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But sometimes you may encounter a problem while you find the Windows key not working in your Windows 10. Sometimes when you enable your game mode, the windows key may be disabled.

Some users have reported that even after they have updated their graphics drivers, they are facing problems to operate the multi-functional Windows Key.

We have shown a VIDEO walk through at the end of the post for easy solution.

If there is any bad sector or corrupted file in your system, it may give birth to several issues along with Windows key is not working error.

There may be plenty of issues causing this window key-related problem, so, through this article let us find out some handy solutions to get rid of the problem.

Sometimes there may be a problem with your registry and this may cause the Windows key to stop working. You can perform a registry tweak and modify the registry to find a solution to the problem.

Before you commence the process, we highly recommend, you keep a backup of the registry file and be extra cautious while you perform the steps.

Step 2: Type regedit and then hit the Enter button. Now, find the key from the displayed section:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlKeyboard Layout

Step 3: Next proceed to expand Keyboard Layout Key and find Scancode Map Registry Entry in order to remove it.

Step 4: Now you may close the window to come out of the Registry Editor and give your PC a fresh restart.

If you are stuck with the Windows key stopped working you can try this simple trick to use the PowerShell command to mend the problem.

This is a quite common remedy that you may try with a useful tool like PowerShell.

Follow the given steps to execute the process:

Step 1: We generally hold Windows Key and press the S key to start PowerShell.

But if your Windows key is not working anyway, you can hold Ctrl + Shift Keys and then press the Esc key on the keyboard and this will open your Task Manager.

Step 2: From the Task Manager move on to File and then choose the option- Run New Task.

Step 3: Now enter PowerShell and proceed to check the Create This Task With Administrative Privileges option.

Step 4: Now, press the OK button and then hit Enter. Now, PowerShell will get opened. This time type the following command and press the Enter button:

When you run this command, you will find your Windows key is again working properly.

In case you are having a gaming keyboard, you must be knowing that the Gaming mode has been designed in such a way that it will disable specific keys while you are gaming.

This happens because those may interfere with your gaming session. When you press the Windows Key accidentally, it will minimize the game and go back to the Start Menu.

This mainly happens when you are enjoying your online game and in this way, the gaming keyboards support your Gaming mode.

Some users are unaware of this fact and they accidentally turn that on maybe while they are cleaning the keyboard or so.

Just check whether your gaming mode is on by chance when you find the Windows Button Not Working On Keyboard. In case it is turned on somehow, turn it off.

Many keyboards have a Gaming mode switch on them, so be sure that the switch is not set to Gaming mode. You can find the key above F2 and F3 keys.

Apex M800 comes with a hidden Gaming mode and if you wish to disable it, you will have to press hold the SteelSeries option and hit the Windows key for switching off the Gaming mode.

Always go through the instruction manual of the keyboard to properly disable the gaming mode as different keyboards may have different procedures for disabling the Gaming mode.

You can easily revert to the earlier state if you have made any changes to the Windows 10 services and packages.

You have the DISM service to do so. Many users have reported utilizing these images for reinstalling Windows and this remarkable DISM tool enables you to alter the components that Windows 10 will install.

So, by using this process some users faced problems with the Windows key and if you revert the process and remove the changes done earlier the problem may get addressed.

Instead of the gaming mode switch, your keyboard may have the Win Lock button. This button is designed in such a way that it will disable your Windows key.

You will find the Win Lock key just beside the Ctrl key. So, make sure you check the keyboard whether you are having the Win Lock key on your keyboard.

When you find the key, hit the button and check whether your Windows Key is working again.

When your Windows button not working on the keyboard, some corruption in the system files may create the problem and once you scan it you will be able to fix the problem.

You can take the help of the Command Prompt and by using the SFC utility you can fix the problem.

To execute the process, I am describing the steps below. Please follow these steps to commence the procedure successfully:

Step 1: First of all, run Command Prompt as an administrator and open the SFC utility by pressing Windows Key and X hotkey.

Step 2: Now enter DISM.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth and then hit the Enter button. You must do this before initiating the SFC scan.

Step 3: In Command Prompt, type sfc /scannow, and hit the Return Key. Wait till the scan gets completed. It may take thirty minutes to accomplish the entire process.

Step 4: After finishing the scan, give your Windows a fresh restart and check whether the step has repaired the corrupted files.

Sometimes, user profiles get corrupted and may cause the Windows key won’t work.

In this case, create a new user account and see if your Windows key works properly.

You may transfer all your data to the new account and delete the older one. This may easily fix the issue but keep a backup of your entire data so that you can access the same as and when needed.

Step 2: Select Family and other users options from the left side of the window.

Step 3: From here, choose the menu, and select Add someone else to this PC.

Step 5: Now choose to Add a user without Microsoft. You will be now prompted to make a new Microsoft account and display a window.

Step 6: Enter all the details and give a password. Remember to check if this new account is working properly.

Step 7: Log into the new account and check if it is having any further issues. Check if the Windows key is working now.

Often you may have antivirus interference with your keyboard, and this may create a lot of trouble for you along with your windows key.

Your antivirus may become overprotective sometimes and cause the issue.

Sometimes your antivirus protection interferes with the other applications you have installed. It will prevent the apps from running.

For the time being block, the antivirus software to provide an easy remedy to the Windows key won’t work-related problems.

So, I hope by now, you are able to find out a suitable solution if got annoyed with the windows key is not working.

Feel free to shoot us a mail with your ideas or suggestions. We always look forward to hearing back from you.

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Apple Tv Remote Not Working? Here’s What To Do

Last Updated on August 19, 2023

There are a variety of types of Apple TV Remote and sometimes this can cause confusion when they stop working, which is a pain in any case. 

For example, you’re right in the middle of your favorite show, you need to pause it, and suddenly you realize that your remote is not working correctly. 

This is really irritating, so you’ll need to know how to resolve the problem. Here are some reasons why your specific remote may not be working and what you can do about it! 

Why Is My Apple TV Remote Not Working? The Batteries Have Died

If you’ve been using your remote for a while, then chances are that the batteries will die out eventually. You should ensure that your remote is fully charged up before you continue (or run out to buy a new one!). 

Your Remote Has Been Damaged

Sometimes, the remote gets damaged or broken due to regular use. This may happen more often if you have young children or pets who get hold of it. If you find that your remote has been damaged, then you’ll need to replace it. 

It Could Be The Connection Between Your Remote And Your Apple TV

Sometimes, the connection between your remote and your Apple TV could be to blame. If you notice that your remote doesn’t work properly, then try changing its position on the Apple TV. Also, make sure that it isn’t too close to any other devices like speakers.

It Could Just Be A Bug In The Software

There are times when the software itself might be malfunctioning. It’s best to check if your remote will work better if you restart your device. 

It’s Dirty

It’s entirely possible that the remote buttons are covered with something and all you’ll need to do is clean it up. You are best to use 70-percent isopropyl alcohol and a microfibre or lint-free cloth.

Make sure to remove the batteries first, carefully wipe the buttons, and avoid getting the alcohol into any openings in the remote.

Press the buttons down and wipe around them again to clear any grime or dirt, then make sure the remote is properly dry before re-inserting the batteries and trying the remote.


How To Fix An Unresponsive Apple TV Remote

To fix an unresponsive Apple TV Remote, follow these steps:



Turn Off The TV

Turn off your Apple TV.



Press And Hold The Menu Button

Press and hold the Menu button until the Apple logo appears on-screen.



Select Settings

Select Settings from the menu.



Wait For Completion

Wait for the process to complete.



Restart The TV

Restart your Apple TV.

In the meantime, you may decide to use your other Apple devices like iPhone or iPad as a remote. 

What Can I Do If My Apple TV Remote Isn’t Working?

If you want to get back to watching your favorite shows, then you’ll need some help. These tips may be able to help you. 

Use Another Apple TV Remote

If you own another remote, then you can use it instead of the original one. You’ll just need to connect both remotes together via Bluetooth. Also, make sure that they are connected to the same Apple TV.

Change The Position Of Your Apple TV Remote

Another way to get your remote to work again would be to change its position. Try moving it around so that it’s closer to the Apple TV. Also remember to move it away from any other electronic devices like speakers.

Use Other Devices As A Remote

As we briefly mentioned earlier, you can also use your phone or tablet to control your Apple TV. All you need to do is download the Apple TV Remote app from the App Store. Then, pair it with your Apple TV using the instructions provided in the app. Once done, you’re good to go.

Connect Your Apple TV Remote Using A USB Cable

You can also connect your remote to your computer using a USB cable. Make sure that your remote is powered on first. Afterward, plug it into your Mac or PC using the included USB cable.

The Bottom Line

If your Apple TV remote isn’t working, consider following our steps before you order a replacement. If nothing works then it may be time to replace your Apple TV remote.

What To Do If Your Most Popular Pages Aren’t Converting

Editor’s note: “Ask an SEO” is a weekly column by technical SEO expert Jenny Halasz. Come up with your hardest SEO question and fill out our form. You might see your answer in the next #AskanSEO post! 

Welcome to another edition of Ask an SEO! Today, we’ve got a question from Darcy in San Francisco:

This is super common.

I have a client right now that is dealing with this. They specialize in cleaning out estate homes after the owner has passed away.

This client gets a ton of traffic for “What to Wear to a Wake”. (For those who aren’t sure what a wake is, it’s a sort of visitation or party for friends when a loved one dies. Similar to a funeral, but without a church service. Often a funeral is held separately for family only.)

Since you didn’t give me an example from your own site, I’m going to use this one, and hopefully it will apply to your situation.

Although my client doesn’t schedule or organize wakes, a wake is one of a series of events that a deceased person’s family members need to organize.

By showing up for a search like this, the client can offer the visitor other information about what to do after a loved one’s death.

While it is indirectly related to cleaning out the loved one’s home at all (which usually comes several weeks later), the visitor has the opportunity to download a checklist and other resources that they can keep with them until that time comes.

The checklist helps them through every stage of the process and isn’t a sales piece at all.

It is our hope that if they need help cleaning out the house, they will give the client a call since the checklist was so helpful.

We have no way to track this and have no idea how many people who use our checklists actually sign up for services. But by providing a useful tool, we create that opportunity.

Links Are Important, Too

By creating and offering something of great value (for the cost of an email address), we create a resource that others are likely to link to.

And they have.

That one page has obtained completely natural links from several news organizations, funeral homes, senior care centers, and senior publications.

While these links aren’t directly to our most important content (the pages that describe what the clean out process involves), they definitely help our credibility in search for other keywords.

The Bottom Line

Having pages that get a lot of traffic but which have a high bounce rate or don’t convert can be really frustrating.

Keep trying different things.

Can some related articles get people looking at more than just that one page?

Can you capture an email with a free resource download?

Can you siphon that traffic off to an affiliate opportunity where you can at least make some secondary revenue from it?

Try to make that traffic work for you.

Dig through Google Analytics to try and get information on user behavior.

Try a focus group or a survey to get information.

Install HotJar or a similar tracking software to see what elements people interact with most.

Above All, Don’t Worry

I’ve never heard of a situation where Google or any other search engine devalued other pages because one page was outperforming the others. It doesn’t objectively make sense that they would do that.

If you have one page of valuable content, it’s likely that you have more.

If the page is a pain in your reports, do what another client of mine did, and create a custom segment in Google Analytics that removes that traffic before reporting on the rest of your site.

Above all, look at it as a benefit rather than a detriment.

Have a question about SEO for Jenny? Fill out this form or use #AskAnSEO on social media.

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Featured Image: Image by Paulo Bobita

What To Do If You Forget Your Iphone Or Ipad Passcode

9to5Mac is brought to you by JustAnswer: Connect 1-on-1 with an Apple support Expert to get step-by-step assistance via phone or online chat, 24/7. Try it now. 

In the days of biometric authentication with Face ID and Touch ID, it can be easy to forget the passcode you set for your iPhone or iPad. Thankfully, it is possible to gain access to an iPhone or iPad if you forget your passcode, though you’ll likely need your Apple ID password.

How to access your iPhone or iPad if you forgot your passcode

Method 1: Restore via iCloud

If you have Find My iPhone enabled on the iPhone or iPad in question, you can erase the device via a web browse. Note that this will remove all data from your device, though you can restore from an iCloud backup after the fact.

Here’s how to restore your iPhone or iPad via Find My iPhone.

Log in with your Apple ID

Your iPhone or iPad will now be completely factory reset.

Method 2: Restore via iTunes

If you don’t have Find My iPhone enabled, or could not successfully erase via iCloud, you can also do so via iTunes.

The first step is to place your iPhone or iPad into recovery mode.

iPhone X or later, and iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus: Press and hold the Side button and one of the volume buttons until the power off slider appears. Drag the slider to turn off. Connect to your computer while holding the Side button. Keep holding the Side button until you see the recovery-mode screen.

iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPod touch (7th generation): Power off your device. Connect to your computer while holding the Volume down button. Keep holding the Volume down button until you see the recovery-mode screen.

iPhone 6s or earlier, iPod touch (6th generation or earlier), or iPad with Home button: Power off your device. Connect your device to your computer while holding the Home button. Keep holding the Home button until you see the recovery-mode screen.

Once you’ve done that, iTunes (or Finder if you’re running macOS Catalina) should tell you that there “is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored.”

Once you boot back up, you can go through the iOS setup process and either setup the device as new or restore from an iCloud backup. In either scenario, you can set a new passcode for your iPhone or iPad.

Activation Lock

When your device turns back on after being restored, you’ll likely be presented with an Activation Lock screen – either on the PC or Mac you used to perform the restore, or on the iOS device itself. Here is where you’ll be required to enter your Apple ID and password to gain access to your device.

You can read more about Activation Lock in Apple’s support document here.

9to5Mac is brought to you by JustAnswer: Connect 1-on-1 with an Apple support Expert to get step-by-step assistance via phone or online chat, 24/7. Get access to thousands of highly rated, verified Mac Support Specialists. Specialties include: Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, and more. Try it now.

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What To Do If Windows 10/11 Dialog Box Has No Text

What to do if Windows 10/11 dialog box has no text




How to troubleshoot empty dialog boxes on PC

If you are getting blank dialog boxes on your Windows 10 computer, this article will provide you with methods to fix it. Normally, a dialog box is designed to facilitate decision making on your computer system. It comes up like a pop up window, either to request your approval/decline on a task or to simply present you with options on the execution of a task (or tasks).

At times, a dialog box comes up empty, with no option or information whatsoever; just blank.

Various reasons could be responsible for this error. However, the most notorious ones are those associated with Windows updates. Some of these include:

Incompatible graphics driver after Windows update

Outdated driver(s)

Incompatible Antivirus or other security programs

Bug attack after a system update

Corrupted system file after an update

Typically, a dialog box might come up empty as a result of one or a combination of some of the above outlined technical and security errors. In this post, Windows Report team has compiled various levels of solutions to help you resolve the Windows 10 empty dialog boxes error.

5+ solutions to fix Windows 10 empty dialog boxes Solution 1: Use a third-party system optimizer

This type of program has in-built functions designed to fix Windows errors and improve the performance of your device.  Moreover, it frees up space on your disk, removes malware, and restores the registry values to their default settings.

Corrupted system files are often the cause of Windows errors such as empty dialog boxes. Using professional software, the files in critical error will be replaced with new, healthy ones within minutes. 

Solution 2: Restart your PC

Restarting a computer system is a basic troubleshooting method (probably the most basic) used to fix various forms of system errors. This method can be used to fix the Windows 10 empty dialog boxes error.

Rebooting (or restarting) a system clears off temporary files from such computer. It also closes running tasks, which could be the reason for the empty dialog boxes error. However, simply restarting a computer system to fix this error is usually ineffective; therefore, it is a necessity to use a repair tool.

Solution 3: Use Windows 10 built-in repair tool

This tool serves as the first line of defence, to combat all forms of corruptions, damages and errors on your system. The error of empty dialog boxes is no different. If, while operating your computer system or using a program, a dialog box comes up blank, then you should try the system Repair option.

Provided the error is only a minor technical issue and not caused by any serious corruption or incompatible driver, the repair tool should effectively fix the error.

READ ALSO: This folder is empty: How to fix this Windows 10 error

To execute the Windows Repair function, follow the steps outlined below:

Note: The guideline below entails steps for repairing an error or corruption associated with MS Office.

This process can be applied to all programs (system and installed) on your Windows 10 computer. To run the repair function on any program, follow the steps outlined below:

Solution 4: Uninstall & reinstall affected program

As far-fetched as this method may sound, it might be the ultimate solution to the empty dialog boxes issue. This method is, however, only applicable if the error is specific to a particular program.

To uninstall a program on your Windows 10 computer, follow the steps below:

Expert tip:

— RELATED: Empty Task Manager? Fix it using these 5 solutions

Solution 5: Run a system restore

Restoring your system to an earlier time will remove recently installed updates, apps, drivers and others. This makes a system restore more effective than ordinary reinstallation, in fixing errors on computers.

To run a system restore process, follow the steps below.

After your system has restarted, reinstall any affected app. The dialog boxes should now come up just fine. However, in case your dialog boxes are still coming up empty, you can go for the last straw; the ultimate solution.

Solution 6: Clean install Windows 10

However, this the ultimate solution for resolving the background cause(s) of such error, as well as other inherent errors on your system.

To run a clean installation of Windows 10 using Media Creation, follow the steps outlined below:

Note: This action will clear off every app, driver, setting and all other installed programs, with the exception of system apps and personal files. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you back up every essential program and setting on an external storage medium.

Ensure you have a stable internet connection; preferably to a Wi-Fi network. This is to facilitate the downloading of the Media Creation tool.

With the successful implementation of the clean installation, you can rest assured that your “Windows 10 empty dialog boxes” error (and other errors) would be resolved and your system will come up clean.

We recommend using a reliable program that installs Windows drivers automatically and prepares driver backups. Blank dialog boxes can be caused by outdated drivers too. The chances to experience these errors again with driver updater software will be minimal.

⇒ Get Driverfix


Windows 10 empty dialog boxes could be the aftereffects of an isolated error (corruption or incompatibility of a driver), which affects only a specific program. Conversely, it could be a general issue that affects the whole system. Either way, it has the propensity for causing further damage if left unfixed.


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How To Remove Text When Macbook Delete Key Not Working

Whether a writer, student, social media influencer, or a CEO, everyone has to type documents, emails, posts, and whatnot. And the ‘Delete key‘ is an integral part of everyone’s typing routine. But what if the delete key is not working on your MacBook?

Of course, you can visit the Apple Store to get it fixed, but what about the work you are currently doing? What if you don’t have the next week free, or you are traveling? Typing without the free access to the delete key can be a bit difficult, especially when you need to send that piece urgently. Here are some workaround.

Delete Key Not Working on MacBook? Here’s What You Can Use

The most obvious solution is to use your mouse or trackpad. Select the text you want to delete and just writer over it.

Use Virtual Keyboard on Mac

Here check the Show keyboard and emoji viewers in the menu bar option.

However, users who type often do not prefer these options because they have to move their hands away from the keyboard. Though just marginally, this does reduce their typing speed and could make them forget their chain of thought.

But don’t you worry, as regulars in the field of both tech and typing, we do have some trick up our sleeves. When your delete key is not working on Mac, you can use these keyboard shortcuts to avoid using a mouse.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Erase Text without Using Delete Button on Mac

#1. Control + H: Similar to the Delete button, this works as a backspace i.e., it will erase the space/text before the cursor.

#2. Control +D: This works in line with fn+Delete and will remove space or text after the cursor.

#3. Shift + Alt + Arrow Key: This one undoubtedly my favorite as this is faster than the two above. Press Shift + Alt + Left Arrow to select the word before the cursor

and Shift + Alt + Right Arrow for word after the cursor.

Type in the new correct word in place of the wrong one. Press the arrow multiple time to select more than one word.

#4. Shift + Command + Arrow Key: Want to erase the whole line after a specific word? Press Shift + Command + Left Arrow to select the full line before the cursor

and Shift + Command + Right Arrow for the line after the cursor.

Type in the new correct word in place of the wrong one. Press the arrow multiple time to select more than one sentence/line.

Now, when such handy shortcuts are at your disposal, why worry about your delete key not working on Mac? Finish that urgent work without hiccups and then get your keyboard checked.

Happy Deleting!! 

We hope our little guide could help you. In case we missed any trick, do share with us in the Comments section below. We will be back with more; meanwhile, you can check some more articles below.

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The founder of iGeeksBlog, Dhvanesh, is an Apple aficionado, who cannot stand even a slight innuendo about Apple products. He dons the cap of editor-in-chief to make sure that articles match the quality standard before they are published.

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