno strumento fantastico se hai solo bisogno di programmare post per Facebook e Instagram.

Ma se gestisci account di social media su piattaforme multiple, uno strumento di gestione social media specializzato come Hootsuite può esserti veramente utile. Con Hootsuite puoi programmare contenuti per le pagine di Instagram e Facebook, così come per TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube e Pinterest, tutto in un unico posto.

Ecco come programmare i Reel di Instagram usando Creator Studio:

Accedi a Creator Studio

Clicca Crea un post

e scegli

Instagram Feed


Instagram Video

(a seconda della lunghezza del tuo video)

(Sembra un sistema confuso, lo sappiamo! Il video tuttavia verrà pubblicato come Reel dal momento che Instagram ora considera Reel tutti i video che non sono Storie).

Ottimizza il tuo contenuto per i Reel (se necessario). Questa è la tua occasione per ritagliare e ridimensionare i video orizzontali.

Aggiungi una didascalia.

Programma il tuo Reel. Puoi pubblicarlo immediatamente o salvarlo come bozza.

Oh, una cosa importante: puoi usare Creator Studio per programmare i tuoi Reel solo se il tuo account Instagram è connesso con una pagina di Facebook Business.

I benefici di programmare i Reel di Instagram

Ora che sai come programmare i tuoi Reel su Hootsuite, ecco alcune ragioni per cui è consigliabile farlo.

Risparmia tempo programmando in anticipo

Pianificare e programmare i tuoi Reel in anticipo può aiutarti a risparmiare tempo a lungo termine. Avendo  un calendario editoriale e un programma, ti permette di raggruppare e modificare i tuoi video evitando di dover mettere insieme qualcosa all’ultimo minuto.

Questo ti permette di pubblicare i tuoi contenuti in modo più strategico e assicurarti che questi siano allineati ai tuoi obiettivi di marketing generali. Avere dei contenuti ben concepiti può aumentare il tasso di coinvolgimento sui tuoi Reel e altri contenuti Instagram, che può generare più pubblico e clienti.

Mantieni un’immagine coerente

I contenuti coerenti funzionano meglio sui social media quindi quando pianifichi è importante tenere in considerazione l’aspetto generale e le sensazioni che i tuoi Reel comunicano. Ciò vuol dire pensare ai colori, filtri, e al branding che usi nei tuoi video.

Anche se è importante essere coerenti nell’aspetto estetico dei tuoi Reel è altrettanto importante non sembrare troppo uniformi. Un buon mix dei tipi di video che pubblichi manterrà i tuoi Reel interessanti e coinvolgenti. Programmare i tuoi Reel in anticipo contribuirà a raggiungere questo equilibrio.

Usa questi modelli gratuiti di Instagram Story per ispirazione.

Carica i Reel di Instagram dal computer (fisso o portatile)

Anche se i Reel di Instagram devono essere girati sul telefono, programmarli in anticipo ti permetterà di caricarli dal tuo desktop o laptop. Questo ti fa risparmiare molto tempo specialmente se hai molti video da programmare.

Inoltre, caricare i Reel dal tuo desktop ti dà maggior controllo sulla qualità dei tuoi video. Puoi scegliere di caricare un video usando una definizione più alta che renderà i tuoi Reel ancora più raffinati e professionali.

Incoraggia il coinvolgimento

Una ricerca di Hootsuite ha scoperto che nei giorni successivi alla pubblicazione di un Reel, c’è un aumento significativo del coinvolgimento. Ciò è probabilmente dovuto al fatto che le persone sono più inclini a guardare i Reel quando li vedono nel loro feed e se li trovano interessanti è più facile che interagiscano. Inoltre i Reel sono spesso promossi nel tab Esplora, il che può portare più visualizzazioni e coinvolgimento.

Dunque, cosa significa questo per te?

Se vuoi aumentare le possibilità di essere visto e di ottenere coinvolgimento dai tuoi Reel, programmali per quando sai che il tuo pubblico è più attivo su Instagram. In questo modo puoi essere sicuro che i tuoi Reel vengano visti dalle persone che sono interessate a interagire con i tuoi contenuti. Cerca i momenti migliori per pubblicare su Instagram.

Prova Hootsuite gratuitamente. Puoi cancellare quando vuoi

Usa i video

L’88% delle persone dicono di aver comprato un prodotto dopo aver guardato il video di un brand. Per non parlare del fatto che c’è il doppio delle probabilità che le persone condividano un contenuto video con il loro network rispetto ad altri tipi di contenuti. Ciò rende i video degli strumenti essenziali per generare consapevolezza e vendite per il tuo business su Instagram.

I Reel sono il modo perfetto per mostrare la personalità e i prodotti del tuo brand in modo creativo e coinvolgente. I Reel non solo ti danno la possibilità di mostrare i tuoi prodotti in azione, ma ti permettono anche di aggiungere creatività alle tue azioni di marketing. Puoi creare contenuti dietro-le-scene, video-istruzioni, o anche solo clip divertenti che mettono in risalto la personalità del tuo brand.

Programmare i tuoi Reel in anticipo può aiutarti a ottimizzare la tua strategia marketing video e assicurarti che i contenuti dei tuoi Reel arrivino al tuo pubblico target al momento giusto.

Lo strumento per gestire i social numero 1 al mondo

Crea. Pianifica. Pubblica. Coinvolgi. Misura. Vinci!

Provalo GRATIS per 1 mese.

Migliora la collaborazione all’interno del team

Pianificare i Reel può essere utile anche se lavori con un team e hai bisogno di coordinare chi pubblica cosa e quando. Questo può aiutarti ad evitare di pubblicare troppi Reel contemporaneamente e di travolgere il tuo pubblico.

Pianificare ti toglie anche la pressione di dover pubblicare in tempo reale, ciò può essere utile per trovare un equilibrio fra pubblicare Reel e altre attività.

Domande frequenti su come programmare i Reel di Instagram

E possibile pianificare i Reel di Instagram?

Sì. È possibile utilizzare Hootsuite per pianificare i Reel di Instagram in anticipo.

Si possono programmare i Reel con Hootsuite?

Sì. È facile programmare i Reel con Hootsuite, basta caricare i contenuti, scrivere la didascalia e fare clic su Pianifica per dopo. È possibile selezionare manualmente la data e l’ora di pubblicazione o trovare il momento migliore per pubblicare utilizzando i nostri suggerimenti personalizzati.

Posso pubblicare un Instagram Reel dal mio computer?

Sì. Puoi programmare Instagram Reels dal tuo desktop usando Hootsuite!

C’è un modo per pubblicare automaticamente i Reel sul mio profilo?

Sì. Basta programmare il tuo Reel utilizzando Hootsuite, e la app lo pubblicherà automaticamente alla data e l’ora selezionate da te. Puoi persino programmare in blocco tutti i tuoi Reel.

Quando è il momento migliore per pubblicare un Reel di Instagram?

I nostri esperti hanno scoperto che il momento migliore per pubblicare i Reel su Instagram è tra le 9 del mattino e mezzogiorno, dal lunedi al giovedi. Con Hootsuite puoi anche utilizzare la funzione “Miglior tempo per pubblicare” per scoprire gli orari e i giorni della settimana migliori per pubblicare i tuoi Reel in base alle tue prestazioni.

Elimina lo stress di pubblicare in tempo reale pianificando i tuoi Reel con Hootsuite. Programma, pubblica e controlla cosa funziona e cosa no con strumenti analitici facili da usare che aiuteranno i tuoi Reel a diventare virali.

Get Started

Crea, analizza e pianifica i post e le storie di Instagram con Hootsuite. È facile, risparmi tempo e ottieni risultati.

Instagram – The Basics For Businesses

You can use Instagram for personal use (obviously) but you can also utilise Instagram for your business too.

Sure – there won’t be a great deal of interaction verbally – and you can’t reel off essays to your followers… but what you can do is express your brand and company visually – which can often be much more powerful. Story-telling remains one of the strongest and most impactful forms of communication – and every picture tells a story, making your communication with Instagram even more impactful.

So what can you gain from Instagram?

Instagram is essentially a bite-size snippet of visual loveliness. You’re sharing information in image form which means your followers can view them quickly, easily and also share it quickly and easily too. The visual aspect means you can get creative too – you’re not just limited to words, and there’s no character limit either. Mainly though, I think creating an Instagram account for your business or brand is going to give followers a glimpse into your everyday work-culture and brand ethos, which is a perfect marketing technique if those two things are important to you. Another plus point? You’ll also (most likely) gain lots of social shares – people love images. And people share them.

So how can you begin marketing with Instagram? Well first thing’s first. Fully commit.

Don’t commit to it if you don’t have time. This is the golden rule for every company looking into joining any social network. If you don’t have time to post a photo (at least every couple of days) then why are you joining? Social Networks are social, so if you don’t have time to put in the effort right now – just leave it. An empty feed and blank profile is no better than no account at all – it’s actually worse.

 Don’t Re-post Professional Shots

A big bug-bear of mine on Instagram are companies that simply edit a press-shot with Instagram and then post the same old catalogue photograph – just with a slight change of filter. Fashion brands are notoriously bad for this – but some do get it bang on. If someone is signed up to your Instagram account they want to see things other people don’t get to – whether that be a secret behind-the-scenes photo or a sneak peek of a future project. Don’t just rehash the same old images I can find on your website. That’s boring. Fashion brand Forever 21 have a great balance between products, promotional images (none of them rehashed though) and also personal office-culture, and fun random shots too. You get a real feel for the brand’s ethos and the kind of message they’re spreading.

Don’t Over-brand People

As with any marketing or sales techniques – the best route to take is often subtly. The last thing you want to do is spam people with 5 retro photographs of your logo every day (even if it’s a real sweet logo). Balance brand awareness with other “normal” images that don’t have any kind of sales technique or ulterior motive behind them, otherwise you won’t seem cool, you’ll just seem desperate.

Don’t Forget What Instagram Actually Is

Steer clear of uploading random quotes, Infographics and images of text – as it can culture up your feed and make it look a bit, um, tacky? Instagram is a photo-sharing site for people who like photos – and whilst the occasional inspirational quote is nice – it’s not what most people who use this site joined it for. If people want to be bombarded with quotes and text, they’ll follow an account that specialise in that. If you do insist on doing it – at least camouflage it with a filter. Like this:

Get Involved

Make sure you tag your images too – to make sure the multiple amount of people are viewing your images. Lots of people will search the app for random tags such as “love” “fun” or “sunshine” – so ensure your images aren’t missing out on this key element. Tagging is the easiest way to get your images seen!

Now for some last nuggets: Timing is Everything

If you have an amazing photo that you think will grab people’s attention – don’t post it in the middle of the night when no one is going to see it. Think about the key time to post and harness them.

Don’t Overload

Don’t post 5 photos at once – even if they are really good images. Spread them out… this isn’t Facebook remember, one image will be enough for now. If you see yourself becoming a super-regular poster, then try not to exceed one image an hour, as most people could see this as spammy.


Showing the location of your photographs lets other nearby view them. We all looking at places we know and are familiar with – so this could attract a nice base of follower for you. It also let companies and brands nearby see who their neighbours are.

Get Everyone Involved

If you’re a fun, young, start-up company – get the whole team involved with Instagram and get them all uploading photos. It creates a really great team-atmosphere and team spirit, which are both traits you’ll want to promote – you could even have “best Instagram” prizes for the most inventive.

Don’t Miss An Opportunity

If you already have a twitter account and regularly upload great images to twitter – you’re missing an opportunity here. If you’re already taking the time to photograph and upload – then why not join instagram too? You can link the accounts and benefit from both.

Google Nest Hub Max Review: Not The Cheapest, But The Best

About our Google Nest Hub Max review: The Google Nest Hub Max was provided directly by Google as a short-term loan. I used the Google Nest Hub Max for about five days. I tested it with my many other smart home devices during that time, including my Dish receivers, smart lights, and more.

Update, May 2023: We’ve updated this review to include a new potential alternative from Google itself.

The Google Nest Hub Max arguably has the best sound quality from a smart display so far.

The Google Nest Hub Max features a stereo speaker system comprised of two 18mm 10W tweeters and a 75mm subwoofer, as well as far-field mics for picking up your voice. It probably isn’t going to win over audiophiles, though we found the speaker quality above average for a smart display.

The Hub Max certainly is louder and has much better clarity than the classic Google Home speaker. In most scenarios, we also found that the sound quality was arguably better than the JBL Link View, though the latter is perhaps better for bass-heavy tracks.

For my taste, I say that the Nest Hub Max makes for a wonderful alternative to buying a speaker. This won’t hold true for everyone, and I won’t deny high-end dedicated speakers will offer a better experience. You won’t find a better smart display speaker, though, even if the JBL Link View comes reasonably close.

Google Nest Hub Max: Setting up and making the most of new features

Google smart speakers and displays are typically very easy to set up, which remains mostly true for the Google Nest Hub Max.

The Hub Max’s display will light up on the first boot and ask you to get the phone app. Jumping into the Home app, we were immediately prompted to set up a new device. From there, it was just a matter of following on-screen prompts.

During this process, you’ll be asked if you want to set up extras like camera sensing, voice match, face match, Duo calling, and Ambient Mode. Most of these features are optional, but we highly recommend setting it all up if you want to make the most of your new smart display.

Many of these features aren’t new or exclusive to the Google Nest Hub Max so we won’t go into much detail. Still, a few unique Google Nest Hub Max features are worth highlighting.

Improved video calling via Google Duo

Devices like the JBL Link View and Lenovo Smart Display already featured video calling using Google Duo and so have many newer smart hubs. Still, the Google Nest Hub Max takes things a step further thanks to the 127-degree field-of-view camera that provides super-wide video. It also uses auto-framing technology, so if you move around in front of the camera, it will move around to help keep you in the shot. This is particularly useful if you’re moving around the kitchen or if a child is talking to a grandparent but won’t hold still.

We placed a few video calls during our testing and played around with the tracking. It all worked pretty seamlessly.

We also tested the ability to send quick messages to the Google Nest Hub Max from within the Duo app (which has since merged with Google Meet). Once you record and send a message, it’ll show up on the home screen as a virtual sticky note, perfect if you want to send a quick check-in message to your roommates or family members.

We do lament the fact that only Google Duo is supported for video calling, but we imagine Google’s main objective was to keep things simple so that way even less tech-savvy users can jump right into placing video calls. The fact Google is desperately trying to get folks to use its latest video app also likely plays a pretty significant role. With the news, Google Assistant now supports Whatsapp on the phone; perhaps we could eventually see more options on Hub Max too?

Interestingly the Nest Cam features aren’t part of the initial setup, but Google does alert you about the features’ existence via a card on the home screen. To set up the Nest Cam, you’ll need to head into the Google Home app. From there, follow the on-screen prompts.

Look and talk lets you rest your voice a bit

In May of 2023, Google introduced a new feature to the Google Hub Max called Look and Talk. Essentially the feature locks in your gaze to trigger the assistant, giving you an alternative to saying, “Ok, Google.” In situations where you’re close to the display, this makes a lot of sense and gives you yet another way to interact with Google Hub Max.

Google Nest Hub Max now supports Matter

Matter is one of the biggest developments in the smart home space in recent years. This new protocol lets your smart devices more seamlessly connect to your smart speakers, displays, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, or Apple HomeKit. The whole idea is to make setting up and controlling a smart home something anyone can do instead of just techie enthusiasts like in the earlier days. Despite being four years old, Matter and Google recently brought support for Matter to the Google Home Hub Max, giving it an extra lease on life.

A smart display that’s also a security camera? That’s a heck of a value right there.

Of course, the central feature of any good security camera is the ability to look back at previous recordings. A free account provides this functionality in the Nest app, but some limitations exist. First, you’ll only see snapshots of activity, such as when movement was detected. You’ll also only have access to the last five days of recordings.

The perfect hub for entertainment and information

For most of this review, we focused on what’s new or improved over other Google Assistant smart displays. The Hub Max introduces several improvements, but a lot of the core functionality remains the same. That’s a good thing.

Like other smart displays, the Google Nest Hub Max can do almost everything a smart speaker can do, including setting alarms, reminders, asking about the weather and news, or even streaming music. The addition of visual cues makes all these features even better.

The Hub Max also makes it easy to control your smart home.

The Hub Max doubles as a digital photo frame. You can specify what you want the display to focus on showing, such as recent trips or just pictures of friends and family. Once you’ve set up this feature, it will automatically pull in and update photos from your Google Photos library.

Bottom line, the Hub Max adds several features you can’t find on a smart speaker. Plus, having a touch display means you don’t need to shout at your smart display nearly as much as you do with Google Home.

The Google Nest Hub Max allows you to set an alarm, play your favorite songs, check the weather, and much more via Google Assistant. You can also use it to make video calls with Google Duo. Additionally, the device doubles as a Nest Cam, which is something that sets the Google Nest Hub Max apart from the competition.

The Google Nest Hub Max is worth it, as we think it’s one of the best smart displays on the market. However, if you don’t care about the Nest Cam features, you may want to consider the cheaper Google Nest Hub (2nd generation).

No, you can’t install third-party apps on the Google Nest Hub Max.

Unlike the Google Nest Hub, the Google Nest Hub Max has an integrated camera.

Yes, you can stream shows and movies from Netflix and other streaming services on the Google Nest Hub Max.

Yes, you’ll find the browser on the Google Nest Hub Max that allows you to browse the web.

Although it’s been around for a few years now, the Google Nest Hub Max has not been discontinued. You can still buy it from Google, Best Buy, and many other retailers.

Rumors have it that Google is working on a new Nest Hub device that will be a little different and may make its debut sometime this year. It’s said to offer a detachable screen that will work as a regular tablet. There’s no word on how big the display will be, though.

The Google Nest Hub Max has a larger display (10-inch vs 7-inch) compared to the Nest Hub, supports video calls, and features a built-in Nest Cam. Check out our full comparison for more.

Best Airpods Max Cases In 2023

Although Apple’s AirPods Max come with a carrying case, it does not do an adequate job of protecting them. This can be risky when you’re on the go and want to prevent any damage to your premium headphones. Moreover, many people feel that the default case looks pretty weird too.

So, if you’re looking for the best AirPods Max cases that are both protective and aesthetically appealing, you’ve come to the right place. Here are my favorite options.

1. WaterField shield case

This one holds the appreciation of being the first third-party case for AirPods Max. The San Francisco-based bag manufacturing company left no stone unturned to craft a case that fits as the best alternative for the default AirPods Max case.

It renders your headphones over-all protection. Inside, it has a magnetic leather butterfly to keep them in low power mode, just like the default case. Also, you get space to store your charging adapter and cable, which further makes it handier.

Buy it from WaterField

2. KT-CASE waterproof PU leather case

The storage case for AirPods Max is made using EVA hard shell and waterproof PU leather. The combination makes the case dustproof and shockproof for added security. Having been designed specifically for AirPods Max, it elegantly houses your new purchase with the default case that comes with it.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about missing the default smart case attributes designed by Apple. You also get additional space to keep the adapter and charging cable.

Check out on Amazon

3. Geekria ultrashell case

This one carries all the required traits to be a durable, spacious, and affordable case for AirPods Max. At the exterior, you can notice the hard shell that protects your headphones from any impact, water, or crushes. Inside, it comes with mesh pockets to keep your charger, adapter, and other accessories. Also, there’s an elastic band running horizontally on the other side to ensure your headphones remain secured all the time.

Check out on Amazon

4. Fromsky waterproof case

The protective AirPods Max case comes with a carabiner to hold them securely. It is elegantly designed using Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and features an inner cotton layer for that smooth touch. Also, it has a removable mesh pocket that houses your adapter and charging cable. While the material used gives you a smooth touch, it is durable to protect your accessory from scratches, water, and dust.

Check out on Amazon

5. IMSHIE travel carrying bag case

You might dislike the original case due to its design aesthetics, but you can’t deny the tech traits it carries. This hard headphone case lets you store the headphones with the original case without compromising on the aesthetics. It carries an eye-grabbing design and features an inner mesh pocket to keep your charging cable, adapter, and other accessories.

What’s more? It is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and scratch-resistant.

Check out on Amazon

6. Chirano hardshell case

You might have a tough time finding a reason to avoid this AirPods Max travel case. It’s smart, durable, and easy to carry. It is designed to house your luxurious headphones with the default case you received with it. Having said this, you can have both tech and quality benefits.

On one side, it has a large mesh pocket to keep your accessories. On another, it has a stretchable band to keep your headphones placed at one spot securely.

And yes, it will surely fall into your budget.

Check out on Amazon

7. Linkidea protective travel case

This designer AirPods Max case is made using premium quality materials and offers sufficient space inside to keep your accessories. Designed by experienced artisans, it is crafted using crush-resistant, anti-shock, weather-resistant EVA. This ensures that your precious possession will remain secure even in the harshest circumstances. It also features an inner pocket to keep your accessories and a low integrated power/sleep mode switch flap to preserve your headphone’s battery.

Check out on Amazon

Considering that the AirPods Max is newly launched and there will be more third-party manufacturers joining the list in the coming days, it will be tough to decide.

However, out of the available options, I personally liked the WaterField case and the Linkidea hard case.

Despite a hefty price tag, I liked the WaterField case as it has all the features of the original one and ensures you save the AirPods Max battery when not in use. However, if the price is a concern, I found the Linkidea hard case a great fit. Though it might not match the quality, it still serves the purpose while saving battery for you.

What’s your take?

Things to consider when choosing an AirPods Max case

Price: The first thing on the list was this. I wanted to have the best case for AirPods Max but didn’t want to spend a fortune on it.

Durability: Another key reason behind looking for an AirPods Max case is I needed 360-degree protection. The default case lacks protection for the canopy spanning the headband.

Design: The case undoubtedly looks out of the box and, as claimed, serves few other purposes in enhancing the AirPods Max experience. However, it doesn’t fit my likes, and I would not prefer carrying it in hand all the time.

Waterproof: This one’s a plus to have. Apple’s first-ever over-the-ear headphones are a pricey affair, and I wouldn’t want any external element to damage them even accidentally.


Author Profile


Mayank is a published author and a tech-blogger with over ten years of writing experience for various domains and industries. At iGeeks, he mostly writes about blogs that solve user-problems and guide them on unleashing the full potential of their Apple Device. He can often be found with his headphones on, typing to the rhythm of some country song.

Best Iphone 12 Pro Max Cases

The front offers Ceramic Shield protection which should make it resistant to scratches, while Gorilla Glass should keep the back protected too. But let’s face it: if you’re paying over a grand for a phone, you’ll want to keep it as scratch and shatter-free as possible.

The new iPhone 12 phones also feature MagSafe, which allows the handsets to magnetically snap into place on the MagSafe wireless charger, without you having to fiddle around to ensure it’s in place.

While MagSafe opens up the possibilities for adding magnetic accessories on the back of the phone, like Apple’s own line of MagSafe wallets, it also means you’ll need a MagSafe-compatible case if you intend on making the most of this feature.

Here, we’re rounding up the best cases for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Whether you’re after something rugged, or something stylish and functional, like a leather wallet case, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also point out MagSafe-compatible cases.

We’re separately rounding up the best cases for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro and iPhone 12 mini.

Apple – Best overall

It’s impossible to overlook Apple’s own offerings for the iPhone 12 Pro Max – especially if you want a case that’s fully MagSafe compatible.

There are a couple of options to choose from: while we personally prefer the look of the leather option in California Poppy for £59/$59 (pictured), there is also the cheaper silicon option in Kumquat orange for £49/$49.

Both options are sure to keep your iPhone 12 Pro safe and looking great, while raised bezels around the camera and screen will keep the scratches at bay. 

Casetify – Drop Proof & Versatile

Casetify is another reliable brand to consider for your iPhone 12 Pro Max. Not only do you get a fantastic choice of colours and designs to choose from – in fact, you can even add your own

on the back – but these cases are tough. Like, super tough.

Casetify’s cases offer 6.6-feet drop protection and also has an antimicrobial coating that kills 99% of germs. You can also tick wireless charging and MagSafe compatibility off the list. And it’ll cost you less than Apple’s options (in the UK) with prices starting at £39/$60. Not bad. 

See the full Casetify collection.

Spigen – Best Value

Of course, reliable drop protection doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Spigen’s Liquid Air offers great value for money with military-grade shock protection at under £20/$20.

The textured back allows extra grip too for those of us who can be butterfingered. It’s also wireless charging compatible.

See the full Spigen collection for iPhone 12 Pro Max, or check out the Liquid Air over at Amazon.

Bellroy – Best eco-friendly leather

If you want a clean and simple leather case without having to pay a premium just because it has an Apple logo slapped on, take a look at Australian brand Bellroy. 

The leathers in Bellroy cases are environmentally certified, which means they consume less water and chemicals in the tanning process.

The cases are MagSafe and Qi charging compatible and come with a three-year warranty. You can also find wallet case options that cleverly conceal credit cards under a flap.

Pick it up for £39/ $45 directly from Bellroy or from Amazon.

Mujjo – Most stylish leather wallet

Here’s another leather option case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max that’s similar to Bellroy, though a tad more expensive.

Dutch brand Mujjo make sleek and sophisticated cases using full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. The case has an integrated cardholder that fits up to three cards and is wireless-charging compatible. 

Pick it up directly from Mujjo or from Amazon for £59.95

Mous – Rugged & Sleek

You can’t go wrong with a Mous case. The brand, which we can’t help but recommend, offers super tough and durable cases with excellent drop protection and heaps of functionality.

Mous’ Limitless 3.0 options work with Apple’s MagSafe wireless charger, but you just won’t get that magnetic ‘snap’. Mous says this is due to its cases being slightly thicker than Apple’s owns in order to maximise protection. Instead, Mous’ cases work with its own ecosystem of AutoAlignPlus magnetic wireless chargers and other accessories, like its card wallet.

Limitless 4.0 case too – the same design, protection and finishes as Limitless 3.0 but with full MagSafe-for-iPhone compatibility in place of the company’s own AutoAlignPlus system. 

Pick up a Mous case from £47.99/$69.99 directly from Mous or from Amazon where it’s £39.99/$59.99.

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