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With so much focus on the role of technology in data analysis and warehousing, it’s sometimes easy to forget that customer knowledge isn’t a software package or a database — it’s an approach to doing business.

This column outlines three basic principles small and medium-sized business can enact to make use of client intelligence to improve customer retention and satisfaction.

Principle #1: Your best source of new business comes from people you know or already do business with.

You know the drill. It seems that the promotions and big bonuses always go to the partner or principal who leaps on a plane to Europe or makes a big sales itch in the Far East, then lands the Big New Client based in some foreign land.

But while the majority of investments in time, money, and resources are often directed toward winning the big new client, the fact is that most organizations would do far better if they shifted precious business development and marketing budgets toward clients they know and meet with everyday.

Your best prospects are right here, in your own back yard, where you can meet and talk to them face-to-face. Instead of relying on complex and inexact technologies to discern buying patterns and predict demand, you can simply ask what’s bugging them and offer suggestions on how you can help.

But what about new clients? Yes, you need them too. The trick is in developing the right mix of efforts, based on their relative probability of success. Cold calling is a high volume, low probability game — kind of like buying a lottery ticket. Do it as a fundamental part of your marketing mix, not as your primary business development strategy.

Principle #2: Your best sources of new business come from your largest or most profitable customers and prospects.

You don’t need a marketing guru or a complex data mining algorithm to figure out who’s most likely to buy from you next. You already know; it’s the same people who usually buy from you.

Try this exercise: develop a list of your customers and determine your largest and most profitable segment. In some businesses, this group may represent a minority of your current customers — say only 20 percent. Add to this list the top 20 percent of your list of prospects. You now have a marketing database that is better than the most sophisticated, expensive, and elaborate contact management or sales force automation system money can buy.

Treat this list as if it were the Crown Jewels. Because it us. Focus on these accounts, and you are bound to succeed.

Principal #3: Identify what works and leverage the heck out it.

As important as customer and marketing intelligence is, internal intelligence, or for lack of a better term “corporate self-knowledge,” may be just as important — and in some cases even more important.

Most organizations I’ve worked with were ill-equipped to take a hard look at themselves and realistically assess their market opportunities and understand their core competitive strengths.

Trim or radically re-think the parts that don’t work, and accelerate development of what does work. And, in proliferating what does work, don’t re-invent wheels. Develop templates and repeatable processes to leverage your core strengths and control the quality of implementation.

If you focus on these three principles, you’ll probably be way ahead of your competition.

With more than 20 years of management experience in customer management, strategy, and new business development, Arthur O’Connor is national columnist for chúng tôi an chúng tôi site. This year he also serves as the chairperson of the Institute for International Research’s Customer Relationship Management Conference.

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In 2008, Your Network Will Know Who You Are, What You Want

In 1949, George Orwell published his masterpiece novel 1984. Even if they haven’t read it, most people remember the book’s key takeaway: Big Brother is watching.

Fast forward to 2008 and Big Brother really is watching. The vehicle that makes Big Brother’s omniscience possible is the network.

The network: that mass of boxes, interface cards, cables and antennae that when combined become a platform for every type of human interaction and collaboration on the planet Earth (and beyond).

Let’s take a look at how the networking world of 2008 will become all-knowing and all-seeing — a silicon- and fiber-based Big Brother, if you will.

Network smarts

for the smart network.

Today, networks at a basic level are no longer “dumb” pipes that transport information. The networks of 2008 will build on recent and coming innovations to become application- and user-aware — they’ll know who you are and what you are allowed to do (or what you’re prohibited from doing).

Intelligence in 2008 will arrive in the form of more Ethernet standards that provide increasing amounts of information about data types. Intelligence will also come in the form of smarter quality-of-service (QoS) and bandwidth-management offerings that intelligently provision the right bandwidth at the right QoS for users and their applications.

Network security

The smarter network of 2008 will rely strongly on Network Access Control (NAC). While NAC has been a buzzword for several years, NAC will go mainstream in the coming year thanks to Microsoft.

A key component of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is what it terms Network Access Protection, or NAP. The cornerstone of the technology is pre-admission control: A NAP server will first validate the health of an endpoint (a user or machine, for instance) before allowing admission to the network.

Microsoft’s Windows XP Service Pack 3, as well as Windows Vista, are both ready to serve as NAP endpoints. Due to Windows’s massive installed base, Microsoft’s NAP will be something that enterprises can activate out of the box to begin to secure their networks.

The power of access control for the smart network of 2008 cannot be understated. If hundreds of millions of Windows users are using NAP, it may end up being the single most important security innovation since the invention of the firewall.

dirty deeds. What a wonderful world it would be.

Network identity

The smart network of 2008 isn’t just more secure, it also knows who you are and what you need access to. While directories such as Microsoft’s ActiveDirectory have been used for identity for years, they’re not enough. The 2008 network will have identity built into the framework of the network itself.

The big push for network identity in 2008 will come from Cisco, with its TrustSec initiative. Instead of a user needing to enter multiple passwords for each and every application they need to visit, a TrustSec-powered network essentially will know who they are, what their business function is and where they’re allowed to go.

From a Big Brother-auditing point of view, TrustSec, and its various competitive implementations from vendors other than Cisco, also will offer a full audit trail of a user’s activities at both a network level and the application level.

By embedding identity into the network layer, the network will have better understanding and control over what users are doing.

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How To See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Well, to be precise, there isn’t any straightforward way for you to check who views your Instagram page. Instagram doesn’t have an in-built feature to let users check who’s viewed their profile and there’s a very good reason behind that – user privacy. Facebook-owned Instagram has all the data you’d need to check who viewed your profile, but it won’t share it with you because that could lead to a significant drop in user engagement on the platform.

Using Third-Party Apps to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

So are there any third-party apps you could use to see who viewed your Instagram profile? Yes, there are an absolute ton of apps, both on the App Store and the Play Store, that will have you believe that you can see who views your Instagram account and find your Insta stalkers by giving them access to your Instagram account. But, do they work? Definitely not.

1. SocialView for Instagram 2. Profile+

Profile+ is another app that says it can show you who views your Instagram profile. However, this app doesn’t work either. In fact, it tries to make you pay to unlock features such as ‘who viewed my Instagram profile’ even though it won’t work. The app simply shows a list of users you have blocked, which is something you can see on the official Instagram app anyway.

3. Follower Analyzer for Instagram

Follower Analyzer is another app that claims it can show you who views your Instagram profile when in reality it doesn’t do anything of the sort.

These apps just pretend to work and show a list of random Instagram usernames which keep changing every time you open the apps to make users feel that they’re doing something. More importantly, these apps run the risk of being a major privacy threat as they collect all your account data as soon as you log in with your Instagram account and give them access to the data.

What’s more, you can even have your account banned by using such apps, so it’s better to not rely on third-party apps to see your Instagram stalkers.

Why Don’t Third-Party Apps Work?

Note: There are a lot of scammers out there who claim that they can tell you who has viewed your Instagram profile in exchange for money, or sometimes by asking for your account credentials. Beware of such fake claims, and don’t pay random people money with the hopes of gaining access to information that Instagram simply doesn’t let anyone see.

Using Instagram Stories/Highlights to See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Even though Instagram doesn’t give users access to a feature with which they can check who’s visiting their profiles, it does have one that allows users to see who all viewed their Stories and Highlights. The feature can, therefore, be used to check who all have recently visited your profile. In order to make use of this feature to reveal your Insta stalkers all you need to do is tap on the profile picture icons lined up in the bottom left corner of your recent Instagram Stories. This will bring up a list of all the users who’ve checked out your story, including users who don’t follow you.

This feature will also let you block any users who you don’t want to share your Stories with by tapping on the menu button to the right of the user’s name and selecting the ‘Hide Story’ option, so you can easily block any Instagram stalkers you may have.

Since Instagram Stories expire after 24 hours, you’ll have to check the list on a daily basis (in case you upload that often). But if you want to get a long-term overview of who’s been visiting your Instagram profile, you can check the same list on your Highlights, which also displays a list of all the users who’ve visited your profile (provided they played the Highlights).

Using Instagram Business Accounts to See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

With a business account, you’ll be able to access valuable insights about the users visiting your profile, including their location, age range, gender, and the time that they’re online. However, the insights won’t reveal the names of all the individual users who’ve visited your profile.

If that’s the kind of data you’re interested in, you can easily convert your personal Instagram account into a business account. To do so, you’ll have to navigate to the Instagram Settings and tap on the ‘Switch to Business Profile’ option, then connect your Instagram account to a Facebook Page that you administrate.

Instagram will then prompt you to choose which contact information you wish to pull from your Facebook page as Instagram business accounts require users to have at least one contact info. Your new Instagram business account is now good to go. It’s worth noting that Instagram Insights don’t pull historical data and starts collecting data only after the Instagram business account is set up.

How to See Who Viewed Instagram Stories

Unlike your profile, you can see who viewed your Instagram Stories, but within 48 hours of posting the story. After that, Instagram hides the users who viewed your Instagram story. Here is how you can check the viewers.

2. If you want to check who viewed your Instagram Story under 48 hours then you need to create a “Story Highlight”. Move to your profile and then tap on the “+” button in the top-right corner. After that, select “Story Highlight”.

3. Next, choose the recent story and tap on “Next”. After that, enter a name for the highlight and tap on “Done”.

4. Now, open the Story Highlight from your profile and swipe up. You can now see who viewed your Instagram Stories, but this must be done within 48 hours. In the screenshot below, it’s not showing the viewers list because 48 hours have already passed.

How to Make Your Instagram Account Private

Now that we’ve explored all the ways in which you can see who views your Instagram profile, let’s talk about how you can prevent someone from viewing your profile. The answer is quite simple. You can prevent unknown users from checking out your Instagram by making your profile private.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can you see who views your Instagram profile?

No, you can’t see who views your Instagram profile. Even if you move to a business account, you can’t get the names, only the metrics as to how many people viewed your profile. It’s strongly recommended to stay away from apps and services that promise to let you see the viewers of your Instagram account. None of them work at all.

Q. Is there any app that lets you check who views your Instagram account?

No third-party or first-party app or service can show you who viewed your Instagram account. So do not pay for an app or service that promises you the same.

Yes, you can check the viewer’s list after 24 hours of posting the story. For that, you need to create a Story Highlight which I have mentioned above. However, you can only see the viewers list within 48 hours.

Q. Can someone see how many times you viewed their Instagram profile?

The answer is no. No one can see how many times you viewed others’ Instagram profiles.

So Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Profile?

So, if you’ve been wondering whether you can see who viewed your Instagram profile, well, you can’t. The only workaround, which involves checking who’s viewed your Instagram Stories and Highlights, isn’t accurate as it only shows all the users who viewed your Stories or Highlights and doesn’t account for all the users who went through the posts on your timeline. Third-party apps, as I’ve already explained, are no good, and using them is definitely a waste of your time and money. In case you want more information about the users visiting your profile and can do without getting their names, then you can also convert your personal account to a business account. And finally, if not knowing who’s visiting your Instagram ID bothers you all that much, you can switch to a private account.

Here Are The Best Hdr Tvs For Your Xbox One S

Here are the best HDR TVs for your Xbox One S




HDR stands for high dynamic range, a technology that renders images closer to what the human eye actually sees. This resolution is created by both balancing and better contrasting light and dark areas. Color equilibrium is the secret behind stunning HDR realistic images.

The Xbox One S is HDR-compatible, but you also need an HDR TV set to enjoy the full spectacle offered by this technology. In this article, we’re going to list the best HDR TVs to use with your Xbox One S console.

As expected, HDR TVs come with a high price tag, but the crystal clear images they deliver are worth every penny.

Best HDR TVs to buy in 2023 Samsung KU6300 HDR TV

Samsung’s KU6300 HDR TV series relies on the latest display technologies currently available to render stunning, crystal-clear images. The 4K UHD resolution creates images that are 4 times sharper than full HD since its PurColor technology accurately expresses colors in life-like details.

UHD Dimming perfectly blends color, contrast, and sharpness, delivering a vibrant viewing experience. Last but not least, its Upscaling Picture Engine upgrades lower resolution movies and TV shows to a near ultra high-definition experience.

Samsung’s KU6300 HDR TVs feature a slim design that adds a modern touch to your living room. Smart Remote lets you navigate your Smart TV and control other devices in a simple and smart manner.

The KU6300 series includes 7 HDR TV models:

You can buy these HDR TVs from Amazon or Samsung for from $499.99 to $1,499.99, down from $649.99, and $2,299 respectively.

Sony XBR55X850D HDR TV

Sony’s XBR55X850D HDR TV reveals incredible 4K HDR details for unique gaming and movie experiences. HDR video content delivers stunning color and contrast, with impressive highlights and fine detail.

The TRILUMINOS Display technology that Sony uses on its XBR55X850D HDR TV increases color depth, offering rich and vivid colors with more shades of red, green and blue.

Thanks to Sony’s refresh rate technology (Motionflow XR 960), fast moving action sequences movies and games look smooth and clear.

You can buy the Sony XBR55X850D HDR TV set from Amazon for $998.99, down from $1,198.99 for the 55-inch model or $7,998 for the 85-inch TV set.

Hisense H7 HDR TV

Expert tip:

Hisense H7 is equipped with the following inputs: 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, 1 LAN port for Ethernet, 1 RF input, 1 L/R audio input, 1 RCA component input, and 1 RCA composite input.

There are 4 Hisense H7 HDR TV models available:

Hisense 43H7C2 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Hisense 50H7GB2 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Hisense 55H7B2 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Hisense 65H7B2 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

The price for the Hisense H7 ranges from $368.00 to $992.94. You can buy the Hisense HDR TV models listed above from Amazon.


The LG OLED65B6P HDR TV set has three unique features: Perfect Black, Cinematic Color, and OLED HDR. The individually illuminating OLED pixels can brighten, dim and power off to achieve perfect black. LG OLED TVs have a color palette that matches the hues seen in modern digital cinemas.

This TV is capable of delivering over a billion rich colors and infinite contrast on a flat screen. Dolby Vision is an elevated HDR standard that faithfully matches filmmaker intention. The crystal-clear Harman Kardon sound together with the stunning image quality create worlds that almost feels real.

Quick note: When you connect the LG OLED65B6P HDR TV to an Xbox One S to enjoy HDR games, you need to go into General settings and turn on HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color to the HDMI input you’re connected to. This is because HDR only auto-detects when you stream from the built-in apps on the TV.

You can buy the LG OLED55B6P Flat 55-Inch HDR TV for $1,997.00, down from $2,499.99 from Amazon. The second model, the LG OLED65B6P Flat 65-Inch HDR TV costs $2,997.00 down from $3,999.99.


The LG UH6030 HDR TV series offers incredible details, fully immersing you into the action. It has three key features:

8.3M Pixels, 4 times the resolution of FHD TVs


webOS 3.0: LG’s best Smart TV just got better.

The IPS panel relies on in-plane switching to deliver rich colors and strong contrast ratio even at wide viewing angles. In this manner, any seat in the house becomes the best. The TruMotion 120Hz technology lets you see movies and video games and high-speed action with no motion blur.

The following LG UH6030 HDR TV sets are available:

You can buy them from Amazon, for a price tag ranging from $600 to $999.00.


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Start Drawing Nft Art: Nft Features, Challenges And Prospects

NFT is one of the results of the success and effectiveness of blockchain technology that has gone beyond the purchase and exchange of crypto. Today, NFT artists are one of the new and popular professions, and recent Internet trends show that even by drawing simple pixel art, you can make a lot of money.

New crypto projects are launched regularly, which requires a lot of investment and attention to detail, and the NFT is no exception in this case. As a result, artists become one of the most sought-after employees, along with blockchain developers. But if a company wants to hire NFT artist, then it is best to turn to a full-fledged studio of professionals for the project to succeed. Although artists from marketplaces or freelance platforms are also worth considering, in most cases, they do not have all the necessary knowledge to implement complex projects.

Getting Started as an NFT Artist

Blockchain is considered one of the most secure systems that allow you to perform various crypto-related actions and not worry about the security or honesty of transactions. All this is thanks to smart contracts and tokens.

A token is information about a digital file, such as an art or picture. It includes data on its value, the creator, and all owners: former and current.

The information is stored on the blockchain like a huge virtual ledger. Its parts are stored in different places, and there is no single control center, so the blockchain is decentralized. Due to this, information about the token cannot be changed but can only be supplemented. For example, if art has a new owner or the price changes, the token automatically reflects this. It doesn’t sound very easy, but it’s worth it. So how to make a NFT art?

Before creating an NFT, you must choose a file format. It depends on the type of artwork you plan to create (JPG, SVG, WEBP, and PNG) for images. In rare cases, you can find NFT music or video, for which MP4 and MP3 are used. Having decided, you need to choose on which blockchain NFT tokens will be minted and on which platform to sell them.

Here are some of them:

OpenSea: This is one of NFT’s largest and best-known marketplaces. It offers a wide range of digital collectibles, artwork, virtual lands, and more. Users can easily buy, sell and exchange NFTs on this platform.

Rarible: It is in fact a decentralized marketplace that allows creators to mine and sell their own NFTs. It offers a diverse collection of digital assets, including artwork, music, gaming items, and virtual real estate.

SuperRare: They specialize primarily in digital artwork. It features unique and limited edition works created by artists in the form of NFTs. The platform allows collectors to purchase these exclusive works of art and trade them in the marketplace.

Nifty Gateway: This is a handy platform that specializes in digital art and collectibles. It partners with various well-known artists to produce limited edition NFT drops that can be purchased directly from the platform.

NBA Top Shot: This is an NFT platform that offers digital collectibles related to basketball. It allows fans to own and share officially licensed NBA highlights, known as “moments.” These moments are unique and rare, making them coveted by basketball fans.

Binance NFT Trading Platform: One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, also launched its NFT trading platform. It provides a platform for artists and creatives to mine, buy, and sell NFT. The marketplace offers a variety of digital assets, including artwork, collectibles, and virtual worlds.

Coinbase NFT: Another well-known cryptocurrency exchange, has entered the NFT market with its own NFT platform. Coinbase NFT allows users to find, buy and sell NFT, including digital art, sports collectibles, and more.

To choose the right one, you need to see what functionality they offer to users. Don’t be afraid to start, even if you don’t fully know how to make NFT art. Over time, you can become an NFT artist for hire and improve your skills based on the task and orders on the platform.

Developing Your NFT Art Style and Brand

Creating a unique (in terms of visual design) NFT is often one of the main criteria for its sales and success. Along with classical art styles such as expressionism, cubism, or futurism, NFT is open to more modern trends.

The most popular is the Pixel or Retro NFT style art, which is simple in execution but has good recognition and fans among the crypto community. The second is animals, particularly Monkeys in various branded clothes and accessories, which blew up the Internet in 2023 and continue to be popular. It is also worth mentioning Anime and Cartoon Art, which are slightly inferior to the previous two styles, but have a more elaborate design and visualization.

The list can be updated because the number of NFTs is growing, and the popularity of certain styles can jump up and down chaotically. But for starters, it’s worth choosing one thing and creating a collection in the same style to create a sustainable brand and recognition among other artists.

You must use all available web resources to demonstrate and promote your NFT art. For example: 






Do not forget about Tik Tok because this is one of the most popular applications where you can promote your brand with the successful management of tags and activity.

Case Studies: Success Stories of NFT Artists

Every successful artist or NFT project has its method that works. Among the crypto and NFT communities, the great success and failure of Cool Apes and other equally popular collections are still remembered by the community. But still, among them, there are those who, despite the difficulties, still stably keep the level of top NFT artists.


This project started in August 2023 by minting the genesis of the Rebel Bots NFT collection. After some time, the company decided to create a full-fledged P2E game. And it has caught the attention of some gaming industry giants, including Ubisoft and Overwolf. Ubisoft’s management decision was pretty surprising as they don’t often invest in something, so for Rebel Bots, it was a chance they took and released a great NFT project.

The game core is the Collectible Card mechanic, which is used for the main gameplay aspects. The visual design was developed by top NFT artists from the RetroStyle Games studio, for whom this experience was quite useful and allowed them to develop in this direction. Cards and lands in the game can be bought, exchanged, or put up for various auctions. As in any other P2E, the value of NFTs is determined by the unique appearance, characteristics, abilities, or mechanics of cards. As a result, Rebel Bots – Xoil Wars has been added to the collection of NFT games, and the community can earn real money by playing the game.

RetroStyle Games Studio

Not only artists but entire studios can be part of the NFT ecosystem. Initially, as its name implies, the studio focused on creating classic retro games and providing outsourcing services for game development. But over time, the list of their services was replenished with the creation of NFT arts and full-fledged games.

These top NFT artists’ design services include a full range of tokens and games, allowing modern companies to enter the market with better conditions. As a result, the studio is one of the tops one’s today, which works with global companies in the NFT business. This is an example of how to manage resources and follow trends properly.

Alexa Meade

How about independent artists? Alexa Meade also transitioned from physical art to NFT. At the beginning of her career, she held successful auctions where she exhibited body painting masterpieces for art connoisseurs. But NFT has allowed fans to own her video art, which can be viewed in motion, as the artist originally intended. To hire an NFT artist is easy, but finding someone like Alexa Meade is pretty hard.

The reason for this success was a completely new style that had not been used by anyone before for the NFT. This is obvious because to see something other than anime and monkeys was like a breath of fresh air. As a result, Alexa Meade brought together live art and digital technology.

Navigating Challenges and Future Trends in the NFT Art World

To become a successful artist, you must know art theory and practice. To become a successful NFT artist for hire, besides the previous one, you need to know many details related to the crypto market, NFT trends or new NFT style art, self-promotion, etc. Not everyone will spend that much time learning new things knowing that the NFT market can be very volatile. This is where the main challenges lie.

But in addition to them, more and more new trends, such as AI, appear. This technology causes a lot of controversy and, at the same time, is the result of the hard work of humankind. Although the use of AI in the NFT is not yet so popular, this does not mean that it will not be.


What Are The Best Motorola Phones?

Motorola has a history of delivering some of the best smartphones in every category. Despite the many issues the company is going through, it has still managed to assemble a respectable smartphone lineup that caters to everyone, starting from the basic daily drivers to all-powerful premium devices.

Like every other major company, Moto’s current smartphone lineup focuses on what the consumers want. Whether you want a Motorola handset with a huge and clear display screen, one with the best camera, or maybe one that will charge from 0-100% in an hour or so while still delivering close to 48 hours of battery life, this post has it all!

Best Motorola phones

In a sea of Motorola phones, it might not be an easy sail for many people trying to pick the best phone for them. But in the table above, you have a list of what we think are the best Motorola phones that money can buy in 2023 and below are brief highlights of the phones and their specs.

Moto E5

The Moto E5 is the best for those looking for a basic Motorola smartphone and nothing more. This is even reflected in the price of the phone, which can easily be purchased for under €140 in Europe and $60 in the U.S., but you still get a solid package. Even more interesting is that the Moto E5 comes with a fingerprint scanner, which is a rarity in this price category. But the best part is that you are getting a huge 4000mAh battery unit to go with it.


5.7-inch 18:9 HD+ screen

Snapdragon 425 processor


16GB expandable storage

13MP back camera

5MP front camera

4000mAh battery

Android 8.0 Oreo

Extras: Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5mm audio jack, microUSB, fast charging, Gorilla Glass screen protection, rear-mounted scanner, LTE, NFC, etc.

Moto E5 Plus

While the Moto E5 is a great phone for people who want basic smartphone operations, the Moto E5 Plus not only takes the battery life of the standard E5 to the next level, but also bumps up some of the specs and features on board. Of course, some of the specs remain unchanged, but the E5 Plus gets a bigger display screen, battery and better camera on the back. But as you’d expect, these upgrades come at an extra cost.


5.99-inch 18:9 HD+ screen

Snapdragon 425 processor


32GB expandable storage

12MP back camera

8MP front camera

5000mAh battery

Android 8.0 Oreo

Extras: Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5mm audio jack, microUSB, fast charging, Gorilla Glass screen protection, rear-mounted scanner, LTE, NFC, etc.

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Moto G7/Plus

If you live in the U.S., you can’t buy the superior Moto G7 Plus, but the standard Moto G7 has a good number of similarities with its counterpart. The same screen size and resolution are used alongside a waterdrop-style notch design that pushes the bezels further outwards, leaving you with an expansive screen on a much compact body.

Even though both have a dual-lens camera on the back, the Moto G7 Plus has a superior setup that includes optical image stabilization (OIS). The Plus variant also gets faster 27W TurboPower quick charging technology, a better 12MP selfie camera, as well as a more powerful processor, as seen below.

Specs Moto G7

6.24-inch 19:9 FHD+ (2,270 x 1,080) display with a water-drop notch

Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 octa-core processor.


64GB storage, expandable up to 512GB

Dual 12MP + 5MP rear camera

8MP front-facing camera

3000mAh battery

Android 9 Pie

Extras: Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5mm audio jack, USB-C, Rear-mounted FPS, Face unlock, 15W TurboPower fast charging, etc.

Moto G7 Plus

6.24-inch 19:9 FHD+ (2,270 x 1,080) display with a water-drop notch

Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 octa-core processor


64GB storage, expandable up to 512GB

Dual 16MP + 5MP rear camera

12MP front-facing camera

3000mAh battery

Android 9 Pie

Extras: Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5mm audio jack, Rear-mounted FPS, Face recognition, 27W TurboPower fast charging, NFC in some markets, etc.

In short, grab the Moto G7 Plus if it’s available in your market. After all, it’s only $50 or so costlier than the Moto G7. As for those in the U.S., you may have to settle for the standard G7, but the Plus variant can still be purchased from Amazon, although this is the internatinal variant that only works with the likes of AT&T and T-Mobile and not Verizon and Sprint.

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Moto G7 Power

For those always on the road and are after a Motorola smartphone that will last probably even two days on a single charge, the Moto G7 Power is that phone. Arguably the model that makes the most sense in the G7 series, especially in markets where the Plus variant is not available, the massive 5000mAh battery unit makes the decision easy.

The fact that the G7 Power has the same processing capacity as the standard Moto G7 makes it an even better choice, but the icing on the cake is the price, where you pay about $50 cheaper than the standard G7. But of course, if you want a dual-lens camera, a waterdrop-style notch, a premium-looking glass build, and a better-resolution display, the G7 is your best bet.


6.2-inch 19:9 HD+ (1570 x 720) LCD display

Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor

3GB or 4GB RAM

32GB or 64GB expandable storage, up to 512GB

12MP main camera

8MP front camera

5000mAh battery

Android 9 Pie

Extras: Bluetooth 4.2, USB-C, Rear-mounted FPS, Face unlock, 3.5mm audio jack, TurboPower fast charging, etc.

Moto G6 Plus

Even with the Moto G7 series already here, the Moto G6 is undoubtedly still one of the best out there a year down the line. This has always been the case with the Moto G series as long as the Plus variant has existed, something that is true for the new kids on the block, too. But of course, all this depends on whether you can actually get one in your market or rather a local shop.

The Moto G6 Plus was christened the smartphone world’s jack of all trades and with the price having reduced thanks to the newer Moto G7 Plus, you’ll be getting one of the best midrange Motorola phones today.


5.9-inch 18:9 FHD+ LCD display

Snapdragon 630 SoC

4GB or 6GB RAM

64GB or 128GB of storage

Dual 12MP + 5MP main camera

8MP front camera

3200mAh battery

Android 8.0 Oreo

Extras: Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5mm audio jack, USB-C, fast charging, Gorilla Glass 3 screen protection, front-mounted scanner, LTE, NFC (market dependent), etc.

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Moto One and One Power

Motorola’s new Android One phones are the Moto One and Moto One Power. The two, obviously, will not be sold in all markets across the globe. In fact, American availability of the duo is still unknown, but so far, Motorola says folks in Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific will be able to buy the Moto One starting at €299. As for the Moto One Power, it has only been confirmed for the Indian market beginning October 2023, but pricing details are yet to be confirmed.

Specs Moto One

5.9-inch 19:9 HD+ LCD display

Snapdragon 625 SoC


64GB expandable storage

Dual 13MP + 2MP main camera

8MP front camera

3000mAh battery

Android 8.1 Oreo

Extras: Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C, 3.5mm audio jack, Splash resistant, 15W fast charging, Rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, Dolby sound, NFC, etc.

Moto One Power

6.2-inch 19:9 FHD+ LCD display

Snapdragon 636 SoC


64GB expandable storage

Dual 16MP + 5MP main camera

12MP front camera

5000mAh battery

Android 8.1 Oreo

Extras: Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C, 3.5mm audio jack, Splash resistant, 15W fast charging, Rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, Dolby sound, NFC, etc.

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Moto Z3

One shrewd way of shopping for the best phones available on the cheap is looking at flagship handsets from yesteryear. Once they are succeeded, phones tend to depreciate at an alarming rate as both retailers and vendors look to clear the remaining stock and make room for the new products.

Well, despite being a 2023 release, the Moto Z3 falls in this category of yesteryear thanks to a hardware configuration that resembles that of the Moto Z2 Force, but housed in a body resembling that of the Moto Z3 Play. This combination meant that Motorola had to outrightly price the Moto Z3 like a depreciated flagship handset from yesteryear, which is why it can be had for just $480.


6.01-inch 18:9 FHD+ AMOLED display

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor


64GB expandable storage

Dual 12 + 12MP main camera

8MP front camera

3000mAh battery

Android 8.1 Oreo

Extras: Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C, NFC, Face unlock, side-mounted scanner, fast charging, water-repellant coating, Moto Display, Voice, Actions, etc.

One little problem, which has become a norm for Motorola phones, though, is that the Moto Z3 is exclusive to Verizon Wireless in the U.S. while the phone’s availability in other markets remains in the shadow.

Moto Z2 Force

If you can get it, the Moto Z2 Force is still one of the best Motorola phones to date. It gets even better now that you can have it at a much-discounted price. It’s not just because it has premium specs and features, but because it actually merits being called a flagship phone even though two years old.

Besides offering top-notch performance, the Moto Z2 Force also supports modularity. In the Z2 Force, you’ll be getting a super-thin handset with quality photography and not-so-good battery life, at least compared to the OG Moto Z Force. But hey, what are Moto Mods for? You can always grab a battery mod to boost the battery life if there’s the need to.


5.5-inch QHD pOLED display

Snapdragon 835 processor

4/6GB RAM and 64/128GB of expandable storage

Dual 12MP + 12MP main camera and 5MP front camera

2730mAh non-removable battery

Android 7.1 Nougat, upgradable to Oreo

Extras: Bluetooth 4.2, no 3.5mm audio jack (headphone adapter included), USB-C, fast charging, Shatterproof screen protection, front-mounted scanner, LTE, NFC, Moto Mods, etc.

If you are on Verizon Wireless, the Motorola Moto Z3 may interest you. The phone packs the internals of the Moto Z2 Force in a body of a Moto Z3 Play and can be had for under $500.

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Wrap up

By April 2023, Motorola had already announced several handsets, including the Moto G5 family, but it took the company up to June to unveil its 2023 lineup that consisted of the Moto G6 and Moto E5 families. The Moto X4 was launched in October 2023 and we expect a repeat of the same with respect to the Moto X5, if at all it’ll come to fruition.

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