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Alfred runs a successful bakery in the city’s square. His business is a popular spot for locals and a talking point for tourists.

However, he isn’t satisfied with the results. Alfred was not slow to pull the trigger. But, he has little experience in attracting customers through his online bakery shop. Do you have the same problem?

We are here for your rescue.


Alfred isn’t the only one who has this problem; 75% of visitors never return to a website they have visited once.

This means that you must convert website visitors into customers or buyers. You want security first. You need to market your product/service in a way that takes your business to the next level.

As a word to the wise, the epitome of information regarding the ideal WordPress lead generation plugins will work out the best in such a case.

We have created a guide that will help you find the best WordPress Lead Generation plugins.

1. MonsterInsights

User-Friendly WordPress Analytics Plugin

The MonsterInsights WordPress plugin combines Google Analytics and Google Search Console to provide a wealth of information. This plugin is highly recommended. It retrieves data and compiles it into clear and understandable reports.

This plugin records data that speaks volumes about your site’s visitors. Let’s dive deep into Monster insights to learn more.

This plugin provides information on the web pages that receive the highest amount of traffic or visitors.

This will give you an answer about the most effective call to actions buttons on your website.


MonsterInsights has over 3,000,000 users. Among them, famous brands such as Subway, FedEx, and yelp are also present.

This plugin also features file download tracking, which allows you to keep track of the performance of lead magnets like ebooks. It can also recognize ordinary downloadable files and provide you with a track report.

A business can see which assets are most downloaded and which ones need to be modified for better performance.

You can gain insight into what content converts the most visitors through author tracking and determine which content you should be promoting to grow your website.

MonsterInsights offers all these features to help you stay on top of your business’s performance.


Free to use with limited features.

Paid version packages starting at $99.50/year

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2. Optinmonster

Most powerful lead generation plugin

The best-rated WordPress popup plugin, or say the most recommended lead generation software is Optinmonster. It provides exceptional tools for creating popups and email signup forms that are highly convertible for your WordPress website. Visitors will be tempted to leave your website if they see the attractive opt-in forms.

This helps to convert your visitors into customers and subscribers, which will, in turn, grow your email list, optimize conversion rate and dramatically reduce bounce rates on your website.

Install the WordPress Lead Generation plugin quickly to deploy campaigns on your website.


Optinmonster can be used to create sliding-in, sidebar-form, floating bars. It also allows you to spin the wheels pop up.

It has a built-in Analytics tool with which you can track the performance of a website.

Each form element can be tested to determine which one is most effective for maximum conversion, including headlines, button colors, and two designs.

Inbuilt exit-intent Technology is a great way to convert visitors to your subscriber list. It pops up when they are about to abandon your site.

Segmented email lists can also be created with targeted messages that target specific pages within all categories.

The SAAS platform can be integrated with other websites and email marketing services, as well as e-commerce platforms.


The basic plan starts at $9/month.

If you want to avail just like yes/no forms and exit intent Technology, plans start from $29 per month.

3. WP Forms

Exceptional Drag & Drop Form Builder

WP Forms is a user-friendly plugin that allows you to create contact forms.

The Drag and Drop Form Builder feature eases off the task of creating eye-catching email subscription forms, donation forms, quote forms, payment forms, contact forms, or any other forms.

WP Forms provides you with in-built options that allow you to display results from polls or surveys using beautiful charts and graphs.

WP Forms forms are responsive to any device.

This plugin comes with a wealth of templates. With the 150+ pre-built templates for WP Forms, you can add a spark to any form that you create.

High-end spam security allows you to block spam submissions using a captcha or a Honeypot method in WordPress Forms.

WP Forms offers the option to create multi-page forms if you need more than one page for survey or detailed order forms. To improve the user experience, long-form can be split into multiple pages.


4,000,000 professionals use WP Forms to create smart forms that meet their needs. It is also possible to learn how to use it by watching a video tutorial.

Smoothly integrate your forms with Mailchimp, constant contact, GetResponse, Drip, and many others to enjoy mail services.

Conversational forms are great for increasing form completion rates and conversions. By displaying one question at the time, it creates a conversation-like interface.

All saved entries are stored in the WordPress database. This means that form entries can be managed from the WordPress dashboard. WP Forms also allows you to mark them as read, sort, delete, or export to chúng tôi file.


Free version with limited features

The paid version starts from $39.50/year.

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4. Chatbot

AI Chatbots at your service

The chatbot plugin is for you if you are a creative thinker. It will allow you to help your customers around the clock. This plugin is ideal for creating, deploying, and tracking chatbots from one location.

Drag and drop is an option that allows you to add new elements to any chatbot class created with the Customised Visual Builder.

You can automate key tasks by creating chatbots that are multipurpose using an easy-to-use builder or prebuilt templates.

It is easy to install and does not require any coding, technical skills, or training. Any not-recognized words are saved automatically. Additional suggestions can be made on the same to add to your stories.

Every task is powered by AI for better support, engagement, and sales across all channels. It operates in a background that uses natural language processing to interpret the precise meaning of the user. Using machine learning algorithms further improves the performance of the chatbot.

Customers can engage with your chatbot by providing interactive responses and textual feedback. You can use the chatbot platform for quick responses, text, images, buttons, and quick replies to show off your products and services.


Chatbot offers a 14-day free trial to get an insight into its features.

The paid version starts at $42/month.

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5. Livechat

Real-time and prompt live chat plugin

This plugin allows you to communicate with people in real-time. This plugin doesn’t require a login to WordPress.

This plugin is compatible with any device, whether it’s a mobile phone, laptop, or another.


If someone tries to contact me via live chat outside of your working hours, a support ticket will be created.

An automated greeting message can be used to start a conversation on your behalf. This message grabs attention and lets the visitor know that the support team can help with their question.

You can customize the chat window to appeal to visitors and grab their attention.

Livechat allows you to retrieve the chat history of any visitor.


Start with a free 14-day trial.

Paid version available at $16/month.

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6. All in one SEO

WordPress SEO plugin

Its name is enough to tell the story. It’s been a great tool for webmasters who want to overcome SEO-related problems.

You don’t need any experience to start! To get the desired results, you will need to enter the right data in the relevant fields. This plugin allows you to optimize your WordPress website in order for your content to rank high in search engine results.

Using this plugin you will be able to enjoy automatically generated Meta tags.

You can easily detect duplicate content in your website content, which will help you avoid plagiarism.

The powerful tools for optimizing pages with on-page optimization: These tools simplify the task of adding Meta tags and descriptions to your pages, as well as optimizing page titles.

Be it XML sitemap, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools, and a lot others can be connected with the All-in-one SEO plugin.


Free to use with limited features.

Paid version starting at $49.50/year.

7. OneSignal

Notification WordPress plugin

Create an account to get started. Install the WordPress plugin.

You also have the option to change how push notifications are displayed to visitors.

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Signal sends more than 5 billion notifications every day through their platform.

When a visitor browses on your site, he or she will be presented with a popup. If they consent, they will be able to opt in to receive any updates from you. This can make them loyal customers and followers.

You can create user groups, set notification delivery intervals and personalize the opt-in process with live chat.

Visitors can opt to receive notifications from you, even if your site has been closed.

This WordPress plugin powers notifications from startups to fortune companies.

Re-engagement with your audience can be achieved by offering a reward or loyalty program on your website.


It’s free to use with a limited set of features.

Paid plans start from $9/month.

Email list building plugin

Once you have their contact information, you can send them your services/products via email.

This list-building tool is all-in-one and allows you to create conversion-focused forms that capture data from your website visitors. Drag and drop editor is the best way to create such forms that persuade visitors.

This plugin is not only about the design, but also the way it should appear to the visitor. To display your email form to your visitor, you can choose from a pop-up, slide-in, in-line, sticky ribbon, or in-line format.

This plugin supports all types and levels of opt-in forms, as well as a wide range of email marketing services.

The dashboard allows you to track and analyze key metrics.

The A/B testing feature is the golden feature in this plugin is ideal for enhancing the rate of conversion.

The pre-designed templates can be used as a starting point for beginners. Once you have a good idea of which template is best for you, you can start building your own.


The paid version is available in Thrive Suite at $19/month.

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9. Leadpages

Landing page WordPress Plugin           

Inspiring and informative landing pages is a great way to convert your visitors into loyal customers.

Begin by selecting a professionally designed and optimized template for lead generation.

To create a unique landing page, you can combine and match elements.

It allows you to create mobile-responsive and conversion-oriented lead pages for your website.

The drag-and-drop builder allows you to add alert bars, pop ups, opt-in text, and many other features to your landing pages.

The easy-to-read analytics report will help you check the performance of landing pages associated with your marketing campaign.

Creators are guided in the right direction by the A/B testing and real-time conversion tips.


Start with a free 14-day trial.

Paid version plans starting at $27/ month.


You must strive for excellence in order to build a successful business.

Daniel Abbott

Daniel Abbott is editor in chief & research analyst at The Next Tech. He is deeply interested in the moral ramifications of new technologies and believes in leveraging the data scientist, research and content enhancement to help build a better world for everyone.

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8 Awesome WordPress Plugins That’ll Make Your Site Mobile

The explosion of technology in the 21st century ushered in an era where the mobile phone handles multiple tasks and holds countless information, images, and documents.

This great revolution led to a massive shift from desktop dependence to mobile use in accessing data, online shopping, and acquiring services.

According to Statista, over half of the web traffic now comes from mobile devices, and the numbers are bound to rise.

What this means is that if you don’t focus on your website – and specifically on improving the user experience and making it mobile-friendly – you will lose business.

You have just seconds to get someone’s attention and persuade them to stay on your site. If your site doesn’t work or is slow to load, that person will not come back.

Thankfully, the process of optimizing your site for mobile isn’t rocket science, and you can do it on your own with the assistance of WordPress plugins.

These plugins can reformat your website to fit any screen and boost your site’s performance on the mobile, giving your visitors an optimal user experience.

In this column, you’ll discover eight top WordPress plugins for you to try out today. But, first, it’s important to cover some high-level basics.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

Plugins add new functionality to the core WordPress platform and can be added by virtually anyone.

A plugin is also called a module (or extension) and is defined as a piece of software that adds additional features to your site.

WordPress is loved by developers and designers for its versatility and power. Plugins are another important part of the workflow. And because WordPress is open-source, there are dozens of hundreds of thousands of such plugins.

From a technical point of view, they are written in the PHP programming language (which is the basis of the WordPress platform) and are built to be easily installed from the administration panel of your WordPress site.

Ultimately, making use of WordPress plugins can save you development time and money.

How to Install a WordPress Plugin

In the WordPress community, the saying goes that “for whatever you want to do, a plugin exists.”

Indeed, plugins are like mobile apps and can help you implement even the craziest ideas you have in your mind. To install a WordPress plugin, you must go to your admin panel, the Plugins section, and select the Add New option.

Note: Before installing (or updating) a plugin, it is recommended that you create a Restore Point of your site. This will allow you to undo this action within minutes should it break your theme or site functionality.

8 WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Now that you have a little more context about what WordPress plugins are, as well as what they do, here are our top picks for making your site mobile-friendly.

1. WPTouch

A WordPress plugin that Google recommends is a must-have for your website. WPTouch is one such plugin that makes your WordPress website fit any screen.

It doesn’t change your original WordPress desktop site or content but simply optimizes it for different screens.

The creators of WPTouch ensured they incorporated google recommendations for an efficient mobile user experience with the following features:

Automatically changes your WordPress site to a mobile-friendly theme when a user accesses your site with a mobile phone or tablet.

The admin panel allows you to customize the mobile theme to suit your brand and preferred page presentation. You can change the colors, some elements, and language.

WPTouch is lightweight and doesn’t interfere with your WordPress site’s speed performance.

It’s easy to configure without changing your WordPress settings.

Suppose you have images, infographics, and detailed information that may not go well with a mobile phone.

In that case, WPTouch’s WordPress customizer allows you to exclude them and include other pages for the mobile version. It also allows you to control and change menus.

The free version comes with only one magnificent mobile theme and limited customization options.

The premium version has additional features that include:

More elegant themes for ecommerce and business sites.

Related post recommendation sections.

Mobile caching.

2. JetPack

If you’re looking to cut back on the number of plugins in your website to improve speed, then JetPack is a must-have.

Jetpack is an all-in-one WordPress plugin with multiple features that help improve your WordPress site’s security, enhance marketing, give you SEO analytics, improve performance, and offer powerful design tools.

Let’s break it down further.

JetPack’s Function WordPress Features Speed and performance – CDN imaging for images and static files like javascript and CSS.

– Lazy load images to improve user experience with faster loading time for other content.

– Ad-free, high speed, and unlimited video hosting.

– Custom site search is more specific and allows users to find content fast.

Site Security – Backs up WordPress site automatically with unlimited storage space.

– You can move your site to a different hosting company without losing content.

– Scans for malware or code ware and fixes it instantly.

– Auto-updates each plugin and minimizes your involvement.

Growth and marketing – Efficient WordPress site stats and analytics to learn your audience.

– Auto publishes content to social media.

– Partnered with Paypal and Stripe for monetary transactions.

Powerful design tool – Promptly customize your site with ready tools that don’t require coding. They include themes, subscription buttons, related posts, contact forms, galleries, and slideshow tools.

Jetpack updates its software monthly to ensure its features are compatible with other WordPress plugins.

3. Smush

An informative and attractive website features multiple engaging images to enhance user experience and increase conversion rate. Unfortunately, images can eat up space and affect your website’s speed.

Smush is an award-winning image compression and optimization plugin for WP.

Your images are spontaneously compressed when you upload them to a size that won’t visibly affect page speed, while still being mobile-friendly.

Even if your website has been running, Smush will compress up to 50 images at a time once you install and choose the images that need resizing.

Other Smush features include:

Locates and notifies you of images slowing down your site.

Allows you to set your preferred maximum image width and height.

Optimizes images not in your media library.

Drag and drop option for specific images for resizing.

You can upgrade to Smush Pro, which offers other unique features.

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4. WP Mobile Menu

Some mobile phones pose a challenge as they limit the ease of navigating through the whole website.

Sidebars and menus can lack a visible spot on the phone, and users may struggle to find the next course of action.

WP Mobile Menu is the perfect WordPress plugin that tactfully adds a three-layered mobile menu to all WordPress sites. No coding is required: Just install, activate, and customize to your standard.

Some of the outstanding features include:

Text and logo branding.

Several display layouts (e.g., slide over or slide out).

Background images for menus.

Styling is customized.

Three-deep menu level.

WP Mobile Menu has three premium versions with more menu options for your professional, business, and enterprise needs.

5. Hummingbird

Just like the hummingbird has the fastest heart and wing beats, your website will have top speeds if you use this WordPress plugin.

Hummingbird prompts your site visitor’s mobile phone to save a copy of your site’s file as a cache, which minimizes loading time when they visit your site next time.

The alternative takes longer as they have to wait to access information from your web server when you don’t install this plugin.

Hummingbird is the go-to WordPress plugin for new website owners as it gives you suggestions, ideas, and tips for optimizing your site and making it mobile-friendly. You can also track progress once you make the changes.

Get the pro version for more superb features such as:

Automated scans.

Uptime monitoring.

Content-delivery network.

Enhanced file compression.

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6. AMP for WP

Do you want Accelerated Mobile Pages? Well, AMP is the WordPress plugin for you.

AMP for WP is a Google project that implements its principles to optimize WordPress website pages for better mobile visibility and speeds.

It achieves this by formatting your site’s pages and makes them mobile-friendly, to cater to all types of tablets and smartphones.

Installing AMP for WP will boost your google rankings as you enhance your visitor’s browsing experience. Here’s a lot more they have to offer:

Custom AMP editor to make your post or page AMP compatible.

Drag and drop page builder.

Google analytics support.

Supports SEO plugins.

Unlimited color theme.

7. Asset Clean-Up

Most plugins inject their code on every page, regardless of whether they are being used on that page. This enables the plugin to work properly should you choose to use its feature on all pages or just a couple of pages.

A good example is some plugins used to create contact forms. Typically, you use these types of plugins only on a contact page – not every page of your site.

However, these plugins inject their CSS and JavaScript files on every page by default.

To improve the speed of your website and make the HTML source code cleaner, it is much better to prevent those styles and scripts from loading on pages where they are not used.

That’s why the Asset CleanUp plugin has become one of my favorite plugins.

It solves this issue by scanning each page and detecting all the assets that are loaded.

All you have to do when editing a page/post is to select the CSS/JS codes that are not necessary to load, thus reducing the bloat.

As a result, your website can:

Decrease the number of HTTP requests loaded (important for faster page load) by unloading useless CSS/JS.

Minify/Combine remaining loaded CSS/JavaScript files.

Reduce the HTML code of the actual page.

Achieve better performance score if you test your URL on websites such as GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights or Pingdom Website Speed Test.

This is truly a powerful plugin to improve site speed!

8. Autoptimize

Whether you have classic web hosting through a company like GoDaddy or HostGator, or simply have your site through chúng tôi Autoptimize is one of the best plug-ins to improve web upload speeds.

It optimizes your database, deletes cache, and aggregates scripts.

In fact, Autoptimize can reduce your site’s loading time by up to 30%, which is huge since the longer it takes your site to load, the more likely someone is to leave it.

Up Your Game

Free and paid WP plugins give you an upper hand by improving your website’s ranking, increasing page speed, and improving the experiences of repeat and new visitors.

Search engines like Google put a lot of emphasis on mobile-optimized websites, and this trend will continue as we become more reliant on portable technology.

The good news is that if you have a WordPress website, numerous plugins are available that can help you better optimize your website for smartphones and tablets without a lot of technical know-how.

Just be sure not to get too carried away with the number of plugins you decide to use. If you install too many, you run the risk of ruining your site’s performance — the very thing you are trying to optimize.

Also, keep in mind that installing multiple plugins that essentially do the same thing may cause one – or both – not  to function properly.

Pro Tip: To aid in these checks and balances, before I install a new plugin, I like to check WPEngines’ list of disallowed plugins.

There are a number of plugins, like Broken Link Checker and some related post plugins, that I used to always recommend. I now understand these plugins can actually slow down my sites, despite their useful application.

More Resources:

Image Credits

All screenshots taken by author, July 2023

5 Of The Best WordPress Plugins To Integrate Bitcoins To Your Site

If Bitcoin and WordPress are two of your passions, this article will show how you can merge them – with Bitcoin plugins for WordPress. There are quite a lot of WordPress plugins for Bitcoin transactions, donations, price listings, even faucets. These are some of the ones I consider the best.

If you are looking for other WooCommerce plugins, there are a few more, such as WooCommerce Bitcoin Payments and Altcoins – Accept Bitcoin with CoinGate. If you need to install a payment plugin for a particular payment gateway or exchange, you’d better check the site of this gateway/exchange service to see if they have a plugin for WordPress.

2. BitMate Author Donations

If you don’t sell stuff on your site and don’t need to accept Bitcoin payments but won’t object to donations in Bitcoin and other currencies, check the BitMate Author Donations plugin. The Easy Bitcoin Donation Widget offers similar functionality, but since it hasn’t been updated in two years, it’s quite possible it won’t work with the latest WordPress versions.

3. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker Widget

If you want to display crypto prices on your site, there are a few plugins for the purpose. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker Widget is the most popular, but there are others, for instance the simpler Cryptocoin Live Ticker. The first plugin uses data from CoinMarketCap, while the second displays data from Coinalyze. Both plugins are highly customizable, and they allow you to choose the pairs of crypto (and fiat) currencies you want to display. You can show price variations over an hour, a day, or a week.

4. Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets

While there is certainly no shortage of wallet software, if you have reasons to give your users the opportunity to have a wallet with your WordPress site, the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets plugin is just what you need.

The plugin comes with a free version and a premium version. Quite naturally, the premium version has much more functionality, but even the free one is good for the purpose of launching a wallet for your users to deposit, withdraw, and transfer Bitcoin and altcoins to and from your site. There are dozens of adapters for different altcoins, such as Litecoin, Doge, and Electrum, that you can download for free.

5. Bitcoin Faucet

Faucets are emblematic to Bitcoin, and if you want to include one on your WordPress site, check the Bitcoin Faucet plugin. While it might not have all the perks of dedicated faucet scripts, it comes with everything you need to launch a faucet. The plugin is highly customizable and supports several cryptocurrencies. It also works with multiple micropayment systems as well as multiple captcha systems (reCaptcha, SolveMedia, FunCaptcha, etc.)


The above list is not conclusive, and there are more plugins that can do the same tasks. I do believe the above selections will be of use to you though.

Ada Ivanova

I am a fulltime freelancer who loves technology. Linux and Web technologies are my main interests and two of the topics I most frequently write about.

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Top 9 New Technology Trends For 2023

But, It’s not only tech trends and high technologies Which Are evolving, A whole lot more has changed this season as a result of outbreak of COVID-19 which makes IT professionals recognize their function won’t remain exactly the exact same from the contactless planet tomorrow. And an IT specialist in 2023-21 will always be learning, unlearning and relearning (from necessity if not need ).

What exactly does this mean to you? This means remaining current with new technology trends. Plus it means keeping your eyes in the long run to understand which skills you will need to understand to procure a secure job tomorrow and also learn how to arrive.

All bows into the global pandemic, the majority of the international IT populace is sitting working out of house.

Top 9 New Technology Trends for 2023 1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has received a great deal of buzz within the last ten years, but it has been among the newest technology trends due to its remarkable consequences on how we live, play and work are just in the first phases.

AI is already famous for its excellence in speech and image recognition, navigation programs, smartphone private assistants, ride-sharing programs and much more.

Aside from that AI is going to be utilized further to examine interactions to ascertain underlying relations and insights, to help forecast demand for solutions such as hospitals allowing authorities to make better choices regarding resource usage, and to discover the altering patterns of customer behavior by analyzing information in close real time, driving earnings and enhancing personalized encounters.

The AI marketplace will rise to a $190 billion business by 2025 with international spending cognitive and AI systems reaching $57 billion in 2023.

With AI spreading its wings across industries, new jobs will be generated in development, testing, programming, maintenance and support, to mention a couple.

On the other hand AI also provides a number of the greatest salary now ranging from over $1,25,000 annually (machine learning engineer) to $145,000 annually (AI builder) – which makes it the top rated new technology trend that you need to look out for!

Machine Finding the subset of AI, is also being deployed in all sorts of businesses, creating a massive demand for skilled professionals.

Forrester forecasts AI, machine learning, and automation can produce 9 percent of fresh U.S. tasks by 2025, occupations such as robot tracking professionals, information scientists, automation specialists, and articles curators, which makes it a different new technology trend that you have to bear in mind as well!

2. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Much like AI and Machine Learning, Robotic Procedure Automation, or RPA, is just another technology that’s automating tasks.

RPA is the usage of applications to automate business processes like interpreting programs, processing transactions, dealing with information, as well as responding to emails. RPA automates repetitive jobs that we used to perform.

Even though Forrester Research estimates RPA automation will undermine the livelihood of 230 million or even more knowledgeable employees, or roughly 9 percent of their worldwide workforce, RPA can also be producing new jobs while shifting existing jobs. McKinsey discovers that less than 5% of jobs can be completely automated, but roughly 60 percent may be partly automated.

And those jobs pay well. An RPA programmer can make over $534K annually – which makes it another technology trend you need to continue to keep a watch!

3. Edge Computing

Previously a brand new technology trend to observe, cloud computing is now mainstream, with important players AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform dominating the marketplace.

The adoption of cloud computing is still increasing, as an increasing number of companies migrate into a cloud option. Nonetheless, it’s not the emerging technologies fad. Edge is.

Since the number of information organizations are coping with proceeds to rise, they’ve realized the consequences of cloud computing in certain scenarios. Edge calculating was made to help resolve a few of those issues as a means to circumvent the latency brought on by cloud computing and receiving information to a data center for processing.

Also read: The Top 10 Digital Process Automation (DPA) Tools

4. Quantum Computing

This wonderful technology tendency can also be included in preventing the spread of this coronavirus, and also to develop potential vaccines, as a result of its capability to quickly query, track, assess and act on information, whatever the source.

Another area where quantum computing is discovering software is finance and banking, to handle credit risk, including high frequency trading and fraud detection.

Quantum computers are currently a multitude times quicker than normal computers and enormous brands such as Splunk, Honeywell, Microsoft, AWS, Google and lots of others are currently involved in creating inventions in the area of Quantum Computing.

The earnings for the worldwide quantum computing marketplace are projected to exceed $2.5 billion by 2029. And also to make a mark in these brand new trending technologies, you have to have expertise with quantum mechanics, linear algebra, probability, information theory, and machine learning.

5. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The upcoming unique technology fashion – Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), and protracted Truth (ER). VR immerses the user in an environment whilst AR enriches their surroundings.

Though this technology fad has primarily been utilized for gambling so far, it’s also been utilized for practice, as using VirtualShip, a simulation program utilized to train U.S. Navy, Army and Coast Guard boat captains.

In 2023, we could anticipate these kinds of technology being further integrated in our own lives. Normally working in conjunction with a number of the additional new technologies we have mentioned in this listing, AR and VR have tremendous potential in training, entertainment, education, promotion, and even rehabilitation following an injury.

Interesting fact: 14 million AR and VR apparatus were offered in 2023. The international AR and VR marketplace is anticipated to rise to $209.2 billion by 2023, just creating more chances in the trending technologies, and much more professionals prepared with this particular game-changing field.

Though some employers may search for optics because of skill-set, notice getting started in VR does not call for lots of technical knowledge – fundamental programming skills and a forward-thinking mindset may land a project; yet another reason why this new technology fad ought to constitute to your listing of lookouts!

6. Blockchain

Even though most people today consider blockchain technology in regard to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, blockchain features security that’s helpful in a number of different ways. At the simplest of terms, blockchain could be described as the information you can just add to, not remove from or alter.

Thus the term”series” because you are creating a series of information. Not having the ability to modify the prior cubes is exactly what makes it so stable.

Additionally, blockchains are all consensus-driven, therefore no 1 thing can take charge of the information. Together with blockchain, you do not require a reliable third party to manage or validate trades.

Several businesses are involving and executing blockchain, and the usage of blockchain technologies grows, so also does the need for skilled professionals.

If you’re interested by Blockchain and its own software and need to create your livelihood in this trending tech, then that is the ideal time to get started.

Also read: Top 10 Business Intelligence Tools of 2023

7. Internet of Things (IoT)

Another promising new technology fad is IoT. Many”items” are presently being constructed with WiFi connectivity, meaning that they may be linked to the Web –and also to each other.

The Web of Things is your near future and has already allowed devices, home appliances, automobiles and even more to be linked to exchange information on the internet.

As customers, we are already using and profiting from IoT. We could lock our doors if we neglect to if we depart for work and our ovens our way home from work while monitoring our fitness center onto our Fitbits. But, companies have much to gain now and in the not too distant future.

And we are just in the beginning phases of the new technology fad: Evidence suggest that by 2030 about 50 billion of those IoT apparatus will be in use across the world, developing a huge web of connected devices crossing everything from smartphones into kitchen appliances. New technology like 5G is expected to drive market expansion in the next several years.

And should you want to step foot in this trending tech, you’ll need to learn about Info safety, AI and machine learning basics, media, hardware interfacing, data analytics, automation, comprehension of embedded systems, and also need to have apparatus and layout knowledge.

8. 5G

The following technology fad that follows the IoT is 5G. Where 3G and 4G technology have allowed us to surf the world wide web, use information driven solutions, improved bandwidths for streaming Spotify or YouTube and much more, 5G providers are anticipated to reevaluate our lives.

By empowering services that rely on innovative technologies such as AR and VR, together with cloud established gambling services such as Google Stadia, NVidia GeForce Today and a whole lot more. It’s anticipated to be utilized in factories, HD cameras which help enhance security and traffic direction, smart grid management and smart retail also.

More or less every telecom company like Verizon, Tmobile, Apple, Nokia Corp, QualComm, are currently working on producing 5G software.

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9. Cyber Security

Cybersecurity may not look like emerging technologies, since it’s been in existence for some time, but it’s evolving just as other technologies are. That is in part because risks are always new.

The malevolent hackers that are attempting to access info aren’t likely to give up any time soon, and they’ll continue to locate ways to get through even the toughest safety steps. It is also in part because new technologies has been adapted to boost safety.

Provided that we’ve got hackers, cybersecurity will continue being a trending tech since it’s going to always evolve to shield against these hackers.

As evidence of the strong demand for cybersecurity professionals, the amount of cybersecurity occupations is growing three times faster than other technician projects.

You have to notice that nonetheless challenging the area is it also supplies rewarding six-figure incomes, and functions can vary from moral hacker to safety engineer to Chief Security Officer, offering a promising career path for a person who would like to enter and stick to this evergreen technology that is trending.

Top 9 Cybersecurity Trends With Increasing Effectiveness

Secure data protection is a top priority for enterprises.

Even though cybersecurity measures were once effective, they are no longer sufficient to protect against sophisticated attackers. These are 9 measures you might want to reconsider.

Layered Security

Many-layered security systems can be dangerous because they rely on certificates and keys blindly. These systems don’t know which keys or certificates should be trusted. To protect against the danger of identical keys and pre-shared keys, you should use radius security.


Two-factor authentication is frequently referred to as one of the “best practices,” in cybersecurity. This measure is not as effective as it once was. Two-factor authentication can be bypassed by hackers using stolen login credentials and malware. Two-factor authentication can make it easier for attackers to access your systems if they can intercept the second factor, which is usually a text message code.

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Endpoint Security

Data Encryption

Another common cybersecurity measure is data encryption, which is not as effective as it once was. Attackers are now able to use sophisticated methods to bypass encryption such as a quantum computer. Data encryption is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is important to select a solution that suits your needs and requirements.


Another common cybersecurity measure is firewalled, which is no longer as effective. Attackers are now able to bypass firewalls using sophisticated methods such as tunneling. Also, firewalls can be incorrectly configured, making it easier for attackers to gain access to your systems.

Application Security

Identity and Access Management

Another common cybersecurity measure, identity and access management (IAM), is not as effective as it once was. Attackers are now able to bypass IAM solutions using sophisticated methods such as social engineering. Additionally, IAM solutions are often incorrectly configured, making it easier for attackers to gain access to your systems.


Employee Training


You can see that there are many common cybersecurity measures that are not as effective as they once were. There is too much money to be made circumventing most cybersecurity measures. Hackers can now use sophisticated techniques to bypass firewalls and encryption.

It is crucial to remember that not all businesses are the same. It is important to select a solution that suits your needs and requirements. You should also make penetration testing and monitoring part of your overall cybersecurity.

Top 9 Real Estate Chatbot Use Cases & Best Practices In 2023

Real estate is the top industry benefiting from chatbots, followed by travel, education, and healthcare. Chatbots are available 24/7 for:

In this article we explore  the top 9 use cases of chatbots in real estate to show their full potential for the real estate companies.

Why are chatbots important for real estate?

A survey showed that the first step for a home buyer is to search for properties online, and on average, it takes 10 weeks to settle on a property. 9 out of 10 respondents younger than 62 years old said that the most important feature of online search was the property photos.

From a customer point of view, chatbots are helpful in searching for homes to buy or rent, because they provide:

24/7 service: Most people search for properties outside working hours which makes it harder to reach out to a live agent.

Instant responses: Businesses that implement chatbots in their customer service department save up to 30% of costs by speeding up response times.

Multiple language options: This is especially important for foreigners moving to a new country where they do not speak the language.

Interaction capabilities beyond just text: For example, chatbots can help customers navigate pictures or the gallery of a property, especially for properties with numerous pictures. After viewing pictures, they could immediately ask more questions to the bot or skip the property completely.

Allowing chatbots to handle these queries frees up the real estate agents to focus on finding properties and optimizing their marketing strategy. Chatbots can lead to savings of up to $23 billion from annual salaries.


Salesforce Service Cloud Contact Center is a comprehensive customer service solution that enables organizations to manage their customer support operations and deliver good-quality customer experiences. Intelligent chatbots in the Contact Center provides personalized recommendations to the customers, automates answering customer questions and hands customers to the relevant agent.

What are the top use cases of chatbots in real estate?

Here are the top 9 use cases of chatbots in real estate:

Typical chatbots will pop up once a user opens a website. Real estate chatbots can start a conversation with an online user about their purpose for visiting the agency’s website (e.g. are they looking to buy, sell, or rent?) and ask for their contact information. 

Chatbots can then reach out to potential customers, send them emails about properties relevant to their search queries, or text them about promotions and campaigns on rental homes.

2. Build customer profiles

Chatbots can ask users questions to understand users’ preferences in terms of:

Area, city, town


Requirements (e.g. rent, buy, lease)

Property type (e.g. apartment, house, condo)

Number of rooms, bathrooms, backyard options, open or closed garage options

Chatbots can collect these information from users to create a profile for each user and provide them with personalized property options and listings.

3. Answer questions about properties

Users searching for properties to buy or rent may have questions about the properties that are not directly available online, such as the average of monthly bills, the history of the building, and previous owners or tenants.

Chatbots can have access to the agency’s database which holds this information, and can provide prospective customers with the information according to the agency’s third-party privacy policy. Chatbots can also answer FAQs about the agency, working hours, available locations, etc.

4. Provide virtual property tours

Users can also ask the bot to show a specific room or feature in the house, or provide more information about the spaces and measurements.

5. Schedule property viewings

Users can schedule a walkthrough with a live agent via the chatbot. Real estate chatbots can be programmed to search within agents’ calendars and provide customers with available days and slots for them to choose. 

Once users pick a date, the chatbot will automate the scheduling, add the event to the agent’s calendar, and send emails or messages to the customer for confirmation.

6. Follow up after property viewings

Chatbots can directly contact customers via messages or emails after property viewings to ask them if they have decided on the purchase, or provide them with different suggestions if they are still looking. 

7. Check for mortgage options

Users can check with chatbots to see if they qualify for a mortgage, ask for tips to qualify, and apply for a mortgage via the chatbot . Real estate agencies can connect their chatbots with partner banks or lending institutions to directly notify them about their financing options.

A survey has shown that 16% of buyers look online for more information on how to get a mortgage and general home buyers tips, and 14% apply for a mortgage online.

8. Collect reviews

After completing a purchase, or signing a rental contract, a chatbot can reach out to a customer via personalized emails to ask them to fill a survey about their experience, or via texts to have a conversation and understand their overall satisfaction with the agency.

9. Analyze market trends


Haptik is a conversational AI company that builds chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants for numerous companies from a variety of sectors. Disney, HP, Tata, and Zurich Insurance are the examples of Haptik’s Fortune 500 clients.

As of today, chatbots that are deployed by Haptik performed over 4 billion conversations. And vast training data set and valuable intent recognition capability makes their chatbot suitable to numerous industries, including real estate.  

To learn more about what AI can do for the real estate industry, feel free to read our in-depth article Real Estate Digital Transformation: Techs & Applications.

What are the real estate chatbot best practices?

To make the best of your real estate chatbot, you might want to consider the following best practices:

For more on chatbots

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And we can guide you through the process:

This article was drafted by former AIMultiple industry analyst Alamira Jouman Hajjar.

Cem regularly speaks at international technology conferences. He graduated from Bogazici University as a computer engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.





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