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Now, there are multiple ways to secure data both in Windows and Mac and even in mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

This is mainly achieved by the introduction of cloud-based security, passwords, face unlocking and also fingerprint sensors to open data or to lock our files.

But the safest and by far the most convenient way to lock or hide your private data or files is by using a dedicated file locker program.

This is where UkeySoft File Lock for Windows and Mac software comes in. It is a files and folders locker which is highly used to password protect files and folders.  It promises to be the perfect fit here! Well, let’s find out!

It can also protect your local disk. You just need to set a password to protect a folder. After that, if you add any file on that particular folder, all your data will become password-protected, and no one will be able to access them without the master password.

To install the app just follow the simple steps-

Step-1: Go to chrome and download the software.

Step-2: Next run the setup and follow the wizard to complete installation

Step-3: Set a password for running the software for the first time.

Your UkeySoft File Lock is successfully installed.

Technical Details

OS for Windows – Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and Windows Vista/XP (32 and 64 bit both)

OS for Mac – macOS Mojave/macOS 10.10/10.11/10.12 and above

Processor – 1 GHz processor or above.

Supported Device – local drive, external USB drive and shared folder on LAN

Supported languages – English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Czech


To secure passwords for files and folders, military-based encryption is used which no one can decrypt except you.

UkeySoft lock can make the particular folder invisible using the same encryption used to lock files in Mac and Windows.

If anyone tries to delete an app from the device, at first, he needs to decrypt the code to ensure he can uninstall the app

If by any means you forgot your decryption code, you can quickly recover it as a notification will be sent to your email address.

To maintain your privacy to the topmost level, you can always hide the app if you think anyone can mess with it.


It is available for both Windows and Mac and also has a trial version that you can try.

For Mac:

1-Year Subscription is around $14.95, and Personal License comes at $24.95. There is also a Family License which is priced at $44.95

For Windows:

The 1-Year Subscription for Windows is expensive than Mac. It is priced at $29.95. For Personal License and Family License, it comes at $39.95 and$79.95 respectively.

Operating Procedure:

Apart from the files and folders in your PC, you also want the USB drives to be protected. If the internal files can be stored, there should be a method to protect the external ones.

Or one can simply connect the USB flash drive and retrieve all the pieces of information. UkeySoft has this feature too! You can simply password protect your USB drive by this software.

With the help of UkeySoft, you can password protect and lock USB flash drive on Windows and Mac. To encryptUSB drive on Windows computer, the steps are as follows:

Step-1: At first, download the UkeySoft File Lock on your computer and install it.

Step-3: Insert the USB flash drive. It will automatically be detected.

Step-4: Select External disk from the left menu bar. This will list down all the files and folder list in your USB drive.

Step-5: Add the files that you want to protect.

Step-6: Now simply choose Hiding File or Locking file. Your selected file will be hidden or locked respectively.

Your files and folders are now hidden or locked according to your choice. This is how you encrypt USB flash drive on Windows.

If you want to unlock them then just go for these simple steps-

Step-2: Enter the password on the pop-up window.

If the password is valid, your protected files and folders will be decrypted back

Step-1: Free download and launch UkeySoft File Lock on your Windows computer. Set a password for the account of Ukeysoft File Lock when you run at the first time.

Step-2: To hide files or folders in Windows computer, please select Local Disk from the left menu bar, this will list down “Hiding File”, “Locking File”, “Protecting File” and “Folder Monitor” functions.

Step-5:After refreshing, you will see a “locked” status indicating that your file/folder has successfully locked with password.

For Mac users, sometimes you may want to lock, hide or encrypt Your Files and Folders. UkeySoft File Lock(Mac) has updated, it not only supports hide, lock files and folders in Mac computer, but also encrypt USB flash drives in macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina, macOS 10.13 High Sierra or Earlier. Let’s learn on how to hide or password protect files and folders on Mac computer.

Step-1: Free download, install and run UkeySoft File Lock(Mac) on MacBook Pro

Tips: The free version only allow you hide files and folders, if you want to set a password to protect your files and folders, please buy the full version to unlock it’s full function.

Step-2: If you want to hide or lock folders, just directly drag and drop folders to UkeySoft app.

Step-4: After add files or folders to the Application, then select files/folders/Apps and set as Invisible

Nobody can access into the app or your data without your password.

You may wonder what if someone deletes this software from your PC? Will all the securities vanish off like magic? UkeySoft has a solution for this too.

First of all, you can hide this software in invisible mode and most importantly no one can delete this software from your machine. The software itself is password protected.

If someone tries to enter a password more than 5 times, then it will send you an alarm notification on your registered email id. This will ban the unknown login.

We already know the protected files cannot be accessed by unauthorized users with the presence of this software.

Another reliable feature is that it also protects them from viruses. Though it is not an anti-virus software, still it protects sensitive information from Viruses and Trojan horse.

No one will be able to read, write, corrupt or delete your secured data.

They can remain protected in your PC. It also protects external disks. Though not being an anti-virus software. It gives protection from Virus and Trojan horses. We would suggest you go for this software and have full faith in it.

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August Smart Lock And View Doorbell Review: Unlocking Potential (And Your House)

Locked out

I was an ’80s latchkey kid. After the school day, I often returned home to an empty house. I let myself in with a key that I nearly always carried — but every so often forgot. Days that I forgot that key were bad ones, particularly during winter (I grew up in snowy upstate New York.) I’d have to wait outside for my mother to return, which was typically one to two hours.

As a parent myself, one of the best investments I’ve made was in a smart lock. My kids can use a four-digit pin to unlock the front door and enter the house after school. No key required. It’s been a great solution, but it’s not perfect. There are times you want or need to grant someone who’s not a member of your family access to the house, and offering up that code is a real matter of trust.

The August Smart Lock solves this problem.

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What is the August Smart Lock?

The August Smart Lock is an accessory for your existing deadbolt lock. Think about it as a tiny motor that turns the lock for you. It slips over the inside portion of the deadbolt and includes its own dial for manually locking and unlocking the door.

It is limited in compatibility. It can go over a single cylinder deadbolt. If you have a fancy or integrated lock/door handle, the August will not work. As it happens, the August Smart Lock was not compatible with my front door thanks to the pin-based lock I already have there. I had to install the review unit on my side door instead. As long as your deadbolt is a simple one, the August lock will most likely fit.

The lock connects to your phone via Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi. It is driven by two CR123 batteries inside and includes an LED light to let you see the status of the door as it looks and unlocks. The dial itself is made of sturdy materials and is a cinch to rotate left or right for manual locking. It’s beefy, but looks good.

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Should you buy the August Smart Lock?

The August Smart Lock transforms a simple deadbolt into a smart home appliance. It negates the absolute need for physical keys, which typically require a trip to the local hardware store to have made. The one drawback is that you have to have an existing single-cylinder deadbolt in order to use the August Smart Lock; it won’t replace your lock entirely.

Who is it for? Many rentals rely on deadbolts as the method of securing the front door, making the August a logical choice for renters who want to upgrade their experience or rental home owners who want it for the convenience.

Pet owners also make a logical set of potential owners. When it comes time for the petsitter to enter the house to feed the cats, dogs, or fish, you can grant them access from your vacation or work trip without giving them a physical key. This offers some peace of mind.

In all, the August Smart Lock makes a basic bolt a little more intelligent — and that’s a good thing.

As it did with the Smart Lock, the August app walks you entirely through the process of connecting the View to your Wi-Fi and setting some parameters, such as motion zones and sensitivity. Plug in the chime, and you’re ready to go.

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What I like about the August View

The View covers the core video doorbell functions. It responds to bell presses by calling your phone and offering either an audio or video call. It keeps an activity log of all your interactions with the bell so you can check back to see what happened at a later date.

It will provide notifications when it senses motion outside your door. I found I had to dial the sensitivity way back for two reasons. First, my front door is close to the street and passing cars often triggered an alert. Second, the flag hanging next to my front door often blows in the wind. The View is sensitive enough to notice when the flag waved about. I was able to fine-tune it just enough to keep notifications to a minimum.

As always, there’s an on-demand live view. This lets you see a live video feed from the bell whenever you want.

I like that recordings are always available for 24 hours. If you want to see recordings from as much as the last 30 days, you’ll need to sign up for a monthly plan. The Premium Plus plan costs $4.99 per month and the Premium Plan, which includes 15 days of storage, costs $2.99 per month.

Last, the View works hand in hand with the Smart Lock. Because both are controlled in the same application, it’s easy to answer a video call, see that it’s someone you trust, and then remotely open the door.

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What I dislike about the August View

Connectivity just isn’t good enough. I had lots of cut-outs during live view playback, and video often froze or looked low resolution. Quite often, the bell would disconnect from my home Wi-Fi.

Battery life is a major bummer. Even with motion settings tamed, the battery lasted on average about seven days. This is weeks less than competing models, which tend to deliver a month or more per charge. August seriously needs to work on its power consumption.

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How To Fix Facebook Lock Profile Not Working Or Showing

Is the Facebook lock profile option not working, showing, or available?

Facebook first introduced the ability to lock your profile in May 2023.

The feature allows users to safeguard their information on the platform.

When someone locks their profile, their information will not be shown to people who are not on their friend list.

Facebook mentioned that the feature is meant to be the successor of the “Profile Picture Guard” feature.

Ankhi Das, the public security director of Facebook India mentioned that they are aware of the concerns of people in India.

The “Lock Profile” feature gives people more control and ensures their privacy.

However, not every country has the feature.

In this guide, you’ll learn why is the Facebook lock profile option not working or showing and how to fix it.

Why is the Facebook lock profile option not working?

The Facebook lock profile option is not working because it is not available everywhere right now.

According to Facebook, you can only lock your profile in certain countries.

The lock profile option was first introduced in India as a privacy feature.

As of early 2023, it’s known to be available in 7 more countries.

This includes Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Turkey.

Unfortunately, if you’re not located in one of those countries, the lock profile option will not work for you.

Hence, you need to wait until the option is released in your country.

Alternatively, you can control your privacy settings.

For example, if you don’t want people to see your posts, you can limit them by enabling “Limit Past Posts”.

By enabling “Limit Past Posts”, your posts will only be visible to your friends.

Why is the Facebook lock profile option not showing?

The Facebook lock profile option is not showing because it’s not available in your country yet.

According to Facebook, the option is only available in certain countries.

The known countries are Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Turkey.

If you see a lock icon on someone’s profile, it means that they’ve chosen to lock their profile.

This will show a limited view of their profile to the public.

You can do the same by locking your own Facebook profile.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have the option, you need to wait until Facebook releases it to your country.

Otherwise, you can make use of Facebook’s other privacy options.

How to fix Facebook lock profile not working

To fix the Facebook lock profile option not working, you need to wait until Facebook releases the option to your country.

Alternatively, you can make use of Facebook’s other privacy options.

As of early 2023, the ability to lock your Facebook profile is only available in certain countries.

The option is not released globally yet.

Hence, you need to wait until Facebook releases the feature globally.

Currently, it’s not known when Facebook will do this, so you need to be patient and check back for updates.

If you don’t want to wait, you can control your privacy via your privacy settings.

There are multiple privacy settings that you can enable or change.

For example, if you don’t want the public to see your posts, you can change who you share your posts, photos, and other information.

You can also turn on Profile Review, Tag Review, and Profile Picture Guard.

Profile Picture Guard will prevent users from copying, sharing, or downloading your profile picture.

In which countries Facebook profile lock is available?

The Facebook profile lock is available in Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Turkey.

Only the users in those countries are able to lock their Facebook profiles.

Hence, most users do not have the ability to lock their Facebook profiles yet.

If you’re one of those users, you need to wait until the feature is launched in your country.

Currently, there is no information about when Facebook might launch it globally.


The lock profile option on Facebook is similar to setting your Instagram account to private.

As of early 2023, it’s not known why Facebook hasn’t released the lock profile option globally yet.

You can check if you have the option by opening the Facebook app, going to your profile, and tapping on the three dots.

Unfortunately, if you’re living in a country that does not have the option, you won’t be able to lock your Facebook profile.

As mentioned in the guide, you can only wait for Facebook to release the option or make use of other privacy settings.

The “Audience and visibility” section allows you to control who can see your posts, stories, and profile.

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Review: Decor8 Lets You Customize The Windows 8 Start And Lock Screens

If you don’t enjoy Windows 8’s Start and lock screens, Decor8 can help make them more your own (but it won’t make them go away).

Windows 8 comes with an entirely new interface called Modern (formerly known as Metro), featuring generous swaths of color, flat icons, and large typography. You’ll first meet Modern in the lock screen, immediately followed by the Start screen. You’ll be visiting both quite often: The lock screen whenever you start using your computer, and the Start screen whenever you want to launch an application. As such, you might want to customize them a bit to suit your personal style. Microsoft offers a few preset backgrounds you can choose from, but for no-holds-barred personalization, you should try $5 utility Decor8.

Decor8 includes almost sixty background images, but also lets you pick one from your own albums.

Decor8 comes from Stardock, and just like the company’s other customization products, it ties into Windows very tightly. While Decor8 isn’t a Modern app, it looks like one: It can only run in fullscreen mode, and there’s no way to resize the window. A sidebar lines the left side of the window, with a simple menu done in large type: Background, Colors, Options, Lock screen, and About.

The Background section lets you set what appears behind the tiles in your Start screen. The first few backgrounds in the list are simple vector affairs, quite similar to the limited selection that ships with Windows 8. But then the list goes on to feature bold nature and macro photos that stand in stark contrast to the flat Modern aesthetic and lend the Start screen a dramatic flair far beyond the default.

If none of the included options appeal to you, you can specify your own Start screen background using any image on your computer. You can select several images and have them rotate throughout the day at an interval you set, or set the Start screen background to be the same as your desktop wallpaper. You can also fade the image, blur it, and adjust its tint and contrast.

Decor8 lets you customize the lock screen, but not as much as the Start screen.

The Colors screen is simpler, letting you adjust the Modern tiles color scheme. You can use one of the standard schemes included with Windows, create your own scheme, or have Decor8 generate a scheme according to the background image you selected. This last mode takes just a single checkbox to apply, and results in beautiful tiles that always work well with the background.

The Options screen is quite sparse, with just four options and lots of wasted screen space.  The only truly interesting option is for changing the number of tile rows on the Start screen–you can create a one-row Start screen, although I’m not sure how useful that would be. Last, the “Lock screen” section lets you configure a background for your lock screen. Even if you avoid the Start screen using a Start menu replacement (such as Stardock’s own Start8 or the free and excellent Classic Shell), you’ll still be seeing the lock screen quite often, so it’s nice to be able to set your own background for it. Unlike the Start screen, the lock screen doesn’t let you apply tint and fade effects to your selected background.

Decor8’s insistence on running in a maximized window results in plenty of wasted screen space.

Decor8 joins the growing ranks of applications aiming to fix Windows 8’s many deficiencies. It’s evolutionary, and it works. If you’re frustrated by not being able to set your own backgrounds for Windows 8’s Start and lock screens, Decor8 offers a painless, inexpensive solution.

Note: The Download button on the Product Information page will download the software to your system.

How To Compare Folders And Copy Missing Files

How to compare folders and copy missing files




There are a lot of tools that can help you to sync or merge the content of large files or folders in your device.

Some even work across devices or can compare the content between a local folder and your cloud.

This article is part of a larger How-To hub, where we’ve gathered many useful guidelines.

Also, check out our file management section where you can find many articles on how to organize your files.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Think of the following situation: you have your own site and you want to do some tweaks to improve its appearance. But in doing this, you mistakenly and unknowingly delete some code lines.

Then, upon your next login, you realize that the interface has crashed and you only suspect that something is missing. You can only restore the site by reentering the missing lines. If only you knew what those were!

Luckily, you have a backup of your site stored in cloud (and perhaps also one some external HDD). What you need to do now is to make sure you gent the exact information back in the site.

Since simply copy/paste-ing doesn’t necessarily do the trick, you’d better use an app that could help you identify whatever is missing.

So in this article we’ll be looking at a few free tools that are can help you compare the contents of and copy whatever files are missing from one location to the other.

How do you compare two folders?

1: Windiff.exe 

Download and open Windiff.exe.

Enter, in turn, the location address for each folder.

2. WinMerge

Download and open WinMerge.

Browse for the folders you want to compare.

The missing files will be highlighted in a different color.

3. FreeFileSync

Download and open FreeFileSync.

Choose the folders you want to compare by browsing in their locations or with the drag&drop option.

FreeFile Sync is an excellent tool to use if you want to compare a local folder versus Google Drive, or a local folder versus a folder your FTP server recursively using FTP or SFTP connection.

Perhaps the best ones are Two-way sync, which will identify and apply changes on both sides, or Mirror, which means that the two folders will become a mirror copy of one another.

Looking for a cloud solution to store large folders? Check out this article with some recommendations.

4. ExamDiff

Download and open ExamDiff.

Select the folders by entering the file path, drag&dropping, or browsing.

As in the previous solutions, the differences bear a different color.

ExamDiff also has a Pro version, which is paid, and which adds the possibility to compare directories and binary files, compare a local folder to the one on FTP server using built-in plug-ins, or synchronize files and folders between your PC and external media.

5. Use

Total Commander

Download and open Total Commander.

Check the boxes for options Subdirs,  and by content.

Enable the





As mentioned before, these are just some of the free tools available out there, not an exhaustive list. Also, there are more options, including tools that offer free trials and then paid plans.

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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5 Ways To Add Password Or Fingerprint Lock On Apps On Android

Download AppLock

2. Now, open the app, and when prompted set a pattern to lock apps. Make sure it’s not similar to what you use to lock your phone.

3. Tap on “Agree and Start” and then give AppLock permission to use “usage access” of your phone and “display over other apps” when prompted.

That’s it. You’ll now be notified that the app was successfully locked. Try to open that app to confirm and it will ask for the set pattern or passcode.

We like AppLock because it offers some other features in addition to locking apps such as cleaner and booster to free up storage space and boost performance on your phone.

Norton App Lock is another useful tool for protecting apps and thus your private files on your phone. The app is completely free to use and supports Android 4.1 and above. Here’s how to use the Norton app to lock your apps on Android:


2. Open the app and select an Unlock Pattern or ser a Passcode.

3. When prompted for Accessibility, tap on Setup and give it Accessibility permission.

5. Give permission to “Allow display over other apps” by enabling the toggle. 

6. Now on the apps page, select the yellow lock icon in the upper-right corner and then select the lock next to the apps you want to protect.

AppLock – Fingerprint is another good app that can lock apps using a password, pattern and even fingerprint. You can lock apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery with a password or fingerprint to prevent your data from being exposed to anyone. The app also offers a feature to catch intruders who try to snoop in to your phone, by taking a picture.

Here’s how the app works:

1. Go to Play Store ownload and install AppLock- Fingerprint on your Android phone. Or follow the link below.

2. After installing, when you open the app, it will ask you to set up a master PIN that will be used to unlock the apps. You will also be asked to use your phone’s fingerprint lock.

3. Now, the app will ask permission for “Usage Access” and “Display over other apps”. Enable the toggles when prompted and then return to the app.

4. In the app, you will see your installed apps under the Apps tab. Select the apps you want to lock and then tap on the “+” icon to add these apps to the lock list.

There is a feature in Android phones, Screen Pinning that lets you lock your phone screen to a particular app. So when you give your phone to someone and that person attempts to leave that app, he can’t do that and your phone will be locked.

Here’s how you can enable Screen Pinning feature on your phone:

1. Open Settings and go to Security and tap on Advanced. Now scroll down to Screen pinning. (In older Android phones, it’ll be Lock screen & security setting). 

2. After that, enable the Screen Pinning toggle On.

4. Go the app switcher or the Recent apps screen.

5. On the Recent app’s card, tap the app icon of that app. Now, tap the Pin option.

That’s it! Your phone will be locked to that one app now. Read our guide on “How to Lock Android smartphones with One App Working Only” for more details.

Samsung and some other companies that have their own UI offer a feature to hide apps that lets you move apps into a lockable or hidden folder. You can lock that folder with a passcode, a PIN, or even your fingerprint. Secure Folder or Hide Apps from your app screen can be accessed from the Home screen settings.

Tap and hold anywhere on the home screen and open Home Screen Settings.

2. After that, scroll down and you will see the Hide apps option under settings.

3. Tap on “Hide apps” and then select the apps that you want to hide from.

4. Then tap on Done.

That’s it! Those apps will now be hidden from the home screen and app screen as well. You only can access them and also unhide them anytime by following the same steps as above.

For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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