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After being effectively booted off the Web by its U.S. domain name system (DNS) provider, the whistleblower website WikiLeaks has managed to reemerge on the Swiss domain, where it continues to publish classified cables detailing the activities of U.S. diplomats around the world., a group providing free domain name services, terminated WikiLeaks’ service followed what it described as a severe distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

On Monday, chúng tôi informed WikiLeaks that it would terminate its service in 24 hours owing to the attack, which it claimed violated its usage agreement for disrupting other domains that use the service.

“ is not taking a position on the content hosted on the chúng tôi or chúng tôi website, it is following established policies,” chúng tôi said in a note on its site. “No one chúng tôi user has the right to put at risk, yesterday, today or tomorrow, the service that hundreds of thousands of other websites depend on.”

Then, Friday afternoon, WikiLeaks said its site was back online with Web addresses in the German (.de), Finnish (.fi) and Dutch(.nl) country code top-level domains.

WikiLeaks’ troubles with its DNS provider come as the latest fallout from the publication of the massive cache of secret diplomatic cables that began on Sunday, a move that elicited harsh condemnations from the Obama administration, and an announcement from the Justice Department that it is pursuing an investigation into WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, an Australian citizen believed to be in the United Kingdom. British media outlets have reportedthat authorities are expected to arrest Assange within days on unrelated rape charges he is facing in Sweden, in addition to numerous potential criminal charges in various countries pertaining to the publication of stolen documents.

In the meantime, WikiLeaks has lost its hosting service in the United States after Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) dropped the site from its Amazon Web Services cloud-based storage platform, claiming that the organization violated its terms-of-service agreement, which stipulates that customers must “own or otherwise control all of the rights to the content.”

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Ct.), the chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, praised the move, saying that he would be pressing Amazon for details of its relationship with WikiLeaks.

“I call on any other company or organization that is hosting Wikileaks to immediately terminate its relationship with them,” Lieberman said in a statement. “Wikileaks’ illegal, outrageous and reckless acts have compromised our national security and put lives at risk around the world. No responsible company — whether American or foreign — should assist Wikileaks in its efforts to disseminate these stolen materials.”

Amazon, for its part, said that its decision to take down WikiLeaks was its own, disputing speculation that it had been acting at the behest of the government.

“There have been reports that a government inquiry prompted us not to serve WikiLeaks any longer. That is inaccurate,” Amazon said in a blog post.

WikiLeaks responded testily, again by Twitter.

“If Amazon are so uncomfortable with the First Amendment, they should get out of the business of selling books,” the group said.

Kenneth Corbin is an associate editor at chúng tôi the news service of chúng tôi the network for technology professionals.

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New York Times Will Publish Best

The New York Times Best-Seller List is the list every book publishing company, basically, in the world looks to when thinking about what else to put on the cover of a new book other than the title. Now, since the future is happening, theres going to be not only Fiction and Non-Fiction lists for print editions, there’s going to be Fiction and Non-Fiction lists for E-Books as well!

The information in these lists will be independently verified by third party company RoyaltyShare, and the new list will appear in both the print and online editions of the New York Times. This is big news for E-Books at the moment, but definitely should have been seen about a million miles away. It does add quite a bit of legitimacy to the whole E-print industry though, doesn’t it? Take a look at the full press release below:

The New York Times to Launch eBook Best-Seller Lists

Independent Third Party, RoyaltyShare, Inc., Will Help Validate Sales Data

NEW YORK, Nov 11, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — The New York Times announced today it will publish eBook fiction and nonfiction Best-Seller Lists beginning early 2011.

Since 1935, The New York Times Best-Seller Lists have been the definitive metric that book publishers and authors have used to judge success. The Times’s eBook Best-Seller Lists are a natural extension of this important franchise as the proliferation of portable devices grows.

“The vibrant growth of digital publishing has created a need for an impartial, reliable source for tracking and reporting the top-selling eBooks across the country,” said Janet Elder, editor of News Surveys for The New York Times. “The Times is a trusted brand within the book publishing industry and with consumers. As with all The Times’s rankings, these additional lists will benefit from corroborative sourcing and we will watch for trends in the industry.”

“The best-seller list is an essential part of the Book Review, and we’re excited we’ll be able to give readers newer and more complete information,” said Sam Tanenhaus, editor of The New York Times Book Review.

The rankings will reflect sales aggregated from a growing number of online service providers who sell eBooks to consumers. To further secure the integrity of the rankings, The Times is aggressively developing a means of processing and displaying the information necessary, and of verifying the data provided.

The Times has entered into a relationship with an independent third party, RoyaltyShare, Inc., whose unique, Web-based software platform will be used by the staff of The New York Times Best Seller Lists to help validate eBooks sales data received from various sources.

As new devices continue to captivate readers, the eBook category has seen tremendous growth. The Association of American Publishers recently reported that eBook sales for the first eight months of the year were up more than 190 percent, generating nine percent of total consumer book sales.

The lists will appear in The New York Times Book Review both in print and online editions. Rankings will reflect sales for the week at many venues where a wide range of general interest eBooks are sold nationwide. These include independent book retailers; national, regional and local chains; and online and multimedia entertainment retailers.

About The New York Times Company

The New York Times Company, a leading media company with 2009 revenues of $2.4 billion, includes The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, The Boston Globe, 15 other daily newspapers and more than 50 Web sites, including chúng tôi chúng tôi and chúng tôi The Company’s core purpose is to enhance society by creating, collecting and distributing high-quality news, information and entertainment.

About RoyaltyShare, Inc.

Local Discovery Market Continues To Grow

As people begin to rely on services and apps to help them navigate the world around them, local discovery is going to get a lot more crucial to search marketers who are wanting their business to be found online. As Boris Zilberman mentioned back in January, consumers are looking to be “immersed in their platforms” and are looking for a service that can provide them with what they want, right away.

While Google Now and Siri are focusing on giving users a wealth of information that comes from both their personal (“What time does my flight leave Friday?”) to the informational (“What is the best place to get sushi near me?”) queries, local discovery services are providing users with things to do around them, even if the user doesn’t know what they want (“What can I do Friday night?”).

Local Discovery Apps and Services

Services like Sosh, which just received $10.1 million in funding according to AllThingsD, use personalized recommendations to give users a list of things they can do around them, based on their interests. Sosh claims it is a “personal concierge for your life,” which is exactly the type of platform immersion Zilberman touched on in his January piece. Users are expecting their technology to help them organize their life and keep them entertained.

Sosh gives event recommendations based on location, user demographics, behavior, and friends. It is currently only available in New York City and San Francisco, but there are several other local discovery services that promise to find users something fun to do.

Instead of solely focusing on location and preset personal preferences, discovery app Gravy also asks users what they are in the mood for.

This helps users narrow down what they are interested in without knowing specifically what they are looking for. Gravy is also available in most major markets; including Kansas City. Besides their mood filter, Gravy also lets you see trending events nearby and allows you to sort by event type, if you’re not into choosing by mood. One of these “channels” is Free & Discounted, which is a great option for students, young professionals, and others on a budget. Local discovery’s hottest market is currently those aged 18-40. AllThingsD reports that in the 21-41 age demographic, one in six people are using Sosh in San Francisco.

What Does This Mean For Marketers?

Local discovery is another niche that marketers need to make sure their businesses’ events are being found in. Sosh and Gravy let anyone submit events to be included in listings, and both services use a mixture of online calendars, newspapers, RSS feeds, and other online event sites to curate their recommendations. Sosh has one city curator for each city in a salaried position who works on personally finding events and activities to add to the site. It also has tastemakers in each city, who are local influencers that highlight events.

To step up your local discovery game, be sure to have a well-optimized website for both mobile and web, an easy-to-access event calendar, and a steady presence on all popular event calendars, business listings (especially Google Maps) and review websites in your local area. SuperMedia reports that missing business listings cost local businesses up to $10.3 billion annually due to lost revenue. Businesses need to realize that local discovery will be a combination of social and algorithmic suggestions, and be proactive to make their local search presence as strong as possible.

Apple Watch Saved His Life, Says Cnet Host With Diabetes

CNET senior video producer and diabetic Justin Eastzer says that a combination of a continuous glucose monitor (GCM) and his Apple Watch saved his life.

The CGM detected dangerously low blood sugar, and his Apple Watch woke him with an alert, just in time …

Apple Watch saved life of videographer

Eastzer describes what happened.

I have type 1 diabetes and I wear a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) which measures my blood sugar levels. If my blood sugar gets dangerously low, I can pass out or into a diabetic coma. Luckily, my CGM connects to my watch and sends notifications before it’s too late. This feature saved my life a few months ago.

I woke up to a dangerously low blood sugar warning on my Apple Watch. I ran to the fridge, grabbed some orange juice, drank it and then passed out.

I woke up a few minutes later because my sugar levels went back to normal. That was one of the scariest moments of my life, and thanks to my Apple Watch alerts, I was able to address the low blood sugar before it was too late.

Unlike conventional glucose monitors, which rely on the user taking blood drop samples at regular intervals, a CGM attaches to the skin and is left in place to take continuous readings. This data is sent to a companion app on a smartphone or smartwatch, and can be triggered to sound an alarm if the reading is too high or too low.

Apple working on built-in monitoring

Currently, CGM relies on a separate device, but one of the most persistent of Apple Watch reports is that Apple is working on a way to integrate this functionality into the watch itself.

Specifically, the company is said to be working on a way to do this non-invasively – that is, without the need to puncture the skin. This has been described as the holy grail for diabetics.

Apple is reported to have been working on this since 2012. From a 2023 report:

Such an initiative was first imagined by Steve Jobs and Apple has been working on it for five years. Jobs imagined the solution being integrated into a wearable device, such as the Apple Watch […]

The report, citing three people familiar with the matter, explains that Apple has hired a “small team” of biomedical engineers to work on the initiative. The team is said to be based out of an unmarked, nondescript office in Palo Alto, California.

The initiative sees Apple working on developing sensors that can constantly monitor blood sugar levels to better treat diabetes. While specific timeline information is unclear, the company is reportedly far enough along in it testing that it has been conducting feasibility trials.

If you’re wondering why we still haven’t seen this come to market a decade later, that’s because this stuff is hard – really hard.

Accurately detecting glucose levels [non-invasively] has been such a challenge that one of the top experts in the space, John L. Smith, described it as “the most difficult technical challenge I have encountered in my career.”

To succeed would cost a company “several hundred millions or even a billion dollars,” DexCom executive chairman Terrance Gregg previously told Reuters.

A report in Nature last year suggested a potential alternative approach. This would require a separate product, but this would be a battery-free transceiver that could be permanently left in place on the skin, while an Apple Watch provides wireless power. We put together concept images of how this might look on the watch.

There have been numerous reports of someone’s Apple Watch saving their life in a wide range of scenarios. These range from detecting aFib through emergency alerts after a fall to allowing trapped people to use Siri to call emergency services.

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What’S New With Windows 8

In case you are not aware, Microsoft has released the first developer preview of their Windows 8 for the public to test out. If you do not have the chance to test it out, follow us to see what new features are there and what to expect in the upcoming Windows 8.

Windows 8 = Windows Phone 7?

Now, if you have used Windows Phone 7 before, the first thing you notice about Windows 8 is the similarity in the user interface. Microsoft has integrated the popular WP7 Metro interface into Windows 8, and the most obvious one is the start screen. There are tiles (big and small) everywhere on the screen and each tile represent a shortcut to an app. You can pin new tile, unpin existing tiles or even move them around and arrange them in the way you prefer.

Unlike previous version of Windows, this Windows 8 version will also work on ARM processor. This means that Windows 8 will work on tablet, mobile device and the desktop. As can be seen from the metro-style interface, it is really friendly on a touch screen, and yes, it works well with a mouse and keyboard too.

New Screen Corner action

When you move your cursor to the left bottom corner, it will show the clock (on the right side of the screen) and the options window. There are few options, namely Settings, Devices, Share and Search

The Search option is greatly improved in Windows 8. You can search for apps, or even notes/items within apps. The search is noticeably faster and the search results are more organized.

Better Performance

The overall performance of Windows 8 is good. Well, if you compare it to previous version of Windows, the performance increase is tremendous. No longer do you need to wait for 5 minutes for the system to boot up and become usable. While the boot up time is not, as what Microsoft has demoed, less than 5 seconds, the overall speed boost is noticeable. Every app runs more smoothly and you don’t see the system hanging up when plenty of apps are running concurrently. This is indeed very promising and hopefully it will get better in the final release.

Windows Explorer

The most significant change to the Windows Explorer is the addition of the ribbon menubar. The ribbon changes it behavior when a specified file is selected. For example, when you select a zipped file, the ribbon will change to show the “Extract” option. Some other features include choosing the default program to open for each file type.

The directory listing on the left panel can now be expanded to show the sub-directory. Something it should do, but didn’t do in its previous version.

Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10 build upon the functionality of IE9 and added more CSS3 and HTML5 handling capability. IE10 supports both the tablet and desktop. However, the tablet version is stated to ship without support for plugins. Instead, the plug-in free browser will make use of HTML5 engine to render videos and animation. No more flash for you.

Market Store

It is becoming a norm to integrate an app store in the OS now. Ubuntu, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone all have it, so it no surprise that the upcoming Windows 8 has one too. At the moment, the Market Store is still a work in progress, so it is not available for preview now.

Live Cloud Syncing

When you log into your Windows 8 account, you have an option to sign with your Windows Live ID. For those who did, all your data (pictures, address book), settings for the OS and for each app are synced to the cloud. What is the benefit of this? If you have multiple Windows 8 PC, you just need to sign in to your account and all your data will be restored back to the setting you have configured previously.


The metro-style UI is a major changeover from the previous iteration of Windows, but the overall changes are very positive. The switch between the Metro home screen and the desktop is pretty smooth, though it can be troublesome and irritating at times. The Start button is no longer functioning the same way we are familiar to and that will take some time to get used to. One thing that I am very impress is the boot up speed and the performance boost. I really hope it will maintain that way as you install more and more apps.

Installing Windows 8

Windows 8 requires you to upgrade your existing Windows 7 installation or do a clean install. Either way, you are not able to restore back to the previous version. The ISO is available for download here and you can burn it to a DVD or create a bootable USB drive.

This is only a quick peek at Windows 8 and there are many more stuff that I didn’t cover. However, from the look of it, this build is very promising. What do you think?


Damien Oh started writing tech articles since 2007 and has over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. He is proficient in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, and worked as a part time WordPress Developer. He is currently the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Make Tech Easier.

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Host Process For Setting Synchronization In Windows 10

Do you own a Surface Pro? Then you might have noticed your device is running with different Windows 10 OS versions. J

ust like other users, you may also face issues with the Host Process for Setting Synchronization. This process consumes 20% to 100% of your CPU resources in your Windows 10 PC. In this condition, your system runs with a snail’s pace.

What to do next? How to fix it? How to bring back the mint condition of your Surface Pro?

No need to worry! Check out our tutorial, direct from the expert’s desk. Go through to know it all. Your high CPU usage issue will be fixed as soon as you adjust the chúng tôi – the associated file of the Synchronization host process.

Let’s start now!

However, the associated file with this sync process is known as “SettingSyncHost.exe file”. You will find this file within the System32 folder. Many users assume it to be a virus, but this is not true at all. It’s somewhat an important and legitimate process in Windows 10. But the problem starts when it consumes too much of your system resources. We have surveyed through a number of community forums and found 100% CPU usage for the host process is a common error in Windows 10.

Now you have the basic knowledge regarding this process. It’s time to know how to disable it instantly?

Many Windows 10 users have bypassed this error just by disabling this process in Windows 10. But it’s just a workaround, not a permanent fix. That’s why it keeps coming back with time. Anyway, our experts’ have found quite a hand full of potential fixes for you. Until Microsoft releases an update to fix the error, you can apply our troubleshooting methods to get rid of it.

Here you go!

You might not aware of the recent Windows 10 update. Microsoft has released it as soon as they got to know about the high CPU usage error related to Setting Sync Host. So, if you haven’t updated your Operating System yet, follow the below process to do it and fix the error followed by other bugs.

Firstly, press the Windows logo key + “S” button at a time

Next, write “Windows Update” in the appearing search box and hit enter

Now, the Windows Update window will be opened

Here you will find a button named “Check for updates”

Once you see there is any pending update, install it as soon as possible

Finally, restart your PC just after the 100% installation of the latest version

You are done! Check whether the issue is still there. If it is, perform our next troubleshooting steps to fix it.

Note: You have to have the administrative privileges to perform this step.

Let’s proceed now.

Firstly, press the Windows logo key + “R” button at a time

Next, type “regedit” in the appearing dialogue box and press the enter button

Now the registry editor will open, locate the path- “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInputPersonalizationTrainedDataStoreen-GB2”

Then, select the “Permissions” option from the appearing list

Next, hit the “Full Control” option for each user’s group turn by turn

At last, exit from there and restart your PC

Your issue must get sorted now. If it isn’t, check out the rest of our guidelines given below.

You can write a PowerShell script if both of the above processes fail to heal your PC. To do so, you need to perform the below steps and have credentials for registering the job on your system.

Next, choose the “New” option from the appearing list

It’s time to create the text document, name it as per your wish

Register-ScheduledJob -Name “Kill SettingSyncHost” -RunNow -RunEvery “00:05:00” -Credential (Get-Credential) -ScheduledJobOption (New-ScheduledJobOption -StartIfOnBattery -ContinueIfGoingOnBattery) -ScriptBlock {


Now, delete the file extension “.txt” in the file name portion and write “.ps1” (without quotes)

Then, hit the “Save” button from the Save As window

Now choose “Run with PowerShell” from the pop-up menu

Next, put your credentials to log in to your administrator account

Finally, check if the high CPU usage error still persists. The issue must get fixed after performing this solution. So you are good to go now!

Winding Up

Update the detailed information about With New Swiss Host, Wikileaks Continues To Publish on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!