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Definition of Leasehold

Leasehold is a terminology that is used in the field of property related to land or real estate where it means temporary ownership of land or property where the leasee or the tenant has the rights to the physical possession of the property with the help of some title granted by the lessor or landlord and in the case of such the property is considered to be the personal property of the lessee during the leasehold period.

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Leasehold hold, as mentioned above, is a common term when the owner or lessor grants a lessee temporary ownership of a property or land. Here the lessee buys the right to occupy the land or property from the lessor for a specific period of time. A lease is a legal estate that can be bought or sold in the open market. Here the asset is typically property such as a building or some allotted space in the building or a piece of land. The lessee comes forward and discusses with the lessor. A contract between them is signed for the right to use the building, space, or land in return for a fixed set of scheduled payments that will be payable to the lessor over a period, generally called the lease period.

One common example of Leasehold is that owners of big retail stores often go for leasehold agreements in big shopping malls rather than purchasing the space there or constructing their own building. The leasehold contracts for commercial spaces can be a bit complicated, which include many things to consider, such as payment structure, conditions for breach of contract, and improvement to the agreement clauses.

Example of Leasehold

One common example of Leasehold is big retail or departmental stores like Walmart. Walmart has operations at many sites with big buildings used in operations. Such stores will never purchase or construct the buildings but, instead, go for leasehold agreements where Walmart enters into a lease agreement with such building owners or the lessors and takes possession of the property for a stipulated period of time. This agreement is generally renewed when the lease is over and henceforth continued.

Declining Value of Leasehold

The property’s value under leasehold declines parallelly in line with the length of the unexpired term as it will become more difficult to sell or give for a further mortgage. Leasehold properties with more than 80 years pending on their contract should extend it as early as possible.

Buying the Freehold on Leasehold Property

House: The house must typically meet all the criteria of being a house and have a visible demarcation from any adjoining house or property.

Lease: The lease must be for a long term of more than 21 years, or it must have a right to renew it.

Leaseholder: One must be the leaseholder of the house or property before one applies for freehold or enfranchisement.

Leasehold Improvements

The lessee pays the lessor charges for enhancements made to the leased property, known as leasehold improvements. A few examples to explain the same can be building interiors and false ceilings, electrical and plumbing works, carpeting the interiors, and building in-house cabinets. These improvements will typically revert to the lessor’s ownership when the lease expires unless and until the lessee can remove the structures or the additional objects built without causing any damage to the property.

Leasehold vs Freehold

Freehold property means the tenant or lessee becomes the owner and has complete rights over the property. In contrast, Leasehold means the lessee buys the property but has no ownership rights as it belongs to the owner or lessor. In cases of freehold, the lessee/owner has full rights over the property, and he/she can make changes, whereas, in freehold, the lessee/owner cannot make any kind of changes to the property. Acquiring a freehold property carries a significantly high cost, whereas acquiring a leasehold property is considerably lower. Freehold properties do not have any attached tenure as they belong to the owner, while leasehold properties involve a predefined tenure. In freehold properties, duties or responsibilities are not compulsory, whereas, in a leasehold property, the lessee has to follow specific duties and responsibilities.


As discussed above, we could see how leasehold property is defined and differs from freehold properties. We’ll explore the pros and cons of owning a leasehold property and the benefits and drawbacks of owning a freehold property. It depends on the lessor-lessee on the agreement they want to enter based on their choice and criteria.

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How Left Property Works In Css

Introduction to CSS left

CSS left property is defined to declare a left side or horizontal position of a positioned element and one of the offset properties. This is applied to the position property values like fixed, absolute, and sometimes relative. Here the left value has the preference from left to right for the container as the CSS position, in conjunction with the left value, helps to align elements concerning document viewports. If the positioned element is static, then there is no effect on this left property.

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# box { position:relative; }

length: It determines the position of an element on the left edge in px, pt, em. And negative values are not assigned here.

auto: The browser determines the position of the left edge as a default value.

percentage: The position element is specified in percentage.

How left Property works in CSS?

To have good CSS web Development, the CSS comes with aligning elements to make it easy. Elements positioned as either “fixed” or “absolute” have their distance calculated based on the left margin of the element and the left edge of the containing block. The positioned elements are the ones where their position changes anything except static. Depending upon the ancestor’s container, the working principle of the left property process differently.

1. Left on Relative Position

Here the left property adds an offset to the element’s left edge, and it moves automatically to its right to its original form. The positive value makes the box to its right.

2. Left On Absolute Position

For those having absolute positioning elements, this left property shifts the left edge of an element to its right side from the left edge having an ancestor container with the positioning. In simple terms, the element moves towards the right side from the starting position.

3. Static

This property doesn’t have any effect on this static position. We can still use this to check for an animation effect and take px or calc () values.


@keyframes anim { 40% { left: 100px; } Examples of CSS left

Below are examples of left property in CSS by looking at its effects on different positioned elements.

Example #1

An example showing the position ‘Relative’ and set a value to the ‘left’ property.


Demo On CSS left Property div{ position: relative; width: 120px; height: 100px; font-size: 25px; } #aa { left: 200px; border: 4px solid blue; } #bb { left: 70%; border: 4px solid green; } #cc { left: 80%; border: 4px solid yellow; } #exap { left: initial; border: 4px solid lightbrown; }


Example #2


Demo On CSS left Property With Image on left h1{ color: rose; } img { position :fixed; left : 40px; } And it takes a wide diverse population with skyscrapers and largest urban forests which is sometimes called as ‘city forest’. They are geographically positioned on the Main River and has important trading centres. Frankfurt is Germany’s Financial Capital city and considered to be a metropolitan city. And it takes a wide diverse population with skyscrapers and largest urban forests which is sometimes called as ‘city forest’. They are geographically positioned on the Main River  abnd has important trading centers.


Example #3

Showing two positioning in the box.


div{ float:left; width:350px; height:150px; margin:12px; text-align:center; border:6px solid maroon; background:rgba(46, 41, 112, 1); color:fuchsia; font-size:34px; line-height:3.5em; box-shadow:6px 6px 6px olive; } .container1{position:absolute;left:-40px;} .container2{position:absolute;right:600px;}


Example #4

Three positioned elements.

div.Base { position: relative; width: 310px; height: 150px; border: 4px solid teal; } div.Derived { position: absolute; left: -12px; width: 200px; height: 220px; border: 4px solid aqua; } div.Subclass{ position: fixed; left: -10px; width: 210px; height: 150px; border: 4px solid purple; }

The above code uses negative values on the left property with no positioned parents. The last class, ‘Subclass’, behaves independently despite having a fixed position. It causes the container to move towards the left margin. As a result, all three classes appear to be overlapped in the output.


Example #5


.dem-orange { position: absolute; background: orange; width: 200px; height: 200px; left: 4px; top: 4px; } .dem-blue { position : relative; background: red; width: 150px; height: 100px; left: 8px; }



The above article showed us how to use the left property with their work and examples. It allows nudging different elements in a different orientation with the left and right values, and the initial value always lies in the flow of the document part.

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What Is& What Is It Used For?

What is chúng tôi & What is it Used for? Check whether the file is legit and remove it if suspicious




Winexesvc.exe file connects Linux hosts to Windows ones, allowing the former to command the latter.

It carries great malicious potential and can be used by hackers to try to harm your system.

Verifying the file’s legitimacy and performing regular deep scans on your PC keep you safe.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Typically, Windows background processes and exe files don’t need your attention, though users occasionally report encountering unidentified ones, raising an alert for suspicious activity. So, how can you tell whether a file is safe, harmful, or just plain necessary? In this article, we’ll examine winexesvc.exe.

Keep reading to learn more about how it works and whether to keep or toss it.

What is winexesvc.exe?

As prompted by its extension, chúng tôi is an executable file. It’s part of the Windows Subsystem for Linux feature that enables the transmission of remote commands across a network.

If you have installed it and its running is crucial to daily operations, it’s probably safe to remain on your device. However, it can be harmful, especially if it uses too much CPU or GPU while running in the background.

You should know that .exe files might occasionally harm your system. Because of their immense malicious potential, malware can disguise itself as such a file.

Therefore, you should exercise caution when running unknown ones on your device. To be always on the safe side, you should always enable the best Windows 11 security settings.

What is chúng tôi used for?

To put it briefly, chúng tôi is used to receive files from a Linux server to a Windows one. In other words, chúng tôi is created by a winexe so that commands from a Linux host can be executed on a Windows one. Thus, it can be used by Linux-based apps to control a Windows system.

While it can be legit, as you now know, it can be targeted by hackers to cloak harmful code in the same filename. So, to be protected from malware, it’s crucial to ensure that the chúng tôi file on your computer has not been infected and is safe to stay.

Is chúng tôi safe? 1. Verify chúng tôi location

To determine whether it poses any danger to your device, consider its context. The first thing you can do is check its location. It’s normally located in: C:WindowsSystem32

If that’s the case, the risk is much lower. However, this doesn’t mean you’re completely safe because the file is in its standard location. And you will need to verify other aspects as well.

2. Check winexesvc.exe’s behavior

If its behavior is suspicious, such as slowing down your system, interfering with other processes, or taking up too much of your PC’s CPU, it might be a malicious file, and it’d be best to remove it from your device. Follow this guide for the best uninstaller software to ensure it’s completely gone from your system.

Note: Think about the file’s origins – if you, yourself, have downloaded it from a legitimate source, the risk is minimal. On the other hand, if you have no idea how it ended up on your device or if it comes from an unreliable source, it is much more dangerous.

3. Scan your PC for malware

⇒ Get ESET Internet Security

4. Check its digital signature

The legitimate file should have a legitimate company’s digital signature, while a malicious chúng tôi probably provided no data about it.

To prevent issues with chúng tôi is important to keep an organized workspace. This includes frequent deep scans, freeing up PC space, installing Windows updates, keeping your system and security software up-to-date, and regularly backing up your data.

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What Is A Corporation Business?

Every company faces competition from the marketplace. We have to plan in a manner so it can beat the competition and reach success. Planning/strategy is an essential point that followed by businesses to attain organizational goals.

Business Strategy always needs a portfolio approach across the globe to find out more & return to make the maximum profits. To be able to develop a business plan, companies must take a look at, how they affect one another and finalize the way to optimize human capital, procedures, and governance.

Almost, every company association follow these 2 plans for their set up

1. Corporate strategy

2. Business plan

A company can only succeed if it considers each of the 2 levels of plan

So, let’s have a Brief on Corporate strategy & Business Strategy

Corporate plan

A corporation business plan is basically developed to give instructions to the company for accomplishing their long-term goals. A corporate plan is designed in a manner to achieve goals and focus on the actions of their organization.

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Business plan

Whether large scale or small business organization may have numerous business units or sections that are distributed over different markets. A strategic business unit could identify the merchandising branch & the goals might be different from another unit.

In the level of company units, strategy formula is connected to the way the company competes with other companies in the sector. The plan developed at this point might be changed according to the available need.

What is a Corporation?

A Corporation or Corporation business is a legal identity & credit by individual or company can be produced by one shareholder or maybe from different shareholders but the ultimate goal would be to earn the profit.

A corporate could be shaped on both either for-profit or even a non-profit. For-profit basis, the organization performs well to create revenues and supply a return for its investors, depending on their percentage of ownership in the company.

Not-for-profit entities function, that can be committed to a specific social cause such as educational, spiritual, scientific, or research functions. Non-profit organizations use their earnings to further their own intentions.

The 3 different C used in corporations are- 1. C Corporation

C Corporation is the most typical kind of incorporation among companies and contains all the attributes of the corporation. In this Owners receives a profit on the individual level.

2. S Corporation

S Corporation is work exactly in the same manner for a C Corporation but differs in owner limit and taxation functions.

An S Corporation is made up of around 100 shareholders and isn’t taxed as independent and the profits/losses are shouldered by the shareholders in their own income tax returns.

3. Non-Profit Corporation There are different ways of the corporate plan, but leaders of associations are concentrate on.

The primary tasks of corporate plans are

The allocation of funds in a company focuses mostly on just two sources

A. Capital

B. People

In a bid to maximize the value of the whole company, leaders need to determine how to allocate the resources to different companies or business units to create more revenue.

Key factors about the allocation of funds are


Identifying core competencies and ensuring that they are well dispersed Throughout the company. They’re needed most and include the maximum value.


Allocating funds across companies so that it earns the Greatest risk-adjusted yield.

Assessing external chances and allocating funding between inner jobs and outside chances

Key factors about the allocation of funds are

Head office

Deciding how much freedom to provide business units

Deciding whether conclusions are made top or bottom-up

Impact on the plan of company units

hierarchical arrangement

how big initiatives and responsibilities will be divided into smaller jobs

Integrating business units and business functions like there are no redundancies

Allowing for the balance between return and risk to existing by dividing responsibilities

Creating centres for excellence

Placing governance structures

Placing reporting arrangements (army/top, matrix coverage

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management determines the way business units match each other, their correlations, & determines where the company will perform what the company will do.

Business corporate associated with portfolio management comprises

Determining what company to maintain or to be from

Specifying the degree of vertical integration that the company ought to have

Managing risk through diversification and reducing the significance of outcomes across companies

Establishing strategic choices by seeding new opportunities which could be significantly invested in if proper

Monitor the competitive landscape and ensure the portfolio is well balanced relative to trends in the Industry

Strategic Tradeoffs

Among the most difficult facets of Corporation business strategy or business strategy is balancing the tradeoffs between risk and return throughout the company. It is important to get a holistic view of all of the businesses combined and make the desirable amounts try to find the risk management and reunite creation are being chased.

Below are the primary factors to Think about for tactical tradeoffs Managing threat

many businesses adopt a copycat plan by considering what other risk-takers have done and it is a really risky strategy that could lead to a market leadership position or complete ruin in one second.

It is essential to be conscious of plans and related risks throughout the company. The amount of autonomy company units have is important in managing this threat

Generating Returns

May higher risk plans make the possibility to get the best return. It’s important to get the proper number of alternatives from the portfolio. These choices can come from your portfolio.


Incentive structures will play a big role and It Might Be necessary to divide the responsibilities of hazard management and reunite creation so that each may be up into the desirable degree.

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Corporation Business Strategy differs than business plan as it concentrates on how to handle assets, risk, and come across a company, instead of looking at competitive benefits.

Leaders are accountable for tactical decision-making need to think about many aspects, such as allocation of resources, organizational design, portfolio management, and tactical tradeoffs.

By optimizing each the above-mentioned aspects, an individual can ideally produce a portfolio of companies that’s more worthy.

What Is Kfconsole By Kfc?

Last month, Microsoft and Sony officially presented their newest consoles to the world. Both Xbox Series X and Sony PS5 are top-of-the-line gaming powerhouses, boasting graphical muscles that very few PCs can dream of. Combine the hardware wizardry with optimized games and buttery-smooth UI, and you have an undeniable winning formula at your hands.

Today, we’ll take a look at the much-anticipated and much-speculated KFConsole and answer the questions that need answering.

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What is Kentucky Fried Console?

KFC — one of the largest fast-food chains in the world — has decided to throw its hat in the ring of gaming consoles. It’s absurd, we know, but KFC seems to be very serious about this proposition.

The company has teamed up with Cooler Master, Asus, and Seagate to create a unique little machine, which promises to keep you full and content with chicken and games. The KFConsole is going to be powered by Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element CPU, have a high-end Asus GPU, and store its games in two custom-made Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSDs.

It will also have a — first of its kind — Chicken Chamber, which would allow gamers to keep their fried chicken hot and crispy for hours.  Major props must go to Cooler Master for creating the chassis and allowing KFC to create this ridiculous yet enviable setup.

What are KFConsole’s unique features?

Even if you had a light glance at the previous section, you must already have an idea about what this section might contain. Yes, it’s time to embrace the absurdity.

Chicken Chamber

Since we’re talking about a gaming console by Kentucky Friend Chicken, it’s better to start off by addressing the elephant in the room — the Chicken Chamber. Cooler Master and KFC are gladly calling it the first-ever official rendition of an idea this unique, and they actually have the complete authority to do so. No company, ever, has done what KFC is doing with its KFConsole.

Hot-Swappable GPU

Thanks to their beefy internals and optimized games, consoles are deemed as excellent long-haul purchases. However, despite being thoroughly optimized to run all the latest games, consoles often end up pushing fewer frames than PCs. They also tend to lack the graphical wizardry that powerful PCs so effortlessly manage.

KFConsole fixes this issue by implementing a hot-swappable GPU. Unlike the competition, KFConsole would actually allow you to get a new GPU if and when it becomes available. No need to call an experienced KFConsole handler to do the work. Just get a new GPU — Asus is a partner here — and get to work.

4K TV gaming

Additionally, KFConsole comes with Ray Tracing and Virtual Reality support, guaranteeing an unmatched level of immersion.

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How can you buy the KFConsole?

If the spec-sheet has you drooling already, you might be disappointed to know that the KFConsole is not yet prepared to hit the market. There have been a couple of teases, of course, but we have no clue about KFConsole’s availability and, more importantly, price. Given how hard KFC’s been pushing it, we’re certain of seeing it fleshed out in the next few months. Hopefully, within the first quarter of 2023.

Is KFConsole a real gaming console?

A Chicken Chamber, hot-swappable GPU, 2 TB of SSD, and an Intel i9 9th generation processor to power it all — KFConsole looks absolutely gorgeous on paper. However, the company still hasn’t revealed enough for us to brand it a full-fledged gaming console.

We still don’t know how much RAM it’ll have, which GPU it’ll come with, or and whether it has a dedicated console UI — similar to PlayStation and Xbox. So, at this point, at least, it’s looking more and more like a pumped-up Windows system with aftermarket tweaks, rather than a separate gaming system.

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How does KFConsole stack up against PS5 or XBOX Series X?

We still don’t know a couple of major things about the KFConsole, of course — the RAM and GPU, to be precise. However, if Cooler Master and KFC’s claims are to be believed, the KFConsole is bound to put the newest and most powerful consoles to shame, by delivering 240 fps gaming in 4K. That level of performance can only be achieved with a top of the line GPU, which is making us a little skeptical about its pricing.

Still, unless KFC decides to take a step back, we could see a truly marvelous piece of gaming hardware take shape in front of us.

Is KFConsole a big gimmick?

From what we’ve seen so far, KFConsole, most definitely, feels real. However, that doesn’t mean KFC didn’t have ulterior motives, to begin with. The company wanted to steal the limelight from next-generation consoles by promising something absurd and wonderful. Irrespective of whether you’re a doubter or a believer, you are spending precious minutes thinking or reading about KFConsole. And that’s exactly what KFC had in mind when they announced its unique little gaming machine.

What Is Storage Area Network?

Introduction to Storage Network Area

The following article provides an outline for What is Storage Area Network? Information or data which is a company asset is the underlying resource on which all the computing processes are dependent. There are different enterprises and client’s products which are used to store these data.

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Data can be stored in a different type of storage devices:

Magnetic Storage Devices: Hard disk drive and Magnetic tape.

Optical Storage Devices: Blu-ray, disc, DVD, and CD.

Flash-based Storage Devices: Solid-state drive, memory card, and USB thumb drive.

How does Storage Area Network Work?

Storage devices are assembled within a storage system that provides high capacity, scalability, performance, and security.

This information is accessed by applications that are running on a server from different storage devices. The information is a unique company asset. Information is created and stored and accessed every second of every day which is the reason for currency inflow and outflow in all Enterprise businesses. In order to ensure that any business delivers the expected results, they must have access to accurate information and without any low latency. The management and protection of this business information are very important in order to deliver the expected results and for best business practice. Here we will see the concept of a network, storage, and storage area network (SAN), which is regarded as the ultimate response to all of these needs.

Storage Area Network is a collection of clients (Laptops, Desktops) which are used for local storage in the hard disk and other devices like enterprises and central repository – that are interconnected by communication channels. Because of these channels or network users/ enterprise service providers can achieve the efficient sharing of resources, services, and information among the network.

In simpler words or in Layman’s terms so that the common people can understand the topic or concepts of the network.

It is impossible to imagine today’s world as stand-alone human beings, with nobody that nobody communicates with. Much more importantly, it is impossible to imagine how human beings can work without using their body organs or senses. In our human world, we are sure you will agree with us that communication between any two individuals makes a significant difference in all aspects of life. Communication in any form is not easy, and we need many components in order to communicate with others.

Factors consist of a common language – which needs to be communicated, a medium where the communication will flow, and finally, there should be an endpoint from which we need to be sure that communication was received and understood. So in today’s world, we use language as a communication set of rules, and sounds and writing are the communication media. Just like this, a computer network needs almost the same components as our example as mentioned above, but a difference is that all these factors need to be controlled to ensure effective communications.

What is the Storage Area Network?

A SAN is a special high-speed network that stores and provides access to large amounts of data.

Provides data protection against drive failures.

Improves storage system performance by serving I/Os from multiple drives simultaneously.

Two implementation methods.

Software RAID implementation.

Hardware RAID implementation.

LAN: A LAN (Local Area Network), is a network that establishes a network in a small geographical area such as homes or offices.

WAN: A WAN, (Wide Area Network), is a network that establishes a network over larger geographical areas.

Different Types of Storage Area Network

Given below are the different types of storage area network:

1. Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP)

Fibre Channel Protocol is used to transfer the data with very high speed between the initiators and the target i.e. between the client and the storage system. In these, all the cluster of storage devices is connected to the switch with the cables. It has a bandwidth between 2- 16 Gigabytes per second.

2. Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI)

SCSI is a system that can interact with storage media. Like if you get a hard drive – it is connected by SCSI. iSCSI is the ability to access the network drive remotely by using TCP protocol.

3. Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)

Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) is used as a medium for the traffic of LAN and SAN which will result in the less no. of server adapters. Like in LAN we use NIC (Network Interface Card ) as an adapter and in SAN there is HBA ( Host box adapters) but in FCoE – we will be using only one adapter i.e. CNA ( converged network adapter) which has the understanding to differentiate between the SAN and LAN traffic.

4. Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fibre Channel (FC-NVMe) Advantages of Storage Area Network


In NAS, there is a central repository from where we can access the data to different client and Enterprise products using LAN i.e users on Local Area Network can access the data through the central repository. So there is only one line for data transmission which can fail anytime and any organization can lose the business.

But in the case of SAN, there is a network between all the storage devices so that we can access them through multiple lines. In short, data accessing failure chances are very less. So large enterprise service providers use SAN.


In order to maintain or ensure that any business delivers the expected results, they must have access to accurate information and without any low latency. It is also important for the management and protection of this business information in order to deliver the expected results and for the business to grow.

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