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One of the biggest complaints from Twitter users – especially marketers – has been that adding user names, photos, videos, and GIFs to your tweets takes a huge bite out of your precious 140-character limit.

Now those limits are history. Or, they will be once they’ve rolled out to your account.

Twitter yesterday announced it was beginning to officially roll out some big changes to loosen its 140-character limits. We knew these changes were coming because Twitter told us in May, just not when. But now they’re here.

What No Longer Counts Toward Twitter’s 140-Character Limit 1. Media Attachments

You know the pain of uploading a photo or video to your tweet. You’re crunched for space or over your limit. You have to resort to abbreviations and less than stellar copy in your quest for extreme pithiness.

Not anymore!

Any media files – images, GIFs, videos, and polls – will no longer cost you 22 characters. Twitter is giving you more characters. Use them wisely.

— David Berkowitz (@dberkowitz) September 19, 2024

2. Quote Tweets & Retweeting Yourself

Whether you want to quote another user’s tweet, or one of your own tweets, doing so will no longer take away from your 140-character count.

The new button that gives you the ability to quote and retweet yourself was one of the new features Twitter teased earlier this year.

What Is Expected To Change Soon

In May, we reported that including usernames in replies would not count against the character count. However, it appears that promised feature isn’t rolling out as part of this update. So usernames will continue to count against your total for the time being.

However, as AdWeek reported, Twitter is testing out a feature that would move the @names outside of the tweetbox:

What Isn’t Changing

In case you weren’t sure, here’s what will still count toward your tweet character limit:

Your text copy.

Links (these will continue to eat up 23 characters).



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Microsoft Rolls Out New Small Business Server Options

Microsoft has announced new server software that it said provides small and medium businesses with enterprise-quality capabilities while helping them to save money, increase productivity and grow their businesses.

While designed specifically for small and midsized companies, Windows Small Business Server 2008 (SBS 2008) and Windows Essential Business Server 2008 (EBS 2008) include Microsoft’s high-end server technologies delivered in a way that smaller companies can make the most of them.

“Around the world, small and midsize businesses are the engine that drives economic growth and opportunity,” Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, said in a company statement. “To help these businesses succeed, Microsoft has focused on creating integrated, affordable server solutions that are optimized to meet the needs of companies with limited IT resources. Small Business Server and Essential Business Server deliver a comprehensive set of capabilities that will help small and midsize business thrive and grow.”

Designed for small companies with up to 75 people/computers, SBS 2008 server software integrates a variety of Windows functions to help small businesses better secure data and increase employee productivity regardless of location.

Based on Windows Server 2008 Standard technology, SBS 2008 incorporates

Exchange Server 2007 Standard Edition for messaging and collaboration

SharePoint Services 3.0 for online collaboration workspace and productivity tools

Forefront Security for Exchange Server to handle e-mail security

Windows Server Update Services 3.0 for network updates and protection

Windows Live OneCare for Server to manage viruses, hackers and other digital threats

Microsoft Office Live Small Business to help take your business online

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard for Small Business, a database available in the Premium edition

Microsoft designed EBS 2008 for midsized companies with up to 300 people or computers. It’s meant to simplify and automate common IT tasks, and a unified administration console gives IT managers more control over an integrated network infrastructure.

Windows Essential Business Server 2008 also incorporates the applications found in SBS 2008, and Microsoft said it provides the following features:

Significant costs savings compared to buying stand-alone products.

Remote access, anti-spam, antivirus protection and improved messaging technologies improve productivity both in and away from the office

An integrated setup saves time and reduces installation steps from days to hours Simplified licensing with a single server license and Client Access for all included products.

Steven VanRoekel, senior director of the Windows Server product group, noted that both server products help small and mid-sized companies compete in tough economic times.

Microsoft’s partners play a significant role in the new server options both how the products were developed and in how they’ll be consumed. Worldwide, Microsoft partners number 400,000 strong, of which 20,000 are trained small-business specialists.

“Because of the vast experience partners bring to the table, we have been working with them very closely, especially our Small Business Specialists, even before we began developing these solutions, to better understand customers’ needs,” VanRoekel said in a written statement. “Now that these products are on the market, partners have another great set of products to help solve the challenges their SMB customers face today.”

The company said that Dell, HP and IBM will offer hardware configurations that have been optimized for running SBS 2008. HP, IBM and Intel will offer blade servers designed and priced for midsized companies. The more common rack-and-tower server configurations will also be available in a range of sizes from companies such as IBM, Dell, HP and Sun Microsystems.

On the software side, Microsoft’s ISVs (independent software vendors) will support both SBS 2008 and EBS 2008 with a variety of applications ranging from backup and recovery, security, business management, systems management and more.

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Google Analytics 4 Rolls Out New Conversion Attribution Settings

Google Analytics 4 administrators now have greater flexibility in how web conversions are attributed to marketing channels.

Google recently added an “Attribution Settings” option to choose whether conversion credit is assigned to only paid Google Ads campaigns or both paid and organic channels.

Those interested in the combined effect of paid and organic marketing efforts can continue to use the default option, which provides conversion credit to both channel types.

With Google Ads and GA4 becoming increasingly integrated, the option to tailor conversion attribution to match marketing priorities is a valuable tool for data-driven businesses.

Why This Matters For Marketers

This new option offers more control over how you measure the impact of Google Ads campaigns.

This may provide a more accurate assessment of your Google Ads ROI.

On the other hand, allowing credit for both paid and organic channels provides a complete view of the customer journey and how different marketing efforts work together to drive conversions.

This more inclusive option could be a better choice for focusing on the overall impact of your digital marketing strategy.

How to Make the Change

To update your GA4 attribution settings, follow these steps:

Log in to your Google Analytics 4 account

Under “Which channels are you able to assign credit for your web conversions imported into Google Ads?” select either “Google Paid Channels” or “Paid and Organic Channels.”

Hat tip to Himanshu Sharma, who shared this accompanying visual on Twitter:

Note that the changes can take 2-3 days to fully reflect in your Google Ads account as campaign data is reprocessed.

Be sure to check your Google Ads conversions and ROI metrics after the full implementation to see the impact of your selection.

You can switch between options anytime by updating the Attribution Settings and allowing a few days for reprocessing.

For more details, see Google’s support page.

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Find Out If You’re Impacted By Google’s Changes To Exact Match

Exact match hasn’t meant ‘exact’ for quite some time but last week Google announced that they are further expanding the broadening of exact match keywords.

And as you know, I’m all about automation.

The analysis I’ll describe is trivial to do through a robust PPC management tool. Read on for a free Google Ads script that you can use to do the analysis quickly in one account or hundreds.

A Positive Impact (On Average)

While Google provides the usual reassurance that the typical account will see benefits from this change, we all know that no account is average.

So we need to make sure that the impact we’ll see for each of the unique accounts we manage will be a positive one.

What Is Changing About Exact Match?

In 2014, plurals and misspellings were added as ‘close variants’ to phrase and exact match keywords.

Examples provided by Google include scenarios where additional words are implied, where a term paraphrases the keyword, or where the words indicate the same intent.

Whereas plurals and misspellings were fairly straightforward to understand and to some degree predict, similar intent is broader and may warrant paying closer attention.

The other part worth paying attention to is that similar intent may not equate to similar value.

For reasons that can be hard to grasp, even minor differences between keywords can equate to big differences in conversion rates.

This is even true for plurals and singulars so it’s definitely a good idea to confirm with your data that using the word ‘campsites’ vs ‘camping’ performs similarly. If not, then they should be managed as separate keywords with different bids.

Query Management Is a Must

Specifically, you need to make sure that your process of periodically evaluating queries continues to be done.

This process will help you find new negative keywords as well as high-quality queries that should be added as managed keywords.

Should You Be Worried? Let’s Find Out!

This type of change is causing some buzz.

Hey, maybe you’re even a bit uneasy because you’d like to look beyond those hypothetical examples we got from Google about keywords for “camping in Yosemite”.

So let’s take a look at how this change is impacting your account.

1. Using the Ads Interface to Investigate

To get a sense of the impact this change will have on your account, and how misspellings and plurals are already impacting your account since the change in 2014, you can refer to the Search Terms report in Google Ads.

Be sure to add the Keyword column so you can see which keyword triggered a particular search term.

This Report Has a Few Shortcomings

The Match Type column refers to how the keyword matched the query, and not the match type of the keyword itself. This is one of those nuances in Google Ads; match type can refer to two very different things.

So the only way to see the match type of the keyword is to look at the special characters in the Keyword column. For example, square brackets around the keyword mean it’s an exact match keyword.

This limitation makes it a bit harder to do a quick analysis of how exact match keywords are getting matched to close variants. And if you try to filter the keywords that contain the text ‘[‘, Google says there are no matches since the brackets are not technically part of the keyword text.

The other limitation I see is that the report only contains the performance metrics of the queries. And while you can certainly use this data to weed out low performing queries, I like doing a slightly deeper analysis that also takes into account the relative performance of the query compared to that of the keyword.

The methodology is as follows:

Download a keyword performance report (including the keyword match type).

Download the search terms performance report.

Do a VLOOKUP to match every search term to the keyword that triggered it.

Get all the keyword and query data for each query into individual rows.

Filter the data to do the analysis.

So let’s go and automate this.

3. Analyze the Close Variant Impact on Your Ads with Google Ads Scripts

Thanks to Google Ads Scripts, you can automate the analysis so that you can easily replicate it for other accounts you manage.

Another nice benefit of scripts is that if you find the need to add negative keywords, you can automate that by adding a few more lines of code to the script.

The script also adds a match subtype column where I consider BMM (broad match modifier) to be a unique match type that is different from broad match. (Google doesn’t consider BMM to be its own match type).

Script Settings

Really the only things you should edit are the email addresses that need to get an email when a report is ready and the usernames of everyone who should be allowed to access the report that is generated in Google Sheets.

So update the variables ‘emailAddresses’ and ‘accountManagers’ and leave everything else as-is unless you’re familiar with scripts and you know what you’re doing.

var time = ‘LAST_30_DAYS’;

var reportVersion = ‘v202402’;

The Output of the Script

Here’s an example of the data you’ll get:

I’ve already used filters in Sheets to see only exact match keywords that were matched to a close variant. In this account the only variants are typos and plurals.

I’m going to continue monitoring this account with the script to find out what words Google considers as having the same intent.

Counting the Proximity Between the Query & Keyword

In the output, I wanted a way to more easily see how aggressive close variants are. In other words, how far they are from the keyword.

I figured one way to do this analysis is by counting the number of differences between the query and the keyword.

The Levenshtein distance seemed like a good measure to use as it counts the number of characters that need to be changed to transform one string (the keyword) into another string (the query).

In a pluralization, you would expect the difference to usually be one character (the addition or removal of the letter ‘s’ in English). Typos will usually consist of somewhere between 1 and 3 incorrectly typed characters.

So by looking at variants where the Levenshtein distance is in the range of 1 to 3, I can find the typical close match variants Google has now been doing for several years.

By looking for higher distances, I will be able to find where the words have been changed to ones with similar intent.


As Google is always updating its ad system, it’s critical for the humans overseeing the accounts to take on the role of the pilot who oversees that the automation is doing its job well.

Tools like Google Ads scripts are a great way to make that job easier by pointing out potential issues so that the account manager doesn’t need to merely trust the automation, nor check it manually.

I hope my script helps you do your job better and in less time.

More Paid Search Resources:

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All screenshots taken by author, September 2023

Triumph Rolls Out 2023 Rocket 3 Tfc With 2,500Cc Engine

This article was originally published on Cycle World

Back in January, Triumph wowed us with the announcement of its new Triumph Factory Custom series, a line of ultra-premium limited-edition models that would pack top-shelf components and accessories (and in some instances completely unique one-off bits) available in a limited production run of 750 units worldwide, for each model.

The second model to come from the TFC series (the first is the Thruxton TFC), the Rocket 3 TFC is bigger, lighter, and more powerful than the first Rocket, and will retail for $29,000 (US). Courtesy Triumph Motorcycles

The first model of that series, the new Triumph Thruxton TFC debuted as a lighter, more powerful, and more exclusive version of the Thruxton R, and we were duly impressed. Then Hinckley teased us with a hot-rodded working concept of the next bike on deck, the Concept Rocket 3 TFC, a full-tilt bored-and-stroked behemoth that claimed an all-new triple-cylinder engine.

With its beastly 2,500cc inline-triple engine, the Rocket 3 TFC claims to have the world’s “largest production motorcycle engine,” and the most torque of any production motorcycle. Courtesy Triumph Motorcycles

And now comes that bike in all its official production glory, rolling with a massive new 2,500cc Triumph triple engine, a muscular presence, up-spec technology, a refined design, and an impressive level of premium specification equipment.

The original 2,295cc Rocket III was already a show-stopper when it launched in 2004, and this follow-up improves on the tank-like original’s lines with a cleaner, more elegantly swept demeanor that reshapes the fuel tank, tucks in or ditches much of the bodywork from yore, and sleekens the silhouette for a lighter visual load. The attitude adjustment is subtle though, and the 2023 Rocket 3 TFC still brings some swagger with those 20-spoke cast aluminum wheels and the signature 240mm rear tire.

Still chunky? Yeah, but at least the newest Rocket drops some pounds and reshapes its overall lines for a cleaner, more streamlined look. Courtesy Triumph Motorcycles

But the main attraction has to be that whopping, all-new 2,500cc triple, which once again claims the title of “largest production motorcycle engine in the world.” It also claims to have the highest torque of any production motorcycle, with Triumph indicating a peak number of “more than 163 pound-feet.” It stands to reason that Triumph would piggyback on that claim by also alleging the new Rocket 3 TFC is the most powerful Triumph to date, with 168 hp said to be on tap, or 13 percent higher than the first-gen Rocket III.

The higher-capacity 2023 Rocket TFC powerplant, says Triumph, is central to its “class-leading performance.” Hinckley also boasts that the massive triple delivers a “staggering 70 percent more torque than its closest competitors,” but we’re not exactly sure who that would be. Regardless, the triple engine brings premium components to the table, like state-of-the-art lightweight titanium inlet valves to allow for higher revving, and custom-made Arrow mufflers with high-zoot carbon-fiber end-caps to push out the spent gases.

The Rocket 3 TFC cradles the big triple within an all-new aluminum frame that uses the engine as a stressed member for mass optimization, and also helps bring weight down by a significant 88 pounds so you’ll feel the engine’s added juice even more. The new aluminum single-sided swingarm, lighter engine components, carbon-fiber bodywork, and leaner braking components help the Rocket 3 shed pounds as well.

A new aluminum frame and new single-sided swingarm help lighten the 2023 Rocket 3 TFC to enhance power and handling. Carbon-fiber bits add a premium look. Courtesy Triumph Motorcycles

Less weight enhances power and improves handling, but upspec components help too, and the Rocket 3 TFC has that covered. In the braking department you’ll find premium Brembo Stylema calipers and Brembo Monoblock brakes, radial master cylinder, and MCS span, ratio-adjustable brake lever, and matching clutch lever. It’s all enhanced by optimized cornering ABS and traction control. Handling bounce duties is an adjustable 47mm inverted Showa cartridge fork, and a fully adjustable Showa monoshock out back with piggyback reservoir.

Triumph graces its latest Factory Custom model with Brembo calipers and Monoblocks, supplemented with cornering ABS and traction control. Courtesy Triumph Motorcycles

In the cockpit, controls and displays have been upgraded as well, with the latest full-color TFT instruments adding major boost in functionality; riders can choose from two information layout themes and can personalize their start-up screen. On the screens, you can choose from four riding modes (Road, Rain, Sport, and Rider-Configurable) that act to adjust the throttle map and traction control settings to either suit riding conditions or your own preference. The Rocket 3 TFC also comes with cruise control, Triumph Shift Assist, and Hill Hold Control as standard features; Shift Assist allows for clutchless shifts, while Hill Hold stops the bike from rolling backward on an incline. Added convenience and security features include a keyless ignition, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), and a USB charging socket.

Totally updated and upgraded electronics in the cockpit include a new full-color TFT display with four riding modes as well as Hill Hold Control and TPMS. Courtesy Triumph Motorcycles

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Then there are the premium details that remind you of the TFC’s pedigree—things like a genuine leather interchangeable dual or solo saddle standard (with an infill pad supplied for the single-seat setup); a single-sided swingarm; sexy, sculpted three-header exhaust; and premium TFC badging with gold detailing. A pretty-sweet-looking numbered plaque on the instrument mount, each one totally unique, seals the deal. Additionally, every Rocket TFC owner gets a tailor-made TFC hand-over pack which includes a letter signed by Triumph’s CEO Nick Bloor, a personalized custom build book, leather rucksack, and a TFC indoor bike cover.

Each Rocket 3 TFC carries a unique, individually numbered plaque. Courtesy Triumph Motorcycles

As we said earlier, only 750 of these beauties will be available worldwide, with 225 units slated for North America. Pricing is set at $29,000 (US). Once the production run is done, it’s done and won’t be repeated, says Triumph. More exclusive TFC models are in the works, so we’ll be keeping a sharp eye out.

2024 Triumph Rocket 3 TFC Specifications

MSRP $29,000

Engine 2,458cc, water-cooled, DOHC inline-3

Bore x Stroke 110.2mm x 85.9mm

Transmission/Final Drive 6-speed/shaft

Claimed Horsepower More than 168 hp

Claimed Torque More than 163 lb.-ft.

Fuel System Ride by wire, fuel injected

Exhaust Stainless 3-into-1 headers w/ 3-exit Arrow silencer, CAT box

Clutch Hydraulic, slip-assist

Frame Full aluminum frame


Swingarm Single-sided, cast aluminum

Front Suspension Showa 47mm inverted 1+1 cartridge fork adjustable for compression and rebound, 4.7-in. travel

Rear Suspension Fully adjustable Showa piggyback reservoir RSU w/ remote hydraulic preload adjuster, 4.2-in. travel

Front Brake Brembo M4.30 Stylema 4-piston radial Monoblock calipers, dual 320mm discs, cornering ABS

Rear Brake Brembo M4.32 4-piston Monoblock caliper, 300mm disc, cornering ABS

Wheels, Front/Rear 17 x 3.6 in. cast aluminum / 16 x 7.5 in. cast aluminum

Tires, Front/Rear 150/80R-17 V / 240/50R-16 V

Rake/Trail 27.9º/5.3 in.

Seat Height 30.4 in.

Fuel Capacity 5.0 gal.

Claimed Dry Weight N/A


Windows 10 Build 14316 For Pc Rolls Out With Huge Number Of Features

Microsoft begins to roll out Windows 10 build 14316 to the Fast ring of updates for PC. The new preview for Insiders includes many new features and improvements the company is planning to release with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

While the software giant will slowly be introducing the new feature planned for the summer, build 14316 is not a small preview, as it introduces a big number of the upcoming features.

Bash Ubuntu on Windows

Perhaps the biggest addition on this update for testers is Bash Ubuntu on Windows. The new features will allow developers to create and test code that will run on multiple platforms.

Once Bash is installed, you simply open Command Prompt and use Bash command to start the tool.

Microsoft Edge

The software giant is also including a number of new features for the web platform on Microsoft Edge, including for the F12 Developer Tools, Web Platform, and more.


Cortana is getting a lot of new features in this preview, including:

Low battery notifications: This is a new features that brings the ability for the assistant to alert you on your Windows 10 PC when your phone has low battery.

Share map directions between devices: This new feature will allow Cortana to keep your directions in sync across devices.

Find my phone: If you ever lose your phone, you can now ask Cortana to find it for you. The assistant is now capable of locating your phone using geo-location and you can also have it ring.

Cortana setup: On select markets, if you’re having issues enabling Cortana, the operating system can now download the necessary speech languages as needed and enable the assistant automatically.

Action Center

While not all the improvements Microsoft showed off during Build 2024 are included on this preview, Action Center is starting to show some improvements.


As previously rumored, Microsoft is now including a dark theme, which is a feature the company is borrowing from Windows 10 Mobile. This also means that users no longer have to hack the registry settings to enable the feature.

Microsoft is also adding a new option on Colors to Show color on title bar only.


The “Battery Saver” settings page got renamed to “Battery”, and Detailed Battery Use page gets updated to manage settings per-app background.

Microsoft is also adding a new setting called Managed by Windows that will enable Windows to automatically manage the battery usage for app enabling to improve battery life.

Windows Update Virtual Desktop

Connect app

The new app will allow to bring Continuum from phones to PC without needing a dock or Miracast adapter. Simply start the app and connect to your Windows 10 Mobile device via wireless connectivity.

Skype Universal Windows Platform app

Recently, Microsoft announced that is working on a new Skype app that unifies messages, video, and calls once again with a modern design. Now Insiders get the first preview with basic functionalities.

Upgrade UI

Microsoft is updating the progress experience when installing new updates or upgrades. The new change ditches the black background with the loading circle, in favor of a design that matches Windows Update.

Along with the new features and changes Microsoft says that the upcoming build will have a new “Messaging everywhere” preview to enable you to send and receive SMS messages from your phone directly from your PC.

If you’re part of the Insider program, you can download the Windows 10 build 14316 on your PC via Windows Update.

Source Microsoft

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