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What If Rupert Murdoch Buys the Wall Street Journal? COM’s Lou Ureneck on what the $5 billion bid means for journalism

Lou Ureneck, chair of the journalism department at COM.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, owner of the Fox News Channel and the New York Post, has made an unsolicited $5 billion bid for Dow Jones, publisher of the Wall Street Journal. The bid is a cash offer of $60 per share, and for the Bancroft family, which owns Dow Jones, it presents an almost irresistible offer of nearly twice the stock’s trading value. BU Today talked with Lou Ureneck, chairman of the journalism department at the College of Communication, about the likelihood of the sale going through and the journalistic changes that such a move might bring.

BU Today: What are the chances of this sale actually happening?

Ureneck: I think the chances are pretty good. It’s a generous offer. It’s 60 percent over yesterday’s trading price, and that’s pretty hard to resist.

Is it likely that Rupert Murdoch would change the Wall Street Journal?

I think Murdoch is smart enough to know that he shouldn’t mess with a successful brand. Dow Jones is one of the world’s most powerful brands, and it derives its strength from its reporting and its accuracy. The business coverage in the Wall Street Journal is as close as you can get to gospel. It moves markets. Murdoch would have to be crazy to tinker with that. Let’s not forget that Murdoch owns the Times of London, and as far as I can tell he hasn’t messed with that in terms of bringing the quality down. He is innovative and he’s bold and he’s one hell of a businessman.

What then would Murdoch do with the paper?

I think Murdoch is interested in running in this direction: first, he’s looking for ways to leverage Dow Jones content across other platforms that he owns. He knows that few companies dominate a niche the way Dow Jones dominates the business niche.

Second, Dow Jones has been very successful online. It is the model for a subscription Web site. It has been making money online for many years; it has a compelling Web site that has all sorts of bells and whistles in addition to the news you find in the paper. Murdoch is a smart businessman. He is interested in learning about and exploiting the Internet, and this is an opportunity for him to learn.

The third thing is that while the Wall Street Journal is a first-class newspaper, it has a reputation for uneven management. The quality of management, going back a number of years, is not thought of in the same way that the quality of the newspaper is. Recently, they brought in new management, and they have a new CEO who is smart, aggressive, and innovative. They are making changes, but there are those who feel it could have been better managed, so part of its appeal to Murdoch is that he may think he can better manage the company. All of that means additional profit without messing with the journalistic integrity of the Journal.

How is the journalistic community taking this?

Well, it is Rupert Murdoch, and all of us who care about journalism are uneasy with a News Corp. ownership of a flagship newspaper like the Wall Street Journal.

Is there anything likely to prevent the sale from going through?

The Bancroft family, like the family that owns the New York Times, has two tiers of stock, and by virtue of the way the stock is structured, the Bancroft family will unilaterally make the decision on whether to sell. This is an offer that is very, very serious.

Does Murdoch see something in the Wall Street Journal that others don’t see?

Murdoch sees an opportunity to buy a powerful brand and leverage the content of that brand over other platforms. He is a global information player, and business news and business data are increasingly valuable worldwide. We see that with the ascent of Bloomberg. It’s a very valuable niche to be in.

How would the sale of the Wall Street Journal affect its competition?

The Journal competes with other newspapers, like the Financial Times and the New York Times, but it stands apart as a source of business news. At this point it’s hard to say what it means for the competition. We will see how it plays out. It could certainly make their future more complex if Murdoch uses Dow Jones content across other platforms and develops new sources of competition.

What does it mean for the probability of the sale of other newspapers? Are they all for sale?

Well, the New York Times is going to stay in the control of the Sulzberger family, but public newspaper companies are in transition and in play. I think the ground is shifting and anything can happen to any of these companies.

Art Jahnke can be reached at [email protected].

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Bank Street College Of Education: Hands

Anyone who wants a snapshot of New York City’s Bank Street College of Education should arrive between 4 and 5 P.M. The graduate school owns and runs the P-8 School for Children, with which it shares several floors. After-school activities keep many kids there past 4 P.M., when the graduate students begin arriving for instruction.

Classrooms, bathrooms, gym, library — they’re all shared by kids and adults. Jon Snyder, dean of the graduate school, says, “You have a mass of people that want to become teachers walking into the building while simultaneously passing kids who are leaving.”

This commingling of age groups is a tradition at Bank Street, founded in 1916 by progressive educator Lucy Sprague Mitchell as a center for experiential learning. Today, the school is renowned for its pioneering efforts in the Head Start program, children’s literature, and educational technology, as well as its hands-on, two-year graduate program, focused on P-9 instruction.

Bank Street’s approximately 1,000 graduate students complete a year of fieldwork in various New York City classrooms. Essential to the experience is hands-on training, in which partner-school teachers and Bank Street faculty mentor the prospective educators. In addition, groups of five to seven candidates meet weekly with a faculty member to critique their field experiences.

The faculty, Snyder notes, consists of top-notch elementary school and middle school educators who excel at training aspiring teachers. No scholarship is required, and there’s no tenure. “Everybody is on a one-year contract,” he says.

The independent School for Children is the realization of Mitchell’s vision of experiential education, which includes building blocks, role-playing, and working with media. The twenty-three-student classrooms typically have three adults each, two of whom — an assistant teacher and a student teacher — come from Bank Street.

One philosophical cornerstone, featured in the coursework and applied in the field, is constructivism, the idea that kids (and all humans), not their teachers, make meaning by drawing their own conclusions from experiences inside and outside the classroom. Accordingly, Bank Street courses cover kids’ learning styles as well as their family, community, and cultural backgrounds.

Another Bank Street tenet, the “democratic ideal,” is embedded in the college’s Partnership for Quality program, through which select candidates work as paid interns in what used to be four poorly performing Bronx schools. The schools, in return, receive professional-development assistance. In the last four years, the teacher-turnover rates have decreased — in one school by as much as 25 percent — and the K-8 students are progressing faster.

Snyder has high hopes for alumni — of whom 88 percent are still teaching after five years. “Evidence shows that no matter where our students end up, they more rapidly assume leadership roles than other teachers. We hope they can begin to change things one school at a time.”

Vital Stats

Location: New York City

Degree conferred: Master’s

Annual graduating class: 350-400

Time in the field: 1 year


The School for Children

Partnership for Quality, a professional-development collaboration

Bank Street Bookstore, on-site and online store for children

Bank Street Corner, a professional-development Web site for all educators

Rich Shea is a freelance writer in Maryland.

Ripple Buys Metaco, Polygon Goes Head

Welcome to the tumultuous realm of cryptocurrencies, where the relentless game of cat and mouse unfolds in an unending cycle of attack and defense.

Arbitrum (ARB) and Polygon (MATIC) find themselves locked in an eternal struggle, vying for dominance in the realm of scaling solutions.

Ripple (XRP) hits the headlines after acquiring Metaco, and the market welcomes Caged Beasts (BEASTS) with its highly anticipated presale soon to be unleashed.

Polygon Is On A Mission

Polygon (MATIC), the veteran warrior of the crypto realm, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing blockchain optimization. With its nimble, robust, and lightning-fast Ethereum scaling solution, Polygon (MATIC) isn’t content with merely enhancing Ethereum; it’s on a mission to forge a comprehensive network, intertwining ERC-20-compatible blockchain platforms.

Yet, even with its seasoned expertise, Polygon (MATIC) isn’t impervious to the ceaseless perils lurking on the horizon. In the cutthroat arena of crypto markets, where both fresh-faced contenders and seasoned veterans wage fierce battles for supremacy, Polygon (MATIC) must ward off challengers like Arbitrum (ARB), Optimism, and others.

It’s a daunting mission, laden with risks, but Polygon (MATIC) is a coin that never shies away from a challenge.

Ripple Makes a Splash with Acquisition of Metaco

In an exciting move, Ripple, the blockchain-based payment protocol, has just announced its acquisition of Metaco, a leading Swiss cryptocurrency custody company. The deal, valued at a whopping $250 million, involves a combination of cold hard cash and Ripple equity, cementing Ripple’s position as a major player in the digital asset realm.

This strategic maneuver by Ripple is set to unleash a wave of expansion, propelling the company into new horizons of financial innovation. With the addition of Metaco to its arsenal, Ripple now possesses the power to not only safeguard digital currencies but also issue and settle a diverse array of tokenized assets. In other words, they’re about to ride the crypto wave like a pro surfer on a sun-drenched beach.

By swooping in to snatch up Metaco, Ripple is making a clear statement: they mean business, and they’re here to offer institutional customers a smorgasbord of enterprise-grade solutions. Picture a lavish buffet, but instead of indulging in sumptuous delicacies, institutions will be feasting on a selection of cutting-edge services, including top-notch custody solutions, orchestration capabilities, and seamless trading functionalities. It’s like having a Swiss army knife for all your crypto needs.

This move may be Ripple’s secret weapon to bounce back from the recent SEC feud that rocked the company’s boat. Ripple is determined to prove to the world that they’re stronger than ever. They’re ready to ride the regulatory waves, armed with a powerful alliance and a vision that transcends borders.

Caged Beasts – Fierce Crypto Contender

Prepare to buckle up and witness the rise of a fierce contender in the crypto world: Caged Beasts. Although a newcomer to the scene, this spirited upstart is gearing up for a mind-blowing presale. Giving early investors the opportunity to snatch up tokens at prices that will make other crypto aficionados green with envy.

This presale extravaganza isn’t just about discounted tokens—it’s a wild ride packed with adrenaline-pumping bonuses and exclusive perks that will make your head spin. While the $BEASTS token may currently be locked up in a metaphorical cage, don’t underestimate its ferocity. Once unleashed, this beast has the potential to dominate the market and leave its competitors in the dust.

Caged Beasts isn’t just about the coin—it’s an entire community. Get ready for competitions, mind-bending bonuses, events, and a plethora of voting opportunities to make your voice heard. As well as exclusive NFT releases. As a member of this community, you’ll be granted VIP access to the latest and greatest NFT drops before anyone else even has a chance to blink.

So get ready because the countdown to the debut of Caged Beasts is on. Prepare to witness the unleashing of a true force to be reckoned with as this dynamic newcomer steps into the spotlight.

How To Bypass Twitter Login Wall?

Do you want to read tweets without logging in to Twitter?

Twitter login wall bypass is a handy technique to access tweets without signing in.

You can bypass the login wall by blocking cookies or installing browser extensions. Blocking cookies or installing browser extensions can help you hide the login prompt and browse Twitter as a guest. However, you should also be aware of the risks and limitations of this technique and respect Twitter’s terms of service.

Let’s continue reading more about bypassing the Twitter login wall.

Why Bypass Twitter Login Wall?

Twitter login wall is a feature that requires users to sign in or create an account to view tweets on the web. 

However, some users may find the login wall annoying or intrusive and may want to bypass it for various reasons.

Some possible reasons to bypass the Twitter login wall are:

To browse Twitter anonymously and avoid being tracked by the platform or third parties.

To access the work of journalists, activists, and others who use Twitter as a public platform for their messages.

Avoid creating an account or signing in to Twitter if you are not a regular user or do not want to share your personal information with the company.

To enjoy Twitter as a guest and not be bothered by the login prompt that interrupts your browsing experience.

Ways To Bypass Twitter Login Wall

Whether you want to browse anonymously, access public content, or avoid creating an account, you can use these simple methods to bypass the login wall and enjoy Twitter as a guest.

Blocking cookies

The easiest way to bypass the login wall is to prevent Twitter from setting cookies in your browser, usually found in the privacy options in whatever browser you use.

Currently, viewing Twitter in incognito mode in your browser works too.

Follow the steps below to block cookies:

You need to go to your browser’s settings 

Find the option to block or manage cookies.

You can either block all cookies or from specific sites like Twitter.

Then, you can visit Twitter and browse without logging in.

However, this method may affect your browsing experience on other sites that rely on cookies for functionality.

Use Nitter

You can use Nitter to bypass Twitter’s login wall by following these steps:

Find a tweet, topic or search that you want to view on Twitter.

Then, copy the URL of the page and replace chúng tôi with a working Nitter address; chúng tôi .

Installing browser extensions

The other option is to install a helpful browser extension to hide the login prompt and let you browse Twitter as a guest.

For example, you can try Breakthrough Twitter Login Wall or Bypass Twitter Login Wall for Firefox.

Follow the steps below to install the extensions in your browser.

Open the Chrome Web Store and find the Scroll Portal extension.

The extension icon will appear on the top right corner of your browser.

Risks Of Twitter Login Wall Bypass

Bypassing the Twitter login wall may have some risks, such as:

Violating Twitter’s terms of service: Twitter may disapprove of users accessing its content without signing in or creating an account and may take actions against them, such as blocking their IP address or banning their account if they have one.

Relying on third-party services: Bypassing the login wall may require browser extensions or alternative frontends not affiliated with Twitter. These services may have privacy policies, security issues, or reliability problems. Users should be careful about trusting these services and check their reviews and ratings before using them.

The Bottom Line

If you are not a fan of the Twitter login wall, you can try these easy ways to bypass it and view tweets without logging in. 

However, you should also consider the benefits and drawbacks of this technique and follow Twitter’s rules and regulations.

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What To Do If Your Windows Key Is Not Working?

But sometimes you may encounter a problem while you find the Windows key not working in your Windows 10. Sometimes when you enable your game mode, the windows key may be disabled.

Some users have reported that even after they have updated their graphics drivers, they are facing problems to operate the multi-functional Windows Key.

We have shown a VIDEO walk through at the end of the post for easy solution.

If there is any bad sector or corrupted file in your system, it may give birth to several issues along with Windows key is not working error.

There may be plenty of issues causing this window key-related problem, so, through this article let us find out some handy solutions to get rid of the problem.

Sometimes there may be a problem with your registry and this may cause the Windows key to stop working. You can perform a registry tweak and modify the registry to find a solution to the problem.

Before you commence the process, we highly recommend, you keep a backup of the registry file and be extra cautious while you perform the steps.

Step 2: Type regedit and then hit the Enter button. Now, find the key from the displayed section:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlKeyboard Layout

Step 3: Next proceed to expand Keyboard Layout Key and find Scancode Map Registry Entry in order to remove it.

Step 4: Now you may close the window to come out of the Registry Editor and give your PC a fresh restart.

If you are stuck with the Windows key stopped working you can try this simple trick to use the PowerShell command to mend the problem.

This is a quite common remedy that you may try with a useful tool like PowerShell.

Follow the given steps to execute the process:

Step 1: We generally hold Windows Key and press the S key to start PowerShell.

But if your Windows key is not working anyway, you can hold Ctrl + Shift Keys and then press the Esc key on the keyboard and this will open your Task Manager.

Step 2: From the Task Manager move on to File and then choose the option- Run New Task.

Step 3: Now enter PowerShell and proceed to check the Create This Task With Administrative Privileges option.

Step 4: Now, press the OK button and then hit Enter. Now, PowerShell will get opened. This time type the following command and press the Enter button:

When you run this command, you will find your Windows key is again working properly.

In case you are having a gaming keyboard, you must be knowing that the Gaming mode has been designed in such a way that it will disable specific keys while you are gaming.

This happens because those may interfere with your gaming session. When you press the Windows Key accidentally, it will minimize the game and go back to the Start Menu.

This mainly happens when you are enjoying your online game and in this way, the gaming keyboards support your Gaming mode.

Some users are unaware of this fact and they accidentally turn that on maybe while they are cleaning the keyboard or so.

Just check whether your gaming mode is on by chance when you find the Windows Button Not Working On Keyboard. In case it is turned on somehow, turn it off.

Many keyboards have a Gaming mode switch on them, so be sure that the switch is not set to Gaming mode. You can find the key above F2 and F3 keys.

Apex M800 comes with a hidden Gaming mode and if you wish to disable it, you will have to press hold the SteelSeries option and hit the Windows key for switching off the Gaming mode.

Always go through the instruction manual of the keyboard to properly disable the gaming mode as different keyboards may have different procedures for disabling the Gaming mode.

You can easily revert to the earlier state if you have made any changes to the Windows 10 services and packages.

You have the DISM service to do so. Many users have reported utilizing these images for reinstalling Windows and this remarkable DISM tool enables you to alter the components that Windows 10 will install.

So, by using this process some users faced problems with the Windows key and if you revert the process and remove the changes done earlier the problem may get addressed.

Instead of the gaming mode switch, your keyboard may have the Win Lock button. This button is designed in such a way that it will disable your Windows key.

You will find the Win Lock key just beside the Ctrl key. So, make sure you check the keyboard whether you are having the Win Lock key on your keyboard.

When you find the key, hit the button and check whether your Windows Key is working again.

When your Windows button not working on the keyboard, some corruption in the system files may create the problem and once you scan it you will be able to fix the problem.

You can take the help of the Command Prompt and by using the SFC utility you can fix the problem.

To execute the process, I am describing the steps below. Please follow these steps to commence the procedure successfully:

Step 1: First of all, run Command Prompt as an administrator and open the SFC utility by pressing Windows Key and X hotkey.

Step 2: Now enter DISM.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth and then hit the Enter button. You must do this before initiating the SFC scan.

Step 3: In Command Prompt, type sfc /scannow, and hit the Return Key. Wait till the scan gets completed. It may take thirty minutes to accomplish the entire process.

Step 4: After finishing the scan, give your Windows a fresh restart and check whether the step has repaired the corrupted files.

Sometimes, user profiles get corrupted and may cause the Windows key won’t work.

In this case, create a new user account and see if your Windows key works properly.

You may transfer all your data to the new account and delete the older one. This may easily fix the issue but keep a backup of your entire data so that you can access the same as and when needed.

Step 2: Select Family and other users options from the left side of the window.

Step 3: From here, choose the menu, and select Add someone else to this PC.

Step 5: Now choose to Add a user without Microsoft. You will be now prompted to make a new Microsoft account and display a window.

Step 6: Enter all the details and give a password. Remember to check if this new account is working properly.

Step 7: Log into the new account and check if it is having any further issues. Check if the Windows key is working now.

Often you may have antivirus interference with your keyboard, and this may create a lot of trouble for you along with your windows key.

Your antivirus may become overprotective sometimes and cause the issue.

Sometimes your antivirus protection interferes with the other applications you have installed. It will prevent the apps from running.

For the time being block, the antivirus software to provide an easy remedy to the Windows key won’t work-related problems.

So, I hope by now, you are able to find out a suitable solution if got annoyed with the windows key is not working.

Feel free to shoot us a mail with your ideas or suggestions. We always look forward to hearing back from you.

What To Do If Your Most Popular Pages Aren’t Converting

Editor’s note: “Ask an SEO” is a weekly column by technical SEO expert Jenny Halasz. Come up with your hardest SEO question and fill out our form. You might see your answer in the next #AskanSEO post! 

Welcome to another edition of Ask an SEO! Today, we’ve got a question from Darcy in San Francisco:

This is super common.

I have a client right now that is dealing with this. They specialize in cleaning out estate homes after the owner has passed away.

This client gets a ton of traffic for “What to Wear to a Wake”. (For those who aren’t sure what a wake is, it’s a sort of visitation or party for friends when a loved one dies. Similar to a funeral, but without a church service. Often a funeral is held separately for family only.)

Since you didn’t give me an example from your own site, I’m going to use this one, and hopefully it will apply to your situation.

Although my client doesn’t schedule or organize wakes, a wake is one of a series of events that a deceased person’s family members need to organize.

By showing up for a search like this, the client can offer the visitor other information about what to do after a loved one’s death.

While it is indirectly related to cleaning out the loved one’s home at all (which usually comes several weeks later), the visitor has the opportunity to download a checklist and other resources that they can keep with them until that time comes.

The checklist helps them through every stage of the process and isn’t a sales piece at all.

It is our hope that if they need help cleaning out the house, they will give the client a call since the checklist was so helpful.

We have no way to track this and have no idea how many people who use our checklists actually sign up for services. But by providing a useful tool, we create that opportunity.

Links Are Important, Too

By creating and offering something of great value (for the cost of an email address), we create a resource that others are likely to link to.

And they have.

That one page has obtained completely natural links from several news organizations, funeral homes, senior care centers, and senior publications.

While these links aren’t directly to our most important content (the pages that describe what the clean out process involves), they definitely help our credibility in search for other keywords.

The Bottom Line

Having pages that get a lot of traffic but which have a high bounce rate or don’t convert can be really frustrating.

Keep trying different things.

Can some related articles get people looking at more than just that one page?

Can you capture an email with a free resource download?

Can you siphon that traffic off to an affiliate opportunity where you can at least make some secondary revenue from it?

Try to make that traffic work for you.

Dig through Google Analytics to try and get information on user behavior.

Try a focus group or a survey to get information.

Install HotJar or a similar tracking software to see what elements people interact with most.

Above All, Don’t Worry

I’ve never heard of a situation where Google or any other search engine devalued other pages because one page was outperforming the others. It doesn’t objectively make sense that they would do that.

If you have one page of valuable content, it’s likely that you have more.

If the page is a pain in your reports, do what another client of mine did, and create a custom segment in Google Analytics that removes that traffic before reporting on the rest of your site.

Above all, look at it as a benefit rather than a detriment.

Have a question about SEO for Jenny? Fill out this form or use #AskAnSEO on social media.

Image Credits

Featured Image: Image by Paulo Bobita

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