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It is well known to all of us that to increase the audience base, every business aims, brand popularity, sales, and revenue generation. To help businesses spot multiple growth opportunities and generate lofty revenues a mobile application is capable of doing all these in a single shot. Today, by leaps and bounds, there has been tremendous growth in the usage of smartphones.

To attain the daily needs, be it a taxi booking, shopping, online ticket purchasing, and so on, people use their mobile devices.

Why Mobile Apps are Important for your Business? Improve Accessibility

As far as connecting with the target audience on different platforms simultaneously, earlier businesses used to encounter challenges. To make it possible, thankfully we now have mobile applications to facilitate the same. To grant ample exposure on multiple platforms simultaneously, mobile apps are second to none.

Regardless of any location and by means of a push, notification entrepreneurs will be able to send various promotional offers on a large scale.

To have a grasp of the latest offers, it convinces customers to make use of the app and will prompt them to purchase the products if by any means a deal matches their requirements.

Loyal Customers Make the Brand Presence Felt

As shown by the latest studies, a person on an average spends 2 to 3 hours per day on his/her mobile phone. While doing so, they continuously make a note of the brand logo, images and so on that apps include.

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Improve Customer Service

The success of any business will hugely depend on expeditious customer services. Without delivering world-class customer service, it will be quite difficult to enhance your sales irrespective of how good your products and services are. In addition to boosting your product sales and business visibility, a mobile app could also enhance your customer service.

Every time users access the app, it ensures the same presentation of products and services. Irrespective of which page the customer’s access, they can go through the same interface.

Customers Details Gathering

Into mobile apps, a mobile app development company integrates the right data analytics tools. Explore the customer’s activities during their interaction with the mobile application it assists the entrepreneurs substantially.

For entrepreneurs to gather vital details about customer preferences, behavior, etc accessing details about customer’s activities during interaction with the app will go a long way. Creating a goal-driven business strategy, it helps them.

To earn hefty revenues, they can create more effective online marketing campaigns to boost the sales of their products and services based on the available data.

Marketing Tool

To help your business get ahead of competitors, mobile apps acts as a fantastic marketing tool. Through pamphlets, brochures, and the same option, it prevents entrepreneurs from using the traditional mediums of marketing.

A mobile app is capable of doing a lot of things quite efficiently, be it providing information about new launches, offers, discounts, booking, newsfeed, or the related thing. More and more, as a great marketing tool, push notification is the most sought-after feature that raised the likeness for mobile apps.

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For every business be it a startup, enterprise, or an established market player, a mobile application has become necessary. Well, you are now expected to have a clear understanding of the importance and benefits of mobile apps for any business. mobile app development company after going through the above points.

So, you are far behind your competitors if you are yet to plan to develop a mobile app for your business. Hence to beat the competition and stay ahead of your competitors, it’s necessary to plan it now.

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Why Is Planning Important For Successful Project Management?

India’s sophisticated Vande Bharat express project led by Mr. Sudhanshu Mani was completed in less than 18 months with just Rs. 97 crores, where the external agency has quoted Rs. 250 crores. He owes the success of this project to his team and the planning behind it. Irrespective of the project type, planning plays a crucial role in reducing risks, identifying desired goals, and ultimately delivering the agreed prototype.

According to PMI, most organizations waste an average of $97 million of the total $1 billion investment due to poor project performance. So, a project manager needs to have the ability to plan a project effectively to ensure success. While planning, the team needs to define the objectives and scope of the project, as well as determine the resources and activities needed to achieve them.

Potential Reasons for Insufficient Planning

The old saying, “The failure to plan is planning to fail,” certainly holds true while handling a project. After all, managing a project without a clear idea of how and when to manage it is impossible. But we often notice that project managers and senior management rush this planning step in haste for project completion. Here are a few other reasons for insufficient planning −

Unrealistic expectations

The pressure of completing the project within the timeframe compels project managers to set not-so-feasible deadlines, which can ultimately lead to timeline extension.

Jumping into execution right away

One thing both project managers and clients want in common is the timely delivery of the product. Surrendering to impatience, most project managers gather the team and steer them toward the execution phase right after the project has been assigned. This will not only kill the result but also lead to rework.

Lack of understanding

Being unaware of the importance of the planning phase in project management, the project team starts with the sprints and ends up in a fix once the team reaches the mid-phase. So, it is always important to stay updated on the latest trends in project management and get constantly upskilled to lead any project.

How Does Careful Planning Help in a Project’s Success?

Now that you know how the planning phase is usually ignored by organizations, it’s time you understand why planning plays a crucial role in a project’s success.

To put it in simple words, planning in project management and the project’s success are deeply intertwined. Planning helps to ensure that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Here are some other key ways in which planning plays a crucial role in project management −

Identifying potential problems and risks

Planning allows project managers to anticipate potential problems and risks early on and develop strategies to mitigate them. This helps to ensure that the project stays on track and that any issues are addressed promptly.

Allocating resources effectively

By breaking the project into smaller, manageable tasks, project managers can ensure that resources are allocated effectively. This helps ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

Setting clear milestones and deadlines

Efficient planning helps project managers to set clear milestones and deadlines for the project. This helps to keep the project on track and ensures that any delays or issues are addressed on time.

Managing costs

A perfectly laid action plan for a project impacts budgeting and cost management. Project managers can create a detailed budget outlining the project’s costs by identifying the resources required for each task and activity. This helps to control expenses and stay within budget constraints.

Effective communication and collaboration

Planning is critical for effective communication and collaboration within the project team. By clearly defining roles and responsibilities, project managers can ensure that everyone knows their tasks and how they contribute to the overall project goals. This helps to foster a sense of accountability and teamwork, which is essential for the successful completion of the project.

Who Should Be Involved in the Planning Phase of Project Management?

The planning phase is a collaborative process that should involve a diverse group of stakeholders. The following is a list of key individuals or groups that should be involved, irrespective of the project type.

Project Manager

The project manager is responsible for leading the planning phase and ensuring that all stakeholders are involved and that the plan is comprehensive and achievable.

Project Team

The project team is responsible for delivering the project and should be involved in the planning phase to ensure that their roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and that they have the necessary resources and support to complete their tasks.

Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter experts are individuals or groups with specialized knowledge or skills that are relevant to the project. They should be involved in the planning phase to ensure that the project objectives and scope align with the organization’s needs.


Stakeholders are individuals or groups affected by the project and should be involved in the planning phase, ensuring their needs and expectations are considered. When we say stakeholders, you may include customers, clients, end-users, and other groups with a vested interest in the project.

Senior Management

Senior management should be involved in the planning phase to provide guidance, support, and oversight for the project. They should also be informed of potential risks or challenges arising during the project.

What Should Be Covered in the Planning Phase of a Project?

When we say planning is important for any project, you also need to know the way of planning. It means you must steer through the right pathway to reach the right destination. Here are a few things you must definitely include in your planning strategy.


A project management plan must be developed by considering the organizational process assets. This means the project manager takes individual planning inputs from each knowledge area and integrates them to create a working strategy.

Defining the scope

Once the inputs are taken from each stakeholder, the next step is to define the scope and then create a breakdown structure.

Managing the stakeholders

Here, project managers collect requirements from stakeholders regarding the project’s goal and try to balance their expectations on reaching the goal.

Time Schedule

The next step is to decide on the resources and the work durations. Once this is decided, you can develop a proper schedule in a sequence.

Cost management

Once the resources and time allocation is done, it is time to estimate and come up with the budget for the entire project while considering the contingencies.

Managing risks

Once you’re done with drafting the final schedule, you need to look out for identifying risks and drafting a mitigation plan. You must work on qualitative and quantitative risks that may arise during the project cycle.


In a nutshell, a project manager plays a key role in the planning for a project’s success. He/she needs to be alert in making a viable plan as the project execution relies on this planning. So, take some time, slow things down, and plan for all aspects of the project – risks, costs, resources, deliverables, milestones, and other considerations.

31 Important Instagram Stats & Facts To Boost Your Business

Top 31 Instagram Stats & Facts in 2023

1. There are 1 billion monthly active users and 500 million daily active users who access the app globally.

2. If we look at the demographics, in India alone, there are 180 million users. 

Source: Backlinko

From the above image, we can see that the US, Brazil, Indonesia, and Russia have many people using Instagram. If you are someone who has a business in these regions or has the potential to target people from these places, then Instagram is the place to reach your potential customers.

3. Just like how we ask our friends or family before purchasing a product or getting to know new services through them. According to a survey conducted by Facebook. Inc, it was seen that 81% of people said that this platform helps their research products and services, and 80%  of them mentioned that Instagram helps them decide if they should purchase a product or not. These Instagram facts and stats prove that people indeed use this platform for shopping purposes.

7. 90% of the users follow a business page. Create content that is engaging and attractive for users to follow your page. 

8. The explore tab lets users discover new content, and pages and even get to know new content creators. This tab is crucial for businesses as 50% of users use this tab every month. Getting your business page featured on the explore tab will pave the way for more brand awareness and new followers.

10. Since so many use stories on a daily basis, you can understand how essential this feature is for your business. 58% of people mentioned that they have become more invested and interested in the product or brand after seeing it feature in stories. 

11. What else does a brand need when they get users to purchase its products? 50% of users who saw the brand on stories went ahead to visit their website and make a purchase.

The above Instagram facts mention the reach stories have and how powerful they can be for businesses. The following facts will help you enhance your stories for better reach and engagement :

14. The swipe-up call-to-action element creates more engagement for your business. Swipe-up is an element that people or users have to make to be directed to the in-ad link. The link can be anything. It can be a website landing page or a Youtube video. Hubspot’s Instagram engagement report mentions that 70% of the people who took part in the survey have used the swipe-up element.

15. Add central text to your stories. 75% of the time, they perform better. 

16. Interactive features like GIFs, locations, questions, and polls bring in more users. People like such interactive features. At present more than 60% of business pages use these features in their stories. Use these tools to make your content more engaging and fun.

Source: Imagine Media

  Source: Conviva

17. Regarding Instagram facts regarding video content, How-to video tutorials are the most popular video content on Instagram. Make the video fun and easy for users to understand.

18. Users like to watch behind-the-scenes videos, and they want to know what goes on in their business. If you are posting images of photoshoots on your page, make sure to post a behind-the-scenes video. Also, post videos that have interviews with models or celebs that you collaborate with.

19. IGTV videos are an excellent way to catch the eye of the user. Make fun IGTV videos. As mentioned above, they can be interviews, chat sessions, or behind-the-scenes because they are 4x larger than posts on the explore feed. 

Source: Fastlykke

20. Having captions can increase your audience. IGTV automatic captions are available in 16 languages. Use IGTV videos and switch on captions so that more people understand your videos and products.

21. Add product tags to your posts. It can be stories, videos, or images. Product tags will bring in more brand awareness and make the customer journey smooth. It will give details of the product and how it can be used in different ways. 

Source: Laterblog

Source: Sprout social

26. While posting, tease your audience to generate curiosity. Product teasers will make users talk about your brand. 

Here Starbucks is teasing its audience by dropping a post regarding its seasonal drink. When you just hint at the product that users are interested in and do not force them to buy, there will be more engagement and purchases. 

Source: Later blog

Another example is when the brand beauty blender teased their followers into guessing their new launch. A point that has to be noted is that when you are teasing your audience with emojis or contexts, make sure that they are relatable to your target demographic. 

27. An average business page posts once a day. Make your post engaging and post at the right time because, as mentioned in the above Instagram facts, posting at the right time can affect your engagement rate and ranking. 

28. For a business page, the average engagement rate for a post is 0.96%, which means one engagement for every 100 followers. This Instagram fact is significant for pages that have fewer followers, and the fact is that accounts with more than 100,000 followers have an engagement rate of 0.62%, whereas small accounts have 1.55%. 

30. 47% of users mentioned that pages that replied to DMs promptly were a crucial factor in purchasing their products. As a business page, be active on messages and interact with users. This will increase sales and customer relationships. 

31. Collaborating with content creators is encouraged. Collaborating with them helps in spreading the word. While collaborating, one thing to keep in mind is that never forget nano influencers as they have more engagement rate. Nano influencers are the ones who have less than 10,000 followers. Also, 55% of fashion shoppers purchased products after watching creators promote them. 

Instagram can really boost your business online if you plan and execute it well. These were a few Instagram facts that we wanted to put out there to enhance your strategies and plans. Make use of this most trending platform to take your business to the next level. 

If you looking for the best Instagram marketing course, then we suggest you check our Instagram influencer mastery course now.

3 Important Considerations For Your Ppc Leads

For this article, I’d like to dive a little deeper and potentially expand on a few of her thoughts.

1. The Type of Lead Conversion Matters – They Are Not Equal

In other news, water is wet.

This point sounds obvious, right?

Otherwise, the program’s just a waste.

That path goes something like this:

In my experience, the example above may only work exactly like that linear path scenario when someone has already made up their mind they’re going to buy from you.

In that case, your sales department really isn’t “selling,” they’re basically functioning as a glorified “order taker.”

OK, maybe that’s harsh and reality isn’t quite that extreme.

But the brutal truth is that conversion asset (industry report, whitepaper, case study, webinar signup, etc.) may only lead to a near term sales opportunity if someone has already done the research, made the comparisons, received a recommendation, seen you at a trade show, etc.

Think about the possible conversion points you have in a B2B PPC program.

Some of them may include:

Whitepaper (ever popular and a long time staple).

Industry report.

Benchmark study.

Case study.


Demo signup.

Calendar appointment.

Webinar signup.

Lead form.

Phone call.

Chat Session.

To state the obvious, there should not be an expectation of a near-term sales pipeline opportunity for each and every one of these conversions.

Some of them, yes – a conversion would certainly indicate a high readiness to buy (phone call, calendar appointment, lead form)!

Most of them, no – you’re probably expecting too much too soon in the process.

Quick Tip

See the next point directly below.

2. Not Understanding the Difference Between ‘Sales Qualified Lead’ Versus ‘Marketing Qualified Lead’

And there’s a huge difference, but when teams are reviewing PPC performance this is often not acknowledged.

Simply put, the “Sales Qualified Lead” (SQL) is highly likely to be making some kind of purchase decision in the near term.

This lead:

Understands the status quo.

Knows it must change.

Is actively exploring the options.

Has intent to make a decision.

By contrast, a “Marketing Qualified Lead” (MQL) is just looking.

Maybe they’re curious.

Maybe they’re dreaming.

Perhaps they’re in a very early research stage and “don’t know what they don’t know.”

There could be any number of applicable descriptions for them, but two things are certain:

They have no business being added to a sales pipeline.

The difference between “Sales Qualified” and “Marketing Qualified” ties directly with the first point about all lead conversions not being equal.

It’s OK that they aren’t equal.

In fact, they shouldn’t be.

Under no circumstances should you treat a “Sales Qualified Lead” the same as a “Marketing Qualified Lead.”

Quick Tips

Reflect SQLs vs. MQLs in Your Reports

Be forewarned – it can take a while (or it may be super quick!).

That remarketing campaign should be designed to provide value to the lead, not hit them over the head with an immediate sales pitch.

Adjust Your CPL Goals

Cost Per Lead (CPL) goals should vary based on whether it’s a “Marketing Qualified” or “Sales Qualified” lead.

I won’t tell you how to run your business.

But if you’re like most, you’re willing to pay more for a lead that’s ready to go into your sales pipeline versus one that should only get emails for now.

Go Through Your Own (& Your Competitors’) Marketing Automation Experience as a Prospect Would

Most PPC managers don’t have a solid understanding of what the post site conversion experience looks like for a prospect.

You need to understand it.

Do the same (go through the marketing automation experience) with competing or complementary solutions within your space.

3. Lack of Self-Qualification by the Potential Lead

This might be better worded as “lack of opportunity for the potential lead to self-qualify themselves.”

Brooke touched on the issue of “budget being the main issue” in point #3 of her post and that is often a key driver in determining whether or not someone is a qualified lead.

This happens in:

B2B Software & technology: SMB budget, but filled out a lead form for an Enterprise solution.

Luxury Senior Living: Just using the word “luxury” in the ad and landing page without having language like “rents from $XXXX /month” will not help a prospect “self-qualify” themselves and you may end up talking to prospects who cannot afford it.

Other reasons a potential lead may not be qualified include:

Compliance or regulatory challenges.

Incompatible technology solutions (in the case of B2B software & tech).

What the prospect thought you were offering isn’t actually what you’re offering.

They’re just not qualified – today. That doesn’t mean their circumstances won’t one day change.

What’s that, you counter?

Audience targeting is the silver bullet solution PPC Marketers have been waiting for and that eliminates the need for any prospect to self-qualify themselves?

For example:

Housing walks a fine line with regard to targeting options and sometimes ad approvals.

Your rental units may be priced for high-income earners, but laws (good laws, by the way) exist against housing discrimination so Google Ads, for example, restricts targeting capabilities.

In the B2B world, a lead from an “enterprise organization” doesn’t necessarily mean an “enterprise-level budget.”

If you’ve never worked in that sort of company or with that type of client, you might be surprised how tiny their budgets can be sometimes.

Quick Tips

Leverage Custom & Lookalike Audiences

They are your friends.

Cast a Wider Net

There may be times when you must cast a wider net to ensure you capture anything at all.

Remember, if the lead is unqualified for a near term sales opportunity, is that still the case for marketing?

Consider casting that wider net at the top of the funnel and follow up with a remarketing/retargeting strategy to further qualify that lead.

Try to Put Yourself in the Mind of Your Prospect

What additional info would you need (in the ad, landing page, call to action, etc.) to be able to determine for yourself if the potential solution “might” even be a fit.

Closing Thoughts

As a PPC Manager, it’s not necessarily your job to solve all the issues outlined above (especially if you’re in a larger organization with a full marketing department).

However, that also doesn’t let you off the hook.

You need to have a seat at the table to understand the whole end-to-end process from lead to closed sale.

You’ll find that better informs your PPC strategy.

Work with the stakeholders in your organization to clearly define what is a “sales qualified lead” vs. a “marketing qualified lead.”

And then build your campaigns around that framework.

It will change the way you do business.

In the lead gen world, don’t fall into the trap of equating sales to marketing and vice versa.

They are not the same.

Marketing’s job is to set up sales so they can close the deal.

Remember that and build your programs accordingly.

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What Are Proxies For? 8 Important Reasons To Use Proxies

8 Reasons Why You Should Use Proxies

You probably already know that a proxy is an intermediate server in computer networks that acts as an intermediary between the target resource and the user. It allows the user to make indirect requests and receive responses from other network services. Do you think that proxies are only necessary to ensure anonymity and security of personal information? Well, there is a lot more to it than that! Thanks to today’s article, you will understand: proxies can be useful for almost everyone, in different situations.  

Proxy connection benefits

Next, our readers will find technical literacy – important information for anyone who cares about performance, Internet security, and control over the work of their employees on the Web.  

Anonymity and protection

The intermediary function allows

Maintaining high speeds for convenience in online games and when watching movies

One of the purposes of proxies is to increase the speed of request processing. Proxies save traffic by storing a copy of the data in local storage so that you can download that information faster the next time. With increased efficiency and performance, you can play online games without worrying about slowdowns and high pings. Proxies also help you watch YouTube videos and movies on media resources without buffering obstacles or annoying disconnections from your ISP.  

Hiding your real location

Proxies are useful if you are away and don’t want your relatives, colleagues, bosses, or potential thieves to know about them. All you need to do is to select and connect proxies located in your country.  

Restrictions and controls for company executives

Quality proxies are a must-have for businessmen. The use of this tool opens a lot of new possibilities: Access control. You can always block access to social networks and messengers if you want to increase the efficiency of your employees. Traffic balancing. With a proxy, you have the ability to rebalance requests to the server to eliminate restarts and ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the site on the client side. This way, you’ll not only increase conversion rates but also improve your site’s ranking through behavioral factors. Test new features and performance. Once the proxy is connected, the manager of the company will be able to view the performance of the features through the eyes of the customers. In addition, you can check the loading speed of the official site for users from different countries, to test the performance of the Internet resource in conditions of high load. Competitive intelligence. Thanks to the proxy, data collection will not raise suspicions, which will allow you to avoid blocking your IP address. Besides, you can easily send requests from the addresses of needed countries or regions. Brand protection. Proxies can help you in the fight against counterfeiting. All you need is a proxy of the same country as the counterfeit site. Once you’ve identified the fraudsters, you can make a legal claim against them.  

Free to watch TV in other countries

Modern users are able to watch most of the world’s TV channels on the Internet, including the BBC, Discovery Channel. However, there are restrictions, according to which the viewer must be in the same country as the TV channel. You’ll need proxies to get around this convention.  

Saving money on VOIP and Skype calls

Many people consider IP telephony to be a more convenient and profitable option in comparison with usual long-distance phone calls. If you choose a paid service, the cost of this type of communication may depend on your location. Thus, using a proxy will give you instant access to cheaper local calls.  

SMM and SEO-promotion

Professional promotion of a business or a blog in social networks usually involves the use of additional software and mass actions that contradict the established limits. Do you wish to actively promote your accounts without fear of being pessimized or blocked by the system? Then make sure you enable the proxy. This way, you’ll have access to a lot of activities in social networks, a safe setup of delayed posting, and maintenance of multiple pages simultaneously without the need to enter captchas. Proxies are also useful for SEO monitoring, such as website traffic analysis, SEO text monitoring, external link auditing, technical analysis, and semantic analysis. The benefits of using proxies for search engine optimization:

guarantee of anonymity;

high-speed thanks to caching;

parsing without the risk of blocking;

rapid detection of errors in the delivery of content in different regions;

bypassing restrictions associated with massive requests.

Access to restricted resources How not to make a mistake when choosing a proxy

First of all, let’s understand the classification of proxies. They can be public (free) or private (paid). When you connect a public proxy there is a great risk that your personal data will be compromised, besides, free proxies can be on the black list of many sites. You do not want to use them because of their instability, frequent crashes as a result of reboots, and possible IP blocking. Public proxies are only good for short-term use, for example, testing. It is better to buy quality private proxies from a direct proxy provider


Proxies can be useful in a wide range of situations: they can help to avoid eavesdropping, control traffic, bypass local and regional restrictions. In addition, they are useful in competitive intelligence, SEO analysis, and promotion of accounts in social networks.

Why Your Business Should Consider Construction Project Management Software

Construction project management software are handy tools that can help you manage your entire project efficiently. An effective project management tool that is ideal for your project since it is packed with endless benefits. It offers an array of features that help you manage your entire project without any worry.

What is construction management software?

Construction management software is a tool that helps you plan, coordinate and control your construction. It is useful for the entire construction project management team from the project manager to contractors, building owners to remodelers.

The best construction project management software meets the needs of various kinds of projects such as heavy civil, commercial, residential, industrial, etc. These tools can also be customized to suit your particular needs.

Some software runs on PC while others are meant for mobile devices. You can also find cloud-based construction project management software. The kind of software you should look for depends on your needs.

Benefits of Construction Project Management Software Improved communication

One of the major benefits of construction management software is that they help you communicate with your team members in a better way. These tools will allow you to collaborate better and this way you will be able to improve the overall work efficiency.

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Document sharing

Sharing documents can be made very easy with the help of a construction project among team members and other stakeholders. With the help of a good tool, you can have access to such information as specifications, blueprints, wireframes, etc. and easily share it with anyone you want.

The best construction project management software will offer a proper document management system. By having a centralized document control system you will also have other benefits. It will not only make the process of sharing smooth but also help you improve decision-making. You will get to use features such as data storage, and reporting as well.

Budget management Resources management

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Choosing a construction project management software

While looking for construction project management software you need to make sure you look for the best option. A tool that offers the best features and is also within your budget can be a good choice. However, you must establish your need first before you look for a tool so that you can make a well-informed decision.

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