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Zoom Account Disabled? How to Reactivate It Your account may be flagged if found doing suspicious activities






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readers this month.

Zoom is a popular video conferencing software for remote work, online classes, and virtual events. However, there have been reports of disabled Zoom accounts. Therefore, this article will focus on why the Zoom account is disabled and how to reactivate it.

Alternatively, you can read about ways to fix Zoom not responding on your PC.

Why is my Zoom account disabled?

There are several reasons why you may encounter the Zoom Account Disabled error message. Here are some common ones:

Violation of terms of service – Zoom has a set of terms and conditions for users to follow. If you violate any of these terms, your account may be disabled. Thus, this could include engaging in inappropriate behavior during a Zoom meeting or sharing offensive content.

Connectivity issues – The platform uses internet connections to communicate with its servers. Hence, network connection issues like slow network, connection timeout, or network congestion can affect account activities.

Account-related issues – Zoom account disabled error message can appear while logging in due to account-related issues such as account logged in on multiple devices or changes made to your account by your admins.

Suspicious activity – Measures are to detect and prevent fraudulent activity on the Zoom platform. Therefore, If it detects any suspicious activity on your account, it may disable it to protect others on the software platform.

Inactivity – If you have not used your Zoom account for an extended period, your account may be disabled to free up resources.

Regardless. We will discuss how to reactivate the Zoom account.

What can I do if my zoom account is disabled?

Go through the following preliminary checks:

Close and restart the Zoom app.

Fix network-related issues on your computer.

Server downtime and maintenance sessions can cause errors to occur on your computer. Hence, visit the Official Zoom Service Status website from your browser to check if the servers are operational. If the Server is down, wait a few hours and try signing in later.

Zoom will send an email to the account owner if an account is disabled and attach some information to clarify the reason behind the account being disabled. So, go through your mail to see if you received a message from Zoom, and follow any instructions provided.

If you can’t resolve the problem, proceed with the solutions below:

1. Write an appeal

Violating Zoom’s Terms of service or user guidelines can cause accounts to be disabled. Therefore, review the Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Guidelines before submitting this.

2. Verify your Identity

Performing the above steps will help to verify your Zoom account and resolve multiple account access issues.

3. Use the Zoom web app

For users who use the Zoom app, we recommend you try using Zoom on your browser. It can help you bypass any app issues causing the account disabled problems to occur.

Do not hesitate to explore how to download & install Zoom on Windows 11 if you don’t have the app.

In addition, check our guide about quick methods to fix the Zoom error code 3113 on your PC. Also, you can read through our article on how to fix Zoom’s high CPU usage on Windows PC.

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How To Fix Zoom Camera Glitch

Many Zoom users have complained that their camera starts going haywire while in a Zoom meeting. The camera’s image starts showing another user’s image, or the camera image starts showing some green glitch. You try to turn off the camera to see if it goes away when you turn it on. But it keeps coming back. The good news is that these are tips you can try to fix the issue and not have to deal with those video glitches. Hopefully, you can use all the options Zoom offers without worrying about the video.

Zoom Video Glitch: Tips to Fix the Issue

Your camera started giving your problems one day when you were in a Zoom meeting. Since you probably thought it was your hardware, you may have purchased another camera, but the problem continued. The good news is that it wasn’t the hardware, but the bad news is that you couldn’t use video during a meeting and that you ended up with another camera you probably didn’t need. Let’s see the tips to eliminate this video glitch issue.

Method #1 Update Zoom

The issue arrived with an update, and it can go away with an update. That’s why it’s important always to have your apps updated. Some users may always get a notice that there is an update pending for Zoom, but that may not always be the case. That only results in your having to check for Zoom updates manually.

Method #2 – Turning off Optimize Video Quality With De-Noice

There are some tech issues that can easily be fixed by disabling one option. That might also be the case with the Zoom video glitch. An option in settings called Optimize video quality with de-noise can make the issue go away if you disable it. Getting to it is easy.

Method #3 – Set Adjust Low Light to Manual Method #4 – Uninstall/Reinstall Zoom

You can also try closing any programs that need access to your camera. Maybe you forgot to turn them off, and they are interfering. I was personally experiencing this issue and applied methods one and two, and I haven’t seen the glitch since. If some of those programs are ones you rarely use, consider uninstalling them altogether.

Further Reading

Since no software is perfect, you could encounter other issues when using Zoom. For example, Zoom might not show you your upcoming meetings, but there are some tips you can try to fix it too. Another issue you can experience is that Zoom won’t let you assign a co-host. This can be unpleasant, especially when you need someone to help you with a big meeting.

Zoom can also close for no reason or refuse to convert a recording.

There are various things that can go wrong, but that doesn’t mean that there are no tips you can try to fix them. That’s why it’s important always to have Zoom updated since you never know when that pending update has the fix to the bug you’re experiencing.


For some time now, Zoom users have had issues with their cameras when they are in a meeting. Their image gets mixed up with someone else’s, or a green glitch completely hides their video. Some users have tried to turn off their video and turn it back on, but this usually doesn’t fix it. The good news is that there are various tips you can try to try and fix it.

How To Create A Recurring Zoom Meeting

Since most of us have moved to video conferencing platforms, meetings have become quite an overwhelming endeavor for many. The physical office memos have been replaced with scheduled meetings, and the transition hasn’t been easier for many.

Fortunately, the leader of the video conferencing tools, Zoom, offers a boatload of easy-to-master features that make the task of meeting scheduling a lot simpler. Today, we’ll take a look at Zoom’s recurring meetings and tell you how it helps your day to day work.

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What is a Recurring Meeting?

Zoom has tried its best to replicate the essential elements of day to day office life. It allows you to start a meeting in a heartbeat, schedule one for a later date, and even make them recurring.

The last bit — Recurring Meeting — is the topic we’re concerning ourselves with today. For beginners, getting introduced to a whole new term can seem a bit daunting, but rest assured that there isn’t much you need to do to make it work. A Recurring Meeting simply means that the meeting would once again take place on a later date, for one ore more times.

Think of it as a monthly budget meeting — a place where every accountant in your company pitches in and shares their individual tallies. It could also be a quarterly planning meeting, which helps in giving a company direction for the next quarter.

When you make a meeting Recurring, Zoom simply creates many instances of the same meeting on your chosen dates. It simply copies the data from the original meeting and pastes it on other slots. You can set the duration of the meetings and set the agenda as well, making the objective of the meeting clear to all participants.

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How to set a Recurring Meeting in Zoom on PC?

Once the next screen pops up, simply make the meeting ‘Recurring’ by ticking the option.

After making the meeting recurring, you’ll get the option of choosing a calendar. Zoom here offers three choices — ‘Microsoft Outlook,’ ‘Google Calendar,’ and ‘Other Calendars.’ 

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Microsoft Outlook

Once you do, Zoom would initiate contact with the desktop application and give you the option of setting the meeting as a recurring event.

After you’re happy with your selection, hit ‘Ok.’ Finally, save the Recurring Meeting by hitting the ‘Save’ icon at the top-left corner.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an immensely popular calendar application. Unlike Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar doesn’t require a desktop version to work flawlessly, as the web version can do the task just as efficiently. To go to Google Calendar and complete the process, all you have to do is check the ‘Google Calendar’ option from the three-item list and hit ‘Schedule.’

You’ll be redirected to the Calendar webpage in an instant.

Other Calendars

If you happen to use something other than Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, you could use this option to save your appointments.

Unlike the previous two options, this doesn’t trigger an invoke action and only creates a local ICS calendar file. You can open the file in your favorite calendar app to carry out the rest of the procedure.

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How to set a Recurring Meeting in Zoom on mobile?

Desktop users generally have access to a lot of extra perks, but, fortunately, the ability to create a Recurring Meeting isn’t one of them. You can very easily create a recurring meeting both on Android and iOS. Unlike PC, here, you’re taken directly to your default calendar app.

Once you’ve logged in to the mobile app, tap on ‘Schedule.’

On the next page, hit ‘Repeat.’

Take your pick from the five options — daily, weekly, every alternate week, monthly, and yearly.

After selecting the recurrence frame, you can also tap on ‘End Repeat’ and pick the end date of the recurring meeting.

Once you’re satisfied with your choices, hit ‘Done.’

This action would take you to your default calendar app and ask for permission.

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Google Calendar

After you land on Google Calendar, tap on ‘More Options’ under the date and time settings. Tap on ‘Does not repeat’ to pick from presets — daily, weekly, monthly, and annually — or set a custom recurrence schedule. Recheck your selections and hit ‘Done.’

Microsoft Outlook

If Microsoft Outlook is your default calendar client, tap ‘Repeat’ and select recurrence options. When you’re happy with your selection, tap on the little tick icon at the top-right corner. Finally, hit ‘Save’ and exit.

How to delete a Recurring Meeting?

Changed your mind about an upcoming Recurring Meeting? Fret not, deleting a Recurring Meeting is easier than you might expect.


Finally, hit ‘Yes’ to confirm. You could also recover the meeting within 7 days of discarding it.


On mobile, first, fire up the Zoom client and log in with the required credentials. Once you’re in, go to the ‘Meetings’ tab and locate the Recurring Meeting you want to delete.

Tap to see its properties, and hit ‘Delete.’

Acknowledge the warning and hit ‘Delete Meeting.’

What are the benefits of Recurring Meetings?

Now that you know how to set a Recurring Meeting, let us give you a couple of reasons why you should start putting your routines in ‘Recurring.’

First and foremost, scheduling a Recurring Meeting is a lot more straightforward than doing the work manually over and over again. Put in a little work the first time and stop worrying about not conducting your meetings on time.

Additionally, Recurring Meetings are great for continuity. It allows the team leaders to keep in touch with the ground staff and extend a helping hand when needed. By ensuring engagement, it’s possible to improve the productivity of the entire team.


How To Delete Twitter Account: Step

While Twitter is a great tool for businesses it can also be very distracting. Your business might be in a situation where it isn’t necessary to have a Twitter account. It’s better to start over.

Although it is not easy to delete your account on Twitter, it is possible. This guide will show you how to delete a Twitter account for a business.

Deactivating vs. Deleting Your Twitter Account

Before we can get into the details, let’s first decide if you want to deactivate or delete your Twitter account. There is a major difference between them. Your business Twitter account will be deleted permanently.

You cannot restore your followers or tweets. The deactivation of your business Twitter account does not affect users. However, you can log in to it and continue where you left off.

You should delete your Twitter account if your business has made major changes to its products or services, or if you no longer exist. You can then start over and build a new following by using the latest Twitter hacks and tricks.

If your business offers the same products and services, but there are internal changes or new branding, then deactivating may be the best option. This will allow you to keep your followers and tweets updated and can help you update your business’ Twitter account whenever it is ready.

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How to delete your Twitter account on Android or iPhone

You can quickly and easily delete your Twitter account for business on Android or iPhone with the Twitter app.

Here’s how it works:

iPhone and Android:

Go to the navigation menu icon, then into ‘Settings and Privacy.’

Next, tap ‘Account’ and select ‘Deactivate your account.’

Enter your password to confirm your deactivation

Tap ‘yes’ when prompted as final confirmation for deactivation.

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Top 10 Helpful GitHub Storage For Web Developers

How to delete your Twitter account on your desktop

It’s also possible to delete your Twitter account for business on desktop.

This is also possible. Here’s how it works:

You must deactivate your Twitter account before you can delete it. Twitter will automatically delete an account after 30 days without any login activity. This applies to mobile and desktop.

How to delete the Twitter app and make sure your account is permanently deleted

Now that you’ve deactivated your account, how do you proceed? Next, you’ll need to delete the Twitter mobile application from your phone. If you own a Mac, you can also uninstall Twitter from your desktop.

After that, there is no need to do any other. After 30 days of inactivity, your Twitter account will be automatically deleted.

How to Reactivate your Twitter Account

There are several options available to you if you wish to activate your Twitter account. Your account will be restored if you log in within the specified timeframe. If you don’t log in within 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted.

Here’s how to activate your Twitter business account.

Log in to Twitter using your desktop or redownload the app for your iPhone or Android.

Enter your username and password

After you have entered your credentials, you will see a message asking for confirmation to reactivate.

After you confirm activation, you will be taken to your Home timeline.

Is Twitter really going to delete your account?

Yes, your Twitter account will be permanently deleted by the company. Your data will remain in the Twitter archive for 30 calendar days following deactivation if you wish to reactivate your account. Twitter deletes accounts automatically 30 days after they are deactivated. This cannot be reversed so your data is lost.

What happens if you delete your Twitter account?

You will be unable to access your account or your data after you have deleted it. Twitter retains ownership of account content that has been deleted. This includes account visibility as well as data in the archives.

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Can you save data before you delete a Twitter account How can you delete a Twitter account that you cannot access?

Even if you cannot access the account or log in, you can delete it.

You have several options to gain access to your account.

The email address or mobile number associated with the account can be used to reset the password. You can deactivate the account by following the steps.

If you are unable to access your account’s email address or mobile number, please contact Twitter support to provide verification details and request to delete the account.

How can you delete your Twitter account permanently from Google?

Twitter accounts cannot be deactivated. As Twitter can’t control search engine results, the content will still be displayed. You will need to request the permanent deletion of your Twitter account from Google. To have your request considered, you will need to include specific Twitter URLs that appear in Google’s search results.

How To Make Your Instagram Account Private?

How To Make Your Instagram Account Private? How to Make Instagram Account Private on Mobile:

Since there are more users of Instagram apps compared to the one who are using its desktop version, therefore we will first discuss how to make your Instagram account private on mobile devices.

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How to Make Instagram Account Private on Android Phone:

2. Now tap on the profile icon located at the lower right corner of the screen to access your profile.

4. Tap on the Settings (gear icon) to access at the lower right corner to access settings.

6. Now on the Account Privacy window toggle on the button next to Private account.

7. You will receive a prompt to review your followers on Instagram. If you do want to review your followers on Instagram tap on Review Followers. If you don’t then just tap on cancel.

That’s all you have to do to make your Instagram account private. Now as long as Private option is enabled, only the users who are following you till now can view your posts and profile. And obviously the users that you approve in future.

How to Make Instagram Account Private on iPhone:

Have a Look: How To Connect Instagram To Facebook?

How to Make Instagram Account Private on Computer/Mobile browser:

Although there are not many who still use their desktop computer to access their Instagram profile. But if you are the one that still remain connected to social networking websites while working on PC then follow the steps below:

5. Now under Account Privacy option check mark the box that is next to Private Account.

You have successfully made your Instagram account private. If in future if you wish to deliberately set as public, just follow the above steps and uncheck the box that is next to Private Account.

Facts to Know About Instagram Private Account:

Your Existing Instagram followers will not be affected after your set your account to private

Instagram posts that you share on other social networking sites may be available to the users or not depending on the privacy settings you have set for those social networking sites.

For any new user you have to approve their follow request if you wish to make your profile visible to them.

If a user is already following you before you have set your Instagram account private, then to hide your posts from that user you have to block him.

No matter if you have set your Instagram account to private, people can still send you a message (text, video, photo).

Wrapping Up:

If you are not an influencer or don’t use your Instagram to showcase your talent, then it is better to make your Instagram account private. Also, you can anytime set your account to Public if in case required in future. Alternatively, you can add multiple Instagram accounts and switch between them.

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How To Delete A Gmail Account Permanently

You can be very attached to your Gmail account, especially if you’ve had it for years, so it’s potentially a big move to delete your Gmail account. But sometimes you just need to move on. For instance, you may hate Google’s privacy policies or suddenly realize that you’ve outgrown that cheeky email address you created at age 12. Here’s our guide on how to delete your Gmail account permanently as well as how to recover it.

The Difference Between a Gmail Account and a Google Account

Before we dive into how to delete your Gmail account, it is important to distinguish between a Gmail account and a Google Account so that you understand what you’re deleting.

Your Google Account is essentially a username and password that gives you access to all of Google’s range of products and services, such as Gmail. There are different types of Google Accounts, including Personal, Workspace (formerly G-Suite), Cloud Identity, and Managed Google Play Account. You don’t need a Gmail account to create a personal Google Account, as you can create one with a third-party email address.

If you delete your Google Account, you’ll lose access to all Google services, including Gmail. On the other hand, if you delete your Gmail account, you can still access other Google services using a third-party email address that is attached to your account.

Things to Do Before Deleting Your Gmail Account

There are two key things to do before you delete your Gmail account.

1. Replace Your Gmail Address With Another Email Address

If you use your Gmail email address for online banking, online shopping, or other online accounts/activities, replace it with a new contact email address before deleting it.

This way you won’t miss important emails, updates, or even two-step verification codes delivered via email if you have enabled that option for some of your online accounts.

2. Download Your Gmail Data

You will also want to download your Gmail data. If you don’t, you’ll lose access to all your Gmail data once you delete your Gmail account. To download your data, follow the below steps:

Your export will now begin. Note that this process may take hours or days, depending on the size of your data, and can also be done on your mobile phone following the same process. You’ll receive an email when it’s completed.

How to Delete Your Gmail Account on Desktop

5. Enter an email address when prompted so that your other Google accounts – Drive, Docs, and so on – can remain active. Your alternative email address can’t be another Gmail address.

How to Delete Your Gmail Account on Android/iOS

You can also delete your Gmail account on your Android or iOS device by following the same basic process.

1. Open the Gmail app, tap on your profile picture, then tap “Manage your Google Account.”

2. On the next screen, tap “Data and privacy.”

4. Sign in to your account and tap the bin icon beside Gmail.

5. Tap the “Please select” drop-down to select how you’ll sign in to Google after you delete your Gmail, then tap “NEXT.”

6. Enter an alternate email address and tap “SEND VERIFICATION MAIL,” review the information in the dialog, then tap “GOT IT.”

7. Open the “Gmail Deletion Confirmation” message in your alternate email address and tap on the link.

8. Review the warning message and tick the confirmation checkbox at the end, then tap “DELETE GMAIL.”

That’s it! You’ll no longer have access to your Gmail inbox.

What Happens After You Delete Your Gmail Account?

After you delete your email account, your email and mail settings will be deleted, and you’ll no longer have access to the deleted Gmail account. Your Google Account will still be intact, as will your account activity and purchases you made on Google Play.

Most importantly, you can recover your deleted Gmail account should you decide to.

How to Recover a Deleted Gmail Account

For a limited time – two to three weeks after deletion – Google will allow you to recover your Gmail account in its entirety. Thereafter, although you’ll still be able to restore your Gmail address with your former username, all the emails will be gone.

1. To recover your deleted Gmail account, go to chúng tôi and sign in with your alternate email address as the username but use the defunct Gmail account password.

2. You’ll be prompted to add the deleted Gmail account back to your Google Account.

Frequently Asked Questions 1. Can I create a new Gmail account with my previous username?

As explained above, you can recover and reuse your previous Gmail username even after deleting your Gmail account within the grace period. After the grace period, your emails would not be recoverable, so it would more or less be considered a new Gmail account.

2. What happens when someone sends an email to my defunct address Gmail address?

When someone sends an email to your deleted Gmail address, the message will not be delivered because the address does not exist anymore. The sender will receive a failed delivery notification to that effect.

3. Can someone else reuse my old Gmail address?

No, Google does not allow others to reuse any username from a deleted account, as the former owner may return and recover it. Google will suggest other close alternatives to that username.

Wrapping Up

It’s almost strange how simple it is to delete your Gmail account considering how significant the implications are. Thankfully, you can also recover a deleted Gmail account if you act fast. Just ensure that you back up everything crucial from your Gmail and that you set an alternative email address to work with your other Google accounts. If you decide to keep your Gmail address, learn the best tips to protect your Gmail account security and how to manage multiple email accounts while checking email in one place.

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Joy derives joy from learning, exploring, and teaching the latest tech tips and trends. When not writing, you can find her knitting, crocheting, or creating other amazing handcrafts.

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